are you a lady

I maybe sound paranoid here, but i’ve read that article from vanity fair and i think they gave us the main reason why they’re gonna shit on WW next year, like 

i mean, i don’t know about you, but i can totally see they hating on WW just for praise marvel and their decision on waiting to make a female-lead superhero film more than ten years, and giving them all the credit for making a good female-lead superhero movie, giving them then, the credit for making it and not dc


She had not thought of Jon in ages. He was only her half brother, but still … with Robb and Bran and Rickon dead, Jon Snow was the only brother that remained to her. I am a bastard too now, just like him. Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again.

He thought of Bran, clambering up a tower wall, agile as a monkey. Of Rickon’s breathless laughter. Of Sansa, brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to herself.  You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Bruce/Damian Wayne Imagine

Requested: “More Damian and Bruce imagines please!x”

Bruce asks you for help, and Damian tags along.

“What a pleasant surprise.”

His sudden grip around your waist caused you to spin around into his chest. You smiled, as your delicate hands smoothed down his suit.

“So what do i owe the pleasure?”

“Can’t a man just have a lovely dance with a lovely lady?”

You chuckled at Bruce Wayne, your arms moving up to his shoulders,

“We all know that there are only two reasons why Bruce Wayne would dance with someone. One, to either get in their pants,” he smirked, “or two, to gather some information.”

“And what one is it Miss. (y/n)?”

You smiled, “Number two.”

“And how do you know it’s not number one?”

You smirked, looking up into his eyes. He was carrying you along with the music at the gala. He knew how to dance; you didn’t.

You were, admittedly, grateful he was leading.

“You’re a confident one, Mr. Wayne, i’ll give you that.” The music then softly changed and flowed to a slightly slower pace, welcoming the arrival of more couples ready to dance.

“The alcohol only runs for so long, so before i suddenly sober up, what is it you must know?”

He chuckled, and you felt his warm, deep voice rumbled in his chest.

“I need some help,” he stopped for a little while, looking and thinking over his words, “,‘acquiring’ something.

You raised a brow, “Acquiring?”

He nodded, “Acquiring.”

You broke eye contact, “I see, and this ‘thing’ i will be ‘acquiring’, what is it exactly?”

On cue, Bruce spun you around to the music. You didn’t expect it and you took in a sudden breath and found yourself being dipped by Bruce. He pulled you up quickly, his mouth moving close to your ear,

“A file hidden in Maroni’s home.”

You pulled back, looking at Bruce with a tinge of concern.

“Maroni? What-”

“It’s nothing serious.” he reassured, seeing your slightly confused face. “He just has files that could reveal my identity as well as countless others.”

“Like the League?” You asked.

He nodded.

“So then why aren’t you doing your own dirty work?” You asked, as you were  pulled in closer to Bruce with his hand around your waist.

“A big bat can only go so far.” And you laughed, smiling as you danced

“You know i’d rather not. Don’t you have your little ‘boy wonder’s’ to do this work for you?”

“They’re grown up, and besides if i’m being honest, they aren’t fluent in the art of stealing like you are.”

“I will take that as a compliment.”

Bruce smiled, slowly stopping as the music died down. The crowd, Bruce and yourself included, clapped. You walked off the floor, and headed to the bar, your long black dress flowing behind you. Sitting down you ordered a champagne and a shot of vodka to accompany you in your decision. Bruce sat down next to you, ordering himself a water.

You eyed him as he paid for your drinks.

“If it’s too difficult then it-”

You shook your head, taking your shot.

“It’s not that it’s difficult,” You began, your face contorting as the warm buzz hit your throat. You sighed, “It’s just that it’s Maroni. One wrong move and he could have me killed.”

“You know i won’t let that happen.”

You looked at him, his eyes the most expressive you’ve seen.

“Alcohol isn’t very good for you-you know.”
Then all of a sudden, a miniature Bruce popped up in between you and Bruce.

You smirked, sipping your champagne,

“Yeah? Well when you get to my age it does wonders, kid.”

Bruce smirked, placing a hand on Damian’s Shoulder.

“This is Damian.” Bruce said, “My son.”

