are you a lady

I’ve made out with an actual African.
—  white woman, in Boulder, on her sexual exploits
Lady of the Night (2/10)

Summary: When Killian Jones loses both his long-term girlfriend and his hand in the same night, he wants nothing more than to forget. In a moment of weakness, he calls Mr. Gold’s Escort Service and, for the next few weeks, Killian enjoys the company of the woman Mr. Gold calls, “The Swan”. But what happens when he finds out she’s the younger sister of his best friend from college? CS Client/Prostitute AU, CS Best Friend’s Sibling AU. There is no smut in the story, but there are implied sexual situations. Rated T. [AO3] []

A/N: Here’s chapter 2! So, I want everyone to be aware that Killian’s drinking, a lot,in case that is a trigger for you. Otherwise, enjoy! Thanks to my betas, foundmyhome and you-broughtmehome!

The sex had been good. Really good. There was no way he could deny that when it came to his evening with Swan.

Milah had been his only lover before her. He didn’t know it could be different from what he shared with Milah, and he was surprised how it felt when he came together with Swan.

That isn’t to say Milah hadn’t been great. Every time with her was like some new adventure, and the passion and love they had for each other only deepened their connection. With Milah, it could only be described as “making love”, despite that being terribly cliché.

There was just something about sleeping with Swan that was… different. It was new, it was great, and he couldn’t get it out of his mind. His body was humming for it to happen again.

Killian used that as the excuse for why he called Mr. Gold a second time.

“Mr. Gold’s Escort Service, Gold speaking,” a man said on the other line.

Killian took a deep breath, hating himself a little bit more that he was considering doing this again. “Hi, my name is Killian and I’d like to request, uh, someone for the night.”

“Do you have any preference who you’d like to see?” Gold had an accent, and it was difficult to make his words out over the phone. He tried to imagine what this “Mr. Gold” might look like, but all he could come up with is some pimp with a sharp suit, a cane, and a golden tooth.

“I had someone named Swan last time… I’d like her to come again, if possible…” Killian closed his eyes. He was really bad at this.

“Any specific dates?” he asked.

“Uh, when is she available?”

“She happens to have an opening tonight, otherwise you’ll have to wait until next Sunday.” Killian cocked his head. He wasn’t expecting to be able to have her so soon after calling – it had been three days before she had come last time. But, if he didn’t take this shift, he knew he wouldn’t see her again for another six days.

He mustered up all his confidence before saying, “Tonight’s good.”

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Anna fell from Heaven before it was cool. Even after getting her memories back, she wasn’t interested in conforming to angelic norms. Except for the few occasions where she decides to help the Winchesters, she stays amongst the humans. She spends her down time hanging out (and making out) with human girls, looking through old vinyl records in little music shops no one knows about, and writing freestyle poetry in her Moleskine in a coffee shop. (And she writes her poetry in Enochian unlike all those unoriginal people writing in Englsh.)


For those of you who are unaware, I do not claim credit for finding Duncan, Stroud, and Cullen’s fan casts (the ones that I use in photosets).

Stroud and Duncan’s were found by the wonderful vitaebenefaria

Cullen’s was found by the lovely rayeliann

The posts in question are here, here and here.

While I appreciate the love for these fan casts, I want it to be clear that I am only responsible for Nathaniel and Riordan’s fan casts in these posts (as well as my own OCs)

nekohooch replied to your post: hair is getting too long

i was going to do a “let it go/cut it off” thing but my brain refused to do anything but sing cut it off over and over. is it like too long for the style you have or just too long in general?

A little of both?  I just want it short again.  

Holy moly! :0 I met loki-hates-you and didnt even know it lol

On Saturday, I hung out in my *as close to the comic as i could get* Lady Loki cosplay at the Arizona Avengers table for a bit and they had 2 Lokis chillin there (the usual AZAvengers Loki and a different one with a helmet) I ended up taking a photo with the AZAvengers Loki and got waved at /did an evil stare/dork stare by the other one. XD I really wanted a picture with him or both Lokis but I ended up being too shy to ask *shrugs*

Turns out according to Tumbls the other Loki with the helmet and all that jazz was loki-hates-you and its just funny cuz I had no clue and the Loki was much more dorky than me (as if that could happen. Joking) xD it was a pleasant discovery lol but now i wish i got to take a photo as lady loki with 2 lokis..

Ah maybe another time.

anonymous asked:

Are you doing your America trip on your own!?!?!?

Um sort of but not really. 

I’ll be travelling there on my own, but cause I’m meeting up with a bunch of tumblr people I won’t be alone all the time!! But I really love travelling by myself too so I’m cool with it. 

I’ll add some more details under the cut cause I’m excited

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fluffypikachus asked:

If you could humanize a character who would it be and why?

because I feel like the debate of the ghosts trying to figure out who the murderer is with a humanized foxy running around with his blood stained clothes (because of his blood paintings), The sweet old gent (Gerald Schultz) and Andre (with a look similar to the fandom’s “favorite” purple menace)  would lead to an interesting red herring or conspiracy for the blog. 

Are we never gonna talk about Lisa Robinson and that obvious interview where her and Robert were flirting. Like I didn’t know they had a thing. Was she a interviewer/groupie? Does anyone know? Coz she’s tiny ‘af and adorable and wtf they had a thing??

Before the hollow decay of self there was anger. Before that…I don’t remember.

Surely I was not born with a face frozen as you see it now. 

No I am certain there was a time when these eyes shone as brilliantly as the very stars themselves. Or at the very least as bright as the crystalline lights that radiate through the night to keep the palace illuminated.

Surely there was a time when this elegant garb wasn’t such a farce. When this mouth did more that steadily draw further and further into the near permanent frown it is. 

Hm. It would seem there are some things about me capable of change.

Chibs. The 900 year old princess of utter disdain. { context/related posts x, x, x}


Iron Bull: You know, Viv, you’re not bad with that staff.
Vivienne: You will address me as Enchanter Vivienne, Court Mage to the Empire of Orlais, or Madame de Fer. Not, “Viv.”
Iron Bull: Oh. Right, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.
Vivienne: Hmm. Yes, “ma'am” works as well.

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Animal i have become - by Three Days Grace

Somebody wake me from this nightmare, I can’t escape this hell.

Snap out of it - by Arctic Monkeys

forever isn’t for everyone, is it for you?

Er det en fugl - Emil Stabil 

MDMA i min vodka mixer det ligesom en kemiker

Use somebody - Kings Of Leon

You know that I could use somebody, Someone like you

Happy home - Hedegaard

Writing about the pain I felt with my daddy gone
About the emptiness I felt when I sat alone
About the happiness i feel when I sing it loud

Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

And I don’t want to forget how your voice sounds

Dear maria count me in - All Time Low

girl, we’ll take the world by storm, it isn’t that hard…

Take on me - A-ha

I’m odds and ends
But I’m me stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is OK.

Centuries - Fall Out Boy

And you’re a cherry blossom
You’re about to bloom
You look so pretty, but you’re gone so soon

stole the show - KYGO

No heroes, villains, one to blame
While wilted roses fill the stage
And the thrill, the thrill is gone

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