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Kitten’s Got His Tongue | M | 01

Yoongi & Jimin | BTS | 5.5k Words

Yoongi orders Jimin and you from a hybrid companion service, but when he receives the two of you, he has no idea what to actually do with you.

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Omg cub michael thats adorable! Imagine if when hes new to the crew and she starts using it he gets grumpy thinking jacks calling him kid. Its settled in the end when she finds a quiet moment to explain its a term of endearment. Imagine jack having terms of endearment for everyone! 💙

It’s funny you say this cause my general backgrounds for the Hybrid Crew is slightly different from my regular fahc aus, in that the crew starts the same (with Geoff and Jack) but the first extra person they add on is Michael instead of like Gavin which tends to be the norm in my other versions. So for a while, it’s just Geoff, Jack, and Michael and Jack starts growing fond of the little firecracker that is Mogar and so she starts using terms of endearment. I like the idea of Michael at first thinking its demeaning but then gets all flustered when he finds out its not.

If I’m following my usual ot6 model as well, the three of them definitely get together first before any more join, only making the terms of endearment more often and causing even Geoff to sometimes use it, though not nearly as often as Jack.

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1- Name/Nicknames? anastasia/annie/nastya

2- Height? taller than you probably

3- Hogwarts House? some hybrid of gryffindor and ravenclaw idk bro i have no sense of identity

4- Last Thing Googled? montreal psychotherapy

5- A fictional character I’d like as a sibling? idk i don’t have the brain power to give it any thought

6- How many blankets do I sleep with? like 3

7- Favourite artist/band? the hay babies and coeur de pirate and les soeurs boulay and safia nolin and idk

8- How many blogs do I follow? 250ish

9- What do I usually post about? my sad sad life

10- Do you get asks regularly? sometimes

11- What’s your Aesthetic? cats sleeping in a patch of sunlight

if you want to do this you’re tagged i just can’t think of usernames rn

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*cuts ichigo into bite size pieces for easy meals* thanks for the snak

Has a good fucking laugh at that tbh because if anyone is going to carve Ichigo up and devour the shinigami-human-hybrid, it’ll be him. Not you, not some random creature that happens by. No one could actually take Ichigo down in a one-on-one, maybe not even himself, let alone you.

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hehe but I’ve written two hybrids au’s already :PPP but I am so happy you are excited! With hybrid!jimn and hybrid!reader… and Yoongi being their “master”. lol

Harry Potter Creature Themed Asks

Acromantula: Worst fear/phobia?

Ashwinder: Have you ever had a really bad burn? Where?

Basilisk: What experiences have you had with snakes?

Billywig: Would you rather be able to levitate or be consistently giddy?

Blast-Ended Skrewt: What creatures would you breed in order to make a brand new hybrid?

Bowtruckle: Do you have attachment issues?

Bundimun: On a scale of 1 to Bundimun infestation, how clean is your room?

Centaur: How connected to nature are you?

Chimaera: Would you rather have lions head or a dragons tail?

Clabbert: How good are you at sensing a bad situation coming?

Demiguise: How wise are you?

Diricawl: If you could teleport to anywhere in the world where would it be?

Doxy: Have you ever been mistaken for anyone?

Dragon: What is something you horde?

Erkling: What is your favorite dark fairytale?

Erumpent: How would you attract a mate?

Fairy: What’s one physical feature you take really good care of?

Fire crab: If you had a gem encrusted shell what would it look like?

Flitterby: What’s a tune you always find yourself humming?

Flobberworm: Have you ever felt as useless as a flobberworm?

Fwooper: Have you ever sung so much that your friends/family have threatened to kill you?

Ghoul: Is there something you do that really annoys people?

Giant Squid: Favorite Hogwarts creature?

Glumbumble: What’s something that makes you really melancholy?

Golden Snidget: Google “Ancient Sports Facts” and tell us the one you find most interesting,

Graphorn: If you were one of the last mating humans in existence who would you want as your mate?

Griffin: If you could chose a creature as a guardian, which one would it be?

Grindylow: What’s something about the ocean that scares you?

Hippogriff: Who is someone you have the upmost respect for?

Horklump: Do you like mushrooms?

Jarvey: What is your favorite comeback?

Jobberknoll: What would be the last thing you say before you die?

Kelpie: If you could take any form what would it be?

Knarl: How touchy about food are you?

Kneazle: What do you think about cats?

Leprechaun: How Irish are you?

