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I hated it when he got the dad car. The Camaro was what added to his already outrageous sex appeal. Same with the leather. I definitely agree with your age for the lovable sourwolf. But I wanna get your opinion on something. In regards to the age Gap between Derek and Stiles(such as it is). Given Derek's past do you think he would be hesitant at the beginning? Would he think he was just like the Argent bitch who ruined his life and killed his family. Btw you're amazing and awesome!

The Camaro was just such a perfect car for him, isn’t it? Fast and sleek and it’s just… such a wolf car. And the leather jacket just… well it kind of speaks for itself. But what I absolutely hate is how I went and got all these hardcore headcanons about both of these things –– that the Camaro had come from Laura, and the s1 leather jacket had been his dad’s –– and the show just kind of went and took them both away from me in favor of a sponsored car and some weird attempt to make him look thirty. :/

As for Stiles’ age, I love it when fic bring that up because I absolutely believe Derek would be concerned about that. We know he has a tendency to internalize guilt to begin with. He blames himself for things. Blames himself for the fire that Kate set. He completely and totally sees himself as the bad guy in any situation that might possibly justify it, so you can’t tell me that he’s going to see himself falling for a high school aged boy and not think fuck, am I exactly like her?

Not to mention that he’s bringing danger into Stiles’ life by being close to him. (Forget that Stiles is Scott’s best friend, that Stiles is in this whether he’s close to Derek or not.) Derek is dangerous. People around Derek get hurt, or worse. Usually worse. And he’s thinking about (dreaming about, longing for) having Stiles in his arms, in his bed, when he knows damn well that touching Stiles is probably going to end with him in a body bag?

So he’d pull away from it, build up walls between them. Deflect with sarcasm and try not to want so much when Stiles smirks and deals it back just as well as he takes it. Because he doesn’t want to hurt Stiles. Doesn’t want to be Kate. Doesn’t want to take advantage of some boy too young to understand the difference between love and hormones, and how unbelievably bad Derek is for him.

He’ll do anything not to be her, even if it means not ever knowing what Stiles’ skin tastes like, or what sounds he makes when he’s breaking apart, or what his smile looks like, open and soft. Even if it means he has to watch that smile directed toward someone else.

And it would probably take him a long time (and a lot of coaxing from Stiles and possibly everyone else he knows) to understand that not wanting to be like her, that being willing to stay away from Stiles just to protect him, is exactly what makes him not like her. What means he will never be like her.

And that he deserves to be happy, too.

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thank you  ❤ 


Well, this show is coming to an end and I couldn’t be sadder. I enjoyed (almost) every little clip and update. I’ve never done this, but I think there’s a first time for everything.

First of all I want to thank that anon who motivated me to watch Skam. I’d been seeing some gifs of the show in my tl for a while, but I never really started watching it because I thought it was the same as most teen shows. But that message was what made me move Skam from ‘Shows to watch when I have time’ list to ‘Bingewatching even though you have finals’ list.

I want to thank Julie for creating this beautiful world. Her idea is so original and realistic that it just seems we’re watching a documentary on Norwegian teens.

I want to thank every crew member involved, because Mari and her updates killed me everytime, Susanna made me fall in love with everything they wore, the soundtrack was amazing, scenaries where breathtaking, and so on.

I want to thank all the actors for playing those amazing characters with such genuineness and caring. They’re all so young and most of them have little experience, and yet, they did amazing (proud mamma).

I also want to thank everyone that has made laugh, smile or just enjoy a little more the show. And that is you, Skamily, with your funny edits, your cute and amazing edits, your ramblings or just your reactions, you helped me get through the bad clips and love even more the good ones.

And last, but definitely not least (it’s the real reason I decided to write this), I want to thank every single one of you that spent his/her time translating every clip, every message, every instagram post and every interview. Without you Skam wouldn’t be what it is today, you were the ones who made it possible for us foreigners to watch it and you deserve the world. 

Without receiving anything in return, you decided to reupload all the clips 5 minutes after they were upload in the page, and that is incredible. Believe me when I say I’m thankful, because it’s true. I’m thankful that you are such good people that decided to help others (people that you don’t know, btw) in their way to happiness. 

I don’t think you realize how important it is what you did. Thanks to you, some people were able to watch this show and that helped them through the hard times in their lives, they felt represented, they saw that they’re not alone in their problems and that someone is going through the same (I know it doesn’t really solve youre problems, but it makes you feel a little better),…; overall, they were happier than they were before they knew the existence of Skam


If you keep doing what you’re doing this world would be a little better, I’m sure.

I’m tagging every character because I think these people deserve to know how thankful we are. Sorry if it seems like I’m spaming the tags.

I had a bad experience yesterday and I’m just going to let it go and move on and be happy, but I first need to thank all my wonderful, kind, caring followers who encouraged me and made me feel better!

Firstly to @ironicsnap and @nenya85 (both great fanfic authors themselves actually!) who could not have been quicker to step in with reassurances and talk me down from being upset.

To @k-for-days, @daylelight, @ultralolcatlove, @naehja, @sweatersandpants, @invinciblend, @hirami, @grimmovid, @vylons and doubly to @egyptiansapphiredragons for messaging or replying (or both!) with support.

