are you crying as much as i am right now


“i don’t have the tears to cry anymore. but…i at least have to keep yu safe” // “i promise you, mika. even if i have to sell out the whole world to do it, i’ll make sure you’re turned back into a human.”

I need you. I don’t think you realize just exactly how much I need you, or perhaps you do but there is nothing that we can really do about it. I think that’s the hardest part of all, knowing that truly there is nothing we can do but carry on through our days hoping that this time will pass by quickly. I’m longing for the day that I can be back in your arms, where this distance wont be an issue, where there is no fear of you leaving once again. I don’t want to tell you how many times I have fallen asleep crying because I don’t want to make you feel bad, or worse than how you feel now. All I can do for you right now is support you and remind you every single day how proud I am of you and how much I love you. You have me always and I will be right here waiting for your return.

can you believe Henrik and Tarjei just had like a natural connection right away and they just clicked and they both felt the same can you believe that Henrik was one of last persons who went to the audition and two hours later Julie called him and he got the audition so this means that Tarjei said to Julie “I want him” I’m screaming I’m not very well are you crying because I am

I am in tears of joy right now :’) so not only did he see the birthday video and liked the post, but he also wrote this reply to my post about him seeing it! I am honestly so happy that Jack liked the video. I’m glad I was able to make him happy. It only repays a fraction of how much happiness he has given me, though! I’m literally so happy right now! Jack has made me smile yet again :3 

Thank you, Jack. You really do feel like a friend to me 💕

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Hey! :) I really like your story! I was wondering if you had any favorite writers or stories?

 sorry for the late reply ! 

i’ve finally found the time to compile a list..  it’s quite short but this is what i’ve read recently/ am reading right now ! please go read all of them and cry ^^

the nudist & the prudist by @gxtsmxt  ♡ ♡ ♡  (jjk x reader)

this !! fic !! i love this fic SO much but i love iggy x100 more

if you love yourself pls also go and read when a ladybug meets a spider (taehyung x reader) and every possible fic of hers that comes out in the near and distant future !! follow her !! stan talent !!

grey area by @blushoseoks (myg x reader)

i’m reading this series at the moment ! i LOVE angst and i love soulmate au fics, so this was EVERYTHING i wanted and more !! i really like everything about it but i think it’s gonna make me cry :’( but i know the pain will be worth it !! 

obsession by @eureka-its-zico (jjk x reader)

ceo!jungkook …… igtg this ruined me. i love ceo!bangtan and this fic sated my thirst. i also can’t believe there’s gonna be a part 2… 

a whisky by any other name by @jiminslolli (pjm x reader)

switch!jimin smut that’s really well written… and did i say switch!jimin??

intuition by @vivacioustae (ksj x reader)

i mean… i could tell you to read all of her fics and you wouldn’t be disappointed but jin came out of nowhere and fcked me up >.< (i thought it was really interesting to have jin written as an asshole/fuckboi instead of the sweet guy he’s usually portrayed as!)

also i can’t wait until doctor jimin comes and ends my entire existence thx

where the lines overlap by @chinnychimchim (pjm x reader)

i loved this story so much !! i thought it was a really interesting and well written take on the whole soulmate!au + friends to lovers trope ! the smut was also A+ i recommend 

(also i’ve never talked to the writer so i wonder if it’s okay if i mention them?)

clueless by @ofsunandstars (pjm x reader)

yes!!! this was so hot i needed a breather i love one shots with slow build ups and this fic delivered i love it i love jimin i love everything

suga daddy by @drquinzelharleen (myg x reader)

i love yoongi as a dom! sugar daddy; this series got me feeling some type of way… i love dom!yoongi so much and best friend! taehyung too !!