Mackled Malaclaw: What’s the most unlucky thing that’s ever happened to you?

Manticore: If you could chose one of your body parts, when touched, to cause instant death, what body part would it be?

Merpeople: On a scale of “Out of Water to In Water”, how good is your singing?

Moke: Would you rather shrink at will or grow at will?

Mooncalf: How adorable are you?

Murtlap: Are you a biter?

Niffler: What’s your favorite shiny thing?

Occamy: Were you a fussy child?

Phoenix: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Pixie: Do you like play tricks on people?

Pogrebin: Have you ever been followed by someone before?

Porlock: Have you ever been horseback riding before?

Pygmy Puff: What is the cutest animal in your opinion?

Re'em: If you could have super strength for one hour what would you do with it?

Runespoor: Are you a planner, a dreamer, or a critic?

Shrake: Do you enjoy fishing?

Sphinx: What one question would you want answered most in the world?

Streeler: Would you, given the choice, make your skin change color every hour?

Swooping Evil: In what way are you often misunderstood?

Tebo: If you could make yourself invisible, what would you do?

Thestral: Whose death has shaken you most in the last year?

Three-Headed Dog: What’s something you guard with your life?

Troll: What’s one really stupid thing you’ve done?

Thunderbird: What’s your favorite type of weather?

Unicorn: Are you a virgin?

Werewolf: Is there something about your life or yourself that you can’t control?


Pairing: JiKook ofc 

I keep dreaming about a black bunny named Kookie but I can’t keep pets in the room I’m renting so I decided to write something short instead ^^

Jimin heard his doorbell ring annoyingly for almost two minutes. He wanted to ignore it at first, he hated stopping movies in the middle but someone was persistent so he had no choice. He paused the movie and padded to the door. He opened them with a sigh and another one left his lips when there was no one actually standing there. His gaze dropped and he was surprised to find medium size cardboard box on the floor. There was no sticker with the adress on it, just holes for the air and “careful” written on top. Jimin couldn’t just leave it there so he picked it up and carried to him apartment. He put it down on the table and took a step back. Should he open it? Was it even for him? He couldn’t recall ordering anything and his friends wouldn’t make a surprise gift for him, none of them had enough money to spend it on gifts. Hard life of a student. Jimin took a deep breath. It won’t kill him to check. He carefully cut the tape on each side and opened the box. He was expecting everything, everything but a bunny. A black, fluffy bunny, with long ears and big, doe eyes staring at him. He somehow managed to avert his gaze and noticed a card. He picked it up and started reading. 

Hello new owner! 
This is Jungkook. 
He’s a bit shy, likes flavored milk and all kinds of fruits.
Please take a good care of him!

No signature. No name of the company. No nothing. Flavored milk? Since when bunnies like flavored milk? And fruits? This is hella weird. He put the card away and stared intensly at the small animal. He didn’t know what and why but something seemed different about it. Maybe his eyes…….he was watching Jimin a bit too humanly. And it was almost scary. 
Jimin had to think where the hell will the bunny sleep. He didn’t have a rabbit cage, duh, nor did he have other things to keep one, duh again.  
He took a basket Seokjin hyung once gave him  and put some blankets in it, making a temporary bed. He tried to pick up the bunny then but the animal kept running away from his hands. “Come on Jungkookie, I just want to get you out of this uncofortable box” he cooed, trying to convince the bunny. It surprisingly worked cuz he let himself be picked up and carried to the pile of blankets. “Stay here bunny, I have to go and get you something to eat the flavored milk” why the hell was he talking to a bunny? Who knows. 
Jimin quickly changed, grabbed his wallet and went out to the nearest grocery store. He bought a whole box of different flavored milks and shit tons of fruits and vegetables, hoping that Jungkook eats at least them as any other rabbit would do. He qiuckly walked back to his apartment, not wanting to leave the animal for too long. He was kinda scared Jungkook would eat his essay. Weird thing to be scared of but oh well, he worked on it way too long to get it destroyed. He put the milk in the fridge and the other things on the table and went to check on the bunny. Only there was no bunny where he left him. He looked around but there was no sight of him. “Jungkook?” he called, walking around the house and checking everywhere a bunny could hide. Cool, he lost it on the very first day. He walked back to the kitchen, sulking a bit, and he almost got a heart attack whe he entered the room. There was a boy standing in near the table. A naked boy with bunny tail and bunny ears, chewing on one of the strawberries Jimin just bought. WHAT THE FUCK?

