are what really made this show so special

Once Upon a Time stars in negotiations for potential season 7

A quartet of Once Upon a Time cast members are in negotiations to continue with the ABC fairy-tale drama should the show be renewed for a seventh season.

According to sources, original series stars Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, and Robert Carlyle, along with Colin O’Donoghue, who joined the show in season 2, are all negotiating to extend their contracts. There’s no word on what that means for fellow originals Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their returns are off the table. ABC declined to comment.

The news comes as Once Upon a Time‘s future is uncertain. ABC has not yet renewed the show for season 7, though OUAT bosses Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have previously said they don’t see season 6 as the end.

However, OUAT does seem poised for a big shift. At the Television Critics Association’s press tour in January, ABC Chief Channing Dungey expanded on her earlier comments about the future of Once, explaining that the OUAT bosses are looking at the potential seventh season as a springboard in a new direction, “which doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not bringing cast back,” she said. “It’s just, how do you kind of hit the reset button in a way that gives you an opportunity to expand the stories that we’re telling?” While Dungey stopped short of revealing whether any actors would exit, she did note, “Whenever there’s change, there’s always a transition.”

For her part, Morrison seemed optimistic about sticking with the show back in January. “I have a really fierce loyalty to the show,” Morrison said. “I am fiercely protective of the character. I feel like so many amazing things have come to my life because of it. It’s really made my life better in so many ways. I don’t have any interest in abandoning something that is such a special part of my life, but I also know I don’t have it in me to do it forever, so it’s more about a life decision, and I don’t even know how to make that life decision until I know what ABC even wants.”

Earlier this week, Once Upon a Time added two new actors — The Walking Deadalum Andrew J. West and Jane the Virgin star Alison Fernandez, who will both appear in the season 6 finale, with the potential for more episodes should the show get renewed. Check out our theory on that here.

Matching Marks Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 1985

Prompts: Soulmate AU, and  “I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married.”

This is my entry’s for @jared-padaloveme‘s Fluff Birthday Challenge!! :) This is only Part 1 of 2, so look for the next part soon! ;) Enjoy! 

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Here’s some Sam fluff in honor of @buckysberrie birthday!! You’re the sweetest person and I hope you have an incredible day! You deserve it!

When Sam woke up in the middle of the night to an empty bed, he immediately panicked. He had fallen asleep a few hours ago to you curled up beside him. Now, the space next to him in bed was cold.

Sam got out of bed, checking the bathroom first to see if you were in there. You weren’t.

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anonymous asked:

Dipper sobbing/crying and Bill trying to comfort him

It was happening again. Bill’s Pine Tree was crying.

The brunet laid on his bed, curled in on himself while tightly hugging a pillow that he sobbed into. It didn’t seem like a worrying cry. Those ones had quick, panicked breaths and thrashing limbs. This one was calm, mostly collected, and it almost looked as if it had been planned.

Bill hadn’t seen anything physical happen to Pine Tree, so he wondered if maybe someone or something had hurt him emotionally. If a someone had hurt his Sapling, Bill would be more than happy to find and skin them alive. He just needed a target and the okay from Pine Tree, then he’d take care of them.

Forcing himself into a physical form, Bill came out of the shadows and stood next to the bed. This was the third time this week the brunet had cried, and Bill was going to finally figure out what was wrong.

The other two times Dipper just wanted to cuddle and didn’t talk much, which didn’t seem to be very helpful to the situation.

“My precious Pine,” Bill cooed softly as he sat on the bed.

Dipper jumped slightly at the sudden sound, tensing for a moment before he realized that it was just Bill. “Oh, hi.” He hurriedly wiped the tears from his face, sitting up so that he was facing Bill.

“Hello.” Bill reached his black clawed hand out to lightly comb through Dipper curls. The brunet hummed and let his eyes flutter closed, leaning closer to Bill.

“Sorry, I was just…-”

“Crying. I saw that.” He pulled Dipper into a hug, his sharp nails lightly massaging his Sapling’s scalp.”What’s the matter? And please tell me this time. Is it something I’ve done?”

“No, no,” Dipper stuttered out. He moved away from Bill and offered a large smile. It seemed genuine enough, but Bill wasn’t going to let Pine Tree off the hook this time, puppy dog eyes or not.

“Then what is it? Who’s hurting you? You know I’m always game for a good round of flay the human!” To express his excitement about taking Dipper’s problem away, Bill lifted his hands between them and wiggled his fingers, his claws glinting in the dim light coming through the window.

A cute laugh slipped through Dipper’s lips despite how hard he seemed to want to hold it in. “No one is hurting me, Bill.” His smile dropped and he slumped against the body Bill had made, letting out a soft sigh. “I just…miss Mabel. Every time I have small, stupid issues, all I can think about is her trying to cheer me up.”

Bill made a soft sound of understanding. Star had left to college not even a month ago. On the outside, Pine Tree didn’t really look too torn up about it, though. He supposed his Sapling was just keeping his cool for the sake of trying to look strong in front of others.

“I’m sorry. You know she’ll come visit on holidays, right? And technology exists, you can call her up when you feel bad.” He kissed the top of Dipper’s head, his hand still brushing through the curls.

Dipper sighed, further melting under Bill’s touch. “I know… I just don’t want to bother her. School is hard, she doesn’t need my problems on top of it.”

“Well, I’m always here. Always. You can just say you need something and I’ll appear in a human vessel so that we can talk.” This was the first time Bill had offered general comfort to Dipper. Pine Tree always knew that Bill would visit in his room, but outside of that space, Bill made himself almost nonexistent so that he could observe undetected.

“Really? You’re not busy doing like…demon things?” Dipper said in a small voice. Bill’s touch was likely lulling him to sleep, which the demon preferred over watching the brunet cry himself to sleep.

“I’d never be too busy for you, Sapling.” He gently put his hand under Dipper’s chin, lifting it until he was able to kiss him. Bill made sure to make it a gentle gesture, one that would show how much he meant what he said.

Dipper was special to him, and Bill protected and cared for what was his. With Dipper that meant sometimes making himself a human body to just hang out with his Sapling, something he had been meaning to do more anyway.

“Thank you, Bill. That’s really sweet of you,” he said breathlessly when they parted. “Can we just…lay here for a bit? I’d really like that.”

Bill let out a small laugh and nodded. “Of course, Pine Tree. Anything for you.”

Parallels between 1x1 and 12x23 and continued reference to The Book of Enoch in Supernatural

As @tinkdw has posted about recently, the parallels to the first episode are strong in 12x22. 

In the first episode there is a nursery where Sam (a baby) has the blood of Azazel (a demon but actually a fallen angel) combined with his. Then his mother dies. Then the love of Sam’s life (Jess) is killed which spurs Sam on to hunt with Dean to find their father.

In 12.23 it ends with a nursery where Jack (a baby turned teen) is a combination of human and fallen angel. Then his mother dies. Just before that the love of Dean’s life (Cass) is killed and Sam and Dean’s mother whist technically hunting is lost to an alternate reality. 



So, what does this mean for Jack? I think Jack is being paralleled with Sam because of this. Sam was destined to be a special child (which is inspired by Judaic lore about fallen angels making nephilim, specifically Azazel creating nephilim which starts the war between Heaven’s angels and the fallen angels). 

Let’s do some background on Azalea’s children. Here is the entry from Supernatural wikia, cred to that site; ‘Special Children refers to children to whom Azazel fed his blood when they were babies, having snuck into their homes after making a deal with their parents. The result was that the blood caused the children to develop supernatural abilities in them so they could serve as generals in Lucifer’s army against humanity and God. These abilities could be strengthened by the consumption of demon blood. Around Season 2, Azazel wanted to test these children to find who would be the strongest, so he put them in an abandoned town called Cold Oak and told them only one could survive. This eventually triggered a fight among the Children. Azazel led everyone to believe that he wanted a leader for his demon army. However, as it was later revealed, the endgame was bigger than just leading a demon army. Azazel chose the children because they were all potential vessels for Lucifer. The strongest one would be chosen to contain Lucifer throughout the Apocalypse. Sam Winchester was the sole survivor and so, despite his greatest efforts, was taken over by Lucifer both as a result of being a Special Child and also because of his predetermined destiny as Lucifer’s true vessel.’ 

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anonymous asked:

Helloo! Can you write about the RFA+V and Saeran having to take care of their newborn baby alone during the first few weeks of their life because MC had a tough delivery and has to stay at the hospital because she's still to weak to come home Thank you in advance! <3

I don´t have children so I can only go of second hand experience with new born baby’s so if anything is not actuate just tell me.

