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I probably wrote about it in the past but I can’t find it. So I’ll write it again.

I see so often that people write about Yuuri and Viktor never getting past the honeymoon stage. And this is their happy ending. But honestly? Being past the honeymoon stage is fun.

The honeymoon stage is like going on a vacation. New, exciting, full of experiences - it’s great!

Afterwards? Being with your partner is like being home. Comfortable.

“I love you” is casual instead of being an overwhelming excitement.

The love itself is steady and warm, sometimes overflowing, but not a constant haze.

You feel secure.

You partner stops being this divine being blessing your life, and becomes a person you choose to be with every day. This is honestly a better blessing.

You have to get used to a partner. You can’t be together without that eventually happening. That’s not a sad thing. I love those moments where I think “this is my life. This is my every day.” And I just feel so lucky to have this. Being able to see a person and feel at home.

EXO Reaction to one of your friends mistaking them for your boyfriend when you are just friends

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*Look at this big excited ball of fur* “Called me her boyfriend… this is the best day of my life… we must look so good together for people to mistake us for a couple… bet she likes me too and that’s their way to tell me to ask her out… yes!!”


*Almost chokes* “B-boyfriend? M-me? Oh yes, yes we are dating… we’ve been dating since the galaxy formed” *Can’t think straight xD*


“Boyfriend hm? So… I’m now your boyfriend? Well… if you want me to follow the game… you will have to pay me later… maybe with a real date? I know you want~” *So cocky*


*Starts having a nervous breakdown* “omg omg omg omg I’m her boyfriend now? I can’t! This is ahhhhhhhh how did I not see it? She likes me! Why else would her friend say that… ahh!!! I can’t breathe! I need to breathe!!”


*Doesn’t know what to do* “I want to say yes we are dating but… if I do maybe it will be counterproductive… anyways I’ll treat her like any boyfriend would do while they are still here… like I treat her everyday…”


“Well we are not really dating but to be honest I do want it to happen some day. I’m just waiting for the perfect time. But for now, we are just friends.. but not for long” *So honest XD*


*Can’t be more excited* “Oh mai looorddddd!!! They think we are dating kekekekeke this is the best kekeke! We should continue this and make it seem we are really dating… we could even kiss!” *Not wasting this opportunity it seems*


*Feels like the man of the year* “Oh yes we are dating… we have an amazing time together.. we’ve done so many things, went to so many dates… everything is great.. like in movies” *More like in his dreams*


*Gives you this look* “Shall we say we are dating? IT’ll be fun, just follow me okay? Here, take my hand” *Yeah, he is enjoying this*


*Look at him, trying to act like everything is okay, like it’s all cool, like his heart isn’t beating so fast and doesn’t want to kiss you right there. Look at him, just help him out a little and tell him you like him too. Your friends are killing him*


“Boyfriend? me? Well not exactly… but not like I don’t want to be.. It flatters me that you think we are dating… it tells me that I’m doing well my job… I’m definitely becoming the boyfriend soon” *He’s very determined*


*Tries to follow the game but is actually very embarrassed* “Aigoo… is this where I hug you? Yes? Do you want me to? Oh no I don’t mind… I’ve hugged you many times…. in my dreams…”

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December never felt so wrong (cause you are not where you belong)

Robron December 2017

December 16th 2017: 

Fanfic by @vicbartons // vicbartons on Ao3

Read it on Ao3 here

Word count: 11k

Ratings: References to aaron´s past abuse and rape, underage drinking

Summary:  5 christmases robert and aaron spent apart and the one that brought them back together

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Give us the teaser!!!!

•whenever Connor got pissed off at his father beyond belief he would call you over, his voice always rough and husky through the phone.

•"I need you here baby girl… you have ten minutes to be at the door" you couldn’t even reply before the line went dead, your mind was whirling with excitement as you got ready. You already knew you were in for good and pleasurable day.

