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I hate those nights when you just lay in bed crying. And you’ll stare at your phone, looking through it trying to find something that’s gonna cheer you up. Because you’re so sick of crying.

But the nights that I hate the most… Are the ones when you cry, and cry, and cry, and keep crying until you get choked up.

You get so choked up that you can’t even breathe.

Yet, even after all the messy crying. You’re left with a pain in your chest, and there’s this fire in you.

There’s a rage that’s inside, so even after all the crying.

The feeling is still there.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #17 // @loveactivist

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Can I ask why you ship kamisero? This is not to be mean, I just can't remember a lot of their interactions in the manga or anime and would love to be reminded of why they work well as a couple

!!!!! Ooookay this is kind of a weird question for me and I don’t really know how to properly answer because… uhm… they’re kind of always together?? Actually??? I mean they haven’t really been the protagonists in any arc so it’s mostly background stuff but when they appear they’re more often than not together - here, have some panels I’ve found skimming real fast through the parts I remembered them being there

(+Mina!!! squad moment heck yes!!)

(+Kiri!!! more squad moments!!!!!!!)

(real talk more often than not if Kami and Mineta are in the same place Sero is right there with them, I try to pretend that’s not true but alas)

(+Baku!!! Even more squad moments!!!! This one’s from an extra, I can’t find the translated version anymore - rip - but they’re trying to get Baku to play the thumb game I’m gonna cry this squad will kill me)

also on the cover of Vol 4 👌👌👌

The thing about me shipping them is that as I said I do prefer them as friends, which they are and it’s adorable, but I’m always up for entertaining the idea of good friends in romantic relationships so I’m 👍👍👍 about KamiSero too haha


Tianshan Week Day 5 One Day. I named it after the song I listened to. “All is violent, all is bright”.

Sorry for missing out yesterday but I put all my feelings and effort into this one. This instrumental inspired me for the scenery.

I feel like He Tian would dress like a total pimp later while Guanshan stays with his bomber jackets or warm winter jackets (bought by He Tian and the devil personified refuses to take anything for it in return *cough* Maybe Momo’s soul, but that’s a different story *laughs*)

Psst guess what today is o.o

It my birthday!! I’m gonna be asleep when this posts cause I’m scheduling it to post at exactly 12:01am, but I want to tell you all that I am so happy :)
When I finally got out of school, I didn’t really have any friends or anyone to turn to if I was feeling sad or alone or happy or excited. And now- now I have friends. I have people I love with all my heart. And I don’t think I’ve ever really felt love like this before? Not that much anyways. But right now my heart is full of warmth and affection and I love you all so so much. 
Thank you. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for making this year of my life filled with so many smiles and so much laughter and so much happiness.

I love each and every one of you. So so much :)

the light from the stars | 03

genre ― fluff with a hint of angst | domestic!au + expecting!au

pairing ― yoongi | reader + jin

synopsis  Married life was going pretty swell for you and Yoongi. That is until a dash on a pregnancy test came into your life.

words ― 5,496

chapters01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Three words you’ve wanted to here for almost four months have now slipped out of the doctor’s lips. This is the part where you should be crying tears of joy, it’s all you’ve ever wanted. Yet the feeling was cold and you were terrified to touch your stomach.

“You’re eight weeks and five days Mrs. Min! Now, the reason as to why you fainted. You need to start taking it easy on the workload or just try not to do overly tiring activities. It’s not good for either you or the baby,”she said in a rather scolding manner.

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…………….I might have just finished the next part of the arrangement. I still need to edit and do final touches and chat with my wonderful twin @deanssweetheart23 to make sure everything’s good and that I didn’t make any dumb mistakes but it might be out in the next couple days. No promises. Okay bye now………………..

