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Allure III

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Pairing: Yoonji (Yoongi) x Reader
Genre: comedy, fluff, cross-dressing
Warnings : mentions of sex

Summary : Yoonji is the transfer student of the year you’ve always been fascinated with. What if you came to learn about her little secret?


“Fucking dumb bitches… Always laughing and giggling in the morning for shit.”

Groans Yoonji groggily as you spot her half-awake face. The dorms are loud even early in the morning and you better know that your flatmate is not a morning person. Little the schoolgirls wandering the hallways at the moment know they are currently making excessive noise near the Ice cold bitch’s castle and disturbing her on the way. Poor girls… Will the ice queen get out from her comfy castle to chase them?

“I should fucking teach them a lesson,” grumbles Yoonji lazily, looking into the distance through half-lidded eyes.“Those girls. I hate them.”

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Hello again. I'm not sure if you'll see this but whatever. 1. Thank you so much for seeing my question and posting some awesome Megamo x Ayano art. Made me so happy to see that you saw my question. 2. Do you have lots of art that you haven't shown us, your fans, yet. Like, when someone asks you to draw something, is it already drawn or do you draw it right before you post. 3. I would adore it if you would look through some of these sheets (if you're bored or have the spare time) (see next post)

Ok that,i have no reservations about you guys
but maybe oc is what I have not shown to you guys


I almost only drawn YanSim in these eight months

I saw someone who asked then I started drawing,because many people overlap their request…

So I can only reply to the latest ask

3.I don’t understand what is “sheets”

So, Galra Keith is a thing… but have we all properly considered…

Pidge, the smartest Olkari,

Hunk, the sweetest Balmeran,

Lance, the coolest merperson,

And Space Dad the beloved Space Elf  Altean.


A swashbuckling Oonaloo Coran and Pidge the whatever those  adorable space loafs are called.

Whispers ‘Psst, also transparent!’ 

Artist ramblings below the cut.

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Soooo… I might finally be getting the hang of this digital crap XDDD

No one has permission to use this picture, DO NOT repost, trace, claim to be your own, edit/modify or de-face in any way!! Also if reblogging, DO NOT remove my artist comments. Really appreciate it, thank you.

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adffgdgg, IM KIDDING DONT DO THAT! For real: 2, evak! <3

eyes one me!!! 

2, eyes on me

“Isak,” Even scolded, but there was a smile in his voice, that Isak saw when his gaze returned to his face. “eyes on me.” 

Even sat at their little table with his sketchbook and all those different pencils - Isak seriously didn’t know there were so many different types - in front of him, some of his fingers tinted greyish at the tips from when he smudged some lines to create shadows on the drawing in front of him. 

The drawing, was of Isak. Isak who lay on his side on their bed, in the midst of all the pillows they had in their small flat and clad in the soft green-red checked pyjama Noora Eva and Linn gave to him for his birthday. (He loved it. It was soft, warm and for some reason it did things to Even, so win win win.) 

“Why do I need to look at you? You’re not even doing my face yet.” 

Even scoffed offendedly, but pursed his lips in the delicious way he always did when he tried to keep a straight face. “Don’t question my art, Isak.”

“I’m questioning you letting the doing my face joke slide.” Even snorted. 

“Baby~” Isak whined and flopped over on his stomach. “I’m bored and im getting cold laying on top of the covers like that.” Isak’s voice was muffled from the pillow that smushed his cheek up but Even seemed to hear him just fine because now he looked up, a bit of concern in a small frown shown on his face. 

“You’re getting cold?” Isak rolled his eyes and shrugged. “No.” 

Even laughed and shook his head. “You’re such a brat. You’re just bored, aren’t you.” It wasn’t even a question. Isak made a whiney sound again when Even returned his attention to the drawing and ignored his protests. 

Isak raised his brows, which went unseen by Even, so he huffed. “How can you still draw happily on when im on my stomach now but i need to look at you?” 

Even looked up and raised his brows at Isak once in a quick motion. “Maybe,” he grinned, “I just want my muse to look at me.” 