•part of you wanted to show up late… the thought of punishment caused your body to tingle but at the same time you really didn’t want to wait around. The quicker you got there the quicker you could feel Connor’s touch

•you were in a rush to the Murphy house. In fact you were almost positive you parked your car horrifically but you couldn’t find the time to care as you knocked on the door

•the second the door opens your pulled inside and pinned. Connors lips eagerly pressing against yours, his body pressed against yours.

•you were breathless when he finally pulled away, Connors eyes dark with lust. “Upstairs baby girl… we’re going to have a little fun in my fathers office”

Hello there beautiful people! I feel like I’ve abandoned the blog recently because it’s been quite an eventful last few weeks. I finally have days off of work so I’ll do my best to schedule posts. This way they are are up and ready to go even when I’m busy. :)

I’ve got a very exciting + MANIFESTATION STORY +  for you and a perfect example how letting the Universe handle situations is the way to go about life. My iPhone 5S broke a month ago. I won’t lie to you the first few days it wasn’t easy at all. I’m so used to having my phone with me, even now time surely has passed and I still feel like I’m always forgetting something walking around with empty pockets. I didn’t have much money then so fixing it right away was definitely out of question, the screen was cracked and didn’t work. I decided to make peace with the situation that I’m going to be with no phone for a while. I already had to fix this one once and I’ve had it since it came out (quite some time now, almost 4 years), so many thoughts of wanting a new one started going through my mind. I was so used to the iPhone that I knew for sure that I wanted the latest which had just come out. I won’t get into much detail but the thing is all doors it seemed to be closed for me. I definitely couldn’t afford it. In the beginning, we discussed options of getting it but nothing felt right so I decided to just let it go because going through the options with so much resistance attached was draining and saddening. In the mean time I entered a giveaway and imagined myself winning. I imagined the joy of winning and actually felt it - it was so refreshing. But I didn’t limit myself with that as the only opportunity of manifesting it. My way to go about it was Source is on it, if I win - amazing, if I don’t - good. I don’t know how it’s going to happen but Source knows how to deliver it to me. Time passed, I didn’t win the phone but I wasn’t upset. As I’ve said, my mantra was Source is on it, Source is on it, Source is on it. I totally let it go, didn’t even think about it. When I worried or got down that I don’t have one and the possibility of actually having it were very little I distracted myself. I’m so proud of myself how well I handled it. So so so proud! Let me tell you, Source was 100% on it because I now have the iPhone 8 waiting for me at home for Christmas! HOW EXCITING IS THAT? This contrasting experience made me realize how glued I was to my phone. It taught me that even when I do have it in my hands in weeks time I’m sure I will love it so much and be as appreciative of how useful it is as I was with my old one I want to make sure I’m mindful of how much time I spend on it. What I want myself and you to get from this wonderful manifestation story is that it’s all so much easier than we have ever believed it to be. Getting this phone is miniscule to the wonders that this vast unlimited Universe that constantly works in our favor can deliver to us if we allow it. When something is really bugging you, when there seems to be no way out or no way in, just let it go. Trust that the Universe knows. Don’t try to figure it out right away, don’t demand – you’ve already asked, Source has already figured out the way or in fact many many ways to deliver. Just look the other way and soothe yourself so you can allow the path to be revealed to you. I’m going to leave you with this story for now. Think about it, constantly repeat it to yourself that whatever it is - Source is on it! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend and are feeling happy and festive, especially with the upcoming Christmas Holidays. 

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Ray, when you first greeted me, I asked how I could pursue you. You said I couldn't. You said you were an NPC. It was announced recently that you will be a playable character. It is time, my love. Both of us will say hello, and at long last, neither will have to say goodbye. Are you ready? Because I am. I'm coming. I'll be there soon.

I am very much looking forward to spending more time with you as well. I can’t wait to see the story that unfolds…

Do you really mean it? Will you…promise me…you won’t say goodbye?

I watched TFA the night it aired in theaters. I shipped Reylo the second I saw them on screen together. In fact, my obnoxious fangirl giggling during the movie probably annoyed everyone else in the theater.