You smiled, nodding your head towards him. “I figured.” You said.

“Damian this is-”

“(y/n).” He interrupted. “I know who she is.”

You smiled, and looked up at Bruce who was holding back a chuckle.

“So are you going to help us or not?”

You raised a brow. He was short, but well spoken. His posture was upright and his stance was strong. It clicked like a light;

“I don’t like your attitude. You should be with the other kids…Robin.”

Bruce choked on his water, and Damian grew furious.

“I’m not just Robin!” He said back, his hands on his hips.

“He doesn’t like being reduced to a ‘side kick’.” Bruce said sipping his water.

“I bet.” You sculled the rest of your champagne.

“And i’m not just a kid!”

“Mhm.” You placed the empty glass down.

“I’ll prove it too you!”

“How?” Bruce remarked, genuine confusion on his face.

“I’ll go with her to Maroni’s!”

You and Bruce looked to each other, a smile creeping to your lips.

“There’s a reason i asked (y/n), Damian.”

“Well how am i meant to learn if i don’t try?”

Bruce looked at Damian. You watched them. He’s got the same persistence as Bruce. Huh…

“He has a point.” Bruce said. The both of them looked at you, and you suddenly felt interrogated.

You sighed, leaning your head in your hand on the bar.

“I,” You began, thinking over. “I guess you can.”

A small smile came from Damian’s lips,

“But!” You abruptly said. “You must do everything as i say.”

“And if i don’t?”

You smirked, leaning forward close to his face,

“Then you’ll just remain a plain o’Robin. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Damian glared at you. You smirked, getting up out of your chair.

You walked over to Bruce and placed a hand on his shoulder,

“You owe me big time Bruce.”

Bruce stood up, his eyes on yours.

“I know.” He said. His eyes lingered on as long as possible before you turned around to Damian,

“I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

Bruce watched as you walked off, and dissolved into the crowd. He turned to Damian,

“You’re in for a rough ride tomorrow night.”

Damian scoffed.

“She can’t be that good.”

“Damian, there’s a reason i asked her, and only her. She’s the only one that can do it without any traces.”

Bruce led Damian towards the exit of the party. Bruce began to chuckle to himself, and Damian looked up at him,

“Why are you laughing.” Damian scoffed. Bruce continued to smile, walking out the door and into the car which Alfred was running,

“Because,” he began, “, for once you’re going to be out of your league.”

-A little bit of a sassy reader, i thought that would be fun.

-I also like the idea of Damian and how he always wants to prove himself. He doesn’t like to be restricted to a specific label and always wants to learn and become better.

-Hope you guys liked! Let me know! x

We’re Fine, Thank You

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A/N: My first request! Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you like it!

The title was inspired by Ladies Code’s “I’m Fine, Thank You”

Oh Sehun x Reader angst

Summary: You fell in love with your best friend, but he fell in love with someone else. After a horrible accident, you took care of him until he shut you out one night. You confront him why and he confesses his true feelings

Y/S/N = Your sisters name

Word count: 2,464

He was the love of your life. To this day, he still was.

You met him in your language class in your second year of high school. He looked like a brat at first sight, and when he talked to you he sounded like one too. But after a couple of group projects and passed notes about the bitchy teacher, you were inseparable.

It was a month before the senior prom and you were tired of keeping your feelings all to yourself, so you planned on confessing and asking him to be your date. You were so excited to step forward with Sehun. But what stopped you was seeing him in the hall with his arm around your sister’s waist, giggling together. She saw you and waved for you to walk towards them.

“When did this happen?” You gave your best fake smile to them. “He just asked me to out this morning!” Your sister took your hands in hers. She looked so happy, and so did Sehun with the way his loving gaze sunk into her eyes. Not yours.

The three of you ended up in a university together, your sister following a year after. They continued strong for three years. You decided to give up on this one-sided love and started dating Jongdae from your choir club. You passed the time getting over Sehun with the laughter and fun dates Jongdae took you on and eventually, the both of you got married after two years. Things were starting to look perfect again.

Until the accident.

