are you afraid of the dar

They tell you they love you for the first time...


“I have to tell you something” Darry whispered with a slight grimace on his face, he wringed his hands nervously. This was a side of Darry that you had never seen before. “I understand if you don’t accept it.”

“Darry” You whispered sweetly, trailing your fingers down his cheek. “Just come out with it, baby”

“I love you…” He trailed off, looking down awkwardly.

“You love me?” You mumbled, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “How can you love me?”

“How can I…?” His head snapped up as he gave you a stern look. “Y/N, you’re so strong and you’re so passionate. You’re nothing like me, you’re soft and gentle and I hurt people without even meaning to. You’re not afraid of anything.”

“I’m afraid of everything, Dar.” You wrapped your arms around his middle, looking up into his eyes. “I’m afraid of not being with you. I’m afraid that everything that makes me happy will be torn away from you… and you, you make me the happiest that I have ever been. I love you too”


“Y/N, I have to tell you something?”

“Hmm?” You hummed as you cut up the vegetables. You were at the Curtis house making them dinner, Darry wasn’t going to be back for hours and you knew that if Soda or Pony tried to cook dinner they’d more than likely burn the house down. “What is it Soda?”

“I love ‘ya.” He said mumbled.

“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t hear that” You put down the knife and you turned to face him. “What did you say?”

“I said that I love you.”

“Oh” You said as your breath hitched. “Oh… um, oh”

“You already said that” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Never mind, just forget that I said anything.” He went to walk away, only stopping as I grabbed at his arm.

“Soda wait, look at me” As he turned, you grabbed his cheeks, pressing your lips to his. “I love you too”

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Not alone//Daryl Dixon

Summary: Merle has been away in prison for the past year, and Daryl was doing better than expected. Cleaned up his attitude, got a job and a solid girlfriend. But when Merle comes back, Daryls’ attitude comes back and he ends up leaving a good thing behind.

Warnings: swearing

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Daryl had picked up y/n after work, took her out to dinner. While they were out, Merle had returned from prison. He returned home, of course, but Daryl wasn’t informed of his return. 

When Merle first left, it felt like the end of the world, like he had no meaning anymore. But then things looked up, he got a job, doing legal things. He had gotten himself a girlfriend and overall became a better person. Merle was like the devil sitting on his left shoulder, overpowering the angel on his right. But with him gone, the angel could speak.

He walked into his house and saw a figure on the sofa and panicked. He pushed y/n back outside the door.

“Hello?” Daryl called out cautiously.

“Baby brother, about time ya come home! What were ya, out at the strip club, at the bar since 9?” Merle said with a laugh as he turned around.

“Daryl?” Y/n asked hearing it wasn’t an intruder.

“Who’s that? A floosy ya brought home for the night? Don’t be shy, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind two of us”

“Daryl, is it him?” She asked connecting the dots.

His brother was locked up, he was a jerk, and Daryl wasn’t jumping to kill this guy in his house. It was Merle.

“Wanna go to your place tonight?” Daryl asked her.

“Let me see the girl, god dammit” Merle joked.

“She’s my girlfriend, would ya shut up now?”

“Don’t make her leave, let her in. I’ll keep my meth mouth shut”

“Just go straight to my room and I’ll be right behind you” He whispered to her.

“I’m not scared, Dar-”

“I am” He cut her off.

She shook her head and walked past Merle and to Daryl’s room. She looked behind herself to see Daryl was flipping off Merle and continued on his way to her.

She got inside and he followed, closing the door behind him. 

“What the hell are you afraid of?” She asked him.

“That he’s gonna take away all this progress I’ve made. My job, my clean act and you”

“If you’re expecting it, then you can avoid it, Daryl. Try” 

“I can try, for you”

Days went by and he was already changing. Started with the way he would talk, more degrading towards women and became more racist. He got fired from his job after a fight due to a race issue. He started drinking more and everything was just falling apart.

One morning she woke up and could overhear the two talking. She stood by the kitchen, out of sight but close enough to hear everything.

“The hell ya doin having a woman tellin ya how to live?” Merle asked.

“I don’t know man, I guess I’m just pussy whipped”

“Fuck yeah you are! It’s easier without commitment, no one tellin ya what to do. Leave the bitch and move on”

“Merle, I-”

Saying he was pussy whipped was one thing, easy to fake. But leaving her, that wasn’t something he could fake without losing her for real. From her end, it was real. If they were something real, there wouldn’t have been hesitation.

She turned around and packed her bags. Daryl walked into the room and saw her.

“Y/n, what are you doing?” Daryl asked.

“Sorry I’ve got you pussy whipped. I’ll relieve you of your duties and let you go back to the destructive path you were on before me” She snapped back.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean it. He just means a lit to me, and he’s my brother-”

“And I’m your girlfriend! Do I not mean anything?”

“That’s not what I meant” He ran a hand through his hair, not realizing what he was saying.

“Then what do you mean?”

She left the room and walked past Merle. She ran down the steps of the apartment complex and outside. When she got out there a woman grabbed onto her, screaming. She panicked and didn’t know what was happening.

“Slow down! W-what’s wrong?” She asked, dropping her bags.

“Get out of here! Save yourself” She screamed.

Suddenly the woman was violently ripped of her by another human, a chunk ripped out of their face. Meth was one thing, but this was something different, worse. The woman fell underneath him and was torn apart herself.

Y/n was pulled back into the complex, she screamed fearing she was next. It was only Daryl. He followed her to bring her back, but now he saved her life. He ran back up the steps with her behind him and locked his door.

“I know we ain’t of good terms, but whatever is goin on out there we can’t face alone”

No importa que nadie crea en ti si tu sabes que es lo que quieres ve y consiguelo, no te desanimes, cree en ti y consigue lo que quieres al carajo si los demás piensan que no podrás, demuestra que puedes dar más de lo que ellos te creen capaz, aun te tienes a ti, solo tu importas animo 👊👌
Status Inglês 🍃

• How can I love when I’m afraid to fall in love?
(Como posso amar quando tenho medo de me apaixonar?)

• We did not know how to make it work …
(A gente não soube fazer dar certo…)

• I like you. I think of you. I just breathe you.
(Eu gosto de você. Eu penso em você. Eu só respiro você.)

• Every longing felt what we can not feel.
(Toda saudade é sentida daquilo que não podemos mais sentir.)

• “And the good life is to live well, be well, wishing well …”
(“E o bom da vida é viver bem, estar bem, querer bem…”)

• “I prefer people watching than talking to them.”
(“Eu prefiro observar as pessoas do que falar com elas.”)

• “I became a totally different person because of you.”
(“Eu me tornei uma pessoa totalmente diferente por sua causa.”)

• “And I know it’s complicated, but I’m a failure in love.”
(“E eu sei que é complicado, mas eu sou um fracasso no amor.”)

• I know that love, which knows how to deal, I do not know more feel.
(Eu que sabia amar, que sabia lidar, eu que não sei mais sentir.)

• “Run for your dreams because there is no fairy godmother in this world.”
(“Corra atrás dos seus sonhos, pois não existe fada madrinha nesse mundo.” )

• “❤💬 … Our love affair has taste of an eternal dream … ❤💬”
(“❤💬…Nosso caso de amor tem sabor de um sonho Eterno…❤💬”)

• Come live with me, comes danger, comes to die with me, baby …
(Vem viver comigo, vem correr perigo, vem morrer comigo, meu bem…)

• And when I’m sad, just hold me.
(E quando eu estiver triste, simplesmente me abrace.)

• They said time heals. They lied.
(Eles disseram que o tempo cura. Eles mentiram.)

• If you do not see do not let you feel
(Se não lhe vejo não o deixo de sentir)

• You can’t break what’s already broken.
(Você não pode quebrar o que já está quebrado.)

• You’re only mine in my dreams.
(Sua mina só nos meus sonhos.)

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War (Sodapop Curtis//Part 4)

The little one was healthy, happy and growing faster than they all wanted. It had been long over a year since Sodapop’s death and they were getting better, playing with Dallas or as Darry called him, Sodapop Jr. The little boy looked like his father, dark hair and those eyes, the eyes that made (Y/n) fall in love with Sodapop. The baby became their lives, and the house was finally fixed so he could explore with Dallas got ready to crawl, walk, and play. Just like his daddy, he liked being outside and he liked to watch over Steve and Darry work on cars. Every time Darry brought the little booger inside, he would have oil on his clothes and a wrench as a rattle. She had lost count at how many bruises Dallas gave himself with the tools but every time they were taken away he’d throw a fit. He was Sodapop, he was his daddy all over again and boy, was he loved. Pictures of him were everywhere as he grew older. She took most of the pictures, still holding on to the little hope Sodapop would return. She knew he wouldn’t want to miss it. By the time Dallas was three, he knew the alphabet, thanks to Ponyboy, he would shout it and hop about while stumbling over some letters. When he was done he would fall into her arms and huffed in fake exhaustion, he liked to make his mommy laugh and he was good at it. He would attempt sing to her as Elvis played on the radio. He would chase Two-bit around the yard as she watched with a smile, “help” with supper, and “fix” his broken toys. Of course, he didn’t succeed. He was sweet, like his father. Everyday she was reminded of how much she loved and missed Sodapop, and she was afraid of when he would ask where his real daddy was. Thankfully, he wasn’t aware about his father and he never called the boys, daddy or anything but their names but he did ask why Ponyboy’s name was Ponyboy. It made her laugh, him knowing that it was an odd name.

“Is Ponyboy half pony?” Dallas asked as you got him dressed in his night clothes. “I like ponies, Dar takes me to ride ponies sometimes mommy. There’s one named Cookie and the man lets me feed her cookies. Her beard tickles me and her teeth are funny, she eats like this.” He grabbed the sides of his mouth, making his eyes go wide as he chomped on air. “Mommy?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Where do I get my name from? Pony says pawpaw was original and that’s why he and his brother got they names.” He explained, making her face drop slightly from the joy she got from listening to him. “Sodapop and Ponyboy.” He yawned as she carried him to his room.

“Well, baby. You got your name from some very special people-”

“Mommy, who’s Sodapop? Can I meet him?” He cut her off, playing with her hair that dangled over him.

“Um, someone mommy used to be,” She paused, biting the side of her lip as her eyes started to water. “Someone mommy used to be close to.” She looked away from him for a moment before speaking again, setting his teddy bear beside him. “Hopefully, you won’t visit him anytime soon.”

“Is he in heaven? Like the ones on the wall?” He asked, picking at the bear’s ear.

“Yeah, yeah he is.” She frowned, feeling a tear roll down her cheek.

“I wonder if he knows daddy,” he sighed, turning over and tucking the bear in his chest as her heart ached and her breathing hitched. She was surprised and saddened by it, wondering why he would ask that since he knew nothing of Sodapop. “I love you mommy.”


Shireen Baratheon Week

Little Queen

//AO3 mirror//

“Don’t be afraid,” Jon told them. “There’s no harm in him, Your Grace. This is Wun Wun.”

“Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun.” The giant’s voice rumbled like a boulder crashing down a mountainside. He sank to his knees before them. Even kneeling, he loomed over them. “Kneel queen. Little queen.” Words that Leathers had taught him, no doubt.

Princess Shireen’s eyes went wide as dinner plates. “He’s a giant! A real true giant, like from the stories.”

~ A Dance with Dragons

“He called me little queen,” Shireen told Devan, later.  

“Who did, princess? Who called you the little queen?”

“Not the little queen, just little queen,” Shireen replied. “The giant did. Wun Wun. That’s what Lord Commander Snow called him. Only his real name is something else, something longer. He told us his name, the giant did, but he talked so funny, I’m not sure what it is.” Shireen paused, reconsidering. “He didn’t really talk funny. It’s because they speak the Old Tongue where he came from, Lord Commander Snow said. Wun Wun only knows a few words of the Common Tongue.”  

A real giant, this Wun Wun, not just a really tall and big man, like the massive knight Shireen had seen during Joffrey’s nameday tourney. The Mountain That Rides, they had called him, but that one was not a real giant, not like the one from the stories. Wun Wun must be more than twice as tall as Father, Shireen reckoned. If her father stood beside Wun Wun - her father who had always seemed so tall to her, so unreachable – she wondered if the top of Father’s head would even reach the giant’s waist.

