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JK Rowling first mentioned Dumbledore being gay on the fifth film’s script because the film wanted to make him explicitly straight.

That is literally the opposite of adding a character to make people ‘shut up’ or to ‘win points.’

It was a side note, on a film script, which someone took a picture of and publicized.

Yes. Dumbledore has always been gay. 

And you know what?

Not all gay people have to be in a current relationship or be flirting or interested in anyone at all.

Dumbledore is gay, whether he is in a relationship or not. Whether he is interested in anyone or not. Whether we knew or not. Dumbledore will still be gay.

And besides, if my last lover turned into the nearest dark lord and I ended up the person finding morals and personally locking up my beloved for a life sentence, I’d probably give up on romance for the next 50+ years, too.

Yeah, Sister Friede alone would be too easy, I get why they would include a second phase, which is pretty tough. But then Blackflame Friede??? With long combos and maybe 1 save chance to hit her in 5 minutes? That could have easily been a whole seperate boss


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Kaige is feeling the fall vibes today🍂 Hope you all are having a lovely day and don’t hate me for doing this tag again🙈 I got a new sweater and in case you can’t tell…I’m obsessed.

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Rare limited edition photo of me without something covering my forehead (she/her)

I fucking hate self-styled “heroes”. You know what they do? They go around murdering people who got caught by those things and didn’t ask for the cyborg parts they got. That’s it. They’re not protecting people, they’re killers.

Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!

I just found out via @aethericseafarer that I won the fanfest art competition in my category a few minutes ago and I want to thank everyone who liked or reblogged or voted for my piece!!! I couldn’t have done it without you all and your support! Even if I hadn’t won just having my work received so well by you all was worth every bit of work, so thank you again for that.

I wasn’t able to get the lore book (or any shirt or jacket : ( ) at fanfest because they all sold out and my family is having a hard time with money right now so I couldn’t bring myself to order it after I got home. I am so overjoyed to be able to read my own lore book and if I make it to the next fanfest I want to get the signatures of every one of you in it. I’ve been struggling with my depression since I got back from Vegas but hopefully being able to remind myself of this and you guys will help me battle it.


DID YOU KNOW YESTERDAY WAS @skycourt‘s BIRTHDAY???? DID YOU??? It was and she’s magnificent and amazing and I love her so much I drive hours to watch HGTV with her. And I wrote her more HGTV bellarke because I love her. 

First there’s The Long Way Home, then the mini sequel, and now the drabble below. If you aren’t up on the story just know that Clarke and Bellamy are HGTV stars and their current show is Flip or Flop. 

“What do you mean you didn’t tell your mom?” Bellamy asked, holding his hammer back and turning to look at her.

“Okay, this sounds bad, but it’s really not,” Clarke started, holding her hands out in front of her.

Bellamy raised an eyebrow. “It’s not as bad as it sounds? You didn’t tell your mother, the lady who mostly hates me, that we’re getting married? And she found out when our finale aired?”

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unbreakableauri  asked:

I want to know the scene before Henry takes out the trash because the way he's looking at the house makes me think he saw his mama hugged up with her Hoo in a coupley way lmao what do you think?


Beautiful lady, you are speaking to me on a spiritual level tonight!

I’ve legit had this random made up scene in my head since the sneak peek came out -

I’ve got images of Henry getting ready for school, heading into the kitchen and probably rolling his eyes at Emma and Killian as they’re all couply, probably hugging by the stove or stealing kisses and giggling; honeymoon bubble.

And just as Henry’s telling them he’s heading out, Emma asks him to take the trash out, to which Henry brushes it off with an excuse like “i’m gonna be late, can’t Hook take it?” and is all ready to get out of there before she can argue….

But Killian pipes up an is all “Your mother asked you to do something, lad. You can make time to do as she says” because he’s not down with bad form. 

And Henry huffs, grabbing the trash bag and storming out the house, cursing him under his breath in a typical teenage fashion.

I’m probably completely wrong and way off base, but that’s what’s in my head for the moment.

me: There are just so many amazing female musicians in this world and they are just so beautiful inside and out.

taylor swift: aww thank y-


A 77-year-old grandmother beat the crap out of a guy who tried to rob her. When Winifred Peel attempted to get cash from an ATM in Liverpool, 3 men tried to push her aside and take her money. ‘You’re not having my money, young man,’ she thought, then grabbed one of them by the collar, pulled as hard as she could, bashed his head into the wall 3 times, and scared them off. Source Source 2