I hope this is what you wanted anon.


  • He would worry 24/7 about you and come with the new born every day to the hospital.
  • It is really hard to take of a new born specially when you are still in the hospital you could pump milk from your breast for the baby at least.
  • Zen was first unsure how to do anything as you are when you just got a baby but you two made a baby preparation course so he knew what to do.
  • He is still very afraid to mess up and is super careful with the baby.
  • He takes soooo many pictures with the baby to show them to you and he spams everyone with everything the baby does.
  • And when the baby cries his world breaks every time he also still has somehow enough energy to dote on you too.
  • When he is alone at home with the baby he tells them stories and sings to them to calm them down and also to calm himself down .
  • When he is with you he makes sure you get enough time with him and the baby since he knows how   hard it is for you to not see the newborn.
  • Over all he does a great job and  brags constantly about how perfect the baby is and how much cuter it is then all the other baby.
  • He will be fully happy once you are back home and when you help him with the baby he is really so happy.


  • He had looked forward to get the child with you and he did his best to prepare himself for that time.
  • He was not prepared for the case you had to stay in the hospital that long and now he was alone with a newborn.
  • He was worried about you just as much as about to mess thinks up after all the baby was the most precious human to him now.
  • He is at first really overwhelmed with all of his new tasks and he gets no sleep the first few days since he just thinks he messes everything up.
  • He gets fast used to it though and soon he knows what the baby wants when it screams.
  • He takes pictures for you and even makes handy videos when the baby is doing something really cute.
  • He will answer all your questions and when you take the baby of him while you are still in the hospital he is happy that you can hold it for a bit.
  • That is also when he is the most relaxed.
  • He sometimes spams the chat with  pictures or when he feels like he made a mistake.
  • In the end he r+is really good with it and he is really proud of himself when you are back home he will tell you everything about how to handle the baby even when you do fine with it.
  • Then he will also finally sleep some hours in a row his gamer days payed out in the end.


  • After you made together the decision that you would carry your baby everything went quite smooth.
  • You got some seed from a seed bank -or from Zen if it´s not legal where you live-
  • And when you had to stay in Hospital it was really hard for Jaehee since she just worried so much about you.
  • She would had left the baby with you their but you knew it was best for the baby to stay in a real home instead of a hospital bed.
  • So Jaehee was taking care of the Baby on her own she was more then happy with that after all she just became a mother too.
  • She felt really close to the baby like it was her own as well she had of course a hard time at first she had to learn how to do everything with a real baby.
  • Both of you had trained with doll s and you had the theory down but real life is different so it was hard in the fist few weeks all alone.
  • She visited you every day and told about everything that had happened she was happy to see you and also very tired.
  • You gave her some rest while she was with you and Jaehee was glad that all those years with little to no sleep had finally payed off.
  • She makes a album of pictures from the baby and gives it to you when you are getting released from the hospital.
  • She gets much more relaxed once you are able to help her she feels really blessed with her new family.


  • After the doctors told him you had to stay their he makes sure that you get the best staff for you.
  • He first thought to hire a nurse and a nanny for the baby but then remember how lonely that ever made him feel and he does not want that.
  • You also rather want to raise the child as normal as possible so Jumin takes care of the baby by himself.
  • He makes sure that the cat accepts the newborn what is lucky enough no issue.
  • He has some issues since he has no experience what so ever and he is ever afraid that he breaks the baby.
  • Jumin does his best he keeps on reading books bout how to handle a newborn.
  • When he comes to visit you he gives you a very detailed report on his days with the baby and what it archived so far.
  • He is proud of what ever the baby does and he says it´s just as cute as you are.
  • He tells everybody how his baby is a genius , even when it just a normal baby
  • Jumin really looks forward to when you come home since he feels like he cant give the baby enough warmth even when that is not true what so ever.
  • He reads reports to the baby what somehow helps the baby to pass out better.
  • He takes pictures of the baby plot twist they are not blurry
  • When you come finally home he is more then happy and he loves it so much when you hold the baby.
  • Jumin did really good though and he is a really loving father and no body thinks he is a robot after they hear how he cared for the new born all by himself.


  • He looked really forward to expand his family with the baby but when you have to stay in hospital its very bad for him.
  • The thought that he could loose you is really hard for him he stays in the hospital as long as he can.
  • They pretty much have to kick him out every day.
  • He hacks into the security feed and in the hospital system to make sure that you are okay.
  • When he does his next worry is to keep the baby alive.
  • He had read so much about babies but they are so small and so breakable you would kill him if he breaks the baby.
  • He knows that babies are no toys of course but he has to get used to the new situation he was sure you would help him with everything but now he is alone with the newborn.  
  • He gets over his first panic since the baby needs his full attention.
  • He finds it amazing that something so small needs so much attention.
  • He can not sleep at all when he is the day in the hospital  you have to force him to get some rst at least since you can swatch the baby at least.
  • He makes a video fed to the babies room so you can watch it and he keeps telling you to call him if he does something wrong but he really does nothing wrong.
    Actual its quite sweet how he tries to calm the baby down with internet memes.
  • It does not really work but its the thought that counts.
  • He spams everybody with bay videos and he often calls everyone over thinks the baby does.
  • Sometimes he calls you in the hospital in the middle of the night when he thinks he screwed up but its ever nothing.
  • He is really happy when you get finally released he feel much better when you are helping him with everything  

spoilers for the last two


  • -I pretend he can see
  • He was really happy that you two had a baby together but it hit him quite hard when you had to sty in the hospital.
  • He does his best to make sure you get all the rest you need he feels bad to leave you alone in the hospital.
  • He did everything possible to prepare himself for the time when you have the baby together but not
  • that he had to take care of the baby by himself he really does not mind it but he feels awful when he thinks about how you are still in the hospital.
  • What will he do if you don´t leave ? Your state is not really life threatening but he still cant shake that thought of.
  • V dies his best to now show his feeling to you or to the baby.
  • He does everything he can with a lot of love he feels really blessed to have a child with you.
  • When ever he is in the hospital he tells you everything and he takes a lot of pictures for you.
  • He is glad to see that you are doing good that makes it a bit more easy for him.
  • He gets more relaxed the better you do and he really dotes a lot on you and the baby.
  • He gets really not enough sleep and he ever passes out when he is in the hospital what is just a really precious think to see.
  • He does really a great job alone but he really can not wait for you to get home.
  • When you finally get out of the hospital he is truly happy and he can finally let go of his dark thoughts.
  • He made a few albums full of baby pictures for you.


  • He was so afraid after you had to stay in the hospital he had his own share of bad memories attached to them and he really not wanted you to stay their in the first place.
  • Also he was scared that you would die and then he was scared  that the baby would die.
  • He was not sure how you could trust him with this most precious human the baby was just as important to him as you where and he was just scared.
  • With you he could do it maybe but alone he was sure to fail he wants that the baby stays with you for as long as possible but at some point you tell him that the baby needs to get home its just not right for it to be there plus you are too weak to handle it on your own.
  • And if its something that Saeran trust less then himself then it´s strangers.
  • You make sure that Saeyoung is their to support him but you have also Jaehee as back up on speed dial for him.
  • They both are prepared to help out when its getting to bad for him.
  • The rest of the RFA also helps as much as they can what is really sweet of them.
  • So he is not really fully alone with the baby but its still hard on him specially when he has to leave the hospital.
  • He hated it that you are alone their when he cant make sure that you are save.
  • He hacks into the system and he installs a camera in your room so he can check on you,
  • That makes it a bit better for him but he is really restless for the most time.
  • He gets barely sleep not even when you take care of the baby in the hospital since then he is busy with making sure that no body tries to harm you.
  • Saeran wants you to get home asap.
  • He takes pictures and Videos for you to see since you really miss the baby when it´s not with you.
  • Saeran is really tensed all the time but he really loves the baby a lot and Saeyoung tells you he does actual really good with it.
  • Even when Saeran thinks he messes everything up and you have to assure him a lot that he doen´t.
  • When you get out he is just so happy we will not leave you or the baby alone for a very long time

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I have watched every single episode of The 100 at least four times now (some episodes as many as seven times) and each time I did a rewatch, I tried to do something new for it. This time I did a couple things, but one of them was that I made note of every single moment between Bellamy and Clarke that served absolutely no purpose in moving the plot forward except to progress their relationship or provide hints towards them possibly becoming romantic. So, basically, this post is about all of the times that there was a Bellarke moment that’s sole purpose was to get us onboard the Bellarke ship, and nothing more.