Her father was not at Castle Black, though. Shireen sighed.  

Wun Wun had not stared at Shireen’s face like most people usually did the first time they saw her; had not gazed at her with that look, that mix of pity and revulsion, the exact composition of which differed from one person to the next, some with more pity, others with more revulsion. That could be because all non-giants look the same to Wun Wun, scars or no scars, equally strange and unfathomable to him that he no longer bothered staring, but still, it was a welcome relief to Shireen nonetheless, not to be greeted with that look.    

“Weren’t you afraid, princess?” Devan asked. “I was terrified, the first time I saw the giant.”

“I wasn’t afraid, at first,” Shireen said. “But then he laughed, and it was so loud and booming, not like anything I ever heard before. Mother pulled me back to keep me safe, and I hid in my face in her furs,” Shireen admitted.

“The Black Brothers say a giant’s laugh could put to shame the roar of a dragon,” Devan said.

“How can they tell, though? How can they know for sure? No one alive has ever heard the roar of a dragon,” pointed out Shireen. The last dragon perished during the reign of Aegon the Dragonbane, Maester Cressen had told Shireen, to calm her fear about the dragons in her dreams, the ones coming to eat her. That was more than a hundred years ago, much, much more; closer to one hundred and fifty years ago.  

The dragons in her dreams did not roar, did not make any sound at all as they were chasing her, in fact. They were as silent as the stone they were woken from, and all the more terrifying because of that.

Shireen shook her head. No, she would not think of dragons today, not when there were giants to think about. A giant! A real true giant, walking around in Castle Black. Think of that. I saw a giant, Edric, she wished she could tell her absent cousin. Edric had played at being a giant when they were playing monsters and maidens in Aegon’s Garden, pretending to chomp and gnaw on a piece of chicken bone he loftily declared was the horn of a bull.

“What does Wun Wun eat, I wonder?”    

“Vegetables, and nothing else,” came the surprising answer. “Lots and lots of vegetables. Three huge platters of roast vegetables every meal,” Devan said. “Roots and turnips and onions, mounds and mounds of them. Wun Wun is especially fond of onion.” His solemn face face broke into a rare smile, as he said, with amazement, “Even I’m not that fond of onion, and it’s on my sigil.”

Shireen giggled.  

“I have never heard him laugh, though,” Devan continued. “What did you say to Wun Wun to make him laugh, princess? Was it a jape?” Then, shyly, he added, “Will you tell it to me, too?”

Shireen blushed. Shaking her head, she said, “No, it was Patchface who made him laugh, not me. I think he wanted to make friends with Patches, but Patches was scared and tried to run away. Do you know Wun Wun’s real name, Devan?”

“No, he is always Wun Wun to the Black Brothers.”

“Do you know where he is right now?”

“Eating his dinner at Hardin’s Tower, I expect. He usually eats his meals slightly later than the rest of us.”    

“Hardin’s Tower? Where is that? Will you take me there?”

“Take you there? To see the giant?” Devan paled. “But my princess, it might not be safe. Your lady mother … Her Grace … she will not like it.” After a while, he added, “I do not like it.”

You must be protected and kept safe, Shireen almost expected Devan to say, echoing her mother.

She wanted to be brave, like her mother, like her father. Like Devan too, who had refused to leave her father’s side through the worst of the fighting at Blackwater.

Besides, where else would she ever see a giant again, except here?

“He has never harmed anyone, has he? I don’t mean all giants, only Wun Wun specifically.”

Devan frowned. “Not so far as I know. But –“

“I only want to ask his name,” Shireen wheedled.    

Wun Wun was indeed eating his dinner when Shireen and Devan found him. He had already polished off two of the platters of vegetables, and was well on his way to finishing the last one.

He spotted her, standing at the entryway. “Little queen,” he called out, before standing up, too abruptly for his frame, it seemed, even though it looked quite slow to Shireen. He belched, the sound loud like thunder roaring mad before a storm.  

