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Hi! Please could I request headcanons of the RFA+V+Saeran first date with MC?

Oh, boy! First dates! I hope I do this justice for you, anon~! (: Sorry it takes me so long to finish these requests. I am a college student who is trying to prepare for the sweet release of death finals. Anywho, I tried to make these worth the wait but I still feel like a potate.

Ø  ~~~YOOSUNG~~~

  • After he finished up the semester, he vowed to take you on a dream date.
  • He suggested just about everything, and you had to calm him down.
  • “We can see a movie, and go to dinner, and go bowling, and I’ll see if Jumin can lend us a limousine! Do you think he would? Oh! We can—“
  • “Yoosung… Sweetie, just breathe for a minute. Do either of us have the money for this?”
  • He was silent for a moment.
  • “Er… Then how about a picnic?”
  • There we go, Yoosung. Thinking inside the wallet.
  • The two of you met at the park. He found a lush, green field for you two and laid down a large blanket.
  • He sat down a huge basket, and you were wondering what on earth he could have brought that would need that much space.
  • As if reading your thoughts, he began babbling at high-speed.
  • “I made sandwiches, gimbap—meat and without meat, I didn’t think to ask if you were vegan, sorry—mandoo, gaeran mari, some musubi.. Hmmm, oh, and rice cakes!! I also made—“
  • He continued on for a moment, listing off the menu as he pulled it straight from the basket.
  • You place a finger to his lips to silence him, and you could have sworn he almost jumped out of his skin.
  • “Yoosung!” you blurt. “Let’s just eat!”
  • His cheeks were an adorable shade of red, and his shoulders trembled.
  • He reminded you of a nervous little Chihuahua, and it honestly made you giggle a bit.
  • The two of you sat down to eat, and you noticed he looked really drained.
  • “Did you get enough sleep? Did you play LOLOL all night again?”
  • He gave a sheepish smile and gestured to the food laid out all around on the blanket.
  • “Not this time… I was up all night making this for us. I wanted it to be perfect, so I had to restart a few times… It isn’t too bland is it? Did I make it pretty enough?”
  • “Yoosung,” you breathe, quite shocked at the amount of effort he put into some picnic snacks. You shake your head in disbelief. How could any guy be so incredibly sweet?
  • “It is perfect. This entire day is perfect. Thank you so much.”
  • Yoosung looks entirely flattered, trying his best not to smile from ear to ear, looking down at his gimbap and toying with a lace on his shoes.
  • This man is completely flawless in your eyes, and you are so proud of him. You decide you want to hang onto him for as long as humanly possible.

Ø  ~~~ZEN~~~

  • He asked you out through a phone call.
  • You had to mute the phone to keep from squealing right in his ear.
  • The two of you end up parking in front of a large building. He didn’t tell you what the place was.
  • Zen is a complete gentleman, opening doors for you and holding your hand every chance he gets, commenting on how beautiful you look.
  • Which he better have, because you spent ages primping for this guy.
  • He leads you inside, and immediately you know what the place is.
  • There are cymbals stacked up in the corner of the main hall, piano benches and music stands propped against the walls.
  • He smiles at you knowingly, then leads you into a small room with just a piano and a couple of chairs.
  • “Pull a chair up and sit beside me… I want to play something for you.”
  • You follow his instructions and sit in the chair beside his, just a bit behind him since he was sitting in front of the piano—you didn’t want to get in the way.
  • His lips quirk up once more, a dazzling smile that shows the pearly whites of his teeth.
  • Your heart thumps against your chest as his bright crimson eyes gaze softly into yours.
  • “Don’t think I’m a creep just yet, but… I couldn’t get you out of my mind. So…”
  • He turns around and taps out a few notes and chords, making sure of the key for what he was about to play.
  • “Ahem, I… I wrote this for you.”
  • Your eyes widened. He wrote you a song?! And he actually sounds nervous about it?!
  • Without further explanation, he began playing before he could chicken out completely.
  • It’s magnificent… The sweet melody fills the room, a major key that could lift even the most broken of spirits.
  • Zen was slightly slouched, fingers gliding over the keys as if it was second nature, swaying along gently to the music.
  • You press a hand over your mouth, smiling like a giddy little girl as you watch him play with such deep emotion. It was like seeing a whole new Zen.
  • He looks entirely vulnerable before you, all of his emotions spilling out with every chord he creates.
  • Suddenly, a smooth, deep voice resounds throughout the room. He’s singing.
  • He adorns his suave baritone voice with vibrato, singing each note with utter grace and perfection…  
  • God, he sounds just like an angel…
  • You didn’t notice the tears falling from your eyes until the song was complete.
  • He turns around and looks at you, tears brimming in his own eyes.
  • He smiles again, knowing exactly what you’re feeling.
  • He’s feeling it too.
  • You leap forward and wrap your arms around his neck.
  • He laughs and embraces you as well.
  • “I love you, Zen…”
  • “Mm, not as much as I love you…”