There are a lot. Hopefully by the time I’m through this post, no one will be doubting that the writers want us to ship this couple.

(Note: some moments I debated over but decided that they could have a plot-purpose besides Bellarke so decided not to include them. That doesn’t meant that they aren’t romantic - they just mean that romance isn’t their only purpose.)

Anyway, this post is long, so it’s going under the cut - please do read on if you have any doubts about Bellarke. :)

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He Goes by the Name H. One [end]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: DJ!Chae Hyungwon x Reader

Rating: PG (but who wants their parents to read this with them tho, just read at your own risk lmao)

Genre: Romance


Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - end

a/n this is the longest among all chapters, so be prepared.

He had been a keeper since that night. He’d drive you to your office and pick you up again if he didn’t have to go to his office and he’d check on you from times to times, just to make sure you’re okay. He even ordered you a delivery foods and send it to your apartment (or his, if you’re staying at his when Changkyun wasn’t there) & made sure that you have proper 3 meals a day.

Changkyun, who was good at catching things, knew immediately that something was going on between you and his friend and he often teased both of you when you, Changkyun and Hyungwon were lounging at Hyungwon’s living room.

He wasn’t fine about this, actually he told you that Hyungwon was kind of jerk and had a lot of flings that made him hard to trust and he wasn’t wrong, though, remembering what Hyungwon did to you at the first day you met. But as days went by, you somehow found the innocent, nice, playful side of him.

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Followup 1 to How Your Costume Shop Works:

@addicted-to-nostalgia​ asks “What about specialized things like beading and embroidery on costumes? Are there people who do specifically that?”

Again, the short answer is: sometimes?

I know when you’re talking about things like Game of Thrones and probably other Really Embroidery Heavy movies/tv shows (and I haven’t worked formally on movies/tv yet, just made the occasional thing on contract but I would bet that their costume shop process is pretty much the same as the one I outlined for theater) they have an Official Embroidery Crew, so in that case yes, stuff does go to a completely different group of folks who specialize in just that.

HOWEVER, honestly, embroidery and beading often take a LOT of time, so it’s rare for a theater costume shop to decide to do a lot of them, because it’s the teams themselves that’ll do it, not a specialized person. More often than not, if you’re beading something it’s just little bits, like adding beaded fringe to a 20′s dress, or adding individual bead/sequins/heat set rhinestones to something for light bounce. This is where prebeaded fabrics (as much as they’re a pain in the ass to work with) make all the difference-the time it takes to crack the beads off and secure the ends through the seams is still less than beading the whole thing from scratch. Not that it *couldn’t* happen from scratch, just that it’s a big time and man hour investment.

As far as embroidery, it’s much the same-it’s another big man-hour investment, and at least with that there are generally other ways for theater to fake that embroidered look, because our audience is usually at least 20 feet away. Trim is used a lot for stuff to look semi-embroidered, I’ve definitely machine-free-arm “embroidered” things before, and honestly, even puff paint or Sharpie judicially used in a big enough house will read as embroidery. In the case of a small theater, yeah, sometimes you have to do it, and that again, usually falls to the person on the team with the most previous knowledge of it. My experience with adding embroidery has been mostly “this needs to look rustic or ethnic” or “we can’t see this so we need to outline it in something.” In the theater, if you’re trying to do a Big Embroidered Game of Thrones Dress, you’ll usually find a pre-embroidered fabric, cut the motifs you want out, and re-build it as a big applique onto the dress itself, like so:

(this is beaded flower fabric with a red mesh that’s been pinned to a Big Fuckoff Red Satin Skirt by our designer and now we have a student stitcher whipstitich that all on-much faster than doing it all by hand)

The order in which you add the embroidery/beading is also dependent on what it is/where it goes too. On Big Red Skirt there, we knew that the beading was going to have to overlap seams, so we put it on last. HOWEVER, it’s a lot easier to do beading/embroidery flat, so frequently we’ll try to do as much applique or embellishment work like this as we can before putting the garment actually together. (this of course also depends on what you’re adding, because a flat faux-embroidery applique is a lot easier to feed through the machine than big beaded flowers like the ones up there. 

Hi guys! I know I’ve been gone for a while but I’m back and here with something very exciting. Back in June 2016, my friend fay @mmichaelscofield created a chat for multifandom lovers to talk about shows and movies. Over time, the chat has evolved into so much more, and I can genuinely say I’ve made so many amazing friends from it. Fay has since handed admin power over to me, and the members and I have decided it’s time to include a few more lovely people! 

What are we looking for?

  • multifandom trash queens like ourselves
  • must have whatsapp! that is the platform that we use
  • active people, we talk a lot so be prepared for lots of messages!
  • open people, as we all love to talk about not only shows and fandom stuff but also ourselves!
  • we really want people who are going to bring something new and special to the chat! spread this to your mutuals and reblog so more people have the chance to join in on the fun!

What do you have to do?

  • Mbf the new chat mom (I don’t want to add strangers but new and old followers are definitely welcome!)
  • Reblog this post, so other people can get in on the fun!
  • Check out all my fandoms here to see if what I stan and if we have anything in common (it’s changed a little bit and is in need of some updating though)
  • Track the tag #multifandomteam
  • Submit to me your name, age, and country.
  • and just something about yourself (likes, dislikes, why you’d like to be added, just as much as you can think of, as well favorite movie, what you’d like to be when you grow up, ship you’d go down with, favorite animal, favorite music etc), people who only send me small descriptions won’t be added. I’m sorry but I want to get to know you a little.
  • include your main fandoms and the link to all your fandoms (tags, navi) so I can check it out.
  • I’d like to really get to know the people before I add them, so expect messages from me so I can get to know more about you!
  • Once accepted, I’ll need you to send me your phone number so I can add you to the chat!

Under the cut, I’m going to be including the urls of all the lovely ladies currently in the chat. If you’re interested, check out their blogs so you can see who your future friends might be!

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A Hairy Halloween (Bughead Request)

Request: ‘I’d love a story where it’s Halloween and Betty and Jughead wear some hilarious couples costume that no one expected!’ - @confessions33

I really liked this idea, I hope you like it!

Characters: Betty x Jughead, Veronica x Archie, Kevin

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 1558

Originally posted by bettytail

Despite her innocent surface, Betty Cooper was the queen of Halloween. She loved everything about it; the candy, scary movies and most of all the costumes. It was her opportunity to get crafty, every year she took on a new challenge. This year’s challenge; getting her boyfriend Jughead Jones into a costume.  

It was a week before Halloween and the gang were at Pop’s discussing costumes. Queen of parties Cheryl was holding her annual Halloween bash and thanks to the girls’ river vixen status, the gang had an invite.

‘I can’t decide if I want to go scary or sexy this year.’ Veronica announced, the gang chuckled a little.

‘Well I vote sexy.’ Archie replied squeezing Veronica’s shoulder, she turned to him and gave him a little peck.

‘Sexy it is then.’ Kevin rolled his eyes at the couple, he wished he still had someone to try and impress.

‘So what are you dressing up as Betty? I expect big things as always.’ Kevin asked. Betty winked at him.

‘It’s top secret.’ Kevin was very intrigued.

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The Birthday (Miniminter imagine.. kind of)

A/N: I wrote this for @sdmntrxsh without her asking for it and it’s based on one of our conversations, hope you enjoy:)

The feeling of being unwanted have been growing inside of me for a while now. Simon always say that i shouldn’t think that way, all of the boys likes me according to him.

But it just doesn’t feel that way. They have been ignoring my texts whenever i ask if we all should do something and today is my birthday.

Not one of them have wished me a happy birthday yet and it’s nearly noon. Simon has, but that’s only because he’s my boyfriend and we woke up together since i basically live in the sidemen house with him. The other boys were out when we got up and Simon had forgotten to buy me a present.

This was probably the start to the worst birthday i have ever had. After breakfast Simon went back upstairs and said that i could do whatever i wanted to. Suddenly it’s like he doesn’t care either. I am all alone.

I went to the bathroom, locked the door behind me and sat down on the cold floor. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. Everyone hates me. It’s clear, even my best friends Sarah and Freya has been distant lately.

My thoughts got interrupted by a knock on the door. Of course it was Simon. “Two seconds! I’ll be right out” I yelled back. Fuck. He can’t see i have been crying! He’ll just ask what’s wrong and i know he would contact the guys and girls and force them to say that they still like me. I didn’t want that, they shouldn’t be forced to lie.

