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🎇 Florence + the Machine Spell List 🎇

a short list of my florence + the machine inspired spells for pop culture witches

Listen y'all, I love witches… but if, as a witch, you don’t stand up for:

* Black Lives
* Indigenous Lives (& Lands)
* The Disabled
* The LGBTQ+ community
* Muslims
* And all people who are marginalized here (in the US) and abroad
(All of whom have shaped this community in one way or another)

Then I don’t think you understand what it means to be a witch. Argue all you want, rationalize hate or apathy, I don’t care. I just hope one day you will see that there is power in empathy and decency.

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Hiya! I'm new to this particular section of tumblr and I was wondering if there are any witch blogs that you'd especially recommend? Looking for lots of new people to follow :D

Okay, I’m on my computer now so I’m going to try to do this as best I can, so forgive me if I forget some!!


Wow, that’s a lot, but not even close to all of them, sorry! I hope it’s a good start!

It’s a character from season 1 that will be thrust into the world that you are left with at the end of Coven, which is sort of like the male/female/witch academy. And then all of those characters will intertwine, which is confusing because some of them are from seasons 1 and 3. Like, Sarah Paulson will probably be playing 18 characters.
—  Ryan Murphy on the Murder House/ Coven Crossover season
I have this Lily Evans headcanon that a lot of people might hate me for, but just indulge me for a second

What if Lily hated being a witch?

I mean, when she first got to Hogwarts she really tried to embrace Wizarding culture

But as the years went on and having magic caused her more and more pain she began to despise it

Having magic tore her family apart. Dark Magic created a rift between her and her oldest friend.

They say the Sorting Hat places you in the House with the traits you VALUE the most, not necessarily the traits you have.

My headcanon is that Lily was a Slytherin through and through. She always took care of herself first, above anyone else. She was also cunning and clever. But the reason she was in Gryffindor was because she wanted to be brave.

And she tried. But most of the time her self-preservation won out.

Rowling said that Voldemort was willing to overlook her blood status to recruit her to the Death Eaters. What if she was genuinely tempted because she hated what she was so much that she thought the Wizarding World didn’t deserve saving?

I know a lot of people think Lily sees the world in black and white, but I think just the opposite. I think she saw the world in shades of gray.

I’m just saying. It kinda makes sense that Lily would hate the Wizarding World given the time period (the First War was brewing and all that) and I think that the only way she survived was by taking care of herself first.

I also think that Severus and James kinda symbolize Lily’s battle with the light and dark inside her.

Severus was kinda the person she was: Full of anger and hatred and low self-esteem. And James was the person she wanted to be: brave and loyal and good.

And it wasn’t until she started dating James and had Harry that she started to become the Lily we all know.

I said this was an unpopular headcanon that people would hate me for. But I’m kinda tired of people making Lily out to be this flawless goddess who could do no wrong.

I’d take flawed!Lily over perfect!Lily any day.

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Are you the one who made that post of lumberjack!Hunk and witch!Keith, and if so is here a fic yet?

YES! I drew lumberjack!Hunk and witch!Keith and made the post of the au via twitter

oooOOOOOOOO boy I tell ya what

I….no. There is no fic. 

Actually, that’s a lie. I started one forever ago and never finished. So, what the heck! I’ll post what I have lol Entirely NOT proofread and ending with my weird plot notes that I had planned to write 

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Modern Day Hogwarts!AU

Originally posted by rose-wexsley

  • Oh my GOD being a Witch/Wizard in the 2010-2017 era would be so much fucking fun I swear I’ve never wanted to be a modern witch more than I do now
  •  Imagine every Friday night to celebrate the weekend, whatever year you’re in has a battle of the bands tradition, where everyone gathers in the Hufflepuff common room to rock tf out.
  • Pureblood student’s learning muggle music and instruments and LOVING it.
  • Every person in the year having mad hangovers the next day, and being dragged to the Quidditch pitch. All of the older students who attended the battle the previous night would all be dying, some of them even conjuring their own potions in an attempt to stop their hangovers.
  • “10 points to Ravenclaw” *AGGRESSIVELY DABS* 
  • If you weren’t in Hufflepuff yourself, the Hufflepuffs would be so fucking annoying. In EVERY SINGLE HOUSE EVENT they would all be chanting this song. (Even better if there was a Hufflepuff vs Slytherin Quidditch match and all the fucking Hufflepuff’s start shrieking the snake part)
  • I’m convinced there would be a Wizarding equivalent to social media apps like vine, instagram etc. Imagine the fucking vines that would be made through the school year im dyigreqdasiuf
  • Some Ravenclaw students using the room of requirement as a gym, because they know not only the importance of a healthy mind, but a healthy body too. Some Gryffindor students tagging along too when they notice what they’re up to, interested in muggle ‘leg day’, as they call it.
  • Piercing’s getting banned but most students being like lol fuck ya, wearing nose rings, septums etc all the time without fail.
  • Skater kids would enchant their skateboards to be able to hover, riding them in the corridor to their classes. Some teachers like Professor Longbottom would let it slide, others such as Filch wouldn’t be as forgiving.
  • Voldemort would become a meme.
  • He would definitely be a meme oh my god I am CONVINCED of this
  • In the History of Magic studies, the selected teacher would be expressing how dangerous and fearful the Dark Lord had once looked, one of the Slytherin students yelling out, ‘He doesn’t even have a bloody nose?! Dark Lord my arse.”
  • Muggle born students would take their pureblood friends to Muggle music festivals like Glastonbury and Reading Leeds, and they would go OFF. 
  • Wizards/Witches enchanting their camping tents so it’s like a small cabin, so it wasn’t uncomfortable to sleep in after a long day of seeing all the bands.
  • Kids who stay over the Christmas holidays would so stay up and play beer pong for New Years- all the Ravenclaws using advanced magic to cheat.
  • In Charms class, the students in their last year would do the mannequin challenge, making objects levitate while someone records it all.
  • Gryffindor students being annoying little fucks and trying to see how many teachers they could get to dab over the year. This turns into an annual house event for students, Slytherin always winning.
  • For Halloween all the older students enchanting their image to look like professors, which may become problematic through the day.
  • Hufflepuffs coming to class stoned, but never get told off for it. Sure, the odd point or two will be taken away if it’s that obvious, but those little shits always get away with it. Bonus points because their common room is so close to the kitchen.
  • If you haven’t heard this song before, I believe the Gryffindor would change the lyrics to “Gryffindor sound, we aint fucken around, fuck our classes man so we keep it underground, cause potions each day got me feeling like shit but it’s all worth while when the weekend hits.”
  • Slytherin students playing odds on, getting their Gryffindor mates to jump into the black lake to see the giant squid. 
  • Muggle borns taking their pureblood friends to rugby/hockey/soccer games, and them not having a fucking clue what’s going on.
  • Students using Snapchat to record small snippets of Mandrakes screaming then slow it down- Professor Longbottom finds this hillarious.

