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as someone new to animal crossing, i didn’t know what to think of rover before but i felt like he definitely had more of a catlike energy than the other cats on pocket camp?? and i couldn’t figure out why?

on this day, the last day of rover’s garden safari, i now know why


Listen, and listen good. I’m not going to support you in your efforts to tear someone to shreads if you reblog or make callout posts - I think they’re fucking vicious. Sorry if this upsets you, and you have really no obligation at all to follow me if you do not like this, but please… don’t ask me to help you out to create a callout post, because I will NOT OBLIGE. I understand having unpleasant experiences with a person, and I understand a lot of you have suffered… but, seriously, if you’re that concerned, why don’t you do something about it in the real world? It shouldn’t be about “Ooh, I’m a good samaritan, stay safe Tumblr, love, the people of the internet”, it should be something genuine like “If there are people like this on the other side of the screen that think this is okay, I think we should take action in the real world to protect all people, not just Tumblr”. Just remember that, all callout posts do is cause more trouble than there already is. I understand you feel a need to protect people, but I’ll say this for a second time on this blog: IT’S NOT YOUR JOB TO KEEP OTHERS SAFE ON THE INTERNET - IF THEY CAN’T AVOID DRAMA AND TOXIC PEOPLE OR GET RID OF THEM THEMSELVES (and I’m not saying you can’t talk to them to encourage them to get rid of those toxic people in their life) THEN THEY SHOULD NOT BE ON TUMBLR. You and I and everyone else knows JUST how much SHIT is on Tumblr dot com - You don’t want to get mixed up in drama? Don’t throw your opinions into it, don’t stay friends with people you KNOW are toxic and other people know are toxic, and DON’T MAKE CALLOUT POSTS. Blacklist, block, do anything else other than provoke. This is NOT directed at anybody - this is just a REMINDER. I’ve had news of even more callouts circulating and I wish to stay the furthest I can from it. So this is my input on callout culture: It’s fucking shitty. Just because you yell in all caps about the ‘incredulous things’ someone might have done (which they may well have) doesn’t mean that “Okay, the problem is solved now guys, you can go back to roleplaying uwu”… it just means you yelled at someone - in any case, have two medals because the two of you are GRADE A CUNTS. Stop tearing each other apart (which means both the callout maker and the problematic person getting a callout because they’re toxic) and maybe Tumblr might just have the tiniest fucking chance at “becoming a friendly, anti-negativity/anti-drama zone”. Stop being toxic. Stop being animals. End of.

Peace emoji.

The problem when you are trying to do work related stuff but get distracted by discovering the existance of itty-bitty falcon species on wikipedia instead

In my defense look:

This guy is like sparrow sized

birbs of prey

animal crossing: pocket camp - tips!!

okay so im level 20+ already after two days of playing so i’ll give you guys some tips for gaining levels and the general game

  • fruit trees refresh every 3 hours, if you don’t have the inventory space for the fruit just shake the tree and leave them on the ground, they won’t rot, and you can maximise your harvest

  • the shops rotate every 6 hours- 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am 

  • do requests for every villager regardless of if you plan to invite them or not for mats, experience and bells

  • spend your leaf tickets on giving yourself the extra crafting slots ASAP!

  • the quarry resets every 24 hours to get in for free, add as many people as possible so you can use it 

  • make sure to scroll your friend-list and help out people to get into the quarry, you get 100 bells each time!

  • every 1 hour, the villagers at your campsite will let you talk to them for gifts and friendship points

  • when you get a new villager, click ‘auto-arrange’ for their new furniture. it’ll put what they want down and after it gives you the option to revert to your original layout. you do not need to keep their preferred furniture out!!

  • always have an amenity crafting, always. they take forever and you will need to have them all eventually

  • the stretch goals are very generous with rewards and very easy, work on them as fast as you can

  • save up as many materials as you can, the furniture becomes incredibly expensive (60-120+ mats per piece) very fast

  • don’t be afraid to use your request tickets/calling cards, the game is generous with giving them

  • when listing items in the market box, be aware that the price does not automatically reflect the quantity. you have to put the price up the more items you add!

feel free to add anymore!! i hope these help your game!

Nintendo: Here, have this cute relaxing game set in a world where everyone is your friend-

Me: OMG AWESOME.. I headcanon my campers to be a badass gang of bikers and whenever they give me bells it’s like bribes and protection money they collected and when peeps don’t pay us up we come to their tent and…

Nintendo, probably: …..

Nintendo, probably: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU