are worth melting for

I think the worst thing that fandom culture and the increasing acknowledgement of fandom culture from creators has wrought is this

incredible amount of entitlement that people in said fandoms get like

just because creators know something is a thing in a fandom doesn’t mean they have to do it or else they hate their fans. It’s a consistent thing I’m seeing more and more in fandoms and it’s getting worse. Like all the steven universe garbage that’s happened over that show’s run and now overwatch like

people are wishing other people dead because a robot ninja and an angel woman are dating. and there are people who are legit horrified at the sheer concept of characters being straight and I’m just sat here wondering how they can possibly tolerate real life.

the fact that people get so entrenched in what they perceive as author approval when their ships and headcanons aren’t immediately shut down, despite said author interacting with the fanbase, that their mental health deteriorates when something contradictory is even hinted at is just sickening like

I just went on twitter and saw people legitimately wanting to kill a man on the overwatch team because of gency and like

its. not. yours.

you do not own overwatch. you do not own steven universe. you do not own anything you’re fandoming so hard over. rebecca sugar could tomorrow have pearl confess her love to renaldo and the overwatch team could make torbjornXpharah and both of them would be canon because it’s THEIR CREATION AND THEY DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS.

THEY get to decide what to do with it. Not you. It is NOT YOURS.

I absolutely think fandom/tumblr culture has led to more death threats and harassment than any other thing on the internet and I think if creators want to avoid it, the best way is to just stop acknowledging the fandoms. Because they’ll twist whatever they can get their filthy hands on so they can shit on other people and never feel remorse or grow as people because they’re doing it to be “progressive”

Baze has been back in Jedha a week before he sees him again.

Assassins don’t usually need that much time to locate a target they know, but he hasn’t been looking. 

There was too much competition to be rid of first.

The target’s in some sort of fight and that’s no surprise.

What comes as a shock to him is how quickly he gets to his feet, makes his way through the crowded street and enters the fray.

There always seems to be fray whenever Chirrut’s around, a neverending supply of it.

Chirrut moves, Baze blasts, and soon they’re the only ones standing, back to back, like there were never light-years and angry words creating a distance between them, like Baze had never left in a cloud of bitterness and raw disappointment. 

Slender calloused fingers wrap around his wrist and Chirrut has no right, but Baze melts into the touch anyway. 

“My head’s worth a hundred thousand credits!” Chirrut announces, in place of a greeting.

“Not worth the effort by half,” Baze grumbles.

“I don’t know,” Chirrut says, shrugging, “How much would you value my head? Feedback’s been positive so far.”

Baze curses to hide a laugh. He’s missed this more than believing in something.


Park Seo Joon’s melt your heart smile in Witch’s Romance ♡ [episodes 01-07]

What’s this? MORE FAHC Headcannons you didn’t want or need?!

I’m on a roll, gotta make up for lost time I suppose

Yenno we don’t know enough about Geoff’s old gang, let’s fix that

- Let’s talk about Gus

- Intelligent, resilient, good with money, he is the keeper of everything The Rooster’s bring in

- Is absolute garbage in a fight, he won an arm wrestling match against Gavin like one time and hasn’t shut up about it since

- It’s been seven years Gus let it go

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Hello you guys! So, I decided to make this, as a sort of presentation for us. I know it’s not everybody but I don’t know/remember everybody; so if you want to be added please message me (@piercethemarti or @itsahamandjlaur) your name and pronouns and I’ll rhyme something!

Hope you like it!


We are the HamFam, scary, crazy and we always jam
a show tune or two, it’s as crazy as the zoo.
There’s Sage, who is a teenage who loves to stay on the theatre stage.
We have Gianna, the Fam mamma, who is always trying to create some drama.
Then there’s Lea, who likes tea and sing songs from Glee. She seems sweet and kind, it will make you blind. However her sweetness is Maleficent in disguise, she kills us all with her pictures and wins the ultimate prize.
Poppy is super sweet, worth melting for, when you hear her talk you will lie on the floor, she’s funny and kind, she’s the Fam state of mind.
Shy is all strong, she can sing us a song, if you join, she’ll tag along.
Reese is good fun, wears their hair in a bun and with their beauty really outshines the morning sun. No, they are not my son.
Zoe is the best, she can make people feel blessed, not gonna lie, you will love her style.
Cass is badass, they will kill you with their sass.
Matt is calm, they may be no harm, but if you mess with the fam, they will blow your mind.
Tyna is my namesake, she can make us all a cake, for Old Man Miranda’s sake. She’s the cool version of our name, if you mess with us she will burst into flame and set fire to your hair, and you will the only one to blame.
Gee is a sinner, fancies tacos for dinner. Sings blackout with her mouth full of pineapple, waltzing her way towards the big apple.
And finally there’s me, the bard wannabe herself. I write rhymes and freestyles only to prove myself that I am enough. My name is Marti, I never party, I like to write rhymes, songs and other form of sinner crimes.
You can find us all here, from 10 pm until the end of night, cause baby we are fire, baby we are death, we are pure sin and if you will go against us, we will scream MACHBETH when you are on stage, because sure we know how to act out age.