Sehun and your sister got into a huge fight. You knew because she called you that night asking if she could stay for a couple nights. It wasn’t the first time she called you either. So you prepared the guest room in your house awaiting for her arrival. But she never came.

That night, the snow storm was so heavy. Y/S/N hadn’t seen the stop sign and with the speed she was going at, it caused her car to slid roughly over the ice and crash into a wall. She was declared dead at the hospital. You cried for so many days, but Sehun was hurt for months. He never left the apartment for half a year. You and your husband had to pull him out of the place and bring him to life again.

Unconsciously, you were devoting your free time looking after Sehun. Making sure he didn’t go out in the night drinking away his sorrows and if he was properly eating. You thought you were consoling him as a friend, but Jongdae saw it as something else.

“I knew that you loved him before and he’s hurt now, but I’m your husband, Y/N. When are you going to pay attention to me? Do you still love him?” He confronted you after months of holding it in. You saw him standing at the door with his things packed and as much as you begged him to stay, he was right. Deep down, you still loved Sehun.

So Jongdae left you and Sehun was there to take care of you like you did for him. Deep down, you knew he only looked at you as his best friend since high school. But that’s okay. He’s here with you; healing with you.

“Hey, so the girls and I are going out tonight and I was thinking that maybe—”

“I go with you to baby sit when you get shit-faced?” Sehun interrupted you with a smug look on his face. Oh, he knew you too well. You always called him to pick you and your girlfriends up; there was no one else you trusted as much. You gave him your puppy eyes and pouty lips. “I’ll buy you bubble tea for a whole month,” you bribe.

He chuckled at your attempt but he just wasn’t feeling it today. “I’m sorry, but can you call Jongin or someone else? I’m busy tonight.”

“What could you possibly be doing on a Friday night—” you came to a realization. Today was what could have been seven years together. Every year for the past four years, he went to her burial and drank soju. And every year, he came home in the middle of the night crying. Your face fell down, guilt building inside. “I forgot… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. I’m so sorry, Sehun.”

“Hey, calm down,” Sehun reassures you with a small smile, “It’s okay. I don’t expect you to remember all that stuff.” He releases a deep huff. The air seems to be suffocating so you thought of suggesting something. “Hey, join us. Call the guys and let’s just let loose. It’ll be good for you.” He immediately shakes his head ‘no’ followed by him saying no way, not happening.

You turned your body to face his while sitting on the couch. “C’mon~ It’ll be fun! You need to get out there! I won’t let you go to your dark place again. My sister wouldn’t have wanted this.”

Sehun was thinking of so many reasons of why he shouldn’t go. But you’re right. He shouldn’t just keep sulking for the rest of his life. The only thing that kept him back was the argument from that day. Every time, he always thought that if they hadn’t argued, what would it be like now?

He pursed his lips in thought. He looked in your hopeful eyes, squinting at you. “Alright, I’ll go. But we’re taking a cab or no deal.”

“Whatever you say, as long as you’re going,” you leap in and pulled him to a tight squeeze. “Thank god you’re going out. I don’t have to worry about you tonight.” Sehun gently pats the back of your head. Is this how she feels? Is she constantly worried about me?

Inside the club, you, Sehun, your closest girlfriends and his friends were taking shots at the bar. It’s been so long hanging out with your best friend like this. There was no way you’re going to let him out of this club still upset. I’m doing the right thing; I should’ve done this sooner you thought.

Walking out to the dance floor, you noticed a familiar face. The person held a girl close to him as she was grinding on him in the midst of the crowd. A familiar face that you haven’t seen I quite a while. Jongdae. You stood frozen. Y/N, snap out of it. Don’t make this about you. Just… let loose. Set an example. Move!

Jongdae didn’t seem to notice you so you decided to act as if you didn’t either. You were with your friends, focus on that instead. The DJ kept the flow of the music that pumped up the adrenaline within. But also with the help of strong alcohol. Your friends passed you so many shots that you lost track.

One by one, you were being ditched by your friends. They picked up random guys and went home with them. The last one winked at you saying something along of the lines, “Go get your chance,” and left with one of Sehun’s friend, Chanyeol. Confused by what she meant, you were left alone dancing with Sehun.

