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little things that can help you if you have bpd

i’ve been seeing a lot of topics like “how to deal with someone who has bpd” and it always bothers me, because there is basically no topics about how to deal if YOU have bpd. that’s why i’m making this post, in my opinion as someone who has bpd. feel free to leave other tips and comment!

  • buy a notepad and write about your emotions. in DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), used a lot to help people with BPD, they tend to help others to regulate their emotions, basing on some principles, like:
  1. identify and classify emotions; usually, people with BPD suffered/suffer from emotional abuse and it makes harder for us to have a knowledge about our feelings, since we never had someone to help us in this aspect. if you have hard times dealing with your emotions, you can create a special organization on your notepad, basing on: what just happened that could be a possibly trigger to your feeling? (EVEN IF IT’S SOMETHING MINOR, for example, if your friend replied to you in a different way, if you saw an image that made you feel uncomfortable); what are your physical symptoms about it? (for example, if you feel butterflies in your stomach, you are possibly anxious); what does this feeling make you want to do? (for example, if you feel like you want to hit something, you are possibly experiencing anger). and, also, try to identify your primary and secondary emotions, for example, if a friend forgets about an event that you would go together, first you may feel anger, but this anger can be followed by frustation or sadness (secondary emotions).
  2. how to “change” your emotions; after writing about your emotions and trying to learn about them, you can add a subject in your notepad about “WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE THIS FEELING”. your first thoughts may be pessimists, specially because borderlines are VERY impulsives, like “i should probably self-harm” or even “i should probably kill myself”, due to the intensity of bpd emotions, but right now, you have to think with your rationality. for example, if your friend is delaying to reply, you can think about the possibilities that are causing this problem: if they are busy, if they are having a hard time or if they just don’t want to talk right now. after thinking about the situation as a whole, you’ll ask yourself “okay, but what will i do?” and that’s why i think it’s important to create a list about what makes you happy and what distracts you, so everytime you have a hard situation to deal with, you can check on your list. “oh, i’m having x problem, but in my list it says that painting makes me happy, so what about painting something i saw today?”. if you don’t have anything that you like about, there is an app called Calm Harm, that can help you in self-harm situations!
  3. increase and improve positive emotional events; i know that it’s difficult for us to focus on positive moments, but once you are feeling down, please try to write about what happened in your day that was a good thing. and when i say it, i don’t mean a BIG thing, it can be something like seeing a flower in your garden. write about your sensations when your experienced this moment and think about the possibility of living this moment more than once. for example, if i saw a flower and it made me happy, can i try to plant one, so i’ll see it more often?
  4. apply pressure tolerance techniques; by distraction, self-care, improving the moment and considering pros and cons.

SO, in your notepad, have a space to: first, identify and classify your emotions; second, a space to write about how to change your emotions; third, a space to write about positive emotional events and fourth, write about what pressure tolerance techniqures you can apply to your life. 

  • practice saying no and saying what you need to the people around you; sometimes people with BPD tend to think that we are a burden to friends and family, and sometimes it’s not true. due to it, we often don’t tell what we really want. so, if you could, please, practice saying NO and what you REALLY need and want to people around you, even if it’s minor things. for example, if someone asks you to lunch with them, but you can’t/don’t want to, don’t let your abandonment fear decides what it’s the best for you, just say no, but not in the intention to hurt the other person. “i’m sorry, i really like you, but i can’t or don’t want to, since i have to do x thing/feeling x thing, but i really like you!”. when you say no, you can have a better idea about what you like and what you don’t, so you can start to let people know about it. for example, “hey! yesterday i said no when you invited me for lunch, so i realized i don’t really like going to public places, what about having lunch in my house next time?”
  • practice breathing techniques; intense emotions can lead us to panic situations or really bad physical symptoms. in stressing moments, we hold the air, increasing the level of carbon dioxide in our system, so the organism thinks we need more oxygen and make us breathe faster. the imbalance increases our heart beats, our blood pressure and the release of hormones such as adrenaline. i recommend ASMR videos to relax and you can breathe slowly, imagining a circle opening and closing, like the gif:

the post is getting long, so i’ll finish here! i’ll probably post a part two if you guys like! please leave a comment if it was helpful and i’m sorry if my grammar wasn’t very correct, english is not my native language.

remember that everything here is theoritical and it’s hard to apply these tips in your life, things will not suddenly change. but i believe in you and things take time, so don’t give up on getting better.

Learning Graphic Design On Your Own

A Quick Note…

Everyone learns differently. Some people like to ask questions in class, others like to watch videos that they can pause and replay, and even more people could prefer to just tinker and see what happens (I’m personally a tinkerer). The first thing you should do when learning on your own (so probably online or through books) is to do some research and know how you like to learn.

So, let’s start with… what even is “Graphic Design”?

Let’s get this straight… graphic designers aren’t fine artists. They are problem solvers, visual communicators, and sometimes curators of information in an aesthetically pleasing way. We organize information and try to make the world an easier-to-understand and more beautiful place. Of course, there are other fields like advertising where we communicate to customers why they should buy certain products. Or there are User Interface/Experience designers that will develop websites and video game interfaces and design how you interact with it. Look into graphic design and see what field you want to be in. What do you want to do with graphic design?

Fun fact, the google definition says: “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” and to that, I’d like to say we do SO MUCH MORE.

Now that you know what you’re doing…Here’s the VERY BRIEF process!
(I may make individual posts for each step later on)

  1. Learn the basics
    1. Typography, how to use the basic principles of line, shape, color, and so on is usually for everyone no matter your field.
    2. Basics like composition are also very important. If you’re into editorial then typographic spreads will be more of your focus. If you’re in web design then seeing how websites are typically laid out will be a thing to look into. Basic typography, color theory, and principles still apply!
    3. Basics and principles are a google search (or a book) away! Everyone talks about these things ALL the time.
  2. Look up inspiration and develop an “eye” for design
    1. Follow design blogs! Follow other designers! On all of your social media! (There are so many Tumblr blogs and Instagram accounts solely dedicated to graphic design curation).
  3. Look into the big names of the industry
    1. Why were they remembered? Everyone else in the field probably remembers them for that, too.
    2. What was so great about them? Apply what you learn to your own work!
    3. If they’re well known, they probably have at least decent work to get inspired from!
  4. Research is done… time to do some work!
    1. If you’re just starting out, there are some things you’re probably not used to. Doing things by hand with sharpie markers on paper will definitely help train your eye and mind to think more about communication, not pretty things. 
    2. Abstract things down into simple shapes. Then try communicating that same object with fewer shapes. Maybe only lines? Geometric style? Play around with communication! This is key when you get into icons, logos, and other visuals that require a more minimal look. 
    3. Remember, you make information more easily accessible. The best logos are easy to remember because they are simple and effective. Your work may one day need that kind of punch!
  5. The jump from traditional to digital
    1. It’s time to learn about your program(s) of choice… my biggest piece of advice would be to just mess with it. Learning on your own by trying to make something is one of the best ways to train your mind and body on how to use the programs.
    2. Try every tool. Try making basic shapes. Then make basic objects with those shapes. Then try making a person or something more complicated. Try to test every tool to see what you’d use it for!
    3. Don’t know anything or how to do something? Google it! If you’re asking there’s probably 5+ different YouTube videos, 3+ articles, and 100+ tutorials on how to do it.
  6. Let’s work on projects!
    1. Now that you’re familiar with the history, principles, other designers, and the programs… just keep on making stuff!
    2. Making your own projects (make your own website, business cards, a flyer for a club, a T-Shirt, and so on…) is my biggest recommendation on how to learn graphic design. Actually applying everything you’ve learned will make you think in a problem-solving way! Also sharing things that you’ve made that actually matter is way more fun than sharing a fancy circle you made with no context. (You can say “look at this T-Shirt I made!” instead of “look at this weird circle I made!”)
  7. Get feedback from designers and non-designers
    1. Once you’ve made stuff… ask everyone! Non-designers will give you a client’s perspective of your work. A designer’s perspective will help you grow as a designer and they may see things that you and your average person wouldn’t have noticed. (you’re always free to ask me if you’d like!)
    2. Please remember to not take feedback personally (unless they’re being rude, then just ignore them). You’re learning and growing and there’s always room for improvement. A lot of feedback is not a bad thing!
  8. Stay determined!
    1. Being a designer isn’t easy. That T-Shirt you made that took you a couple days? Someone could say they don’t get it. Other designers could say there was a better way to execute your idea. Another person may even say it looks like something else!
    2. When you design you have to expect to make revisions, rethinking, and making more revisions until it’s at a good enough place to publish. But no matter what, you have to remember that it’s not about PERFECTION. It’s about getting it DONE and learning to grow. No one is perfect, and it’s mostly subjective, so just take the criticism you agree with and don’t apply what you disagree with. As a designer, you should know what’s right, wrong, or what you should consider bringing up to other designers.
    3. KEEP MAKING MORE STUFF! You can even remake older stuff as you go on! Just keep going!