To the three - THREE - anons who sent asks saying they themselves weren’t prideshippers but still defended my right to prideship proudly as I saw fit. I am so flattered to hear I’ve got a content non-prideshipping contingent amongst my followers! It means something special to hear that people who don’t like what I like still like what I do! I’m not going to publish your asks, my darling friendly anons, because I don’t want to drag the original ridiculousness out all over everyone’s dash for ages.

And a most particular shout-out to the anon who actively hates prideshipping (has the tag blocked, calls it a NOTP) and is for some reason still on this ridiculous train I’m driving! Your anger on my behalf really raised my spirits and I hope you understand why I’m not publishing your ask. Thank you though!

Thank you all SO much! I feel very loved and appreciated and much much better about my writing! xx


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What about Kid Cobra and Mechanica being buds?

First of all, bless you Anon for letting me write about my two faves.
Second of all, bless you for letting me write about my two faves interacting.
And Thirdly, I’ve imagined these two being lil shits pranksters *rubs hands together* time to finally talk about it!

i apologise in advance for this turning into Big Brother Kid Cobra™

Kid Cobra and Mechanica Friendship Headcanons:

- The worst thing to ever happen to Twintelle’s life
- Seriously, Kid Cobra has been a terrible influence on Mechanica
- Mechanica always had a bit of a troublesome streak, it came naturally with her being a teen, but let me tell you, despite being an adult Kid Cobra still acts like some rowdy teen at times and that really rubbed off on the little mech girl
- They love to team up and pull all sorts of pranks. And with Mechanica’s skills at building all sorts of robots and Kid Cobra being as sneaky and slippery as the snake he is, they make a great combo
- Much to the other’s dismay
-Thankfully, for the others, Twintelle gave them both a stern telling off for when their pranks go a little too far
- They’ve managed to tone them down a bit (lest they fear the wrath of Mom Twintelle again)
- Originally Mechanica enjoyed hanging around Kid Cobra, since for the longest time she assumed he was her age. It was nice to have someone closer to her age (apart from maybe Ribbon Girl)
“Around your age? I’m 19.”
- Dreams were shattered, but Mechanica quickly got over it. She’s kind of accepted that her fellow ARMS Fighters are all gonna be older than her
- Didn’t stop these two from being close friends, though
- In fact, under all those jokes, they’re pretty close, you just won’t see it too often
- Kid Cobra has always found it hard to open up to others, Twintelle was really the only one before Mechanica
- After Helix and Twintelle, Mechanica was the third person Kid Cobra confided in about his true identity (ala being a snake)
- She took it well! Honestly though it was super cool! Asked him a lot of questions about what’s it like to be a snake, which he was more than happy to answer, now that he felt more comfortable with her
- Kid Cobra’s legs aren’t organic, they’re robotic, ARMS Gene or no he sadly didn’t end up with legs. So he built them himself, but now that he opened up to Mechanica, she takes care of re-modelling and fixing them instead (and frankly, does a much better job!)
- Over time they developed a sibling like bond, probably helped by the fact they both have a habit of calling Twintelle ‘Mom’. It felt natural for them to see eachother as brother and sister
- Whether they’re pulling pranks, messing around, or just generally hanging out, Kid Cobra always makes sure Mechanica is safe and feeling fine. Some of the other fighters tease him for being almost as motherly as Twintelle at times, when really he’s just excited about having someone he’s considers family, especially one younger than him
- Kid Cobra never had someone to look after him, so he wants to be there for someone else
- He feels a responsibility to be a good big brother, even if he’s sometimes the reason they get told off for pranking others too much
- He takes her Snakeboarding whenever he can. Took her a long time to learn the basics, mostly with her falling off the board a lot, but they both enjoyed it! Of course he had a First Aid Kit ready for even the tiniest of scratches (per Twintelle’s request, I mean if Mechanica came home harmed then there’d be hell to pay)

You know, it wasn’t until I started writing these that I liked the idea of them having a sibling relationship, like Mechanica and Min Min, y’know? So I kinda added that in… a lot… whoops?

- Mod Kid Cobra

I apologize for the breakdown from last night. I was having a really hard time but I’m sorry about all the drama :( sometimes rambling about it on posts is the only thing that stops me from being impulsive and doing things I might regret :(

I want to thank @java-dragon @movieexpert1978 @tomboyluce @electrarhodes @mihatrochael @littlethingwithfeathers @thewaterisblood @avxda-kxdavra for the kind words and support. Special thanks to @the-un-brokenteacup and @slashyrogue

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Hi- the wolfstar art you just posted was clipped from the artist's original post so the artist (@upthehillart/@upthehillnsfw) doesn't get the credit for the reblog. Just an FYI. Ask won't let me link but it's on the first page of the wolfstar tag on @upthehillnsw

NOOOOOOOOO. Why must people do this :’(

Thanks so much for letting me know! I’ve reblogged the original now.

Loving yourself isn’t always easy.
However, this is a battle that must be won.
For all of the beauty that exists around us must first stem from the realization of the beauty that exists within.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Allow yourself to become who you are meant to become. In life, others will develop differently than you. They will form a different set of opinions. They will simply be different. However, that is natural, for everyone is called to become their own person.
You be you, regardless of anyone else. Don’t allow the differences that may exist persuade you to hide your true self.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

SuperCorp + Text Posts from the Amazing SuperCorp Fandom (pt 1)