are you cheney

  • Future Rogue: Ughh… I couldn’t do it.
  • Future Rogue: You came all that way to save me.
  • Future Rogue: You’re actually… quite hard to hate.
  • Sting: So… that means we’re friends now?
  • Future Rogue: Yeah… I guess.
  • Future Rogue: I’m sorry. I was… I was wrong about you.
  • Sting: Uh… You were wrong about more than that. You kinda destroyed everyone and everything I love.
  • Future Rogue: Hey! It takes a big man to admit he was wrong!
  • Sting: And it takes a bigger man to not rub it in the first man’s face.
  • Sting: I am not the big of a man.
  • Sting: (points at Future Rogue and grins obnoxiously) HA!
  • Future Rogue: I take back what I said about you being hard to hate.
  • Sting: Sorry.

During his freshman year at UCLA, Jrue Holiday went to watch a women’s basketball game. While he was approaching his seat in the stands, a young fan stopped him to ask whether he was Darren Collison and whether she could get his autograph.

He explained that he wasn’t Collison and went to take his seat when a woman behind him said with a smile, “Don’t worry, you’re cuter than Darren is.”

That woman was Lauren Cheney, whom you now know as Lauren Holiday. Star midfielder on the U.S women’s soccer team, former UCLA standout and clearly a master pickup artist.

—  How Jrue Holiday Became The USWNT’s Biggest Fan

you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

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dragon slayer reaction of their s/o telling them their pregnant (bonus only if you want to, I'm not pushing you to do it : another gif of them finding out they are gonna have not ONE but FOUR babies XD. )








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I had a dream that all I wanted to do was tell Rogue that he looked like Bucky but instead I told Sting that he looked like Captain America...

I can’t believe you gave me an excuse for this shitty crossover

the fact that I’m a fan of both stingue and stucky doesn’t help

Bubblegum & The Message of Love Series | Stingue 

For anyone who is going through a hard time. Anyone who feels like things are not going to get better. Anyone who feels unloved. You are loved by someone out there. For anyone who doesn’t deserve the negativity in their life. For anyone out there who needs this. Who needs others and anyone who needs reassurance. Somebody cares. And I love you. 

Tag anyone you feel needs this.

For @nalu94​. Liz I want you to get this message. I want you to know that I care about you and I want you know that bad neighbours are crap people and I would trade the world to get them to disappear for you. ily darling.

For @jellalato​. Allie. You don’t have a rough situation as far as I’m concerned but i want you to know that I love you and your work and I support you so much as a fellow artist. ily beb. 

For @taylor-fairy. Maia you are the sunlight in my life sometimes. You make me so happy and I know the feeling of anxiety tightens a lot of our emotions and might limit our experiences. That’s fine and I don’t love you any less. Have your bby Sting and his bf. ily darling. 

For @stormtrpo​. Meg bby. You are a sweetie and I’m so so happy we have a lot in common and you’re amazing and I need you to know that you’re amazing bc you make me feel happah. ily cutie. 

For @moonlustelara​. Vera. Thank you for the request! I know you love your sabertooth bebs and I want you to know that I love you so so much for colouring yuki. Beb. You did such an amazing job on it and ily. 

For @a117c​. Charm you are a cutie. I cannot art senpai. I try and I’m 35358% sure it fails. ily. 

For @constellunaa​. Your art is lovely darling Shana. Don’t forget these words. ily. 

For @itschildofthefairies. Brandy. You’re actually gonna get a longer paragraph in the next positive bubblegummer’s appearance but I desperately want to tell you I love you as the first step. *cue the 32482394 next steps*

For @neato-ft. Dar. Oh dar. Don’t think I will ever forget what you’ve had to go through this month and probably last month. I want you to know so bad that I’m so so proud of you for moving forward despite the shit that has gone on and I’m so glad you’ve told me. You know I love you so much.

For @meadowofstars. I love you to the moon and back. There doesn’t even need to be a reason. I just love you. I hope you have the brightest of days.

For @melichamaa​. Some people don’t get soulmates in a entire lifetime but I got one from a Carly Rae Jepsen song and i love yah. 

I wanted to love a few of you and send out a few messages from the kokoro. There’s so much love. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I have so many more people to shout my practically unlimited endearment to. *cough* you know who you are *cough*

But for now, ily all. I feel so emotional rn and i haven’t even eaten dinner yet

So far in The Bubblegum Series;

I’m proud of whatever you did today, whoever you are. ily.