are you a puppet

  • Eng1: Morning all. Does anyone have any prior art in Puppet for running an Nginx reverse proxy?
  • Eng2: See Eng6's work for Media
  • Eng3: Hmm, I might have that already, let me find you a link.
  • Eng2: Or talk to Eng7 cos he set up the package repo one.
  • Eng4: Here you go:
  • Eng5: Crikey, does anyone *not* have prior art for running an Nginx reverse proxy?!
  • Eng1: Me, obviously.
7x11 - rewatch

Oh my god 😂😂😂 ok, as I said before, I’m watching in german this time so I can’t cat the quotes straight. But Ezra said something like “with all that happened in this town, now a deer define their destiny” (about Yvonne and Toby) and he seems really mad about. Yeah sure you are mad. Because you want to be the puppet master right? You had other plans with them two??? 😂 I’m so in for Ezra as Uber A

severecandyeagle-176cb077  asked:

So whats happeing rn I'm so late

Happening happening…. I dont even know where to start, since I keep going and dont know what you know about the 5000+ posts of the blog (???

Puppet Hell is a thing, Anette exist and N Mangle pushed Jack O Bonnie into another dimention on the summerween arc and he cant go back… at least he isnt alone