[Sweeter than Ice Cream -Remus Lupin x Reader]

“She’s fine. She has some ice cream. I wish I had ice cream.”
Word Count- 1725
Warnings- None
Please don’t plagiarize/ repost
Okay, I thought the prompt was kind of funny and kind of adorable so I just went for it. I’ve been posting so much the past few days that I didn’t see any reason to hesitate writing this.
Also, I’ve went up seven followers in two days and I know that to other people, that’s not a lot, but to me it really is so thank you to everyone that has followed me and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

“Why did you recommend the saddest goddamn movie you could find?” Sirius choked, tears welling his silver eyes.
You were sitting on the sofa in the Gryffindor common room, buried beneath the fluffiest blankets you could find in your room. You had your legs thrown over your friend, Remus, and James was drowning under his quilt from his dorm on the love seat. Sirius and Peter sat on the floor with their backs leaning against the sofa, chocolate frogs peeking out of the edges of their chocolate coated lips.
“I didn’t remember it ever being this sad,” You wept as the credits for Terms of Endearment came on the television screen.
“Y/N, are you sure you’re okay?” Remus asked, concern in his eyes. Before you could reassure him, James cut you off.
“She’s fine. She has ice cream. I wish I had ice cream.” He grumbled and you rolled your eyes, wiping a few tears from your face. No matter how many times you wiped tears away, more just rolled down your face.
“You should have bloody brought some up from the kitchens with you then.” You shot back and he mouthed the words back to you, holding his hand up beside his face, mimicking the motion of a mouth. You sunk further back against the sofa, tiredness plaguing you.
“Maybe I didn’t want some then.”
“Since when was there a time when you didn’t want ice cream?”
“Since-Since- gahhhhh,” James threw his head back against the sofa and you chuckled as he continued to struggle to find a viable answer.
“I think we should go back to the dorm now, guys,” Sirius yawned and you looked at the clock, eyes wide. It was three o’clock in the morning. So maybe time did fly when you were having fun.
James, Sirius, and Peter gathered their blankets and left up the boys’ staircase, leaving their discarded chocolate frog packets and sweet packets strewn across the common room floor.
You settled back against the pillow and closed your eyes, deciding that you would rather stay in the common room than go back to your dorm. Lily was always a snorer anyway.
“You can’t stay down here all night,” You jumped, snapping over your eyes. You had forgotten that Remus was there entirely and you weren’t prepared for anyone commenting.
“I think I can, actually. I’m pretty comfy, I’ve finished my ice cream, and there aren’t any snoring roommates down here. I think it will work just fine,” You responded indignantly and he rolled his eyes.
“I’m not going to leave you down here on your own.”
“Why not? The only other people here this late at night will be the house elves, and they love me. I’ll be fine,” You reassured him but he still looked unconvinced.
“I’m staying here just to be sure,” He said and you knew there would be no changing his mind. You moved closer to the back of the sofa and he laid down beside you, wrapping an arm around your waist.
You blushed furiously due to the proximity. You would never tell him but you always had a soft spot for the gentle giant. But you also knew that he would never want to be with anyone due to his condition so you kept quiet about it, much to the other marauders discontent.
“Why won’t you just say something? He’s been in love with you since second year, it’s not like you would be facing rejection! He’s never going to say anything so it’s up to you to make the first move so just grow some balls and do it!” James exclaimed and you rolled your eyes, closing the book in your lap.
“Remus has not been in love with me since second year. I can read that boy like a book, I would have figured it out by now. And even if he was, do you not remember what he said about not wanting to be in a relationship ever in fear of putting them in danger? Even if I did say something and he felt the same way, he’d reject me because he’s that fucking selfless.” You retaliated and James slumped against the post of his bed, defeated.
They all knew that you were right. Remus was a stubborn one and he wasn’t likely to ever change how he felt about love and the whole prospect of being in it. Not even you could change his mind, and that hurt you more than you could let them, or anyone, know.
“Are you really that much of a chicken that you’re not going to take the chance that maybe, he may be thinking differently now? Come on, Y/N, you’ve always been one to dream,” Peter piped up and you froze, your eyes not moving further past the sentence in the book that you were reading.
