are you bored with my art yet


It`s cold… I`m bored… I have assignments… and a pile of requests that I should be working on. You know what that means— It`s time to do things unrelated to that!!! This time I did some…really…simple… weird gifs. xDDDD

Servamp things that moves!

me just kidding, but ya know me xDDD

While she makes lists of all her flaws
I count the quirks that I adore
—  A hundred times…you’d think I’d bore, yet,
Wonder is beauty not seen before

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WHEEL DECIDE (rare raffle when i’m super bored)

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Today I give some Captain Phasma lovin’. Without helmet, because Gwendoline Christie is awesome and I haven’t painted her yet.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m wearing heavy and dark eye make up, I almost feel ready to ride into the battle, so I decided to paint her like that :)

*insert Dory meme*: I’m bored of veritcal rectangles, oh look another vertical rectangle! ;) 

Got bored and wanted to do some more pixels

So I tried doing @askmarshandbroflovski gang in Undertale sprite style???

It looks decent I guess and I know Sarah hasn’t played the game yet but I thought this would be fun asdfghjkl

@strawberrysharkcake hope you like these anyhow ;w;

sorry- no art today again, but I am starting to feel better from being ill! the awful news is my mum is ill now, so I’m trying to look after her, but the good news is I had a chance to work on my own stuff today! and I will try my darndest to get a TPatJ update to you this weekend as well as the comic :Tb

isangelous  asked:

I LOVE how you used the panels placing in the last one. Starting from right and ending on the left while going back home. This is a very good way of expressing stories, added to your joyful style of art. Keep the love we have for your creativity in your mind if you ever feel down.

Uh…um…WOW. That is…quite the detailed compliment. I honestly didn’t think that deeply when I drew my comics. Just kept thinking “I want to show these characters making these expressions and yet make the angles of the panels look different from each other so they won’t get too boring (unless intended, that is XD).”

Thank you! Really! :D

Got bored and was messing with some ideas for the next Oireachtas tshirt for my school and came up with this. Not completely happy with it yet, the colors are a little crazy, but I got a long LONG while until it needs to be finished.

Seriously someone needs to hire me to make competition logos because I would love to do that all the time!

*oh and don’t be stealing images guys, make sure I’m credited if you wanted to share it.