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Expectations on Descendants 2

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Okay, what I most expect is the interaction that Uma and Harry will have, because JESUS ​​they have an ATTRACTION TOO STRONG.

Well after having read the spoilers of the novel that summarizes the second movie. I must say I’m in SHOCK.
First because they imply that Harry not only likes girls but also boys. Second, because now they say in comments that Uma also likes to try everything, EVERYTHING. (This could be good because it would look like both characters explore their sexuality and see the gay community issues) (Although I’m already praying now to show some progress)

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Third, the deception that Mal will do and the rest of VK’s to Uma and the pirates is really epic. It will be humorous to see that.

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Fourth, it hurts in my soul that the story will be repeated and when I say this I mean that the bad guys will always be defeated even though they have good reasons to be like that. The VK’s pirates (Uma, Harry, Gil and the rest of the pirates) deserve to have a happy ending TRULY DESERVE IT. In the book of Rise of the Isle of the Lost you see that they really hate your life and just want an opportunity to get out of the cruel fate they have.

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Fifth, I am very hyped by the final fight, if in the movie they show it as it says in the novel I will have MANY FEELINGS FOUND. I will try not to let go of important spoilers. GOD, in the end they give us to understand that it is not that they are bad only that they are thus by the circumstances in which they live and Ben realizes of that. It’s more the same says “I know you want things to change on the island, help me on that.” Sincerely by just saying that Ben proves that he is a great king. Because the Beast King in the first movie shows that he does not want to know anything about VK’s and that he does not care at all.

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Finally, I really hope that the end of the movie is a different end to the novel because I would hate if it stays that way. In any case as a boy told me, chances are that what comes out in the novel is only the base script and that the movie has changes (because in many movies that later took a book that summarizes the story happens this). For me it would be best if the end of the movie is the continuation of the ending that show in the novel. BECAUSE IT IS CONTINUED !! AND THAT IRRITATES ME SO MUCH.

Now just wait to see the movie to see the changes that will be and hopefully as I say about the end because if I do not I WILL BE VERY CABRED.

“Rotten to the Core”    Vs    “We Ride to The Tide”

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▫Don’t let me down ✋
(Não me decepcione)

▫I’d love to hold you close, tonight and always 💫
(Eu adoraria te abraçar, hoje e sempre)

▫ Believe me, I could live without you But I really don’t want to 🌊
(Acredite em mim, eu poderia viver sem você Mas eu realmente não quero)

▫Cause he was just a dick and I knew it 🌸
(Pois ele era apenas um babaca e eu sabia disso)

▫It’s just me, myself and I Solo ride until I die Cause I got me for life 🔮
( É só eu, eu mesma e eu, sozinha até que eu morra Porque eu me tenho para a vida)

▫There’s a million reasons why I should give you up But the heart wants what it wants 💔
(Há um milhão de motivos para eu te deixar Mas o coração quer o que ele quer)

▫This is a modern fairytale No happy ending 👣
(Este é um conto de fadas moderno Sem finais felizes)

▫ A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body🔥
(Menos conversa e um pouco mais de toques ao meu corpo)

▫No broken hearts in the club, more drinks pour it up 🍸
(Sem corações partidos na balada, encha o copo de bebida)

▫We only got one life, so let’s go hard till the day we die 💥
(Só temos uma vida, vamos fundo até morrermos)

▫ I was in my zone, before you came along 🍃
(Eu estava de boa antes de você chegar)

▫I'ma show you how, show you how, show you how To love again 💗
(Eu vou te mostrar como, te mostrar como, te mostrar como amar novamente)

▫ Hold me close, I wanna feel your heart 💏
(Abraça-me forte, eu quero sentir o seu coração)

▫How do I live without the ones I love? 😞
(Como posso viver sem aqueles que eu amo?)

▫Will you stay? Will you stay away forever? 💭
(Você vai ficar? Você vai ficar longe para sempre?)

▫I have so much to say but you’re so far away 🌾
(Tenho tanto pra dizer mas você está tão distante)


FAVOURITE EVERYTHING → Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho (The Way He Looks)

“Léo, se você roubasse um beijo de alguém, como que cê faria pra devolver?”