He was right, annoyingly so.
“Just drop the subject already,” You snapped.
“But, Y/N-“
“I said drop it!”
“Hey, are you okay? You’re still crying,” Remus said, wiping away the tears that were still on your face, the callouses on his fingertips passing gently over your face.
“It’s nothing.”
It had become your go to phrase the past few weeks. Whenever someone asked if something was wrong or if you were upset, the words slipped out as if they were programmed into your brain for that very reason. You couldn’t let your friends know that your unrequited feelings bothered you so you buried them as deep as you could.
“We both know you’re lying.” That, you were not expecting. You stared at the brunette with wide eyes, confused as to how he had figured it out. You thought you were discrete.
“I-I’m not lying,” You whispered hiding your face behind your hands. He could always read your facial expressions better than an Enid Blyton novel so you decided to eliminate as many opportunities to find out the truth as you could.
“You’re been…different…these past few months. You’re not as bubbly and happy as you used to be. Bloody hell, you barely go pranking with Padfoot and Prongs anymore. And I seem to be the only person that is out of the loop. Whenever I ask the others, they always say to ‘Go ask Y/N’ and ‘It’s her secret to tell you, not ours.’ Since when did you tell them things and not me? It couldn’t be that bad!” Remus’ voice rose with every sentence and you trembled. He never rose his voice at you. Never.
“I want the fucking truth this time, not the first lie that comes into your head!”
“It’s because I’m fucking in love with you, that’s why, you idiot!”
Silence. You could have heard a pin drop.
Remus stared at you, wide eyed, his mouth gaping. Your eyes welled with tears as you jumped off the sofa and started running towards the girls’ staircase, deciding that staying there would be better than the awkward silence and the apologetic rejection that you knew would come to pass.
“Y/N, wait-“
“You can reject me in the morning, I’m too tired for this now,” You choked, more tears streaming down your face. You thought that the most tears you would ever cry would have been at the movie you had watched earlier that night, Terms of Endearment.
You were wrong.
“Would you just listen! When did I say that I was going to reject you?” You froze on the second step, your heart beating loudly in your chest.
“You said that you wouldn’t ever want to be with anyone in case that they would find out and call you a monster, or in case you would hurt them,” You recited the words rhythmically, as if you had heard them a hundred times over, which, technically, you had. “Why would I think that I was any different?”
“Because you’re not just anyone,” You turned around to face him and he smiled softly, the dim light of the fire kissing the ends of his sandy brown hair. “You’re Y/N. You’re the fifth marauder. You’ve been my best friend since first year and hopefully for all the years to come. You cry at sad movies and yet you watch them anyway. You eat more ice cream than I eat chocolate and your record time for reading a book is tied with mine. You pull pranks and take the blame when you get caught because you know that James is trying to clean up his act and can’t have any more detentions to do so. You have to ask me to reach for the books on the second to top shelf in the library because last time you tried by yourself you fell of the chair and broke your arm. You stopped James and Sirius from bullying Snape even though you hate him just as much. You were the one who came up with the idea of becoming animagi and have the cutest little cat Animagus I think I’ve ever seen. You console the girls that Padfoot dumps and talk James up to Lily, even though you think he’s still too big for his boots. How in the world does any of that stuff make you just anyone?”
With every point he said he took a step closer to you until he was standing right in front of you, his face inches away. Your stomach was filled with a thousand butterflies and your heart was beating faster than a snitches wings.
“If I admire every single thing about you, what reason would I have to reject you? What reason would I have to reject you if I’m in love with you?” He placed one hand on your cheek and pressed his lips against your gently, pulling away after a few seconds to see if you were alright with it.
Your face was brighter than the Lumos charm, blush igniting both of your cheeks. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him again, grinning that finally, you would no longer have to hide.
“So, I guess I’m not going back to my dorm now?” You smirked and he shook his head, pecking you on the tip of your nose.
“You could try.”