Ø  ~~~JAEHEE~~~

  • Coffee shop?
  • WRONG.
  • The two of you are going to the sPA BECAUSE YOU BOTH DESERVE A BREAK.
  • After hearing how much Jumin was overworking Jaehee, the whole thing was your idea. Your bae was so!! stressed!!
  • You needed to relax anyway.
  • You planned it as a “date,” but the two of you hadn’t disclosed any romantic feelings for each other.
  • You wanted her to know how you felt, but at the same it terrified you.
  • What if she doesn’t like you back? You don’t deal very well with rejection..
  • The two of you got manicures and pedicures together.
  • It surprised you when you heard her giggle and apologize.
  • Apparently, her legs are very ticklish.
  • And it’s so cute.
  • Her laugh is so bubbly, and the way she curls her legs up to avoid being tickled just warms your heart.
  • You love seeing her happy.
  • The only thing that started to bother you was when the two of you went for massages.
  • Both of you had to undress at least partially and be rubbed down by another person in order to receive a massage.
  • Jaehee was going to be pawed at by someone else with only a thin sheet in between the two of them.
  • [MC rage mode activated]
  • You could hardly enjoy the massage because of it, especially when Jaehee let out little moans when the masseuse worked out the stress from her shoulders.
  • That should be me making her feel like that, you thought.
  • Finally the two of you got some alone time in a mud bath.
  • She was reluctant to get in at first.
  • “Jaehee… They don’t just pick up some dirt and throw it in here with water. This is good for your skin!”
  • “Good… mud?”
  • This sweetheart had never been to a spa before. You were so glad to treat her.
  • She got in and immediately the warmth of the mud soothed her tension.
  • She is now leaning back against the edge of the bath. She’s had her eyes closed for several minutes; you could only assume she fell asleep.
  • “… You’re so cute when you’re sleeping…”
  • “Hm?”
  • “Oh! Nothing!”
  • MC, you big idiot. It’s a good thing she didn’t hear that!
  • “Ah, I’m so relaxed. I haven’t felt like this in year,” she hums. “Thank you so much, MC. I could just kiss you right now.”
  • “Why don’t you?”
  • MC, REALLY? You just love suffering, don’t you? Just love digging holes for yourself—
  • Jaehee laughs. She looks over at you with a wide smile and sees your blush.
  • It is so endearing to her. You’re just so adorable and shy. Why can’t you just tell her what you’re feeling?
  • “It’s the least I could do for someone like you,” she says, and your eyes widen to comic proportions.
  • She softly laughs again and leans over, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek.
  • [MC liquesce mode activated]
  • (∗∕∕⊙∕◡∕⊙∕∕)

Ø  ~~~JUMIN~~~

  • Fancy dinner date with the executive director of C&R~
  • It was surreal. Jumin ordered and sent you a nice, black dress with matching heels and light jewelry. He even arranged a limousine to drive you two there.
  • You really felt like it was too much, but Jumin insisted that you just relax and indulge for tonight. This was your first date and he wanted to make it special for the both of you in any way possible.
  • It was like you were in a fairy-tale
  • You would have believed that Jumin was prince charming if he hadn’t been looking so grumpy all night.
  • Finally, after the two of you were halfway through your dinner, the wine you were drinking gave you enough confidence to ask him why he looked so pissy.
  • “Is it me? Do you not like me…?”
  • “MC, that’s ridiculous. You’re the most important woman in the world to me…”
  • “It’s just…”
  • He closes his eyes briefly and sighs, placing his silverware down. He very suddenly pins you with a hard gaze, taking you aback.
  • “I misjudged the length… Your dress is too short. These dogs keep staring.”
  • Sure enough, there were men in this nice establishment who were low-class enough to check out a lady. And another man’s lady at that!
  • You pull your dress down over your knees, trying to keep full coverage of your thighs while you sat at the table.
  • You are very uncomfortable.
  • The corner of Jumin’s lips twitch upward slightly, and he flattens the back of his hand on the table in front of you.
  • “Give me your hand. They’ll stop looking.”
  • You are all for that.
  • You place your palm gently in his, and a blush creeps over your face.
  • He squeezes your hand softly, caressing it as if it was a sacred treasure. He runs his thumb over your knuckles, back and forth while his silvery eyes watch your nerves settle down.
  • This feels really nice.
  • “They’re not looking anymore,” you sigh, relieved.
  • Jumin’s smile widens, and you feel your flesh rise as he brings your hand up and presses your fingers against his lips.
  • So warm and soft…
  • Your blush returns as your mind drifts, fantasizing about that tantalizing warmth against your own lips.
  • “Good,” he murmurs, voice deep and foreboding. “I’m the only one who should see you like that.”