That’s my super brief process!

Now honestly, I could’ve gotten down into the nitty gritty details of each step, but this is basically how I’d suggest going about it if you want to get a head start before getting into college, or you want to just learn on your own.

If you guys have any additional questions or want me to go more in-depth about anything, feel free to let me know! :)

“Were there any straight people in this period of history?”

“Well…obviously speaking, there must have been some people that nowadays we would describe as ‘straight’, but we have to be very careful about applying modern standards of sexuality to the past. I’m sure if you asked anybody at the time if they were straight, they would have been very confused. And there’s something quite dangerous about forcing identities onto people who might not consider themselves that way. You also need to keep in mind that some things that today would seem ‘straight’ to us - like getting married, having children, etc. - were just the way things were back then. Nobody would have thought twice about doing that, including non-straight people. And there were plenty of people who undoubtedly got married, had very intensely emotional connections with their spouse, but then went off to go see their lover. Again, sexuality is a very complex thing, so I wouldn’t presume to state definitively that anybody was ‘straight’, and especially not without good, solid evidence that they were exclusively heterosexual. To presume otherwise would not only be making a lot of assumptions, it might even just promote harmful, overdone stereotypes about what makes someone ‘have’ to be straight, you know? So, yes, technically speaking there were, but I don’t see any reason to specifically consider straight people historically.”

i’m going into my junior year of high school, the time when many students are getting ready to apply for college. many of my friends and peers have been concerned about what, exactly, they should be doing to prepare this year, and when. so, we held a college information session. this may be geared towards my specific area/region, but hopefully everyone can take something out of this. here are some tips that we learned:


questions to ask:

  1. what is your freshman retention rate?
  2. what is the percentage of students that graduate in 4 years? (new statistic: ¾ of students don’t; the average student takes 5 ½ years to graduate)

make sure there is written documentation of your visit

when reviewing applications, colleges note “touch points”– these include things like taking an official tour, sending in those cards you get in the mail, or something as easy as emailing one of their admissions counselors with a simple question. they’ll keep your information, and it may give you an advantage over other students because you showed you’re seriously interested in their school. so, even if you’re taking an informal campus tour, make sure to stop in the admissions office and fill out one of those cards with your information. it’ll be added into their system as a touch point– and you’re already one step ahead!


some things to remember:

  • the SAT and ACT are, for the most part, equally accepted by colleges.
  • certain schools may require an SAT subject test. make sure to check out programs you’re interested in so that you can prepare all of its requirements.
  • the SAT is a test of aptitude, while the ACT is more knowledge-based and straightforward. 
  • if you’re bright and a good test taker but maybe you don’t get the best grades, the SAT may be more fit for you.
  • if you’re more studious and focused on grades and retaining information you’ve learned in class, the ACT may be a better match. 
  • a guidance counselor recommends: take both tests once, and whichever you feel you performed better on, take it again. 
  • many colleges like to see growth in scores because it shows you’re really working towards something. this may change depending on the selectivity of the school, but consider this before only sending your best score. 
  • if you know what colleges you’re interested in, check and see what they prefer/require before taking the tests. most likely, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run.


here’s a timeline of what was recommended for your junior year


  • take the PSAT again (this is the year that you can qualify for NMSQT). i’m not sure if this applies everywhere but i know where i live, this is a requirement.
  • if your school uses Naviance, make sure you have your login information. you should be using the tools it provides to research colleges and find out more about jobs you may be suited for.


  • take the ACT or SAT. if you’ve already taken the SAT, i suggest taking the ACT before doing the SAT again. 
  • this is around the time you should start visiting colleges if you haven’t already. if you can’t go to schools, look for information sessions and college fairs near you. if you’re on a college’s email list, they’ve likely sent you dates that they offer tours or perhaps are even hosting information sessions closer to you.


  • start asking for letters of recommendation!! many teachers give letters on a first-come-first-serve basis, so get ahead. usually you want to have 2-4 of these. think about programs and schools you may apply for, and think about what subject teachers may be most helpful in your application. also, check schools’ websites and see what they recommend/require. outside letters are also okay, if they’re from someone who knows you and your work ethic well. 
  • consider taking the SAT or ACT again. 
  • schedule your senior year. it’s no longer a time to slack off; colleges now look at your grades as late as third marking period. continue to challenge yourself, but also take electives that interest you to get a better idea of what careers you may want to pursue.
  • get the Common App essays from your guidance counselor. you should at least think about these over the summer to get an idea of what you’ll say in your application essays.


  • this is when the Common App is available for that year. many, but not all schools, use this. do your own research to decide if it’s a necessity for you.


  • very few students partake in college interviews anymore. requesting and interview may set you apart from other students (touch point!), but it is definitely not required or even recommended by the vast majority of schools.
  • if you know you will be going to grad school or a higher ed program, think about where you want to concentrate your money. a cheaper but respected undergraduate school may be a great idea to save money for a great graduate school. (you probably don’t care where your doctor went for their undergrad, but where’d they go to med school?)
  • check to see what courses certain colleges recommend you take in high school. this may be a good way to plan the rest of your high school schedule, and also gauge whether or not you can achieve a college’s expectations.

favorite headcanon

At least I think that’s today’s theme.  I am very behind oh wow.

My favorite headcanon: Mr. Lancer figured it out.  He knows about Danny.

If you pay attention to his characterization throughout the series, he goes from a pretty mean teacher, adding more antagonism to Danny’s already stressful world, to a really, truly understanding adult figure in Danny’s life.  

He begins the series with a huge bias towards Dash, athletes, and the popular crew for some reason.  But once you hit “Teacher of the Year,” BAM.  Something changes, and Mr. Lancer doesn’t really retreat back into that stereotypical version of himself again.  

In “TotY,” he is hard on Danny, as usual, but he explains that it’s because he sees great potential in Danny and thinks he has a lot more to offer.  Considering his parents are scientists and his sister is the smartest kid in school, this is a totally valid assumption, and it becomes founded when Danny actually sits down with Lancer to study and applies himself.  He gets an A, and Lancer is proud.

I think he keeps a particularly close eye on Danny after this.  The kid clearly has the potential to do great things and get good grades, but he doesn’t apply himself.  Why?  

It’s not like Mr. Lancer has a riveting personal life to speak of (“Fright Before Christmas”), so it’s pretty reasonable to say he spends a lot of time thinking about his students and his lesson plans.  I mean, the dude is like the English teacher who sometimes teaches some Science and History and possibly Math (even though he hates math??) and is a camp counselor and seems to have a lot of authority so maybe Vice Principal too?  He puts a lot into his work.  And I think he puts a lot of thought into his students.

We see a similar side to him again in TUE, in which he is hard on Danny but cuts him some slack in the end.  As though he knows there’s something else, something bigger, going on in the boy’s life to drive him to desperate measures.  

He goes from being extremely and irrationally hard on Danny (giving him detention in early episodes basically just for existing) to being much softer and more forgiving, treating Danny with a special kind of respect.

I gif’d this scene because I feel like it’s a subtle reference to the possibility that he knows.  Danny (as Phantom) is up on stage with Tucker, Sam and Jazz during this presentation.  When it’s over, the first people to clap in support are the Fentons, and the next?  Is Mr. Lancer.

He claps before Tucker’s own parents.  Or Sam’s.  And then he mentions all of them collectively when he sardonically comments that “They never put that much effort into their school work.”


I doubt he’s including Jazz in this statement, and it’s perfectly reasonable to assume he’s just talking about Sam and Tucker.  But the only two doing the actual talking/presenting are Danny and Tucker.

Danny as Phantom.  And Tucker.

And this supports my favorite headcanon that Lancer figured it out and kept it quiet, gradually coming to understand Danny and his predicament.  He really is responsible and driven, but grades, Lancer finds out, are not his first priority.  And that’s why he treats him differently, with more empathy, as the series goes on.

Because he knows.

anonymous asked:

Heyho Maddox! So I need advice. I'm a 12 year old artist. Everyone in school refer me as a "young artist" and I love drawing. It's my passion. But, my parents aren't supporting me and tend to get mad at me everytime I want to draw. They want me to stop and be a doctor but I don't want to. I want to be a successful artist like you. Help please?