I got home, went on Tumblr, excited for fan art and love, and was met with people telling me my ship was abusive and incest and just about every cruel word you can say about a ship.

Y'all have no idea how validating TLJ was for us Reylo shippers. So yeah, we’re going to brag about winning the ship war. The underdogs won. Let us have this victory.

seeing spongebob: the musical with the holland boys & jacob & haz

this is purely for my enjoyment and procrastination. i’m pretty sure maybe 3 other people will get this (those 3 being @dearcindymoon @spidey-schxyler @spideyfloof) but if you read this, i commend you for it

  • jacob: i feel like jacob was a spongebob fan when he was younger so he’s so excited to see the musical and he LOVES IT. he leaves even more thrilled and fulfilled than when he came in, becomes best friends with ethan slater, loves playing the best day ever finale on ukulele 
  • haz: haz is into it from the beginning, he’s intrigued and he’s read the reviews and is super excited! ends up having the time of his life and gets tickets for you guys to see it again, loves talking about all the symbolism in the musical
  • tom: tom is the most skeptical of the 5, you kinda dragged him there (and made him use his celebrity status to get backstage) but he ends up being really impressed with the choreo and cast and sincerely congratulates all of them afterwards because he knows what being in an intense musical is like
  • harry: harry is kind of neutral about it, he mostly came because he knew it made you happy, but he has a great time! his favorite part was the confetti and plankton’s rap, buys a spongebob the musical cap, takes some A1 stagedoor pictures
  • sam: i support the fandom canon that sam is a musical nerd, so he would be excited to see it just bc y’all are in nyc seeing a broadway show! he loves the diverse music genre and think the set is the most magical thing ever, definitely stagedoors with you and tells lilli cooper that she’s amazing (as we all would)

this was literally just for me, it’s such a niche thing but i love the holland boys & jacob & haz and the spongebob musical so why not put them together

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The last time I was this excited for an episode it was 3x05 and then space bf ripped my heart out. So despite how excited that trailer made me, part of my secret to enjoying this show is lowering my expectations. Sad, I know, but it gets me through. So what do you think are the WORST (like space-bf-Fitz-in-love-with-a-murderbot-bad) things we can expect from the episode? I already don't like how the Framework is lingering ('Fitz killed Mace') and am afraid of how they are using it.

Hi Anon,

Managing Expectations is something I’ve been doing this season as well, even done a few metas on it.  It’s not that I don’t allow myself some time of getting really really excited about how something could go but I also keep my expectations ‘low’ and my motto is plan for the worst hope for the best.  I also caution because I got some blow back last season when my theories didn’t hit…some I think still will (ie Fitzsimmons engagement/marriage kind of thing) just later than I had originally thought.  Since I now see season Season 4 and 5 as 1 giant season so we are essentially coming out of mid season and gearing up for something good.  

  • Something else that has really helped me is I’ve gone back to going into episodes dark, I get off my computer and don’t watch the live tweets from earlier airings.  

I didn’t like the Mace thing either, I get what Daisy was doing, but I didn’t like it.  It was a way of stretching the truth and hiding what really happened and protecting the others that were still ‘free’.  

Rewind does have the same writing/directing team as 4722 Hours, no way that was a happy accident when they were assigning the episodes for the season.  But I’m not worried about a horrible blindside this time.   A huge take away from last season was Fitzsimmons would only love each other, their’s is a forever love, and there is only room his his heart for her.  Not to mention he’s going to be a prisoner and then trying to get to the others.  

So honestly, my personal worst case, is that I don’t get the Fitzsimmons reunion until 6.  I miss them and its been so long since I’ve gotten to see them properly together that I’m hoping I don’t have to wait until January for it, but am preparing myself for it.  The other one is that more time has passed since I originally thought, right now I’m thinking that it takes a max of 6 Months for Fitz to make his way there.  

I am prepared for Iain to just murder me with feels.  That we will see a Fitz still raw from the Framework and alone, that we will see him struggle for a bit.   Things like he might feel that his future with Jemma is still dead since they haven’t had a chance to properly talk about it since he got back.   

