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When An Ex Tries To Get Back With His Pregnant Wife (Mafia AU, Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

You and Namjoon took a stroll through Seoul, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. It wasn’t often he could publicly go out with you for fear of someone harming you. With both of you dressed in masks and hats, adding sunglasses for extra measure, you took a morning walk to fetch baby supplies.

Namjoon hated when you hid your bump even if it wasn’t on purpose. So when you shrugged on the long black rain coat, he pouted in an adorable fashion.

Your thoughts fled you when you spotted an adorable pair of bright pink VANS made for newborns. You tugged on Namjoon’s long sleeve like a child yourself.

“Hang on, I’ll go in and buy them. Why don’t you look at the clothes while you wait?” You squealed and gave him a peck on the cheek before you scanned through the children’s clothes while Namjoon checked out.

“Y/n?” That voice made you freeze. You looked over your shoulder to the man with the wide grin. It was your ex. Your first real relationship. “I haven’t seen you in years! How are you?” He moved in for a hug but a strong hand caught the collar of his jacket.

“Can I help you?” Namjoon’s voice was rough and cold, the same one used with interrogating. Your husband fitted himself tightly between you and your ex.

“It’s alright Joonie. He’s an old friend.” Namjoon relaxed under your soft touch. Before he could open his mouth to apologize, the other man had scurried off to hide. Namjoon chuckled and handed you the small bag with the shoes.

“You do realize I know that was your ex, right?”

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~Kim Seokjin~

Jin was overprotective of you during your pregnancy. Always keeping a hand on your stomach or keeping you no further than arms distance. So when you went out for an evening walk to catch some fresh air, Jin was right there. You were dressed in only his t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.

Jin begged you to at least put on a coat but you shook your head and exited onto the street. Your penthouse apartment was in the center of the city, courtesy of Jin himself. So the street was damn near packed even at this time of night.

You had a bag of your favorite chips stuffed in one hand and shoved them in your mouth. Jin was leaning against the doorway, secretly admiring you from afar. That was until a man continually stared at you from the other side of the street.

“Y/n? Y/n L/n?” The man approached you with a warm smile: you nearly chocked on your chips. Jin knew not to be hasty, but his anger boiled. “How’s life? You look as beautiful as ever!” That’s when his gaze dropped to your stomach. “Deadbeat dad?”

Before you could answer your ex had raised his hand. “No need to explain. Why don’t I take you out for dinner. We could catch up.”

“She won’t be needing your company. Hi, I’m the deadbeat dad!” Jin wrapped his arm around you shoulder and stuck out his hand in a threatening manner. Your ex stuttered, and when Jin leaned in closer, he took off into the crowd of people.
You rolled your eyes at Jin’s behavior and kissed his throat. “Cmon “Deadbeat” let’s go back inside.“

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~Min Yoongi~

“Yoongi, I just want some Ice Cream!” Nobody in their right mind would wake up Yoongi while he was sleeping. He was scary as hell when disturbed. But you were even scarier when you didn’t get what you wanted. It was 2am and Yoongi wouldn’t budge. Even if you knew how dangerous it was to go out alone, you were having bad cravings.

You flipped on the closet light and fished out a sweatshirt and stretchy pants. When you tried to tip-toe across the bedroom, Yoongi groaned.

“Where do you think your going?” He swung his legs over the side of the bed and ran a hand through his messy hair.

“Three words. Ice cream run.”

“Give me 5 minutes.” Five minutes it was on the dot. You were at the 24 hour supermarket and was loading the buggy with ice cream. Pickles sounded good right about now. So when Yoongi kneeled down to grab a gallon of Cookies and Cream, you snuck off to the pickles.

Of course the world had damned you and put them on the highest shelf. With one hand over your stomach, you stood on your yippie toes to reach them. A longer arm however plucked them up first. You turned to see your ex, dressed in an apron that the employees wore.

“Here you go mi- Y/n? Damn you look as fine as ever!” You clenched your teeth at his comment. His immature behavior is why you left him in the first place. He was a sleazy dog and he knew it. “You put on a few pounds but that’s alright. Why don’t you meet me after work?” He started to approach you with a wicked grin on his face.

“Back off!” Yoongi forced himself in front of you and stood at attention. You could practically see the hair on the back of his neck stand up much like a dog. “If you touch her, I’ll make sure you lose every last one of your fingers. Now give me the damn pickles.” Your ex hastily handed Yoongi the pickles and ran off in the opposite direction.

You frowned and grabbed the jar. “He got Bread and Butter…” you pouted. Yoongi just chuckled at your behavior and nuzzled the skin behind your ear.

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~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok and you were having a lazy day. Namjoon had insisted Hoseok work from home to spend extra time with you and his unborn child. You were lazily drawing circles on your belly button, feeling the soft flutter of hiccups from your precious baby boy. Hoseok placed his hand in the same exact spot where the movement happened, and smiled with delight when a little foot pressed against his hand.

“He’s fussy today.” You groaned and placed a hand on your lower back, rolling a little to wrap a leg around Hoseok’s waist. He ha show laptop on the arm of the couch and used his other hand to rub your arm soothingly.

Your phone buzzed for the millionth time that day. You weren’t even going to look at it but Hoseok saw how your eyebrows knotted together in annoyance. “Who keeps messaging you?”

“Just one of my old exes. Don’t worry about it. I’m trying to ignore him.” Your voice grew heavy and the next time Hoseok turned to speak to you, sleep had taken over. Another ding from your phone had him narrowing his eyes. He clicked on your screen so he could view your messages. He knew you would never be unfaithful but he also knew this guy was annoying you to no end.

Rows upon rows of this guy confession to you, saying how he wanted to be with you again. Hoseok smirked to himself and opened a new tab on his computer. He’d make sure this guy never bothered you again.

An hour later, you emerged from your nap. Hoseok had placed a pillow to replace him and gave you a fuzzy blanket. The T.V remote was placed by your swollen stomach. Hoseok was most likely having a meeting with the rest of the Bangtan Members. You turned on the nightly news out of boredom and narrowed your eyes at screen.

There was your ex on the nightly news being interviewed. He was swearing up and down that his bank account was full moments ago, and that it was completely empty the next second. The headline was stated as following: “Mysterious String of Empty Bank Accounts Rising”.