That’s when things were changing up. Maybe it was the way the vodka was running through your system that brought your body closer. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the way the short dress looked on your body that caused Sehun to grab your waist and pull you dangerously close to him. 

And maybe, just maybe, it was the way his eyes traveled to your lips and how he bit his own made you pull his neck down and attach yourselves into a heated kiss.

Everything about this was wrong, you knew it. But the both of you were too drunk to think straight right now. The only thing going through your mind was the way sparks flew as his tongue glided over yours. Sehun moves his lips down to your neck, moving your hair for more access. A light moan that escapes your lips is drowned under the loud music.

But good things must come to an end. Sehun stops himself, looking up at you with hurt eyes and swollen lips. “This is a mistake, I can’t do this.” He fast walks out of the club without you and bumps into a few people on the way. You try your best to keep up with him but someone calls out to you and instinctively, you turn to the voice.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jongdae stands in front of you. Your hands shoo at him as you were stepping away. “Not now, I have to go now.” Making it outside, you call out to Sehun while walking in different directions. Damn it. Considering he’s an adult, you comfort yourself with the idea that he probably went home by himself so you just call a cab.

Walking inside you called out to Sehun but got no answer. His room was empty as well so you called any possible person who would know where he would go to. It was Junmyeon that after five calls reassured you that Sehun was safe. He mentioned that he was quiet and Junmyeon would try to talk but got nothing. After hanging up, you decided to let Sehun come to you instead of push him to talk to you. 

Two weeks passed and he still hadn’t come home. What was bothering him so much? It made you worry so much that he was being like this again. You ended up driving to Junmyeon’s place, just to check up on him.

Jun walked you to the room Sehun was in, “He won’t leave the room and won’t let anyone in either.” Of course, he did this all the time. “Thank you, Jun oppa. I got this.” He patted your back and whispered ‘OK’ before leaving for work. 

You took in a deep breath before lightly knocking on the door. No response. You knock again. No response. Maybe he’s sleeping or hungover. So you knock harder and that’s when he yells. “I thought I said I didn’t want to talk, hyung.”

“I-it’s me, Sehun.” You’re taken aback from his unusual attitude unsure of how to make him feel better this time. “C’mon, let me in. Let’s talk, huh?” You press your ear against the door to hear if he moves but there’s complete silence. Frustrated, you open the luckily unlocked door open and he gets up from the bed looking at you angrily. “Get out, I want to be alone.”

Hands on your hips like a nagging mother, you yell back, “What’s wrong with you, Sehun? What is it that you’ve been sulking so much for the past four years?” You knew that just because your sister died couldn’t have made him like this. It had to be more. “I’ve been waiting patiently for you to talk to me but you just shut me out! How am I supposed to feel if my best friend doesn’t want to talk to me or, or even look at me?”

Sehun keeps his back to you with the sheets over him. He says something but you couldn’t hear him so you tell him to say it again louder. “YOU LOOK LIKE HER,” he sprinted up from the bed finally, facing you. His eyes are red and puffy from crying. “Every time I look at you, I go back to that night. I remember why Y/S/N and I fought, why she left.”

You stood confused, “What does that have to do with me?” This was new to you. It was the first time he was becoming open about everything. He looked away trying to compose himself for what he was going to say next. “She… she knew I loved her. But she also knew that I couldn’t love her like I loved you, Y/N.” Tears spilled heavily for you two as you took in his words. He loved me?

He continued on with his confession, “I never told you about this because I thought if I did, you’d leave me and that scares me. When I realized that I loved you, it was too late because you were with Jongdae. I tried to stick it out but Y/S/N figured it out.

“One day, she just had enough and although she hated that it was you and not her, she had no one else to turn to.” You hadn’t moved a muscle as he spoke. He grabbed your shoulders and continued speaking until you couldn’t take it. “Stop. Just stop.”

“No, please listen to me,” he felt his fear coming true and he wrapped you in his arms tightly so you couldn’t move from him. “Don’t leave me, I can’t lose you too. I love you.” He places a long kiss on your forehead, repeating himself. ‘I love you, I love you.’ By now you’re sobbing into his shoulder, holding him with the same strength. In between breathes, you say that you too love him.