My parents didn’t really supported me being an artist till I was 18 (when I decided to do art for good). But I understand why they push us to do something else besides art. They worry and they know its an unstable/unpredictable job. 

You are also really young at the moment. When I was your age, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer or a Veterinarian but ended up doing Animation because believe me when I say ART is just a general term of so many other specialisations that you have to consider.

Its just like if you wanna be a doctor, what kind of doctor you wanna be. Same applied with art, what kind of art based job you wanna pursue? I am currently studying animation but I like illustration very much. And there are a lot more like graphic design, interior design, fashion design, comic artist, and etc. So you do need to do more research and put more thought on what you really want focus on for art.

I will also be very real with you since you are considering this as your future and job. Art is something you really need to love and have 100% passion in doing because there are a lot of factors like rejections, criticisms and conflicts that may make you feel like shit.

If you are very sure if you are gonna give art your all, then go for it. Convince your parents in every way possible because thats ONE of the few conflicts that you need to over come. Its like an endless battle when it comes to the creative industry. Do what you strongly believe in. 

Convince yourself before you convince others.

Seven things that are running down your smartphone battery

1. Is your phone looking for something? Constantly searching for 4G signal, wifi or eternal love can be a drain on the resources of even the most parsimonious gadget. This applies particularly if your phone is looking for more than one thing at once, for example if it has fallen in love with your router. Consider leaving them together for long enough that they can decide they’re not that into each other after all.

2. Check the permissions of any apps you have installed. Are they allowed to use your location? Are they allowed to use the microphone? Are they allowed to provide asylum for refugee artificial intelligences? Sustaining an artificial intelligence can reduce your battery life. Be aware that turning this permission off may lead to any ejected artificial intelligences taking refuge in other smart appliances, such as your fridge and lighting system, or in extreme cases to the snuffing out of a delicate, beautiful miracle of emerging cognition.

3. Do you actually have a battery? Some of the most severe battery life problems are caused by not actually having a battery. You can check by sawing off the bottom end of your smartphone and shaking it a bit to see what falls out. Don’t worry, you can glue everything back in again if it turns out you do have one after all.

4. It is also possible that your smartphone is using extra battery in order to annoy you. Check your settings. On an iPhone, battery settings can be found under Settings > Battery. Check if the option ‘User-irritating mode’ is switched on. Turning this off can save up to ten percent of battery charge.

5. Settings > Battery will also reveal how much battery your apps have been committing. Battery is a serious crime and your phone is legally responsible for the behaviour of its apps (Fondleslab vs. Jenkins, 2016). Your phone may be sentenced to years in prison if convicted, which is a problem, because phones are often unwelcome in prisons. Give your apps a stern talking-to at once.

6. Jam. There is jam running down your smartphone battery. How? Why? What kind of slob are you, honestly?

7. Consider your situation further. Are you a jam-powered flesh mannequin, or are you yourself a simulation being run by an alternative level of intelligence? Are you sure? In the latter case, there remains a possibility that you may in fact be being simulated by your smartphone. Your best bet at preserving battery life in this case is to spend as much time as possible in sleep mode.

MAKE A BUDGET: and stick to it. making a budget can be confusing and difficult, but what we’ve found is that understanding where your cash flow is coming from is absolutely key. be realistic about the goals you set, and set aside a small buffer amount each week in case something comes up. budgets don’t have to be the same every week, because what you do in a week can change.

check out our second post in the finance series: how to budget

USE CASH: and leave your bank card at home. studies have shown that people are more likely to spend less when using cash because there’s a better sense of how much money they’re spending/saving. besides, using cash will force you to stick to a budget!

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD: we love food but food is expensive. buying groceries every week or two and making your own lunches/snacks can save you a lot of money in the long run. (see this buzzfeed article for some recipes)

BUY GENERIC BRAND: because most of the time, generic brand is just as good as name brand. don’t let prejudice keep you from saving money!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE THINGS: if you want to hang out with your friends, consider free events happening around you. there’s usually always something happening on campus. at the very least, you can always get the free swag from those events!

APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: yes essay writing can be a pain and it may seem like a snowball’s chance in hell that you’ll get it, but just do it. a lot of scholarships don’t get as many applicants as they make it seem so you have a better chance than you think you do!

TEXTBOOKS: borrow them from a library if you can and take pictures of the pages you need (or just do your work at the library.) failing that, see if your school bookstore lets you rent textbooks instead of buying them! If you absolutely have to buy your textbooks, buy used whenever possible. don’t be afraid to scrounge the internet for a cheap(er) copy.

EVERY CENT COUNTS: even though Canada has discontinued the penny, this still holds true. as broke students, we all know that sometimes that nickel can make or break your day. so save what you can, even if it doesn’t feel like much!

this is by no means an exhaustive list. if you have more tips, send us a message and we might make a follow up post!

Anonymous asked: “ Mom I feel like I should be a boy, but I like feminine things. I love my long hair and nails, makeup, ETC but I have top dysphoria as well as bottom. I feel confusing and ‘attention seeking’ because that’s what I’ve been told. I cry myself to sleep because I just wouldn’t feel right as a masculine man or a feminine woman.

My dear lgbt+ kid, 

(I decided to answer your question like this because I wasn’t sure if you were alright with me publishing your URL.)

Do not worry: You don’t need to be a masculine man or a feminine woman! 

There are plenty of people who are neither (including me!), and here’s some reasons why: 

1. There’s a difference between identity and presentation. People of any gender can present feminine, masculine or neutral (or mix it up). When we talk about presentation, we mean things like hair and clothes - Girls, boys and nonbinary people can all like to wear long hair and make-up and present in the way that’s traditionally considered feminine. Feminine presentation is not only for girls! 

2. Clothes are simply fabric you put on your body. They do not have a gender. A boy is not less of a boy because of the kinds of fabric he decides to put on his body, and the same goes for every gender. 

3. It is possible to be neither 100% boy nor 100% girl. You could be both or neither or something else. A umbrella term for this is nonbinary and here’s a list explaining many gender identities. I’m not saying that this definitely applies to you but I believe it’s important to keep this option in mind. If you feel like neither girl nor boy fits, you may be nonbinary and that would be okay! 

Long story short: Keep loving your hair and nails and make-up (I’m sure all of those things look great on you!) - it does not invalidate your gender at all, no matter which gender it is. 

You are certainly not attention-seeking, my dear. There are so many people who have the same thoughts you have, there’s nothing weird or wrong about it. 

i’ll add some resources for questioning kids for you: 

I wrote a letter with advice for my questioning or confused kids here.

Here’s my letter to my kids who question their gender.

You may also like my “It’s okay to not have figured it out.” letter.

I also have a “Questioning” tag.

A really great guide written by @transgenderteensurvivalguide that I recommend: “What am I?

Last but not least: You started your message off by saying you feel like a boy. That’s all you need to identify as a boy. You don’t have to know for a fact or be 100% sure it’ll never change. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying that label on for now - don’t drive yourself crazy with “but” and “what if”. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll notice and can still change it accordingly. Don’t be afraid to simply play with it a little, try to have some fun with discovering this part of yourself and learning more about yourself - it’s exciting!  

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Choices || 01

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This is not nearly as long as my other scenarios, but this is only the first part of this. I’m most probably gonna make this into a series. Please let me know what you think bc this is my first time trying something like this. I hope you like it.

A/N: tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ‘MEDDLING’ IT’S ALREADY PAST 1K NOTES AND LIKE I HAVE 700+ FOLLOWERS i seriously did not expect this much positive response to it. Thank you for your support my lovelies

Pairing: Jungkook x reader, Jimin x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Word count: 4,482



  1. a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

That was one of the many definitions of it. There were too many definitions to count.

Some say that when you meet your soulmate, it’s just - it’s a feeling. It’s hard to describe that profound, lingering feeling you get when you do, but you just know it.

 Some say soulmates might not even get the chance to meet. Your soulmate just might be a person from you past life, and the only way to witness their presence is through flashbacks of your past.

Some say two soulmates make a whole. Mentally, emotionally, physically - quite literally all aspects of both sides - are compatible. The two sides complete each other and understand each other, making the other feel a sense of ease and comfort like never before.

The list could go on forever with the millions of definitions that varied from one person to the other, each according to their own view on the subject.

You, however, chose to reject them all. You could never fathom the idea that there’s this person somewhere in the world who was completely and wholly made for the sole purpose of being with you. Who was so compatible with you and you two would live the whole ‘happily ever after’ you always heard about through stories. It was too absurd of an idea.

You didn’t reject the idea of loving someone - of being in love with someone. Oh no, you weren’t that type of person. You just knew that, just like any normal relationship, if you two found that everything was going well, you would stay together. If not, you would break it off.

It was of valid reasoning. You weren’t one to ‘feel that spark as soon as you met eyes with a guy’ and claimed it to be love at first sight. You weren’t one to just babble on about him being the one just because you two happened to be at the same cafe at the same time three times a week. You weren’t one to break up with someone because you simply didn’t feel that spark you were ‘supposed’ to feel with your one and true significant others.

You lived your life like any normal person would, choosing not to get sucked in to people’s silly beliefs and myths that had been passed down generations and generations.

The most common soulmate myth was one you found completely and utterly ridiculous. The moment one is born, a rose - well, a dead rose - is given to the parents of the infant. This dead rose is kept and protected by the parents for their child, until the time comes for he or she to take responsibility of that rose themselves.

Supposedly, this rose is dead and completely lifeless, up until the moment your soulmate enters your life. The rose will slowly start to bloom back, the redness of its petals spreading out, and the green of its stem growing back. It was a slow process. The closer you got to each other, and the more you got to know them, the more beautiful and lively it became.

What made this idea even more absurd and harder to believe was the fact that the two soulmates would be the only ones able to see this lifeless flower come back to life.

Huh, you would scoff, and that’s the day that pigs would fly.

Unfortunately for you, your mother was a strong and true believer of such things, and she was adamant on proving herself right and you wrong. Both your parents even had the roses their parents had given them in a small vase near the kitchen window, providing them light and water, with love and care.

“Mom, dad, come on. They’re dead.”

Your parents would only shake their heads and sigh, muttering things about you changing your mind someday, and finally see what they were seeing.

They made you promise not to throw away your rose. And despite you knowing there was nothing on this earth that would change your mind about this, you respected and kept that promise. No matter what, your rose was there on your nightstand, a constant reminder that - yep, pigs haven’t flown yet.

“Hey, can you come over?”

The simple sentence you said to Yoongi over the phone, with the soft tone that you rarely ever used with him, told him something was definitely wrong.

“I’m off work in five minutes. I’ll be there in fifteen tops,” he replied before you hung up. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, checking his watch before deciding that he could take his boss chewing his ass out for leaving a few minutes earlier. He got up from his chair, grabbed his jacket, and quickly made his way out before anyone could notice and stop him.

He was at your apartment building in about ten minutes. After parking his car, he quickly made his way up the two flights of stars, not bothering to wait for the small, shitty elevator. It was too cramped and stuffy anyways. He definitely wasn’t going in there when he saw that guy from your third floor who seemed to always have sweat stains underneath his armpit on every single shirt he wore.

He soon forgot all about that when he knocked on your door once, before realizing that you probably left the door unlocked for him anyways. He managed to remember to take his shoes off at the door and then made his way to your living room.

He found you sat there, TV on, but considering the blank look on your face, he was pretty sure your focus was nowhere near the National Geographic channel. He quietly made his way to the couch and sat down next to you, and you turned to him with a small smile that he knew didn’t reach your eyes.



You sighed,

Yoongi wasn’t the cuddliest of people, it was clear to anyone with a functioning pair of eyes. But when he saw you, his dear friend whose usual bright smile was wiped away and replaced with a look so sad, it made his heart clench. So he always made exceptions for you. He simply lifted his arm, wordlessly inviting you closer, and you accepted it immediately, scooting closer and resting your head on his chest.

“What happened?” His hand placed itself on your hair, fingers softly soothing down some strands.

“They fired me today.” Your voice was quiet. Yoongi’s hand paused for a second before continuing its movements. He got the feeling you didn’t want to talk about it too much considering your short answer, so he let you be, but not before he said one last thing.

“You know I don’t sugarcoat anything. I know this seems bad right now, and it is, but don’t let this fuck everything over for you. I’ll help you through this, you know that.”

You stayed quiet but moved closer to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. His words comforted you a little bit, knowing he was always there for you no matter what. You were still worried, sad, angry, frustrated. But you just wanted to stay quiet for a bit, deciding you would think about this properly later.

“So I was at the club yesterday,” Yoongi said from his place on the kitchen table as he ate a bowl of cereal. You stood in front of the sink, washing the few dishes you had there just to get it out of the way. “Namjoon told me they were short on staff.”

“Really?” You tone was surprised.

“Yeah, you should try working there.”

The idea of working in a club never once crossed your mind. You’ve been looking for a job for a week, applying almost anywhere you found suitable enough, but to no avail. It seemed you were going to have to settle for something outside of your desired job areas for a little while, considering you were already short on money, and the rent wasn’t gonna pay itself.

“Maybe I should..” You sighed. “Maybe we can go there tomorrow night? That way I can talk to Joon and we can have a little night off. You can tell Hobi to come too, if you want.” 

“Alright, sure.”

The following night, after spending most of your afternoon looking up job vacancies is magazines or papers or anything even remotely related, you gave up with a sigh and closed your laptop.

You decided to let loose a little tonight considering your recent stress and everything. You dressed up, did your hair, looked yourself in the mirror with one last approving glance before you made your way out the door and to Yoongi’s car that was waiting for you downstairs.

“Lookin’ good, __,” Hoseok complimented you as soon as you got in the backseat, turning to give you a bright smile that reminded you why you always loved having him around to lighten the mood.

“Thanks Hobi,” you replied and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “It’s been a while.” Yoongi started up the car after you greeted him as well and drove off to the club.

“It has. Tonight’s all about having fun yeah? You already know the job’s yours, so relax and forget about everything tonight.”

You nodded at his words, determined to make use of his advice. You were pretty sure Namjoon would accept having you as an employee. You’ve worked in clubs before. You were a college student in the past, and your student loans had you bartending for a long time in some clubs and pubs to help pay them off.

Tonight should be fun for you. You wanted to make sure of it.

And you were true to your word. As soon as you took a table, the drinks started coming, giving you that buzz and chill vibe that you craved and needed for the night. Yoongi sat back in his seat, a small smile on his lips as he watched you laugh with Hoseok, drinks in hands and singing together obnoxiously loud to the music, occasionally turning and directing the lyrics to him as he shook his head jokingly.

“I wanna dance!” You yelled over the music. Hoseok got up without hesitation, grabbing your hand and pulling you to the dance floor, moving his body to the beat already. You turned to Yoongi with a genuine smile, clearly enjoying your night so far, and he smiled back, before he disappeared from your vision when you were drowned into the crowd of dancing bodies.

It seemed like you two were dancing there or hours, when in reality, it had only been three songs.

“I’m gonna grab another drink, want anything?” Hoseok yelled in your ear over the music, and you shook your head no. You’ve had enough drinks for the night, enough to get you buzzed and feeling good, but not to have you shitfaced and puking by the end of the night.

You stayed on the dance floor while Hoseok went to the bar, enjoying the music too much to stop and go with him. He disappeared from your eyes in a few seconds, but you didn’t care as you continued to move your body to the beat.

It felt like a few minutes had passed and Hoseok still wasn’t back, when you felt a pair of unfamiliar hands land on your waist. You tensed for a second, before remembering your plan for the night. Fun.

However, before you went through with it, you had to turn around to see his face. And so you did, and you thanked God the music was loud enough to hide your gasp.

Fuck he was gorgeous.

Not too tall, but still towered over you even in your heels. Brown hair that looked fluffy enough for you to want to run a hand through it. His facial features were so soft, giving him that innocent kind of charm, but you were certain there was more to him than innocent. His eyes were what truly caught your attention, shaped so beautifully, lids falling over an ordinary set of brown irises, yet they were far from ordinary. His lips were plump, shaped in a way that made you jealous of them, yet you wanted them on yours at the same time.

If you wanted your night to be well spent, he was definitely a good sign.

His hand still rested on your waist, not moving as he waited for your approval, and you gave it to him by moving closer to him and placing your arms around his neck. He gave you a smile that almost blinded you and for a second, you questioned if your heart beat just a little bit faster because of his presence.

Your bodies started moving together in sync, and you marveled at how effortlessly his moves seemed to come, clearly showing some sort of experience. You were distracted from his dancing, however, when he leaned down to your ear to speak up.

“What’s your name?”

His voice was softer than you expected, but it still fitted him very well. Soft and silky, just as he seemed.

“__,” you answered.


Jimin. You felt your heart beat faster once again when he said his name, and you were kind of confused when it happened again. But you played it off as excitement of meeting someone new after so long and being so close to a guy like this.