You picked up your phone and sent your husband a quick text.

“Seriously Hobi?”

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~Park Jimin~

Jimin and you were setting on a park bench, enjoying each other’s company. The jungle gym in front of you was filled to the brim with kids. That would be your little girl some day, swinging from the handlebars while Jimin held her up so she could reach.

Jimin rubbed your belly softly. Little kicks followed the path of his hand much to his amusement, and your discomfort.

“She’s a daddy’s girl already.” Jimin kissed your lips sweetly. The chime of a bell tore your attention to the wagon filled with frozen treats.

“Jimieeee!” You pointed to the ice cream cart. Jimin shook his head with a laugh and fished out money from his pocket.

“Wait here. Chocolate right?” You nodded excitedly and watched him approach the wagon. Another figure took his seat, a man you recognized all too well.

“Chocolate Ice cream for a Y/n?” Your ex was a smug bastard, able to have his way with almost anyone. With a deep frown you tried to ignore him completely as he held out the one to you. He yelled however, when a flying stone cracked against his fingers, the ice cream splattering on the bench.

“She stopped liking your ice cream a long time ago.” Jimin grabbed your elbow and helped you to your feet. He handed you the ice cream a shot your ex a look that could kill. “As you can tell, she’s yet to have her fill of mine though.” He laid a hand on your swollen stomach and pressed a hungry kiss to your mouth.

When you parted for air your ex was gone, and Jimin was now the smug one.

“You are so dirty! Now go get my sprinkles.”

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~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung and you were visiting the local mall to shop. Cribs of a bassinet were on today’s agenda. You ran your fingers across the fine oak of a crib, marveling at the craftsmanship. Taehyung came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your middle.

“Do you like this one?” His voice was deep yet soft. You nodded anxiously. He chuckled and lifted the box in his own two arms. “Why don’t you pick out some blankets?”

Taehyung didn’t have a budget when it came to you and his unborn baby. He’d buy you the sun and moon if it would make you happy. You had been raised with little to nothing like Tae, that’s one reason you connected.

Tae went to pay for the crib while you picked through the mint green blankets. You had yet to find out the sex of the baby, wanting to wait to be surprised. “Y/n is that you?”

Your ex stood there with an armful of children’s clothes in his arms. He was clearly a worker here. That surprised you, seeing how arrogant he was. You had expected him to be a CEO, not a worker at a baby store.

“I have nothing to say to you.” The last time you had seen your ex, he was being towed away in a cop car. He was highly abusive, verbally and physically.

“Give me one more chance-” he peered over the rack to see your stomach, 7 months full with child. “Knocked up?”

“Watch your mouth.” Taehyung dropped the box he was carrying at your feet and squared up to the man. He towered a few inches above him and his strong jaw was set.

“C'mon Tae, we don’t have time for filth like him.” You grabbed his hand and motioned for him to pick up the box and leave. Taehyung did so unwillingly. When you both made it to the car, you grabbed Tae’s cheeks and kissed him with full force of passion.

“I love you.”

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~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook had invited you to one of his underground matches. Some might say that this was no place for a woman who was 5 months pregnant, but you loved the adrenaline. Jungkook was up next to fight and you had a front row seat.

You scanned his opponent, broad shoulders and all. He turned around to put his mouth piece in and you recognized him immediately. That was the ex.

You knew he had been a fighter, but not for underground matches like this. He must have fallen low. Unfortunately, he noticed you as well. He stripped out of his shirt and kneeled in front of you.

“Hey pretty girl. Remember me? Why don’t you congratulate the winner afterwards?” He made a V shape with his fingers and slid his thick tongue between them. You cringed at the sight and gagged. Little did he know, Jungkook was standing behind him with nostrils flares and fist clenched.

The ref called action with a blow of his whistle and you had never seen a faster fight. Jungkook threw a single punch to your ex’s skull and he was out like a light. Your husband continued to beat the bastard senseless. Blood finally spurred from his mouth and two burly men had to drag him away.

He hopped the rope and collected you in his arms. Jungkook lifted the front of your shirt and placed a sloppy kiss on your belly button. The crowd cheered on the champion and his affection towards you.

“I like his idea Y/n. Why don’t you come congratulate me in the locker room?”

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Hey, so, I know that this isn’t my normal thing, but since I’ve spent a lot of time in fish stores the last few days, I really want to say something about these fucking things: 

And any other absurdly tiny betta/goldfish bowls they sell at Petco or whatever. 

Look. Hey, I get it. These things are real fuckin cute and cheap. When I was in high school and didn’t know any better, I totally bought like, that exact bowl and plopped a betta into it. If you bought one of these in the past, or own one now, you aren’t a bad fish owner. (I would argue the store that sold it to you…is making bad choices) But you can do some things to make life better for your fishy friend. 

I’ll be frank: These damn cubes are evil. They are less than a gallon of water. No adult fish can be happy in so little space. 

If you want a betta ( they are beautiful fish. I love them!) please give them, at a minimum, 5 gallons and a filter. Ideally a tank heater too, since they are tropical fish. Is it more expensive? Yes. A plain 5-10 gallon tank runs around $15, a cheapo filter is like $6-10, a cheapo heater $10ish. I know that’s more expensive that the cheapo little cubes. They take up more space. It’s more work to set it all up. I understand. 

But your life, and the fish’s life, will be so much easier. A 5 gallon is a thousand times easier to keep clean than one of those little cubes. The fish will have more room to fish and show off, will live longer, and have brighter colors. 

Fish: “And as for you, whoever you may be…" 

Oswald: “Oh, this man here? His name is Edward. Edward Nygma. That’s spelled E, as in Edward… D, W-”

Ed: "Dammit, Oswald!!!”

Oswald: “Sometimes he goes by Ed, or Eddie…”

Ed: “Stopppp iiiiiiittttt!!!!!”


First pic: 05/14/17
Second pic: 07/03/17
From a small quite stylish assortment of plants to this slightly bigger jungle XD
Ahhh I love live plants, even tho they are messy and algae are EVERYWHERE. I would love to make another tank with plants that completely cover the floor and some small schooling fish or shrimp, but I have neither place nor money for that…

I would have never known that I would fall this deep into the hobby!