Ø  ~~~SEVEN~~~

  • Your phone lit up with brightly in the middle of a message, a festive image of a roller coaster behind some obnoxious-colored text…. Ugh, spam???
  • You try to exit the pop-up, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t leave your screen.
  • You sigh and humor the ad, pressing the button.
  • YOU’VE WON…”
  • … Is that a drumroll..?
  • Oh my god, Seven, you freaking dork.
  • You couldn’t help but smile and laugh, covering your mouth to hide a goofy grin so wide that it made your cheeks hurt.
  • Seven swings by the apartment and picks you up the next day, then floors it to your destination.
  • A theme park?? So that’s what the roller coaster was about.
  • You felt nauseous. He better not drag you on any roller co—
  • aaaaaaaaaaaand first stop, roller coaster.
  • He’s dragging you along, insisting it will be fun! He says if you come along, he has a top secret surprise for you~
  • You muster up the courage, but you’re still shivering like crazy.
  • He holds your hand, a gesture that turns you red in the face. His palm is so warm against your own, and his fingers laced around yours perfectly. He is such a good hand-holder what the hell
  • He was distracting you with his unassuming charm until you realized you were seated and strapped down in the coaster.
  • You start cursing under your breath, and Seven gives your hand a reassuring squeeze.
  • “Baaaabe, you’ll be fine! It’ll be worth it!”
  • The ride begins. You scream, he laughs, all the while gripping each other’s hand tightly.
  • You come out trembling, but he seems to have gotten a huge rush. He laughs and swings your hand to and fro as you walk.
  • “You made it! See, it wasn’t so bad! Ready for your surprise, MC?”
  • You glare up at him, and you see him grinning. What the hell is he up to?
  • He brings you to the side of the nearest building, away from the crowd, then gingerly tilts your chin up.
  • You blush, unable to be angry anymore as you gaze into his hypnotic golden eyes. He’s going to kiss me, oh my god, he’s going to kiss me!!
  • He comes closer, his nose bumping against yours, and your breath hitches. You can feel your lips tingling with anticipation.
  • Seven builds up the moment, letting the heat of his breath ghost over your lips for what seemed like an eternity.
  • You were on fire, wanting to just kiss him senseless, but he held you firmly in place.
  • Finally, he moved closer and—
  • He gave a swift peck to your nose and backed away.
  • You looked entirely offended, making him burst out laughing.
  • “Pffftt ha ha ha!! Tell you what,” he said, collecting himself. “If you go on another one, I’ll give you the real surprise.”
  • You were about to refuse, but then he slid the pad of his thumb over your bottom lip. You groaned quietly.
  • “Maybe just one more…”

Ø  ~~~V~~~

  • Nature hikes!
  • He still had a bit of sight left in one eye—enough to get him around.
  • Plus, you were always there to guide him if he needed it.
  • Turns out, he knew the trail fairly well, so only a small amount of sight was needed to be able to maneuver around the trees and roots with ease.
  • This boy would not let your hand go, and it was the sweetest thing. He wanted you to stay close to him, as if he was afraid you were the one who would get lost.
  • The trees began to thin, and soon you two were atop a large hill overlooking the city.
  • It was so beautiful, you felt like you were on top of the world.
  • Well, with V by your side, you may as well be.
  • “MC, stand over here.”
  • You walked in front of the scenic view of the city and stopped, looking at V expectantly.
  • “Now, smile!”
  • He had taken his camera out and was positioning it over his left eye.
  • You smile, and he takes the picture.
  • He doesn’t bother to see at how it turned out; with you in it, it will undoubtedly be perfect.
  • “Beautiful,” he says, and joins you where you’re standing.
  • He holds his camera up and snaps a photograph of the both of you.
  • “This one is for you.” He grabs the photo and hands it to you. A third of his face was cut from the picture, but it was still something to remember this by.
  • Your first date with the man you’ll spend forever with. You clutched the picture to your chest, making a mental note to get a frame for it.
  • Suddenly, V’s shoulders started shaking, and his breathing became erratic.
  • You placed a hand on his shoulder, looking at him with concern.
  • “V, are you all right?”
  • As he looks over at you, you saw a smile on his face. He was laughing, with a single tear spilling down his cheek.
  • You didn’t know how to react, so you wrapped him up in an embrace that he returned immediately.
  • “We haven’t known each other for very long, but I can tell…” His voice was quivering in your ear.
  • “I can tell that I don’t ever want to forget your face. I don’t ever want to forget the way you smile when you see me. Or the way you laugh when I make some pathetic joke… I don’t ever want to forget the way your eyes light up like the stars of a million galaxies when I speak. I don’t want to forget… Please tell me I won’t forget.”
  • “V…”
  • The two of you spent the entire day and night together. He never took his eyes off of you. No matter where you went or what you did, as long as you were in sight, his eyes belonged to you. And for as long as his sight lasts, he will pledge himself to committing every one of your details to memory. He will never forget your face.