+ i’m cheating bc i didn’t read these recently but they need to mentioned bc they are life changing

like a porn star by @kstopping (jhs x reader)

queen of smut !!! porn star!hoseok aka the thing i never thought i needed in my life. if you read this you will never be the same again. go read through the entire masterlist and cry tears of thirst. u may or may not thank me afterwards (+ you can also start w/ cinnamon sugar bc who doesn’t want a threesome with sugar daddy!namjoon and party boy!tae)

everything  get mine, get yours by @thotmi (pjm x reader)

mariana has blessed us all with quality smut fics so do yourself a favor and read all of them. all. of. them. 

ilysm i will never thank u enough for these fics esp lifted (my current inspo for the j******* fic i’m planning)

The little blue comfort in my life

(A/N): I love kurt so much though, so much 

Request:Could you maybe write a short one shot were the reader has a panic attack and Kurt comforts them? I am in the middle of one right now so I’d be nice to see something like that fpr next time it happens.

Warnings: none

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   You could barely breathe, the walls were closing in on you, your hands were shaking, and you knew you were most definitely crying as you sat on your bed, your mind overwhelmed to the point that you’d been hurled into a panic attack. School was too much, your mutation was too much, your family life was too much, and it had all gotten to you and now here you were, curled up on your bed as you sobbed and attempted to regain some composer about yourself. 

   You could feel your heart hammering in your chest, the loud thudding of it ringing in your ears as you only curled around yourself tighter, determined to block out everyone and everything around you. You were honestly so out of it you didn’t even hear the resounding thud as a body hit your floor or the smell of sulfur fill your room. In fact, you didn’t even realize anyone was in your room until someone placed their warm hand on your shoulder, shocking you momentarily. 

   “(Y/N),” Kurt’s voice pierced through your panic, his familiar voice only soothing you slightly. “(Y/N), are you okay? Vhat’s vrong?” You whimper softly, physically unable to form sentences. You knew you were scaring Kurt beyond belief but you couldn’t control it and that only added to your panic. 

   “Panicking,” Is all you provided him, hoping that the sentence would at least shine some light on your predicament at the moment. No doubt Kurt’s face is scrunched up in confusion, his sweet little nose all crinkled as he attempted to figure out what you meant. Kurt was a smart guy, thank god, and he connected the dots pretty quickly, releasing a soft ‘oh’ at the realization and it took him all but 2 seconds to start moving. With the gentlest of touches he pulled you to his chest, your bodies pressed right up against each others. He held you close with one hand while the other smoothed over your hair in an attempt to calm you down, even if it was just a bit. 

   This wouldn’t be the first time one of the x-men walked in on one of your panic attacks, you had them quite frequently, so most everyone around here knew how to care for you when they did spring upon you. Kurt however, seemed to be an expert in this. He was always there for you during and after the attacks, refusing to leave your side until he was sure you were alright. Even then he’d linger until you forced him to leave, which of course you never did. So by now he was experienced in how to take care of you. 

   “Shhh, it’s okay (Y/N), can you match your breathing to mine? Do you zhink zhat is possible?” You nod your head, albeit with great difficulty, before attempting to match your breathing to Kurt’s. He took slow, methodical breaths, much slower and deeper than yours. 

   It took a few minutes but eventually you got your breathing to his level, to his state of calmness. Rather than say anything for a few moments he simply held you, allowing you a little more time to recover from whatever was just happening to you. His one hand stroked your hair gently, smoothing out any knots or bumps you had, all the while soothing you. 

  “Do you need a distraction?” Kurt asks, already knowing the answer. After these you always needed a distraction, something to keep your mind off of everything that had just happened. You nod your head, sighing shakily as you Cling to Kurt just a bit tighter. 

   “Yes please,” Kurt nods, not needing another word before he bamfs the two of you out of there and to some place to get away from all your stress. 

   Whenever you did have attacks like this Kurt would always whisk you away to some beautiful and secluded place, just to give you some air and space to breath. Sometimes he’d play with your hair or sing you a song, other times he’d go back to grab a book only to return not even a second later just to stay up and read it to you. 

  Tonight he’d picked a beautiful grove of trees overlooking some cliff drop off, the stars shined brightly above and you could hear the sounds of waves in the distance, smacking against some rocks. It would have been cold had you not had Kurt by your side, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he rested his chin atop your head, his insanely warm body the only thing keeping the chill out of your bones. 

