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Those who hold the ability to slay dragons are called

                                                                                      Dragon Slayers


you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

  • Future Rogue: Ughh… I couldn’t do it.
  • Future Rogue: You came all that way to save me.
  • Future Rogue: You’re actually… quite hard to hate.
  • Sting: So… that means we’re friends now?
  • Future Rogue: Yeah… I guess.
  • Future Rogue: I’m sorry. I was… I was wrong about you.
  • Sting: Uh… You were wrong about more than that. You kinda destroyed everyone and everything I love.
  • Future Rogue: Hey! It takes a big man to admit he was wrong!
  • Sting: And it takes a bigger man to not rub it in the first man’s face.
  • Sting: I am not the big of a man.
  • Sting: (points at Future Rogue and grins obnoxiously) HA!
  • Future Rogue: I take back what I said about you being hard to hate.
  • Sting: Sorry.

During his freshman year at UCLA, Jrue Holiday went to watch a women’s basketball game. While he was approaching his seat in the stands, a young fan stopped him to ask whether he was Darren Collison and whether she could get his autograph.

He explained that he wasn’t Collison and went to take his seat when a woman behind him said with a smile, “Don’t worry, you’re cuter than Darren is.”

That woman was Lauren Cheney, whom you now know as Lauren Holiday. Star midfielder on the U.S women’s soccer team, former UCLA standout and clearly a master pickup artist.

—  How Jrue Holiday Became The USWNT’s Biggest Fan

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Sabertooth headcanons

Here we go!


  • Sabertooth was created around the same time Fairy Tail was. It was supposed to be a safe place for people that had nowhere to go after the Second Trade War. They chose the name Sabertooth in the hopes that it would make bad people think twice before starting a conflict with them.
  • They heavily relied on the public image they’ve created for themselves, but the truth was they wouldn’t be able to withstand a conflict with another guild or a group of bandits/mercenaries.
  • All they wanted was to start anew. Peace, honor, respect. Those were the things they valued. The first Sabertooth generation focused mainly on building or escorting jobs.
  • The guild managed to survive for many years, but it wasn’t really popular, which meant it didn’t have many members.
  • It wasn’t until Jiemma, an orphaned kid, joined the guild and started influencing the other members to change the way Sabertooth dealt with things. He wanted to transform this guild into a formidable force that would make people tremble with fear whenever they heard its name.
  • It took him a few years, but he achieved his goal. He was a charismatic young man that wouldn’t stop in the face of anything to achieve his goal.
  • If there was anyone Jiemma cared about, that was the old guild master. The man was nearing the end of his life, barely able to walk, but he’d showed kindness to the young man and took him in when no one else would.
  • Out of respect for that man, Jiemma decided to take over the guild in as peaceful a way as possible. Nevertheless, the old guild master was heartbroken by the path Jiemma had chosen to walk on and died a couple of days later.


