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Kim Namjoon Profile

Kim Namjoon | 09121994 | Seoul, Korea | 90% Leg 100% Disaster

  • Major: Undeclared
  • Job: Jungkook’s English tutor, Creative Writing Instructor (at the art center Jimin works for), IG Fashion Blogger (Ask_Kimdaily)
  • Extracurricular: Gardening Club (Hoseok’s club)
  • Social Media: IG- Ask_KimDaily, Tumblr- Ask-Kimdaily, Snapchat- Joon1e, BTS Chat Handle- Joonmanji
  • Relationships: Taehyung’s older brother, Yoongi’s childhood best friend+roommate, Hoseok and Jungkook’s apartment mate, Jimin and Jin’s recent friend & coworker, Jackson’s First Love
  • Most Used Chat Stickers:

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Okay, based on some of the reactions (in messages, reblogs, and tags) to our Madame Bovary post, it seems many of you haven’t seen Word Cloud Classics editions before. They are *beautiful* editions, and photos don’t really do them justice. These are flexibound books, with soft, faux-leather covers; and the titles and quotes are embossed (not printed)! 

A note if you happen to purchase…

crazy-madness  asked:

Hey Craig, question if you ever have free time what do you usually do? Also have you met anyone new? If so did you befriend them?

PETER: Alright, settle down, knuckleheads.
PETER: I’m gonna cover for Mr. Cough Syrup while he retakes his finals.
PETER: I’ve heard him do this a bunch from the bathroom, so I think I got it down.
PETER: Also, this question is really funny, cause this guy does so much. He’s really quiet, so you wouldn’t think so?
PETER: He’s always either out with someone or being way busy in here. Spends hours on his computer, spends hours at someone else’s dorm, you name it. Nuts.
PETER: Like, so busy to the point where we don’t even talk that much. That’s crazy busy!
PETER: That’s cool, though. I get it. Dude’s got stuff, I got stuff. We kinda got to know each other the first week, so it all worked out.



(ASLO ALL OF YOU ARE SO FUCKING SWEET LEAVING ME THOSE MESSAGES) (I was so calmed by your sweet pick me ups that my panic attack for the interview was chilled)

(NOW I CAN REST) (and draw in peace)

anonymous asked:

Can you be my girlfriend, I am a lonely girl and it is dark even when the sun is out but I want you to be the shadow that blots it out.

whenever you feel lonely you can come here and talk to me . I will be here for you .