Sehun holds your hand tightly as he’s driving through the traffic. The spring weather felt nice and he suggested that you two go on a date. He never told you where he was taking you but it didn’t matter. You packed a lot of food in a basket and dressed casually. He raised your hand and kissed the back of it, looking at you giggle towards the gesture. “We’re almost there.” He addressed. Luckily, traffic was low and you got to your destination. Sehun looked at your confused face, taking in the building. “What is this place?”

“It was getting expensive to keep where Y/S/N was so I relocated her here. It’s much nicer for the price. Should’ve come here in the first place.” He signs in and grabs you two a visitors pass. Inside, the walls were glass cabinets with names engraved on a golden plaque and a picture of the person.

A few turns here and there, you finally got to your sister. It was a slightly big cabinet, bigger than the ones you passed. You spotted a picture of you, Sehun and your sister in between with your arms linked together. She had that beautiful smile you always told her was her best feature. You were filled with emotions right now. “It’s beautiful. She would’ve loved it,” you express through tears.

He pulls you in a hug and asks you, “Do you think she would be happy to see us together?” You dry your tears and clear your voice. “Who knows. I just hope she’s resting well.” You stare at her smiling face for a while before looking up at Sehun. “I love you.” He bends down to give you a quick kiss.

“I love you, too.”

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Revelations and Secrets (SLBP, Kirigakure Saizo/MC) part 1

This is my first fanfiction ever, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Next part will be up tomorrow.

When you did see him, you wish you hadn’t. He had his sword pointed at you his eyes looking at you coldly,

“If we wish to die so badly, little lady, I can make it happen.” he said. You had no words. All you could feel, was the world crumbling around you.


You carried a big tray of dango towards Saizo’s room. He had come back from a mission late last night and you had been making dango all morning. You were so excited, you had big news for Saizo and you were sure he would be just as excited as you were. Finally, you made it to his door and announced yourself. After hearing Saizo’s voice you entered the room lifting the big tray of dango to the room with you. You blabbered about your day nervously, knowing not to ask about his mission, when Saizo interrupted you,

”What is it little lady?” Saizo asked, ”We’re hiding something, aren’t we now?”

You were quiet for a while, looking at your hands in your lap, collecting courage to tell your news.

”I think I’m pregnant.” you told Saizo glancing at him under your lashes. He froze half eaten dango in hand averting your eyes. He put the dango back to the tray and rose up.

“Saizo?” you asked concerned. He never left any dango uneaten. You rose up as well, ignoring the wave of nausea hitting you.

It had been harder than usual to make the dango, because everything smelled horrible in the kitchen and it kept getting worse every day. At first you didn’t want to believe you were pregnant, you had calculated carefully the safe days like the maids had taught you and you had been sure you and Saizo were careful. But no matter what, here you were, waiting for Saizo’s answer. Saizo walked to the door and entered veranda closing the door behind him.

“Saizo?” You asked again and ran after him. When you opened the door he was just standing there back facing you.

“Saizo? Please say something.” you said and moved to touch his hand but he moved away from you. You felt cold shiver go down your spine as you let your arm drop to your side,

“Saizo?” you whispered.

“It can’t be mine.” Saizo finally said. He glanced at your direction and disappeared leaving you standing in the veranda all alone. Your heart felt like breaking, it hurt so much, felt so cold. It was hard to breathe and you tried to gasp for breath when you felt tears streaming down your face and your legs gave away beneath you.

“Saizo!” you screamed at the empty yard voice braking, hoping he would hear you and come back. Your whole body was trembling and nausea hit you hard making you puke. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand trying to steady your breathing.

“Saizo, please come back!” you whispered to thin air tears still rolling down your cheeks.

You didn’t know how much time had passed when your tears had finally dried. When you looked at the yard, you realised day had turned to night. You crawled back inside, barely managing to unroll Saizo’s futon before you collapsed onto it and fell asleep.