Ø  ~~~SAERAN~~~

  • It’s almost midnight when you hear little taps on your window.
  • Curious, you peer outside and are immediately met with two dazzling aquamarine eyes.
  • You nearly have a heart attack.
  • This beautiful white-haired man is smiling softly, gesturing for you to open your window.
  • Should you? He looks dangerous, but… Something inside you wants to know who he is and what he wants. Could this be the hacker that led you to this place?
  • You crack open the window, just enough to hear him speak. Your grip is tight, so that you can close and lock it immediately if the need arises.
  • “MC, I see you’re adjusting well. Why don’t you come outside?”
  • “Y-you’re Unknown?”
  • “Ah, clever little thing, aren’t you? Come on out. I won’t hurt you~”
  • Will he? Come on, MC… Don’t be stupid. You can’t possibly do what he says. He’s the hacker! You have to call Seven!…
  • Before you could even process what was happening, he pushes the window open more and grabs your hand, jerking you forward so abruptly that you almost knock your head on the window.
  • “But… If you rat me out, I might hurt you a little~!” He giggles, and your blood runs cold.
  • “I’ll come out, I’ll do it! Just… let me go, please.”
  • He releases your arm and pries the window open enough for you to get out.
  • “And leave your phone inside…”
  • You’re both outside now, and he takes your hand gently in his as he guides you along.
  • You find it odd how gentle he turned out to be after getting you outside—maybe he won’t hurt you after all. But where is he taking you?
  • “I imagine you have a lot of questions. I’ve got a little time to kill, so I’ll clear some things up.”
  • The night went by with you and this stranger hand in hand, strolling through the town in the dead of night.
  • He seemed to be glowing, ethereal under the moonlight. His mystery fueled your curiosity, and so the two of you quietly spoke as you made your way along.
  • Soon, you return to the apartment building. You notice how reluctant you are to leave this mystery man. You had enjoyed the company, and moreover you had grown accustomed to his touch.
  • Which all but makes you groan disappointedly as he lets your hand go.
  • He takes notices and chuckles, forcing a chill down your spine.
  • “You like me, don’t you? You don’t want me to leave. Mm… Would you like me to join you in your bedroom for the night?” His voice is low and sultry, whispering a proposition into your ear that makes your face heat up like crazy.
  • Yes. Yes. God, yes.
  • You open your mouth, but are far too flustered to speak. Absolutely no sound comes out. He knows what this means…
  • The two of you are now inside, lips crashing onto the others’ in the heat of the moment.
  • His mouth is like a bittersweet poison, dripping with sugary venom, driving your senses wild.
  • Everywhere he touches sets your body on fire. Why, why are you doing this? This isn’t you.
  • But the sense of danger and mystery just sucks you in entirely. This man makes you weak and entirely submissive to his will.
  • He pushes you onto your bed, then crawls on top of you and pins your wrists firmly to the mattress.
  • You are helpless and feeble, docile and obedient.
  • You’re loving this.
  • You can’t get enough of his taste, tongue dancing around yours in a scorching sensation that only the two of you can feel.
  • His teeth bite at your flesh, leaving trails of bright red love marks over your neck and throat.
  • You crave more, so much more, lifting your body to rub against his, then he stops.
  • The two of you panting is the only sound heard throughout the silence.
  • You want to say his name, but you realize that you don’t even know it yet.
  • “That’s enough for tonight,” he murmurs, picking himself up from the bed.
  • You sit up, reaching out to him, your face a blushing mess.
  • “W-wait! Where are you going?”
  • He lifts the window, and just as he is about to disappear, he flashes you a wicked grin.
  • “Don’t worry, Princess. I’ll come get you soon..~”
They find out you’re pregnant - All the boys

Mike Montgomery:

You walk into Mikes room slowly and nervous. He instantly notices your weird mood and gets up and hug you. “Whats wrong babe?” You’re quiet for a minute and then back up and look at him. “Im….Im pregnant.” He is silent for a minute and backs up to sit on the bed. You weren’t sure he heard you. You follow him and sit next to him and wait for him to say something. Suddenly he speaks “Am I…the dad?” You walk up to him. “Of course you are Mike” Tears well up in his eyes and he looks down and then smiles at you “Im gonna be a Dad.” Then he pulls you into a hug and kisses you deeply. 

Caleb Rivers: 

Caleb comes over for dinner with you since you’re stuck home alone for the night and he knows how much that creeps you out. You haven’t told him the news yet, not knowing how exactly to tell him yet. You didn’t know how he would take it with his mood swings. You’re cooking and he goes to the bathroom. As he is washing his hands he notices something. The pregnancy test in the trash can. He knows its yours instantly because your mom has her own bathroom. You is infuriated that you didn’t tell him and storms out of the bathroom. “When were you going to tell me?” He says firmly. “Tell you what?” “Don;t play dumb Y/N! You know exactly what Im talking about” he yells and then he holds up the test. You look at the test and then look at him. “Caleb…I was going to tell you.” “When?! Is it even mine?!” He is practically screaming at you. You walk over to him and put your hands on his cheeks. “Caleb you need to calm down. Of course its yours. I was going to tell you but I hadn’t figured out how yet. I’m sorry.” His eyes soften and he looks at the ground. “I’m sorry” He says and the kisses your forehead. “I was just caught off guard by it. I guess. I love you Y/N” “I love you too Caleb.” 