Sid the Kid - Sidney Crosby #1.3

Originally posted by nerdthor

about/request: When are you doing part three to Sid the kid? and When are you posting part three to Sid the Kid? Just curious and do you plan to write part 3 of crosby’s imagine? maybe sid meets his sons and the kid finds out he is his father. (btw i don’t like him but the imagine is so good omg) and i bunch more

warnings: cursing and the usual angst

authors note: here it is! probably what you have all wanted the most. i was originally going to make this the last part, but it got to be so long, i’ve decided to split it up. just to keep the anticipation even stronger for ya. hope you like it!! 

word count: 1674

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imagine #19

character - Minho

words - 1902

warnings - n/a

description - You and Minho become very close after arriving in the Glade with your memories wiped.

a/n - requested by @draqcnheartstrinq ; i changed your request a little so that it could fit with the events in “the fever code” but i hope it’s still close enough to what you wanted!

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Sooo, I just spent the day at Cedar Point and it totally lived up to the hype. My boyfriend and I rode nearly every coaster and loved every second! The Top Thrill Dragster was particularly awesome! 10/10 would go again for sure.

External image

This makes me one of the happiest people to know that you have enjoyed America’s Roller Coast so thoroughly!!! Like srsly, when I get married I half want my reception there and be like “IF YA SUPPORT THE BRIDE URRBODY GET ON THE MILLENNIUM FORCE”

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What are your personal favorite Zesty fan fics?

Hooo, that’s a loaded question, my friend, but I’ll give you some of my personal favorites (and some fanfic writers) -G

Alright, first things first, here are some writers that are definitely worth checking out:

  • SilverKitsune: 
    • Actually one of our admins here, she is an amazing writer. Also known as @soymilkheaven​ here on tumblr, she is partially responsible for the Purple Prose AU (Which is recommend you read, it’s hilarious), a very well written tainted au and a fair enough amount of smut to counteract the humor and angst haha.
  • Talesofsymphoniac
    • If you’ve been in the Zestiria fandom enough, you should at least know who @talesofsymphoniac​ is. She has written several works for Zestiria, Rosali and Sormik being the main pairings she has written for. She has also written for the Purple Prose AU along with a various assortment of AUs.
  • Seraphic_gate
    • Also known as @shippy-things​ here on tumblr. May I just start off saying, they are an amazing writer. So far their most prominent fic (as far as I’ve seen) is “Our Historia” which is a very fun read, although it hasn’t been updated in awhile (I know that feeling all too well, unfortunately aah)
  • FortunesRevolver
    • Yet another amazing author, so far they’ve written an assortment of canon-verse fics alongside aus. All of their fics are an entertaining read. Unfortunately, I don’t know if they have a tumblr or not ^^’ 
  • ShepherdSoreyDidNothingWrong
    • A good friend of mine, her tumblr is @shepherdsoreydidnothingwrong. She hasn’t written as many fics as the other authors mentioned on the list, but nonetheless a very good writer. She has written a role swap au and several other aus and canon verse fics. They’re all hilarious and you’ll find yourself at the very least chuckling at the dialogue or descriptions.

Now onto the actual fic recs; I scrolled through my bookmarks on Archive, so let’s get on with the show *rubs hands together*

  • With so Much of Himself By KrissyCrystal
    • Summary: Sorey remembers looking down at the image of his skin pulled back and he remembers the concave dip of a hollow stomach.He would never be able to forget it.
      • This emotional roller coaster of a fic deals with an anorexic Sorey and how Mikleo and the people around him help him get better. Canon-verse, angst, Sorey/Mikleo
  • Winds day By drunknpylades
    • Summary: Maybe Dezel’s not as absent as everyone thought. And who better to feel the wind than another wind seraph?
      • Small Dezel/Zaveid (For like a paragraph or two at best) All in all, it’s more Dezel looking after the party after his death. Dezel/Zaveid, angst/fluff
  • A Light that Never Goes Out By lyriumveins
    • Summary: Sorey is the new guitarist of an incredibly sub-par band and, truth be told, he loves everything about it. He’s settling into a comfortable routine of practicing and performing when his friends find out about his “complex feelings” for Mikleo, his classical pianist roommate who’s also tragically uninvolved in the band scene. Naturally, they decide to bring the two together.
      • In short, the band AU you never know you needed. I remember someone recommending this fic in a tumblr post and my god, I was hungry for more. It is fairly long, but such a fun read. Mikleo/Sorey, AU, humor
  • The Bone Zone By Haurvatat
    • Summary: So, as it turns out, the Bone Zone has nothing to do with paleoarchaeology or forensic anthropology.  For Sorey and Mikleo, this is simultaneously disappointing and intriguing. 
      • This is a funny smut fic that I had to add onto this list. Just two goofballs being oblivious and figuring out sex. Sorey/Mikleo, smut, humor
  • Mixed up By wolfgun
    •  Summary: A fight with a hellion seemed simple enough, until upon the defeat of it… The group finds themselves in a bit of an odd situation. The lasting malevolence manifested itself into a spell that knocked each of their souls into another’s body.
      • The body swap AU that every fandom needs and has. This fic is absolutely funny. Mikleo/Sorey, Dezel/Rose, Alisha/Lailah, humor
  • The Whisper of the wind By ProPinkist
    • Summary: After losing Dezel, Sorey tries to make amends.
      • There’s been too much fun on this list, so here’s some angst. Honestly, this is a big mush of hurt and tears but still good. Actually, this is one of the first fics I read in the ToZ fandom. Angst
  • Carry Me Home By Windian
    • Summary: Edna doesn’t expect to be comforted by Meebo, of all people.
      • Haha wow do you hear that? That’s me crying. Yet another fic that I read when I first got into the fandom. Hurt/Comfort
  • Unpredictable By Nienna
    • Summary: Zaveid had learned that Eizen’s curse could take on the strangest forms. Sometimes, though, its outcome still managed to surprise him.  
      • For once, not a Sormik fic haha. I decided we needed some Zaveizen here, although there is little content that isn’t smut (smh) Zaveid/Eizen, fluff, humor
  • Lullaby to the Wind By Nienna 
    • Summary: At night, Eizen sang. Only the wind listened.
      • Liste,,n,, l i s t e n,,,.This is absolutely one of my faves as far as zaveid/eizen fic goes. Zaveid/Eizen, fluff, violence