   Neither of you say anything for quite some time, the sights and sounds to peaceful and beautiful to interrupt with unimportant words. But when one of you finally did speak up it was in a quiet and rather soft tone. 

   “Are you doing better Meine Liebe?” Kurt whispers, pressing a kiss to the tip of your ear as he does. You can’t help the small smile that overcomes your features as you close your eyes, allowing the sounds of the ocean to wash away all your stress. 


You honestly don’t know how proud I am for GOT7 and how much I will fight people who say they don’t deserve the things they worked so hard for. Their first album they only sold 166 albums on their first day sales… ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FUCKING SIX albums. They barely started selling albums by the thousands for first day sales when they released MAD and that was at the end of 2015. Now its 2017 and for the last album of their Flight Log trilogy, they surpassed 40K for first day sales. They come from the top three company but people still didn’t recognize their talent, gave so much shit to Youngjae, just problems for them and with each album they keep getting more and more recognition for their hard work. You see how they care for their fans and don’t take anything for granted. If they mess up they apologize for doing wrong. They just work so hard and I’m finally happy that they’re getting the love and recognition that they deserve. It just makes me happy seeing all this and being apart of their fandom.

Rachel Bay Jones killed every song on the album. I am so obsessed with Anybody Have A  Map right now and she just rocks out on Good For You with so much emotion and So Big/So Small… I don’t even have words for that one. It made me cry again listening to it on recording. The character is amazing and Rachel Bay Jones plays her with so much heart. I have so much respect


I just got back from seeing Beauty and the Beast and let me tell you…it was PERFECT! Beauty and the Beast was my first favorite Disney animated film and it is still up there, and i’ve always identified with Belle in some way, and this movie did it SO MUCH JUSTICE! I COULD NOT STOP CRYING WITH ALL THE NOSTALGIA AND THE REALLY HAPPY PARTS AND THE REALLY EMOTIONAL PARTS!!! It was such a beautiful, gorgeous, funny, meaningful, AMAZING movie!!! I cannot wait to see it again!!! Oh, and Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have both STOLEN MY HEART!!! I AM FEELING SO MUCH LOVE RIGHT NOW!!

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For God's sake, lay off the Red Wings. Haven't you seen that you guys suck this year? There's a twitter account pointing out that one of your top forwards, Sheahan, HASN'T EVEN SCORED THIS YEAR, and you're getting excited about a rookie. If you're ever going to play decent again (doubtful) maybe dump the useless players you have sticking around because of memories and pick up some new guys. Otherwise, the memories will be all you have.

Hi, Nonnie. 

First off, thanks for following the Red Wings. You recognized Nosek as a recent NHL player, for which I commend you. He just got called up on Saturday, so this is a pretty big deal for him. I’m happy for him, and I’m glad you are, too. 

Secondly, yeah, Sheahan hasn’t scored. He’s had a drought that’s lasted over an entire season, and it well and truly sucks, for him and the Wings. But that doesn’t stop him from getting out and hustling hard every game. That same twitter account points out that he’s lined up over 100 SOG, even if they haven’t gone in. And he does still have points that are garnered from assists, so he’s not useless. He’s a team player, and I’m ecstatic that he’s willing to work so hard for us. 

As to your allegations about us “ever play(ing) decent again (doubtful)”, I’d like to remind you that tonight’s Wings loss was after three straight games in a row, all on the road. We went 2-1, which is pretty impressive. This late in the season, the guys are digging deep, and it shows. Despite the difficulty of the season, it took until tonight to actually mathematically eliminate us from playoffs, so I would say that although we haven’t reached our potential, we’re ‘play(ing) decent’. 