Toby Cavenough: You text Toby and say “Come over, it’s an emergency. Toby sees this and runs to your house. He walks into your room and sees you sitting on the bed bawling your eyes out. He rushes to your side and puts one arm around you and the other hand on your cheek. “Babe babe babe, whats going on? What’s wrong?” You continue crying and hand him the test. He looks at it and is stunned. You finally speak. “What are we gonna do?” you are still sobbing. Toby puts the test down next to him and kneels down in front of you on the floor placing his hands on your cheeks. You look him in the eyes and he begins wiping your tears away “Everything is going to be okay, we can handle this. I promise. I am gonna be the best dad in the world and you are gonna be the best mom.” “You really think so?” “I know so” You hug him and he holds you and whispers sweet things to you until you stop crying and then he lays with you in bed until you fall asleep.

Ezra Fitz: 

You walk into his apartment and with no hesitation just say it “Ezra, I’m Pregnant.” He was in the middle of cooking and all you hear is whatever he was cooking with hit the floor. He looks at you. “You’re what?” You walk into the kitchen and look at him. “Im pregnant.” He doesn’t seem to know what to do. “oh my god.” “I know” You both stand there awkwardly silent for a minute. He is the one who breaks the silence. “Well it looks like we have some house hunting to do then.” 

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So I was putting some baskets away and this guy went up to me and asked “so where’s your ring?” I looked at him confused and said “what?” “Where’s your ring” then I said “ oh I don’t have one haha” then he smiled and said “why not?” I was really creeped out and I didn’t know what to do so I said “oh because I’m only 18 haha” “oh? Are you going to college?” I started walking away saying “no not yet haha” I was so creeped out. You don’t ask young girls that. What a creep

That’s so weird?

Night Vale re-listen: 1 - Pilot

“A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.”

*Squeals* I was not prepared for the nostalgia to hit. I can’t believe how much the pilot actually sets up about Night Vale:

The truly bizarre: 

  • My faves include: the house that looks like it exists but doesn’t actually, the Angel conspiracy, and the waterfront without water. 

The actually quite terrifying: 

  • Don’t try to tell me that the vague yet menacing government agency doesn’t creep you the fuck out. 

The fucking hilarious:

  • Juxtaposing the absolutely weird with the absolutely normal is what Night Vale is best at. Submitting an insurance claim for earthquakes that don’t seem to be happening? Following the flow of traffic of lights in the sky? I literally laugh out loud EVERY TIME. 

The scathing social/ political commentary: 

  • Cecil obliterating the “Indian” “tracker” right off the bat, DAMN 
  • the NRA add saying guns LITERALLY can’t kill people, DOUBLE DAMN

The one liners that make me rethink what writing can be:

  • “I don’t know about you folks, but the ground has been as still as the crust of a tiny globe rocketing through an endless void could be.”
  • “I fear for anyone caught between what they know and what they don’t yet know that they don’t know.”

AND last but not least, how much Cecil loves Carlos: 

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I fall in love with Cecil as he falls in love with Carlos. 
  • Exhibit A: “His hair is perfect, and we all hate, and despair, and love that perfect hair in equal measure.” AKA when Cecil is all of us 
  • Exhibit B: “He grinned, and everything about him was perfect, and I fell in love instantly.” AKA the moment I fell in love with Cecil. 

Not sure how I’ll structure this as I go along. Let me know what types of stuff you want to hear about in this epic re-listen, or I’ll just keep yelling into the void willy nilly. 

Re-listen along maybe and let me know your favorite stuff for each episode. 

Deserted & Afraid

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Word Count: 2482

Prompt: “You’re scared of haunted houses and Halloween attractions and I don’t even know you but your friends left you behind, so I’m gonna hold your hand and get you through this, alright?”

A/N: I love haunted houses, but seriously, screw being left in them alone.

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“Sirius! Stop it!” Remus called, running after the coal-black haired boy. “Seriously! It’s not even that funny! Please, Sirius, stop!”

Sirius stopped running away from Remus. He put his hands on his knees and began to howl with laughter. “Make me…Moony.”

The way he had said ‘Moony’ was almost sexy, which was strange. Remus tried to shake the feeling off, but now it dawned on him just how sexy Sirius really was. Remus watched his hair fall from behind his ears as his he howled with laughter. His face was really structured, now that Remus came to think of it: his jawline was very … chiselled; his eyes were grey and beautiful; his nose was the perfect size; his teeth were white and even … wow.

Sirius was hot. Remus stared more and noticed the slight stubble that grazed his chin. Sirius looked up and saw him staring. “What?”