And that’s all I have for now. Whew, this list got pretty long

How good are you at faking anything?…Can you fake your laughter to the extent that you yourself dont know if your smile is fake or real…Can you cry infront of all with tears streaming nonstop yet you pretend it is due to allergy or possibly something went into the eye…Can you fake a happy life while your heart sheds tears of blood??..Can you fake perfection when every inch of you is filled with flaws??..
—  #HiddenOne

James Lapine: You know the other thing, that’s so crucial. You guys just have chemistry out the wazoo. The minute you guys came into a room together – didn’t know each other – it was palpable. I’ve seen this show done by other people, other productions; nothing will ever be like the two of you in the show. It’s just chemistry.


We’re above the 50% mark now and I just

I don’t know how to thank you all and I wish I could. Just thank you so very much

We should be able to get her operation done with everyone pitching in. Tomorrow we’ll be making the arrangements and next week, if everything goes well, Bessie should be getting her surgery done and hopefully beginning her recovery.

Thank you thank you thank you

Lost Stars. Jungkook


Please don’t see

Just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies

Please see me

Reaching out for someone I can’t see

“I can’t do this anymore,” you whisper, not daring to look into his eyes.  You couldn’t make yourself see the pained expression that would wash over his face.

“What are you talking about?” He asks, taking his arm from around your shoulders and uncrossing his legs. He reaches for your hand, but you pull away from him.  Honestly, Jungkook isn’t sure what hurts him more: your words or how reserved you were acting.

“I think we need to break up.  We’re both too busy for a relationship anyway. I mean, you’re following your dreams and I’m still in college. I can’t keep acting like it doesn’t hurt to never get to see you, Jungkook.”

He shook his head, looking in the opposite direction, unsure how to word his response.  “Why now?” He mutters quietly.

“I don’t know. I’ve just finally hit my breaking point, I guess.” You look at him out of the corner of your eye.  The look on his face made your heart shatter, his gentle smile he usually had around you had been replaced by a strange mixture of anger and sorrow.  

Take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow

Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand

He releases a heavy sigh and sits up.  “Y/N, listen to me,” he starts, turning to face you. “Can we talk about this before you make a decision like this? I hate being away from you too, but I love you and I really don’t want to lose you,” he says, lifting up your chin so you would look him in the eyes. “It was hard enough for me to ask you out the first time, please, don’t make me have to do it again,” he joked.

“Jungkook, I’m serious. I need someone who can be here for me, not someone that I never get to see because he’s off getting fawned over by millions of other girls.”

“I’m sorry, but what do you want me to do, Y/N? Quit BTS? Jagiya, I love you, but that’s not going to happen. Can’t you just give it a little more time?”

“This isn’t something that I decided to do overnight.  I’ve been trying to figure out how I’ve felt for a while know.  It’s just too hard, Jungkook.  You leave and I’m stuck here all alone.  Talking to you on the phone for thirty minutes is the most communication I have with you most days, and that sucks! I can’t keep doing this! Do you even understand how much it hurts to never get to see you? I can’t sleep because I’m busy worrying about you. I just- I feel like we’re drifting apart and I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry, Jungkook.”