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Don’t be ashamed of your algae

I see a lotta people that feel bad about the algae in their tanks and stuff but honestly? It’s not a big deal, if you look at some videos or images of the fish in the wild there’s so much awful algae and they’re fine, they’re happy, algae is normal. Don’t feel bad about your tank having algae and don’t feel like you’re a bad fish keeper just because of it, if your fish are happy and healthy that’s the important thing. Don’t measure your tank against people who post a single image of a meticulously clean and maintained tank with zero algae because I promise you it only looks that good for the shot and probably will have algae a week later. Accept single celled plants in your life.

Cyanobacteria do not interact.

Betta Care Guide: All About Bettas!

The “Betta Basics”
-2.5+ gallon tank
-heater (76-82F)
-low-flow filter
-1+ hide
-silk/live plants
-quality food

A More Comprehensive Guide

***Tank Size***

2.5 gallons:
The absolute minimum, I do not recommend keeping a betta in anything less than this because even in a cycled 2.5, keeping a *stable* cycle is very difficult, and requires more frequent water changes. In a tank this small, you’ll most likely need to buy an adjustable heater as well, since the smallest (trustworthy) heaters on the market are 7-7.5 watts, and depending on where you live or how hot/cold you keep your house/room, the heat will fluctuate too often, or be too hot or too cold since the volume of water is quite small. A 2.5 gallon betta tank is doable.

5 gallons:
A great median for those who want to give their bettas a wonderful environment, but may be cramped on space, move around often, or whose living arrangements have aquarium-related restrictions. A cycled 5 gallon tank with a betta generally requires a water change 1x a week. A 5 gallon is also easier to heat and keep a stable cycle with a 5 gallon than a 2.5 gallon. I still recommend an adjustable heater (I’ll always recommend an adjustable heater), though, as I’ve found that even with an appropriately-sized preset heater/non-adjustable heater, the temperature fluctuates too often and by too much. A 5 gallon is a perfectly good choice!

10 gallons:
A palace! Your new betta would love to have a 10+ gallon tank! They’ll swim over every inch of it, I promise its not too big. A fantastic choice for those that have the space and can afford to set up a 10 gallon or larger with all the bells and whistles (décor, filter, heater, etc.).

note: If you feel you can’t give your betta a 10+ gallon tank, and you can only afford a 2.5 or 5 gallon setup (or something in between), that DOES NOT mean I (or anyone else) think you’re a bad fish parent ❤ as long as you can provide the basic necessities your fish requires and keep on top of water quality, then do what you can when you can! Maybe it’ll be a few months before you can buy your fish that new hide or a few extra plants, or maybe you’ll have to wait ‘til xmas or your bday to be able to afford a larger tank if that’s what you want, and that’s okay. As long as you do the best within your means (provided your animal’s basic needs are met), that’s all your fish would ask of you ❤

Bettas are tropical fish! That means they require temperatures of 76-82F.

Why do they need this temperature range, though? Well, fish are ectothermic (“cold-blooded”) meaning that they depend on their surrounding environment (the water) to regulate their body temperatures! Your human body also requires a certain body temperature to optimize all those bodily functions it performs. Think about frostbite (affects circulation) or hypothermia (affects body temperature and bodily function). Your fish can suffer similar effects when its water is kept too cold. A cold betta will be more prone to fin rot/melt (the tips of the fins become necrotic) because their circulation is affected. A colder fish will also have a slower digestive process and slower metabolism, meaning that it will become lethargic because it’s organs can’t work fast enough to produce energy it needs to be healthy and active. You wanna see a bright colorful active betta? Give them a heated tank! 😃

Even if you have an adjustable heater, you should invest in a thermometer (1.50$, glass, Walmart)! I personally use an adjustable thermometer, which has an internal thermostat which tells it when to shut off/on, but when I set the heater to 79, my tanks stay around 82F, but I wouldn’t know that unless I had a thermometer to let me know what the actual tank temperature is! I definitely recommend spending the extra buck for one :)

Also, those sticker ones that go on the outside of the tank are not reliable, seeing as they go on the outside of the tank, and show a range of temperatures more or less. They cost about the same as a glass one (which is much more accurate), so I recommend either glass or digital, but not the stickers.

Bettas aren’t fond of tons of flow, which can present some challenges to your friendly neighborhood aquarist. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to betta-safe filtration.

Hang-On-Back style filters. Some have an intake pipe, which should be covered with a sponge to keep your bettas fins (or the betta itself) from being sucked up and shredded/injured. You can search for “pre-filter sponge” or “intake filter sponge” on amazon, google, or find a fluval prefilter sponge at your local petsmart/Petco. You can also DIY one out of cut-to-size filter foam/sponge. HOB filters can also have a strong out-flow. Some have spray bars, some have spickets, and some just have a wide-mouth waterfall-style opening. If you find that the flow is pushing your betta around, or your betta is struggling to swim against the current, you can baffle it! Some common techniques for baffling filters are the “water-bottle baffle”, using a shower loofa/pouf, covering the out-flow opening with filter sponge/floss, or an intake sponge. I have the fluval spec v and I use an intake sponge on the out-spout since it’s a short spigot.

Sponge Filters:
These are block sponges which usually sit on the bottom of the aquarium and are hooked up to an airline tube and air pump. They push air through the sponge, creating a vacuum and pulling water through. The air bubbles that come out of the top of the sponge don’t create much horizontal flow that pushes bettas around, but instead the water flow is directed upwards. The bubbles provide oxygenation and surface agitation as well.


Bettas like to feel safe (as do all fish and other pets) and giving them at least one cave to retreat to will give your fish that sense of security. You can buy something from the fish store, a local pet store, or a pet chain store. Besides the pre-made ones (logs, rock caves, skulls, etc.), you can buy terra cotta pots for around a 1$ or so. Just make sure that the pots aren’t just painted brown, but that they’re a terra cotta material all the way through. Fish have also gotten stuck in the small drainage holes at the bottom of these pots, so be sure to plug it up with some aquarium-safe silicone or something. Also, be sure to make sure that your hides don’t have sharp edges your betta could tear his/her fins on, and that the hide doesn’t have holes that your betta may get stuck in. Usually you can sand down rough edges though :)

Plastic plants are generally a no-no, as they can tear your bettas fins. Usually, if they pass the “panty-hose” test they are deemed “betta-safe” but it’s still better not to chance it when there are plenty of gorgeous silk plants out there! “silk” plants are made from material (not necessarily silk) instead of plastic. Silk plants may have plastic stems, but that’s ok so long as there aren’t any sharp seams; the silk leaves are what’s important here!

