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Growing up with empathetic parents who would cluck worriedly over a mean comment thrown in our household, I used to think that kindness was easily given and taken. But as I was pushed out into the society, I learned the hard way that it wasn’t. You could be kind to everyone as you want but the tendency is, not all of them would be kind to you, too. Most people would take advantage of it and spin it to their liking; most would brush it off as falseness; most would get annoyed with it–with you.

And so I wanted to post this forward to recognize people who keep giving out until their pockets are empty, who brings out kindness as easily as they breathe, who still keep on putting some people forward instead of themselves and those who never stop being kind despite the harshness of the world. You are the true definition of courage. It isn’t easy to wake up again with nothing to give and yet, you keep on trying to give. It is true strength to keep on zipping your chest open to others while they keep on grabbing every piece of you and even if being nearly empty brings you down, you don’t let it.

It is both easy and hard to be kind but kindness is not ever bound by gender, race, social status, employment etcetera. If there’s one thing we all need to be right now: I think it is to be more kind.

Winter Drabbles – Wonho

Tbh I’ve secretly had some Wonho feels lately, so I needed this fluffy ass drabble to quench my thirst. Also, it hasn’t really truly snowed yet, and it’s kind of bumming me out. I want to build a snow fort. Feed back is always appreciated! Still taking requests, too! Enjoy!


“You are so annoying!” you grunted, shaking snow from your hair, and pouting dramatically.

Wonho snaked his hands around your waist, pulling you tightly against him as the two of you made your way through the park. “Oh, babe!” He smirked that annoying little shit smirk at you, “you love me.”

You pushed him away from you with a growl, “no, no I don’t!” you protested, and he raised his eyebrows at you, clearly testing you. He began leaning down slowly towards the snow, “Wonho! I swear to God, you will sleep on the couch for the next thirty years!”

Wonho grabbed another handful of snow, and you held a finger up to him. Your eyes wide with a don’t you fucking dare stare, “thirty years!?” He taunted you, laughing as he pretended to throw the snow at you once more, “who says I want to sleep next to you for the next thirty years? You snore, anyway!” He ran at you, snow still in hand.

You froze, throwing your hands over your face, and squealing anxiously. You peeked nervously through your fingers when your surroundings fell silent. Your hands flew from your eyes straight to your mouth as you saw Wonho in front of you, down on one knee.

He held out his hand, and you were shaking as you slid yours into it. “Y/N, I don’t want thirty years, I want forever.” Tears fell hot on your cheeks, and you bit your lip beneath your hand, trying to keep yourself from jumping and squealing like a little girl. He flipped open the little black box, removing the ring, and holding it out to you, “will you marry me?”

Words suddenly escaped you, and you nodded your head frantically, trying to contain your shaking as he slid the ring up for finger. His smile was beaming as he kissed the top of your hand. You pulled him quickly to his feet by the collar of his sweater, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for a needy, lustful kiss. His arms wrapped tightly around you, you both smiling into each others mouths.

He leaned back, glancing dopely between your eyes and lips, a perfect smile never leaving his face, “I love you so much.” You giggled, and slipped from his grip, grabbing a handful of snow quickly.

He had no time to react as you smashed the snow into his face, and ran away hollering back at him, “I love you too, baby!”

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Imagine Thomas in the morning when he first wakes up, his hair fluffy but strewn all over, his voice soft yet croaky. Imagine knocking on his front door at 9am because you left your phone at his house last night and he answers the door with a loose t-shirt and boxers on, leaning against the doorframe as his eyes fight to stay open.

“Morning love, I was wondering when you would be back,” his voice cracks as he brushes a hand through his hair. “Might as well come in for some coffee, I’m awake now.” He mutters, pulling on a sweater as you walk in. Half of you is worried that he is annoyed that you woke him up, but his arms pull you close to him against the kitchen counter and you smile into his chest, his eyes drooping, head resting on top of yours.

“Maybe we should just go back to sleep Thomas,” you smile, pressing a kiss against his cheek. He mutters something, half asleep, pulling the two of you into the leaving room and plopping down on the couch, pulling you to fall asleep on top of him, his fingers tracing circles on your back.