Devan moved swiftly, putting himself between Shireen and the giant. “We must go, princess,” he insisted.  

Shireen grasped Devan’s hand, propelling them both forward. “Look,” she said. “It’s fine.”

And it was. Wun Wun had sat down again. “Little queen,” he said.

“My name is Shireen.”

No response from Wun Wun.

She began again. “Shireen. Sh -“

“SHIREEN!” Wun Wun roared.

“Yes, yes,” Shireen nodded, beaming. Trying to recall his real name, she said, tentatively, “Wun Wag Wun?”

The giant shook his head. “Weg,” he said. “Weg,” he insisted.

“Wun Weg Wun?”

He shook his head again. “Dar Wun,” he said, quickly at first, then repeating the words more slowly and carefully, “Dar … Wun.”

Shireen frowned. That sounded so different, suddenly. What happened to -

He started again. “Wun Weg –“

“Oh!” Shireen exclaimed, finally getting it. “Wun … Weg … Wun … Dar … Wun. Is that it?”

“Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun,” he said, nodding vigorously.    

“Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun,” they said, together, all three of them, even Devan this time.

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Re that Anon wondering why it's so hard to "digest" Q's death. To me, it's just like watching a wounded animal suffer. He just wants to be loved and cared for. But when we see him in physical pain, and there's no one to pick him up and pet him, it's agonizing, even for non-lovers of animals. And then to see that animal die and no one seems to care about his death? Well, yeah, it's hard to digest, for sure.

I think Carrie did care but couldn’t let her feelings come to the surface because she was afraid she’s just fall apart. Her disassociation was painful to watch but I am willing to believe that she was in denial. Still, the absence of comfort for Quinn was agonizing to witness. It adds another layer of cruelty that Quinn wasn’t able to accept and understand Astrid’s care but got an I love you from DAR. Like, really?


The lovers on the bridge/ Les amants du Pont-Neuf (1991), Leos Carax

Knew it was me? Want me to go? Had to see you…Wanted you to see me…
my eyes…Not talking? I like your face…Strange to see you… just like in my…Thought I’d forgotten you. But every night for weeks… images of you. That’s why I’m here. My dreams sent me. People in dreams, ought to call them when you wake. Make life simpler. "Hello, dreamed of you.“
Love woke me. You look at me. Wonder who I was. Don’t know me. But I imagined you in every detail…even your hair…it’s grown… Same shining eyes as in my dreams… we were both running, through cities, valleys and plains… And you didn’t limp anymore. Don’t limp anymore. What? Don’t limp. You see, nothing’s… irremediable. Went to the bridge last night…All repaired. Now it’s solid. Why’d you try to forget me? Never told you about me…we led such a strange life…Why’d you never come to see me? I waited.I’m afraid of us… at times often…You’re weak…No…Can you love me? Yeah, like before, but not the same.I’ll visit you…Never, not here. I miss you.So many things to fix…inside me.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - Remember Me? - Part 2

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This is the second (but not the final part) to Remember Me? The first part was quite popular (much to my surprise) and since I’m turning this into a short series you will find the first part on my Remember Me? Master List. This starts off eight months after Y/N and Pietro get together. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Y/N and Pietro have been together for about eight months now, they had each other and they had their son, Marco and things could not be better. They’re planning their wedding and they are even planning on having more children. Will they get their happily ever after?

Pietro x Reader, Marco (their son) x Reader & Pietro, Little bit of Wanda x Reader (Platonic), Little bit of Clint x Reader (Father, daughter relationship)

Warnings: Smut, so much fluff and so many feels. Buckle in guys, it’s a long one (worth it though)

Chapter 1

Y/N and Pietro were curled up under the covers wrapped in each others arms, they were so deep in sleep that they didn’t hear Marco enter the room until he jumped on top of them. The two of them out a huff of air and a moan as their son jumped up and down excitedly on the bed.

“Momma, Papa! Wake up! It’s Christmas!”

“No, it’s too early to be Christmas,” Pietro mumbled as he threw to covers over his and Y/N’s heads causing her to giggle. Marco stopped jumping on the bed and pulled the covers off of their heads.