Soo there might be a part 2, who knows. 
Like/reblog if u liked this and want a second part ^^ 
And thank you if u read this till the very end.

Cats and Dogs

Originally posted by hellosarang

Note: Originally was just a college au but I incorporated the animal hybrid element because why not.  Also, I’m sorry if this is disjointed but I was literally working on this from 5 different angles.  I’ll be better next time hunnies.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Rating: NC17
Warnings: hybrid!au, frottage, masturbation, voyeurism, slight name-calling/insulting (not in a sexual way though)
Genre: Smut
Word count: 4723


Summary:  When you skip your yearly heat, it causes a different kind of friction between you and that perpetual, thorn-in-your-side mutt named Kim Taehyung. (cat!girl/dog!boy au)




You should have never engaged Kim Taehyung while you are going through physical difficulties, but he is an expert at egging you on.  The dog hybrid might be a slacker in class, but he’s absolutely conscientious when it comes to pissing you off.  It also doesn’t help that this is the first time in years where you’re late for your heat by a whole month.  Usually you are on-the-dot regular, but with graduation looming and the overwhelming fact that you’ll have to go out into the Real World soon, you’re on edge, and not a little bit stressed out.  

Even Jimin and Jungkook, your two best friends who have been with you from the cradle to adulthood, have taken pains not to be around you too much because you’ve taken to being a little…extreme with your words and actions as of late.  (Read: You were being a Bitch.)  

But Taehyung just doesn’t know when to stop irking you.  

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Currently obsessed with the fic Something Wild Calls You Home by  @resinonao3 so I was compelled to draw a scene from chapter 5. Everyone go check it out! Snow leopard Bucky is the absolute best!


As he makes his way towards Fort McNair he sneaks a few looks over at his sullen passenger. He doesn’t mean to stare, but he can’t help himself and it’s safer than pinching himself to check if he’s dreaming while he needs to pay attention to driving. Bucky doesn’t look back at him, but he seems to be more relaxed now that he’s free of the muzzle. Steve even catches how he seems to be watching DC roll by out the passenger side window. Definitely an improvement.


Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


*Requested smut

Imagine: Klaus is overwhelmed with everything that is happening on his life, so he leaves you all alone to work some stuff out. Then, when he comes back, he finds you playing with yourself and decides to punish you in the best way he knows.

Word Count: 2144

A/N: may be the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written, so I hope you enjoy it. :)

“Klaus, wait!” You said as he stood up, leaving the bed. “Don’t go just now.”

The Mikaelson had been absent for the past few weeks and you could not blame him for that. With all his family problems, such as Mikael and Esther coming back to life, alongside his brothers Kol and Finn, and adjusting to his newborn baby daughter Hope, eh, you felt like you had no right to push him over the edge. Ask more than what Niklaus was giving you. Loneliness was a bitch, though.

“I have to, love.” The hybrid simply replied, a grin on his face. “You know I need to take care of a few things.”

You nodded, lowering your eyesight and sighing.

“Yeah, I know.”

“I promise it will not take long.”

“That’s okay, Nik, I get it.” You bit your lip.

The hybrid started to get dressed, taking no more than a couple of minutes to be completely ready. Then he looked at you, his blue eyes so intense they made your hands shake. You had no doubt you loved him. The kind of love no one truly understood. A gasp came out of your lips, which made him chuckle and approach you, placing a single kiss on your forehead. Typical Klaus. After that, he left without saying anything, just whooshing out of the bedroom. You took a few minutes to just lay there, alone, in the cold bed, sort of mourning his absence. You realised that it was worthless, though, and took the courage to get up. Since you did not had clothes on, you walked straight to the bathroom, wanting to shower on Klaus’ big bathtub. The thought of maximum relaxation cheered you up. That was exactly what you needed.

A couple of minutes later you were unwinding underneath the water.

Using a sponge, you started to rub your form, slowly, making yourself shudder. It was a good sensation and something between your legs warmed up. Biting your lower lip, you let your hands run free through your body. First, you touched your breasts, playing with your nipples and giggling mellowly, taking full pleasure by the actions performed. Then, you touched your clit, which made a low moan escape. 