“Next time just stay the night.” He mutters before falling asleep.

When you’re a Non-American fangirl, and that your show isn’t streaming yet and you haven’t watched it…… BUT THE AMERICAN FANGIRLS ARE ALREADY SPOILING THE WHOLE EPISODE ON YOUR TUMBLR DASH…..

Sorry Sir

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Prompt: Love your writing! Can you do one where like the reader lost her last pair of contacts but refuses to wear her glasses so she’s like squinting and bumping into stuff and Steve finds it cute yet funny?? Xx
Warnings: May be offensive to glasses wearers

    A blaring alarm rang out, causing you to jolt awake. Groaning and grumbling, you reached over to the alarm clock and pushed, or rather slammed, a few buttons in order to turn off the annoying sound of the alarm. After a few seconds, the nagging sound ceased. Sighing, you squinted your eyes and tried to bring the world the focus. But of course, this never works. Sure, you can detect the orange sunlight slowly seeping through the curtains, but everything else seemed to have a hazy outline around them. 

    With a great amount of effort, you managed to swing your legs off of your bed and walk to your bathroom. You stumbled over a pile of clothes, crashed into a chair, and bumped into the dresser as you tried to find your way to the bathroom. It was always a disaster when you don’t have your contact lenses in your eyes.

    Raising your arms, you found the doorway of the bathroom and felt around the wall for the light switch. You were rewarded when a bright light switched on from above you. As usual, you shuffled your feet to the counter and reached out for your contact lenses that sat on the little shelf. Except it wasn’t there.

    “Huh?” you frowned as you felt around the empty shelf. You felt the solution bottles and your typical hygiene products such as your deodorant and toothpaste, but for some reason, the small bright green container containing your two contact lenses was absent.  

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When the same kid who has tattled to me ten times already in the last hour comes marching up to me yet again.

hi guys!!!!!! so recently i reached like my big big ass goal cause most of you know what happened to my blog last year and yada yada so like i said i was gonna do a big follow forever and post my psd (which i already did) and again this is more like a THANK YOU FOREVER because when my blog got deleted a lot of you helped and even though i keep changing fandoms and etc and i thought a lot of my old mutuals weren’t gonna follow back and shit but you all did like it literally was your opportunity to get rid of my annoying ass and yet a lot of you followed me again so i am grateful as fuck. another thing is that i have been following a lot of you like for three-four years since my first url and everything i could never unfollow you guys even if u dont post things i like anymore/ or if i dont post things u like anymore and vice versa. i am glad i can call a lot of you guys my friends and i love you all so much. i added ALL my mutuals in this like even if we started following each other yesterday or today. y’all gonna see all the phases i have gone through when you click the read more thing because i literally follow people from ALL fandoms bye this took years but it was worth it :):) I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL AND I WILL PROBABLY NEVER DO A FOLLOW FOREVER LIKE THIS ANYMORE BUT YA YOU ARE AWESOME GUYSS!!!! (btw you dont have to reblog this its too long its ok) (btw btw i had to take away some of  the mentions/links cause tumblr wasnt letting me post it because it was way too many people so i hope y’all see it anyway)

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You have your own perspective, and it is well-informed and valuable. Yet you do not know it all, and it’s a good idea to avoid the assumption that you do.

Other people may often frustrate and annoy you, and you may wonder how they could be so ignorant, immature, misinformed or whatever. But you only see a very small part of their perspective, and cannot possibly know everything that goes into their decisions.

Being overly judgmental rarely does anyone any good. Look for opportunities to replace judgment with empathy.

By all means, live and act with excellence, and expect excellence from others. When others fail to live up to your expectations, find ways to offer help rather than to cause hurt.

Seek to understand, and to encourage genuine understanding in others. Let go of the need to lecture and to rant, so you can spend more of your precious life in a positive state.

Make connections instead of judgments. And make the best of every situation and of every person you encounter.

— Ralph Marston


The amount of fried rice and soba for one person at this restaurant blows your mind.