Isak groaned, but also grinned into the pillow he turned his face into. “Dork.” Isak muttered and then watched Even draw him some more. Even got this concentrated look on his face, mouth slightly open, tongue in one corner, eyes intense and his unstyled sunday bed hair bouncing when he did some harder pencil strokes. Even’s hands. Just- his hands. Damn.

Isak sighed happily and- “Isak.” His name came out as a chuckle of Even. When he looked up Even didn’t say anything, he just gestured with two fingers to Isak’s face and then to his eyes. 

Isak rolled his eyes but after that complied. “I was admiring your hands, give me a break.” 

Even shook his head but tilted his head in a way he always did when Isak flustered him somehow. There was a broad smile tugging on Isak’s lips. Because seriously. Adorable.

Isak drifted off shortly after that, lulled to sleep by the steady scratching of the pencil against the paper. His eyes were closed now, but Even didn’t seem to mind it. Letting his cozy looking boy doze off because to be honest, he didn’t really need to look at Isak to draw him. He had everything etched into his brain about him; from the tip of his toes, that poked out of the checked pyjama pants, to every last lash and curl. 

He just liked it more when Isak looked at him while he drew. Sue him. 

“Help me see meaning in what I do” hmm, okay, let’s try analyzing, shall we?

im not good at cheering ppl up but im pretty good at writing annoying essays so here goes 

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I am really getting the hang of digital art lately, so here’s another one of my babies! Can you tell Voltron’s season 2 really got to me yet? I’m way too invested in Galra Keith…

This honestly started out as a doodle I did while bored in bed cuz I was sick, but apparently I have no chill when I’m bored because this got detailed really fast. :X I ended up liking it so much that once I recovered enough to use the computer again I immediately started working on turning this digital and BAM! I love it even more now! :D Kinda wanted to add both the Voltron and Blade of Marmora symbols, but with one in horizontal and the other in vertical it wasn’t working out. So I had no choice but to exclude them. I cry. 

Seriously though if nothing else I want to at least see Keith with yellow, pupil-less eyes. Literally if that’s the only Galra trait he ever gets I’ll be happy. I really like the eyes okay?


Summer School (Jeff Atkins X Reader)

Request: You should do a Jeff Atkins imagine where he meets the reader the summer before their freshman year he just instantly falls for her but she’s just super oblivious to it and you can do whatever you want from there :3

~*Jeff’s Pov*~
Summer school fucking sucks. It’s honestly a waste of time, besides who cares if i failed a couple classes? In my opinion its no big deal buy yet here i am bored out of my mind when i could be doing something fun.

The only thing that doesn’t absolutely suck about summer school is (Y/N). Shes amazing and im pretty sure she doesn’t notice me. We both failed Language Arts in 8th grade so we have to make it up now.


“Uhm hi”

“Is this seat taken?” She asks pointing to the seat next to me.

“Nope” i lie. I was saving that seat for my best friend Troy, we were supposed to stick together throughout summer school, but i mean he’ll understand right? She put her things down and sat at the desk.

“So (Y/N) im really surprised you have summer school, you always came off as a good student.” I say trying to start some conversation.

“I am in most classes, not to brag, but Language Arts was really kicking my ass” she said giggling

Holy shit her laugh was so cute.

“Yeah but i think thats mostly Ms. Adams fault considering she spent most of class talking about how her son and her cat get in fights” I replied to her and we both started laughing.

After a few weeks me and (Y/N) got really close and i think i fell in love with her. Everything about her was perfect. Literally everything. I really doubt she feels the same way about me but im hoping that will change soon.

It was the last day of summer school and everyone was ready to leave. (Y/N) came and sat next to me where i was waiting on my dad to pick me up.

“Ya know Jeff these weeks have been really fun with you.” She says “I honestly don’t know why we weren’t friends back in 8th grade considering we had the same class”

“Yeah but I guess thats what i get for being the quiet kid, you don’t really just make friends.” I answered smiling.

I was kind of bummed that this was the end of summer school. I didn’t even get to tell (Y/N) how i felt.