“Oh, God…” You whispered. “This feels so good…”

Alongside a heavy breath, you kept going, this time putting two fingers inside your pussy. As you moved them, you started to tingle. You gasped and increased the movements’ velocity. Letting your mind fantasize, it went straight about being fucked by your boyfriend. His hands touching your whole body and making you scream like no other man did. You could spend hours remembering his singularities in bed. The thought itself made you bit your lip, squirming a little in face of your own thrusts. Your walls begun to clench and you knew you were close to cum.

Shit!” You felt the numbing feeling starting to spread across your toes and fingers, which made you sped up the process, just wanting to get over with it. "Oh my… I’m going to…”

“Well, love, you most certainly will not.” Nik’s voice, followed by his grin, scared you, making your hands stop immediately what you were doing.

“I just… Fuck, I thought you were going to be gone for awhile.” You babbled, unsure.

“I told you I wouldn’t take long.” He said, raising a brown. “But you couldn’t wait, huh? You had to go off and touch yourself. I strongly thing you should be punished.”

"Please, Nik, I really didn’t mean to.”

“I am sorry, Y/N, but I can not be merciful.” Klaus smiled. “You need me to be rough.”

The water was starting to get cold, but, between your legs, things were only getting warmer. And his words made you tremble and squeak. Finding a little strength, you stood up, so fast the water spilt all over the floor. But you did not care, nor did the man standing in front of you. He moved towards you, grasping your waist and pulling you into a kiss. Your hands got lost inside the locks of his hair and Klaus strongly squeezed you against his chest. By this point, his clothes were all wet. You tugged his shirt and he smiled, helping you to get it out. The touch of his skin against yours was wonderful.

“Now, what do you say I get my princess to bed?” He said, using the crooked smile you loved so much. “You still need to be punished.”

“Take me.” You whispered. “Right now, baby.”

Klaus grinned, shaking his head and kissing your lips one more time before you hooked your legs around his waist. He bit your neck and you gasped, struggling with the friction of his bulge against your bare pussy. The Hybrid smelt your arousal all over his jeans, grabbing your butt a little more harder and rubbing your clit with his hard length.

“Fuck, Klaus.” It was a loud squeal, which made you blush. “I’m so wet.”

“I know, love. That’s my goal.”

He massaged your waist and then threw you in the bed, which made you laugh, biting your lower lip.

"You have been a very naughty girl, princess.”

“I know.” You pouted. “What will you do to me?”

“I will spank that little ass of yours to make sure you do not touch yourself again. Not unless I say so.”

Klaus sat on the bed, pulling your body and placing you on his lap, not caring that you were still wet. He stroke your butt gently before giving a loud slap on it. You couldn’t help but scream. It felt sexy. Your entrance started to drip. How come with only one he would drive you to that state?

“Already?” His fingers traced your slit, feeling your juices, and you nodded weakly. “So tell me, are you ready to be fucked?”

He slapped your ass once more.

“Answer me!”

“Y-yeah, Nik.”

“’Yeah’ what?” You felt a tingling sensation on your ass as he took another strike.

“I am ready for you.” You whined, squeezing your legs together, trying to create a little relieve for the tension between them. “Please, fuck me.”

“Such a nice little girl.” He said, softly. “Why don’t you help me?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Suck my cock.”

You knelt before him and took his trousers off, alongside his briefs, leaving his pulsating length free for your hands to play with it. A small sigh came out before you took it in your hands, feeling the warmth against the tip of your fingers. Klaus’ grunted, feeling your soft touch. You spit on it, making the up and down movements a lot easier. Deciding it was time to go further, you looked directly at him, brushing your mouth on the tip of his dick. The Mikaelson groaned and you took it as a sigh you should continue. As you kept sucking and letting your tongue have some fun, he grew impatient and thrusted, without any warning, harder in your mouth, his cock going all the way to the back of your throat. You gagged instantly.    

Your boyfriend suddenly stopped and stared at you, his eyes filled with concern.

"Did I hurt you?”

“No.” You replied, shaking your head. “I just wasn’t prepared. Can I finish what started? This time with no surprises.”

Klaus nodded, letting you go back to what you were doing. You leant over, kissing the tip and teasing him once more. It felt good to do that. Punish him just a little bit for driving you out of the bend. While masturbating him, you stroke your clit, moaning against his cock. He grunted with the vibration.

"Y/N, didn’t let you play with yourself. I’ll do that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Get up.” You nodded and stood up. “I think it’s my time to have fun with your perfect little body.”


