are you actually serious with this

when a boy calls me baby or says something cute i roll my eyes and say “shut the fuck up liar” under my breath and throw my phone and shit but im actually so fucking flustered and in love with them and want their attention so desperately…….lesson is, boys aint shit BUT NEITHER ARE YOU FOR SUBCONSCIOUSLY BEING IN LOVE WITH THEM HAHAHAH LIFE IS SUCH A JOKE IM IN THE MIDDLE OF A CRISIS 

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Hi. That popular post of yours with the English thief, the gunslinger, the samurai, and the pirate, do you intend to/have you, done anything serious with those characters? If I just wanted to write a story or something with them, would that be allowed or no? Just to like post on here

Knock yourself out. I rarely post anything I plan on actually developing - my game development stuff keeps me too busy to follow up on any of it.

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After you, which one of you's more sarcastic, Raph or you? (I really think that the use of sarcasm is one of the things you two mostly have in common hahah)

Raph and I are both good with sarcasm.

He’s going to say  himself, but the answer is obviously me.  The difference is that you always know when Raph is sarcastic. With me, you have to question it sometimes. Am I actually being serious? You may never know. 

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yooooo i love your analysis but do you think lauren was being serious when she said the compatibility thing? like, not teasing and actually hinting klance as endgame?

i think she was being srs, i remember when she commented on klance having a huge following and she looked really happy about it. she even brought it up on her own that time!! but ya i think she was genuinely saying she thinks they’re compatible, like she was really insistent on the ship name laith, she obviously personally likes the ship. i don’t really think she was necessarily intentionally trying to hint at it being endgame??? i think she was just saying how she felt about it, like she was asked?? obviously they can’t say too much and give anything away

and when u combine this knowledge with all the other shit we have to support klance it’s just….. so fucking obvious to me lol

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"spirit animals" are only for native cultures, this is serious cultural appropriation and i'm getting sick and tired of y'all being so bland you can't even invent your own shit and you gotta steal it from oppressed cultures jfc. nasty.

That is so untrue that it is hilarious. The rest of us who are educated will enjoy laughing at you.

The concept of spirit animals has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Furthermore, do you think Native Americans actually went around saying ‘spirit animal(s)’ in English, you dolt? It’s just the English translation for the term for an idea that has existed around the world since before organised religion and the English language even existed.

Maybe try going outside instead of trolling on tumblr all day. When was the last time you spoke face to face with another human being?

I just need to say that I absolutely literally love @venreenaholt so much for giving me her actual number and getting in a call with me for several hours to talk me through some serious problems and make sure I was okay and not feeling all crappy about myself.

And so I want everyone to know how amazing she really, truly is.


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If you're still doing them, I was wondering if you could do a Hongice playlist? Or possibly give headcanons, please?

I’ll do some headcanons!

Hong Kong is shorter than Iceland. Iceland is around 5′7″-5′8″ while Hong Kong is 5′6″. Emil loves to embarrass him if he can (even though the height difference is small).

They stay in Hong Kong (the actual place) more actually, they have a nice, but expensive, flat.

PDA is very rare as both are getting used to a serious relationship, but as time goes by you’ll see them holding hands frequently

They’d prefer to stay at home at having a relaxing evening as dates

You will see them do lots of silly things together, such as slide around the kitchen in socks dancing and yelling “I love you” and mocking fancy restaurants with ramen noodles and some water.

Together, they must work on opening up to each other and communication. They’re getting better at talking to each other about their problems. 

At world meetings, they’re sending each other weird photos, one time it was even a little risqué and they almost got caught.

Due to Iceland being so far North, they are really into protecting the environment and you’ll see them with lots of plants around them

When a typhoon came, Emil was honestly kind of scared being used to heavy snow and not really this kind of weather. Leon took him in their room and they cuddled for the rest of the night. This happens whenever a typhoon comes

Lots of fun family dinners with China and the Nordics

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You're so cringy. Sometimes you have cool posts and stuff, but geez can you like, not do the "boohoo my personal symptoms" thing? It's clear you're just seeking attention for something no one can clearly do anything about?? Didya know you can Google that shit. This may sound dumb to you of course, but instead of listening to respond, why don't you just stop doing it. Putting the lol in something that could be serious is concerning. Not cool to the people that actually care about you. Seriously.

Newsflash asshole, I’ve been cringe for nineteen years and I’ll be cringe for nineteen more. Now onto the meat of this.