Spiritual Labels

A spiritual label is a term that people use to identify their spiritual path. Spiritual labels can overlap with religious labels, such as Methodist, Buddhist, or Wiccan.

Spiritual labels are points of communication. A label should not limit your practice; a label can instead explain your practice. Do not let spiritual labels limit you!

For example, I have gotten questions like this in the past:

“If I want to be a water witch, is it okay for me to work with the fire element?”

Well, of course it is! A label should never limit you.

Other things about spiritual labels:

They can be totally unique to you. I am a Protagonist. I’ve never met another Protagonist before, so this label may be somewhat unique to me.

Nobody else needs to “get it”. I personally don’t care if nobody’s heard of a Protagonist and nobody understands what that means. That label has significance to me, and that is what matters. You can be a Hubalaboo if that label makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Your label can change every day and your practice will still be valid. You can be a cosmic witch one day, a solar witch the next day, and a fire witch the next day, and guess what – your practice is equally as valid as the fire witch who has been a fire witch for 20 years.

A label does not need to have deep spiritual significance. I find my label of Protagonist to be very significant to me, but you don’t need to have a deep connection to your label. You can call yourself an Asshat Witch if you find it to be funny, and your practice is still valid.

A label can be highly significant and personal if that is what you want. There is great satisfaction in finding a highly personal and spiritual label for yourself. If this matters to you, keep searching until you find one. It took me five years to find mine.

You don’t need a label if you don’t want one. I get lots of asks like, “do I have to be a certain type of this-or-that witch?” Well no, you don’t. You can practice witchcraft, and reject the label of ‘witch’ itself, and your practice is still valid. You do not need any spiritual label if you don’t want one.

Sapphic Attraction Jar Spell

(If something has an * behind or before it, that means it’s optional)

You will need:

-pink/red* candles (Pink for love, red for lust)

-a small vial/jar

- a crystal (Either rose quartz, amethyst, or citrine)

-Rose petals (love)

-Chili powder (Love/lust*, will keep the relationship “spicy”)

-Violets (Sapphic love)

-Chamomile (New love)

*Caraway (lust/faithfulness)

*Cherry Bark (Lust)

-Cinnamon (Love/lust*)

-Cloves (love)

-Dragons Blood and/or rose incense (Rose for love, Dragon’s Blood will increase the spell potency)

-listen to a song or playlist that has sapphic love in it (EX: girls like girls by Hayley Kiyoko, Potions by SEE, Jenny by Studio Killers)

* Call on a love goddess (I suggest Aphrodite)

Light the candles and incense

Play the song/playlist, get into the sapphic love “vibe”

Take the jar and fill it with your intent, and then your crystals and herbs, while doing so think/say

“ *O, -Deity-, hear my prayer*

I am one of Sappho’s daughters, and I long to be in her care

My sapphic heart is lonely and forlorn

I long for a girl, so I may no longer mourn

*Here describe what you want in a lover, be specific*

May she be faithful, and as beautiful as violets, with lips as soft as rose petals”

put in the ashes from the incense to give it an extra kick

Close the jar/vial and seal it with the wax from your candles

Now, keep it on your altar, near your bed, or wear it as a necklace if it’s a small enough vial

Happy sapphic witching!


Bonnie x Redaer

“Hey I’m here what’s the emergency?” Bonnie asked as she used the spare key to get in and found you staring at a box on the table.

“My crazy aunt came by.” You mumbled without looking away from the box.

“Ok, (Y/N) you said there was an emergency.” She reminded you.

“My crazy aunt came by and gave me a magic box that will only open for the family witch.” You mumbled again in an almost trance like state.

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pedroismahname  asked:

Can you remember the last anime you were really into?

that is a very good question…. i think it was fate stay night (2014)?? i remember looking forward to every single episode when it was airing! before that was definitely kill la kill :) but aside from those two there’s only a small handful of anime i’ve really enjoyed in the past 6 or so years….