are you all gross under there

noah fence but on phil’s birthday if dan doesn’t tweet “happy birthday to my beautiful boyfriend husband best friend i can’t wait to move into our new house overlooking the ocean with a roof you can climb on to look at the stars so we can talk about space all night and fall asleep under a blanket thanks for saving my life in 2009 idk where or who i’d be without you you’re like kind of the greatest thing thats ever happened to me i love you eternally, phil. happy birthday” im gonna be mad

im pissed off


honestly why the fuck.

i have a few problems with this.

1. this isn’t confirmed but as far as we know, miles is 15-16 and gwen is 19-20. which is pretty gross, but marvel isn’t the best when it comes to age differences (ex. oro was 12 when she first lost her virginity to t’challa when he was 16-17). but it’s 2017???? do better.

2. after the events of civil war II and all the stress miles was put under, do you really think this is a good idea? like, i feel like…….. there are other things to focus on rather than implement a romance to the series. i’m really tired of authors throwing romances at their audience once they can’t figure out another story line for their character. its tiring. it’s old. and i’m sick of it.

3. i’m a little put off but black and white relationships in marvel because it seems to be the only ships they can come up with? i’m. tired of it actually. I can think of a number of other people who are poc to ship miles with. black and white relations are not the only form of interracial relationships.

honestly this isn’t confirmed as far as i know but i really just, hope. this isn’t….. real. i’m tired.


Why you should read Beanstalk, Echoes of a Giantkiller, and Remember the Dust by E. Jade Lomax, posthaste. 

1. Diversity. Characters across all races and sexual/gender identities.

2. Adventure School. The Academy trains students to be leagues, with a Hero, a Guide, a Combat Spec, a Mage, and a Sage.

3. Schoolyard scuffles that lead to secret defense classes carried on under the noses of the authorities.

4. Intense fights with fire demons and other Things lurking about the dark places of Rivertown.

5. Sally-Anne’s fish shop. The opening setting for the gang’s first outing together (and first battle), the hub of Rivertown’s gossip and information, the infirmary for after the battles. Get a fizzy lemonade.

5. People pretending to be something they’re not, and pretending not to be something they are, through hard work and a determination not to take the path pushed on them by society.

6. Grey, the sarcastic, prickly sage bookwork (and my precious baby), who uses forgery talents not to do mischief, but to get a job as a librarian. “I’m not courageous, I’m just rude.”

8. Laney Jones, the woman who taught herself magic when no one else would, and invented entirely new concepts, all while being the best shot the Academy’s ever seen. “If you touch one hair on my family’s head, I will have you set on fire.”

8. George the Giant Slayer, though she’s so much more than that. A would-be academic continuously pulled into battles for a cause, a badass staff fighter, and a legend by the time she was 16.

9. Jack, a former do-gooder vigilante trying to shed his giant-killing past to learn to do good in the world, a trained fighter who mainly wants to heal.

10. Rupert, a young man who makes paperwork his bitch and uses it to save lives. Always looking out for his league and making sure they have extra supplies. An academic, a hero, an explorer, a leader.

11. Flashbacks interwoven with the narrative to utter perfection, tugging and pulling at pasts and secrets to deepen the characters.

12. Worldbuilding. Several worlds built. Rivertown, St. John’s Port, Gravestown, the desert, Jack’s childhood forest home.

13. Acknowledgement of grief, not limited to the heroes’ side, with obituary chapters telling what no one ever knew.

14. Relationships. Friendship, friendship with secrets, friendship strained by secrets, strained friendships not stopping two experienced fighters from communicating what needs to be done. The romance is limited to the side characters. The main characters don’t need romance to be fully rounded personalities, with pasts and emotions and motivations and feelings, limits and flaws and regrets, guilt and sorrow and hope.

15. All of the best elements in fantasy and storytelling put together to be one of the greatest legends I have ever read.

Read these books. Read them.

(I love you, @ink-splotch)

Shout out to all lesbians who don’t like or don’t care about men. You’re not bad, you’re not perpetrating stereotypes, and you shouldn’t be thrown under the bus

(this post obviously includes trans and nb lesbians, and excludes gross terfs)

under no circumstance is calling gay pda gross anything less than vile and homophobic. couch it in whatever language you want, emphasize whatever identities you’d like to, block as many people as you want to, claim that virulently and violently hating lgbt people is caused by trauma or that it’s a “coping mechanism”, but this is a fundamental truth. homophobes of all flavors and kinds have been calling gay pda “gross” and inappropriate for centuries so to say “i’m x and i feel grossed about by gay pda” is nothing short of homophobic. have a nice day! 

Wake: a potion for last minute mornings, rough weeks, and all-nighter recovery

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent from this blog since college started back up—mostly due to being completely overwhelmed by a tremendous amount of work in addition to my school duties. I’m sure we’ve all been there; you’re treading water with your normal workload, when suddenly everything else goes belly up and you’re stuck with WAY more than you think you can cope with (and, if you’re like me, you might even get lucky enough to catch a gross cold on top of that!).