You don’t fucking know me. I’m not asking people to tell me what I have, diagnose me or shit like that. I know it’s heard to believe, but sometimes I like to vent and I’m one of those people who make light of the situation, yknow why? Because I’d be so fucking scared all of the time if I didn’t, if I can’t joke about the things in my life that bother me. I already have a bunch of health problems, and that’s fucking scary, maybe if you loved what I’m living you’d get why I feel the need to not take it too seriously, to not feel the need to be mad at people for talking about their issues on a blog that they created for themselves. If I’m not allowed to post what I want, which includes making a one off post about my health after a specifically shitty day for it at work, then there’s no point in me even keeping this blog. People who have responded to the post or talked to me about it have been super fucking kind and i didn’t expect that to happen, im not looking for attention using my health because I already fucking have it without having to do that. You don’t see me complaining or sending pussy ass anons when other people talk about their feelings or vent on their blogs, maybe because I fucking understand how to be a decent person and am empathetic to those around me. I don’t mean to be rude but you really picked the wrong day to send me this.

Now to the people who have tried to give me advice, thank you. I know it’s not much from me, but it’s very touching and sweet to see that people care about more than just my shitpost like this guy. And I truly appreciate you all and your kindness and empathy. I love you 💕


Ever since January I’ve been working on a really long and actually kind of serious RH fan story focusing on the DJs, though specifically it’s very much Student’s story. My text document file is over 8k words of scripts, notes, and fic, and I have dozens of comics and sequences in various stages of completeness drawn. Most of them are still sketches, as you can see here.

I’ve never shared any of them outside of friend groups, however, because I’m still really self conscious about sharing the fan story stuff I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into. But today, I’m sharing with y’all some single panels from some of the larger sketched out sequences and major plot points that I’ve drawn out.

All of these are single panels from much larger comics and sequences that I’m still too embarrassed to share, but are all arranged more or less in chronological order.

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I have a serious question. Do you believe one direction will actually come back? I personally don't think they will and at this moment in time I'm ok with at the beginning of the hiatus I was A bit sad but now I wouldn't mind because I prefer them all solo

In my heart of hearts, I don’t think they will, at least not for anything long term. If they do get back ‘together’, I think it would be to maybe do one last tour before splitting permanently, or to release a charity single as a final goodbye to everybody.

This is not a shade on anybody else’s talents or abilities, but I honestly don’t think they can survive without Harry, to the point where if he’d left instead of Zayn, I think they would have called it quits then. They could have success without him, but not AS much.

To the same end, Harry was the one who (I believe from what I’ve seen) tried to instigate a break in 2014, but stuck it out for the other four before Zayn left unexpectedly. I feel, and this is just my opinion, that Harry probably felt he had no choice but to stick out out for a fifth album and for the rest of the tour, and that is respectful of him. He put the band first. Now, though, he’s got a taste of solo life, he’s doing amazingly well and building respect away from One Direction, as are the others, so to go back might be a step back. He’s being fairly vague about it compared to the rest of them and I don’t know whether that’s because he knows that he’s 90% sure that he’s not going to but doesn’t want to say it, or whether the rest of them are saying it to reassure fans.

I honestly can’t see them coming back together for another two to three years at the earliest if they did. By that point, they’re all going to be mid to late 20s, it won’t be the same boyband from back in the day. I think Harry’s got his music career planned, I expect another album in 2019, then another in 2021, add in tours and more films and I just don’t think it’s feasible looking four years down the line, by which point they would have been on a break for five/six years.

I love One Direction and I always will, but logical me thinks it’s probably done and dusted, and that’s ok, that was always going to come, and I’m preferring them do their solo work anyway, they’ve all got some absolute bops and they all seem happier and more in control.

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1, 57 y 85 for everyone :D

1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? 

Pidge: Spotify, it’s obviously the superior streaming method.

Lance: You’re just saying that cause it’s green. SoundCloud doesn’t have ads, so it’s the best.

Hunk: All of Lance’s diss tracks are on SoundCloud and they’re so horrible they always make me laugh when I’m feeling down. 

Keith: Spotify, duh.

Shiro: I actually like Pandora a lot more, I’m just used to it.

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How do you know so many languages?!

