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Prison AU: inmate dan becomes officer Phil's personal fuck toy at the prison.

Warning!! Smut: Inmate! Dan, guard! Phil, dom! Phil, sub! Dan, degradation, feminization, spanking, choking, daddy kink, hand jobs, blow jobs, closet sex, etc etc.

~Dan was told many things whenever he was first put into prison. He was told he would lose weight, eat less, exercise more, have to fight more, cigarettes were considered currency, all the usual stuff you’d be told before going to prison. No one, however, told him one thing in particular: That he would be a prison bitch.

~Dan had always known he was gay on some level, and didn’t much care for the idea of unconsented sexual relationships in prison, which he had also been warned about beforehand. But he wasn’t just a prison bitch to another prisoner, no of course not, a guard had claimed him.

~Phil Lester was a well respected officer, he had been working here for a few years and everyone was proud of him for his years of diligent hard work. He was a man of secrecy though, kept to himself most often, about many things, including his love life. Many of his coworkers had in the past asked him about his love life, but he never spoke about it. Again, being a man of secrecy, his love life fell under that veil.

~Dan had met Phil during his first year in. He knew who he was from the moment he saw him, the blue eyes strikingly familiar in a way that made his stomach knot up with old feeling swelling up. They had been together in high school, breaking up just before graduation due to having different career path choices, and different college choices. So they had decided it best for their relationship to just break up before making things too complicated.

~Phil was doing rounds, bunk checks were regular after an incident that happened a few weeks past. He looked through each bunk thoroughly, walking through the narrow hall and going into each one to check individually. He slowly walked in bunk 13, meeting his eyes with a pair of familiar brown eyes he hadn’t seen since he spent two years looking into them daily. Dan Howell.

~Phil smirked, deciding to play fun at their chance to catch up. “Inmate. What are you in for?” He asked, leaning on the cement frame of the small room and looking around to make sure no one noticed them before meeting his eyes back with Dan’s. “Vandalism. Mom had some asshole boyfriend start beating her, I destroyed his house, car, work area, everywhere I could. I wanted to destroy him like he had been destroying mom.”  

~Phil chuckled quietly, smiling fondly. “So. You still the same old mama’s boy I see.” He smirked. Dan scoffed softly, rolling his eyes and crossing his legs on his mattress, looking up at Phil with a grin. “Shut up.” He hummed. “I got three years for it too. In my opinion, totally worth it.”

~Phil nodded, looking around as the rest of the prisoners moved to the lunch area. No one would mind if he held Dan up, after all, he was an officer, he could do as he liked to the prisoners pretty much. He walked over and sat by him, smiling. “I haven’t seen you in so long.”

~Dan chuckled softly and nodded, looking at him. “Yeah. I haven’t seen you since you tore my heart out and stomped on it.” He murmured a little. “Seriously? Dan we aren’t 17 anymore you cannot still be brooding over me leaving you. I was going to a school 4 hours away from you. It would have been too hard!” He sighed, placing a hand on Dan’s thigh. “You know I loved you. I cried the whole time because I didn’t wanna leave. I loved you too much.”

~Dan sighed, closing his eyes and leaning back. “You shouldn’t touch me. Even talking to me so intimately could cost you your job.” He sighed again, his tone a little sad. “I got suspended for you four times in a year, lost two jobs over you, and gotten a teacher fired for you just because my dad is a lawyer. Danny, as it was before, it’d be worth it to lose a job over you.”

~Dan smiled softly, his dimple popping out and a light blush spreading across his cheeks. “I haven’t been called Danny in a  very long time. Especially not by a guy so cute.” He hummed, swaying a little from side to side and nudging Phil.

~Phil chuckled softly, glancing around again just for safety before leaning in and pecking Dan’s cheek. “I’ve missed you. And you’re flirting.” He smiled. “Oh the flirting can get much worse. Have I ever said how much I love a man in uniform? Although, looking good in the uniform isn’t the challenge. Looking good with it off is. And I can guarantee you look damn good with it off.” He smiled bashfully at his own flirting, leaning his head on Phil’s shoulder.

~Phil laughed quietly, shaking his head and kissing his hair softly. “Why does this feel so familiar? I feel like I’m 17 again and my boyfriend is trying to get into my pants after homecoming.” He laughed.

~Dan smiled sweetly. “It does feel familiar doesn’t it?” He agreed, feeling Phil’s fingers lace with his own. “Even after all these years when you touch me I get butterflies…” He smiled, nuzzling his neck a little. “That your way of telling me you got a boner or something?” Phil snickered, feeling Dan shove him over, his laugh ringing in his ears.

~Phil smiled in adoration as they calmed down from their mutual laughter, letting Dan settle back against him before taking his hand in his own once more. “You know, orange really isn’t your color.” He commented. “And what do you suppose I do about it? It’s the only attire I’ll be allowed to wear for the next few years.” He chuckled, this time a bit sadly.

~Phil smirked again, squeezing his hand. “You could just take it off sometimes. Preferably when you’re with me.” He suggested, only half kidding. “You just miss my ass don’t you?” Dan smirked back, going along with his flirting. “Oh fuck yes I did.” Phil laughed, almost snorting. “I have to admit, it to this day is the best ass I’ve ever gotten. Probably because I love the person attached to it so much..” He smiled.

~Dan flushed pink, giggling quietly and looking up at him, moving into his lap and starting to play with his hair. “I never really got over you either, as cheesey as it may sound.” He bit his lip, and Phil felt the same butterflies in his stomach he got the day he had first kissed Dan. He was so pretty, he hadn’t aged a day. Granted it had only been a few years, but still. He was just as breathtaking a sPhil remembered him to be.

~Phil smiled at him, his hopes raising. He knew he couldn’t make a relationship with Dan again, not with him being in prison and all. But he could, at the very least, get to know him again. “Yeah?” He asked, seeing Dan nod. “Yeah..” He said.

~They were dangerously close, close enough that Phil could lean in not even an inch and close the gap between them with ease. His hands shook, he could get fired and he did love this job, he didn’t want to get fired by any means. But the way Dan looked, his hair curly and longer than it used to be, his big brown doe eyes burning into him, his lips soft and pink, the bottom caught between his teeth; he was down right irresistible, and so, on impulse, he leaned in and kissed Dan with all the passion, lust, and love he had harbored for him all these years.

~Dan kissed back with the same ferocity, lips and tongue and teeth clashing in a messy, heated kiss. His eyes were practically rolling to the back of his head, his fingers tugging at Phil’s hair, trying to pull him impossibly closer.

~Phil noticed his hands starting to wander, unable to care, gripping the ass he has been still getting off to to this day. He slid his tongue along Dan’s, exploring his mouth as if he never had before, trailing over to kiss his jawline and his neck.

~Dan leaned to the side, his eyes fluttering shut and a soft moan escaping his lips. “You’re neck is still such a fucking g-spot for you huh baby boy?” He purred, nipping and sucking, but not leaving marks. Dan was letting out soft moans, the room quiet all except for Dan’s panting  and breathy moaning. “Please..” He begged quietly, desperate to be silent but knowing it was going to be nearly impossible, especially for him.

~Phil smirked against his pale skin, dragging his teeth over a vein in his neck and chuckling. “You gonna beg me baby? Beg for my cock like the slut you always are for me?” He asked, starting to unbutton Dan’s jumpsuit. Sure, they could be caught, sure this was wrong, sure this could cost him his job; But looking at Dan, his shirt halfway undone, his cock straining against his slightly chubby stomach, his eyes shut and moans slipping past his lips, Phil was reminded of just how much he didn’t care.

~Phil caught his lips for another rough kiss, slipping his hand down to grip Dan’s cock, stroking slowly. Dan nipped Phil’s bottom lip, tugging softly before moaning again, thankful everyone was at lunch and no one was around to hear the whorish noises he was making. “I’m barely even touching you.” Phil smirked. “And you’re already so close aren’t you?” He asked, speeding up his movements, swiping over the head of his cock with his thumb and collecting the beading precum.

~Dan whimpered, nodding half heartedly as he desperately bucked up his hips, trying to get more, Phil’s slow pace so delicious but so damn torturous. “More.” He begged again, leaning his head back and bucking his hips to no avail, Phil holding them down with force. “What do you want baby?” He asked, removing his hand from Dan and hearing him whine loudly at the loss, his hips still bucking up in desperation, trying to get friction to his throbbing cock.

~Dan whined again, finally relenting in understanding that Phil wouldn’t do anymore to him until he begged. And so as many times before, he dropped all pride, and begged like a whore for his rightful owner to fuck him senseless. “Please sir fuck me please! No one can make me cum like you do, please daddy, please I’ll do anything!” Tears fell past his eyes, he was so easy to work up and Phil would be lying if he said it didn’t turn him on.

~Phil smirked smugly, nodding and kissing him briefly, slipping a key into his hand. “There’s a closet down the hall. Everyone else will be outside in the yard. I’ll be there in a moment.” He instructed. “I want you naked and stretched by the time I’m in there and if you aren’t? I’ll spank that perfect ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for the next week.” He finished and Dan nodded eagerly, getting up off his lap and dashing down the hall to do as told.

~Phil waited for some time to pass before making his way down to where he knew Dan was at, opening the door and smirking to himself. It was dimly lit, the window on the door covered, but most notable of this all was Dan. Dan who was bent over a small table, three fingers inside himself, stretching himself open and moaning loudly.

~Phil walked over, slapping Dan;s ass hard and making him squeak. “You better shut the fuck up slut. Or everyone in this damn prison is going to hear you acting like a fucking whore for me. Do you want tha Danny? Knowing you I bet you would. Everyone here to know your ass belongs to me, that pretty pink cunt is for me and me only to stretch open and fucking ruin.” he smacked his ass again, gripping the soft skin. “Isn’t that right baby?” He asked.

~Dan only moaned in response, feeling another harsh slap to his ass after he didn’t respond properly. “Fuck! Yes yes you’re right daddy! I want everyone to know I’m yours.” He admitted.

~Phil chuckled, flipping Dan around and pushing him to his knees. “No lube baby. Guess you’ll just have to get my cock wet enough with that beautiful mouth of yours.” He smirked, lifting Dan’s chin to make eye contact.

~Dan nodded, unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans as quick as his fingers would let him. He tugged down his pants, mouthing over him through his boxers slowly. He kept looking up at Phil, wide innocent eyes, as if he was doing nothing arousing whatsoever. Phil groaned quietly, the cold air hitting his hard cock as Dan pulled him free from his boxers.

~Dan slowly licked up the side, putting on a show almost, wanting to do his absolute best, but still be a tease in the process. He swirled his tongue around his tip, wrapping his lips around him and slowly bobbing down. He kept a slow pace, taking Phil into his mouth and swiping his tongue over his slit every time he came back up.

~Phil tangled his fingers into Dan’s hair, pushing him down with force and watching Dan hollowing his cheeks to accommodate him, speeding up his movements. Dan bobbed his head quickly, his tongue working over every inch of his cock, making sure he’d be slicked up enough to fuck him painlessly before Phil pulled him off. He wiped the spit dripping from his mouth, the taste of precum stuck to his tongue in a way that made him even more desperate to be filled up and fucked hard.

~Phil pulled him up by the hair, pushing him over the desk and smacking his ass once more. He slowly rubbed his tip over his slightly gaping hole, pushing in just the tip before pulling out again. “You know the drill, I’m sure..” He smirked.

~Dan whimpered, looking back at him and blinking, his lips parted and his thighs starting to shake, his breathing unsteady. “Daddy please..I love being your toy. Letting you fuck me, mark me, break me, cum deep inside me. Please. Make me yours.” He whined, and that was all it took for Phil to slam in.

~Dan cried out, tears brimming in the corner of his eyes, pain and pleasure, along with his tears, clouding his vision as he looked back at Phil. He rocked his hips back, letting himself adjust but wanting more already. Phil smirked, pulling out and slamming back in not too long after, another loud and whiny moan passing Dan’s parted lips.

~Phil gripped his ass, watching himself slide in and out of the younger male, his hips pushing back against him with each hard thrust. “So good for me baby..” He gripped with both hands, kneading his ass as he sped up his thrusts, steadily slamming into him over and over again, his hips hitting against Dan’s ass with each rough thrust into him.

~Dan was struggling to stay silent, moaning loudly, the whole room smelling of sex, and the only noise to be heard in the whole area his loud, porn star moaning. Phil leaning forward, wrapping his hand around Dan’s throat and choking him. “Shut the fuck up!” He hissed, listening to Dan choke on his own moans, silencing significantly but still sounding beautiful with his symphony of whorish moans.

~Phil kept slamming in, hitting his prostate dead on each time with precision, as if he still knew exactly where to hit to drive Dan wild. “You sound like such a fucking whore all for me baby..” He leaned down to bite his earlobe, smirking. “Letting me fuck your pretty little cunt, making such loud noises for me baby. How did I ever get so lucky?” He praised, listening to Dan have to stifle another loud moan, the pressure on his throat increasing along with his arousal from what Phil was saying.

~Phil tugged down softly at his earlobe, tightening his grip on his throat as he grew closer, the pressure building in his lower stomach. He let go of Dam’s throat, hearing him gasp and moan as he tried to get his breath back. He reached down, wrapping his hand around Dan’s cock tightly and stroking in time with his harsh erratic thrusts.

~Dan cried out, getting louder as the same heat built in his stomach, signifying he was getting closer with every hard thrust against his spot and every harsh tug on his leaking cock. He moaned loudly, hearing Phil let out a soft noise under his breath, coming hard inside of the younger male.

~Phil panted gasping a little as he came hard inside of him, thrusting through his orgasm and feeling Dan tighten around him, the younger male closing his eyes and letting out a long drawn out moan as he came as well, bucking his hips into Phil’s hand to ride out his own orgasm.

~After they had both calmed down they laid against each other, naked and in a small cramped closet, breathing heavy. Eventually they started getting dressed, kissing and saying quick goodbyes since everyone was going to come in soon.

~Dan walked away, a smile on his face and putting his hand in his jumpsuit pockets, feeling a slip of paper in his pocket. He opened it and smiled even wider. “I missed you. Maybe we could do this again sometime?” 

A/N: Alright. I wrote this while my little brothers were all next to me playing video games on my tv. So, I’m going to hell, essentially. I hope you like this! It’s 2.9 k of dirtiness. I’ve been watching OITNB lately so this was written literally bc of that not gonna lie.

Our Tiefling Wizardis attempting to get some information by pretending to be a prostitute.

Wizard: *sidles up to a guy* “Hi, I’m….. Mandy!”

laughter from the rest of the table…

Wizard: *outraged* “EXCUSE ME, I don’t know any good whorish names!!!

She doesn’t really get anywhere, however.

Our Monk: “You’re the least convincing whore I’ve ever seen.”

Wizard: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

innocent filth

summary: Bucky’s always had a thing for the shy ones. || bucky x reader x ivar || fratboy!bucky & shy librarian!ivar

warnings: lots of fucking smut jesus fucking christ, threesome, shy!ivar because that MUST be a warning, sub!ivar, sub!reader, dom!bucky, oral

notes: So these past few days have been a flurry of Frat Boy!Bucky and shy Librarian!Ivar, and @justasunflower sent me something about them including reader and her being shy, also, and then it escalated to Bucky having an absolute field day with the both of them. So, therefore, here is a byproduct of that amazing conversation with my little sunflower. I tweaked with it a little bit, but I hope you guys like it. Enjoy! [There will possibly be a part two, because I didn’t include all the smut oops. It’s late here, sorry.]