Remus panicked. “I’ll stare at you until you feel so creeped out that you have to stop.”

“It’s hard not to laugh at this, Remus. You failed to give the correct definition for a werewolf … and you are one! How d’you mess up on a werewolf question.”

Remus blushed, but he wasn’t sure whether it was because he was embarrassed, or because he had just noticed how Sirius really looked him in the eye when he spoke. His pupils never moved; they stared right down into Remus’s soul.

“Are you creeped out yet?” Remus asked, breaking the silence that sat between them. Sirius laughed and looked down at his feet for half a second, then moved closer. “No.”

“Really?” Remus was taken aback.

“Really.” Sirius’s voice was deep and scratchy and soothing. “And, you know what? I don’t think I ever will be creeped out by you staring … because if you’re staring at me, then I can stare at you. And - to be honest, Remus - I would stare at you all day long if I could.”

Something a little more horrifying... The Donald Trump Song

Three young girls who look to be about 10 years old, singing a good ol’ American about how great Donald Trump is

Here are the lyrics if you wanted them:

Cowardice (Are you serious?)
Apologies for freedom (I can’t handle this!)
When freedom rings (Answer the call!)
On your feet (Stand up tall!)
Freedom’s on our shoulders (USA!)
Enemies, Of Freedom
Face the music (Come on boys take them down!)
President Donald Trump knows how
to make America great

Due from strength or get crushed every time!
Over here!(USA!)
Over there(USA!)

Freedom and Liberty everywhere!
O’say can you see
Its not so easy
But we have to stand up tall
And answer freedom’s call
With the land of the free and the home o the brave
The stars and stripes are flying
Lets celebrate our freedom
Inspire proudly freedom to the world
Ameritude (USA!)
American Pride (USA!)
It’s attitude, it’s who we are, Stand up tall!
We’re the red, white, and blue
Fiercely free! That’s who!
Our colors don’t run no-sirree 
Over here!(USA!)
Over there(USA!)

Freedom and Liberty everywhere!
O’say can you see
Its not so easy
But we have to stand up tall
And answer freedom’s call

Most comments on this video all basically say the same thing

“North Korea 101″
“Literally North Korea”
“Kim Jong-Un comes to mind when watching this”

I wonder why?

This was the beginning scene from the controversial movie The Interview, with Seth Rogan and James Franco, about them getting an Interview with ruthless North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and the goal during this interview was to assassinate him.

Quite creepy, no matter who did this, Even if Gandhi had children singing to a crowd about how great he is, I would be creeped out. Are you creeped out yet?

chipnhack  asked:

-stands next to Sanji while the blond cooks and stares right at him- "Are you creeped out yet? Lololol"

❤; @chipnhack

“No, but I am annoyed!” People liked to watch him cook and that was fine, but not when they stood so close that he had no room to move. Jabbing his elbow into the other’s gut, he hoped it would encourage the redhead to back up. “Get back before you end up in the pan too!”

Jimin ft. Taehyung - Not your Kind [Part 2]

You wake up, clutching the bed sheets. It was the same nightmare and every night it got longer and longer. But today felt weird. the boy in your nightmare - you recognised him from somewhere - he seemed familiar. Though you hadn’t seen his face yet, you were familiar with his frame.

You got off your bed and walked to the bathroom. You put some toothpaste on your brush and looked up at the mirror. Something was different.

You had colours around your body.

You put the brush down and started touching everywhere, hoping the colour would eventually fade away but it didn’t.

‘Lack of sleep’ the small voice in your head spoke to you.

You dropped the topic and continued brushing your teeth and went downstairs to be welcomed by a delicious smell.

“You’re up!” Eunji , your guardian, beamed at you. She had a yellowy pink colour around her.

“Yeah.” You sat on the chair and waiting for your food.

“Be more cheerful. You’re 16!” She smiled, making her colour turn more yellow. You looked up at her head where a little cloud was bouncing around.

“What’s that on your head?” You asked and reached your hand out, making the cloud sit on your hand. You stared at it, analysing it.

“What are you talking about? And what are you doing with your hand?” She asked, her colours turning a sickish green with curiosity.

“Nothing.” You said and put your hand back down, making the clous fall on the table and stumble a little before returning back to top of Eunji’s head.

“Happy birthday.” She smiled, changing the subject.

“Thanks.” You said and munched down on your breakfast.

“How was school yesterday?” She asked.

Your head went straight to Jimin.

“It was okay.” You said and got up. “I’m going now.” You said and kissed her cheeks, making her colours turn pink.

“Be safe.” She called out behind you and you walked out of the door.


“Lee!” A familiar voice came down the hall. You looked up to see Taehyung.

“Hi.” You said when he walked up to you and smiled.

“Heard it was your birthday today.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes, walking past him into the classroom, to be attacked by a bunch of colours and clouds above peoples’ heads. You realised that the clouds stiffened a little as you and Taehyung walked past them.