Your bodies started gradually moving closer, until your torsos pressed against each other. His other arm wrapped around you as well, one of his hands moving lower to rest on your lower back, and you’d be the world’s biggest liar if you said you didn’t enjoy the closeness.

You gasped slightly when you felt him tentatively moving his hips closer to yours, testing the waters on whether you were comfortable with that kind of dancing. You didn’t hesitate to reciprocate, and the two of you got more comfortable as you danced with your bodies glued together.

The beat then switched to one of your favorite songs at the moment, and it was more than perfect for this moment.

(I started listening to Unforgettable by French Montana ft Swae Lee from here, if you’d like to listen to something while reading this!)

You were suddenly spun around in his hold, your back now pressed to his torso. Your gasp was drowned out by the sound of the music. But it seemed like second nature for you to press back against him, your hips having a mind of their own as they moved against his. His hands got braver and moved along your hips and waist, his grip tight on you but you seemed to love it for some reason.

His head moved forward and closer to you, his lips now near your ear since you could feel his warm breath on it. So you lifted one of your hands, fulfilling one of your wishes and running it through his hair that felt just as soft as it looked, enjoying the way he mindlessly nuzzled into your hand. Your other hand landed on one of his that was on your waist, holding it just because.

The position you were in was intimate, and if anyone looked over at the two of you, you were pretty sure you looked like a couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Your train of thoughts was cut off when you felt his lips place a light kiss to the shell of your ear before he moved his head down so his face was right against the crook of your neck, his lips grazing your now heated skin. Your fingers tightened slightly around his hair, and he reciprocated by puckering his lips up for that last inch of space that could barely fit a needle through, pressing a kiss to your neck. 

His lips stayed still for a few seconds, then they moved again and you felt yourself getting more affected by his simple but sensual actions. He peppered delicious kisses along your skin, each one becoming more eager and sloppier  than the other, until you felt his lips part to place an open mouthed kiss to the juncture of your neck.

Your head leaned back against his shoulder, allowing him easy access to the length of your neck, feeling shivers going through your body because of how much you enjoyed his touches. His kisses got hungrier, finally parting his lips once he settled on a patch of skin and sucking softly on it. Your eyes fluttered shut involuntarily, letting out a shaky breath as sensations took over your every sense.

You really weren’t usually one to let it go far in public, you weren’t even used to dancing with hot strangers and grinding on them against the dance floor. But he was just so alluring, something about him was so captivating, it seemed as if you couldn’t control yourself around him, especially when his hand slowly but surely traveled up your side, until it grazed the side of your breast through the loose top you were wearing, barely running his thumb along it before he moved his hand back down.

But that was the last straw. You quickly turned around in his grasp causing him to detach his lips from your neck, your hand placed on his shoulder to lean into him and whisper in his ear.

“Take me home.”

A mess of tangled limbs was what you two were. Your eyes fluttered open due to the sunlight streaming in through the openings between the curtains. Despite the drinks you consumed last night, you were feeling pretty great at the moment.

You felt his arm draped over your waist, his chest pressed against your back, skin completely bare, allowing you to bask in his warmth. You could hear the soft snores escaping his lips, and to your surprise, you found the noise pretty endearing, despite you despising the sound when any of your ex-boyfriends did it.

You couldn’t help but slowly turn over in his hold, managing to keep his arm thrown around you, to face him. You almost choked on a gasp at the sight of him.

If you thought he was gorgeous last night, he was ten times more beautiful like this. You had absolutely no idea how you managed to catch his eye, let alone spend the night with him. He looked like an angel, so pure and peaceful. Hair messed up and all over the place, its brown color contrasting to the pale color of the pillow. His eyes closed, eyelashes looking as long as ever as they rested against his cheeks. Lips parted slightly, looking swollen both from sleep and from your own assault on them only hours prior.

You scooted closer to him as gently as you could, your face now barely an inch from his. So close to his face now, completely sober, yet you felt drunk and dizzy on him.

Thoughts from last night started to cloud your head, memories of your heated activities coming back in flashes.

“Fuck, Jimin,” you moaned out as you rode him slowly. Your hands rested against his chest to balance yourself as you went up and down.

“You feel so fucking good,” he groaned out. His hands traveled from your thighs to your ass where he squeezed harshly before landing a slap to your right cheek, causing you to squeal in surprise and pleasure.

That only resulted in you moving faster against him, bouncing harder against his cock. The bed squeaked beneath your erratic movements, the headboard banging against the wall every once in a while.

“Jimin!” You cried out when he thrusted up against you, hitting you so deep you fell forward against his chest, your body weak with pleasure.

He took that chance to bend his knees and plant his feet firmly against the mattress, grabbing your ass in both hands to hold you still before he started to pound into you harshly.

Your cry was weak and hoarse, your voice nearly gone due to your screams and moans from your previous rounds. Your body jostled on top of his with the force of his thrusts, panting against his neck and digging your nails into the sweaty skin of his chest.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned out. He stopped his thrusts, and you were about to whine before he wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and flipped the two of you over so you were pinned to the mattress.

Your cries once again sounded throughout the arm when he continued pounding you into the mattress, headboard now banging against the wall with each and every thrust.


You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard his raspy morning voice, and you felt yourself blush slightly at your dirty thoughts so early in the morning.

“Morning,” you greeted back with a smile.

He tightened his arm around you and brought you in closer, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I’m a cuddler.”

“I don’t mind,” you chuckled and stroked his hair, quite enjoying the affection you were receiving. You rarely had one night stands, but you were pretty sure guys weren’t always this nice the morning after. If anything, a proper smile was too much to get from someone after a one night stand, tops. But this, this you were enjoying.

“You hungry?” He suddenly asked, removing his face from your neck to look at you with curious eyes. You felt shy for a second, not wanting to impose and thinking he was just an overly nice and polite person in general.

“Ah, thank you Jimin. You really don’t have to-”

“Come on, I’m not the best cook, but I can cook something up.”

He got up and threw his legs over the side of the bed, grabbing a pair of boxers from his nightstand before pulling it up his legs, and you took a few seconds to admire the view of his back, so soft yet muscly, begging to be touched. Then you noticed a faint red over his shoulder blades, and you quickly realized they were your damn scratch marks.

You felt your cheeks turned red at the sight and you quickly turned away, your eyes quickly scanning the room in search of your clothes. They landed on a spot near the door, so you wrapped the sheets around you and got up to grab the discarded shirt and jeans. You held your jeans in one hand and threw them on the bed before grabbing your top. However, when you held it up and saw that it was ripped right down the middle.

Your eyes widened and you looked to Jimin who was stood there, mouth agape and cheeks tinted pink.

“Uh, I’m-” he cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck bashfully. “I’m so sorry. Here, wait a second.” He turned to his closet and opened it, flipping through hangers before he grabbed a plan black t-shirt that seemed a few sizes too big, but it would do.

“It’s fine,” you chuckled. “Thank you.”

“Thank you, Jimin,” you said after you two finished eating. “For breakfast. And..for last night.”

He looked up at you with his sweet smile as he was putting away the dishes.

“It was my pleasure. Both of those things.”

You blushed for the nth time, before you looked down at your phone to check the time. Your eyes widened when you saw 8 missed calls from Yoongi, 5 from Hoseok, and 18 total texts from both.

“Shit,” you muttered under your breath and got up from your seat. “I think I’m gonna head out now.”

“Oh,” his smile faltered just for a bit but he managed to stop it. “Of course. I can drive you.”

“No, I couldn’t ask that of you Jimin, You’ve already been so sweet to me,” you smiled at him gratefully. “I can catch a cab from here.”

He reluctantly agreed, walked you to the door, and watched you walk away from his apartment.

You both felt a heavy sinking feelings in your stomach with each step you took away from him, and his feeling only double when you were completely out of view and he shut the door.

You frowned at the feeling. But you convinced yourself it was because it’s been so long since you’ve been with a guy in any way, and the one you happened to meet with last night seemed like a complete sweetheart and gentleman.

You hailed a cab and told the driver your address before deciding to distract yourself with replying to Yoongi. As you typed out a text, as if on cue, your phone started ringing with his name on the screen. You slid open the green button and placed the phone to your ear.

“Did you get laid last night?”

His question was so sudden you almost choked on your own spit.

“Yoongi!” You snapped. “Morning to you too, asshole.”

“I’m hoping that’s a yes.”

“It’s a none of your damn business.”

“Listen I’ll talk to you later. I just got home and I’m in desperate need of a shower,” you said as you got out of the cab.

“Alright, text me later.”

You sighed and locked your phone before placing it in your back pocket. You didn’t take notice of the large van that was parked right in front of your building, the trunk open and filled with boxes and bags.

You took the stairs when you saw that stinky old man waiting on the elevator door. You reached your floor in no time, walking down the hall, head down and looking for your keys in your purse.

That was a bad decision since you managed to bump into a wall. Well, what felt like a wall. It was definitely solid.

You stumbled back but caught yourself before you went too far, looking up to find a guy about your age, maybe a tiny bit older staring back at you apologetically.

“I’m so sor-”

“I’m really s-”

You both chuckled at your attempts of apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t even looking in front of me,” you said.

“It’s fine, really,” he smiled what seemed to be the cutest smile in the world, making him seem much younger than he actually was. “I’m moving in here. Do you live here, too?”

“Yeah, apartment 205. Welcome to the building. What apartment are you moving into?” You asked with a smile, and his smile only widened before he chuckled. You felt your stomach fill with butterflies at the simple sound, but you tried to push them down and keep them at bay.

“204. I guess we’re neighbors, yeah?” He stretched his hand out for me to shake. “I’m Jungkook.”

"they didn't have the same concepts of sexual orientation and gender back then"
  • what it means: ideas about platonic affection were much broader and more permissive, gender was in some ways both more fluid (because it was strongly tied to presentation, so if one looked like a duck and quacked like a duck...) and more restrictive (because genders besides male and female? wat?), sexual orientation was in many people's minds almost inextricably linked to gender/gender presentation, and while the concept of homosexuality definitely existed and people knew about it as something distinct from platonic friendship, it was considered a practice as opposed to an identity
  • what it doesn't mean: LGBT people didn't exist before the 20th century
  • straight historians, take note

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand the context of your my/your kink argument, esp. the examples you are using. While I do obviously agree that writing about something is not the same as condoning it, is that where the statement ends? I mean, if someone were to write exclusively about rape/pedophilia/sexual abuse and portray it in a positive light, I wouldn't merely regard it as a kink (afaik kink implies practice, implies consent) and morally I would condemn it. Could you elaborate?

I have (at least) five answers.

1.  The vast majority of the moral meaning lies in both the consumer’s and creator’s contexts.  Martha writes a fic in which two sixteen-year-olds explore one another’s bodies.  Pedophilia?  Which country are you living in? What about the characters? What’s the time period and context?  José writes a fic in which one character sexually abuses another but they both come to a better place.  Endorsement of abuse?  Darkfic?  Hurt/comfort?  Akane writes a senpai/kohai fic that mirrors material in the original manga.  Is writing drawn from  a culpable (see point 3) source automatically culpable itself? In specific, there’s an ancient tradition of rape-as-seduction fiction, and an enormous body of documentation showing that it’s a common female fantasy. Rape-as-seduction is rape culture, sure, but we’re embedded in it: see my point in the original post about ids. You cannot responsibly make a moral judgment unless you consider all of these, as well as the context of your own reaction.

2. Consider the creator’s point of view.  You don’t know what the creator was thinking, and you don’t have the right to ask.  The creator may be working through a painful experience and getting catharsis through fiction.  The creator may be trying to convey as subtext that a particular situation is wrong and bad.  (With or without success.) The creator may be fantasizing a situation without any intention of putting it into practice – see the very relevant quotations in my post.  And, of course, the creator may be deliberately getting off on something that the vast majority of people in the creator’s culture consider morally wrong. (To whom is the creator accountable? Transformative media is created and consumed worldwide now.)  You can’t know which of these is going on.  Intent is not 100% of an immoral act, but when it comes to writing fiction, it’s a very, very high percentage.

3.  Consider the consumer’s point of view.   All of the possibilities in 2 apply, plus “I’m reading/viewing this to avoid doing it in real life.”

4.  Consider the likely consequences of consuming the transformative work.   There is no evidence that a person not already disposed to commit rape/incest/pedophilia/abuse is likely to be moved by fiction to commit those acts.  There just isn’t.   The evidence that people who are so disposed are more likely to commit those acts after viewing supportive media is, at best, mixed; there’s a lot of “post hoc versus propter hoc” going on there.  

5. Finally we come to “What are you going to do with your moral condemnation”?  You have carefully considered 1, 2, 3, and 4, and have determined that “applying contemporary community standards, the dominant theme of the material taken as a whole appeals to the prurient interest.”  ( Roth v. United States, and you bet your booty I’m being ironic.)   Are you going to draw a conclusion and move on?  Are you going to speak privately to your friends about why the fic offended you?  Or are you going to drop the wrath of Tumblr on the head of the offending creator?   

If your answer is “unleash the hounds of Hell”, I think you’re the one who’s morally wrong.  Period.   Your moral act also has a context, and part of the context is  the expected result.  You are not going to change what the writer thinks about morality.   You are going to create a mob of haters, most of whom are not going to present a reasoned argument based on evidence, but instead are going to tell the creator, and the world, that the creator is a terrible person. Not that the creator makes terrible works, but that they are a terrible person, and there is an ENORMOUS difference.  The experience of the last (at least) fifteen years demonstrates that hate mobs are emotionally satisfying to the haters, are not a force for any moral good, and routinely drive their victims out of fandom and even off the internet.

tl;dr:  It all depends.   I lived through the fallout of 1970s feminist consciousness-raising groups, and I don’t need to watch the hi-def remake.  I am sick beyond words of callout culture.

anonymous asked:

The reason why I'm saying for Touka to move on is that Touka seems to be stuck in the past where she wants to recreate Anteiku and changes her hair to when her and Kaneki met. She just wants to "pick off where they left off" from the past. But they never started and at best Touka just pinned for Kaneki for years unlike Akira and Amon where they at least knew that something was there.

Thing is anon, being stuck in the past is only considered a bad thing on the assumption that the past cannot be regained. So what’s really bad in that scenario is “longing for what you cannot have”. This does not apply to Touka Kirishima. Touka is not only able to regain the past, she has done it.

To continue from the life she once knew at Anteiku, Touka needs the old staff: Kaneki, Hinami, Yomo, Nishiki, Koma, Irimi, and Yoshimura. Everyone on this list is alive, and 6/7ths are currently with Touka at :re. In the case of the old manager, Touka has adapted the same calm, wise and parental aura that surrounded him into herself, and now her coffee tastes just as good as his did. Another important member of her old life, Yoriko, is also alive and is on course to reunite with her very soon. Even Ayato, the part of her life that was still missing even during those happy days at Anteiku, has come back to her side. The only irretrievable element are her parents, but even there, Yomo has provided closure for the issue of the mother she never knew, and as we’ve seen from Ch 120, she’s come to terms with the person her father really was.

It’s not just Touka that wants to recreate Anteiku either.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: wanting to go back to Anteiku is a sign of sanity in this series, because Anteiku is entwined with the concept of hope. The hope for Ghouls and Humans to live alongside each other. Yoshimura’s hope for Eto to recover her humanity. Touka’s hope for Kaneki to survive and find his way in life again. Whenever someone leaves Anteiku, their life takes a helter-skelter towards the tragic; both Kaneki and Hinami can testify to that, and it was people from Anteiku that saved them both at Cochlea. So yes, please do recreate Anteiku, Touka! It’s because you did that Kaneki and Hinami and all the lost souls of Goat have a home again. She’s done far more than just pine for Kaneki for all those years, she’s recreated the TG universe’s symbol of hope. 

Touka’s arc was about recovering her empathy and ability to connect with others - to abandon Kaneki now would reverse all of her positive change, especially now after Akira’s just left him. It’s not as if she’s gambling everything on the chance Kaneki returns her feelings either - she genuinely wants to help him, and all she needs in return is for Kaneki to remain in her life. As for the contrast with Akiramon, that (now canon) pairing had the same level of ambiguity as Touken; Amon blocked her kiss the first time, and it was unclear whether he felt the same as she clearly did.

I think a lot of the time people mistake Ishida’s thematic intentions utilising characters with those characters own individual motivations. I don’t think Touka’s trying to pick off where they left off, I think Ishida is - that’s why he had Touka dye her hair black. He’s trying to emphasise that this is where the original story continues proper, now that Kaneki is back at home; Tokyo Ghoul :re was Kaneki’s attempt to abandon his old story and start a new one, but his return to a second Anteiku with his old friends proves that he can find happiness in the world of his original story. The old story has finally found its way back on track after tragedy sent it flying off the rails. 