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Handyman: Part 3

Handyman: Part 3 (m)

(Okay, I went a little over board. I got really turned on with the smut and went ham. Haha, I love this story so for the three people that read it, hope you enjoy!)

Word count: 8.1k

Genre/Warnings: sub!Jimin, language, angst, smut, dirty talk, office sex, cum play threesome

Pairing: Jimin x Reader (threesome)

Summary: You’re not sure where your relationship with Jimin is going but you know it’s different. Then again, do you miss Taehyung?

Parts: one | two 

“You still haven’t told him about your past with Taehyung?” Hoseok asked as he sat in your office, waiting for you to finish up what you were doing so you could go to lunch with Namjoon.

“Why don’t you yell a little fucking louder. It’s not like Taehyung isn’t outside of this room.” You whisper yelled. 

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The Whorish Queen(2)

Here you go, you animals. Part two of the Whorish Queen, lol. I’ve never written a threesome, so, sorry if its shit. 

Imagine: Being Cersei’s lover (female reader)

Part 1 

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“Gods,” Jaime groaned stuffing his cock into your cunt, “You’ve been keeping this pussy to yourself, Cersei? That’s rather rude.” He laughed breathlessly as you moaned and squirmed underneath him. He began to thrust roughly as he held onto your delicious curves.

You had never lain with a man before. You’re sole interest had always been Cersei. The feeling of being penetrated was so god damn amazing. Your pussy was stretched painfully—Jaime had not been gentle and didn’t take into consideration that you had been deflowered. Cersei watched, she was fully clothed, and was entranced by the image of Jaime’s cock inside your lovely, pink pussy.

“Be gentle with her,” Cersei growled going to rub her pussy through her thin dress, “She’s bleeding a bit.”

Jaime laughed and rammed the full length of his cock inside your tight hole, “Fucking hell, you’re tight as shit, Lady Y/N,” He remarked as you groaned with content and lust, “You feel exactly like Cersei when I deflowered her.” He breathes as he grabs your large breast roughly.

His thrusts are rough and demanding. His cock-head was hitting your cervix in a painful-pleasurable way. Jaime was excited to fuck another woman that wasn’t Cersei. He had always been curious about you and that delicious body of yours. Cersei was always rather selfish but now, he had you where he always wanted you.

He gripped your hips and plowed deeper into your pussy. He could feel your almost too hot walls tightening around his large cock. He growled pounding into your pussy almost violently, “Oh, I’m gonna fill this pussy with so much cum.” He snarls greedily as his cock begins to twitch and he unleashes a quick load of semen into your pussy.

Cersei had made sure to give you a phial of liquid to decrease the chance of a pregnancy. Although, Cersei secretly wouldn’t mind if you got pregnant by Jaime.

“You always did finish quickly when you have been deprived.” Cersei was quick to rip her gown off and place her pussy in front of your face as Jaime turns you onto your knees and proceeds to fuck you like a mutt would to his bitch. He liked the feel of your ass slapping against his body. “Lick my pussy clean, Y/N.” She ordered you.

You whimpered as Jaime proceeded to fuck you as if he hadn’t had sex in years. You lap at Cersei’s hairy pussy as one of your hands hold her lips apart. Cersei moans throwing her head back. Her pussy had been throbbing wildly since seeing Jaime fill your pussy.

Her body shuddered as you stuck your tongue inside her warm cunt. Jaime slapped your ass roughly as you held onto Cersei’s ass cheeks for leverage. Jaime liked how wet you were and the noises his cock and your pussy were making.

Cersei was in love with watching Jaime shove his cock inside of you. You licked the inside of Cersei’s pussy clean before shoving three fingers inside her hot pussy. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips against your face.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Cersei chanted grabbing the back of your head and pressing it firmly against her pussy as she grinded her cunt against your face, “Fuck me like that!”

Jaime watched with lust as you finger-fucked Cersei—both women looking so fucking delicious. His cock couldn’t handle the pleasure as he came again but his dick didn’t soften at all. You rolled your hips against his twitching cock to gather all of his semen. Jaime growled and repeatedly spanked your ass, “That’s a good slut,” He jiggles your ass and watches the flesh bounce, “You’re a little cock-hungry whore.”

He yanks you away from Cersei—the two women voicing their complaints. Jaime lays on his back and Cersei is quick to bury her pussy in his face as he proceeds to fuck your semen-filled cunt. Cersei is facing you and you roughly kiss her as she grinds into Jaime’s face. You bounce on his dick loving the feel of his cock so deep within you. You clench your cunt around him and he groan in response. The vibrations of his groan send Cersei whimpering as you begin to suck on her nipples.

“Look at you, fucking whore,” Cersei hisses pulling your head back by your hair, “Taking my brother’s cock so nicely,” She rides his face and he dutifully eats Cersei’s pussy like a starved man, “You are my whore, do you understand?”

You moan at her possessive words as she furiously rubs your swollen clit, “You only get this cock when I say so!” She growls—her eyes glazing with lust and greed. You roll your hips pushing Jaime’s cock as far as it can go inside of you. His cock is so large and thick—your pussy is stretched too much but you’re so drunk off lust that you couldn’t care less.

Cersei orgasms over Jaime’s face just when Jaime fills your pussy with another load of semen and as you orgasm hard on Jaime’s cock. Cersei gets off, roughly flips you on your back as Jaime gets up to stroke his still hard cock. She parts your legs and begins to greedily drink the cum flooding out of your pussy. She moans and you arch your back with a cry of pleasure. She’s drinks ravenously as if she were drinking the finest wine.

She’s thirsty to taste Jaime’s cum and yours. Your heart is pounding and you almost feel dizzy with the euphoria bleeding in the room. You’re rolling your pussy against Cersei’s face as Jaime decides that your mouth needs to be filled with his cock.

You take his cock and begin to suck and lick. He growls and grabs your head to control your face as he face-fucks that sweet, hot mouth. You breathe through your nose as Jaime’s cock hits the back of your throat. You whimper and moan as Cersei eats you out and Jaime fucks your mouth. Jaime is gripping you tightly as he pounds into your mouth, “Ah, yeah, take my cock, you little slut,” He hisses slapping your breasts thrice, “I’m gonna fill your mouth with my cum and you’re going to swallow it all.” He tells you hotly.

Another orgasm is on the horizon as Cersei gets into her favorite position. Her pussy is hovering above yours and you’re too busy sucking Jaime’s cock to notice. When you feel her cunt rubbing over yours, you moan loudly. You try to glance over at Cersei—wanting to see her wanton expression but Jaime forces you to look only at him.

He slaps your breasts hard, “Look at me, I want to look at you when I cum inside your mouth.” He growls picking up the pace. His cock is repeatedly hitting the back of your throat. Your body is trembling as an orgasm tears through you.

“Yes, Y/N, cum like the bitch you are.” Cersei commands.

You cry out but its cut short as Jaime unleashes his load of semen inside of your mouth. Cersei is riding you aggressively—Moaning, chanting, and crying out. Her tits bounce wildly as you swallow every drop of Jaime’s salty load. He thrust lazily into your mouth but his cock refuses to soften. He pulls out and opts to watch his sister ride against your cunt.

He stands nearby rubbing his cock.

Cersei is wild with lust as you push her onto her back and begin to fuck her. Cersei cries out in pleasure.  “Fuck, that’s arousing.” Jaime hisses furiously beating his cock. You snap your hips roughly against her cunt and slap her breasts.

Jaime groans—the sight being too much. You feel his chest against your back as he shoves his thick cock into Cersei. You could feel the top of his cock as you fuck Cersei. “Is this what you want?” You sneered down at Cersei as she withers in pure ecstasy, “What a beautiful whore,” You growl as Jaime violently pounds into Cersei, “Taking both a cock and pussy.”