Live plants are also an option. Anubias, anacharis, java fern, moss, and banana plants are all low-light plants which require no CO2 and no special substrate. However, this is not a plant guide so you’ll have to research how you can plant them or add them to your tank on your own.

There are lots of food which is marked specially for bettas, but don’t fall for marketing gimmicks! Know what’s in your pet’s food before you buy. If the first few ingredients are “meal”s (fish meal, wheat meal, etc.) or the first few ingredients are plant-based, then this is not the food for your betta.
What you want to look for is whole ingredients, or specifically-named ingredients (whole fish, halibut, salmon, krill, etc.). New Life Spectrum and Omega One are good brands to check out. Hikari is ok, but their ingredients are not as quality as they used to be, and if you read the ingredients on their current “Betta Bio-Gold” you’ll see what I mean. Foods with fillers/freeze-dried foods don’t have a lot of nutritional value, and while a freeze-dried food may make a tasty treat, it shouldn’t be your fish’s staple diet. You can also feed frozen/live blood worms, mysis shrimp, etc. Bettas are insectivores, and cannot digest plant matter, so they should not be given any type of algae wafer or vegetables (this includes peas; an alternative to feeding peas for bloat is to feed daphnia!!).

I’ll preface this section by stating that bettas don’t need tankmates! :) Tankmates are more for you than for your fish, and should be chosen carefully.

Tankmates in General:
-please remember to make sure that your tank is suitable for the tank mates you wish to house; you wouldn’t keep your betta in a 1 gallon unfiltered/unheated tank, so don’t do the equivalent to your betta’s tankmates  your fish are all equal, so please, please, please make sure that you put in the same amount of research and care for the tankmates that you do for your betta! make sure your tank mates have the same requirements are your betta, and their temperament won’t put your betta at risk.
-always have a backup plan in case your tankmates don’t get along with your betta, or your betta doesn’t get along with his tankmates 
-a 20 gallon is the best minimum choice for a community-style betta tank, as it opens up more options and gives your betta and his/her tankmates plenty of space!
-be prepared to separate/rehome/etc. “problem fish” or a “problem betta”. if your betta isn’t really the community type, don’t try to force him/her to be; it won’t work out well for anyone. Get that betta an individual setup as soon as possible, or if your tank is large enough, divide it so that your betta has his/her own space. 

Good Tank Mates:

shoaling, 6+ to a group - keeping them in groups smaller than this will stress them to death…literally sometimes
10+ gallons (dwarf/pygmy), 20+ gallons (regular)
tropical, lots of species to choose from
sand/barebottom is a MUST - p they have soft bellies and sensitive barbels, and gravel can scratch up their bellies (which leads to stress or infection) or damage their barbels o.o also, they sift through sand to find little bits of food naturally, so sand lets them display this natural behavior and you get to see it too!

schooling, 6+ to a school – keeping them in schools smaller than this will stress out the fish
10-15+ gallons – depending on the species
tropical, lots of species to choose from
note: “galaxy rasboras” are NOT rasboras (rasboras belong to the boraras genus). Galaxy rasboras are actually a species of danio (other common name: celestial pearl danio) and are not tropical.

under 10 gallons: nerites, ramshorns, horned nerites, and other small snails
10+ gallons: mystery snails & other snails listed above – mystery snails get quite large and have a bioload as large, if not larger, than your betta’s, so a mystery snail is more suited to living in a 10 gallon tank than in something smaller

not all bettas are “shrimp-safe”, meaning that if you want to try shrimp, you should be prepared for the worst case scenario: your betta eats them! if youre okay with the possibility that you may lose some shrimp, then i suggest starting out with a few shrimp.
Amano shrimp are larger, great for algae, should be kept in groups of at least 3-5
cherry shrimp (and other neocardinia sp.) are hardy, but small (most likely to be a tasty snack), colorful/many variations to choose from!
ghost shrimp can actually be nippy, so I’d recommend against them, even though they’re pretty cheap~
putting shrimp in a 2.5 gallon tank is doable, but a 5 gallon tank would be much better

do best in groups, 3+ - they’re not traditional shoaling or schooling fish, but are still social
20+ gallons - otos are sensitive to water quality
if your tank doesn’t have a ton of algae for them to eat, then I suggest supplementing their diet with cucumbers/zucchini/algae wafers/etc.  

tank size depends completely on the species your considering, there are a ton!!
I suggest supplementing their diet with cucumbers/zucchini/algae wafers/etc. 

ember tetras:
schooling, 6+ to a school – keeping the in schools smaller than this will stress out the fish
10+ gallons – they do ok in a 10, but would prefer a 15 (long) or a 20 gallon! 😊

Bad Tank Mates:
NOT tropical (max temp is like 74F), they’re schooling (6+ fish in a group), and are insanely active! this means they need at least a 20 gallon, and need to be with other cooler/temperate water fish like other danios and minnows :) Also, even if they could do ok in a heated 10 gallon, their active nature tends to stress bettas out :/

White Cloud Mountain Minnows (or any other minnows):
NOT tropical (max temp is around 74F), they’re schooling (6+ fish in a group), and are insanely active! They’re smaller, around 1”, but they need at least a 10 gallon, and should only be housed with other cooler/temperate water fish such as other danios and minnows :) Also, even if they could do ok in a heated 10 gallon, their active nature tends to stress bettas out :/

Neon Tetras:
they’re tropical, could do ok in a 10 (but would do better in a 20). Enough people have had fin-nipping/aggression issues that they’ve made this list. Not everyone who houses bettas with neon tetras will have these issues, but if there’s a possibility of putting your fish’s health and wellbeing at risk, why take the risk? There are plenty of other safer, more suitable tank mates out there 😊

all other tetras not mentioned:
tetras tend to be nippy in general (black skirt tetras, for example) and there are safer options out there; dont risk it! <3

get too large to be housed safely with bettas
can be aggressive/attack/bully your betta

some peoples bettas seem to do ok, some do not, as they can be nippy or aggressive towards your betta

their flowing tails and bright colors also tend to bring out aggression, and since they have such pretty tails, they may be nipped at by your betta, or vice versa