“Hey my mom is here to pick me up, but we should definitely talk more next year!” She said

Then I realized that i had all of freshman year for me and (Y/N) to get close, and i couldn’t wait.


“Greetings, Sans– so.”
“This is your job, huh.”
“Why do you have such a hard time with it?”
“It’s pretty easy.”
Why didn’t you just reap me properly too?”
“You’re so incompetent hahaha!”

So, in the First Reaping, Chara was not properly reaped and had thus managed to escape while being corrupted by Death’s (Sans’s) magic. Therefore, with their soul fused by the essence of darkness and Sans’s magic, they have an affinity with Death that allows them to wield Death’s scythe.

At some point, Chara would have grown strong enough to steal one of Sans’s scythes. They take it and reap mortals before their time, which would naturally brew chaos. Sans of course desperately tries to hunt them down in order to take it back, but he is unable to catch them. Eventually, after a mad period of Chara-induced chaos, Chara suddenly appears and drops the scythe by his feet as if it was worth nothing.

“Got bored. Killing people instantly is no fun at all. It’s much more fun… to see them live long enough to become corrupted. Don’t you think?”

And then they disappear with a child-like laugh, leaving Sans stunned and full of dread.

(Whether this was just a random act, simple curiosity, or part of a much greater plot, though, Sans doesn’t yet know. Chara was always so unpredictable.)

okay so like i’ve been doing world-building for this fantasy/sci-fi story i’ve been working on since 2014 and like i don’t want to show any story characters yet but i wanted to make an oc from the world that i can just post art of sooooo

this is Bambi! he’s half Human, half Canid (which is basically a race of anthropomorphic canae from the story). he’s quiet and he gets bored and distracted easily and he’s likes to be alone and he gets irritated easily as well but people that he does like, he usually cares for very deeply
he also has vitiligo

i hope you love my new son as much as i do

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Dogg mom!!! Just because something is simplistic doesn't make it boring or bad ♡♡ Mob Psycho's designs are pretty simplistic but still fun and good designs!! I love your 2 headed doggo oc because of how its designed! Like, its simple yet has so much personality and style to it!! LIKE, ID FEEL LIKE ID SEE IT IN A RAD VIDEO GAME AND AHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!😍😍😍

God, you are so so right! Thank you hon you make me feel so much more confident!!!  <333. tbh I don’t think I can come up with very detailed works of art, maybe my style is simplistic and that’s it! I should learn to accept myself and embrace it. Need to stop thinking that I could have done better!

AAAH! and your love for my gentle giant is appreciated! let me reveal something… it’s not one dog, it’s 2 dogs that are stick together, the taller head is older than the other, it hasn’t always been like that but they are following orders, they obbey, like good boys do.


My experience with creating without music or noise. It didn’t go well…

I like to listen to artists or people speak in the background while I’m drawing. It’s something I’ve always done. Never knew why, but it just felt right.

An artist I was listening to gave a piece of advice: draw without music. They sited at least two studies where the results favored people who drew in silence, saying they could focus on their artwork instead of being distracted by their music.

And so, I thought I’d give it a try. It didn’t last long.

Don’t get me wrong, my art was pretty nice looking, but it didn’t look any different than what I usually draw. There were still flaws, messy lines, and wonky anatomy. 

And worse yet, I got bored after 10 minutes and wanted to do something else.

Of course, you can’t base a hypothesis off of one experiment, right? You gotta have fun, get messy, make mistakes and all that jazz. So I tried it at different points of the day.

Same result. Each time, I got bored 10 minutes in.

Finally frustrated the last time, I turned on music that fit what I was trying to draw. Man oh man, did I whip out a nice piece of art. There were still errors, but I sat down and finished what I was working on. I drew for an hour straight.

So hey, maybe some advice from other artists doesn’t fit your needs. Maybe all they can do is tell you what works for them. It’s up to you to figure out what works for you. Remember when you’re frustrated no artist works in the same conditions that you do, and that’s okay. 

Art tips are as subjective as the art itself.