Cersei lightly screams as her orgasm washes over her. She grabs your ass and begs you to ride her faster. Your stomach is tightening and you’re moaning. Cersei is grabbing your tits with force as she commands you to cum for her. You whimper and right as you were about to orgasm—Jaime suddenly lifts you and shoves his twitching cock inside of you.

You yell out profanities’ as he rapidly fucks you. Cersei is lunging forward to bury her face against your lovely pussy. She also takes the time to lick and sick on Jaime’s balls. Jaime holds you tight as he pounds into you. He’s so deep; you feel your stomach turning. You’re panting like a bitch in heat. You’re being fucked like a bitch in heat. “Yes, yes, yes!” You’re chanting loudly as your orgasm hits you, “FUCK!” You cry out as your eyes roll back into your head. Jaime keeps fucking inside of your sensitive pussy.

It’s too much!

“Please, it’s too much!” You cry as Cersei sucks on your nipples and muffles your cries with her hand.

“You take that cock like a real whore!” Cersei snarls watching with lust as Jaime’s cock disappears and reappears from your pussy. Your juices are dropping onto the bed and Cersei is quick to suck on your pussy as Jaime’s cock fills you.

Jaime grunts, “Gonna cum!” Two seconds later, his semen is exploding inside your pussy and falling into Cersei’s waiting mouth.

Jaime and Cersei fuck you throughout the night. Cersei is too greedy to finish the night. She wants more. She wants to see Jaime keep fucking you. She wants to hear you crying for him to stop fucking you. Jaime wants to fuck both his sister and Y/N. His cock is ready for fuck and he’s greedy enough to fuck all day if he chooses. He likes listening to you scream and moan.

Cersei is riding your face as Jaime fucks your pussy. She’s just about ready to cum on your face and Jaime is spewing his seed into your cunt. He harshly pounds into you and stills with you deeply clenching his cock. He groans, “This is such a lovely pussy, Cersei,” He shudders as Cersei yells and cums.

You drink her juices and tongue fuck her cunt. She continues to bounce on your face. “Isn’t she? She’s going to be our new plaything!” Cersei moans.

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 Last Part. 

“Coronation” Part Two

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst, Rebecca is a sweetheart

Word Count: 1012

A/N: Here is part two! Both of my taglists are open! Please leave feedback, it is really appreciated, and thanks for 500 followers!

Coronation Masterlist 

“James Buchanan Barnes, what have I told you about bringing your whore to dinner.” Queen Barnes reprimanded.

Y/N’s eyes grew wide at her words. Rebecca’s smile grew wide.

“Mother, I’ve told you, she is my girlfriend. Her name is Natasha.” James spoke for the first time.

Y/N couldn’t believe what she had just heard. He had a girlfriend while he was engaged to a Queen.

“You must be the little queen I have been hearing about. Just so you know, I’m not scared of you. I have James, you don’t. I will always be his queen.” Natasha smirked at Y/N.

With a calm demeanor, Y/N rose from her chair, with her hands folded in front of her, to face Natasha.

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Big Mistake

Based off of this prompt from phanfic:

Summary: Phil gets Viagra for his birthday as a joke but accidentally takes it as vitamins.

Genre: major smut, little fluff

Warnings: swearing, blow jobs, daddy!kink, dirty talk, rimming (only a little), size!kink, toys, dom!dan in a way

A/N: I can not believe I just wrote this.

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Sexual shit the signs like + compatibility (use Mars/Lilith)

Aries: loves to be in control, mostly rough, spontaneous sex, but passionate. Very adventurous with their kinks, often unforgettable bc of their unpredictable nature.

Positions (m): standing up, doggystyle, divide and conquer’, kneeling v, bend over backwards

Positions (f): rocking horse, lock and key, kiss of life, hot seat, the bridge, high chair, fast fuck

Best partners: Sagittarius Mars/Virgo Lilith,
Scorpio Mars/Pisces Lilith, Gemini mars/Libra Lilith, Libra Mars/Taurus Lilith

Taurus: Embraces any forms sexuality, highly promiscuous and deceitful, uses sexual openness to allure, likes the idea of group sex; stubborn and enjoys dictating what occurs. Usually has no sexual boundaries, can switch roles (dominant/submissive), can be unforgettable depending upon circumstances

Positions (f): Amazon, Asian cowgirl, sybain, thigh tide, lunge, reverse cowgirl, rodeo

Positions (m): standing tiger, slider, rock the cradle, bike pump, stand and receive

Best partners: Sagittarius Mars/Aquarius Lilith, Aries Mars/Gemini Lilith, Pisces mars/Scorpio Lilith

Gemini: most deceitful, dirty and promiscuous of them all. High risk of having many friends w/ benefits, or flirting with others’ partners. Has no sexual preference nor boundaries whatsoever, prone to committing incest. Doesn’t care for love, just sex. Loves everything sexually adventurous, risky and obscene (i.e., group sex, public sex/humiliation, multiple one night stands, young/old, old/young)

Positions (m): Double penetration, butter churner, sniper, rock the cradle, reserve mambo, reverse hot seat, on the prowl, stand and receive

Positions (f): Wheel Barrow, scissors, jellyfish, Big Dipper, octopus, piledriver, socket, stand and carry, life raft, g-spot sniper, bridge

Cancer: Most dangerous. Has a lot of internal issues, most likely traumatized, childhood issues, emotionally unstable, extremely vulnerable and easily becomes ‘turned out’ by others, uses/mistaken sex for love and security. Uses their innocence/submissive persona to get what they desire (i.e, sex, drugs) or lure others as they were. Self-distructive, reckless, hypersensitive. Sexual encounters may be amazing, but comes with severe co-dependency. Comes off as angelic, innocent and highly submissive, ‘nightmare dressed like a daydream’

Positions (m): saddling, speed bump, crouching, 69, spooning, shower, Amazon, sideways, acrobat

Positions (f): 69-Inverted, Kneeling, 69-Sideways, Deep Stick, Drill, mastery-suspended, overpass, basset hound

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Cap Lilith, Taurus Mars/Virgo Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Scorpio Lilith

Leo: Passionate, needs to be heard and told they’re doing a good job, aims to please their egos during sex, superiority complex, animalistic, creative sex. Desires to be a dom. ONLY; aims to create the perfect sexual fantasy for their partner. Their ego is damaged when they become a mistress, jealously is apparently, becomes self-centered and deadly.

Positions (m): tribal dance, the steer, tequila sunrise, tangled spider, sniper, rock the cradle,

Positions (f): Bucking Bronco, Bodyguard, Washing Machine, Pump, Lotus, Bouncing Spoon, Mastery

Best partners: Aquarius Mars/Virgo Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Cancer Lilith, Virgo Mars/Sag Lilith

Virgo: Most submissive and undetected sexual energies. Has two personas: reserved, intellectual opinionated/submissive, sexually inclined, filthy-minded, fantasizes often about whoever they take interest in, secretively promiscuous. Aims to satisfy every desire of their partners’, ultimate teasers. Worries about their sexual desires being known and often is conflicted between feeling reserved and 'whorish’, has the ability of corrupting the young and/or innocent-minded. Can be sharp-tongued if sexual desires/needs are not met.

Positions (m): Bull horn, doorway to heaven, nose dive, poolside, under the hood, Bermuda Triangle, Amazon-kneeling reserved, Big Dipper, butter, cowgirl

Positions (f): woman on top, standing wheel barrow, batter’s up, Brazilian bedlock, corkscrew, fire hydrant, lock n’ pose, booster seat

Best partners: Leo Mars/Pisces Lilith, Libra Mars/Scorpio Lilith, Aquarius Mars/Libra Lilith, Aries Mars/Taurus Lilith

Libra: 'Split-imaged’ when sexual. Flirtatious and unfaithful. Rough sex, may choose partners who bring harm, co-dependent, usually a sweet, helpful persona is perceived as alluring. While commonly unfaithful, can be otherwise, and possess ruthless jealously, insecurities, and possessiveness.