When you woke up, the first thing you saw was a wall that wasn’t yours. You put your hand behind you expecting to find Saizo lying beside you, but the futon was empty. You got up carefully, trying to keep the nausea away, when suddenly everything that happened last night flooded your memory. You felt cold creeping your body and squeeze your chest, making it hard to breathe. You buried your face to your knees muffling your sniffles.

'Light Between Oceans' stars Fassbender and Vikander seek a private romance in the age of instant exposure

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are the stars of “The Light Between Oceans.” (Jennifer S. Altman/For The Times)

By Steven Zeitchik

Michael Fassbender tensed up for the briefest instant when the topic of his relationship with Alicia Vikander, both his co-star and his girlfriend, arose.Then he relaxed and offered a Zen thought. “People will make the presumptions they want to make. If you start to defend anything, it becomes, ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much,’ ” the actor said, when asked if he thought moviegoers would draw real-life inferences from his work.“I mean, have you seen ‘Shame?’” he quipped, referring to his 2011 portrayal of a sex addict. Vikander, sitting next to him, let loose a sharp laugh.The pair were side by side at a downtown hotel here recently, polite and formal and trying not to seem like they’re a couple — while trying not to seem like they were trying not to seem like a couple.

Over the course of a conversation, about their new movie “The Light Between Oceans,” they could be professional, even distant. But they also jumped in often to finish each other’s sentences in a manner that reinforced their couplehood — an embodiment of the contradiction that occurs when the modern imperative to stay on message collides with the even more modern reality of everyone knowing everything about everybody.

Since the days of early Hollywood, actors have been falling for each other on set. And for pretty much just as long, we’ve been obsessed with them.

From Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor on “Cleopatra” in the early 1960s, engaging in a moltenly dysfunctional affair, to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in the mid-2000s, also initiating a romance outside one partner’s committed relationship, mid-production hookups have been a regular source of film-fan fascination.  

The reason has often had as much to do with us as them: These relationships offer the universal touchstone of the office romance, only more heightened and surreal.

But as it has in so many other areas, the age of social media and rampant exposure has changed the equation. When Jolie and Pitt were first rumored to be together on the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” set, the idea of an affair broadcast widely using modern media tools was still new. It compelled us for months, right up through when the film landed in theaters.

Even reporting in that pre-TMZ era was tricky — for a time there was just one stealth photograph of the couple holding hands on set, kicking off a feeding frenzy to the set by glossy magazines and TV shows.

Because every iPhone-bearing fan in a corner Starbucks has now become a reporter, that kind of surprise — never mind a slow-burn reveal — is almost nonexistent these days. Knowledge about star pairings comes at us much faster, the secrets far fewer.

Into this climate arrive Fassbender, Vikander and the love story of “Light,” unloosing a rippling cinematic view on the real lives of two very private people (or at least the appearance of their real lives.)

A Derek Cianfrance adaptation of M.L. Stedman’s bestseller, out Friday after a Venice premiere, “Light” charts a coupling in post-World War I Australia, where young Tom and Isabel (Fassbender and Vikander) meet, wed and take romantic refuge on a remote island. She is sheltered; he, a returning veteran, is scarred. The movie spends many scenes luxuriating in their idyll.

Their intimacy is fractured when Isabel suffers two miscarriages. And it’s re-cemented, sort of, when the couple decides to raise a baby that has mysteriously washed ashore without reporting what they’ve done.

The movie offers moral quandaries galore — for Isabel, too shattered to do the right thing; for Tom, too loyal to his wife to dissuade her. As their lie threatens to get out, “Light” presents a kind of cautionary tale.

To current moviegoers, though, it furnishes something else: a chance to see art imitating life for the ethereally beautiful and previously single personalities. Fassbender and Vikander met on the Australia-New Zealand set of the film, Cianfrance’s famously naturalist and dogged style — “to find the collision between fiction and nonfiction,” as he puts it — bringing them ever closer together. The American indie director had cast and crew live on an Oceanic island in a self-described summer camp. Romantic scenes of just a few minutes could run much of the day; many were shot at extremely close range.

"Alicia would say that watching Derek’s films, you feel like you shouldn’t be in the room with these people,” Fassbender said.

