are yall dating

kyun in disbelif and melting in happiness when hw chose him as the member he would date >


Mitch plans a one week trip to Paris.
Scott doesn’t feel like going out of USA.
Mitch goes to Paris.
Scott has a house party and posts a picture with captions in French.
(Let the good times roll)
Mitch goes to Fashion week day in day out. Glamming it up!
Scott attends more parties and has a slutty, I mean, GREAT time.
Mitch explores Paris doing tourist-y things.
Mitch gets a tattoo that says “pain” in French.

And that’s what you missed on Glee.

&&. brandon flynn gif icons

yo yo yo here are ## gif icons of brandon flynn, all made from scratch by me. he’s best known for his role in 13 reasons why, and being super hot lol. there’s not many yet, but i’ll never finish if i don’t first post it so here you are! all are from episode one, but once i’m through it’ll be the whole first season!

please like/reblog if you find this helpful! and feel free to use in other gif hunts and such!

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people villianizing yousef for talking to noora in the last clip……you, along with sana, dont have any idea what they were talking about, for all you know he was gushing about sana smh chill

Crank and Dispatch real life identities

Crank is Ace, and Kate is Dispatch. This is something I’ve known since the first reading of the comic, but after talking to my friends and rereading the comic multiple times I found more evidence then them just looking similar. And its fun to find as much proof as possible for something.

1) Obviously first clue; Ace and Crank both have the Mohawk ™

2) In an about character robo did “daddy” is  included in his pronouns. He can be seen referring himself this way to his dog, and Crank refers to himself the same way when fighting Redshift

3) Crank got hit in the chin; Ace has a bruise on his chin…

4) Ace talks about getting into a fight with a short person. Elliot is short…

5) Kate says her and Ace work in private security…. hmmmmm…

6) The Crank and Dispatch uniforms conventually cover up Ace’s forearm tattoos and Kate’s shoulder tattoo…

7)Kate refers to a mysterious source of cash to pay for her mother’s medical bills, one that she wouldn’t approve of… like ‘private security’

8) We know Kate is mexican and she spoke in spanish to Elliot at the beginning of the comic. Dispatch says adios when her and crank leave Elliot and Redshift. I know that two character speaking spanish does not make them one character but with the heaps of other evidence coupled with this it’s pretty much guaranteed Ace is Crank and Kate is Dispatch unless there’s some major plot twist and these are a red herring

But now the question comes down to why? We kind of have an explanation for why Kate is in the business, but why is Ace there? Is he just there for support or does he have his own reasons? Also How did they get into this business? And do they know that Elliot is sharp zero???? Because they saw the weird tattooed arm and Elliot has those tattoos. If/When they do what are they going to do about it? Are they going to ignore it until it becomes a problem? What happens if they get in a fight with sharp zero again??? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN ELLIOT FIGURES IT OUT???

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17 jikook so fitting

17: “The salad here is really good.” - “Do I look like a fucking rabbit?”

a/n: a cool dialogue challenge

bless ur heart for sending this w “so fitting” im hrfgddg

valentine’s special: couples get in free,” is what jimin reads out loud, head tilted in curiosity at the restaurant sign. jungkook’s head snaps up immediately, because, good god, he knows the face jimin is sporting.

“jimin,” he starts, shuffling nervously. jimin’s shopping bags hang even heavier than before on his forearms, like dead weights pulling his heart into his stomach. “jimin, no.”

jimin grins, too mische its for jungkook’s liking “jimin, yes.”

the next thing he knows, jungkook is being dragged into the restaurant, burdened arms first, and plopped right in front of the hostess, who greets his confused, half-protesting face and jimin’s bright grin with a professional smile.

“table for two, please.” jimin hooks his arm around jungkook’s, and jungkook has to calm his heart down from imploding here and now, because man, jimin’s wearing a short sleeve even in february, and hus skin is really damn soft. jungkook’s neck heats up, and he swears the hostess’ eyes light up with a sort of glittery humor, as if she finds them cute. actually cute. them.

“right this way,” she leads. jimin smiles even wider, and jungkook wants to gag - did jimin just bat his lashes like some school girl?  is he serious? what? why?

he goes numb at one point, he thinks, and once they’re at their table, his soul has officially departed his body and his limbs are dead to the world from being pulled by jimin. the hostess swirls away, leaving menus in her wake, and as jungkook sets his best friend’s heavy bags down below the booth, jimin flips through appetizers.

jimin hums. “the salad here is really good.”

jungkook glares at him. he’s still miffed that jimin dragged him, a platonic best friend, into a restaurant for free food. what pettiness. jungkook snaps sharply back, “do i look like a fucking rabbit?”

“don’t be such a prick.” jimin’s chuckle is dry, yet humored, and it makes jungkook’s glare intensify.

the ambience of the restaurant is fancier than what jungkook’s used to, and the insecurity he feels irks him even more. “i’m being forced against my will to go on a date with you in this place. how can i not act like prick?”

jimin lowers the menu, one skeptical brow hiking. jungkook stares at him for a bit, ensuring that his glare is full of daggers and fire breathing dragons. 

suddenly jimin sets the menu down, leaving it to the side. he clears his throat before leaning in just the slightest bit, as if to tell a secret between just two platonic best friends, and whispering, “because you’re on a date with me.”

then he winks.

and if anyone says that jungkook’s face turns red, they’re definitely not to be trusted, because, no, he is not blushing.

(well, at least, he won’t admit to it.)

Artistic s/o (Batboys + Bruce Wayne Headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can u pretty please do headcanons for the batboys+bruce with an artistic s/o


  • This dude is a goof
  • He would come in and like drop paint and water and stuff all over you
  • Paint fights happen frequently
  • He buys you new ones of course 
  • He just loves to disturb you when you’re creating
  • the way you would try to resist him but can’t makes him smirk absolutely every time.
  • Your artwork has probably seen more sex then you have 


  • He just loves to quietly observe
  • You’ll be sitting in the same room, he’ll be reading, while you do your thing
  • He always gives input when you ask
  • He would also make up these amazing stories about the pictures 
  • Or he would always tell you how they remind him of some book he read
  • He would totally respect your love for your art and usually lets you have peace 


  • He would help you digitize it 
  • He would even sometimes clean the pictures up on photoshop
  • Gives you his honest opinions
  • Loves how dedicated you are to your work
  • Always gives you the best ideas when you’re in desperate need


  • Art dates !!!!!!!
  • Like yall would sit somewhere and make art together in silence
  • and also lie collaborative art
  • Where Damian does the linework
  • And you color and finalize it 
  • They’d be hanging all over all the walls in your apartment
  • He probably loves your art style no matter what
  • He could also probably recognize it from a mile away
  • Ya’ll would have a humongous selection of supplies
  • Like no one knows what’s who’s
  • Most of it’s Damians but he wants you to use them anyway


  • He’s not around too much
  • But he’d totally admire some finished pieces
  • Sometimes when you’re painting hell walk in and stick a finger in a can of paint
  • Before smearing it on your face
  • Those always lead to a heavy make out session in the end 
  • RIP white shirt
  • He thinks the look of dedication and determination on your face while you create is the most beautiful, hot and cute thing ever
  • Total turn on if you ask me 


With love,