are we there yeti

Voice lines prior to Yeti island/Hunting the Yeti


“I bet you’re all real scared to see the Yeti- well I’m not! If I see that big fat furball, he’ll have anotha’ thing comin’! ‘Cause I’ll be the first one to kill ‘im, while the rest of you wusses piss your freakin’ pants!”

“So…you don’t think the Yeti is real, right? Not because I’m scared or anything! It’s just, y’know, something I was wonderin’ since we got here, and I couldn’t sleep at night and… you know what? Forget I said anything”. 

“Boys! I want you to remember this: A Yeti are nothing more then a knock off to the fearsome, American Big Foot himself! I expect no mercy for this pathetic ape.

“If I catch one of you cowards crapping yourselves to the sight of rip-off Big Foot, I will throw you into the monster’s grasp, and let him eat you. THEN, while he is in the process of digestion, I will kill the Yeti soon after, AND EAT THE BOTH OF YOU”.

“This Yeti will not escape the park ALIVE, do you hear me!? I want all of you to go at him with all your strength, and all your might! For all we know, the Yeti could break my spine, and if I see one of you stopping to help me up, I swear to the American flag, I will rip your faces off!”

*Mmphs the jurassic park theme for a few seconds*

“If this here island’s got a Yeti, ye don’t suppose there could be more creatures out there, aye? Maybe ol’ nessie is here too! Today will be a bloody killing spree for me indeed~”

“If anyone gets dehydrated, dunnae worry! I’ve packed plenty of scrumpeh for everyone! Oh wait … Alright, so I was suppose to bring water instead. Look, if you get delirious, I’ll smash the bottle over ya head, and carry you myself, no worries!”

“I kill bears bigger then men back home- this will be no problem for Heavy”.

“Giant Yeti will be killed with bare hands! Then, we cook and eat him! It will be a great feast, and I will have Yeti sandvich”. 

“Ahh, maybe one day, we will fight in colder climate. Heavy hate this hot weather. Maybe Yeti is mad that he is not somewhere colder? Yeti is from cold lands, no?”

“Did ya’ll know I made a Sasquatch-tracking device years back? Shame I didn’t think to tinker ‘round with it, and make it a Yeti-tracking device instead. Now we gotta do this on foot”.

“Fellas, I know we’ve got a Yeti to hunt down and all, but look at this here beautiful island (whistles). There must be tons of stars in the sky at night. I should’ve brought some camping gear with me”.

“Oh I cannot believe the Yeti is endangered! I never even got a chance to dissect one!”

Whoever kills the yeti first, please save the intact organs and bring it to me! I have a cooler that will preserve it until we complete the mission”.

Ack! Everyone wants to kill and eat the Yeti! I must be the first one to locate the Yeti, before anyone else does! Hale be damned! This is for science!”

“It’d be nice to have a Yeti skull in my collection. But first, gotta make sure the Yeti doesn’t take mine first! (chuckles)”. 

“Don’t worry lads, that Yeti is gonna get a bullet right between its dull eyes. He’ll be down before he even knows it. Hell, maybe I’ll whip us up some Yeti soup afterwards”. 

“If it’s a hunt we’re talkin’ about, then there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve had real bloody encounters before, and here I am today. This Yeti is just another prize for good old Sniper”.

“The price I must pay for being so well dressed…My suit will be dirtied beyond repair, no doubt. If anyone throws mud at me on purpose, I will slit your throat”.

“Must we really walk around an entire jungle? I propose we use Scout as bait, and have the the Yeti come to us!…Oh who am I kidding, no one wants to eat Scout. Perhaps the Heavy would be a better choice?”


Languid heart,

puzzled by her riddled eyes –

The petals of her curiosities,
flushing a riot,
the wickedness of the moon
is redeemable!

O! grace of her displaced passion,
the ruffian tears that woke 
the wolves and bears!

Hah! - poor midnight belle
she brings her deep promises,
to heal or cause greater chaos?

These breathing secrets are looking for 
the privacy of the Oracle,
pale bloom of red, hold me
meet me in these unseen shades of 
my mortal sin, the debt I must pay –

All feast of her uncertainty,
wilting upon the patience
I no longer have.

How far must I bleed
and hobbled with peculiarity?
This endless whisper
of dusky chamber 
is giving me grief!

So we hopped along, one foot no rush
prepare the beds,
soon our pallid souls wither,
for we have
abandoned the hours and
spat carelessly these spineless tongues!

I hurried the smoke,
her wide syllables bothered me,
we became knot-grasses,
the consequences of the past,
where her bare self
swooned over my warm marrow.

Ah! how we had seen it all,
paradise and wilderness
in crimson and gold yet
I cannot not speak of the azure blankets
nor the smothering of lavender
swarming my mind!

