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Hi!! I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful, happy Todorokis I've ever seen in my LIFE all gathered up into one bundle. My crops are bountiful, my fridge overfloweth. Seeing your art cleared my acne and my dishwasher.

And thank you so much for enjoying all these little glimpses of Todoroki’s happiness I just keep on wanting to create and share because this boy truly deserves all the happiness, and bliss, and to feel most alive. Deku’s smiles are contagious, I’d like to think. (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥(˘⌣˘ C)


*Throws hands up defeatedly into the air* UGH.

(Part 1 & 2 of Sonic in Retro Clothes Series)

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How’d you learn to draw mechas? I’ve been wanting to try that myself for a while, and I know as an artist that the only way to learn is to just Do it, but it’s so daunting! I have no idea where to begin. Do you have any advice or tips? Thank you for your time!

Okay first of all, sorry to take so long to answer. I really wanted to draw some pics for this, and the last weeks have been quite busy. 

1. Draw from the reference

Drawing is like learning a new language: You can’t say you wanna learn English and then just start making up your own words because you think that finding words in the dictionary is cheating - It doesn’t make sense. Find a super cool robot picture and try to copy it. These are called “studies” for a good reason. You’re studying the vocabulary of those drawings. Many times people don’t share their studies since it’s only for the practice. But don’t study just one person. You don’t want to become that person - you want to become better! And if you post your study online, don’t forget to credit the original artist!

2. Try different techniques

One of my favorite techniques is something I call color blocking - I’m not sure if it’s an actual term or just something I came up with. I kind of carve the silhouette of the robot with one color and then I add a second color and carve the details in. I do this also if I have a picture with lots of characters and I want to make sure everything reads correctly. But these are all personal matters. Try different techniques until you find a one that works for you. And remember to flip your canvas!!

3. Try different brushes

My favorite brushes vary, but these three are the ones I keep using more than the others. Kyle’s brush I got used to while I was working on my freelance work - it just feels good to draw with. The square one is really fun to work with in mecha designs, and the basic one also feels surprisingly good while drawing. Sometimes I just grab a new brush, start doodling, and end up with a decent piece.

4. Symmetry vs. asymmetry

This one I included especially because I’m talking about robots. Breaking up the machines with asymmetrical parts gives them more character BUT it’s important to keep the symmetry in mind. If I do a robot that has a one big arm and one small arm, I later make sure that most of the other parts are symmetrical. This way the asymmetry is the choice rather than a mistake.

5. Draw from the reference (!!!)

Yes, I added this the second time because I really feel it’s important! I use Pinterest all the time - I have a board with over 1000 pins of robots! There are paintings from my favorite robot artists, 3D models of super cool robot designs, and even photos of real robots all collected in one place. And for anyone who feels “wrong” doing this: Finding reference DOESN’T mean copying - it can be just an idea or inspiration: It’s finding the language you want to use. Sure you won’t need  the reference as much later on as you build your own “shape-vocabulary” - just like you won’t need your dictionary after you have learned the words you use.

6. It doesn’t have to be perfect

I’m never 100% happy with my work. But I have learned to say “oh well” and move on. Next time I’ll do better.


Don’t talk down your own work no matter how much you’d like to. If you’re not standing behind your drawings, who will? Sure you do see the mistakes, but it’s still a great piece of art you made!


There’s a bit at the end of the series where the two of them are just alone in an elevator together and they’re looking at each other and we didn’t know what it was gonna be, we didn’t know what was gonna happen, we didn’t know what it was gonna mean, but it definitely means something -Jon Bernthal 


asdfghjkasdkvg YES OF COURSE YOU CAN SAVE IT! you have no idea how happy this makes me anon! i’m glad you liked it :) 

Here’s the higher res ver. cause tumblr butchers images in asks


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what do you think about the two cents shipping?

Pennywise: I am ok with it! But I prefer you lovelies, I can’t snack on myself after all! <3

((I Don’t personally ship two cents, so I am not sure if it is a thing that I will draw. But dont let this discourage you, if you ship it or want to ask me something!! I respect most ships and head cannons! Not underage stuff though!! ))

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Can you please suggest some fanfics with the,"non au- jimin loves jungkook, jungkook pushes away, jimin moves on and jungkook is jealous" cliche plot. I'm a sucker for those. Please! I would love some non au jikook fics. But I can't find them! Help a girl out 😭

Sure babe :)

Please check the trigger warnings if there is any but I will include them just in case.

          Warnings : None          
          Genre : Smut, Angst          
          Length : 17 k+          
          Summary :  Where a cute insecure Mochi is tired of constantly pining after a Kookie and a Kookie doesn’t like other things touching his Mochi.

          Warnings : Starvation, Self Harm
          Genre : Fluff, Slow burn, Smut         
          Length : 20 k+           
          Summary :   The story of how two lovely dorks came to terms with their feelings ~ Slowly but surely, Jikook is happening!

         Warnings : None  
         Genre : Angst and Fluff       
         Length : 9 k+ 
        Summary :   Theirs was always a push and pull relationship. Right from the start. Jimin chased after Jeongguk, and Jeongguk would pull and push back. But that can’t last forever. Right?

          Warnings : Attempted Rape/Non-con 
          Genre : Angst, Drama & Romance
          Length : 135 k+

          Summary : He had always known… his sexuality, that is. Not that it had been easy to accept, never that. However, Park Jimin was intent upon coping with that part of himself, after all who ever heard of a gay pop star? Besides, how hard could it be to hide?It turned out it was harder than he’d thought. And he would pay in the worst way for making such a mistake in judgement.They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but when something breaks you- then is it possible to but the pieces back together again? Will that person ever be fully whole once more? Can the support of his group help Jimin make it through… and quite possibly find love along the way? Or has the group as a whole grown much to comfortable with their lies?A story of love, pain and healing as boys become men and men learn that maybe it’s okay to love another man after all…

          Warnings : None
          Genre : Angst & Fluff    
          Length : 3k+           
          Summary : A year ago Jungkook would have pushed Jimin away, purposely closing himself off from Jimin’s affection. But as he watched him play with Hoseok on the set for their new music video, he felt sad that Jimin wasn’t next to him, bugging him like he always used to.He wasn’t jealous of the other members. Not at all. He was more upset at himself. Angry for rejecting Jimin all those times when now all he wanted was his attention. He had been so selfish.

          Warnings : Homophobia
          Genre : Angst & Fluff, Drama 
          Length : 37k+ (ongoing)          
          Summary Jimin is in love and so is Jungkook, but one knows how to deal with it better than the other.


          Warnings : None
          Genre : Angst & Fluff ; MAKNAE JIMIN
          Length : 10k+         
          Summary Jimin’s too proud to admit that he feels the most at home with Jeongguk’s hands on him. 

Actually! Fraid celebrated halloween! he loves it! It’s a celebration of monsters alike so he transforms himself to look like his hero; hellboy!

Fraid is much braver during halloween pretending to be his hero who also has horns like he does!

(but i do encourage the shipping u got ;) go for it!)


nyathing mewch

HEADCANNON - He uses it now and it’s working (sometimes)

he ‘said’ it!