Lastly, as far as memories go, we have some pretty good ones. 25 straight years in the playoffs. 4 Cups in just my lifetime; 97, 98, 2002 and 2008. We just passed the 20th anniversary of Fight Night at the Joe, wherein we came back from a huge deficit while playing the Avalanche to win after a huge fight. Hell, we’re the reason why Patrick Roy started playing with the Avs after we scored so many points on him while he was in net with the Habs and they didn’t pull him that he requested a trade. I’ve watched a good portion of Yzerman’s career, and I saw all of Datsyuk’s. The name Konstantinov or the word ‘Believe’ still makes me cry whenever I hear it (Fischer, too). So yeah, I have a lot of memories that I treasure. It’s why I support my boys

So, you know what, your threat of the memories being all I have? Isn’t very threatening, honestly. I will have them and cherish them for my entire lifetime, and the current performance of the team has nothing to do with that. I hope that you’re new to hockey, and have time to develop this kind of rapport with your team. It’s amazing. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

if you’re in the united states right now i hope you’re safe. i hope you’re with people you love. today has exposed just how much hatred there is in this rotten world and i hope that at least for now, you have people around you that give you hope. i am so, so sorry, this is not the kind of world you deserve 

Stages of heartbreak: When they leave without an explanation.

Heartbreak is probably the most painful thing anyone can possibly go through. It could have been a fling, or a long term relationship, but the brash reality that the person doesn’t want you anymore is absolutely mind changing and you’ll probably spend the next 6 months wondering what the hell is wrong with you.

But the reality is, there is nothing wrong with you and you couldn’t have done anything different. I can tell you this right now and your friends can tell you this when you’re crying in your room at 2 am wondering how this happened and your mom can tell you this when she asks why you’ve been so down lately after you were on such a high because of a single human being. Don’t even bother asking him “why?” Because you will never get the real answer. It’s really scary how much a single person can effect you.

I’m not going to say that “everything happens for a reason” because that’s the last thing you’ll want to hear right now.

“Well, what’s the reason?”

And really, no one can tell you that except time itself and that’s the worst possible advice ever.

Having your heartbroken is so tragic, but so beautiful. And I know that sounds sick and twisted and that’s probably because it is. It’s like saying someone died and how beautiful the death was. But it’s crazy the way the mind works.

A friend of mine studying psychology told me that psychologically, the mind tends to remember scent more than anything else. More than touch, more than sight, I don’t know what it is about it, and neither did she.

You’ll catch yourself remembering the smell of his cologne when you buried your head into his neck. And maybe you’ll remember the smell of his car where you ended up in the back seat one too many times. It’s all mind games, just like how he played you.

And you don’t deserve games.

“Why can’t everything be easy?”

If he was easy, if your situation was easy, you wouldn’t have wanted him as bad as you did. The sad reality is that we always want the people we can’t have. And we always want the people who don’t want us. And then when someone finally comes around and treats us the way we deserve, it’s “creepy” or “annoying.”

But it’s not at all. We’re so used to being used and treated like we’re like any other girl who will do anything to be with someone. But you’re NOT that girl. He must have you confused with someone else if he thinks you’ll take any shit he throws at you.

If he doesn’t want you anymore, fuck him. He’s missing out on something truly incredible. You’re incredible, and just because one dumb-ass guy doesn’t realize it, doesn’t mean your anything less. You’re going to wish you regretted everything that happened between the two of you, but you won’t. And you’re going to hate it.

It’s almost scary how much a person can change your life in such a short amount of time. And you’ll never really understand it until you go through something so real and raw that you feel his imaginary fingertips trailing down your spine at 3 am when you’re laying in bed wide awake staring at your ceiling and asking anyone in the world who is listening to your thoughts why he had to do this because he was “so different.” And maybe he was different, but maybe he just wasn’t for you.

You’ll still feel the burning in your stomach whenever you see him, and you may spend some nights crying into your pillow while blaring the playlist he made you called “songs that remind me of you” as loud as you can and then you’re going to realize, through all the tears, that everything he said was absolute bullshit and that you were so used. And then you’re going to regret everything that happened between the two of you and every time someone tells you that “you’re over reacting” and “it was a learning experience,” you’re going to want to puke. Just do it honestly, I don’t blame you.