In the eternal end of it all,

I only remember the sumptuous perfume

of her lustrous ardour –

Such a cruel aftermath,

unaccountable hours of labour

just to lie with silent unreturned groans

as she fled out of this phantasm!

D C de Oliveira


this just in scientists have confirmed that all cryptids are lesbians 

Mandatory Ears

Hi!! So, this is from the Prompt Ask Meme, @goramidiot thank you for asking!! 

29. “Anything but that.” 39. “Come on, it wasn’t that bad.” // Klance 

Klance Disney Short Date! I’m so sorry it took me so long, I got caught up with some updates and such. 

Aaaaand also sorry it’s so short!! <33 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“Anything but that.”

Lance laughs as his boyfriend’s grip on the lamp post tightens. “Keith, babe, come on, it’s not a real Disney Vacation if you don’t ride Everest.”

Keith scolds, “You said that when you bought the ears, Lance.” He says as he points with his eyes the Minnie ears on his head.

Lance shrugs, “Well, those are practically mandatory, babe.”

Keith glares down at his boyfriend as Lance tries to pull him off the lamp post, “I will not ride that mountain of death!”

“Keith! You literally fly every day at The Garrison!”

“Those are simulators that don’t have freaky yetis, Lance!”

“We will not see The Lion King Show if we don’t ride this, Keith.” Lance declares, tapping his foot against the floor, arms crossed against his chest, “And no Simba plushie.”

“What the fuck, man.” Keith whispers horrified and Lance’s mouth twitch in amusement.

“It’s for your own good, amor! I promise you, you will like the ride!” The brunet reassurance as he drops a kiss against Keith’s cheek and pries his hands off the lamp post. “Trust me.”

Keith just grumbles under his breath as he let his boyfriend grab him by the hand and starts pulling them towards the Everest line.

Fifty five minutes later and the couple was first in line, Lance whooping excitedly as they take a seat at the very first row of the cart, smiling bright and big at the nervous Keith besides him.

“It’s going to be fine.” Lance whispers softly as he grabs Keith’s hand and rubs small soothing circles on it, “I’m here with you.”

Keith gulps and returns the smile, small and shaky.

“And the Yeti, it’s here for you too.”

Keith’s annoyed shout of his boyfriend’s name is cut off by the sudden start of the ride.

“Come on, it wasn’t so bad!” Lance says as he pays for the reaction photo of him and Keith and grins back at his boyfriend as Keith continues to pant against the wall, “It was dark for like, a second, babe.”

“I was in a black hole.” Keith whispers softly, hand still clutching his chest, “A dark cold black hole.”

Lance rolls his eyes and kiss Keith on top of his head. “You have seen too many Space Documentaries, babe.” He declares, wrapping an arm around his boyfriend’s shoulders and pulling him close, “But on the other hand, look at you, looking so handsome.”

Keith frowns in confusion before looking at the photo in Lance’s hands.

The picture itself it’s a good one and while the two other pairs above Lance and Keith have happy wide grins on their faces, Keith’s an entire different story.

The black haired man in the picture is leaning back on the seat as far as he can as his mouth is wide open in terror and his eyes are big and shiny as if staring straight into death’s eye. One of his hands is grabbing into Lance’s shirt in a death grip while the other one is holding the tube on his lap.

Besides him, Lance is smiling wide and big, one of his blue eyes closed by the hard wind that makes his hair wild and with his only open eye, he’s looking at his boyfriend, one of his hands firmly placed over Keith’s one on his chest.

Keith smiles at it as he takes Lance’s hand into his own and drops a kiss on it.

It’s a good picture.

badnewsbyraven  asked:

How would you go about starting your own podcast with limited resources? If you don't mind me asking, you just seem like an approachable, knowledgeable person in this field ^^;

You can look in my advice tag for a variety of information on this subject, but I’ll give you a quick breakdown here as well! 

  • Blue Yeti Microphone (about $80; what we recorded our first 9 eps on)
  • Libsyn + Podtrac. 
    • Libsyn $5/month for hosting (or $10 depending on how much data per month you need) 
    • Podtrac for stats - it’s free and you can get country info which Libsyn basic stats doesn’t give you. You can also get an audience survey link through Podtrac 
  • Audacity for recording and editing (Adobe Audition if you can afford it/want more flexibility with editing) 
  • A quiet place to record + talented actors who are willing to act for free 
  • Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/etc. You might not need a website right away (we didn’t have a real one until season two) but Squarespace is obviously the preferred platform for most podcasters 
  • #AudioDramaSunday - if you’re doing an audio drama that is. It’s a thing on twitter that happens every Sunday and is a great way to promote your show/meet other creators
  • The willingness to spend your free time lurking on tumblr/twitter/reddit/random blogs to promote your work. 
  • Patience 

Hope that’s helpful! Let me know if you have other questions and best of luck!!

Does Sasquatch Migrate?

