are women people

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ngl i wasn't sure about the mon-el hate but like??? not only does he abandon his lover to die, he consistently disrespects his CURRENT gf (kara) and lies??? why is she the bad guy? didn't he literally own slaves??? how are people okay with this man???

i’ll give u three guesses, tho i’m sure u’ll only need one

i’m just saying that if i have to listen to meta upon meta wbout why every other white male character is so great and right but Holden can fuck right off and everything he does is wrong 

and then like no one can listen to anything good about Holden… man.

every time someone makes an aesthetic or a fancast with a white woman as w.anda a part of my rromani soul dies 


The artist who made the Obama ‘Hope’ poster brings the resistance to a printer near you

  • Shepard Fairey was behind the famous “Hope” poster from President Obama’s first presidential campaign.
  • For Trump’s inauguration, Fairey has designed a new set of posters just in time for the festivities (above)
  • He also worked with a foundation to raise more than $1 million on Kickstarter to print and distribute the posters, so you can count on seeing them everywhere on Inauguration Day — for free. Read more

Serena won her first Grand Slam at 17. She’s part of the only pair to win a Career Doubles Golden Slam.

She was the 5th woman to hold all four Grand Slam singles titles simultaneously.

She was the only player in history to win three Grand Slam singles titles by beating top two ranked players.

She has the most hardcourt grand slam singles titles. She’s the oldest player to hold all four Grand Slam singles titles.

She’s the first player ever to win 80+ matches at 3 of the 4 grand slam events. Has “Roger” done that?

Serena greatest athlete ever! Definitely no one close in tennis.