Well, the good news is that you probably CAN handle what life is throwing at you. The bad news is it’s probably still going to suck for a while as you get things back under control. A little self care can go a long way at such times, so this and the next few posts will focus on just that! This first recipe (or potion, if you prefer) is quick, dirty, and a lifesaver on rough days.  It’s simple, and can easily be tweaked to replace different ingredients (chai instead of coffee, etc.) as long as they abide by the same goals: keep awake, keep fed, and keep going.


Coffee (or another stimulant)

Sugar to taste

Optional, if you have time:

Pinch of cinnamon (energy, good vibes, strength)

Dash of clove (protection)

Peeled ginger (strengthens and intensifies workings it is part of)

Vanilla (restores lost energy)

Pinch of calendula flowers (courage, energy, protection)

If you’re in a rush, just make coffee or caffeinated tea as you normally would and move to the next step. If you have a few minutes—or are prepping ahead of time—you have two options:

1.       Steep the optional herbal ingredients in coffee while gently heating until infused, straining once finished, or

2.       Place herbs in a saucepan with a 2 / 1 mixture of sugar and water, enough to cover the herbs. Heat until sugar is melted and herbs have fully steeped their flavor into the syrup. Strain and bottle to add to your coffee base later.

If you are using vanilla extract, do not add it until the mixtures are cooled from a simmer, as the alcohol will evaporate. If you are very stressed while making this, I recommend stirring counterclockwise to banish negative energy and taking the simmer time to take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and try to release a little tension.

To your base, add the following:

Milk/cream/soy (adds healthy fat and calcium—milk’s a food, too!)

Powdered nuts; specifically, I like a big scoop of powdered peanut butter for this (peanuts bring prosperity and protection), but there are a lot of different nuts with different properties available on the health market. A big huge jar of powered peanut butter will run you only about nine bucks at most stores.

This part seems like it might taste bad (I know that’s what I was afraid of when I first made it), but it’s honestly kind of good. And most importantly, both the above ingredients—mostly the peanut butter—are full of protein and good fats, which upgrades this from a short-term energy boost to something that will actually sustain you throughout the day.

When mixing the components, I place them all in a jar and shake vigorously. Jars are great for carrying drinks around in (or am I just weird?), and shaking the potion is my favorite point to really focus on its purpose: energy. If you want, this is a solid little chant to do over it as well, especially if accompanied by visualization:

I won’t rest; sleep won’t take me

Daily trials will not shake me

I am still here, standing strong

Time for rest has come and gone.

Throughout the day, this serves as a light power shake and a great way to kill both your hunger and your caffeine addiction at the same time. When I know that I’m not getting back home until late, this is my go-to for powering through the day!

Taking A Bath With BTS


<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog

Jin/Seokjin: Jinnie would take a bath with you when he came home from practice, or when he was feeling particularly stressed out. He would have come home from practice all sweaty and gross and be chasing you around the house for a kiss and you would squeal and(fail) to push him away, claiming he was stinky and he would declare it time for a bath. You would agree and he would say that if he smelled so bad you should come help him so that you could make sure that he didn’t smell bad. You would come to an agreement to draw a bath for him if he made food for the both of you, and he would come in the bathroom carrying a tray loaded with enough food to feed all of BTS, when he saw you laying in the tub, just submerged enough so that you didn’t hear him walk in, and your hair floated around you like some kind of ethereal mermaid princess.

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Your whole area has a net outage for a day and you cheer urself up with a big cup of chocolatey milk 


the bottom of your glass just falls right off, and you watch as the milk gushes out from under you and all over your freshly mopped floors. It drains the last ounce of happiness you once had

I had a need to write a rant about the ship I REALLY don’t like (Guzma and Lusamine) because I’m really grossed out by it but I don’t want to post any negativity either so I decided to put it under the cut so you can read it if you’re interested. If you’re not, just ignore this post (it’s not that long anyway). Also there are gonna be spoilers of course.

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I pop into the detransition tag often and lately I’ve read some stuff from non detransitioned people, I imagine, about how sad and ridiculous it is that many young dysphoric women (teens and early twenties) become disillusioned with queer theory/the transition narrative itself as they figure out that transition is not helping them. Specifically, I have read that it is apparently sad and ridiculous that many of them arrive at radical feminist understandings of themselves and the world as a result of their experience with detransition and disidentification. There’s this notion that there’s a whole bunch of teenage detransitioned/reidentified radical feminists who just never really took *real* steps toward transition and are now just a bunch of angry gross dykes. This despite the fact that last I checked with the self-named queer community, you don’t have to want to alter your body to be under the trans umbrella. 