  • Sting is really passionate about changing the ways of the guild, but he knows he has to work together with his guildmates in order to achieve that. That’s why he doesn’t really consider himself a guild master, but a team leader of sorts.
  • All the members take part in making the decisions that concern Sabertooth’s future. No one ever hesitates to share their opinion, even if it differs from that of their guild master.
  • Rogue is proud of his blond friend. He puts himself out there, makes mistakes, but learns from them and grows. Rogue was hesitant about telling him all this, but one day it just happened. Sting had never blushed harder before.
  • Sting has a sweet tooth. He can never get enough of Yukino’s or Minerva’s homemade sweets. His favorite is a chocolate cake with raspberries - a recipe the two girls came up with together.
  • Yukino is a good cook. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies her guildmates have ever tasted. Every Monday morning she brings some in a cute little basket to the guild. They get devoured in a matter of seconds.
  • When she was a kid, Minerva never really thought about what she wanted to do or what hobbies she’d like to have. That’s why she asked Yukino to teach her how to cook. To Minerva’s surprise, she turned out to be quite good at it. Yukino’s delighted to have a student. She even thinks about becoming a teacher at the local school, but is afraid that missions would get in the way and she’d miss classes.
  • Rogue and Rufus prefer spicy food. When they go on a mission together, they always try the local cuisine and the spicy dishes after they’re job is done.
  • Half of Rufus’ apartment is turned into an old-fashioned library. The guy loves enjoying a good book while drinking some high-quality black or green tea.
  • Despite seeming a bit overconfident at times, Orga is actually “the wise grandpa” of the guild. Whether he realizes it or not, his guildmates always come to him for advice.
  • Similar to Gajeel, he loves music and singing, so he’s very careful when it comes to what to eat and drink, especially before a performance at the local club when it’s Amateurs’ Night.
  • Dobengal has gone to a few of those Amateurs’ Nights, but he hasn’t gathered the courage to go up on the stage yet - and he’s a damn fine singer, much better than Orga is.
  • Dobengal is actually a master martial artist. He’s been training from a very young age, but rarely talks about it. He doesn’t like showing off.
  • The guild has a photo album in which they put pictures from special occasions - birthdays, holidays, eating competitions, pool parties, etc. It’s kept in the guild where everyone can see it and go through the pictures.
  • Sabertooth organizes charity events twice a year. They’ve raised money for orphanages, hospitals, animal shelters, retirement homes. They don’t like being too public about it, though. What matters to them is helping people in need, which was the purpose of this guild right from the start.


  • Halloween is the guild’s favorite holiday! Everyone loves dressing up!
  • They have a tradition of keeping their costumes a secret from the other guild members. Duplicating costumes happen every year, but no one minds.
  • Rogue’s favorite costume is one he made the year Sting became a guild master. It’s the same as the one Frosch usually wears, but, you know, Rogue-sized.
  • Rufus is the one who enjoys Halloween the most. Thanks to his quirk and his information-gathering skills, he always chooses a costume that’s popular and that’s not gonna go unnoticed. He takes pride in that.
  • Dobengal prefers wearing different ninja costumes or traditional samurai ones. Not just that, he sews his own costumes every year.
  • Minerva is really into making Halloween candy. She once made cookies in the form of a witch’s finger. Everyone else thought kids were gonna be grossed out by them, but they were wrong. Kids were super impressed and even started creating stories about how those fingers were real and only turn into cookies on Halloween.
  • Every year on Halloween, exactly at 10pm, all members of Sabertooth visit either the children of the local hospital or the ones from the orphanage. They give them candy and play with them for hours. They love seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces. That makes them feel like they’re on the right path with Sabertooth.

NB Rogue Headcanons

Dedicated to the lovely @faelise who made my day <3 since we were talking about them inspired by @natsii‘s amazing art earlier I thought I’d do some

  • Takes it upon themself to make the new, reformed Sabertooth a trans and nb inclusive and supportive space, with help from their boyfriend Sting, who is trans. 
  • Used to do a lot of reading up on LGBT+ history in secret under Giemma’s reign. Still likes reading and to educate themself at every opportunity where they have the energy but prefers reading lighter LGBT+ fiction now.
  • Luckily Levy and Freed, who are trans and genderfluid respectively, have a lot of good reccomendations of well written trans characters.
  • Happily educates the younger saber members about the LGBT+ community, Frosch the friendly nb exceed is a helpful presence with the children too. 
  • Loves having long, well taken care of, nails (often painted black or ruby red). They help with the dragon aesthetic and are fun to inspect with disdain when dealing with ignorant bigots. Also lovely tapping noises and nice to run through their hair.
  • Baggy clothes are you best friends for maintaining a mysterious aura while also coping with body dysphoria.
  • A cute, confident Frosch also helps, especially when they bring chocolate and list the things they love about being nb with Rogue.
  • Usually doesn’t have the energy for make up, but if they’re in the mood their winged eyeliner could cut through magic like butter and their smoky eyes put the effects of Natsu’s fire to shame.

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I had a dream that all I wanted to do was tell Rogue that he looked like Bucky but instead I told Sting that he looked like Captain America...

I can’t believe you gave me an excuse for this shitty crossover

the fact that I’m a fan of both stingue and stucky doesn’t help