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Paladin Internet Headcanons


  • Has an aesthetic blog
  • Secretly a memer
  • Youtube recommendations is full of how-tos/ DIYs and cute cat videos
  • Doesn’t comment often but when he does he always writes a detailed essay
  • Plays shitty flash games at 2am 
  • Lowkey a furry, spends all his money commissioning art of his Galra furry OC


  • His memeing is by no means a secret, to anyone
  • Uses outdated memes ironically but slowly starts using them unironcially
  • Comments nice things on every video he watches, usually short though
  • Former vinestar
  • Sulked for two months when vine shut down
  • Sulked for three months when he heard Club Penguin was shutting down
  • Google hisory is full of either beauty tip searches or random crap like “do elephants have dreams”
  • Lurks on anime forums


  • Facebook dad 
  • Has all social media just so he can like all the other paladins’ posts and write supportive comments 
  • “Keith, how do you take a screenshot?“ 
  • Edits the grammar of Wikipedia articles
  • Once posted a picture of himself and it became a meme
  • The others have hidden this fact from him to this day


  • The hacker known as 4chan 
  • Snapchats quality memes to Lance 
  • “Rosalind Franklin was one of the most underappeciated geniuses of her time, take a fuckin sip babes.”
  • Likes online strip comics
  • Stays up all night reading 200k word sci-fi fanfics 
  • Does PC building tutorials 
  • In love with online RPGs


  • Always has those beautiful food instagram posts 
  • Helps people with homework over the internet like a precious bean
  • Programs software in his spare time
  • Actual pro at
  • Helps Pidge with gathering parts for the PC building tutorials
  • He’s also the cameraman and occasionally gives witty commentary
  • Spotify playlists are always on point

Oh man, the things artists have to deal with.

Common issue #1, those who value and price art as much as a bulk-buy piece of gum.

Common issue #2, those who think the skill of creating art is just to serve others, and values the skill no different than breathing.

Common issue #3, those who think stealing one’s works is perfectly legal. Or assumes it’s not stealing at all.

Common issue #4, those who think their own emotions are worth anything more, compared to the emotions of others. Or believes it’s any excuse to break any rules/laws.

Common issue #5, the artists that let those above get away with it, and therefore allowing those behaviors in the community to grow. “I’m fine with it, it doesn’t effect anyone else”, is pretty much the issue summed up.

bury me in the space between your ribcage
so that i can dip my fingertips
into the hatred that runs through your veins.
the same hatred you let consume you,
taint you,
until the masterpiece you once were
falls into disarray
and you can no longer look at your own reflection.
it’s not your fault
that no one ever told you
that you don’t have to be a work of art
to be considered beautiful
and that sometimes bearing scars and shadows
proves that you’ve been hurt
and yet you’ve still survived.
bearing an air of darkness 
shows the strength of your will
and the wars you have won,
and the wars you continue to battle
and to me,
that’s more of a beauty
than the paintings you’ve been compared to.

e.s | beauty isn’t skin deep, not to those who matter

Getting a glimpse of what Fifth Harmony looks and sounds like as a four piece on stage last night was very promising. The harmonies, the solo distribution, and the arrangements were already so much better and it was only their first real performance...

opaquecianna  asked:

I saw you at Katsu but you were taking photos of your wife and I didn't want to interrupt! I hope your weekend was great!

Aw we would’ve loved to have you say hi! I thank you for your courtesy, and I hope we can meet next time!


That comment section of “let’s talk” is honestly making me sick to my stomach. Sure, people can disagree with Jack. But telling him to kill himself? Really? You do not realize how much that can hurt an individual. Every single person makes mistakes. You cannot expect YouTubers to be absolutely free from hate & media all the time. Especially when they have this many people in their fan-base. Sure, some of the things Jack said were not perfect, but he’s a human being. He does not deserve to be bashed upon and told to kill himself for something as silly as this. Neither does Felix.

I feel so ashamed to be a part of this community after seeing how quickly a lot of you resorted to slinging toxic bullshit at Sean JUST for speaking his mind on a real world issue! Sean didn’t backstab anyone! It’s not backstabbing, or throwing someone under the bus when you hold them accountable for the choices they make! If you ask me, the real backstabbers here are YOU! Sean took pride in this community. He’s bragged about how you guys kept it a safe, friendly environment, and THIS is how you repay him!? If Sean made and uploaded a video, with a look of disappointment on his face, and says that he’s ashamed of us all, I wouldn’t blame him one bit! When is it gonna sink in for you that we’re ALL in this same life TOGETHER!? I’m so confused how Jack is “back-stabbing” Felix. He’s just giving an opinion, aren’t friends supposed to tell you when you screw up, so you don’t make the same mistake again? I feel like Jack is getting to much hate for this, and he might get really depressed because of what people say, and yes, you may not agree with Jack, but it’s not worth making him feel like garbage.