With a naughty grin, he opened up a space so you could lay down. Slowly, the hybrid crawled and unfolded your legs, kissing your inner thighs and making you shudder. His large hands clutched your hips, lifting them. Klaus darted out his tongue through your core, making you yell and ask for more. While he tasted you, kitten licking your clit, he put two of his fingers inside you. That made your eyes roll. You did not think you could scream any more louder. Klaus always had a way on doing this. It was marvellous. His lips were trained on doing wonders.

“I’m going to… Oh, my…” You knew if he continued it, you would not be able to hold on any longer.

“Oh, love, I want to feel you cum around my cock, not my fingers.”

“Please, Nik, fuck me now. I need you.”

“Such a little slut.” His fingers traced your slit and you groaned shamefully. “So wet for me.”

“Come on, baby…”

“How badly do you want me to do it?”

“Very much.” You squealed. “So hard I won’t be able to walk for days.”

“Well, let’s fulfil this wish, then.”

Klaus got one of your legs and placed it on his shoulder, making your core way more wide for him. By that point you were already dripping and could not withstand more teasing. Actually, anything now could make you burst. Your boyfriend knew it, that’s why he did not wasted time and just sheeted himself inside you. Both of you moaned, experiencing high levels of pleasure through one single movement. The Original Hybrid, after a few seconds just enjoying the warmth your pussy provided, started to pound in and out of you. This time he did it really fast.

“Oh, baby. This feels so good… I love it when you fuck me hard.”

“Are you trying to tease me, Y/N?”

“Sure I am.” He gave you a sharp thrust, which made you lose a breath. “Not fair!”

“It’s never a fair game with me.”

You smiled.

Sex with him was, aside the huge amount of mixed sensations, fun. That’s why it got you hooked. He stroked your nipples and, after carefully putting down your leg, he leant in to kiss your nipples. They were already harden due the constant shivering. Now the gasps were more frequent. You knew you were more close than ever to cum. A goofy smile escaped your lips and, while Klaus glanced at you amazed, you took an advantage and rolled your bodies.

“My kitten likes to be on top, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, I do, baby. But I think it’s time for me, oh, have my release.”

“So fast?”

“I need it!”

The tension built up on your stomach was starting to spread through your form. Klaus’ hands held your ass strongly and helped you get what you craved. You were aware the next morning you would be sore. However, that did not make you stop, actually, it made you go even harder. Then, the waves of pleasure hit you, making your walls clench and Klaus grunted. You could not help but scream. So far, it had been the most amazing sex session you had ever had.

“Wait just a little bit longer, babe.” He whispered.

“Don’t worry, I want to feel you cum inside me.” You kept riding him, in a fast pace. “Come on, give me all you got.”

It was his turn to groan and let himself go, cumming in hot spurts inside you. After a short while, he pulled you in for a kiss, a very passionate and steady one. You sighed, thrilling with everything that was happening on your body. Eventually, you left his lap and rested alongside him, just hearing his breath.

“This was awesome.” You finally said, your fingers drawing figures on his skin. “I should definitely piss you off more often.”

He chuckled.

“Yes, you should.”

“Are you okay, honey?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“That’s so much on your plate right now… I just want to check.”

“I’m with you, that means I’m more that fine.”

“Just know I love you and I’ll always be here to support you. No matter what happens.”

“Don’t worry love, everything will be fine.”

‘Your mother and your father…”

“Let’s not talk about them in out bed.” Klaus shut you up. “I just want to enjoy us.”

“Okay. I’m fine with it.”

He stroke your hair and brought you even closer to him.

“Sleep, darling. You must be tired.”

You nodded and closed your eyes, catching his scent as you got comfortable on his chest. From moments like these, you knew why your friends were wrong by judging him. Klaus could be a maniac and a psychopath. But when he committed to someone… That was no person in the world that could be more sweet and kind than him. And that was the reason why you loved him and would never give up on your relationship.

He was your daydream.

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What is the most amazing, kinkest smut you've ever read? What about one you've written??

oooh my gooood do you really wanna be asking me that?? :’))) LET’S GET STARTED!

So, I’ll start with the kinkiest things I’ve written since it won’t be that long of a list.

View From 4-B - Hoseok fic where he watches you through your window riding your pillow to get off, thinks you don’t know but you’re secretly putting on a show because you like when he watches.

Good Boy, Hoseok - sub!Hoseok pet play smut where he comes in you, then eats you out while you ride his face because you’re punishing him for finishing first. :)

Costume - Hoseok smut with a hybrid!you when you’re in heat and practically pounce him. It’s kinky because he doesn’t know you’re a wolf, hehehehe.