You sat down on the seat next to Taehyung and looked up at him.

'Why can’t I see his colours and the cloud thingy?’ You wondered to yourself.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Taehyung smiled a little, making you look away from him, outside the window to see Jimin walking to school. He suddenly stopped and looked up, straight in your eyes.

You blinked at him in confusion and he gave you a wink.

Morning angel. Happy Birthday.’ He said in your mind. You were still not used to it so you looked away from Jimin and looked towards the front of the classroom where the teacher had entered, having a mixture of colours around her.

Her colours suddenly changed into pink when Jimin entered the class and bowed to her. he walked to his seat, giving you a wink on his way.

You look freaked out. Something wrong?’ You turned around in your seat to see Jimin’s eyes on yours. “Stop it.” You whispered and he nodded.

The lesson ended with you feeling no better.

“Jimin!” You called out, and he turned around in his tracks.

“Something you want from me angel?” He raised his eyebrow the slightest bit and walked towards you.

“I need to talk to you.” You said and he took your hand and scribbled a few things before letting your hand go. You opened your wrist to see a bunch of numbers.

“What?” You asked Jimin and he gave you a sly smile.

“Call me and talk to me when you’re ready.” he said.

You looked at him, horrified. 

“No. Jimin this is serious.” You said and he stiffened a bit.

“Ok. just meet me after school in the garden."He said and walked out of the classroom before you could refuse or consider it.

You looked back at the classroom to see Taehyung still in his seat and looking straight at the board, his gaze could kill anyone that came in his way.

The day ended and you rushed to the school gardens before you could change your mind. you had though about this a couple of times in your head through out the whole day.

"You’re here early.” Jimin said after you sat down next to him on the bench, keeping a safe distance between you two.

“Don’t mess around. Just answer my questions.” You said to him, not quite brave enough to look at him in the eye.

“Okay.” You heard him whisper.

“Who are you?”

“Park Jimin.” He said with a slight laugh in his voice.

“Jimin, i’m serious. Who actually are you?” You looked at him in the eyes, making the sparkles in his eyes disappear.

“Okay, I’ll tell you everything.” He said after a while and looked down at his shoes.

“I’m your guardian angel, Jimin. My duty is to protect you. Well was before i fell in love with you.” He said and looked at you in your eyes. His eyes looked so sad.

“What happened?” You whispered, moving closer to him the slightest bit.

“You see the cloud thingies on people’s head?” He asked and you nodded. “Yeah, they’re their guardian angel. Every human has one. You used to have one but now you don’t.” He said, making you confuse yet send chills down your spine, making the small hairs on your arms stand up.

“But i thought you said that you are my guardian angel?” You asked, playing with your fingers.

“I am. You see, I used to be one of those. No one can actually see us when we’re like that. But once you fall in love with a human, you get kicked out of the heaven, making you a fallen angel. So I guess i’m your fallen guardian angel.” He smiled. it wasn’t the charming smile, it was a sad smile.

“Can’t you go back?” You asked, surprised that you were actually able to keep up.

He shrugged. “There are conditions. You have to swear an oath that you will never fall for a human again.”

“So why don’t you?” You asked, scratching your head.

“Because we can’t break the oath once we swear it. And I don’t think I’ll be able to do that.” He said and looked at you in the eyes. “I’ve fallen for you.” He said and after a while he started laughing.


Oh, fallen for you. He’s a fallen angel.

“Stop it Jimin. You hardly know me.” You denied and hugged yourself once the wind started blowing to keep warm.

“That’s when you’re wrong angel. I know everything about you.” He said, making you feel creeped out yet safe at the same time.

“What about Taehyung? Why did you tell me to stay away from him? And why doesn’t he have a guardian angel on his head? And why can’t i see his colours?” You started firing questions at him, hoping to change the topic.

“He’s a demon.” He said straight-forwardly.

when you first start talking to someone and you want to ask them what their birthday is to find out their sign but you don’t want to creep them out with that yet bc you don’t know if they believe in astrology or not


AN One of the spoopy Halloween themed imagines I planned for you <3 This was fun to write, guys, though no second part is guaranteed very soon unless a lot of people request it, then I’m more inclined to do a second part sooner rather than later. But thanks for your patience on these, they’re really fun to write, and I’ll get back to requests right afterward (though there may be a christmas surprise for december :o)

Your POV

Walking through an abandoned amusement park, you would think that I would have brought my jacket, but no. I didn’t have time. I was at a damn night club, dancing with my friends, enjoying Halloween like I should. This guy came out of nowhere and he started grinding me. I was like, alright, I could get used to this, but he started getting up close and personal, so I backed the hell off.

He pushed me to a point where I couldn’t leave with my bag or even my sweater. So here I was in a stupid girl costume lingerie dressed up like a sexy vampire, and walking with no coat on, with only a thin black cape for protection against the crisp Autumn air.