When i got out Simon stood there. A worried look on his face. He had hidden something behind his back. “Is everything okay babe?” He asked, perfect as always. My eyes are most likely red and swollen.

“Yeah, i’m just s bit upset because no one besides you have wished me a happy birthday.. not even Freya or Sarah!” I answered, not able to keep my big, dumb mouth shut. Stupid stupid stupid, you just had to tell him didn’t you? He must think you’re such a drama queen now.

Simons face fell, he looked so upset that you hadn’t had a good birthday so far. It was as if the mere thought of you not being happy put him in a bad mood. That’s one of the thousands of reasons that you love him.

He slowly pulled, whatever he had been hiding behind his back, out. It was the most beautiful lillies i had seen in a really long time. He knew they were my favourites. “I’m really sorry about today and also about the others. But i need you to follow me” he said. I took the flowers and his hand. He led me out front.

Here was the biggest surprise ever. They all stood there. Sarah, Freya, Tobi, Josh, JJ, Ethan, Harry, Vik and the Cals. Basically all of the people that has been ignoring me for the last few weeks. At first i didn’t react. I wanted to yell at them and run away, but i also wanted to run forward and hug them. After all they were my closest friends.

And the looks they were giving me, the boys had happy looks on their faces and the girls looked apologetic. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Ethan yelled out of nowhere. He, without knowing it, had saved me from a really awkward ‘hi’.

“We’re so so so sorry for ignoring you or seeming distant! We have just been planning a surprise party and we didn’t know what to answer when you asked us what we wanted to do for your birthday!” Freya quickly said, “but! We have planned a really fun night out at Thorpe Park!” Josh exclaimed, clearly not able to hold it in anymore.

I didn’t know what to say. I was really happy because they cared, but at the same time i was uncertain. What if this was just their excuse for ignoring me? Or what if Simon had made them all show up?

I didn’t have much time to think about this before they dragged me into a car and we were on our way.

In the end my birthday was amazing. They all made sure to make me feel special and i loved all the rides there and the people. So we had a blast.

“Thank you” i whispered to Simon once we got home. Well aware that he had been the one to set it all up.

My two cents:

OK, so this is by no means meant to be a direct hit on any of the nominees. Every single actor and actress and director and set designer and composer  nominated deserves their tony. They all worked really hard to get where they are!!!!!! And each of the shows are amazing and unique in their own way, which is what makes the tony awards so special! But if you need to rant about something (because everyone is entitled to their own opinion! That’s not a bad thing!) by all means go ahead

So, moving along….

 I believe that Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 should win Best Musical over Dear Evan Hansen.

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The Song In Your Heart 6x20

Ok. Again, I don’t usually do this, but my heart and mind are too full and I have to sleep sometime tonight so I’ve got to get this out.

This was, without any doubt, one of my favorite episodes of the entire series!!! I would have a very hard time choosing between this and the CS movie.

First off, can I just say that the composers are certifiably BRILLIANT!!! Absolute geniuses!!!!! Every single song was outstanding!!! As I heard each song, it was my favorite!!!! Each one was written for the character and these brilliant, talented actors sang them all soooooo beautifully!!! If I had to rank them, I’d say my top favorites were Hook’s, Emma’s, and Zelena’s. But again, they were all soooooo perfectly written and performed! I just can’t say enough about the music!!!! BEAUTIFUL AMAZING BRILLIANT FANTASTIC OUTSTANDING LOVELY EXQUISITE… well, you get the idea.

And now on to the individual songs…
Powerful Magic: Pure. Disney. So beautiful! And so perfect for this perfect couple!!! Snow immediately knowing something was wrong and putting her hands over her mouth were both soooo adorable!!! Charming’s lines were a hoot! And the love between the two was on perfect display! I only wish there was more harmony in the song.
The Queen Sings (Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance): sooooo perfect for this character!!!! And Lana belting it out was fantastic!!! The little snippets from the dwarves, Granny, and Marco were soooo cute! I LOVED how she showed up in each of their locations and sang to them as well. The blatant sexuality of the queen was on full display during the song, both times. And it created a perfect juxtaposition up against the True Love of Snowing both one right after the other and in their trio.
Revenge is Gonna Be Mine: what can I say? Colin as Captain Hook singing this song was just… just… I can’t get over it!!!! @lillpon did an analysis this week of Colin’s voice and the high notes in the song that was just outstanding!!! I knew it was high, but I didn’t know it was THAT high. If you’re interested in her analysis, search #Colin O'Donoghue or #ouat musical. The vengeful pirate was on full display and Colin performed magnificently!!! And doing all that with a broken foot!!!!! Ouch!!!!
Wicked Always Wins: beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!! And what a voice Bex has!!!! This one was one of my favorites! The beauty of the song not only displayed her envy and hatred, but also her longing for love and acceptance. It was a beautiful song beautifully performed.
Emma’s Theme: No. words. All right. Never mind. Just a few. GORGEOUS!!! PERFECT!!! The love and songs inside of her saved her and saved her family. And the fact that it was her theme from the VERY BEGINNING OF THE SERIES only made it more special and outstanding!!!! And the WORDS!!!!! No words!!!!! *Ugly sobbing*
A Happy Beginning: what a way to end the episode!!!! Everyone singing and dancing together to celebrate our OTP FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👰🏼🤵🏻💒. Cue the tears 😭😭😭😭😭!!!!!!!

Next, the non-musical parts of the episode. I’m sorry (not really) but I’m so glad Emma couldn’t wear Snows wedding dress. I never liked that dress. But I didn’t expect the BF to show up so early in the episode. And Killian in a white tux???? Ugh… NO!!!!!! And he knew… he KNEW!!!! He knew exactly what she was doing!!!! Bless him!!!! I LOVE him sooooo much!!!! And then taking off to take care of the crocodile and getting himself captured in the process… not surprising at all!!! And may I just say that I am right back solidly on the side of HATING Rumple!!!!! I really thought that he was playing the BF somehow and he was on the side of the heroes, but after tonight, I cannot think of any way that plays out. We’ll see. Blue putting the songs in Emma before she was even born was excellent!!! It gave her the power to defeat the BF and that whole thing answered the question of why Snow, Charming, and Hook didn’t recognize each other. Henry… my poor Henry!!!! His despair and anger over not being able to help his mom was agonizing!!!!! But finding those pages and showing Emma that she had it inside her all along? Priceless!!!!! As well as the BF’s face when Emma wouldn’t die. And Emma’s tears when she had saved them all, I had tears too! And then the wedding itself. Cue the sobbing… I didn’t think it was rushed. We got our Emma and Snowing moments, Killian and Charming shaking hands, Captain Believer, beautiful, heart wrenching personal vows, their kiss, song, and first dance. What else did we need?

This episode was magnificent in every way on so many levels!!! A true masterpiece!!! And now I’m on the edge of my seat for next week and the Final Battle!!!!
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Arrow 5x13 “Spectre of the Gun” Review: Bad Aim

I debated even writing up a review for this episode. I don’t really want to venture into the kind of politics this episode delved into; and mostly because this episode was just bad.

There are only two good things about the entire episode:

1)      Thea Queen’s return. I’ve missed her. Her snarky little jabs have been sorely missed. Everything that came out of her mouth was perfection. Stop leaving us.

2)      The end of the episode. Because it was finally over.

It was so sloppily mishandled that it is my fervent hope that if ever Marc Guggenheim and Arrow company ever think of venturing into a “special episode of the week” territory: THEY SIMPLY DON’T DO IT. Somebody should Taser them and lock them in a closet until they’ve properly thought about their insanity.

Going into this episode I was leery. First of all because it was centered around Wild Dog and I have yet to be invested in his character. He’s made a few tiny steps (and then lost them) forward in recent weeks but nothing that merits his own special episode. So here I was with a flashback episode about him when most of my core favorites have been sidelined all season long. I wasn’t amused. Second, I just really don’t think that Arrow is the kind of show where this discussion is best suited. Namely because Arrow throws violence around so commonly that nothing about last night’s episode stood out markedly from any other Arrow episode.

In fact, when the episode started with the gun attack, it felt so familiar that I thought we’d seen it before. And I was right. We did in 2x01. On the exact same set (then called QC), “The Hoods” opened fire on the boardroom. So I’m not entirely sure what made this episode “special” other than some characters were turned into political mouthpieces, while others were muzzled. There is nothing remotely shocking about what Edlund did—though how Quentin’s spidey sense didn’t tingle at the very suspicious dude in the elevator is beyond me.