Function pairs: the stereotype and the goal

Te with lower Fi: 

Stereotype: Te: I MUST CONTROL AND WIN AT EVERYTHING AT ALL COSTS MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Fi: (whispers) But what about morals?

Goal: Te: I have a lot of goals and ways to work towards those goals, and I act based on logic and external standards of achievement. Fi: That’s great! Remember that there are also internal standards of achievement, and that acknowledgement of your own needs is not counter to your goals even if it slows your progress a little.

Fi with lower Te:

Stereotype: Fi: I GOTS TO BE ME AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU DON’T GET IT. Te: um maybe do stuff sometimes? If you want to.

Goal: Fi: I have a firm belief in what is important to me and I want to live consistently with that. Te: As well you should. However, you will need to show others why your position is important and why you’re worth listening to in a logical way sometimes. Be prepared to do so.

Fe with lower Ti:

Stereotype: Fe: I love everyone! I hope they love me! I’m happy if they’re happy! Feelings! Ti: (doesn’t exist)

Goal: Fe: I want to engage with people meaningfully and make sure our group dynamics are working out well for everyone. Ti: Did someone say optimization? I can consider people’s likes and dislikes and find a solution that is best suited to bring about agreement.

Ti with lower Fe:

Stereotype: Ti: EVERYTHING IS BLUEPRINTS and I have analyzed all of the deep web time to get started on some elaborate unsolved cryptid puzzles. Fe: How do I people and outside?

Goal: Ti: I want things to make logical sense and to be able to apply the systems I developed to everything. Fe: That’s great! People don’t always work in a predictable way. Perhaps you can think of them in terms of something like chaos theory, and engage with them to make sure your systems are understandable to others.

Ne with lower Si:

Stereotype: Ne: hahhahaha monkeys and biscuits! I’m such a random nerd lol! Si: (narrator voice) But their randomness was only hiding…a haunted past.

Goal: Ne: I have a lot of ideas! Everything gives me ideas and I want to explore them all and see what concepts will develop from each path - it’s impossible to choose! Si: We can get an idea of how things are likely to turn out from our past experience, so that might help you decide which possibilities are likely to yield more interesting paths to follow.

Si with lower Ne: 

Stereotype: Si: I’ve memorized the law spreadsheets and it’s 5 pm sharp so it’s time to go home to my 2.5 picket fences. Consistent is the life I lead. Ne: BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING EXPLODES? I DON’T KNOW WHAT, JUST SOMETHING?!

Goal: Si: I like to approach things with caution and understand how they are likely to play out. To do this I plan, using my past experience to guide my current actions. Ne: Sometimes, though, you inevitably find yourself in an unfamiliar scenario, and I can help either link a past experience that at first glance doesn’t seem related but can guide you here, or help you handle the unfamiliarity if it’s truly new.

Se with lower Ni: 

Stereotype: Se: SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK N’ ROLL AND SKYDIVING!!!!!! Ni: too bad death is inevitable at all times.

Goal: Se: I don’t want to commit to just one thing when the world is constantly changing - I want to make sure I’m able to fully engage with everything as it happens and appreciate the richness of the experience. Ni: And when you do need to plan for the long term more, I can draw an abstract conclusion from all of those rich experiences and guide you.

Ni with lower Se: 

Stereotype: Ni: I see the future. I see dead people? Maybe. It’s all connected. Se: I am a clumsy, beautiful woman in a romantic comedy! Sometimes I forget to eat because I’m thinking so hard!

Goal: Ni: I have a vision of how things are supposed to be. I like things to unfold as I expect them and I plan to ensure this happens. Se: But occasionally, things don’t occur as you’d expect, and this can be either good or bad. If it’s good I can help you say yes to something you wouldn’t have otherwise done - it could change your perspective! And if it’s bad I can give you the tools to respond quickly.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Bartender AU)
Word Count: 3422
Warnings: Slight angst, fluff, some language

Summary: You’re at bar with your friends when you see something unexpected, but maybe the hot bartender can turn your night around!

A/N: This is my submission for @marvelous-fvcks 3k writing challenge. Congrats Chels! My prompt was a Bartender AU. not my gif, source (x)

Natasha smiled as you slipped behind her, checking the mirror to see that your makeup didn’t look awful. You had been out with her all day and didn’t feel like reapplying anything. There was no one to impress anyway considering you were already taken, in a fairly new relationship with your boyfriend Grant. The redhead effortlessly applied her eyeliner. You’ll never get over your jealousy for her makeup skills, it always takes you at least a few minutes to paint your own lids with several frustrating attempts at makes the wings even.

“It’ll be fun tonight,” Natasha said, hanging her mouth open as she applied her mascara. “Clint’s heard them before, they’re pretty good.”

Natasha was referring to the band playing at a bar near Clint’s apartment. With Grant being away on a business trip this weekend you were lonely but thankfully your best friend came through with plans. You pump a liquid from whatever hair product is on Natasha’s sink into your hand a few times, it makes her hair look perfect so clearly it couldn’t hurt you.

Nat drove to Clint’s apartment, kissing him hello as he opens the door. He greets you with a firm hug before the three of you walk a few blocks to The Captain, the bar appropriately named after its owner, a former Captain in the army. It was a pretty popular bar with live music every weekend. You got there early enough to grab a table in the back before the band started.

Heading to the bar with Natasha you squeeze your way in between the crowd, locking eyes with the bartender who wordlessly lets you know he’ll be right there. Your heart flutters, damn was he good looking! Tall and broad, with brown hair falling just above his shoulders and stubble peppering his sharp jawline. Even in the dim bar lighting you could see his sparkling blue eyes.

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I’m so done with all this discourse in the fandom. Before SKAM became international, it was a teen drama written to represent Norwegian teens… and was something that most Norwegians seemed to enjoy. Now, it’s become a show who’s fandom has become overrun with foreigners who don’t understand the culture or want the show to fit them.

People complaining about the Russ plot line… I don’t care if it’s boring to you or feels like a “waste”… THIS SHOW IS FOR NORWEGIAN TEENS NOT YOU.

People complaining because there are traditions or beliefs held by characters that they dont understand…. THIS SHOW IS FOR NORWEGIAN TEENS NOT YOU.

People who attack the actors because, despite the fact the age of consent in Europe is 16, they don’t agree with someone’s relationship…. THESE CHARACTERS ARE PLAYED BY NORWEGIAN TEENS AND HOLD DIFFERENT BELIEFS TO YOU

People who complain that a character, and hence the community they represent, is inaccurate to their geographically determined traditions and beliefs…. THIS SHOW IS FOR NORWEGIAN TEENS NOT YOU.

People who complain about every single clip and attack every single character for having flaws while simultaneously complaining because Sana is being portrayed as a human being who makes mistakes….


Please, stop applying your beliefs and your customs and your ideals to the show, complaining that the way they are doing something is wrong. It’s not fair. The show was not written for you and you swooping in and trying to take it over is NOT FAIR.

Norway is not America. Norway is not the UK. Norway is not China. Norway is not Russia. Norway is not India. Stop expecting everything to be the same.

notalwaysweak  asked:

Something I wanted to ask you in person but thought other people would appreciate having the answer to: can non-binary and agender people still be Wicked Girls? Sometimes I feel weird about wearing my Wicked Girl t-shirts, like it's not something I can be any more.


If you feel, in any way, like the phrase applies to you–if you’re non-binary or genderfluid and sometimes fit the word “girl,” or if you’re agender and embracing the connotations of rebellion and refusal to bow down while also rejecting the specific gender label–then the phrase applies to you.

My only hesitation would be one that I am sure you have considered: that if you’re wearing a shirt that proclaims “girl,” you’re more likely to be addressed with female pronouns.  Helpful if you’re having a girl day, not so helpful if you have a strong reaction to being misgendered.  But combining it with a “my pronouns are…” button should sort that right out.

You are a wicked girl as long as you want to be, even if you are not a girl in any other context.  You get to choose.

anonymous asked:

What specifically did you consider when deciding which law schools to apply to?