Petty Revenge - Hoseok makes you cream on Yoongi’s desk because he’s mad at him.

Red Silk - Jimin fucks you wearing your panties.

Ride POV 01 & Ride POV 02 - You and a friend basically torture sub!Jimin and double ride him (face & dick) to use him in getting off.

Voyeur - Literally nonsense. You want to steal Jimin’s sweater and end up hiding in his closest while him and Taehyung fuck on the bed, get caught, then enters Yoongi. Yoongi and Taehyung eat you out at the same time while Jimin instigates everything.

Spank Bank - This one isn’t as kinky, just skype sex with Jimin… but i still like it. lmfao

The Client - Giving Namjoon a panty job smut.

Play Thing - sub!namjoon where you literally push him to his limits… but he’s still a good boy. ;)

Hide & Tease - Yoongi smut when he eats you out beneath the desk in front of your boss.

Validation - Jackson hybrid smut… not really kinky I am just a slut for hybrid fics. hehe

The Client Vol. 2 - Jackson smut involving an ass job.

Flesh - JB smut with literally all my favorite things…. daddy kink, panty kisses, ass play, bondage, praise kink, pussy and ass worship, and the list goes on… lmaoo

Backseat - pierced!JB where he fucks you in the back in Jinyoung’s car while otw to pick up Jackson hehehe

Rain Drops - More pierced!JB but this time you’re in the front of Jaebum’s car with Jinyoung and Jackson in the back sucking D

Good Kitty - Pet play and ass play Jaebum smut.

Press Record - Jennie smut where she records you to post online.

Pillows - Pillow riding with Krystal smut.

Please, Sir - Gun play smut with Jooheon

Show Off - Wonho smut where he fucks you in front of Minhyuk.

OKAY NOW TO THE ACTUAL GOOD STUFF… kinky things I’ve read :)

Out of The Blue - hybrid Jungkook smut I LITERALLY JUST GOT DONE READING THIS. I’m linking the second part because there’s a link for the first but holy shit??? THE BEST HYBRID SMUT EVER.

Territory - dog boy Taehyung smut THAT KILLED ME.

Monster Under My Bed - Incubus Jaebum smut omg

Unwind - thigh riding Jungkook smut yasss

Magnetic - Jaebum smut where he fucks you in front of Jackson

Fitting Room Adventures - Hoseok smut where you get it on in the dressing room.

Ruthlessly - JB smut where you walk in on him touching himself and then… whew.

Secret Desires - Move theater sex with Jimin.

All Night - Irene smut where a tickle fight turns into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

For a Good Time, Call: The Horndog - Jimin smut omg just read it.

Punishment - sub!jimin/you & Namjoon.

Friendship Goals - Taehyung & Yoongi smut. One of my favorite smuts of all time.

In Bloom - Jungkook wolf smut which is incredible but I am also a slut for werewolf au (and it’s also incredible).

Mirrors - Mirror sex with Hobi and its really nasty and i love it omg (dirty talk is my weakness hehehe)


Day off Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 - OMG. Yoongi and Namjoon poly smut. It’s perfect.

Showtime, Playtime - Movie theater sex with Namjoon.

Catch 22 Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 - Yoongi and Jimin poly smut.

Lesson Learned - dom Yoongi smut.

Who’s The best? V Vers. & Jimin Vers. - Taehyung and Jimin trying to make their partner moan louder. hehe

Forbidden - Hoseok smut where he is your older brother’s best friend and I LIVE FOR THESE AU’S.

Dangerous Dance - Hoseok smut where he makes you keep a vibrator in all night.

Kitten - The best professor JB smut ever D’:

Wild Fire - sub!Solar and dom!reader omg 

Officer - cop!Jinyoung banging you in his car. whew.

Cum Cum Kitty Kitty - Mark pet play smut.

Outlines - Taehyung skype sex.

ahh I am forgetting a lot but as I switched blogs, I lost a lot of my likes TT anyway, hope this will do for now! IF ANYONE HAS ANY KINKY HOBI SMUT, SEND IT MY WAY. :)

Hear Your Heart (M)

Genre: fluff, smut, hybrid!au

Word Count: 11k 

Summary:  You really liked learning more about Yoongi. You liked that he didn’t need to whisper all of his deepest secrets into your ear because you felt like you could see into his heart- see who he truly was behind all of the fronts he put up in front of others.

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