English is my first language of course, Hebrew was mandatory for me in primary school because I went to a Jewish school, Yiddish because it’s spoken by my maternal grandparents and my mum, German because my paternal grandfather who raised me speaks it/my best friend is German/it made sense to learn it when I have such a huge fascination with Germany and Austria in WW2 (also German is actually quite easy once you know Yiddish and vice versa.) Spanish was offered at my secondary school and I did it as a GCSE (I got an A) and Russian because that ties into my WW2 fascination too which I began teaching myself at the age of 13 - my dad bought me lessons a year later after he realised I was being serious about it.

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First of all, thank you for all your writings, they are wonderful :D Also, thank you so much for suggesting Storms as a way to comprehend a Thor/Tony pairing. At first I thought they were a bit too out of character (not a negative criticism on your writing, just my own lack of imagination), but as it progressed it made sense. I especially loved Thor's confrontation with Steve/Bucky, Steve's angst (suffer!), and Clint/Wanda getting what for. I also liked Loki's revealed affections. Purely magic!

Yay!! Oh my gosh I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

It was actually a little difficult for me to write Tony/Thor at first and honestly I didn’t love the story right off the bat. It did seem as if they were sort of out of character? And then I realized it’s because I was writing an undeniably depressed Tony who had just given up completely, and a Thor who was not only mature and serious but also romantic– and I don’t really think we see any of that it in MCU or at least not for more than a moment or two?

So I did sort of feel like I was rewriting them, especially Thor, but right around chapter Three I just fell in love and the rest of the story was so lovely for me to write!

I’m glad you liked Loki!! It seemed like everyone was half and half about him lol a lot of people said they loved adding him in but then I got some messages from people saying they hated the ending! And I was like well…. too late now lolol

So glad you enjoyed it honey!!

A crap load of questions (92 to be precise

So I got tagged by @unorthodoxsavvy to answer all these snazzy q’s

¡Vámonos! *


1. Drink: Water

2. Phone Call: My mother to ask her a serious Harry Potter question

3. Text Message: me and my friend jess laughin at this boy bc he dosen’t get that we’re both gay

4. Song You Listened To: Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) (Acoustic Version) by Aurora ( I swear I’m always listening to aurora when I do these)

5. Time You Cried: If laughter counts- this morning


6. Dated Someone Twice: m8, ive been single my entire life (if anyone wants to change that hmu)

7. Been Cheated On: ^^^

8. Kissed Someone And Regretted It: nah m8

9. Lost Someone Special: thankfully no

10. Been Depressed: briefly

11. Gotten Drunk and Thrown Up: yeah totally every night lmao


12. Blue

13. Grey

14. Green


15. Made New Friends: oui oui

16. Fallen Out of Love: i think so? well i fell out of crush if that counts idk if i’ve actually been in love

17. Laughed Until You Cried: yup 

18. Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: i think so

19. Met Someone Who Changed You: yeah Friend A & B :)

20. Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: yeah ^^

21. Kissed Someone On Your Facebook: my lips aint done a lot of smackalackin’ so no

22. How Many of Your Facebook Friends Do You Know in Real Life: what is this facebook you speak of? jk

23. Do You Have Any Pets: yeah one gay & obese guinea pig - snuffles (he had a brother - truffles)

24. Do You Want To Change Your Name: i always wanted to but like effort and plus gabrielle ellen le——- (not gonna tell you my surname) is a bit of a mouthful and i like watching people get annoyed so

25. What Did You Do For Your Last Birthday: went indoor skydiving with friend A&B ( i mention them a lot leave me alone)

26. What Time Did You Wake Up: like 9;30? idk i’m on summer holidays yesterday i got up at 11;30 so

27. What Were You Doing at Midnight Last Night: see point 3

28. Name Something You Cannot Wait For: FRANCE, BARCELONA AND ED SHEERAN

29. When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Mother: like  2 hours ago? 

30. What is One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life: if my family had more money

31. What Are You Listening To Right Now: Salvatore by Lana Del Rey

32. Have You Ever Talked To a Person Named Tom: i know 4 toms so ya

33. Something That Is Getting On Your Nerves: how messy my room is but i cba to clean it so

34. Most Visited Website: tumblr dot com

35. Elementary: idk what that is but im assuming you mean primary school?

so my favourite memories of primary school was egg-rolling in the park, my first best friend, sandboxes, jumping pig game, the ditch, cleaning fruit baskets, horrible pizza,SITTING ON THE MOTHERFUCKIN BENCHES, the music trolley, the ditch, love tunnel, shirt signing, plimsolls, penguin bar jokes, bringing in an old shirt for art, lunchables, recorder lessons, the shoes from clarkes with the shitty toys in the heel, doughnut socks, the 3d shape bag,PGL/ Residential trips, stuck in the mud, turning the lights off in the toilet, biff and chip, being told we were to big for the play equipment in year 6. (I feel like that was the most british thing I’ve ever written and any americans probably have no fuckin clue what half of these things are)