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These runes are driving me crazy, it’s a love-hate relationship. Some games you stomp or get stomped. There are barely any inbetweens. Your best hope to win when the enemy is ahead is praying they throw. Things like Leona and Ezreal shouldn’t be as insanely strong. I was excited for the change, but I enjoy less games these days, and even the close losses aren’t as fun. Don’t even get me started on the BE system, it’s more painfully grindy than before. I just want BE from playing a game.

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Me w/ the Whole Menagerie scene pt. 2

-Starts at Blake and Ilia scene-

“Ilia my God! Chill the the f* down!”

“Yeah Blake tell her she’s wrong!”

-Blake straddles Ilia, cries-

“Oh no.. No no.. If you would just listen to Blake for a minute you can work this out!”

-Ghira enters, gets stabbed-

"AAaAhHhHH!!!! (Freaking out) NO NO NO NO!! GET AWAY FROM HIM! SUNWHEREAREYOU come on Ghira please be safe pleasebesafe

-Sun finally arrives, USES GUNCHUCKS!-

"YEEEESSS GUNCHUCKS!!!” *excited clapping*

-Ilia almost getting squashed, getting saved by Ghira-


-Kali enters dragging a little souvenir w/ her (WHAT A BADASS!)-

*laughs* “Oh my God Kali is the best!”

-everyone ends up safe and Ilia finally doing the right thing-




Imagine: Waking Jamie up in the middle of the night to wish him ‘Merry Christmas’.

Prompt: 14. Person A wakes Person B up at exactly 12 am screaming, “It’s Christmas!” Person B thinks it’s too cute to get mad. With Jamie Lannister for anon

You sneak through the hallway of the castle, making your way to Jamie Lannister’s room. It was Christmas Eve and nearly midnight. Christmas was your favourite holiday, so you were incredibly excited.  

You creep into his room and crawl into his bed, you pause for a moment, feeling slightly bad for waking him in the middle of the night -he just looked so peaceful. Then you remembered how he used to wake you at 4:00 in the morning to make you train.

“Jamie, wake up!”

“Wha- Y/N, are you okay?!”

“IT’S CHRISTMAS!” You shout.

“Seriously Y/N?” He groans, rubbing his eyes, “Was that really necessary?”

“Of course! I wanted to be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!” You smile.

His face breaks into a smile as well, “You’re lucky you’re so adorable.”

You lean down and place a kiss against his lips, “Merry Christmas my love.”

“Merry Christmas Jamie.”


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Birthday Wish

So….my birthday is Monday.

And all I really want is for my Masterlist to get reblogged by everyone. Even if you’ve already done it. Clog this site all weekend.

I want my notes filled with new readers perusing my stories.

I could use the motivation and the reminder that 36 isn’t so bad even though I’m closer to my 40’s than my 20’s now. Lol.

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[ you guys !! i’m so excited because i’m back home for winter break and i get to visit with all my guitar / voice students that i used to teach before i left for school !! they’re having a recital tonight, and my favorite kid, this lil 10-year-old bean of a boy, wANTED ME TO DO A DUET WITH HIM



so i will get replies out to you all in between rehearsing time! come send me memes and give me stuff to work on while i practice! i have absolutely ZERO sheet music to go by for this song and we’re playing tonight, so I gotta learn fast. wish me and my little buddy good luck! ]


Two announcements today: the first of which being that we will be having a new event starting up tomorrow, and while it’s not exactly Christmas-themed, it will hopefully bring us all some cheer anyway! Everyone is encouraged to participate, but it’s also understood that the holiday season is jam-packed, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or in need of a hiatus, always feel free to message us and let us know~

Secondly, with the help of Neo’s mun Kat, we’re going to be changing around a few of the graphics, probably the ads and acceptances mostly, sometime in the next few days! Admin Luna and I are immensely excited and super grateful for the help!

We hope everyone is having a great time and looking forward to the future~

- Admin Solar and Admin Luna