/*Thanks for giving that book a read! If you feel as though I’ve provided inaccurate information, could make an improement, or have an addition to suggest, feel free to let me know! :3*/


there’s like no aspect of Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly that isnt Horrific actually

the entrance to it has this awful teeth shot id expect to see in some horror flick

and you’re inside this fucking fleshy prison but like making everything out of flesh wasnt bad enough this flesh also Constantly Pulses

who looked at this hellscape and went ‘you know what this needs? some extra nauseating pulsing flesh walls and floors’

Who Wrote Out The Words ‘Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly’ And Didnt Stop To Go: Hey Maybe I Should Rethink My Stance On Life And The Things That I Have A Hand In Creating’

and then to Round Off This Disgusting Vore Dungeon you also have to listen to this fish’s heartbeat and indigestion constantly for background ambience

i despise this. hey zoras! hey! Fish Shits! I Hate Your Fucking Vore God!!! 

“I don’t dance”

                         “I know you can”


This took me months to find the motivation to finish this. And guess what,,, i accidentally saved over the file while trying to put my stupid url on it gdi

If you are an incoming freshmen you are bound to change this year! You went from being top dog in middle school, to the bottom of the food chain in high school. I hope that this masterpost can give some tips to incoming fishies!

First Week Advice:

The first week will be a confusing time for you, but no need to fret! Here are some things that will help:

-Try memorizing your schedule before your first day

- Most schools will have a designated group of upperclassmen you can ask for directions or help (My school has a program called PALS, and they all wore PALS shirts so we could recognize them)

- Most teachers will be giving back some form a syllabus and they typically require parental signatures so get those signed ASAP

- Take the first week to make at least one (1) friend in each class

- Exploring the school before your classes start will be super helpful for getting to know your surroundings!!!

- First impressions matter! Look presentable, be polite, and helping out your teachers will make a great impression on your character.

Friends, relationships, and all that jazz:

Freshmen year comes with a lot of change which typically involves your personal relationships.

-Do not worry if your friend group changes. Freshmen year you typically gain and lose friends but that’s just what happens. (My freshmen year I lost my friend group from middle school because they started doing things I wasn’t into, and I never saw them because of band. That’s okay though because I have a new friend group and I love all of them!!)

- Alright so I know the dating pool just got a WHOLE lot bigger but there is one rule you must live by: DO NOT DATE SENIORS!!!!!

- Dating a senior will usually end up in heartbreak as typically they just want to use freshmen for sex. Even if they are a genuinely good person, the age gap is quite wide for your age, and they will be graduating that year so why even torture yourself that way

- Just be careful when dating and try to have a good judge of character when it come to upperclassmen!!

- Also most freshmen relationships are a joke and will end up only lasting a month or two lol

- Try getting upperclassmen as friends!!! It’ll be a little harder at the beginning but as long as you mellow out by second semester I promise you can have upperclassmen friends!!!

- Having Juniors as friends is super helpful because you can get rides, and advice early on. Sophomores will be easier to be friends with because they aren’t technically upperclassmen yet, but they could give you connections to other upperclassmen

- Getting into extracurriculars is another great way to make friends!! (literally band is my entire social existence lmao)


Going into freshman year you may notice a great change in your work load so it’s important to do most of the following.

- Figure out a method of organization that works for you! I personally have a homework folder, an expanding file folder, and then spiral notebooks.

- Starting either a bullet journal or a planner will be incredibly helpful!!!!

- Please turn in all your HW and have minimal late grades!!!!

- Study for ALL tests, quizzes, etc.

- Do not be afraid to ask for help from teachers because they want to see you succeed

- If you get a teacher you have heard awful things about (not just strict but like a teacher who doesn’t teach) try your best to switch out of their class!!

- Doing pre-AP, AP, or higher level classes is always a benefit, but do not take on more than you are capable of!!!!!!!

- Take notes and keep up with your textbook readings!!

- Establish good habits like things I mentioned above!!


Most freshmen end up looking like turtles with how stuffed their backpack is. You really don’t need that much stuff.

- If your school does block scheduling then only take the things you need for that day! (ofc make sure you are actively putting the right supplies in or using two (2) different backpacks)

- Only take things that are essential for you!!

- Some things may include:

           - Calculator

           - Spirals

           - Pencil bag

           - Binder, HW folder (whatever your method is, I personally don’t recommend binders)

           - Tampons, medicine, hair bands or brush, glasses, ID, etc.

           -  Laptop (when needed)

- Avoid bringing textbooks if you don’t a locker to put them in!

- Having a lightweight backpack will make you feel much better, trust me.

-Always having a phone charger is helpful

Other/ general advice:

- Try not to be obnoxious and loud; upperclassmen will like you more

- Don’t be afraid of change!!

- Starting volunteer work early is super helpful!!!

- Talking to your counselors is uber important

- Let go of middle school drama; you will feel much better

- Establish good relations with your teachers!! You might need a recommendation from them one day!

- Looking at colleges early never hurts

- Try to get as much sleep as possible; you need it

- It’s perfectly okay to make mistakes! Learn from them!

- Give yourself time to relax

- Having a pair or two of headphones will be a lifesaver!

- Ask your parents for a house key if you don’t have one yet!!

- Always bring water! Also snacks!!

- Be involved!!! Do something worth a letterman jacket or something that will make memories!!

Alright bby’s make sure to relax and have fun this year! Being a fish isn’t all that bad if you know how to do it right!!

This is my first advice post so im sorry its sorta awful and i also did it while high on painkillers bc i just got my wisdom teeth out

anonymous asked:

Can you guys do Harpy and Mermaid AU's? As in, they interact with each other, wether good or bad?