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Will you, roby, take my hand in marriage? If so, I hope there sha LL be no deaths of bachelors, and we shall be victorious in marriage. We would dance like Uma Thurman, and soon buy a House of Gold. We could be together for what feels like Centuries and be immortals. We may only be Teenagers, but if we don't start now, we might wonder where did the party go? On the way there, we could listen to the Car Radio, and we should not be Stressed out by such a proposal. Or something like that :')

this ask is such a trainwreck and i applaud you for spending that much time in referencing all those songs 

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If his name really is Legume, I have the perfect ship name.... UHOOKME! GET IT? U(ma)(harry)hook(gil legu)me!!!! Haha...I'll leave now

a for effort buddy lmao


Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s dog Bisou first stole his heart. Now the Rottweiler mix is muscling in on his career.

The 9-year-old dog earned an impromptu cameo in Morgan’s latest film, “The Accidental Husband,” costarring Uma Thurman. “We were shooting in New York, and I had Bisou off-leash,” Morgan told the New York Post. “She came running up behind me like a crazy dog.”

The movie’s director, Griffin Dunne, decided to keep the spontaneous footage, and as they say in Hollywood, a star was born.

“Bisou’s become quite accustomed to being on sets,” Morgan says. “The first thing she figures out is the location of the food truck. If she ever goes missing, she turns up there, doing her ‘I haven’t eaten in 100 years’ thing.”

~Jeffrey on his pup, Bisou~

Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)

Every now and then I think you. /  De vez em quando eu penso que você. 

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me. /  Eu só espero que você esteja deitado ao lado de alguém, que saiba amar você como eu. 

There must be a good reason that you’re gone. /  Deve haver uma boa razão para que você tenha ido.  

Should’ve known your love was a game /  Deveria saber que seu amor era um jogo.

Now I can’t get you out of my brain.Ohh, it’s such a shame. /  Agora eu não consigo tirar você do meu cérebro. Oh, é uma pena.  

We don’t laugh anymore. What was all of it for? /  Nós não rimos mais,para que foi tudo isso?

Ohh, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do. /  Oh, nós não nos falamos mais como costumávamos fazer. 

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking you’ve been looking for I wish I would’ve known that wasn’t me. /  Acabei de ouvir que você encontrou quem você estava procurando, quem você estava procurando, quem dera eu soubesse que essa não era eu. 

‘Cause even after all this time I still wonder Why I can’t move on, just the way you did so easily? /  Porque mesmo depois de todo esse tempo eu ainda me pergunto. Por que não posso seguir em frente do jeito que você fez tão facilmente? 

i love the way you hurt me /listen here/

01 irresistible//fall out boy 02.miss jackson//panic!at the disco zero//gerard way 04.planetary (go!)//my chemical romance 05.the edge//tonight alive 06.caraphernelia//pierce the veil 07.lonely girl//tonight alive 08.bite my tongue//you me at six 09.all the boys//panic! at the disco brightside//the killers 11.uma thurman//fall out boy 12.pretty litle girl//blink 182 13.stop this song love sick melody//paramore 14.time bomb//all time low patrick//pvris shows//gerard way thing that never happened//we are the in crowd

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Why is there a Harry/Mal day but no Harry/Uma day?

We forgot :( We didn’t realize when we wrote out the days that harry/uma would be more anticipated as a ship, and I’m rlly sorry!!

Harry/Mal was just put since the actors are dating as well as based off their interaction in the trailer I guess? It was kind of hard to decide what movie 2 ships to put since it’s not out yet so yeaaahh ;__;

But please feel free to use the free ship day as harry/uma!! Again I’m sorry we forgot the ship :( I’ve personally begun to really enjoy it too

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Hey, something else that keeps bothering me about the Rise of the Isle of the Lost book: I feel like the trailer (the book trailer where we see Uma being like, "There's only one thing standing in my way: Mal" or something like that) is super misleading??? Like, Uma didn't even realize Mal was an obstacle until the very end when they telekinetically grapple for the trident. (Or did I read the book wrong? I had a headache but I read the book all the way through anyway. It took a while. But I did.)

you’re right oh my god why is this such a mess lmao