Positions (m): speed bump, manhandling, kneeling fox, melody maker, lust and thrust, standing wheel barrow, raising the heat, the squat

Positions (f):the sultry saddle, the squat, the spider, edge of heaven, waterfall, star gazing,

Best partners: Pisces Mars/Pisces Lilith, Capricorn Mars/Virgo Lilith, Aqua Mars/Leo Lilith

Scorpio: Seen as the devil. Sexually exploits others, knows the deepest secrets of others; will never reveal their own. Faithful to keeping others secrets. Magnetic, seductive, intoxicating. May be on sadistic side, possibly subjected to abuse as a child. Manipulative with their lovers.

Positions (m): man trap, hit the spot, magic bullet, tight squeeze, standing tiger, sniper, batter’s up, planking

Positions (f): galloping horse, good spread, reverse cowgirl, x-position cowgirl, star gazing, planking

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Pisces Lilith, Pisces Mars/Sag Lilith, Virgo Mars/Taurus Lilith

Sagittarius: Unwise, unable to learn from mistakes, dedicated to secret philosophies, judges harshly. Known for their hypocrisy and lying. Uses sexual pleasures as a spiritual splurge, corrupts the young. Great, spontaneous lover, multiple partners known to them under different identities

Positions (m): pretzel, spork, Swiss ball blitz, waterfall, on the prowl, moon over Miami, corkscrew, Ben Dover, arm chair

Positions (f): crab shuffle, rainbow arch, reverse frog squat, threading the needle, bent spoon, ballerina

Best partners: Capricorn Mars/Aquarius Lilith, Libra Mars/Pisces Lilith, Sagittarius Mars/Gemini Lilith, Aqua Mars/Leo Lilith

Capricorn: Most dignified placement. Ambitious-goal oriented, traditional sex, may be perceived as under-achieving or boring in their sexual life, sex is seen as unless. Only uses sex to achieve success in the business world, may become known for their choice promiscuity, level-headed appearance allures all her lovers, unemotional and academically inclined

Positions (m): face to face, sexy spoons, missionary, close embrace, cat, Brazilian bedlock, bicycle, Russian ballerina

Positions (f): face to face, standing up, cowgirl, missionary, swan experience, wild stallion

Best partners: cap Mars/Aqua Lilith, cap Mars/cap Lilith Aqua Mars/Taurus Lilith

Aquarius: suffers from thwarted hope and dreams, life choices cause disastrous change and instability. Bad choices also cause loss of friends over the years, stubborn and associates with the wrong type of people, magnetic and experimental. She tempts with her experimentative sexual openness, willing to try anything. Swinger

Position (f): Swiss ball blitz, waterfall, Bermuda Triangle, Eiffel Tower, now and zen, pussy cat control

Position (m): snow angel, man on top, moon over Miami, Cuban cradle, Boston brute, bike pump, bumper cars, book ends

Best partners: Sag Mars/Sag Lilith, Virgo Mars/Pisces Lilith, Cap Mars/Gemini Lilith, Gemini Mars/Aries Lilith

Pisces: Secretive and suffers from martyrdom, exploits the sympathy of others for their delight, suffers from subconscious ailments, may hide wounds from sexual abuse and trauma during early childhood. Sexual inhibition and confusion is likely. Ties themselves to the dregs of society, allowing to be demeaned and used to satisfy the lower basic instincts of humankind, power to hypnotize and create the perfect sexual fantasy

Positions (f): corridor canoodling, good spread, threading the needle, wild rodeo, women on top, cross, cinema stroke, butterfly

Positions (m): lust and thrust, ballet dancer, moon over Miami, jack hammer, double legged anchor, stand and receive

Best partners: Cancer Mars/Scorpio Lilith, Scorpio Mars/Aqua Lilith, Cap Mars/Gemini Lilith, Pisces Mars/Cancer Lilith

What's a Boy Want?

Oh hey! It’s the sequel for ‘What’s Your Kink?’ Can you believe it?! Find the first under the tag : “what???”

Genre: angst, smut, fluff

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: uh!!!! I don’t think anything! Some mentions of dubious consent to certain activities, mentions of drugs, a little self hate I guess? Mostly dan doubting that phil actually likes him, phil beats himself up a little, also cursing and a mention or two of blood, I think that’s it, but tell me if anything else!

Tags: phil is oblivious, so is dan, cumplay, mentions of being tied up and used lmao, rimming, fingering, sex obviously, the neighbors prob hear them I love exhibition, dan ditches phil, it’s their anniversary but rly it’s only been 2 months, Dan’s a cumwhore, degradation but also praise??


It’s been exactly two months since Phil and I started dating; and we haven’t had anything but vanilla sex since that first night. I don’t know what got into Phil’s head but it’s like he doesn’t want to do anything other than vanilla now that we’re dating and I don’t know what to do.

I’m ripped out of my slightly panicked thoughts by Phil’s warm breath against my ear, “Hmm. You ready, baby?” I nod, melting into his touch almost immediately, I’m falling into headspace at the simplest things lately, in my defense, Phil has a terrible habit of playing with my hair and whispering in my ear.

I press my back into his front, a little whine coming from my lips, for just a moment before he’s gone. “Hmm. Let’s get going then.” I shake my head to clear my thoughts a bit and follow Phil out of my apartment.

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Knight Of The Party - Jughead Jones

thecoffeestudyblr said:

Hi friend i was hoping i could have a Jughead x Reader request when Betty throws a party for Juggie & the Reader and Juggie are together and she’s also an introvert and rlly shy and anxious and she is Archie’s little sister and him and Juggie are rlly overprotective of her especially at the party. Maybe like Chuck would make fun of her and push her around during the “birthday talk” and Juggie would throw a punch at him and stand up for her and make sure she’s okay? lots of fluff + angst?

Originally posted by riverrdxle

Kinda changed it up. Hope you don’t mind it, friend!

Parties were not your forte. You were never as social as your peers and found it hard to be around the constant chit-chat. Everyone knew that your introvert personality held you back from attending parties, so invitations were never extended to you. So when Betty Cooper came up to you and asked if you wanted to go to Jughead Jones’ birthday party, you were taken aback. You had always held an interest in the raven haired boy, talked to him every now and again. He seemed to understand you in a way no one else at Riverdale High didn’t. He didn’t pester you when you didn’t speak up, he simply would shoot a smile your way. Would attending this birthday party be going too far though?

“Uh, I mean,” but words started to tumble out of your mouth, “yeah sure. I’ll go.” Betty gave you a bright smile.

“Your brother said you might not want to come, but I thought it was best to ask,” Betty said, “just in case you wanted to after all.” You nodded sweetly at your brothers friend, wondering why Archie had the idea to throw it at your house. Sure your Dad was out of town, but a party? Now? You grew anxious at the thought.

“Really Archie? A party now of all days?” You asked your brother when you got home. Archie was already setting up, even before Betty arrived.

“It’s for Jughead, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes.

“There’s no way Jughead is going to like this,” you said and Archie turned around to face you. “You know he hates parties, maybe even more than me.” Archie signed as he listened. You knew that he knew you were right, but he had promised Betty to host the party. As if on cue, the perky blonde burst through the door.

“Hello Andrews,” her voice voice rang through your ears. “This looks great so far Arch! Good job!” You rolled your eyes once more and walked towards the stairs.

“Hey, Y/N!” You turned your head to face your brother. “We might need your help.” You shook your head and Betty gave you a confused look.