  • If I trade you fish, you give me trinkets and/or weird treats from land and we meet up every other tuesday
  • there’s this one sunbathing rock I love but it’s also your favourite perch?? no it’s mine get off
  • you help comb through my hair with your talons (and fingers depending on the harpy??) and I help you pick leaves and branches out of your feathers
  • you always chase off fisher’s boats from my area and I never noticed until now
  • You bring me pretty rocks and beads and I turn them into bracelets/necklaces for us

I hope these help!! These are fun!
~Mod Karissa

BTS: Rapmon Smut


He Deserves It ft. V | Back For? |


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Roadside | Muse |


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Never hit Namjoon | Teasing Exercises | Teach Me How to Love |Anticipation | Petals (Fluff/Smut/Angst) |


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Ships in the Night | Coffee Spill |


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Lost Control |


Petals |

Can’t Lose You

Summary: The reader tries to calm down a very angry Peter Quill..which leads to Peter remembering the time he almost lost the reader forcing him into action. 

Word Count: 3827

Song Pairing: (Fooled Around and Fell in Love)

Authors note: ANGRY PETER MEANS SEXY PETER! This one is on the shorter side, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t smutty ;) ( when have I ever NOT written something smutty?) 

Peter getting genuinely mad was not something that normally happened. Sure he got into fights with Rocket or even the occasional fight with Gamora, but nothing super serious. They would be solved within an hour or so, and soon replaced with “We’ve been married for forty years” bickering.

Not today though, Peter was truly mad. He slammed the door shut as he left his room, “Have I ever told you that Tony Stark is a huge dickwad”. The Avengers were calling in anyone who had experience with Thanos, which meant he had to video chat with them.

Raising an eyebrow you said, “What happened did he say his gun was bigger than yours?”. Peter laughed dryly and gave you a bitch face, letting you know he was truly angry.

You cursed yourself for thinking about how sexy Peter looked when he was angry. That’s one of the reasons why you enjoyed teasing him lightly, he was damn sexy when mad”. Peter said the same thing about you. 

Raising his hands up in anger he said, “No he didn’t (y/n), but he insulted us all!”. You’d placed down the book you’d been reading, giving Peter your full attention. Trying to ease his anger you asked, “Have you talked with Steve he’s much more-”.

Peter cut you off, “He said we were inexperienced, that I don’t care enough about you guys and put your lives in danger!”. You had expected something like that to annoy Peter, but not make him fuming.

You walked over to him, “Why did he say that Peter?”. His anger only grew, and he avoided your gaze. He punched the wall, “Doesn’t matter, the asshole said it! I care about you guys so much!! We’re family and-”.

This time Peter was cut off by Rocket, “ I think we all know who you care about Quill”. You felt yourself blushing as Rocket tried to subtly hint at you but failed. The rest of the team had walked in, done running errands for the day.

Peter pointed a finger at Rocket, “Don’t start with me right now I’m seconds away from calling you the “r” word!”. Rocket just rolled his eyes, and took Groot to go sit down with him.

Gamora asked, “Maybe Tony was referencing your trip to Morag with (y/n)”. That was one of the missions that the team could never forget.

Drax added, “Oh yes that was the time where Peter made a huge mistake and got (y/n) seriously injured”. Gamora turned sending daggers at Drax while he looked confused. That mission was something Peter hated talking about.

You and Peter had been sent to Morag to retrieve an ancient script that the Nova Corps needed. It was supposed to be the classic run of the mill mission which is why only you and Peter left the ship.

Morag was an oceanic planet, and only housed various species of animals. The script was located in a sea cavern, but you had a map telling you directly where it was.

Rocket had given you and Peter special equipment to breath underwater. The mission couldn’t get any simpler.

You and Peter easily found the cavern, and it was amazing to be underwater but have everything be clear as day. Peter smirked watching you take it in, “Guess swimming with the fishes ain’t so bad in this case huh (y/n)”.

Smiling back you said, “As long as either of us don’t go belly up”. This caused the both of you to laugh, you were the only one who was able to share Peter’s sense of humor.

Being from Earth helped greatly, Peter had first found you on Xandar. You’d been a shield agent sent to help handle intergalactic communications.

It had been love at first Footloose reference, except both of you hid your true feelings from each other. Settling for friendship in order to not lose everything. Peter knew he needed to keep you in his life no matter what.

Peter swam ahead of you, entering the cavern. The script was right in front of him, “Uh houston have a problem…this was too easy”. He turned around expecting to see you roll your eyes or try not to smile at his joke.

Peter grabbed the script and shoved it into it’s waterproof case, slinging it around his back. Quickly he jumped back into the water, wanting to make sure you were okay.

His eyes widened when he saw to being dragged down deeper by a huge sharklike creature. As he sprung into action Peter said, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”.

He wondered why you hadn’t yelled for help but then saw the various scratches all over your helmet, the bastard had cut the communication cord.

The creature was thrashing around, going behind and infront of you. Peter noticed you motioning to your suit, and he realized the air tank had been punctured by the creature’s teeth.

He had to do something quickly before your air supply ran out and the creature dragged you out of range. It was a risky shot but he took it anyway, firing an underwater gun the Nova had given him.

At last second the creature had moved, but Peter still hit it. He swam over to you watching the creature sink to the ground. Blood clouded the water around you, turning it from a light blue to a dark red.

Peter’s smile faded when he saw you clench your side, realizing although he’d hit the creature he’d also hit you. Things got worse when he saw your eyes begin to close, your mouth opening.

With all of his strength Peter carried you to the surface, swimming as fast as he could. The entire time he talked to you, “We’re gonna get out of this and you’re gonna wake up and give me that classic smirk”.

As he dragged you out of the water he continued, “That look where you pretend to be mad at me but we both know you find me irresistibly charming and when you think I’m not looking you finally smile”.

He quickly placed his breathing peace into your mouth while with the other hand he applied pressure to where you’d been bleeding.

Peter shook his head, “Come on (y/n) you can’t quit on me yet, you still owe me that drink from when I beat you in pacman!”. His smile returned when he watched you open your eyes and begin to cough.

With all your strength you said, “We both know I let you win Quill”. Somehow he found himself smiling, god you were just as stupid as him.

Peter was scared you’d heard everything he’d said, but maybe you’d be too out of it to even remember. He called for Rocket to come meet you with the Milano, and he carried you aboard.

That had been one of the worst memories of Peter’s life, the moment where he almost lost you. In that moment he realized how he didn’t love you like a friend, he loved you loved you.