Today I give some Captain Phasma lovin’. Without helmet, because Gwendoline Christie is awesome and I haven’t painted her yet.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m wearing heavy and dark eye make up, I almost feel ready to ride into the battle, so I decided to paint her like that :)

*insert Dory meme*: I’m bored of veritcal rectangles, oh look another vertical rectangle! ;) 

Apparently half of Sweden is up in arms over a new exhibit by Liv Strömquist featuring women on their periods enjoying their lives - because her art is displayed in the metro, which means people ‘have to see it, whether they like it or not’, and to be honest I’m fed up with this attitude? We don’t get a choice about ads, either - what can I do, as a citizen, if I don’t agree with half my city, and my buses and trains (stuff I pay for, by the way) being plastered with naked women and luxury shoes and cars and a new brand of perfume which will either make me irresistible or invite men to beat me up (often the message is not that clear)? And why, exactly, should I spend my whole day being flooded with messages about stuff I don’t need and don’t want and can’t afford? And yet, you never hear people complaining about ads. Or when they do, it’s because the image is inappropriate, and yay for citizen power, but as soon as the scantily dressed woman is swapped for a soda or a blender, we all go back to our lives, accepting that order has now been restored and all is well. Ads are so ubiquitous we don’t even think to challenge their presence anymore, and on bad days, that annoys the hell out of me. Seriously - how are we okay with a faceless corporation pushing a new mascara on us so we can finally embrace our inner vixen and stop walking around as boring and unattractive half-women, and yet we’re so ready (men and women, apparently) to huff in disgust at some art featuring someone on her period? For fuck’s sake - priorities, people.

It’s alright (I’m only bleeding). 

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Sup, girl! I have seen how you've swam in a different direction from the crowd and I'm just saying that I AM PROUD. To tell you honestly, the KS fandom, in my opinion, is too immature. It's not only about not being open to opinions from the minority but also not contemplating on how it would feel to be in a similar situation in the story. KS is supposed to be horror story, not an erotica or romantic novel. Justifying the sick shit there is so wrong. I read it because YOLO, not because I ship it.

I think that everyone has a different taste and nobody’s taste is better than other’s (unless it’s problematic).

It’s ok if you like KS but what’s not ok is glorifying an abusive relationship.

It was pretty gross when I got into KS (because a follower told me about it) and found out that most of the people in the fandom are ~shipping~ the hunk and the twink.

The hunk abuses the twink in every way possible and yet people are like ~they look so cute together~ and excusing the hunk’s behaviour because he has mommy issues he’s cute?.

Some people would literally lose their ass over a mediocre conventionally attractive looking white boy (that’s why so many mediocre conventionally attractive looking white boys are the lead in so many movies even when the movie is about THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA  AND IT IS SET IN CHINA IN ANCIENT TIMES YET THE LEAD IS A CAUCASIAN MEDIOCRE CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE LOOKING WHITE BOY WHEN THE REST OF THE CAST IS CHINESE OR OF CHINESE HERITAGE?!!11!?).

If you like KS because it’s horror, you like the art, etc it’s totally ok.

In my opinion KS is just a lame and cheap webcomic with a shock value story that gets really predictive, boring and cliché very soon. However, the fact that I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad just like when I like things doesn’t mean they’re any better.

We need to respect each other’s tastes but what the KS fandom (not everyone but most does) is doing by romanticizing and glorifying this toxic and by all means wrong relationship is just awful.

A lot of people are suffering from that shit ffs.

Before I finish I want to say that A FANDOM DOESN’T DEFINE THE PEOPLE IN IT, the fact that most people of a fandom act in a certain way doesn’t mean everyone in that fandom is like that so I’m not calling out the KS fandom but the people in it who are problematic and worshipping what’s wrong.

I’m sure there are people in the KS who don’t ship or glorify and acknowledge the problematic situation and just like other aspects of KS.

To the rest of the fandom:

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Wot is your favorite color. I know I know stupid question but my personality's boring so i guess this kind question works for me(????? Your art is really adorable and cute! I like how its so simplistic yet very appealing. Great Work! :))