are you bush


George Bush trying to put on a rain Mac was the only part of the Inauguration worth watching


✨d a t e       n i g h t       a e s t h e t i c✨

🎸We Will Rock You🎸

Warnings: Fluffy, fluff

Words: 2216

Author’s Note: This is been sitting done and waiting to be published for MONTHS. Time, work, and other things got in the way of posting this. But I finally have a new Saturday Morning Guitar Sessions story out. I wanna thank @theycallmebecca for being my beta AND for @heather-lynn for letting me borrow some people you might recognize. If you have any ideas for Sammie and Chris for this series or in general, feel free to send an ask or a message! 

“Dad! We’re gonna be late. C’mon.” Andrew yelled at Chris before stomping out of the kitchen and into the mudroom to put on his shoes.

“Yeah, Dad. Momma said we have to pick up Coop and Jack at three and it’s almost three.” Madison grabbed his hand trying to pull him.

Sammie came into the kitchen from the living room holding Emma, the newest member of the Evans’ family.

“Looks like you’re gonna be late there, Evans.” Sammie bit her lip trying to not laugh.

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