Jack, you are smart, we fucking appreciate you dude. You aren’t throwing him under the bus because you are simply stating your opinion. Felix is a good guy. We all agree. Please stay strong. We all have opinions and we are all allowed to talk about them. Just as long as you know what you are standing for and why you are standing for him.



Yoongi Scenario: Cold Water.

Request: Hi, so i hope you can do this story for me, i want a yoongi scenario with him being my boyfriend and he helps through depression, like he helps when i have a panic attack or when i feel i can’t breathe.. it’s really angst but i really want this scenario with him. She doesn’t want to burden him but also wants his help and he is very supportive boyfriend. Thank you girls

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

You closed your eyes tightly as another thought came to your mind, like by closing your eyes to the world you could do the same with what happened with the images your brain formed, only that you had to try twice, thrice as hard.

They were like arrows, penetrating your mind with a sharp edge of venom,  they also tended to come without warning, even when you were doing the simplest things such as cooking a meal, while at work or when watching tv with your boyfriend, it didn’t matter where you were or what you were doing, the thoughts came to you making your stomach shrink and suddenly whatever you were doing faded away as you tried to fight back and calm down. 

If you thought that your life didn’t have an accurate course and you were going to end up homeless, then you tried to think that you were doing everything in your power to not end up like that, you worked hard and were cautious, it shouldn’t be like that, even if right now you weren’t doing what you studied for, you told yourself that you would see the end through this and your dreams would be fulfilled. But it wasn’t that easy. 

Because technically your life could go down to shit at any moment.

You closed them tight again and felt a hand intertwine with your fingers to then give it a squeeze. Yoongi slid closer until his nose was brushing your ear, silently he held your hand, letting you feel his body closer. His soft breathing tickled your ear but you didn’t mind, if anything it was relieving, you were there with him, your life wasn’t what your fears pictures it to be.

-Hey- he whispered after some minutes. -Don’t let it get to you- he said before he kissed your cheek, so tenderly like you could disappear if was too rough, Yoongi was so loving it made you want to cry.

You didn’t deserve him, he didn’t deserve this.

Again you closed your eyes and you felt that squeeze in your hand. -You want to share?- he said after another couple of minutes.

-No, I’m ok- you whispered turning to him, giving him a kiss to then accommodated your face at the crook of his neck. 

He just held you close, not insisting or pressing you to talk, Yoongi was gentle like that, your silence wasn’t pregnant with unsaid things, it was if anything reassuring that you could talk whenever you were ready, and that he was going to be there to listen, holding your hand and keeping you close.

-It’s ok if you have some other thing to do Yoongi, I’m fine- it was a bit of a lie but also felt it was unfair to him to be here, even if you wanted him to stay.

You felt him kiss the top of your head. -Nah, I’m free today, let’s take a nap-
That made you smile, the king of napping you’d call him since he’d take a nap literally anywhere, so you snuggled more to him, his presence easing you to sleep.

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50 ways bellarke has said "I love you" (without saying I love you)
  1. “I need you.”
  2. “We need each other.”
  3. “Together.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “You left me.”
  6. “I can’t lose you too.”
  7. “You won’t be by yourself.”
  8. “I’m sorry.”
  9. “Get some sleep.”
  10. “You’re forgiven.”

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Broke My Dream

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word count: 4442 - sorry not sorry blame @a-sea-of-fandoms

Warnings: fluffy fluff, smutty smut, a bit of angst if you squint

A/N: Anon Requested: “Can you write one about Sam x reader. Reader is shy quiet bookworm who is in love with Sam. She knows he would never feel the same way. So she fantasizes about him seducing her. Then it really happens. Thank you” Hope this is OK!

You couldn’t focus on the book in front of you. The bunker was quiet enough, the light warm enough, your legs comfortably resting over the arm of the armchair you were laid in, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was an uncharacteristically quiet day, and it was supposed to be the day you finished this book you’d been trying to finish for weeks. But every time the main character was mentioned, your mind wandered and you thought back to the tall, long haired, broad shouldered man you knew in real life. You weren’t even halfway through this thing, but you wouldn’t give up on it. You’d never given up halfway through a book and you didn’t plan on starting now.