You’re not over reacting, and you’re not obsessed, and anyone who tells you that doesn’t know what it’s like. People think you can switch your feeling like a light switch, but it reality, you can’t. And you’ll learn that. And it’ll suck.

The good news is that you will be past the stage of being depressed and you’ll be into the stage of complete anger.

Deleting pictures and texts won’t get rid of the memories so don’t even try. He may delete anything that ever showed you guys had any contact with each other, but don’t do it. You don’t have to.

A piece of advice is to avoid wearing your heart on your sleeve and expressing your emotions to just anyone. I know it sounds awful, but people will take advantage of the drama and somehow it will be made into a huge ordeal and trust me, that’s the last thing you’ll want.

Don’t talk to him, I know you’ll want to come up with every excuse in the book as to why you have to text him and it’s all out of routine, but don’t put yourself through that for your own sake.

Eventually, with time, you’ll come to the realization suddenly when you see him talking about his music with that glimmer in his eyes he gets when he talks about something he loves and you just won’t feel it. You won’t even realize it until you don’t have the urge to stare at the way his lips move and the way his lips will curve into the little half smile he does.

At that point, you’ll see that you could live without him.

There will be times you’ll see him with other girls or people will bring up what the two of you had and claim they know “exactly what happened” and it’ll be so fucking infuriating and you’ll want to go through the stage of crying whenever you even saw him again, but you don’t want him, because you know he’s not what you deserve. And it’s a weird concept to understand, but you’ll get there eventually.

And then, he’ll be out of your life for good with a final goodbye when he graduates with a “good luck with everything! Keep in touch!” But you know you’ll never talk to him again. And it’ll be a sad reality at first, but it’s something you need. You’re never going to get the closure you want. There’s no point in asking for an explanation even months after the fact. But you don’t need closure anyway, you just need time. The point is, he’s just a person, he just happened to change a lot of things, now it’s time for you to take those changes and broken pieces he left for you to handle on your own, and fix them.

—  Things I wish I knew when going through it
Friday five

•I just went for a walk that ended with me jogging the rest of the way home because there were swarms of mosquitos everywhere. What the heck.

•my Friday was crap.

•in just a couple months my breasts will be removed and I will be full of scars. And this is weighing heavily on my mind. I feel ready for it, but I think that when it gets here I will cry and cry and cry for my boobs, as I am doing right now.
They’re not “just boobs”… they’re apart of me! They’re a part of what makes me ME. They’re mine. They’re only “just boobs” when they’re someone else’s. When it’s yours..they mean something to you.

•I’m feeling better because they didn’t do chemo this week. So I’m a week and 3 days out from chemo now. But my daughter is sick so I can’t do much.

•I doubt I’ll ever remarry. I just don’t think I can trust someone that much give them all of me and all my love…just to be left again.
I’d rather not go through that heartache again.

Well, I hope your Friday was good. Hope you’re having fun, whatever you end up doing on this Friday night.
Feel free to send me stuff..I’m bored and lonely tonight.







[6x10] Stydia Kiss

I AM LITERALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW!!! I’m waiting for a moment like this since i was ten.I wanted so much a kiss between them and not because a panic attack,but because there’s pure love,i swear. SO GUYS IT’S HAPPENING AND I AM SO HAPPY. I didn’t see the episode yet,but i am going to watch it. Soo..this is the good part,but do you think guys that this is the last time when we’ll see Stiles in TEEN WOLF?

ISTJ Ramblings

I love being an ISTJ, I really do. I love being analytical and doing lists and schedules. I love signing up for/doing as much as I can. However, I have a problem of overwhelming myself or getting overwhelmed easily when I have a lot going on.
Where I am in my life right now, there is always a bit of uncertainty and a lot going on.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, crying on your stairs right now, you’re not alone.

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You are an artform.

I could cry, thank you so much. thank you. i am feeling a bit low right now. i am not an artist, or a creator . my photos are not anything. i am feeling troubled in that sense. thank you for believing in me, i wish i was an artform