That had been the exact moment Stark had brought up on the phone, and it made Peter furious. Speaking up you said, “We all know that wasn’t Peter’s fault, we had thought the water was clear”.

Peter shook his head, “I should’ve checked thoroughly, I was too cocky”. You could’ve checked the water more thoroughly too. Peter lowered his head, “I should’ve known something was up when you weren’t right behind me..I thought you were just enjoying yourself”.

Softly you asked, “So Tony did bring that up? Peter he’s made countless mistakes himself…we’ve all come close to losing someone!”.

Peter looked at you, “But I can’t lose you (y/n)!”. Gamora patted Drax on the shoulder, signaling for them to both leave the room. Loudly he asked, “But Gamora we were about to see if Peter would finally adm-”.

Gamora shut him up by pushing him forward, thankful he hadn’t finished his sentence. Peter’s anger had finally left him, but he was now filled with guilt. You took a step closer to him, “And you won’t Peter”.

He shook his head, “But what if-”. Walking over to him you took your hands in his, trying to stop your dirty mind when you realized how huge they were.

You looked into his eyes, “Peter you’ll never lose me, I’m like the terminator-”.Peter smiled softly finishing your sentence, “You’ll be back”.

You could always make each other laugh at the most fucked up times. Peter still held onto one of your hands, and you blushed when you realized it.

With his other hand he picked your chin up to meet his gaze. Peter’s eyes looked deeply into yours, “You’re so beautiful (y/n)…”. You bit your lip with all the attention he was giving you, feeling your own feelings for him start to surface.

Smirking you said, “Peter Quill, are you trying to seduce me?”. Peter also found himself smirking as he pulled a remote out of his jacket pocket. Before pressing the button he said, “If I were trying to seduce you, there’d be music playing”.

His face lit up when , “Fooled around and fell in love” blared through the ship’s speakers. He pulled you into his arms whispering in your ear, “Peter Quill doesn’t try to seduce women, he does seduce women”.

                  I must have been through about a million girls

          I’d love ‘em then I’d leave ‘em alone

You rolled your eyes, smiling when you thought he wasn’t looking at you. One hand rested on the small of your back while the other held your hand in his.

Teasingly you said, “You don’t seem to be able to seduce any women lately”. You’d been happy that lately Peter hadn’t brought any women back to the ship because every time he did it broke your heart.

            I didn’t care how much they cried, no sir

      Their tears left me cold as a stone

Sarcastically he said, “Bit of a dry spell lately” the both of you knew that wasn’t it. Playing along you replied with, “ I thought Starlord never had dry spells”.

Peter’s heart raced hearing you call him that, it was a huge turn on, but it felt more intense coming from you. Together your bodies swayed to the beat, “Been awhile since you’ve brought anyone back”.

You laughed, “Since when do you keep track?”. Peter was happy you weren’t looking at him, that way you couldn’t see his blush. Trying to play it cool he said, “I just want to make sure you don’t beat me”.

That was a lie. Peter noticed every time you brought someone back to the ship because it just confirmed his own insecurities. He pushed down his feelings by distracting himself with women, but it just made it worse…they weren’t you.

               But then I fooled around and fell in love

        I fooled around and fell in love, yes I did

You rested your head against his chest, causing his breath to hitch. He couldn’t explain it but every time you touched him it was like the first time anyone had. Things just felt right with you.

Softly you said, “I don’t think that’s a contest either of us would win”. Peter heard the hurt in your voice and thought that maybe you’d felt the way he did. Slowly Peter spun you out, but instantly missed the feeling of having you so close.

             Ah, but since I met you baby, love’s got a hold on me

       It’s got a hold on me now, I can’t let go of you baby

Peter dipped you, feeling his own desire growing looking down at you. You just smiled up at him, your eyes so inviting. Feeling nervous for the first time in his life, he quickly brought you back upright.

When Peter saw the happiness leave your face he realized that he just had to go for it. He found himself laughing, realizing what Drax had said earlier was right. There are two types of beings in the universe; those who dance, and those who do not.

Confused you looked up at Peter and asked, “What are you giggling about?”. Peter looked down at you with love in his eyes. He moved his hands to your hips, “You and I both dance”.

You were even more confused, “And? We both eat and drink-”. Peter’s smile grew, “That’s not what I’m saying…I’m trying to say that…”. Peter knew that once he told you he loved you everything would be out on the line, but he couldn’t pretend anymore.

Peter moved one hand to cup your face, “I love you (y/n)”. You stood there for a moment unsure of how to react. This was something that had played out in your head almost a hundred times, but now it was happening.

When you saw how happy he looked any doubt you had vanished. Smiling you said, “I love you too Peter”. Peter just smirked, and you knew something fun was about to happen.

He picked you up into his arms and yelled, “If the ship is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’”. You threw your head back in laughter along with Peter.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity Rocket yelled back, “Finally!! Groot you owe me 10 units!”. Rolling your eyes you realized they’d been betting on how long it would take you and Peter to finally tell the other how you felt.

You didn’t care though, you were in Peter’s arms. He closed the door to his room with his foot and smiled smugly, obviously proud of himself. Joking you said, “Real sexy Quill”.

Peter crashed down onto his bed, you on top of him. Once again his hands found your hips as he kissed you passionately. Peter couldn’t help himself, as the kiss continued he moved his hands to cup you ass.

You shook your head, “Someone’s eager”. Peter only gripped your ass tighter causing you to squeal. Smirking he teased, “Someone likes it”. The man wasn’t wrong, you did like it.

You loved his big hands running up and down your body. Leaning back you pulled your dress over your head, and Peter watched you while licking his lips.

Eyeing you up and down he repeated, “So fucking beautiful”. Feeling daring you put your hands behind your back and slowly took off your bra.

Peter’s mouth feel agape, and he felt himself getting harder. Before he knew what he was doing he brought his hands up to cup your breasts. You threw your head back and moaned, loving the way his calloused hands felt against your skin.

As Peter began to suck on your nipples you bucked your hips, it felt so good. He moaned, “You’re going to be the death of me (y/n)”. Peter only stopped sucking to take off his shirt and pants, needing this just as badly as you.