Clearing your throat, you tried to refocus.

You felt your eyes growing heavy and before you knew it you were drifting off to sleep, your head resting on the other arm of the chair, the book still open and perched against your thighs. You felt yourself smile as you saw Sam move towards you, his hand coming up to hold your face before he crashed his lips to yours. You were suddenly against a wall, his hands on your waist holding you in place as he deepened the kiss. You gripped the fabric of his shirt as he let his hands wander down, his lips moving to suck a mark under your ear.

A moan rumbled past your lips as you felt his fingers slip under the top of your jeans and you suddenly started awake.

You jumped up, sitting up in the chair, realising you’d fallen asleep and were having one of your not-so-infrequent fantasies about the younger Winchester. It had been a long couple of weeks and sleep had been severely lacking for all of you as you worked the case.

“Dude you were out,” you heard Dean’s voice and laughed. “And making some serious happy noises,” he winked, and you instantly cringed, your cheeks flushing pink.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe you should just apologize?And not in an "I'm sorry you feel that way" bullshit apology. I mean an actual acknowledgement of their feelings and your actions. I get that you didn't intend to be rude, but at the end of the day, intentions don't really matter as much as the outcome does. You said you were working on yourself, and that's good! I think a big part of this process is to try to make things right with the people who you've hurt, in a nice, non confrontational and non-sarcastic way.

Listen, from your tone, I’m guessing that this is the same anon who has mentioned me a couple of other times already. Correct me if I’m wrong. Either way, though, at this point, I’m going to ask you to mind your own business. I can take care of myself. Including blocking you if you continue to condescend to me this way.

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Well, I was on the castle fandom and the actors of the show had a great chemistry too. They both were single at the time when the show started and people started to speculate. They did jokes w each other yes, but not as Sam and cait. Two years later we found out the actress had a boyfriend and she told that she and her co-star were just good friends. If you ou go on yt, you can watch some of their interviews and you'll see they were just friends. It's something COMPLETELY different of samcait.

ahh I actually had a friend who was deep in the Castle fandom so I knew a little bit about all of this. I mean I know shipping and subsequent relationship denials etc happen all the time but I wonder if the bullying of shippers specifically happens as often and as horribly as it does in this fandom? or are we just special? 

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hi Alexis! what does Midheaven represent to you?

So many things. For me personally, it really strongly represents what your family didn’t teach you growing up… After all, families have strong values, and through those values, you couldn’t learn about everything about the world from your family… You’d actually have to go out and learn for yourself. If you start your journey in life in the 4th House (starting with your family) then the 10th House would be your destination. The Midheaven in a sense kind of shows were you’d ideally like to be in your life and that’s why you have the drive to seek the elements of the sign ruling your 10th House. Since it is the highest point of the chart, it can show you what you think would be the best version of yourself. However, this highest point can be difficult to achieve because you must face an opposition from your 4th House, which represents your upbringing and maybe the only things you strongly know in your heart because you grew up with it. The 10th House is also square to the 1st House and the 7th House. It kind of implies that in order to achieve anything in your 10th House, you must go against what you think of yourself and what other people think of you. Of course, you can reach your destination in the 10th House and still have harmonious relationships with yourself and others, but it really just goes to show that you have to do a lot to get to the 10th House. It’s not only the highest place in the chart, it could arguably be one of the hardest places to get to also.

Of course, these aren’t the only things that the Midheaven represents. But when I think of the Midheaven, I personally think of this.

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"Are you boys playing with your fursonas again?" "Were roleplaying merle it's totally different." "I want a fursona too" "you can't just-" "I want an owl!" "Owls don't have fur Merle!"

taako: you should have have a REAL fursona, like mine :/ *holds up an outlandishly detailed ref sheet of dupree the t-rex*

merle: i thought yours was a mongoose

taako: no rules in the furry zone baby *high fives magnus*

things you said when you were crying

:)))) @whitechocolateperfection

“I don’t… I don’t know how to fix this.” Shawn watches as you crumble in front of him, words coming out babbled and wet through your tears. “I’m so sorry - I just dunno how, how we can get through this.”

His cheeks go flushed and he’s trying really hard to keep his emotions at bay as his hand smooths up and down your spine, the rhythm getting off-beat as he ducks his head to hide his face from you. It’s midnight and it’s dark in your living room, and where he’s usually your light, tonight he’s dim and you feel like the room around you is closing in. “Y/n,” he starts, and you feel his touch leave your back as his hands go to his face, to wipe up the wet underneath his eyes. “I think this can work-”

“How?!” you burst. “How could this possibly work? I’m moving across the fucking….” you feel your heart deflate, “I’m moving away from you.” Your voice cracks on the last syllable and you hear it echo through your empty apartment.