“Jughead wouldn’t want this party,” you said strongly and you walked upstairs to your bedroom. You shut the down behind you, wondering if you should text Jughead in warning. You thought better of it through, it would just be best to stay away from the party in general. You had known Jughead since the day Archie brought him home in 2nd grade. You were in 1st grade at the time, but unlike your rough older brother, Jughead was kind enough to let you play alongside them. So when Jughead came to live with your small family, you weren’t left out. It was really nice having him around, since both of you were known introverts it was easy to be around him. He understood you in a way that your family just didn’t. Now you just hoped your brother hadn’t ruined it by throwing Jughead and surprise birthday party.

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Things Whispered ( Draco x Reader)

Hello! Just a little imagine, I’ll do a part two of you want!

Requested: No

Words: 1014

Summary: Reader has a hard summer when the love of her life, Draco Malfoy dumps her without explanation. Things are made harder her sixth year when she returns to bullying and tormenting.

The fridgidness of the tap water hardly snapped you back into reality as you looked into your reflection. The girls bathroom was empty, leaving you alone with your thoughts. Looking up, you hated the girl you were looking at, as did many other people you passed in the halls.

You stared at yourself with disgust. You hated your eyes, how your hair fell, your freckles, your body, everything. Why couldn’t you just be perfect? Then everyone would love you again. It wouldn’t hurt as much anymore.

You heaved a heavy painful sigh. Why did it have to be like this? When did you become this person who resented themself? How did you get this way?

You knew exactly how. The big picture started a year ago. You fell in love with the Slytherin prince, Draco Malfoy. You loved his gorgeous platinum blonde hair, his quizzical and intriguing eyes, and the small amused curve of his smile. And he fell for you too.

When you were with him you were a confident girl who could do anything. He made you feel good about yourself and he made you laugh. You always did the best you could to make him a better person, too. You complimented eachother in that way.

But early this summer, you stopped hearing from him. All connection to your boyfriend was lost, and you were starting to get concerned. Until one day, you received a letter from him. Your feelings of excitement, relief and joy quickly faded into feelings of despair and panic.

He had broken up with you.

In just a few sentences he made the world around you crumble. You just didn’t understand. The two of you were so in love, what changed him? The question kept you up all summer.

Just when you thought you were beginning to cope, the school year came around. News of your breakup with Draco made its way around, and the classic Slytherin bullies now had nothing holding them back.

It was relentless. All day you were tainted and tormented and mocked and beaten. And whenever Draco passed your bruised face in the halls, he just looked away. It felt like being reduced to absolutely nothing. You had no one left.

The bathroom door opened and your head snapped up. As a couple of concerned first year Gryffindors entered, you decided it was time to put on a brave face, pick up the pieces and head back into the world, even if it was hard.

Fixing your hair and wiping dark lines of makeup from under your eyes, you heaved the door open and swallowed the lump quickly reforming in your throat.

You almost made it to lunch without being bullied.


In the home stretch you were dragged out into the courtyard by Blaise Zabini, Draco’s “best friend.” He had never really liked you, but normally never said anything on fear that Draco would be angry with him (one of the things you loved about Draco, he stood up for you). But he didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

“Well, if it isn’t our little princess, Y/N” he practically hissed at you, backing you towards a tree.

You did your best to be brave, muttering “can I help you Blaise, I have places to be.” You tried to wriggle away from him, but he simply grabbed your hair and shoved you back into place. You swallowed hard, realizing there was no probable way to escape this. You just had to accept it.

“I’d like to talk to you.” He said, his tan face getting closer to you with every passing second. You swallowed hard, not daring to respond to him.

When your back had hit the tree and he could back away no further, he aggressively grabbed your face with his hand. You grunted, but didn’t dare move. Out of all the people who bullied you, Blaise was definitely one of the worst.

“Now, Y/N, I always thought you were a very pretty girl.” Every word was laced with malice that made your stomach turn. “But,” he continued, “I sensed early on that you were a scummy whore. And,” he said pulling your hair, “ I think I speak on behalf of the whole house when I say I’m relieved Draco finally dumped your whorish ass.”

As the words came spitting out of his mouth, he slapped you across the face with such immensity it knocked you off of your feet, causing you to fall face first into the grass. The impact made your head throb, and a wave of pain flowed through your body. You couldn’t help but cry out.

For a moment you never wanted to get up. You wanted to lie here pathetically forever, your tears mixing with the grass and your sobs being partially muffled by the ground below you. It seemed like a better alternative to the life you were living. Everything hurt. You wanted it to all go away. You hated all of it.

You opened one eye to see Blaise striding toward you, most likely to kick you. In fear and embarrassment, you shut your eyes quickly and fearfully, and braced for impact, as you often did.

But it never came.

Instead, there was a pained cry from somewhere else in the courtyard, which you had assumed was empty. And as you slowly lifted your bruised sore body from the ground, you saw a flash of platinum blonde hair atop Blaise, his fists were pummeling him.

You didn’t understand what was happening. None of it made sense, but upon seeing you, Draco stood, and Blaise ran off, cursing like a sailor.

Draco looked rough, but it didn’t compare to Blaise’s bloody face or Your confused, equally bloody face. He still looked incredibly beautiful to you, though. For a minute he looked as if he were going to say something important, but all the cane was, “You need to see Madam Pomfrey soon, please.” Before he strode quickly away, leaving you a mess on the grass.

Where You Belong Part 3

Dan had always wanted to be in a D/s relationship, but he doesn’t know how to sub properly. That was until he met Phil.

This weekend is gonna be a busy one for me and I won’t have much time to be on tumblr so here’s part 3 a lil early yay~

2594 words of Dom!Phil, sub!dan, fucking machines, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, praise kink, a teeny bit of voyuerism and exhibition kink, smut, aftercare fluff

~Part 2~

~Part 4~

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"Blue lipstick is for whores "

So I work at a drugstore and I recently got a job at a big name makeup company. My boss at the drugstore I’ve worked at for two years is honestly a stuck up petty bitch and she’s mad that I only work once a week now. So she asked me how my new job was and I told her great and I was doing well and I was happy, no one at the drugstore is happy it’s a miserable awful job and she’s a god awful boss. So she tells me she came into my new work and saw all the girls working there and said that they were “soooooo made up, they really cake it on there.” So I told her that yes, but I like it because u have creative control and u can be whoever u are there. So she tells me the “right way” to do makeup is by doing it natural bc that’s what she was taught. I said it’s art, people are expressing themselves. She then tells me I’m wrong, that she’s older than me so she knows better, that the way she was raised was right and that my coworkers in their blue lipstick look like whores. She then accused me of influencing her daughter then said she’d never let her leave the house looking that trashy and whorish. So we straight up had an argument and she’s so sexist and it makes no sense because she’s young and usually doesn’t hold beliefs like this. Part of me thinks she was just saying it to get back at me for leaving. She said she hates red lipstick so she thinks Taylor swift looks like a whore. Ok? Taylor swift makes a lot more money than you and doesn’t work at a shitty drugstore. No one asked her opinion on Taylor swift btw. But she loves the kardashians lol. As a woman I don’t believe in calling other women whores for their choices in makeup, she shouldn’t especially as a mother of two daughters. I feel sorry for her kids.


Finn Balor/OC- Seth is friends with the reader and that makes Finn a little jealous.

Warnings: Spanking

Oh yeah I finally wrote this. Hey anon I hope this is everything you ever hoped and dreamed for.

@the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @nickysmum1909 @ambrosegirlforever @alexispoo

Finn and I have been dating for about 6 months now and we couldn’t be happier. We were both on the same brand and traveling together, making our wrestling careers great for the both of us. 

 As we walked towards catering with our hands intertwined whispering to each other about this or that, I caught a familiar face out of the corner of my eye.