You ran your hands up his chest slowly, marveling at how toned he was. Raising an eyebrow he smirked, “Like what you see?”. You started to slide down his boxers, “Something tells me I’ll like the full package better”.

He didn’t know how but you caused him to swallow hard, stunned for a moment. Peter was experienced, this wasn’t his first rodeo…but just something about you did it too him. Made him feel like up until this point he didn’t even know what pleasure felt like.

You slid your body down so you face now rested above his extremely hard member. Peter just looked down at you, feeling the desire in his stomach grow like hunger.

Slowly you slid down his boxers, watching his member spring forward. You bit your lip, “Fuck Peter”. It felt so good to hear you say his name like that, and it made his member throb.

Slowly you licked up his shaft, watching his eyes widen. When you got to the tip you sucked the precum off of it, moaning. You kept eyecontact the whole time, “You taste so good”.

Peter moaned loudly, everything you did made him feel like he was going to explode. You kissed your way back down his shaft, knowing what you did next would drive him wild.

You began to suck on his balls, one of his more sensitive areas. He threw his head back, “Oh fuck”. No other girl had ever done that, it was like you were made for him.

Before taking him in your mouth again you said, “I want you to look me in the eyes turns me on”. Peter nodded his head, watching you intently.

You took as much of him in your mouth as you could while your free hand massaged his balls. Peter had never been more turned on in his life, especially knowing that you were enjoying this too.

You started bobbing your head up and down, obscene sounds leaving your mouth. Small moans and groans kept escaping Peter’s mouth, this had never felt this good before.

Finally you took him out of your mouth with a “pop” of your lips. Peter brought your head back up, kissing you once again. You smiled knowing that he didn’t care about tasting himself.

While kissing you Peter turned you onto your back. With a devilish smile he said, “My turn”. Peter pulled you towards his face by the backs of your knees. He teased you through your panties, running a finger up and down your slit.

Your breath hitched and he noticed, “So wet for me already”. Your panties were practically soaked, and he loved it. He loved knowing you felt as good as he did, needed this just as badly.

Slowly he took your panties off, you were fully exposed to him. His hot breath teased you further as he whispered, “I wonder if you taste as good as you look”. With one hand he spread your folds, exposing your clit fully.

He sucked on it as he groaned, “You taste even better”. The way he moaned against you sent vibrations all over your most sensitive area. You threw your head to the side, damn he was good at this.

With his tongue Peter traced patterns around your clit, occasionally taking it between his lips and sucking deeply. The amount of pleasure you were feeling was insane, no one had ever made this feel this good before.

Peter would dart his tongue into your entrance, loving the way it made you moan. Instinctively you ran your hands through his hair, tugging at it. This caused Peter to moan making your clit vibrate.

Gasping you said, “Oh Star-” but then you caught yourself. Peter brought his head up, “What did you just call me?”. You were scared it might’ve turned him off, but you’d always thought about calling him Star lord during sex.

A devilish smirk returned to his face, “You’re an awful liar”. You found yourself smiling taking in how blissfully happy Peter looked. You waited until his face was buried between your thighs again, “Star lord”.

Peter moaned loudly, feeling his hard member twitch. He moved his body back up and hovered over you, “You’re such a tease (y/n)”. He tried to look angry but failed miserably, the boy was head over heels in love with you.

Smirking you asked, “Am I not supposed to call my commander Star lord?”. He closed his eyes as a moan escaped his lips, maybe heaven was real. You found yourself smiling, he was such an idiot.

Slowly Peter ran a hand down your body, spreading your legs once again. He kissed you passionately on the lips before kissing down your jaw and neck. Peter massaged your clit with his fingers, “Say my name again”.

As you moaned, “Star Lord” he finally inserted a finger inside of you. You moved your hips up towards him, needing more. Peter was leaving obvious marks all over your skin, wanting everyone to know how good he’d made you feel.

He started to pump his fingers in and out of you slowly, driving you wild. Begging you asked, “Star Lord..I need more”. Reluctantly Peter took his fingers out of you, but not before bringing them to his lips.

Peter licked his fingers clean as you watched with eyes wide open. Holding your gaze he said, “I could taste you all day”. You couldn’t contain yourself anymore, you needed him so badly.

Letting go of his hair you said, “I need you inside of me”. Peter didn’t need to be told twice, he brought his body up to hover over you. You pushed him onto his back, “I have a feeling you’ll enjoy the view”.

You turned around, slowly sinking down onto his member. Peter closed his eyes and moaned loudly, feeling you stretch around his walls. You arched your back as you began to ride him, bouncing up and down.

Peter spanked your ass, “Fuck this is perfect”. His back rested against the headboard of his bed. With his hands gripping your hips he started thrusting inside of you. The room was filled with the sounds of your loud moans.

You loved the feeling of Peter filling you up, “Oh god”. Grabbing a fistful of your hair he pulled your body back, your head resting in the crook of his neck.

With this new angel Peter went even deeper inside of you, hitting your g-spot. Peter loved looking down at you and see you coming undone. Holding his gaze you said, “I’m so close”.

Peter was holding on by a damn thread, just as close to the edge as you. To your surprise he moved his hand to rub your clit, “Cum for me (y/n)..cum right now”.

Between Peter rubbing your clit and his words, you were sent over the edge. A tsunami of pleasure washed over your entire body, wave after wave of pleasure hitting you. Peter only rubbed your clit faster.

As he looked down at you and how beautiful you looked, Peter felt his own orgasm shake throughout his entire body. It was like a bomb had gone off inside of him, every nerve in his body exploding with ecstasy.

Together you rode out your orgasms, yelling out each others names. It was one of the most intense moments the both of you had ever felt. It redefined what pleasure meant.

Finally when he caught his breath Peter moved you so you were now cuddling his side as he laid down on his back. He looked so blissfully happy, a look you mirrored. Peter giggled, his happiness overflowing, “That was awesome”.

You rolled your eyes, but found yourself smiling. Nuzzling into his side you said, “It’s never felt that good before”. His expression softened, his eyes now filled with love.

Looking down at you he smiled, “I think this is what love is”. Love was something Peter Quill thought he’d never be able to feel, but you changed all that.

If this was love…he could get used to love…hell he never wanted to feel anything else. Peter kissed you on the forehead, and just enjoyed being blissfully happy with the love of his life.