“We can get through it,” he says, and he’s not confident, not at all, but he’s saying it to calm you down. You can see right through his bullshit but you lean into him anyway, and you let him cover your body with his and protect you from the world that seems to never let the two of you win.

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Marty when he's trying to ask you to be his Mrs in the Mr. and Mrs. tournament?

- the first time you really said more that two words to Marty, you had stumbled upon him mumbling to himself in a deserted hallway, gesticulating wildly with his faithful umbrella
- he didn’t notice you walking up to him, until you were less than an arms legs away
- “Marty? Are you okay?”
- He practically jumped out of his skin, clearly spooked, and spun around, umbrella swinging
- The very end of it caught you in the temple with a crack, sending you to the floor with stars in your eyes
- “Shit shit shit, never can do anything right. Now you’ll never speak to me again. Shit.”
- Callosed hands cupped your cheeks forcing you to attempt to focus on his face and those hypnotic dark hazel eyes
- The soft, tender touch coupled with the faint spicy scent of his cologne had your head swimming for a whole different reason and your blood humming
- You whined when he pulled away, and shouted down the hallyway
- A moment later, medical staff appeared in the hallway, and the villain had disappeared
- A couple days later, Marty was knocking at the door of your locker room, fidgeting nervously
- You’d opened the door and before you could even get  a word out edgewise, Marty word vomited
- “I don’t know why you creeped up on me the other day. I don’t even know why you were there, its not like you do anything around here anyway.”
- Marty looked a little shocked at the words that had flowed out of his mouth like water and his face soured at the hurt on your face
- He turned and practically ran from your locker room doorway
- Zack: Marty is an ass. He’s got the emotional intelligence of a spoon. He just wanted to ask you to be his partner in the Mr. and Mrs. Tourney. You heard nothing from me.
- You’d reread the text from Sabre Jr. dozens of times, trying to make sense of it. It wasn’t until the 48th time rereading it, that it dawned on you.
- Maybe you made Marty nervous?
- You’d set out looking for him and he certainly didn’t make it easy. 
- Zack had just smirked knowingly as you passed by before muttering, “Check by the training room.”
- And sure enough, there the Villain was and you made sure to announce your presence far enough away to avoid a repeat of the last time.
- “Scurll, what the actual hell is wrong with you.”
- He jumps again, but this time he has no umbrella to swing at your head.
- His eyes go a bit wide and he starts looking for escape routes.
- “Oh no you don’t. You don’t get to bean me on the head with an umbrella, then insult me a couple days later. What the hell is your problem.
- He’d had the decency to look a little chastened
- “Look. You make me a little crazy and I don’t speak right when you’re around. I can’t believe that fuck Ospreay is better than me at this.”
- He’d begun to talk in circles, his hands moving frantically to accompany his words
- “Marty. Did you want to ask me to be the Mrs. to your Mr. for the tournament?”
- Marty squawked, before fumbling awkwardly over his words
- Fuck it
- You moved quickly to grab him by the lapels of his jacket, and pulling him in for a soft kiss
- “Because if you did ask, I would accept.”

Naomi conf: I’m thrilled that the moms took my advice and put the past behind them. Now we can all move forward.

Naomi: Aiko you’re in the middle. You were, meh. You’re not standing out, I want you to wow me.

Mikelle conf: Aiko told me she was feeling a little down because she’s not getting a ton of attention or special roles and Naomi’s right, it shows in her dancing.

Naomi: At the top is obviously are winners. Abby your joker was great, you nailed every aspect of his personality.

Naomi: And Skylar your facial expressions blew me away, you did really well for a kid who hasn’t done acro in a while.

Ella conf: Words can’t describe how proud I am of that little girl. She brings tears to my eyes.

Naomi: Ok that being said, the routines this week are a but different. Two trios no solo no group. The first trio is a decade throwback it’s a fun musical theatre piece called Candyman. The second trio is a cabaret number called Mein Herr. And here’s the catch. They both have chair props!

Aali conf: Ok two things, one chairs are dangerous, and two chairs are dangerous.

Naomi: On team Candy is Skylar, Abby and Sun.

Naomi: On team Cabaret is Savanna, July and Aiko.

Ada conf: Oh cooome ooon! Who didn’t see that one coming? What happened to work together not against?