I’ll be damned, Cupid’s demanding back his arrows

So let’s get drunk on our tears

He watched as you stood from your spot on the park bench.  He could see the soft glisten of fresh tears in your eyes, reassuring him that this hurt you as much as it was hurting him. Jungkook held his palms to his eyes. It wasn’t like he was stupid, he had felt the shift in the relationship, but he was just hoping that it would pass when he had a break.  

Everything was becoming more and more obvious to him as the moments without you ticked by.  Your eyes were the main source of how you truly felt and the dark circles beneath them made him feel guilty about what he had done to you.  He didn’t mean to keep you up at night, but that was the only time he got to talk to you and he didn’t want you to feel like you were being ignored; apparently, he had failed at that.

He pulled his hands away, looking at them sheen with tears. How could he let this happen? You were his everything and now, it’s as if you had completely fallen out of love with him.  There are other girls, he told himself.  None like you…

And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young

It’s hunting season and the lambs are on the run

Searching for meaning

But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?

Putting on his normal act was probably the most painful part of the break up.  With dozens of interviews came even more fake smiles and fake laughs.  But, how could he let his fans down? The ARMYs had always supported him, the least he could do was try to fool them into thinking all was okay and that he was the same old Jungkook that he always was and that this break up meant little to nothing to him.

“Jungkook, you ready?” Yoongi says, pushing his chair back from the restaurant table.

“Huh? Oh, yeah,” Jungkook mumbled, taking his eyes off of the young couple across the room, laughing and smiling.  He remembered taking you here on one of your first dates since you had never been; it quickly became one of your favorite restaurants in the city.

Jungkook stood from his place, following his hyungs out the doors of the restaurant.  He stared down at his feet while his friends talked around him.  Smile, he told himself. Pretend to be having a fun time. His shoulder collided with someone, stopping him in his tracks. “Sorry,” he muttered, turning to face the girl who had her hand intertwined with her boyfriend’s. She smiled warmly as her boyfriend kissed the back of her hand, not paying the least bit of attention to Jungkook’s apology.  

His head swam.  They were everywhere.  It was like he couldn’t look in any direction without seeing someone happily in love, reminding him of what he used to have before he messed everything up.  Everything washed over him and he sat down in the middle of the busy sidewalk,staring up at the sky, watching the clouds pass overhead. His vision blurred as his eyes started to sting.  “No,” he mumbled as if telling himself not to cry would really stop it all. Jungkook buried his face in his arms, desperate for people not to see the overwhelming sorrow that had finally become too much to handle.

“Jungkook, why’d you st- oh…” Jimin stopped himself as he took a look at the boy seated on the pavement, people making a wide berth around him as his body shook with sobs.  The rest of the boys came to a stop beside Jimin, all of them just as shocked by the sight.  There was their maknae, someone quite good at holding back his emotions, breaking into tiny pieces as everything poured from his eyes.  

“Jungkook,” Taehyung muttered, approaching him slowly, grabbing him by the bicep.  “Come on. Let’s go back to the dorms, okay? We’ll be done for the day.” He forced Jungkook to his feet, slinging an arm around his shoulders.

Jungkook kept his eyes planted on the pavement causing it to become speckled with falling tear drops until he was shoved roughly onto a couch back at the hotel.  He looked up at the six older boys staring at him with looks of pure dismay.  “Can we please not talk about this?”

“No. This isn’t like you.  So, you’re going to sit there until you come clean,” Yoongi says, crossing his arms.

“Hyungs, please… I really don’t want to talk about it,” he responds, his voice barely loud enough to be heard. He looks away from them, wiping his eyes and nose on the shoulder of his t-shirt.

“We have a show this weekend and you can’t do this on stage, so get it out now.”

Who are we?

Just specks of dust within the galaxy?

Woe is me

If we’re not careful turns into reality

Don’t you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow

Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer

Turn the page maybe we’ll find a brand new ending

Where we’re dancing in our tears

He took his bottom lip between his teeth, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, locking his fingers behind his head. “I’m just being a baby about this whole thing.”

“What whole thing?”

“This stupid break up.  It was over a month ago and I’m still moping around. I just miss her… I look around and everyone seems so happy and all I can think about is Y/N and how she would say that all these young couples were so cute and how happy they looked,” he stopped, smiling softly to himself.  You always loved those couples because you were one.  You were just a city girl who only had books and school on the brain and he was Jeon Jungkook, international superstar and heartthrob, but somehow, it worked and you two were that cute and happy couple that everyone modeled their relationships after.