Beyond the way Arrow uses violence regularly, this episode’s message was marred down even further by being in a season where Oliver Queen is dropping bodies again. In fact, he just killed an innocent man a few weeks ago and seems to have gotten over the guilt of that moment real quick. The return to killing this season has been a thorn in my side because it’s never once been narratively justified. They keep saying that it’s because Laurel died; but that doesn’t fly with Oliver believing her death wasn’t his fault.

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anonymous asked:

honestly its so unfair that skam s3 didnt won best drama honestly that season made EVERYONE on skam what they are now, a masterpiece, season 2 was the most boring shit ever a disgrace next to the other seasons specially the most famous and amazing one S3 im mad and bitter as fuck.

same tbh? and s3 really covered some very important topics that are rarely covered in mainstream shows (mental illness and sexuality) they so deserved to win 

Peaceful Afternoon♡
The air swayed him as it made him feel somewhat peaceful and the skies intertwined with color. The trees would move while the wind picked up its speed making the grass beneath his feet soften to the ground. He had watched the skies above his head darken while  the stars and moon began to show as he stood an peacefully watched  with a smile and a really long sigh. “Noctis!” A voice came from behind him. He turned to look at where the voice was coming from and saw the only person who ever made him feel anything special,his beloved Prompto. Noctis had wanted to be with Prompto for quite sometime but wasn’t the type of person to speak of his feelings so he remained quiet unless spoken to. “Hey Prompto,whats up?” Noctis asked with a bit of a head tilt. Prompto looked at him with a smile as his steps grew closer and the smell of him  grew stronger. “I wanted to know if you wanted to join me in taking photos of the stars.” Prom said with a bit of a nervous smile. As Noctis felt his heart race inside his chest the words wouldnt seem to escape from his lips,he was too nervous to say anything,it was almost as if they were paralyzed. “I..I.” He spoke. Prom looked at him with a dissapointed smile assuming that Noctis didnt want to. Noctis’s eyes widened and he quickly ran to Prompto,grabbing onto his arm as he breathed in an out heavily with his attention on the ground. “D-dont leave..I…I wanna join you…I really would like that.” Noctis said still nervous. Prompto was dumbfounded as ever but he didnt pull his arm away. The touch of Noctis’s hand on his made his heart race as he too had feelings for Noctis in which he couldnt speak of. Prompto then smiled down at Noctis. “Well then lets go take some shots!” He said with a smile being his normal dorky self that Noctis adored so much. Noctis stood to his feet as he was finally able to again,the nervousness subsiding as he stood beside Prompto as he began taking pictures. “Ahhh wow,those are some really beautiful stars.” Noctis spoke in a quite tone. “Its been quite a peaceful afternoon dont you think?” Noct asked as Prompto was still taking pictures. “Yeah it has Noct,yeah it has.” Prom agreed with a smile. Noctis thought to himself as he watched Prompto take such wonderful pictures,he watched as the light of the moon outlined Proms figure so well and the light in his eyes as they glow. He felt he should confess…he wanted to. Noctis walked a bit closer to Prompto but from behind, and wrapped his arms around his stomach as he laid his head on Proms back. “Prompto.” He whispered. “I know this is sudden and I know your not expecting it and I would understand if you didnt wanna hear it but I-” He was interuppted by Prompto turning  around and softly caressing Nocts  cheek slowly leaning in an placing  a soft yet passionate kiss on his  lips. They both closed their eyes as Noctis pulled Prompto closer,not a single word to be said in the moment as they both took in the amount of love  eachothers been hiding for so long. “I love you Prompto..” he whispered. “As do I noctis..” Prompto said with a few tears falling from his eyes as he deepened the kiss alittle more.

This riled me a bit so had to respond… Kristen’s goodbye was so special because she came back to the show for her last year despite having made and starred in a movie that grossed over $288million worldwide and was nominated for two oscars.

She would’ve had so many opportunities but yet went back to SNL for loyalty.

That’s why she got such a send off.
Not really because of her characters or even what she did on the show.

So whilst I’m sure when Kate leaves it’ll 100% be acknowledged on the show, I don’t think it’ll be ‘better’ or whatever.

Kristen is the only person to have been nominated for an oscar whilst a cast member on SNL and she STAYED despite that… it deserved to be recognised in such a way.

Ghost Whisperer - Request

Requested by anon:  Heyyy, I would really appreciate if u can write an one-shot about the reader can see ghost and helps them to get to the other side (something like the show Ghost Whisperer?) and the Winchester boys find her and are curious about it and you can add something else maybe. Thank youuuu!!!

Characters: Dean x reader x Sam (No Wincest).

Word Count: 4,962

Warnings: It made me cry. Major character’s death (can’t specify because #spoiler), angst (but a happy ending), some people may get triggered (because, you know, death).

A/N: This made me cry. Things like this can be difficult for some people so if it triggers you, I’m sorry. This took a twist I never expected it to take but I’m so happy with the result I can’t help but to keep it. Ghost Whisperer was one of my favourite shows as a child so I left myself go with this one and make it as emotional as I remember the show to be. Enjoy!

Originally posted by moosamuel

He was just a boy – a scared boy that missed his mum. He needed guidance, he needed patience, he needed to feel safe and that’s what she was there for.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) was one of the most popular psychic/medium in the hunting community. She tried to stay away from dangerous spirits and focused on helping the others to cross to the other side. It was a lot easier to call her and let her do her thing than salting and burning graves like crazy, which was what made her so popular.

Of course she couldn’t run from dangerous ghosts all the time, and she had the “pleasure” to meet some during the beginnings of her career. That’s how she met hunters and formed a friendship with them.

She wasn’t a murderer, or a criminal. She had a small business in a calm town, where she’d sell all kinds of ingredients for spells and other stuff that hunters needed in order to wrap of their gigs. Sometimes, if the ghost wasn’t much of a danger/murderer but rather an innocent in an awful situation, they would call her and she’d help said ghost to cross. Otherwise, she tried to stay away from hunting because it was far too dangerous.

She’d go to hunter’s gather ups, funerals, parties, conventions, etc. and was very involved in everything that happened in that community. She had always had an interest for supernatural things, even before receiving her gift, so she would try and keep up with whatever was going on.

The Winchesters were usually part of said things.

She had heard their names over and over again as the years went by. “The Winchesters freed demons from Hell”, “The Winchesters started the Apocalypse”, “The Winchesters died, came back, died, and came back again”, “The Winchesters are dealing with angels”, “The Winchesters are hunting a knight from Hell”, “The Winchesters split up, one of them turned into a demon, not sure which one”, “The Winchesters are back together, they freed the darkness”, “The Winchesters set Lucifer free once more”, “The Winchesters are allied to a witch and a demon”, etc.

She had never seen them in person. Hell, she hadn’t even seen a picture of them, but every huntress that walked by at her store agreed on one thing: They were both handsome and funny. However, none of the many words the huntresses used to describe them actually compared to the beauty of both brothers.

(Y/N) was having a regular day at her store, cleaning a bit on the back when two men entered. The bell hung over the door made its usual tingling noise, calling (Y/N) back to the front desk. She almost gasped at the two men waiting patiently for her to appear.

One of them was taller than the other. He had long brown hair, a lot silkier than anyone else and the most intense hazel eyes she had seen. The other one had dirty blonde hair, shorter than the first man, and the kind of green eyes you can only read at a romantic novella. They both had sharp jawlines, and broad muscles that could be seen even under their multiple layers of clothing. If it weren’t for the scars over their face and hands – presumably over every inch of their body – (Y/N) would’ve thought they were Calvin Klein Models.

“Hello, can I help you?” (Y/N) smiled, trying to act chill in order to hide the arousal from the mere sight of them.

“We’re looking for (Y/N).” The blond one spoke. He had a deep voice that made her heart skip a beat.

“It’s me. What can I do for you?” Both brothers shared a glance before looking back at her. They were smiling like idiots – really hot idiots. “Ingredients for a spell? A ‘special’ weapon? Maybe a reading?”

“You read?” The brunet asked, showing true interest.

“Tarot, palms, tea and coffee…” She replied proudly.

“Awesome.” The blond mumbled as he gave her a boyish grin.

Having two men with such looks was far away from anything she had ever imagined, which was causing her to blush uncontrollably. “So… Reading?”

“Actually we’re here to… Talk about your…”The tall one struggled to formulate the sentence.

“Talent.” The other one finished.

“Uh…” She muttered, “It’s a gift… I got it when I was twelve, and it’s uh… Cool, I guess.” She was shy, looking down to her fidgeting hands. She was truly adorable, and the brothers couldn’t help but to feel drawn to her.

