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An update from my “Birthday Dinner” story time. I was suppose to send this sooner, but I was back and forward on if I was going to make a story time video or write it out, but then when I made up my mind and made a video story time, my camera decided to be a hot mess! I’m saving for a new one asap! I kept trying to make it but was having audio problems while editing! I was so excited to make the video too smh, but thankfully right after the party I wrote everything down on my phone, so I copied and pasted what happened! so I wouldn’t forget NOT one detail! sorry for any errors and screaming in caps! I was excited! here it goes (reminder this is RIGHT after the Birthday party, so I was very excited and in a rush, so sorry for the curse words and caps lol! I felt like i was writing in my diary, so it got personal) :

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Over the past couple of days I’ve been asked where I get most of my Alice in Wonderland books. To be honest, I couldn’t just say it’s one place, many of them I bought years ago, some of them more recently. I have bought them online in places like Amazon and Bookdepository, some harder ones to find through AbeBooks, some have been used bookstore finds and even thrift store and antique shop finds. Some others have been gifts.
I think looking at a collection of anything really that has been years in the making is daunting and sometimes people get discouraged to start their own because they feel they can’t possibly buy all they want, but my best advice to you is to start with 1, and keep your eyes peeled for good finds.. you’d be surprised how often someone’s garbage becomes someone’s treasure. Some of my Alice books, including this one I’m featuring here today was a discarded copy from a public library in the UK and I have a few like that .. so you never know where you may find an awesome book that’s just waiting for a new home.

I absolutely adore this edition, the illustrations inside the book are just stunning and so unique.
This book was illustrated by Mervyn Peake and published by Bloomsbury Publishing in 2001.
Mervyn Peake was commissioned to illustrate what would accompany both AIW and TTLG in the 1940’s and books with his illustrations haven’t been produced since 1978, his illustrations were restored and reproduced for this edition published 14 years ago.

This year is Alice’s 150th anniversary so she will be featured a few more times I reckon, I hope I’m not boring you to death with her! lol

[Random] Uncovered FFXV

I really should be working on something else but I can’t help myself >< 

The Uncovered FFXV event was happening so close to home >< but I had school all day so I can’t even try to sneak in…Found on youtube the niconico show (I have a feeling it will be deleted soon, but whatever, I have it on timeshift too xD)

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