“You need to call her. Get some closure, or something,” Namjoon suggested, tossing Jungkook his cell phone.

“No… I can’t. I told you, I’m just over-reacting.  I’m fine, I promise.  It’s just- this tour is stressing me out, you know? I guess it’s all messing with my hormones,” he joked, giving the boys a smile. God, when did I get so good at lying through my teeth.

“Are you sure? You can talk to us,” Hoseok asks, worry stitching his brow together.  “Besides, she would probably take you back if you asked.”

Jungkook shook his head. He couldn’t put you through all that again.  He couldn’t stand to look at your sleep deprived features or the cuts on your skin because he couldn’t be there to help you through a situation or even the way you would have mascara on your cheeks because he had decided to Skype call you in the middle of a crying fit and you hadn’t wiped it all away yet. “It’s okay. I’m okay, I promise,” he assures, smiling once more.

And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young

It’s hunting season and the lambs are on the run

Searching for meaning

But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?

And I thought I saw you out there crying

And I thought I heard you call my name

And I thought I heard you crying

Just the same

The stars added the perfect backdrop to the city scape.  It was late, almost midnight, but the streets were as crowded as ever with excited ARMYs filled with adrenaline from the recent concert.  Jungkook watched all the people pass as they were driven to the airport, off to the next city and off to the next group of fans.  

His breath caught in his throat as he saw the familiar jacket and your Y/H/L Y/H/C walking down the streets. He stared at you for a moment longer, just to be sure.  “Stop the car,” he said, not taking his eyes off of your tear-stained cheeks.

“What? Jungkook, we can’t. You’re going to miss your flight if we stop.  We’re already behind schedule,” their manager said, staring back at the golden maknae in shock that he would make such an absurd request.

“I don’t care. Stop the car, please,” he pleaded.  “Take the others, I’ll get a cab and meet you there, just let me out.”

Taehyung looked over Jungkook’s shoulder to where he had been staring. “Stop.  Let him go,” he says, looking at their manager with knowing eyes.

“You heard them. Pull over. But only for a minute! We don’t have time for whatever this is, Jungkook!”

The driver pulls over off to the side off the road and before the vehicle is fully stopped, Jungkook’s feet hit the pavement and he’s sprinting down the sidewalk, weaving in and out of the crowded walkway, muttering quiet “sorry”s and “excuse me”s as he collides with strangers.

“Y/N,” he whispers as you finally come into his sight.  Your head is down, your headphones stuck in your ears, hands in the pockets of your favorite jacket because it was a birthday present from him.  Even from all the way down the block he could make out the black streams of eyeliner and mascara forming rivers down your cheeks.

He watched as you made your way across the crosswalk as people jostled him, calling him by names he’d rather not be called for stopping in the middle of the pavement.  Your eyes just happened to look up and connect with his.  Your feet stopped moving. “Jungkook,” you whispered, your face softening as fresh tears of relief began to blur your surroundings.

His lips on yours was the only feeling you needed in the world.  The way they moved perfectly with yours, the sweet taste of cherries left from his chapstick.  His kisses were the one thing that could make you feel better no matter what, this time included.  

You missed his lips the second he pulled away from you, his hands holding your face close to his.  “I missed you so much… I’m sorry for being such an idiot. I should’ve paid more attention to you.  Jagiya, I’ve been a mess,”  Jungkook laughs, not bothering to wipe the happy tears from his cheeks.  “Please… Don’t ever leave me again.”

“I would never. I love you way too much, stupid,” you whisper, a soft smile on your face.

Jungkook smiles, his eyes crinkling in the corners as he dries your face with his thumbs.  “I love you way too much too, jagi.” He slides his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him, letting you connect your lips with his once again. Everything had become bright again from the moment the words had left your lips.

And God, give us the reason youth is wasted on the young

It’s hunting season and this lamb is on the run

Searching for meaning

But are we all lost stars trying to light… light up the dark?

And I thought I saw you out there crying

And I thought I heard you call my name

And I thought I heard you out there crying

But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?

Are we all lost stars trying up the dark?

“I love you, Jungkook.”