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If you value copyright on your animal images, do not submit anything to The Dodo.

I just finally figured out how The Dodo is consistently able to pull content from people’s social media accounts without running into copyright law issues. And it’s hella shady. 

Buried in their terms and conditions is this:

“*By pasting a link to your social media account(s) you understand that you are granting to The Dodo full access to and permission to use any of your animal content.”

So even if the content you’re submitting has nothing to do with that social media account, if you put a link to the page in that box, you’ve given away all rights to your own animal media. You no longer have control over what they use or how they frame it, and you don’t get compensation. There’s no time limit on that clause - they can now scrape your content and use it for their own ends indefinitely. 

otacon was a draw between an otter (he kinda reminds me of one and like it works as a pun on his name) or a hedgehog.

but hedgehogs are too Wide and bulky and also i was feeling dangerous energies when i sketched that bc it reminded me too much of like 2012 sherlock fandom drawing john watson as a hedgehog constantly

Good Morning Tumblr, and THANK YOU FOR 500+ FOLLOWERS!

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Please enjoy the customary follower appreciation gif, because I love you guys like Shinobu Oshino loves donuts. I honestly don’t have the words to express how flattered and encouraged (and awkward) I feel right now. Just a year ago, the prospect of blogging was a genuinely frightening prospect. It’s still a bit nerve wracking, but very rewarding nonetheless. It’s only been 5 months but I feel like Tumblr has taught me 5 years worth of life lessons and done wonders for for my very rusty writing skills that were my pride and joy just a few years ago (along with my micrographs.) I have a long way to go in that department and am still trying to find myself as a blogger, curator and human being in general. 

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me since the beginning (and called me out on my BS when I needed it)  and to new followers who’ve signed up to watch my fumble my way to…um… coherence and a consistent workflow that will allow me to keep this going as a hobby when I get to go back to playing with microscopes and arguing with people about data all day and incessantly asking “why” about everything with people who have the same compulsion to ask why about everything. Did I mention that positive reinforcement short circuits my brain? I mean, I’m not complaining, it’s just that my hippocampus doesn’t know what to do with it and um… thank you very much and I’ll keep trying to do stuff that people like on this blog and stuff and stop rambling about this (JFC this got really long) here’s a gif that clashes with the one above that expresses…something something I love you why am I still typing!?

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Things might run a little slow today, as yesterday was more of a “recharge” day than a catch-up day. You can expect a few bits of new fanart and a Psycho Pass & Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic heavy written content day. I have a few more GMP analyses of Berserk fight scenes but I probably won’t post more than one to keep things from getting too spammy.

The ask box has been re-opened, though I doubt I’ll get around to answering anything that’s submitted today until the weekend.

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Hey i have a question im not vegan or vegetarian dose that make me a bad person because i eat meat and consume other products like eggs milk and honey? I mean i support the fact that people are vegan and if people dont try to force me to be a vegan or shove the fact they are one in my face then more power to you

Thank you! But vegans don’t need your support, animals need you to stop eating them which is very different. If you were interested in becoming vegan and ending animal suffering you just do that 🤔…at the end, you’re the only one shoving something on your face, and that’s the animals you’re eating! 

You are forcing an animal to die for you to eat, but yeah vegans go around forcing people to go vegan by posting about animal cruelty… how awful! 🙄

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Regarding the burrowing riding, how would it work with things that could 'swim' on sand half-submerged (of a sufficient size of course), so you could ride on top like it were a boat?

This is a legitimate way to go about it (although if the method were saddled, you’d constantly have to replace the saddle straps. movement would erode them), but unless there’s no walking animals around to ride on the sand (like camels) or the digging animal is supernaturally fast, it seems impractical to me personally.

But, disclaimer: I am an individual person with specific biases and opinions, not some sort of all-knowing steed deity who has come from on high to shame you for your imaginary animal riding scenarios. If you wanna have digging steed knock yourself out, many possibilities for one have already been discussed, it’s just not a choice I personally consider practical.

Somewhat related: to all the people who are Down For Vore or sitting in a pouch (either part of the animal or a sack attached to its bum), that’s great, but that crosses a line for me between ‘riding and controlling an animal’ and ‘getting dragged somewhere and hoping it’s where you wanted to be.’ Like, in order to direct them you’d have tell them beforehand where you want to end up… at that point you aren’t riding them so much as asking your roommate Jerry the giant sapient mole to eat you and take you to that sweet party a kilometer under the earth. A plausible fantasy scenario, sure, but not exactly comparable to horse-training.

“ Some people take Coumadin as a prescribe blood thinner. How many people know that Coumadin is really Warfarin and that Warfarin is rat poison? The word Warfarin is derived from the words WAR-FAR-IN……the idea of starting a war far inside of the animal you want to exterminate. Do you know what’s going on? Are you sure? If your doctor prescribed you arsenic, would you take it? Your human farmers already know the answer, regarding most of the population. Do you think science can’t find anything else to thin blood, other than poison? You are free to awaken at anytime. You live on a modern day slave plantation and your slave masters use medical and science poisons to rot your mind and body, so you don’t notice and so you’re too weak to rebel. Reject the poison and you’ll see it. “  Jason Christoff

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Robin's egg blue

Robin’s egg blue: if you were an animal, which one do you think you would be?

hmm, the obvious answer would be bunny! But I like the thought of being a fennec fox because THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS

an au concept

based off this post (does this count as reposting if the art isn’t here if it is tell me I’ll delete)

  • so people are born humans but can shift into animals once they’re around 4-7 (sometimes longer, its kind of like getting your period, but you turn into an animal)
  • if they shift later than 7, the person is usually assumed to have no animal
  • the later they shift, the rarer the animal will be
  • like if you shift at 3 you would be something like a pigeon
  • if it’s later than 8 and a half than it’s probably something super powerful

  • Viktor shifted at 7, is a direwolf
  • Yuuri is a phoenix, shifted just before his 9th birthday
  • Yurio is a lynx, near his 7th birthday
  • i’ll think of others later

  • they get a tattoo of their animal/features when they first shift
  • if it’s your own animal the tattoo is either on your stomach or back
  • if it’s your soulmates, it’s over your heart
  • did i mention there are soulmates?
  • soulmate animals don’t have to match
  • you get your soulmate tattoo when they first shift

  • Yuuri’s spirit is powerful so he hides it because he doesn’t want attention
  • Vitya went around excitedly screaming I”M A WOLF A DIREWOLF
  • Yurio doesn’t deny his but doesn’t boast about it either
  • Yuuri locked eyes with Viktor at the photo scene
  • he spent the night in denial
  • Viktor pined

  • by the way the also get certain features from their animals, physical or mental
  • inborn grace, sexuality, charm, aggression, yada yada
  • in Yuuri’s case because phoenix, he has the ability to conjure flames
  • he doesn’t know how much yet because he never used his abilities
  • feel free to add more

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Two things: do you have a story about me (you can make up the most random shit ever I don't care I need sleeting to laugh about) and what animal do you associate with me? (I'm hella depressed I need to laugh)

OH, that one time that I went over to your house and you greeted me by sliding down the stairs on a beanbag.  And I associate you with a moose


Hey friends, it’s Meg!

A really late TUTOR TUESDAY on antlers which ARE NOT horns, so ya’ll can stop razzin’ me about not putting them on last weeks tutorial! If you have any tutorial recs send ‘em in here or my personal! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!