are you a lady

Well there we go. The first commission I have asked for Rhea. And I am still so speechless how beautiful this turned out. @kf1n3: thank you for doing this for me. Thank you to already agree on a second one for me. I love your style. And I can’t tell you with any words how much this thing means to me. This is 1000% Rhea, even more than the Rhea in game. You actually “developed” her for me, I described you how I imagined her and she actually turned out way better than I imagined her. *hehe* Please never stop drawing. And for anyone around here: go and follow this lovely sweet being with her more than lovely OCs (I mean really look at the boys!) and if you can afford it commission her. Really. Send her your love. She deserves it so much.

Well and after she sent me the sketch I was that much in love that I even wrote a few lines for the scene. I am no writer at all and no native english speaker, so sorry upfront, this is far away from good. Nevertheless for anyone who might want to know what exactly is shown up there ;)

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On this day in music history: June 22, 1981 - “In The Pocket”, the ninth studio album by the Commodores is released. Produced by James Anthony Carmichael and the Commodores, it is recorded at Web IV Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA and A&M Studios in Hollywood, CA from Late 1980 - Mid 1981. By late 1980, and after nearly fourteen years together, the writing is on the wall that Lionel Richie is about leave The Commodores for a solo career. With major pop crossover ballads like “Three Times A Lady” and “Still” becoming huge successes for the band, it is a double edged sword for the rest of the Commodores. The other band members feel that those stray far from their R&B and funk roots, along with Lionel becoming the sole focus of public attention also creating tension. Richie’s decision to leave the band is sealed when he scores a major hit outside the band after he writes and produces the chart topping single “Lady” for country music superstar Kenny Rogers. The song had originally been intended for the Commodores, but is rejected by the other members, not wanting to do “another ballad”. The band begin work on their final album with Richie in Fall of 1980, recording mostly in Atlanta, recording overdubs and mixing the record in Los Angeles. It spins off three singles including “Lady (You Bring Me Up)” (#5 R&B, #8 Pop), “Oh No” (#5 R&B, #4 Pop), and “Why You Wanna Try Me?” (#42 R&B, #66 Pop). “In The Pocket” peaks at number four on the Billboard R&B album chart, number thirteen on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Dear D&Diary,

Today I had the revelation that my half orc has 30ft speed, but because she’s a monk, her unarmored movement is +10ft at Level 3. Using the ki feature Breath of the Wind, she can dash as a bonus action meaning she can go 80ft in a turn.

If anyone cast Haste on my dear sweet Marfu, she would go 160 in six seconds. 

At her most perfect Level 20 self’s unarmored movement of +30, she could go a max 120ft in a turn, or 240ft hasted. With 20 ki points to spend that could mean a solid two minutes of going almost 30 miles per hour and I think that’s beautiful.

High Lady of the Night Court

So I don’t usually post what I draw cuz can’t really draw. But I kind of liked how this one came out, so I am throwing it out into the black void of tumblr. 

lady midnight chapter titles, narrated by percy jackson but in Emma’s point of view

(do not recommend reading this before reading lady midnight)

  1.  “I fight a tree”
  2. “I give Cristina a tour”
  3. “I join my parabatai in bed”
  4. “We order some vampire pizza”
  5.  “We make a deal with faeries”
  6. “Mark rejects our warm welcoming”
  7. “We map”
  8. “I fly a motorcycle”
  9. “I battle giant pray mantises”
  10. “Mark kills Mr. Limpet” 
  11.  “A minipoodle leads us to a corpse”
  12. “I work a miracle”
  13. “Cristina and I go shopping”
  14. “We party at the Midnight Theatre”
  15. “I watch the lottery”
  16. “My parabatai’s little brother meets his soulmate”
  17. “Mark destroys the kitchen”
  18. “I sleep with my parabatai”
  19. “I nearly kill Cristina’s ex-lover”
  20. “My parabatai tell us his life story”
  21. “Storytime”
  22.  “Kieran turns out to be snitch”
  23.  “I find out my parabatai has a room full of paintings of me”
  24. “We have a blackout”
  25. “We take out the dead”
  26.  “I murder a high warlock”
  27. “I start dating my parabatai’s brother”

(inspired by this post)