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Those who hold the ability to slay dragons are called

                                                                                      Dragon Slayers


you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

  • Future Rogue: Ughh… I couldn’t do it.
  • Future Rogue: You came all that way to save me.
  • Future Rogue: You’re actually… quite hard to hate.
  • Sting: So… that means we’re friends now?
  • Future Rogue: Yeah… I guess.
  • Future Rogue: I’m sorry. I was… I was wrong about you.
  • Sting: Uh… You were wrong about more than that. You kinda destroyed everyone and everything I love.
  • Future Rogue: Hey! It takes a big man to admit he was wrong!
  • Sting: And it takes a bigger man to not rub it in the first man’s face.
  • Sting: I am not the big of a man.
  • Sting: (points at Future Rogue and grins obnoxiously) HA!
  • Future Rogue: I take back what I said about you being hard to hate.
  • Sting: Sorry.

During his freshman year at UCLA, Jrue Holiday went to watch a women’s basketball game. While he was approaching his seat in the stands, a young fan stopped him to ask whether he was Darren Collison and whether she could get his autograph.

He explained that he wasn’t Collison and went to take his seat when a woman behind him said with a smile, “Don’t worry, you’re cuter than Darren is.”

That woman was Lauren Cheney, whom you now know as Lauren Holiday. Star midfielder on the U.S women’s soccer team, former UCLA standout and clearly a master pickup artist.

—  How Jrue Holiday Became The USWNT’s Biggest Fan

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dragon slayer reaction of their s/o telling them their pregnant (bonus only if you want to, I'm not pushing you to do it : another gif of them finding out they are gonna have not ONE but FOUR babies XD. )








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I had a dream that all I wanted to do was tell Rogue that he looked like Bucky but instead I told Sting that he looked like Captain America...

I can’t believe you gave me an excuse for this shitty crossover

the fact that I’m a fan of both stingue and stucky doesn’t help

NB Rogue Headcanons

Dedicated to the lovely @faelise who made my day <3 since we were talking about them inspired by @natsii‘s amazing art earlier I thought I’d do some

  • Takes it upon themself to make the new, reformed Sabertooth a trans and nb inclusive and supportive space, with help from their boyfriend Sting, who is trans. 
  • Used to do a lot of reading up on LGBT+ history in secret under Giemma’s reign. Still likes reading and to educate themself at every opportunity where they have the energy but prefers reading lighter LGBT+ fiction now.
  • Luckily Levy and Freed, who are trans and genderfluid respectively, have a lot of good reccomendations of well written trans characters.
  • Happily educates the younger saber members about the LGBT+ community, Frosch the friendly nb exceed is a helpful presence with the children too. 
  • Loves having long, well taken care of, nails (often painted black or ruby red). They help with the dragon aesthetic and are fun to inspect with disdain when dealing with ignorant bigots. Also lovely tapping noises and nice to run through their hair.
  • Baggy clothes are you best friends for maintaining a mysterious aura while also coping with body dysphoria.
  • A cute, confident Frosch also helps, especially when they bring chocolate and list the things they love about being nb with Rogue.
  • Usually doesn’t have the energy for make up, but if they’re in the mood their winged eyeliner could cut through magic like butter and their smoky eyes put the effects of Natsu’s fire to shame.
One, Two, Three.

One second is all it takes for the gap between them to close, their fingers intertwining as they move closer to each other. They’re both in their own little world here, where nothing can get between them. The sound of rain falling outside is the only audible sound as they stand in the silence, simply staring at each other. He lets his eyes slowly drift over the other man’s face,  mentally complementing each and every part of him. He sees this face everyday, but he swears it only gets more beautiful with time.

Two lips press against his own, and his body instantly feels lighter. The kiss is soft and slow, and he can feel the ends of his lips curling up into a smile because of it. He lets his hands untangle from the other man’s, before lifting them up and cupping the other’s cheeks with them. Despite the cold weather outside, his skin is warm to the touch, and the heat manages to find its way into his heart. Their lips part after what feels like an eternity, but he lets his hands remain on the other’s cheeks, slowly using his thumb to stroke the skin beneath it.

Three words are all that are needed, and before he knows it, he’s pulled into another kiss. He feels arms wrap around his body, a loose yet loving hold as their bodies come into contact. Time slows down, and if he could, he’d gladly freeze this moment in time. He’s already said it out loud, but the words repeat inside his head like a mantra.

I love you.