are you a puppet

Starting Clean (Part 3)

Bucky Barnes x reader (with abilities)

Summary: You have just joined the Avengers with hope of forgetting your past life. As you start to move forward with your new friends and new love, your past seems to want to drag you back.

Warnings: Abusive Relationship, Language?

Words: 1,136

“Come now, love,” Nikolai’s voice echoed in your head. Your body moved without thought as his commands danced along your brain. You were his puppet again, always would be and there was no getting out of it. 

“Nikolai,” your voice was a whisper. “You promised you wouldn’t.”

Nikolai looked at you from where he was sitting, his brown eyes traveling your body. He stood up walking over and cupping your cheek with his hand. You couldn’t move, couldn’t flinch away from his touch. “You disobeyed me once, I won’t have you make that mistake again.”

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Let the festivities begin!!


“I’m in a multi-storey car park and I notice that I’m surrounded by the Flintstones”

Alex + The Dream Synopsis lyrics

i’m dying @ the mental image of sportacus and robbie’s wedding, where stephanie and trixie are flower girls, pixel and ziggy are best men (even though they can’t technically be legal witnesses but try telling two children that) and, against all logic and better judgement, stingy is the ringbearer

which leads to, at the Big Moment when they’re supposed to exchange rings, stingy just goes “these rings are mine!!!”

robbie literally facepalms while sportacus has to be the responsible one, crouch down and explain to stingy that these are wedding rings, he can’t have them if he has no one to marry, and can we please have them back so we can married properly now? 

Pretty Face, Dark Soul.

Ahh finally my Human Bill Cipher is donee <3

Some ppl ask me to do it for their cosplay AHHH I’M SO HAPPY ;; 

Dipp puppet is Orrible.. It just has this weard… Glare…… Uhm………. Stay into your soul lil Dipper…………………………..