So caffeine isn’t the only thing keeping me awake
these days, and maybe that’s why I write you as coffee: 
bitter on the nights you’re not here, 
alone in these freshly washed bed sheets. 
And then you’re cinnamon with all that sweet, 
something to make my mouth water, to crave. 
I guess it’s bittersweet, those lemon lips that melt 
like sugar against mine, something worth waiting for, 
a taste I’ll get twenty hours from now. 
Those viridian eyes are deep enough to drown in 
so give me time to catch my breath 
before you pull me under. 
Even the strongest swimmers can get caught up
in a current, and you’re pretty good
at throwing me off course. 
Keep knocking the air from my lungs, remind me 
I’m still breathing. And when you hold me in your arms, 
I know I have a reason to. 

- Bittersweet // Danielle Paige 

you know what makes me glad

how in steven universe selflessness at your own expense is outright condemned

in so many SOOO MANY children’s and adults’ media wearing yourself ragged for others is toted as the Epitome of Virtue like, from fucking Frozen, “some people are worth melting for”

but in steven universe they say Fuck That. rose teaches pearl that she is a person beyond what her superiors want of her. steven keeps this line of thought going by very clearly demonstrating to pearl that such self-sacrifice does not help anyone and working TOGETHER, where everyone counts and nobody is expendable, is how it should be

every time ruby is like “who cares about me, you’re the one who’s important” to sapphire, sapphire cuts that shit down. “who cares’” “i do!”

SU is doing the lord’s work and teaching kids to have healthy supportive relationships that go both ways 

The Signs and Their Smiles :)

Aries - Confident, charming, and silly. The light of life. This smile says, “My multiple sunglasses and I are ready for the world!” And if that doesn’t sum up the life of an Aries, I don’t know what does.

Taurus - One word, sincere. Their slow, sweet, honest smile will come straight from the soul, accompanied by a gaze worth melting hearts. Both Taurus and it’s smile bleed truth, sensuality, and meaning.

Gemini - Most of the time, no one ever really knows why a Gem is smiling when they smile. They could just simply be being pleasant… Maybe they’re recalling something amusing… Maybe they’ve just invented the best fucking meme ever… Or maybe they’re plotting world domination. The world may never know. What everyone does know about Gem’s smile, however, is that it’s incredibly beautiful. It is a quick flash that lights up the room instantly. It usually comes with flirty, flickering eyes and a racing mind. Gemini’s smile is the kind of smile that makes everyone smile for no reason, like some sort of mysterious spell.

Cancer - The most adorable smile ever. A cancer’s smile is oftentimes shy, but the cutest thing on the face of the earth. It’s genuine and always has good intentions behind it. They’re the blushers and look-away-ers but when you catch a glimpse of it you can’t help but want to give them a hug or pinch their cheeks.

Leo - You’ll see Leo’s smile from across the room. It’s usually, big, gorgeous and bold (like their demeanor). If a Leo is feeling themselves, you will most definitely see it in their grin. With their smile comes this sparking energy that they like to kind of give off to others- when Leo is smiling, they want everyone else to smile too. They are never selfish about that kind of thing. One quick look in the mirror, and the Lion is ready to flash its pearly whites to the whole world.

Virgo - A shy, I’m-trying-to-be-serious-but-am-failing-miserably smile is the kind that plays upon Virgo’s lips. A Virgo’s smile is a big breath of fresh air. It’s cute, unexpected, and the kind of smile you’d see and think “aww.” This smile is usually inspired by something quirky and brings out the soft character Virgo doesn’t show often.

Libra - Libra’s smile is playful and extremely charming. It’s literally just so pleasing to look at. Being smiled at by Libra is like a gift (a gift they selflessly like to give too!) Their smile is the kind that makes you giggle and swoon for the next 24 hours. Cheeky and dazzling- the show-stopper.

Scorpio - If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being smiled at by a Scorpio, you should be envied. Their smile is really intense- It makes one feel special, chosen. It’s an honest, captivating grin that speaks without words. Let’s not even mention how magnetic it is. It may be direct or it may be shy, but you won’t miss Scorpio’s smile. It’s the kind of grin that is felt first and then seen. The Scorpion’s smile is a wonderful thing to receive.

Sagittarius - Wild, confident, and beautiful. A Sagittarius’ smile is wholesome, genuine, and has enough positive energy to cheer up the entire world. The Sag smirk is toothy and fun. If you see it, you know there are good times coming your way. As long as Sag is beaming bright, you’ll never feel bored, unloved, or down!

Capricorn - Cap’s smile can breathe the life back into you. It’s always so real and genuine and kinda cute in an offbeat kind of way. Capricorn is always stereotyped as the workaholic who never smiles, but in reality, they do smile and it’s so so so refreshing. It’s toothy and quirky and gives Capricorn such a pleasing character. It’s like when they smile at you, they’re showing you their inside, and that’s something really valuable.

Aquarius - The Aqua grin is quirky and so adorable to witness. Aquarius Is very confusing in the way they communicate their emotions to the world. Even something as simple as a smile can end up coming out a little bit awkward, but that’s just the Aqua way, as I like to say it. Their grins are off-brand in a cute sense. And they’re always different. Always. Being smiled at by an Aquarius is new and entertaining- truly special, just like they are.

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Pisces - So precious. The fish’s smile is so loveable. The silly, loving Pisces has a smile that probably can save the world. Like, I feel like if everyone saw a Pisces smile they would no longer have hate in their hearts. Honestly.