“You want to get out,” Vikander nodded, adding, "This is a film about good people who don’t always make the right decisions. And we knew that to achieve that we had to make you really feel them.”

"And to be that truthful,” Fassbender added, "you have to be in these honest intimate places.”

The in-production relationship can of course create competing interests — between the couple and personal publicists, who want to protect privacy, and the studio, whose primary goal is to serve the movie. While it’s never explicitly used in marketing, fan interest in real-life relationships in the 21st century can sell tickets, as those behind several of Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson’s “Twilight Saga” films know well. It can also cast a pall when those relationships don’t work out, as those behind later “Twilight Saga” films also know well.

For both the Irish German Fassbender, 39, and the Swedish Vikander, 27, “Light” marks a departure of sorts.

He’s had a notably versatile few years, playing characters as diverse as Carl Jung, Steve Jobs and Magneto, but has largely stayed away from love stories; the most recent was “Jane Eyre” nearly six years ago. She has been equally range-y, going in the last 18 months from “Ex Machina" to “Jason Bourne,” though she has similarly stayed away from romance, save for the unconventional love of “The Danish Girl,” which netted her an Oscar earlier this year.

Fassbender had already been cast when the young Swede, not yet well-known, sought out the part of Isabel. “I mentioned to my agent that Derek was one of the young directors I admired and Michael was one of the best actors over the last few years.”

"I didn’t really know any of her work until we got out to Wellington,” Fassbender said. “And on the first day she comes in as this very powerful force, and I saw just how far she was willing to fall on her face. I thought …, I better stay on my toes.”

Cianfrance describes their skills as very different. “Michael is the champ who could knock you out in the first round while Alicia can do 30 takes and gets better with each take, like Gena Rowlands or Vivien Leigh. It’s the heavyweight and the thoroughbred, Muhammad Ali vs. Seabiscuit.”

Cianfrance said he wasn’t paying attention to their personal lives and was just focused on them getting the job done. Still, a director’s film tends to benefit when acting and real life converge, a kind of Method acting to the extreme. Cianfrance also may be sought for a “Fiddler on the Roof” reboot next: So potent are his matchmaking skills that his previous film, the multi-generational drama “The Place Beyond the Pines,” was also responsible for a coupling, between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

“I guess bring it on,” said the director, an entertainingly candid persona, in his trademark gravelly voice, speaking of his Yente-like reputation. “I’ll be the best man.”

On-set romance lends a larger than life quality, the movie and the headlines in a kind of ongoing dialogue. Such a dynamic was at work for Gosling and Rachel McAdams on “The Notebook,” the line so blurred that Gosling used to crack that people thought he could build a house because his character did so in the film. An epic quality also attached itself to the “Brokeback Mountain”-enabled coupling of Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger — a romance that took an elegiac turn when Ledger died in 2008 shortly after their breakup.

It also can go the other way, toward blood sport, as the endless Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez saga of the “Gigli”-ified early 2000s demonstrated.

The paradox of the celebrity relationship at the current social-media moment is that revealing less can make people interested more.

That’s the odd position in which Fassbender and Vikander, a fiercely private couple, find themselves.

“I have a lot of friends who do it. Just not me,” Vikander said of those social media platforms.

"I’m just lazy,” Fassbender said.

The couple is, in a sense, trying to have a very quiet relationship in a time of great noise; even the movie is far more low-key than some of the showy spectacles associated with previous romances.

That can lead to some strange effects.

“Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are both hot international stars, but they’re not on Twitter, they’re not on Instagram. They don’t do Snapchat,” said Mara Reinstein, deputy editor and film critic at US Weekly. “We know very little about them. So they stay alluring. People could be more inclined to see their movie because their romance is not thrown in our faces every minute,” she said.

But that also could mean that consumers may be curiously uninterested. Who needs an evasive European power couple when a steady diet of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus is always on the menu?

"You could argue, on the other hand, that few moviegoers are interested in seeing ‘The Light Between Oceans’ because these two choose to not document their romance on social media,” Reinstein added. “They’re too enigmatic for people to be emotionally invested in their romance.” In a time of so much dating information, mystery, it turns out, can be the enemy of desirability.