“So who gave it to you?” One of them asked.

“My grandma… Although she didn’t give-give it to me… It’s a gift, a power that runs in our bloodline… My mother is too much of a scared cat to develop it, so she doesn’t have it.” (Y/N) explained with a shy smile on her lips, “My grandma helped me develop it and… Here I am.”

“We’ve heard so much about you.” The green-eyed man confessed, making the other one slap his shoulder.

“Really? Where?”

“Take a guess.” He dared her, and his brother continued to give him warning glances and punches.

“You’re definitely not reporters, nor writers from some snazzy sci-fi community… I’d say you’re hunters but I’ve never seen you before…”

“We stay away from other hunters as much as we can… Our dad didn’t like hunter gather ups so we grew up isolated from everyone else.” Sam explained quickly.

“Who was your father? Maybe I heard of him?” She leaned down on the desk, very interested in the conversation.

“John Winchester.” They said in unison.

“Oh yeah, he went over to my grandma’s to try and contact his wife… He also got into a lot of fights with other hunters and… WAIT.” She stood up straight as her eyes widened in realization. “Winchesters! THE Winchesters that have been messing around with things they shouldn’t!”

Sam and Dean shared a look once more before looking back at her. They gave her an apologising smile and shrugged their shoulders. “If it works… We’ve fixed each and every single one of them.” The blond one offered.

“Almost…” The other one muttered.

“Right… So which one’s Dean and which one’s Sam?” She asked.

“I’m Dean.” The blond one said, “and this is Sam.” Sam waved his hand shyly.

“Cool.” She said nonchalantly, “I’m about to close so why don’t you come to the back with me so you can answer some questions.”

Sam nodded shyly, while Dean winked at her flirtingly. They were so opposite to each other, and it could only be proven by such minor gestures like the way they stood up, or how they talked, even in the faces they made when she recognized them as trouble makers. (Y/N) felt like she could read them as easily as she read magazines and even when she was acting chill, she was being a hard-core fangirl on the inside.

(Y/N) shut the store as she usually did on regular days and guided the brothers to the backside of the store. There were a lot more strange objects there than there were at the front; there was also a table and a small fridge in the corner. (Y/N) asked them to sit and walked over to the fridge and took out three beers.

“So, are we in trouble?” Dean asked flirtingly, making Sam giving him yet another warning look.

“Funny.” (Y/N) replied sassily, handing the brothers their beer. “I’ve heard a lot about you, guys… There are so many things I’d like to know.” She said as she sat down in front of them.

“Look, Sam!” Dean joked, “The girl we’ve been fanboying about for over a year is now fangirling over us!” Sam let out a laugh.

(Y/N) let out a chuckle. “It’s hard not to fangirl over the guys that have turned the world upside down over and over again.”

“Say we also have some questions for you… What about we make a deal?” Sam inquired. (Y/N) lifted an eyebrow and encouraged him to keep talking, “You ask, we answer; then we ask and you answer…”

“Quid pro quo, Clarice.” Dean added, using his best Hannibal impression.

“Go on.” She smiled at the man. Sam rolled his eyes and started asking.

They shared all kinds of stories, anecdotes and even little secret no one else had heard before. The three of them got along so easily, it was almost as if Life wanted them to become friends.

They were laughing, drinking from their beers, and talking when (Y/N) suddenly froze. She sat straight on her chair as her face turned serious, looking to her side as if someone was whispering into her ear.

“They are good people, I promise.” She whispered to the air.

“Uh… (Y/N)?” Sam asked as he and his brother looked at each other in confusion. (Y/N) gestured them to stop talking with a movement of her hand.

“Don’t worry, Kate… Why don’t you go upstairs and play with the dolls, huh?” The woman continued, “I promise I’ll be up in less time than you think.” Then, a cold shiver ran down the brothers’ spine as the girl followed it with her eyes, giving it a begging look. The coldness faded and she finally relaxed.

“Sorry, it’s a girl I can’t finish sending to the other side…” She shivered, “My apologies.”

“It’s fine…” Sam calmed her.

“So, why is she here?” Dean asked with true concern.

“Unfinished business, like everyone else.” (Y/N) sighed.

“I mean like here… Here.” Sam and Dean leaned to the front.

“Uh… Long story… Pretty boring as well, don’t worry. She’s not dangerous.” (Y/N) shove the thought away and the Winchesters understood that it wasn’t something she’d like to talk about, so they returned to the previous, less awkward conversation.

(Y/N) offered them a place to crash. She had some extra rooms for the hunters that arrived to the store, so it wasn’t really a problem. (Y/N) guided them through a door hidden behind some voodoo stuff; it connected to a very cozy house.

The lights gave it a warm appearance, and the smell of cinnamon and vanilla was only adding extra points to it. She walked up a set of carpeted stairs that led to the rooms. They recognized her room immediately because of the clothes over her bed – it was the first one to the right. They walked forward and found two doors. She told them those were their rooms and begged them not to go exploring at nights because some hunter-friends had set a few traps all over her house and it was dangerous.

They fell asleep almost immediately. (Y/N) handmade sure to serve them a huge, home-made dinner in order to make up for the many beers they had drunk. The Winchesters couldn’t help but to moan and compliment her cooking with each bite they took, obviously eating until they felt like dying and then went to sleep.

The night was pretty calm, but Sam couldn’t help to wake up at the sound of a little girl singing. He figured it was some strange movie (Y/N) was watching or something and went back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later, Sam heard his door open and his mattress sink at someone else’s weight – someone lighter and smaller than him.

He opened his hazel eyes and met face to face with a very pretty girl. She must’ve been around eight years old, with big eyes and light hair. Her skin was pale, but apart from that, she looked normal.

“You make funny faces when you sleep.” She giggled, and though the comment was pretty scary, Sam smiled at her.

“My brother says the same.” He said with a shy giggle.

“My sister also makes weird faces… And sometimes she talks.” The girl spoke, “Grandma said she was talking to the spirits that were already on the other side.”

“So is (Y/N) your sister?” The girl nodded proudly.

“She’s the best sister in the world.”

“I’m sure she is.” Sam smiled sadly. Although he could see the girl, and even feel her weight beside him, he knew there was something odd about her, and he was almost certain of what that odd thing was. “What’s your name?”

“Kate. What’s your name?” Yup, there it was. He was very sure to have heard (Y/N) calling the ghost Kate.

“Sam.”  The hunter responded after clearing his throat.

“What’s your brother’s name?” She tilted her head.

“Dean.” The girl nodded again, “So why aren’t you asleep?”

“I don’t sleep… Not anymore.” The girl confessed sadly, “My sister says it’s because the shadow man, but I haven’t seen him anymore so I don’t know why I still can’t sleep.”

“That’s awful… I don’t sleep sometimes.” Sam spoke, trying to make her feel safe with him, “Who’s the Shadow Man?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to tell my sister.” The girl pouted. She was adorable, just like (Y/N).

“Promise.” Sam lifted his pinkie and the girl tangled it with his. Her touch was ice cold, and it felt like smoke.

“When a person turns into a ghost, the Shadow Man comes to get it.” Kate started, “That’s why my sister likes to help other ghosts… If they don’t leave soon, the Shadow Man makes them get angry and vengeful. After that, if they’re still here, the Shadow Man eats their energy and makes them do awful things until they become shadows just like him.”

“That’s so scary.” Sam said with a childish voice and the girl nodded in agreement. “But I’m sure you don’t fear him,” Kate shook her head, “So when did he come?”

“My sister says it was many years ago, but it feels like yesterday to me.” Kate spoke shyly, “He came after our parents died. We had just moved here and he was angry with my sister for keeping ghosts away from him, so he attacked me.”

“What did he do to you?” The girl shrugged her little shoulders.

“I don’t remember…”


“Weeeell…” She pressed a finger to her pouted lips and looked up, “A big shadow appeared in my room one night and it fell over me… It was all dark for many hours, but then my sister’s voice called me and I escaped the darkness…”


“It was like walking in smoke, so I just walked to the sound of her voice and I woke up in my bed.” She said somehow proudly, “My sister made her friends set all kinds of strange drawings on the windows and all kinds of strange traps all over the house to keep the Shadow Man away.”


“YES!” She exclaimed, raising her little hands to the air, “and she doesn’t let me go out… But its fine, because she spoils me.”

“She spoils you?” Sam let out a tender smile.

“Yeah, she doesn’t force me to shower anymore, or to change my clothes, see?” she gestured at the pink romper she was wearing, “This is my favourite piece and I can wear it every day! AND I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL.” Her excitement made her fall back to the bed, causing both Sam and her to giggle once more. “She rocks.”