Wind was blowing, and my hair was getting caught in my make up, and I kept spitting it out, but it would fly back there. I was wearing implant fangs, and well, I wanted them out. But where was I going to put them? It wasn’t as if I was just going to yank them out and throw them on the floor. No, I spent way too much damn money on this shit. I am not fucking doing that.

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                          I N V A S I O N  2 || KYLO X READER

A/N: Alright, so here’s the thing, I’m imagining this to be on like StarKiller Base 2.0 (so after TFA happens) maybe the rebuild it (kinda like the Death Star?) Thanks to about a handful of people requesting a part two, I did it! I like to think this is only gonna have two parts as I kinda enjoy ending things with cliffhangers for you imagination to run wild! Hope you enjoy, and if you do, feedback is welcomed! [Part One]

Word Count: 2K+

Warning: None!

There was an agonizing feeling flowing through every inch of your body, your muscles feeling as numb as ever, as if your body had been paralyzed from head to toe and you had only started gaining the ability to feel some parts of your body. A groan was released from your dry throat, a surge of images had rushed into your thoughts as you had slowly gained consciousness once again. It was all a nightmare…none of it is true, I’m back home with Milo. Milo!

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I want to talk to someone about Bellarke and my feels.


So. I want to make friends. For science.

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Fix Me

Wow. 6 times in this week. How can he do that?

You drummed your fingers against the cold glass, the sound echoed in the eerie silence of the empty store as you watched the familiar hooded guy pace back and forth outside the store. You were completely baffled yet unsurprised by his presence. Despite the fact that you had regular customers constantly coming in to get their headphones or tablets repaired, this particularly careless guy is the winner for always getting his screen terribly cracked all the time.

The pacing seemed like eternity and its bugging you in the inside. Mysterious and cynical. The atmosphere was definitely thick with tension. What if he actually is a stalker and is planning to take me hostage? You shook that thought out of your head. He couldn’t be. You remembered the glimpse of his ocean blue eyes that bubbled with enlightenment when he gave you his fixed phone back and the soft touch of his supple skin when you handed him the cash. Again, stop it. You could not help but feel uncomfortable because of this familiar stranger and went to lock the door of the store. And without any hesitance, the stranger lunged for the door and it was your first time you noticed his golden hair, all messy from the fallen hoodie. Even in the dark and lack of artificial light, his eyes gleamed with its glory. You couldn’t find your breath because of such beauty standing in front of you. You were completely on cloud nine when realisation struck upon you that he was grabbing your hand. It felt so warm and comfortable. Again, stop it. How can you think about this after a recent miserable breakup? You are just going to get hurt all over again.

“I am so sorry…uhm…I just didn’t know how to tell you…” You had no idea why but there was a sudden exhilaration surging through you and you were hoping this damn gorgeous man was going to ask you out. Again, stop it. You need to stop. Don’t hurt yourself (Y/N).

“I just didn’t know how to tell you that…I broke my phone again.” He gave you this shameless million dollar smile and you had no idea how to say that the store is closed to him. Deep inside you, your stomach felt queasy and you felt pathetic. I mean what was I thinking? Of course he is here to get his phone fixed? Wait.

“Sure. No problem.” your voice monotonous and quiet.

He was fidgeting in his pockets, and you noticed that he was in deep thought, his blue eyes following your every move. You brushed it off and went behind the counter. The silence in the air was screaming and his eyes still trailed you and its made you creeped out yet satisfying. Again, stop it. You are not suppose to feel like that (Y/N).

“I think your gorgeous,” his words blurted out like bubbles and it broke the loud silence in the air. “Shit, it wasn’t suppose to be like that. Oh no. Luke you idiot!

You giggled at his abrupt short speech and you could feel your cheeks heating up rapidly.

“I’m sorry. It was meant like that. I mean it was for you but…shit,” He walked around the store, hands buried in his face, defeated.

“Oh my god. Don’t feel bad,” You said in between laughters.

“You think this is funny eh? I have been preparing a good speech to ask the most beautiful girl and here she is laughing at me. This is not planned,” he cried out, but when he saw you laugh, he looked successful and proud of it.

You were in the midst of giggling when he leaned against the counter, his hands on the now warm glass, nose to nose with you. His cocky smile was there and your heartbeat was hammered in your chest. No, this can’t be happening.

“Now that I made you laugh, seems lie my plan worked. Next step,” he whispered in your face, his breath minty and it caressed your cheeks which was now red from all the blushing.

You tilted your head and you noticed that there was a sudden wash of confidence and pride in him. Wow. He was still touching your nose and you had no idea what you were supposed to expect from this situation.

“Once my phone is repaired, feel free to add your number,” his husky Australian voice made you shudder.

And unexpectedly, he kissed your nose and left the store with a wink and a cheeky smile which left you completely speechless. You had no clue what just happened for the past 8 minutes. Now there you are, the sweet kiss lingering on your nose and a still broken phone in your hands. Shit (Y/N).

What just happened?