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i was dozing off to sleep & i literally jerked upright bc i started wondering what Alternian junkyards were like if most tech is organic & i remembered how the nanobots in the book Prey like

created an “organic” manufacturing line after being released into the desert & i mean since Prey’s kinda about a grey goo scenario it’s terrifying (Michael Crichton was an AMAZING sci-fi thriller author) but also it is a REALLY cool concept

so like now i’m imaging that like, if junkyards exist, mongrel vehicle part critters could potentially breed naturally & you get weird hybrids that unlike manufacturer-bred hybrids are probably super iffy to try working with

and even if they don’t breed hybrid parts it could result in unexpected/unique adaptations/mutations in parts that might not occur otherwise/are impossible in a controlled environment

of course the solution is that disposal of junked parts (whether dead or not) would have to be very carefully regulated & monitored but since when has that ever stopped anyone?

Works In Progress

So~ there’s no real way to tell what percent I am in writing/making something- but there is a way to list it all out:


>>Sweet Tears Pt.7 (Series)

Jungkook x Reader; Cat Hybrid/Dystopian Au

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.

>>Preferences (Interactive Fic) 

Jimin x Reader x Taehyung; Fox & Kuvass Hybrid Au

You went to find a companion, someone to make your empty house feel full, but did you make the right choice?

>> Infinite (Oneshot)

Yoongi x Reader; Red Panda Au

Comfort is value- especially when it threatens to slip between your fingers

>> Bound By Platinum Pt.2 (Series) 

Bts x Reader; Vampire/Prostitute Au

An offer that has flexible hours, amazing benefits, and great pay- it was perfect. Signing a contract and being hired that day is exactly what you needed except-maybe you should’ve read the fine print.

>> Dead Leaves Pt. 2 (Series)

Jimin x Yoongi x Reader; College/??? Au

An average girl and two beautiful people. With the air cooling down, and the seasons changing, she thought everything would be the same- but come on, mother nature doesn’t give free passes to anyone


>> Halloween Pit- Coming Soon

Americans clap after a movie.

Americans clap after a plane lands.

Disney has a ride called Soarin’ which is a plane/movie hybrid and boy, let me tell you, people go NUTS when that ride ends.

You think that just because they’re up on that stage; screaming and smiling, that they are safe. That their lives are perfect. Watching them light up an arena, they feel invincible. But nobody is safe from the inside. Nobody. This man and the whole of Linkin Park are the reason I ever became a part of the community I am today; who make me feel loved and welcomed. The reason I discovered the band who inspired me to play guitar. The reason I began to fight back against the crap that was thrown my way. This is why it’s important to speak out; whether the world knows who you are or not. The world lost a true legend today. Rest in peace :’(

I hate these stupid posts of people claiming their clown is a “mime hybrid” for the cool factor. Mimes aren’t legal everywhere and these morons are risking having their innocent companion taken away and euthanized just because of their idiocy.

Not every black and white jester is part mime! And these hybrids are much more intense than a regular clown and need special care and containment, you don’t want a mime hybrid, there are plenty of domestic clown breeds just as beautiful.

Only You

Jimin x Reader {Panther Hybrid Au!} (s)(f)(p) 

Warnings: Humping, cum play (sorta?), implied masterbation, riding, multiple orgasms, oral 

anonymous asked:

55 - Kyungsoo / 57 - Jimin / 30 - Chanyeol i’m shellfish sCREAMS ily take ur time pls bye ♥

Wordcount: 3.3k+

A/n: This is one out of the three she requested (all will be hybrid per request.) I enjoyed making this, and I hope you enjoyed reading.) 

(Nsfw Prompt #57: “I won’t stop until you pass out.”)

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How long you had been going like this was beyond you. Sweat covered your body like the blankets you were on top of. Tears were already streaming down your face, more forming with every movement against your walls.

Jimin had slowed down for now, allowing you a small break but still not completely stopping. The feeling from your legs were gone, the numerous positions you had use them in causing for them to go numb. They had served you well, being there for you when you first started riding him, your limbs pushing you up and down until you fell from your first cliff only to climb up and fall over and over again.

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Cheeky Bunny

 Hybrid!AU: Leopard!OC x Bunny!Kook
Length: 4.1K (lol is this even a drabble anymore?)
Genre: The Most Fluffy Fluff
Type: Disney Drabbles ☞REQUEST HERE
Recommended OST: (x)
Request By: @/kimtrain:“Don’t underestimate the importance of body language.“ love youuuu MJ so so much 
(a/n): IDK OKAY? I REALLY IDK WHY IM SO SOFT. But anyways I this is so frickin fluffy idk anymore (read: I screamed a lot and wanted to smash my keyboard) and any comments are always appreciated, my inbox is open for you lovelies. 

Summary: You’re a predator and he’s the prey, so what happens when the tables finally turn for our dearest bunny? 

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“(y/n), you’re fucking drooling.” Taehyung lands a particularly hard pat against the nape of your neck, immediately eliciting a hiss from you and a chuckle from him; your attention now regrettably snagged away from your little crush.