“I’m sure she does.” Sam smiled, helping her to sit back up.

“Is your brother cool like (Y/N)?”

“Oh yes.” And so, Sam proceeded to tell her all kinds of stories about Dean as a brother. Most of them the funny kind. Kate eventually cuddled next to him, and though her whole self was cold as Hell, Sam didn’t struggle to fall back asleep after hours of talking with Kate.

The next morning, (Y/N) and Dean woke up earlier than Sam. They were both cooking breakfast, turning out to be a really awesome team. Sam eventually went down and helped them set the table, and in no time they were already eating.

Dean was telling her about how his mother would make breakfast before dying, when (Y/N) froze again. This time, it wasn’t a cold air but rather a little girl jumping into Sam’s arms.

“Sam!” She cheered, climbing his legs to sit on his lap.

“Heya, Kate.” Sam smiled at her. (Y/N) dropped her fork as she stared in horror. Meanwhile, Dean got immediately embellished with the kid.

“Who’s this beautiful girl?” He said. Kate chuckled, and if she could, she would’ve blushed.

“I’m Kate!” She said, showing Dean a big smile with a few teeth missing.

“Nice to meet you, Kate.” Dean smiled back, “I’m Dean.”

“YOU’RE SAM’S BROTHER!” (Y/N) was still frozen, alternating her gaze between the brothers and her sister. She wasn’t supposed to be visible.

“Why didn’t you tell us you had a sister?” Dean asked, looking at (Y/N) for a second before turning back to Kate.

“She’s shy sometimes… Didn’t want to scare her, that’s all.” (Y/N) replied quickly.

“We’re not scary, right Kate?” Kate shook her head enthusiastically and moved over to sit with Dean.

“Hey, isn’t the ghost from yesterday a Kate too?” Sam asked, trying to push an explanation out of (Y/N).

“Ghost?” Kate asked as her smile faded.

“YES!” (Y/N) squealed, “But she’s a Cate with C and this Kate is Kate with K…” (Y/N) breathed out heavily, trembling.

“Like a Kardashian!” Kate cheered and (Y/N) stiffened.

“Where did you hear that?” She asked in a high pitched voice.

“I read it in one of your magazines.” Kate explained innocently.

“Stop reading my magazines, you do NOT want to be a Kardashian.” She pointed a finger her way, making Dean laugh loudly.

(Y/N) couldn’t help but to let Kate stay for the rest of the breakfast. Dean was head over heels with her, she was far too adorable for him to focus on anything else. Sam, on the other hand, gave (Y/N) a knowing look, which was replied with a heavy sigh from the woman.

Eventually, Kate dragged Dean to her bedroom, where they had a fabulous tea party while Sam helped (Y/N) clean up.

“Why haven’t you crossed her?” Sam finally asked. He and (Y/N) had finished picking up the table and were now washing the dishes.

“I can’t… It’s too hard.” She confessed, focusing on the dirty plates instead of looking up at Sam.

“This Shadow Man…” Sam started, “The lore books say he’s far too dangerous and…”

“He’ll find her one way or another… I know, Sam.” She sniffled.

“You have to help her.” Sam insisted and (Y/N) finally looked up at him. She had tears in her eyes.

“How am I supposed to tell her she’s dead?” She cried, “She’s just a girl, Sam… And, as ironic as it may be, she’s so full of life…”

“That’s not life, (Y/N).”

“She wanted to be a ballerina – she still does… How will I tell her she won’t ever be it?” Sam sighed.

“Dean and I will help you keep him away, but you have to cross her.”

“There are enough sigils in this house, already.” (Y/N) grumbled.

“She’s not supposed to be visible… Not even ‘palpable’ and you know it.” Sam hissed.

“Ghosts can be visible if they want to.” She muttered.

“Dean and I have been dead… All of our friends are dead as well and I can tell you that the only way a ghost can be visible to people other than psychics are if they are angry enough…”

“She’s not angry.”

“But what if the sigils stopped working?” (Y/N) stiffened at the thought, “Dean gave her a piggy-back ride to her room, can’t you see? He’s reaching out to her with sigils or not.”

“I can’t stop him.”

“Who is he? Maybe Dean and I can burn him.”

“He has a lot of shadows looking out for his bones… Trust me, others have tried it and didn’t make it.” (Y/N) dried her tears with the back of her hand.

“We’re not the others… We’ve faced worse than that… Trust me, we can fix it.” His hazel eyes showed nothing else but compassion and even hope. “We’ll salt and burn and you’ll tell her the truth and help her cross.”

(Y/N) let out a sigh along with a few more tears before agreeing. Sam didn’t hesitate in wrapping his arms around her, comforting her.

They told Dean, who couldn’t help but to get teary after realizing that the awesome girl he had been playing with was actually a ghost. He didn’t hesitate in helping, not even when they told him the plan consisted in Sam burning the bones on his own. Dean just copped with it.


The plan, although extra dangerous, was simple. Sam would burn the bones and (Y/N) would remove the sigils, exposing her sister as bait. Dean would make sure they Shadow Man didn’t get to her.

“I promise I will take good care of you… And Dean won’t allow the shadows touch you.” (Y/N) promised to her sister.

“I don’t want him to take me, I want to stay here with you forever.” The little girl cried. (Y/N)’s heart broke with her sisters words, and she cried and cried, holding her close to her chest.

“Nothing’s gonna harm you.” (Y/N) promised.

Dean kneeled beside (Y/N). “I’m like a superhero, Kate. I won’t let anything get you or your sister.”

Meanwhile, Sam had done a pretty good job at keeping the shadows away. They were literally what happens between being a vengeful spirit and turning into a demon, so salt was more than enough. Kate had given him a hula-hoop she had filled with salt when she was alive; it was (Y/N)’s idea and the only way she would let her sister join her during the “whispering missions” – as Kate liked to call them.

Sam hadn’t much trouble digging the grave almost completely, but just when he was about to reach the bones, a bunch of other shadows appeared and attacked him. Threatening to “swallow” him like they had did with Kate. But Sam Winchester was far more experienced to let them win – He was Sam freaking Winchester after all.

(Y/N) washed off the sigils and removed the traps. The Shadow Man started rising. It sounded like an extremely windy day inside their heads, and the lights went off and darkness surrounded the house.

Kate started whimpering.  She gripped tightly to her sisters legs as Dean stood in front of them protectively. “Hurry up, Sam.” Dean groaned, like he and his brother had some kind of telepathic connecting or something.

A silhouette formed out of the shadows. It was a tall, skinny man and he walked inside the house like nothing. His facial features were barely visible, but one thing was sure: He had a wicked smile and his eyes were shining red.

“Remember me, Kate?” The wind-like noise hissed. Kate buried her face in (Y/N)’s legs and the woman protectively wrapped her arms around her sister as Dean shot the man a pack of rock salt.

He was a powerful being – a demon. So rock salt didn’t fully stop him. Thankfully, Sam had suggested drawing a devil’s trap on the roof just in case, and the Shadow Man was walking towards it without even knowing it.

“Back off, bitch!” Dean ordered, which made the Shadow man chuckle.

With a flick of his dark hand, Dean was pushed against a wall. His gun flew to the other side of the room and Kate cried in horror as she lifted her gaze just enough to see Dean spitting blood from the impact. However, he was already inside the devil’s trap and he couldn’t get out of there.

“You think this will keep me forever?” The demon hissed. Strings of shadow appeared, crashing through the windows and the floor and started ripping the devil’s trap. Dean got up as fast as he could and reach for his gun, shooting at every tentacle he could.


Sam was already salting, but the shadows constantly messing up with him and beating him up were making the whole process slower.

The devil’s trap was about to become useless and Dean had run out of salt. So he did what his reckless ass thought would be best: He threw himself towards the Shadow Man, who started eating his essence. (Y/N) screamed his name, taking him out of the darkness just like she had did with her sister many years ago – except Dean was still alive.

The hunter fell back, and he crawled back to (Y/N) and Kate, still on the floor but setting himself in front of them.

Sam finally dropped the match.

Flames covered the house, and (Y/N) got scared that it would burn it to the ground, but it didn’t. Only the shadows burned, disappearing with a loud screech that finished cracking the windows and every other crystal thing in the house. He was gone.

Dean breathed out the air he had no idea he was holding, and in just seconds (Y/N) and Kate were over him, crying and gripping him tightly like he were the only thing that kept them back on Earth. Dean wrapped his arms around them and pulled them closer, allowing them to let go off whatever they had felt.

