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[Sharklee’s drawing Time]Diamonds wearing 한복(Han-bok) 

More Steven universe Chraracters wearing 한복(Han-bok) 

 Understale characters wearing 한복(Han-bok) 


Yellow Diamond wearing 이순신장군admiral Yi Sun-shin’s clothes

Blue Diamond wearing  한복 for a 승무 (Buddhist dance) in Korea.


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This is the second fusion of the Garnet’s list! (With Pyrope, who is a Ruby fused with Rutile). Almandine is supposed to be a psychedelic Gem because of the union of the twisted mind of Aquamarine with the impulsive mind of Ruby. Hope you like it!

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The Diamonds introduction

I do love how Yellow Diamond was introduced. It was such an “oh, shit” moment. And the choice of VA was a great one. Yellow spoke with an older, refined voice that really helped sell the idea of her being someone with authority.

Then we see more and more of her. And that older, refined voice she has is almost a contrast to her personality. At least in a relaxed setting. She is delightfully immature. Stomps her feet at Blue and whines when she gets told off.

Blue Diamond had a similar feel. She was “introduced” via Garnet. It was Garnet’s voice, not Blue’s that we heard. And her presence in The Answer build her up like Yellow’s intro did. This was someone with supreme authority.

So when we finally see her? Her voice is small, low. Almost broken. Not the impression her presence in The Answer gave at all.

I just love that contrast. The buildup for the Diamonds didn’t disappoint and neither does us getting to know them better.


Merecedes SLS AMG Black Series by Sebastian T Photography

Here’s the question no one seems to be asking...

What does Eyeball’s story tell us about Pink Diamond’s shattering?

This question has been plaguing me since The Trial aired, ESPECIALLY after seeing that Eyeball gave no testimony regarding what she claimed to have witnessed.

Here we see her giving her statement against the mighty Rose Quartz, famed war criminal against whom she now holds a personal grudge, yet her only words to offer are “yep, that’s Rose Quartz!” Not once does she mention having been there to see what happened. Because we later see Blue Zircon question the facts of what truly occurred, would it not be necessary to offer a witness to the charged crime? If neither of the Diamonds were there, wouldn’t an eyewitness testimony be only beneficial to them seeking justice?

Which brings me to my next topic.

As Blue Zircon recounts the events of the tragic shattering, she mentions that it took place in the presence of Pink Diamond’s entourage. No other Gems are mentioned to be present other than those belonging to Pink Diamond herself. Why does this matter? Eyeball belongs to Yellow Diamond. (It is also worth mentioning that while listing examples of Gems present, Rubies were not noted whatsoever, but this is inconsequential.) Now, it could easily be assumed that following Pink Diamond’s demise, all of her entourage were transferred to serve under another Diamond. But there remains one problem:

“She was, after all, your original Diamond.”

In this conversation with “Jasper”, Eyeball makes no mention of having also served Pink Diamond. She does not group herself in with “Jasper”, and therefore we can assume that she has always served under Yellow Diamond or any Diamond besides Pink. And if this is the case, why would she have witnessed Pink being shattered?

We’ve all been speculating that due to Yellow Diamond’s eager and violent reactions during the trial, she knows something more about what really happened that day.

She vocalizes her desire to move things along multiple times, and upon being deductively half-accused by the defending Zircon, she flies into a rage and poofs both Zircons involved. It’s clear that Yellow wants all of this to go away, and fast, even before this instance. We see this kind of thing again in “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)”, and if we look back at that scene with the perspective that she has something to hide, her reactions here make even more sense. 

Why would one of her Rubies have been able to witness Pink being shattered? And why would she refrain from mentioning this at the trial specifically held to convict Rose Quartz of the crime?

If Yellow Diamond knows something the rest of Homeworld doesn’t, I’m willing to bet everything that Eyeball knows something too. Or, perhaps, as a Ruby, she was easily swayed into “knowing” something else.