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@therealjacksepticeye Yeah, hey dude, I just wanted to ask you something here. you know Kill Jacksepticeye video? Oh yeah you do, and you remember the part where you said you posted it in summer because it didn’t make any since and it was ‘Just because’. Yeah, you remember that. 

And then you remember the raspy hill video you did a while back where you did kinda like a uh, lost tape type thing? yeah, you remember when you posted it? 

Here, let me help you:

Aw, little Jack doin’ some creepy stuff back in 2013! 
you remember specifically when you posted the Kill Jacksepticeye bit? 

And now look! big Jack’s doin’ some more creepy stuff back in 2017! But, wait…

Could? Wait-. 

Let’s zoom in on something real quick…

 Okay, now let’s zoom in to 2017 bit…

Oh, wait…do you see it? hold on…


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Have fun, guys…

personthatdoesstuffs  asked:

HI! So I do theatre (and cosplay) and I need to make a decapitated head. We made a mould of the guy's face but I want to do a moveable jaw, so it'll be even more gruesome. This is a pretty odd request, but I'm struggling with this a bit, so do you have any tips? Anything would be helpful... thanks!!

So first things first, you’re going to want to think about the moving jaw. How do you want it to move? Do you want to control it or do you want it to be automatic? Is it triggered by a button, sound or something else? You may find it useful to create mockups to test your ideas. 

 Once you know what you want to do, you should plan out where your electronics or puppet controls are going to go within the head. 

You may find these links useful:

  1. GIANT ANIMATRONIC HEAD: SIEMENS Behind The Scenes - Legacy Effects
  2. Animatronics tutorial - Chapter 9 - The jaw servo
  3. Animatronics tutorial - Chapter 15 - Final assembly
  4. Build An Animatronic Head: Servo Motor Installation - FREE CHAPTER
  5. This video is a kit demo, you may be able to purchase this, or a similar, kit and save yourself some trouble!

Following that you should think about the material you are going to use and how the piece can be constructed to incorporate the movement. For example, a silicone could be used to stretch but if you are using a stiff material, you would need to allow parts to move individually; look at dummy dolls and nutcrackers to see how their mouths are cut to move. If you are using electronics, you may want to make a solid base and then make a silicone layer that pulls over top. 

Hope this helps you out! 
Duckie / Admin

You may behold yourself as an individual struggling to maintain a sense of significance, but believe me, you are nothing of the kind. That whole thing is a puppet show. Your true nature is pure awareness. Like it or not you are God. You have to know this, not intellectually, but consciously in your heart. The whole universe is your Self. There is no separation. You are that!  

Robert Adams

eorzea-awaits  asked:

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Lemme hear one!

One? Friend that’s six. XD Which is perfectly alright cause I have just so many songs I love~

Vertigo - Mini Mansions
(NSFW warning on that video btw, it contains boobs)

Discovering this song was quite an accident, having stumbled upon it through my endless sifting through spotify lists to chase a mood. I instantly fell in love with the way this sounds so mysterious and dangerous. It’s this winding, pressing sort of walk through a weird soundscape that kinda feels like a slow descent into a bit of madness? Either way it’s spooky and wonderful and I’m happy I stumbled upon it!

My Mistakes Were Made for You - The Last Shadow Puppets

These guys have this lovely old school rock sound and I adore it to pieces. This song is jangly and dark and catchy as hell while also having that sort of dark feel to it. Hey have you noticed a trend in my musical habits? :V Catchy and dark? lol

Every Thug Needs A Lady - Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio is like that best friend that’s always been around that you discover, years later, that you’re absolutely in love with them. That being said, I honestly feel this song is probably one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard. No fancy words or grand declarations of love, just a very intimate ‘hey I know I’m not much and I can only ever be what I am, but I love you and I need you.’ I have a lot of love songs that I enjoy but this one has always stuck with me as being just so damn real, you know? I just love the sentiment behind it. :3

Seasons (Waiting on You) - Future Islands

You know the real reason I ever looked up this band at all was because I absolutely fell in love with the way the singer says ‘you’ in this song. XD It was really hard choosing a song by these guys cause I just absolutely adore everything they’ve put out. Seasons has this great sort of building melancholy to it and I just…I really love the way he says “you”. XD I highly reccomend checking out the album ‘Singles’ though, as it has some fantastic pieces on it.

Play Crack the Sky - Brand New

This song is beautiful. I’ve always loved Brand New and their lyrical prowess and this song is no exception. It’s powerful and sad and hits me right in my heart. I love this because I’ve lived this.

The Hounds - The Protomen

Aahhhh this song is just so much fun >:O This was my introduction to The Protomen and holy cow, by the end of this song I needed to listen to the entire Act II album from start to finish or I was gonna die. It’s catchy and I am a sucker for concept albums. The whole album is a treat and probably one of my most favorite albums of all time even~



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Top Five?

A few weeks ago, I asked which songs you think might be in the Top Ten. @res-orb​ was the only one to correctly guess and it was with “Master of Puppets” (congrats, you can now brag to all of your friends). Now that we’re about to enter the Top Five, which songs do you think are left? Hint: two of the songs are by artists I posted today, one is of the greatest guitarist in history, and one is by my favorite metal band.

when people think all stop-motion is tim burton

when people think all stop-motion is claymation

when people try to exterminate your non-human family