36. High School: according to google i start high school next year so

37. College/University: obviously im not there yet but i want to go to ucl

38. Hair Colour: brown like diarrhoea 

39. Long Hair or Short Hair: like medium

40. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: surprisingly nope

41. What Do You Like About Yourself: im pretty snaz

42. Piercings: theres holes in my ear lobes

43. Blood Type: i have no fuckin idea

44. Nickname: gabby gabs, gab, gup and the most recent from friend A - dickhead

45. Relationship Status: m8 im single we’ve been over this

46. Zodiac Sign: virgo

47. Pronouns: She/her

48. Favorite TV Show: Teen Wolf, Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, Bad Education

49. Tattoos: I want something but idk what to get

50. Right or Left Hand: Right 


51. Surgery: some shit on my lung idk i was like 2

52. Piercing: Ears in year 3

54. Sport: -_-

55. Vacation: disneyland paris

56. Pair of Trainers: i remember i went into tesco about a week before i went in to year R and had these snazzy white trainers with pink glittery butterflies cut out on the side and my mum had bought pink glittery laces to match

57. Eating: wtf ? is this like the first time i remember eating? or like the first time i ate my favourite food? we’ll go with that ok so my favourite food is tacos, and the first time i remember eating it was on the first new year’s my mum let me stay up until midnight for

58. Drinking: im not a fan of most alcohol but i like cider like fruity kopperberg cider and the occasional beer mmmm yes 

59. I’m About To: go for a bike ride probably idk

60. Listening To: LUST FOR LIFE BY LANA DEL FUCKIN REY (I’ve listened to the whole album like 21 times its great)

61. Waiting For: my amazon package of summer books

62. Want: a new camera lens

63. Get Married: i guess so idk

64. Career: forensic scientist (eww ik now get over it)


65. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs

66. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

67. Shorter or Taller: they have to be taller omg

68. Older of Younger: Older

70. Nice Arms or Nice Stomach: tf kinda question is that as long as you have arms and a stomach im down

71. Sensitive or Loud: both ?

72. Hook Up or Relationship: relationship

73. Troublemaker or Hesitant: not a trouble maker but not boring, so fun idk?


74. Kissed a Stranger: technically i have but like i knew their name so they weren’t really a stranger

75. Drank Hard Liquor: yup 

76. Lost Glasses/Contact Lenses: nah m8 I can see without vision utensils

77. Turned Someone Down: when someone turns up i’ll let you know how it goes

78. Sex on First Date: i have had neither of these things

79. Broken Someone’s Heart: probably im quite a horrible person tbh

80. Had Your Heart Broken: not yet

81. Been Arrested: no, but i’ve been asked what i was doing by a police man but that’s a whole other story

82. Cried When Someone Died: i dont really cry at all apart from from laughter

83. Fallen For a Friend: i think im falling currently but im not sure


84. Yourself: not as often as i should but sometimes

85. Miracles: nah m8

86. Love at First Sight: sorry nope

87. Santa Claus: no longer mon ami

88. Kiss on First Date: sure if ya feel like it

89. Angels: Nope (wow i really dont believe in a lot)


90. Current Best Friend’s Name: am I finally going to reveal the names of friend A & B? Bitch u thought

91. Eye Colour: brown like the colour of diarrhoea i think i already used that one but oh well you get the idea 

92. Favourite Movie: Lion, The Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, Titanic, The Breakfast Club, Moonlight, Mamma Mia, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Life of Pi, 16 Candles, Pitch Perfect 1&2, My Girl, Departure (can you tell i like movies)

how many people am i supposed to tag idk so do this if you wanna i get that its a lotta questions 

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On a serious note

I know i only made this blog a little while ago and that it somehow gained followers who actually like it (y tho) and i’m really thankful for you all BUT i’m deleting:/ I had my main blog for more than 3 years and i want to move on and leave tumblr behind so…i decided to delete everything on here. That’s all. Good bye~