“SETH.” I screamed my friends name as I ran towards him, leaving Finn behind me. I jumped into Seth’s arm giggling as he spun us in a circle.

Seth set me down and looked at me with a huge smile on his face, “Hey kid. Hows it going? I missed you like crazy.” Seth looked past my shoulder for a second to see Finn slowly walking towards us. He pointed at him and looked back at me, “And when did this happen?”

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Third Time's the Charm

For the anon who wanted overstimulation and edging. Sorry I didn’t do too much edging for Dan, I edged Phil a few times, but you know.

Word count: 1.9k+

Genre: sin, smut, very small amount of fluff to make up for the fluff overload in my last work lol.

Tags/Warnings: praise kink, dan calls Phil master/sir, no daddy kink, bondage(light), overstimulation, edging, dan cums three times and I really love the title of this, Phil has the mouth of a sex god, riding, rimming (ass eating hehe, ball sucking, handjob, blowjob, vibrator, it starts kinda domestic, mention of 18 year old dan, they love each other, established relationship, I love consent, Dan’s a minx, panties, cock rings, teasing maybe not really though, cum inside, bareback, consensual unprotected sex, nothing really else, someone please give me more ways to say “hole” I’m???


Dan stood in their kitchen, humming to the radio in the corner blasting some new pop hit, when Phil came up from behind him. His lips pressed soft, open mouthed kisses to Dan’s neck just below his ear, before he whispered, “Do you think you can cum three times in a row?” Dan’s hands shook and he put the plate he was washing down in the sink, turning around in Phil’s arms to face him.

“I don’t know. I’ve only ever cum twice in a row. Why?” He replied, curious as to where Phil was going with this.

Phil leaned in to nibble Dan’s earlobe between his teeth, growling and pushing himself closer to Dan, connecting their hips for just a moment, before pulling away completely, drawing a whine from Dan at the loss of contact. “‘Cause, I’m gonna get you to cum three times in a row tonight if it’s the last thing I do.” Releasing Dan from his grip, he turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Dan with wobbly knees, leaning against the counter until he composed himself.

That night a little after dinner, Dan and Phil were cuddled on the couch when Dan remembered what Phil had said to him that morning. With a smirk and a stirring in his crotch, he pulled himself into Phil’s lap, “What was it that you promised me, sir?”

Phil hummed, “Go to the bedroom, strip, stretch yourself, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Be in position.”

“Yes, sir.” He hopped off Phil’s lap, walking quickly, head bowed submissively to the ground, to the bedroom.

Phil growled watching his ass in those fucking lacey panties Dan liked to wear around the house, jiggling obscenely. “Fucking hell,” he whispered to himself, standing up and going to their storage room, where he’d put the supplies necessary for tonight in a box. He’d been planning this for a while.

After finding and retrieving the items, he looked at his phone seeing that 8 minutes had passed.

He went back to the living room, sitting down and keeping an eye on the wall clock, hearing Dan’s whorish moans floating down the hall to his ears, making his cock twitch in its confines. When the time had run up, and it’d been quiet in the bedroom for a minute, Phil stood, walking quietly to the door, opening it to find Dan on his knees, head bowed and hands clasped behind his back.

“Up on the bed, come on now. You look so good for me, did you stretch enough?”

“Yes, sir.”

“My good boy, hmm?” Phil lifted his hand to Dan’s cheek, looking at him all spread open for him, “Fucking delectable, Christ Dan, i’m gonna fuck you till you can’t walk.” Dan mewled, nuzzling his face into Phil’s hand, his own hands were twitching, wanting to touch; himself, Phil, anything.

Phil pulled back, stripping himself and grabbing the box that he’d set on the bedside table with one hand, the other wrapped around his lust heavy cock, eyes drinking up the breathtaking picture of Dan, so vulnerable for him, surrendering to whatever Phil wanted to do to him. My god was the list of things Phil wanted to do to Dan was impressively long.

Phil took his eyes off Dan, pulling the rope from the small box, smirking when he saw Dan shiver in his peripheral vision, he quirked an eyebrow at Dan, “Ok?” Dan nodded eagerly, body covered in chills, “Use your works, Daniel.”

Phil’s stern, demanding voice caused Dan’s hips to involuntarily buck, “Yes, master.”

“That’s better.” Silently, Phil unpackaged the rope, walking to the side of the bed and softly grabbing Dan’s wrist, tying it carefully and securely to the headboard, repeating this process with the other arm. “You look so good like this.” He stared for a moment in appreciation. Shaking his head, he spoke, “How do you feel, Dan? Anything too tight?” He made sure to talk softly, knowing from the fogged over look in Dan’s eyes that he was in subspace already.

“No, master. Feel so good.” Phil knew Dan loved having control taken away from him completely in the bedroom, that’s what gave him this idea, tonight’s activities give Phil full and complete control over Dan; his orgasms, his pleasure, and his body.

“Good boy.” Turning around Phil grabbed the small remote controlled virbrator from the box, carefully unpackaging it and coating it in lube, he climbed onto the bed tapping Dan’s thigh so Dan would spread them open. Pushing the vibrator inside Dan, he watched as his hole welcomed the toy, nearly sucking it inside before closing behind it when the toy had fully sunken inside. They both groaned in unison, Dan cock was already leaking as Phil switched the toy on to its lowest setting. He slipped a finger into Dan, adjusting the toy in the direction of Dan’s g-spot, he knew he’d found it before Dan even made a sound, sometimes it was like he knew Dan’s body better than his own.

Crawling off the bed, Phil reached into the box again and pulled out a cockring, slipping it onto himself before joining Dan again, and beginning to pump his cock, watching Dan squirm. It only took Dan around ten minutes before his hips were stuttering in the air, eyes glossy, cum stringing onto his chest. Phil wasn’t angry at him for cumming, Dan knew Phil let him cum when he wanted unless he was told specifically not to, but he wasn’t done with Dan yet.

Smiling softly, he switched to vibrator off, watching as Dan’s body immediately went lax, Phil didn’t waste time in slowly crawling up Dan’s body, planting wet kisses here and there as he went, before reaching his lips and kissing him sweetly for a few moments. “How do you feel, sugar?”

Dan’s eyes flickered open, breath leaving his mouth in soft, warm pants, “Good, sir.”

“That’s my boy.” Phil began to slither his way back down to Dan’s softening cock, still twitching from his recent orgasm. He grasped is firmly, tugging on it with intent, listening to Dan’s already overstimulated driven whimpers.

Phil’s hand returned to his own cock and before long Dan’s hips were bucking off the bed, but Phil put weight against them and shot Dan a look that got him to try and keep himself as still as he could. To show his satisfaction with how good Dan’s been, Phil moved his head to nuzzle his face just above where his hand was still tugging Dan’s cock, kissing down till his lips reached Dan’s clean shaven balls. His eyes looked up to watch Dan helplessly tug at his restraints, hair stuck to his damp, reddened face.

Returning his full attention to the task at hand, or rather, mouth, Phil sucked one of Dan’s balls into his mouth, hand still working his length, and began using his tongue to twirl around the testicle, he could feel it pulsing inside his mouth. With one last suck, he released Dan’s ball from his mouth, and began licking his way past Dan’s perineum, letting his tongue find Dan’s hot, wet hole. The tight ring of muscle twitched delightfully around Phil’s prodding tongue, causing Phil to release his member in fear of an empty orgasm. Phil began to eat Dan out in earnest, licking inside of him, he suctioned his mouth around Dan’s entrance, tongue fucking him at the same time.

All this pushed Dan over the edge, Phil had gotten so lost in his task that he’d almost missed it, but he could feel it, Dan clenched around his tongue, body shaking with his release, legs flailing for just a moment. When Phil was sure he’d worked Dan through his orgasm, he looked up to see Dan, tears streaming down his face, chest red and blotchy, eyelashes clinging to his cheeks, and extracted himself from Dan, reaching up to untie Dan’s wrist, they were red and scratched up from all the tugging Dan and done, in vain might Phil add, letting his hands drop onto the bed.