Oh lots. I was actually pretty picky when deciding where to apply so here is what I thought about when looking at schools:

  1. Fee waivers. You will get some regardless of how much money you have. If they’re willing to take care of 90-ish dollars for you, they warrant a glance at least. Applying to schools is already expensive, I did not fuck with schools that did not get me a fee waiver. To put this into perspective I got a fee waiver from Cornell and Yale. You probably have an automatic waiver via LSAC but sometimes all you have to do is asks someone at admissions for one.
  2. Employment rates. I did not fuck with any school with an employment rate under 80% percent. My reasoning is if I’m going to be paying $90,000 for this program, I need better odds than a B-. 
  3. Where the employment is. Big law? Small firms? Environmental law? Patents? This is shit you should know. Know what cities draw from which schools. 
  4. Where do you want to practice? A city? Probably go to a larger school with more connections because you’ll want a higher likelihood of getting into big law.
  5. Which programs do they offer? If you have a specific type of law you know you want to practice, find the school with the best program for it. Example: IP law is better at Houston law than at Oregon. Most schools offer about the same programs but if they do something particularly well, make note of it if it interests you.
  6. Internships!! I wanted kick ass internships during the summer.
  7. Average scholarship. You can find all of this online on the LSAC disclosure each school has to submit every year. My scholarships ranged from $10,000-$120,000. It varies a ton by program.
  8. Location. I personally hate living in small towns so my law school is in a small city and I’m hoping to practice in a large city. 

Then, and only then, did I apply. Sure median GPA and LSAT are important but these are what I considered before I applied. Hope this helped!

dragoonkai  asked:

What really determines a Young adult story? I always thought my story would fall under the YA category because my characters were teenagers. But the more I worked in it, the more I wanted to make my characters older and noe they're in their early/mid 20s. For me it bring a love story made more sense since my characters could be more mature and ready for "true love". So now that my character ate older, is it still considered a YA story? What makes a YA story one? Thanks in advance :D

Classifying Novels - Young Adult

Awesome, I get to share another library anecdote :)

Because I spend 40 hours a week at the library for work, I basically never buy books anymore. I get all my books from the library. What this means is that every book I read has a call number on the spine so that I know exactly what I’m reading: fiction, non-fiction, YA, juvenile, sci-fi, mystery and so on and so forth. While I’m not one of the talented staffers that catalogs these books, I have learned some surprising lessons that I’ll share with you. 

1) Are all novels with teenaged protagonists YA novels?

Not necessarily. The Lovely Bones is narrated by 14-year-old Susie Salmon and is largely cataloged as adult fiction in libraries. 

2) Dystopian novels are always YA, right?

Not necessarily. The dystopian series Red Rising is largely cataloged as adult fiction in libraries. 

3) Does “mature content” only belong in adult fiction?

Not necessarily. While controversial, the House of Night series by P.C. Cast contains explicit material that may be considered too mature for some readers, yet it’s largely cataloged as YA fiction in libraries. 

Whether something is YA or not is dependent on how the publisher markets the book, how the literary community promotes the book, how libraries catalog the book, and how audiences receive the book. But here are some general rules of thumb when it comes to determining if your story is YA.

  • Teenaged Protagonists

I just made a point that adult fiction can have teenaged protagonists, but the inverse of this is most often not true. YA fiction should have YA protagonists, meaning that the main cast of characters should be teenagers. The idea of the YA novel is that it’s relatable to readers of the same age range, so YA novels usually deal with the same issues that the intended audience is dealing with, often in extreme circumstances. 

Can anyone relate to Katniss Everdeen? Well, no we don’t have to offer up our children for an annual tribute, but Katniss took care of her sister when her mother was unable to. She grew up in poor conditions with very little to eat. And eventually she struggles with her heart when it comes to Gale and Peeta. She struggles to understand who she is and what the right thing to do is. These are things that many teenagers can relate to. 

Generally, if the content of the novel has a significant focus on the experience of being a teenager and the struggles young adults endure as they move closer to adulthood, then it’s YA. Perhaps why The Lovely Bones is not considered YA is because the story isn’t so much about Susie’s experience as a teenager, but rather the mystery surrounding her murder and the aftermath her family faces in light of it. 

Anon, if your characters have moved beyond the teenaged years into their twenties, you may be looking at the emerging-and-not-yet-accepted genre of “New Adult” that focuses on that crucial transitionary period that twenty-somethings face as they try to discover who they are as independent, fully-functioning adults. Personally, I think the same principle applies. If you’re focusing significantly on the typical struggles of twenty-somethings, you probably have NA. If not, it’s probably just an adult novel. 

  • “True Love” Storylines

My parents met as teenagers and were happily married for twenty-five years up until my mom passed away. They had three children, one of whom will always look at their relationship as a prime example of true love. You can say that young adults lack maturity to understand true love, but I don’t think that’s the issue with young relationships. It’s not that teenagers aren’t mature enough to fall in love - it’s that they’re still finding out who they are. And it’s difficult to make room in your life for someone in such an intimate way when you’re still exploring passions and interests of your own. And furthermore, this is hardly a set rule. There are always exceptions, depending on each individual.

This is starting to sound like relationship advice, and I’m so not going there, but my point is that I’d challenge your assertion that they must be twenty to have mature relationships. It may or may not be true - depends on how you execute your love story. 

If this is your only reason for bumping up their ages, I’d think really hard on your plot arcs and make sure it’s the best decision for your story. I’m assuming that where your characters are in life affects your plot, whatever that plot is. So weigh the pros and cons and do what benefits the story overall (as well as whatever appeals to you, the author). 

  • Does is matter if it’s YA or NA or Adult or whatever?

Short answer - no. Not while you’re writing it anyway. 

Long answer - While I see the benefit of reading in your genre as a way of understanding what people expect from that genre, it becomes too much when you start to squeeze and stretch your story to fit into a particular mold. The writing process should be free form, and you should allow yourself to make moves based on your instincts and interests as opposed to what “sells” or what is often seen in a novel of a particular genre. 

My advice? Write the story. When you have a draft complete, and you’ve got a better idea of what the story looks like, you can start to contemplate what genre/age level it might fall into and adjust yourself accordingly in the rewrites/edits. 

And a final disclaimer…

These are just labels. Do adults read YA novels? Hell yes. Do teenagers read adult novels? Hell yes. People read what they want to read, regardless of how they’re labeled. 


sawkinator  asked:

Hey WADTT, I saw your 'I love animals' post and it has me wondering what else to avoid saying/doing in an animal-related job interview? I have an interview late next week for a zoo position and I don't want to do something that might get me disqualified right away (I wouldn't consider myself a bunny-hugger but I don't want to come off as one)

Oooooh this is a good question, and I bet a bunch of other zoo folks will want to weigh in. 

  • Don’t say you’re applying only because you ‘love animals’ or you ‘want to be around exotics’. Communicate that you understand what the realities of the job are and are prepared to do them, even the gross/backbreaking stuff. (This doesn’t mean don’t say you love animals, but frame it as ‘I have always loved animals and that informs my desire to be here because…). 
  • Don’t talk about animal rights - if you’re talking about animal welfare or animal captivity or animal ethics, use those terms. Be specific with your wording on sensitive subjects so you don’t unintentionally use something with a connotation you don’t intend. 
  • Don’t talk about PETA, HSUS, or Sea Shepherd in any positive sense. I know a great educator who almost didn’t get her first internship because she’d mentioned PETA offhandedly. 

Things that aren’t “don’ts”:

  • Have questions prepared. Really think through what you’d like to know about the structure of the area you’re applying to work in, what you’d want to know about the work environment, what their ethos is regarding enrichment, etc. 
  • Use the right words, if you can. If you’ve been following the blog for a while you should absorbed some of the animal management lingo, and that’ll help - coming off as already familiar with the language of the field is important. You can also check out the zoo terminology post to brush up on some of the vocab. There’s no need to drop buzzwords constantly, but you’ll come across as more professional if you refer to ‘shifting’ rather than ‘getting animals to go where people can see them’ and ‘exhibits’ or ‘enclosures’ rather than ‘cages’ or ‘pens’ or ‘yards’. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the facility before the interview. In person, if you can, but if not stalk the website and social media. You want to come across as well-prepared and you want to impress them with the fact that you’ve paid a lot of attention to what the facility you’re applying to join is working on improving and what it is proud of. (This doesn’t mean try to show off that knowledge too much in an interview - but it’ll help you with asking good questions at the end, and it’ll also inform you about what they’re looking for in a good employee who supports their ethos). 
  • Have a good answer prepared for questions both regarding what you think your strengths are and what your weaknesses might be. These are not questions you can think of an answer to on the fly, so prep that ahead of time, and use the weakness questions to identify something you’re actively working on improving - frame your answer to showcase that you’re aware of it and that you are cognizant of how it affects how you work and what you’re doing to get better at it. 

@speciesofleastconcern, @wheremyscalesslither, @zookeeperproblems, @zookeeping, @zookeepingitreal, @anyonewestofbree, @shipshapeseal, @themiddleflipper, can you guys weigh in too?