“You brat, that’s not a good enough reason to grab my nape,” you hiss, your hands rubbing against the tender flesh. As felines, the neck area is off limits, it’s too intimate and oddly sensitive due to the period where parents would grab their litter my the scruff. So you find it absolutely necessary to repay to favor with a hard smack against his abdomen with your tail, causing a growl to bubble inside the lion-hybrid’s chest, his sunny demeanor evaporating and lips peeling back in act of dominance.

“Oh hush,” you dismiss, rolling your eyes and petting the thick fur of your tail, “You’re honestly acting childish, what are you? A big domestic cat?”

“Just because you are naturally a solitary breed does not excuse you from social norms, (y/n).” Taehyung firmly states, his ears twitching in his messy mop of golden hair. An involuntarily side effect of annoyance.

Well shit, you gone and pissed him off. Again.

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Okay, I’ve had it

I see people posting videos of clown-mime and clown-jester hybrids and cooing about how “pretty” and “cool” they are, but this is NOT HEALTHY OR SAFE CLOWN HUSBANDRY! In fact, it’s downright dangerous for both you and your clown!

Clowns, Mimes and Jesters may be related, yes, but their genetics are quite different and mixing their genes together have an adverse effect on your clown when they come at odds with one another, causing a host of genetic health problems like giganticism, heart problems, higher rates of cancer, organ failure, bone degradation and neurological defects.

They’re also more aggressive, territorial, unfriendly and destructive than non clown hybrids. You’re super cool clown x mime hybrid is gonna more satisfied with attacking you than making invisible balloon animals.

Not to mention the process of making a clown hybrid in the first place, considering that Clowns, Mimes and Jesters are natural enemies of each other! Your clowns/mimes/jesters are more likely to maul each other than fuck each other!

Abounding- Drabble

Jimin x Reader {Wolf Au!} (s)(f)

Warnings: I don’t really know what warnings to put on this but it’s…something. Mentions of knotting.

For weeks Jimin’s been talking about starting a family. At first, it was worrisome. You lived with ten other people- seven boys with three of their mates, but after a long talk and the want to expand the pack, you cave. There wasn’t much talk about it, all being silent, but once you became faternal and ready to mate- there was no turning back.

Wordcount: 598

A/n: What have I done??


You laid in the bed, the warmth of the covers gently pulling you into sleep. You were so tired, all of the events from the day catching up with you in the form a fatigue- yet it felt good. With your eyes already shut and your breathing steady, you almost didn’t notice the other’s presence until they were already behind you. Instantly, your body melted into theirs.

“How are you feeling?” Jimin’s voice was rough but soothing, the sound lulling you further into sleep. Only able to send out a hum, you let his arm drape over your stomach smiling as he rubbed the area and rested his chin in the crook of your neck.

“Does it feel full?” You nodded. There was a small but noticeable difference in the size of your belly. The past few days had been set with him filling you up, your fertile state setting off something between you both. Laying there for a few minutes, the world of sleep almost took a hold of you when the vibrations of a low growl could be felt.

“Jin.” Feeling yourself being crushed against Jimin’s chest, you peaked one of your eyes open. Jin was in the doorway, two bottles of water and what seemed to be a damp wash cloth in his hand.

With a faint smile he started to move over to the bedside table, careful to not go anywhere near you and setting the items in arms reach. “Calm down pup, I’m not here to do anything.  There’s water for you both there and a warm washcloth for y/n. I’ll go now, but feel free to call if you need anything.”

With that, he closed the door, leaving Jimin and you to your own devices. Not particularly thirsty, you closed your eyes once more and attempted to sleep. Jimin’s growling didn’t cease, but weather it was because he still felt on edge or because he knew you enjoyed it was beyond you.

Pulling away from you for a second, Jimin reached over and grabbed one of the items left for you before moving back to his original position. “Stomach?” You nodded once more sighing in relief when the warm cloth hit your skin.

Once he noticed the temperature cool in the item he threw it on the floor. Settling his hand back under your navel, he started rubbing once more. “I’m gonna keep filling you up, you know that right?” You hummed his rough fingers a contrast to your soft skin. “You gonna be so full by the end. First, it’ll be with my cum- then you’ll grow with our pups”

He pressed down harder, a moan falling from your lips as the pressure was felt at your core. Rubbing large, harsh circles he bit your ear, nibbling down before licking the sore area. “Do you want to be filled more? Want me to knot you?”

Thinking about it made you whimper, his free hand moving to play with your nipple. Your body reacted to his movements, your walls clenching around nothing. He wasn’t even touching you properly, and you were already on the edge. The mere feeling of him on your skin was enough to have you coming, your mouth falling open as you spazzed around. Feeling accomplish, Jimin settled down.

His movement went back to the soothing ones they were before, but he didn’t stop licking your ear- a need to groom you pushing him to move to your neck followed shoulder blades. It was a nice feeling, one you gratefully took as you finally settled down to relax.

A/n If you read this and enjoyed it…that makes me feel better.


Linkin Park’s music videos One Step Closer [

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to break
I need a little room to breathe
‘Cause I’m one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to…