Sam arrived a bit later. Kate got up and hugged him, and Sam didn’t hesitate in carrying her and holding her tightly while Dean helped (Y/N) up and dried her tears. “It’s over.” Sam spoke softly.

“So can I go out of the house now?” Kate asked. There was hope in her eyes, even behind the fear and the death, there was still a living part inside of her.

Sam and Dean gave (Y/N) a comforting glance, and Sam let (Y/N) carry Kate all the way towards the messy living room. “There’s something I need to tell you.” (Y/N) said, failing to control the tears on her eyes.

“You can tell me anything.” Kate spoke, “That’s what sisters are for.”

“I don’t know what I’ll do without you.” (Y/N) confessed. Dean breathed in, trying to keep the tears from falling whilst Sam dropped a few, not really caring of his manliness like his brother.

“Without me? Why would you be without me? It’s us against the world!” Kate cheered, “That’s what you told me when we moved here…”

“I can’t keep you here, Kate…”

“Are you sending me away? WHY? The Shadow Man is gone, I can go back to school and ballet and…” (Y/N) shook her head.

“You can’t… Kate, you’re…” (Y/N) bursted in tears. Dean rushed to sit beside her, holding her tightly and whispering comforting things to her ear.

“I’m what? (Y/N)!!!” Kate was never patient, and seeing her sister unable to speak was making it worse. (Y/N) pulled away from Dean and held her sisters hands in hers.

“Kate, why do you think you can’t sleep anymore?”

“Because the Shadow Man gave me nightmares.” Kate explained as if it were that simple.

“Why do you think I don’t make you shower, or change your clothes or go to school?” (Y/N) continued.

“Because you’re an awesome sister…” (Y/N) shook her head.

“The Shadow Man… He hurt you, Kate…” Kate nodded.

“I know, but he is gone! You don’t have to send me away!” Kate begged.

“I do… I must.” (Y/N) cried.

“Where will you send me?”

“With mom and dad, and grandma and that dog you used to have.” (Y/N) gave her a reassuring smile through the tears.

“But they’re all…” Kate gasped, “Death.”

(Y/N) nodded and cried once more. Sam kneeled in front of Kate as Dean held (Y/N) once more. “You’ll be fine, Kate… Don’t worry.”

“What will happen to her?” Kate whimpered, “We only have each other.”

“We’ll take care of her.” Dean said as he rubbed (Y/N)’s back.


“Promise.” Sam lifted his pinkie once more and Kate tangled her own with it.

A golden light appeared, although only Kate could see it. (Y/N) pulled away from Dean, willing to give her sister one last good-bye. Kate threw her arms around (Y/N) and promised her to wait for the day she joined them; she also promised to tell everyone how much she loved them, and take care of her from above. And then she was gone.


“So… What’s next?” Sam asked the next morning. They had been up all night.

“A retired hunter will take care of the store… As for me, well,” (Y/N) chuckled, “Kate was the only reason why I stayed… She was attached to the house so… I guess I’ll travel around the country to help spirits and so…”

“Like a hunter?” Sam inquired.

“Kind of.” (Y/N) gave them a sheepish smile.

Sam and Dean shared a knowing look and then returned their gazes back to her. “You know,” Dean started, “we could use someone like you in our team…”

“We’d keep you away from danger and give you a place to live…” Sam continued.

“An underground bunker with memory-foam mattresses and the best water pressure in the world.” Dean winked.

“It would be a change of airs, and there are so many books you can read…” Sam offered.

“And we also have Netflix.” Dean added.

(Y/N) giggled. “Are you seducing me to move with you?”

“What if we were?” Dean inquired flirtingly. (Y/N9 breathed out a smile.

“A change of airs sounds nice…” She mumbled.

“So I’ll go get your bags, and Dean,” Sam looked at his brother, “don’t scare her. We don’t want her to change her mind.”

Dean punched his brother’s arm playfully. Yes, it would definitely help her to move away; and what better than to move with two of the most amazing men ever? Whatever they had done in the past was made up by how humane, caring and funny they were… And let’s face it, living with two hotties like them wasn’t much of a torture.

As I conclude my two years at community college before transferring, I am experiencing a million emotions at once that I need to express in words to all the people who have impacted my life in one way or another these last couple years. 

to my high school friends, I’m thankful for your friendships, I’m sorry I  grew so distant once college started, and I’m sorry life has driven us in different directions, but I see you guys are doing well and I hope you guys are full of happiness. 

to angel, thank you for being that one friend from high school that hasn’t forgotten about me. It meant so much to me to receive a text on my birthday and to hear from you time to time. thank you for showing me our friendship is meaningful. 

to my high school crush, thank you for showing me that people don’t stay bitter forever, and that people grow up after high school. thank you for showing me kindness these last couple years. 

to those that mistreated me in high school, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve learned that high school wasn’t for me, and I’ve grown a lot as a person, and I’m much happier with some pretty special people in my life.

to catherine, thank you for being my rock during college, and my first friend in college. You were one of the most supportive and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. I’m so sad you’ll be moving to ucsb next semester, but I’m so ridiculously happy for you. You are so deserving of every bit of happiness. 

to someone I met first semester that I am no longer friends with, thank you for showing me that I should not be afraid to make friends, that simply reaching out to someone and asking them to get coffee with you is all it really takes sometime. I don’t think  you could have come into my life at a better time. I get immensely sad time to time that we no longer talk,  but I guess thats life, your friendship has taught me a lot. Thank you for introducing me to one of the most important things in my life, and for pushing me to pursue it. 

to the boy that broke me, thank you for showing me that I am too reckless with my heart and that i need to be more careful when it comes to loving people. thank you for showing me that sometimes, words are just empty, and that I don’t need your validation or anyone else’s to know my worth. 

to Sarah, thank you for being someone I looked up to this last semester. Thank you for motivating me to have more pride in my japanese culture and for showing me that other people deal with anxiety just as bad as I do. I hope you don’t forget about me. 

to Ms. Hart, thank you for being the one teacher that has impacted my life greatly. This last semester was an absolute blessing to have you and to motivate me for art. I have a completely more positive mindset towards art and creating it. 

to Lisah, thank you for showing me that theres so much beauty in the world. thank you for encouraging me to live a life full of happiness so that even when I’m your age, I’ll be full of energy and the happiness that you are. 

to my 2d art class, thank you for teaching me that I shouldn’t judge people by the way they appear. I’ve never been so willing to be around a group of people as you crazy people. You guys made my mornings more tolerable, and brought me so much laughs each day. 

to stephen, thanks for showing me that people are fucking assholes and sometimes you just can’t change that about a person.

to austin, thank you for showing me the importance of working hard for myself. I need to start standing up for myself because I don’t want to keep feeling used anymore.

to Jaycee, thank you for being someone that keeps me sane in a place where I feel nothing but unhappiness

to my coworkers, thank you for showing me that I just need to focus on myself and do what I need to do and that people may act like they are superior to you, but sometimes you just need to laugh. 

to morgan, thank you for motivating me to have a relationship with God again. maybe this summer I can focus on that. 

to the honors program students, thank you for being a supportive circle of friends through the years. although things didn’t end the way i think everyone had hoped, I’m still thankful to have felt welcomed and comfortable around great people. thankful for Charissa, Morgan, and Catherine because you showed me special friendships that warmed my heart. 

to the people from my gym, thank you for being a great source of my happiness, climbing and amazing people has just really been a big reason why I’ve made it through a lot of my recent struggles. 

to gabby, thank you for showing me such a pure and fun friendship. you have been the first friend that has been so much like me, and had a spontaneous personality like mine, and I really need a friend like you around. 

to chelsea, thank you for being my best friend through the years. you are so special to me, and I know we grow a part time to time but I’m glad no matter what we always keep a strong friendship and your support has helped me through so much. 

to my doggy, thank you for keeping me comfort every night and for loving me effortlessly. you bring me so much happiness

to my loving boyfriend, thank you for being someone that has shown me so much support and love. thank you for all da late night taco dates that made life a little less painful. thank you for helping me find my passion for climbing and for loving me despite all my flaws and stupidity. I don’t deserve you, and I wish I was better at expressing my love and appreciation, because you truly deserve all the happiness in the world. 

to my parents, thank you guys for being amazing people in my life and always supporting me. I am so blessed to have you guys in my life. 

thank you to all the individuals that showed me kindness in some form or another. I am grateful for it all, and I’m gonna miss so many people.