Along with this, there is the notion that what these young women have experienced is less legitimate or not legitimate at all because they are young—disbelief that they could have sought transition in their young to mid-teens. There are insinuations that many of these women’s stories are fake or made up for political points. It is not uncommon at this point for teenagers to be the recipients of transition related therapies (I mean, there’s been a huge increase in pediatric gender-ID referrals in the past couple years) so this sentiment strikes me as either ignorant or dishonest. Or reaching. And writing off teenage girls in this way–calling them fake, attention seeking bitches–is pretty much garden variety misogyny, is it not? 

I don’t find it surprising at all that a set of women who have experienced what basically boils down to medical/psychiatric malpractice and misogyny from their own communities would abandon the set of ideas that in part caused those experiences. Take girls and women seriously.

to all my fellow beauts with crappy/sensitive/acne-ridden skin:

You’re under no obligation to cover or hide it. You can wear mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, or any other form of makeup without foundation if you can’t/don’t want to for whatever reason. Or you could wear none at all if it’s not your thing!!!

Regardless, your skin doesn’t determine your worth or your beauty, and if someone tell you otherwise, I’ll punch them in the throat.

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You should totally post nsfw Promptis! Your style is so awesome!

Hahaha—-oh boy! One day I’ll make something worth the post <3 For now it’s all doodles and sketches until something catches my fancy—or the fancy of friends when I show them my sin LOL But thanks! You can have the other poorly drawn sketch too <3

NSFW under the read more!

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Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Dad Reigen Edition

Works that focus on Reigen acting as a mentor/dad to Mob and/or the other kids. Good for when you’re having a rough day and just want to read something heartwarming. Almost all of these are one shots, and a lot of them focus on Mob and Reigen’s early relationship. They’re adorable. 

There are two multichapter fics, @bananacreamphi​‘s Love the Bomb is a fully fledged dystopian AU that also has Reigen basically adopting Mob, which is why I put it here and not under AUs. On Glass Shoulders just got a surprise update so now it’s two chapters. 

These are all for either teen and up or general audiences. I wish this wasn’t something that I feel like I need to emphasize but there is NO ped//ophi///lia in these works. 

If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. If there a is work that involves non-con or other gross stuff please let me know because then it doesn’t belong on this list. If there is a work on this list that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please let me know and I’ll take it off the list.

Featuring sukikobold, idolatry, NotHereForIt, and many other great authors. Remember to leave comments and kudos!

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Seriously tho, people think having kinks is like loving a song or a color. They have no understanding of other people's traumas, and that shows how shallow their understanding is. I'm sorry you're putting up with all these people.

I absolutely agree anon!! And they’re so quick to say “well I use it to cope!” when 1. It’s a very damaging way to cope, as said by many professionals and 2. You’re not speaking for all survivors and you’re throwing those who find it triggering under the bus and showing how much you don’t care. Idk it’s very gross!!

One Night: Bellamy Blake imagine

Every since you got to earth it seemed as if everyone was in a tumbleweed of mistakes and bad decisions. Maybe it was the crazy uncontrollable teenage emotions or the rush of adrenaline from actually being on earth, being alive.

But you knew it was wrong, you knew your were smarter then it all. But yet you feel under the stupid trance of incoherent decisions. 

Your head was pounding as you woke up from a rugged night. Your mind was still in a spin from the homemade moonshine. Your body felt gross from being on the musky earth and the sweat from the night before.

Next to you laid a strong built body. Flashes of what happened the night before came to you in a rapid storm. You groaned as you looked at Bellamy who was still asleep next to you. The sinful acts from the night before.

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Things Wolf Biters know as facts

•When your all ready for bed and the only thing you have to do is turn off the light, but you just can’t get yourself to stop biting your fingers long enough to stand up and turn it off.

• “what happened to your fingers?”

•“so it’s a habit? No, like a BAD habit, right?”

•Avoiding any situation where your fingers could get wet at all costs

•Pulling your sleeves down past your fingers

• Not wanting to touch anything because your fingers are raw and sensitive

• losing feeling in parts of your finger where hard tissue is growing back

• getting the loose skin caught painfully on fabric

•“that’s a gross habit”

•painting your nails burns

•your books and papers have little blood smears on them•

•it hurts to hold a pencil sometimes

•your fingers are always cold•

•when the bandaids cause moisture to build up under the wrapping and you know it’s going to be a trigger when you take it off•

•pressing down the stings on a guitar or other string instrument hurts like hell

•avoiding eating finger-foods

•the little skin flakes that fall on your lap from picking

•when you just don’t want to leave your house because your fingers are burning and you don’t want to touch anything and you don’t want anyone to see but you just can’t stop

Can you relate to these? Do you know anymore?

new computer and had to redownload all my art programs. this is a wip of one of my ocs I wanted to try painting. the watercolor brush is my best friend now. OvO