The behavior of Sasquatch has long been debated, the biggest question is where do they live? A hotly debated topic in cryptozoology is whether or not Sasquatch migrate or live in territories. Well there is evidence supporting both theories, matching footprints have been found miles and even states apart, but in other cases food caches and primitive homes have also been found. So what is it? The cryptozoology community is split in their opinions but maybe it’s not one or the other, but both. Apes are never known to migrate, they have a home territory that they frequent around but rarely travel beyond their territory. Could Sasquatch live similarly?

It is possible that Sasquatch have a territory, but due to the lack of a large population their territories are just very large. They could move around their territories, following food sources and perhaps traveling to find a mate. They could move around their territory to find the most abundant food sources during certain times of the year such as berries in the spring and summer, and following other animal migration patterns to hunt their prey. This would explain matching footprints miles apart and why food caches and other signs of residential living have been found.

Due to a lack of information Sasquatch behavior is mostly speculative. We as researchers try our best to make the most out of the small amounts of evidence we have. The only way we can get for sure answers would be studying the creature closely which is a hard thing to do when they are so rare and reclusive. Each day we come closer to the truth and someday we will have our answers.

Expedition Everest” Dan Goozee, 2002

While we’ve previously profiled the formidable, breakdown-prone Yeti of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest, today we take a look at the attraction as a whole. Early on in development of this E-ticket thrill ride, there was hesitation to use the Everest theme. Unlike Disneyland’s Matterhorn or even Space Mountain, which was inspired by the aesthetics of Japan’s Mount Fuji, Imagineers questioned whether the profile of Mount Everest was distinctive enough to wow audiences. To solve this concern, Imagineer Joe Rohde suggested putting the mountain range itself in the background rather than making it the focal point. The foreground would be dressed with more enticing visual images, while the peaks would tower mysteriously beyond. What resulted was a stunning and layered landscape that draws curious and thrill-seeking guests to this Forbidden Mountain daily.

Art ©️ Disney

Engineering professor: “Can anybody give me an example of an engineering mistake which caused something to fail?”

Me, internally: “The yeti is the largest and most complex audio-animatronic figure ever built by Walt Disney Imagineering.[4][9] It is 25 feet (7.6 m) tall. Its “skin” measures 1,000 square feet (93 m2), and is held in place by 1,000 snaps and 250 zippers. Its movement is controlled by 19 actuators (when functioning in “A-mode”, its full mode of operation). It can move 5 ft (1.5 m) horizontally and 18 in (46 cm) vertically when functioning in “A-mode”. The yeti’s roars are provided by voice actor Fred Tatasciore.The Yeti has not been in full “A-mode” operation since a few months after the ride’s opening,[19] when its framing split, causing significant risk of catastrophic malfunction if it were operated. It currently only operates in the alternative “B-mode”, which is limited to a strobe-light effect designed to give the appearance of movement, earning it the nickname “Disco Yeti” from some fans. It is speculated that the problem was caused by damage to the yeti’s concrete base structure, which is unlikely to be repaired until a major refurbishment in the distant future, because the design limits access to the yeti without major disassembly of the superstructure.[20]The problem with the concrete is rumored to have occurred due to a glitch in the 4-D scheduling software that prevented adequate curing of a portion of the Yeti’s foundation prior to the overlapping fabrication of mountain elements and roller coaster track.[21]Joe Rohde, the Imagineer in charge of building the attraction and Animal Kingdom, was asked about the yeti at the 2013 D23 Expo. Rohde responded “You have to understand, it’s a giant complicated machine sitting on top of, like, a 46-foot tall tower in the middle of a finished building. So, it’s really hard to fix, but we are working on it. And we continue to work on it. We have tried several ‘things’, none of them quite get to the key, turning of the 40-foot tower inside of a finished building, but we are working on it… I will fix the Yeti someday, I swear.” [22][23]

Me, externally “No.”

anonymous asked:

Li plz tell me you're not into the TD crap? Those idiots think everything Easter egg wise is about Beth and it's so obnoxious and I know you're not that obnoxious and just like why are you doing this and please come back to sanity before those morons make you stupid...

First off, I do not approve of the name calling. No matter if it’s something as childish as “butthead” or “idiot” or something along that line… That’s not cool. It’s degrading to insult people and call them names like that. Not okay.

Second, I’m not part of TD or Team Acceptance. I’m Team Fence. That means I’m in the middle. And what does that mean? It means that while I am able to accept that Beth Greene is gone, I also know that The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror fiction tv show. Keyword? Fiction. Meaning something that is often “literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.” AKA “If you got the imagination for it and can base it off of something real, you can do anything with it if you can prove what you’re saying/writing/filming has a believable explanation.” So, as long as whatever I’m watching or writing can prove what they’re going for and prove it in a way that makes bloody sense, then I can accept it. I may not like it, but I can accept that.

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