Phil was surprised when he heard Dan’s airy, bubbly laugh from beneath him. He looked down at Dan, “What’s so funny?”

“You’re just so fucking good with that mouth of yours. I swear you just gave me the most intense orgasm of my life to date.

Phil laughed, “I’m glad to hear it. You all good?”

“Yes, sir. You’re still gonna make me cum a third time, aren’t you?” Dan smirked.

“Can you handle it?” Phil reached his hands towards Dan’s face, letting his finger swipe up a tear from his cheek, “Looks like you’ve really hit your breaking point, my love.”

Hastily, Dan shook his head, “No, master. Please, please I want it.” Phil chuckled.

“Well if you want it that bad, come and get it.” Phil was laying on his back, hand toying with his own length, when Dan realized Phil wanted him to ride himself on Phil’s cock till he came.

Dan scrambled onto Phil’s hips, cock already semi hard again, Phil could swear Dan had superpowers, what with his having the same libedo of the 18 year old Dan Phil had met on the internet all those years ago. Without hesitation, Dan lifted himself up on shaky thighs, gripping Phil’s cock to stand it straight up, and sunk himself down to the base of Phil’s cock.

Phil nearly choked with the amount of air that rushed out of him, “Oh fucking hell, Dan, you’re hole is so fucking good on my cock.”

Dan whined at the praise, lifting himself up till only the red, plump head of Phil’s cock breached his suckling canal, before slamming himself back down, ripping an inhumane sound from Phil. He bounced with intent, back arching to make Phil’s thick shaft hit that lovely spot inside himself, before his thighs felt like jello, and he collapsed forward onto Phil’s slick chest.

Without missing a beat, Phil fixed his hips in the right position, fucking into Dan with a ferocity he didn’t know he possessed until just now. When Phil heard Dan’s breathing accelerate, moans becoming whimpers, hands gripping his biceps menacingly, he quickly slipped out of Dan, pulled the cock ring off, and pushed himself back inside of Dan, hands gripping a handful of Dan’s and pulling them apart to gain some leverage to fuck into Dan’s tightness. After a few thrusts, Phil felt Dan let go, barely anything spurting from his inflamed, overstimulated cock, a cry leaving his lips. Dan’s clenching muscle, sent him over the edge, but his hips wouldn’t bother to stop their wild thrusts, body unwinding from holding onto his orgasm for so long.

Eventually, Phil’s hips stuttered to a stop, lungs burning, he pulled out, his length coated in his own cum as well as Dan’s juices.

Neither of the two felt the need to move from where they were, Phil cradling an extremely pliant Dan to his chest. Dan nuzzled into Phil’s chest, “I guess you can make me cum three times in a row after all.” Dan’s words were heavy, whispered into Phil’s ear, with a tiny hint of amusement behind his tone, but mostly just awe.

Phil hummed, “I guess you really could handle it.”

Lazy, open mouthed missed placed on the nearest body part of the other were the silent ‘I love you’ before they both fell into the longest and deepest slumber of their lives.

If only their neighbors felt that good about their sleep.


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The boy is mine?

Pairing : Sam x Reader, Dean
Word count : 1,290
Author : Mel
A/N : Idk what radio station my kid is listening to, but when I went to shower, it was playing “The boy is mine” by Brandy and Monica (that was a kick in the childhood). I wrote this as a result.

You checked yourself out in the mirror before getting out of your car. This was so not like you. But he was hot, and sweet, and you were very, very interested. His name, was Sam. A guy like him could walk into any room, anywhere, and have his pick. But for some reason, he was slumming it online with the likes of you. And you were not about to complain about that. You had been chatting with him for months, and he messaged you tonight letting you know he was finally in the area. Sure it was an hour away from you, but you didn’t mind the drive. Gave you time to calm your nerves at finally meeting him face to face.

You took a deep breath before opening the hotel lobby door. It wasn’t a fancy place, probably two maybe three stars at best, but you didn’t care too much. You heard someone coming up behind you, and held the door for her.

“Thanks.” She gave you a smile as she strolled past, her high heels clicking, and hips swaying in her tight skirt. She must have a hell of a hot date tonight.

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Tony: [finds the needle that Natasha was going to use to draw his blood] A little whorish to kiss and stab.
Natasha: You kissed back.
Tony: I didn’t want you to die without knowing the feeling. Actually no woman should die without knowing the feeling.

Bad At Love Part 2 | Seth Rollins

Title: Bad At Love Part two (Part 1)

Pairing: Seth Rollins/Reader

Summary: “I’ll come back as someone worthy enough to be cared for by you.”

Word Count: 3,789

Warning: Sexual assault, attempted rape, and toxic behavior.

A/N: Thank you guys for being patient with me over the weekend, I’m feeling much better! Here’s a Monday morning fic, Part two of Bad At Love!

Tags: @rebelfleur22 | @calwitch | @swedish-strong-style | @panda-girl1999 | @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans (I saw that you wanted to read part two of this fic so I tagged you <3)

Originally posted by stellarollins

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riskybarnes-deactivated20170917  asked:

I'm gonna force some Lance sin on you bc let's be hoe-nest we all love him. How would he be on your first night together?

We all know Lance is one kinky motherfucker. But, like, I think he’d be pretty vanilla the first time with you. Yes, he’s eager, because you made him wait a few months, but he isn’t his usual aggressive, rough self like you were expecting. He’d bring you to bed and strip you down slowly, handing out compliments left and right, because he has the inability to keep his mouth shut. 

“Such perfect fucking tits, baby.”

“Fuck, your skin is so soft.”

“You make me so hard, princess.”

The things he says might be a bit crude sometimes, but you know he means well. 

With him still fully dressed, he’d just worship your body, laving kisses on every part of your skin he could reach, hands massaging your skin and working you up into a desperate frenzy before he even starts touching you properly. You’re rolling your hips upward, trying to get him to touch you where you want it most, but he just shakes his head. “Not yet, princess,” he grabs your breasts in his hands, circling his thumbs over your nipples. “I’m gonna pay attention to these babies first.” Only when they’re covered in hickies and a couple teeth marks does he move south, trailing his lips over your stomach until he reaches your pubic bone. There’s hair there, but he doesn’t pay it any mind as he spreads you with one hand, running a finger through your wetness with the other. He sucks in a breath, pupils completely blown out. “You’re so fucking wet.”

“All for you.” you murmur. He grins like the cocksure man he is, leaning down to run his tongue over your slit. Both of you moan at the same time, you from the feeling, him from the taste. He works you over slowly, tongue languidly flicking at your clit as he slides two thick fingers inside of you. He doesn’t stop until you’re shaking around him, back arching and mouth open around a scream. 

He strips off, smiling that confident smile of his. If you weren’t so fucked out you’d laugh at his ridiculous tattoo, but all you can do it stare, eyes glazed over as he fucks his cock with his fist. “You want it, baby?” he husks. “You’ve gotta tell me. Tell me you want my dick.”

“I want it,” you spread your legs as wide as they can go, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. “Fuck me, Lance, please.”

You thought he’d lose control by then and just fuck you into the mattress, hard and fast and inexplicably rough. You’ve heard the stories, you’re well aware of that’s what he’s known for. Instead, he pushes into you as slow as possible, making you feel how far he stretches you. He bottoms out with a sigh, eyes heavy. He circles his hips, pressing into a spot that no one had ever hit before. The sound he draws out of you is truly whorish, but you don’t care, throwing your legs around his waist. “So goddamn pretty, princess.” he praises. “You look so good stretched around me. So fucking perfect.”