“It is Christmas daddy! There’s presents under the tree! That means Santa’s been! Pleaseeee, you have to get up,“ Y/N and Pietro looked at each other and smiled before dragging themselves out of bed and sleepily following their very excited five year old through to the living room where the rest of the team was waiting with smiles on their faces, Clint had even brought Laura and the kids and the two oldest children instantly jumped on you and Pietro when you walked into the room.

“Aunt Wanda, can I open my presents now?” Marco asked as he clapped his hands and gave her his best puppy dog eyes, she looked over at Y/N and Pietro who nodded as they sat down on one of the couches next to Natasha. They watched their son with huge grins on their faces as he ripped the wrapping paper off each present before saying thank you to the person who got it for him. This was their first Christmas as a proper family.

Pietro got up from the couch and walked over into the kitchen, Y/N watched him with furrowed brows. “Marco, you need to close your eyes for me. I’ve got a surprise for you,” Pietro said from the doorway of the kitchen. Marco happily obliged and covered his eyes with his little hands as Pietro walked out of the room with a box in his arms.

“Piet, whats in the box?”

“You will find out iubire(love),”

Pietro set down the box in front of Marco and told him to open his eyes, Y/N noticed that the box had holes in when he put it on the floor, how odd.

Marco slowly lifted the lid off of the box and placed it on the floor next to him just in time for a furry little head to pop up out of the box. “You got him a puppy?”

“He’s been asking for one so i thought I would get him this little guy, come on Y/N, admit that he’s cute,” Pietro said as he picked the puppy up out of the box and placed him on her lap. The puppy jumped up at her chest and licked her chin.

“I guess he is pretty cute,” Y/N said with a smile as Marco plopped down on the couch next to her and stroked the puppy. “What do you want to call him micuțul meu (my little one)?”


“Welcome to the family, Stitch,” Stitch yapped and wagged his tail at Y/N and licked her chin again.

The rest of the day passed quickly and before they knew it they were saying goodnight to everyone and tucking their son and his new puppy into bed. They had to get through New Years and then it would be their wedding.

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knock knok? Hallo dar…ermmm I mean.. Dad… Merry Christmas… I know it´s a little earlier but I want to give you some presents

Mid stood infront of the forest, hacking some wood he could sell in the winter season to make some money. A familiar voice jolted him out of his thoughts.


Mid almost dropped the axe as he saw Coffe.
“Coffe!?” He hadn’t expect to see him here. “Don’t enter the swamp my son!”
He shoved him out of the Forest, not because he didn’t want to have him around, it was because he was afraid something could happen to him.
Like-..falling in the swamp or getting lost.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you at home with your friend?”

He noticed the presents. “Should I help you to care them? You should take another path …this is not the best way to travel.”

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For the ilu meme: 10, Vex and Vax, and 13, Perc'ahlia

13. In a letter

a letter, tucked in the inner pocket of one Vex’ahlia of Vox Machina, Baronness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt, addressed to one Percival of Vox Machina

Dear Dar Percy,

I’m sorry, darling.

I didn’t particularly want to write one of these, you know, but given the circumstances it seems foolish not to like a necessary evil. We’ve had to face a number of those, haven’t we? Hopefully you’ll never find this and we’ll go on with our lives as if it never happened. as best we as we always do.

I wanted

I hoped

I rather hoped a lot of things, I’m afraid. It all seems silly, now. Greedy Vex’ahlia, wants just one more thing for herself. Gods, I hope you never find this.

I love you. I ought to have told you a long time ago, and I’m sorry for that. It seems selfish, now, to keep it to myself.

Don’t lose yourself. Don’t lose hope. I’m afraid we all need you quite a lot. Think of Keyleth. Think of Cassandra, and Whitestone. Whatever happened, it wasn’t your fault. And even if it were, I wouldn’t couldn’t don’t blame you.

Keep the mask off, darling. It’s too easy to pretend to be someone you’re not, and forget to be who you are. Don’t lose yourself. Please, for me.

And keep an eye on my brother? I’m afraid of what he’ll do without me now.

With all my heart it was always yours,