are we there yeti

ok but why don’t we have an ‘mjn visit IKEA’ fic yet

i mean, the chaos, the hilarity, the shenanigans 


  • carolyn is done before they even get there ok
  • arthur has the time of his life
  • martin gets lost and douglas has to go and find him and they totally don’t end up making out in the linens section or anything
  • arthur is later found in the kid’s section, buried in plushies and asking carolyn if he can have them all
  • she lets him have one
  • its the polar bear
  • carolyn also makes sure to snag the sheep rug on her way out for reasons
  • martin came with lists and a plan but as soon as he steps foot in the door he is overwhelmed
  • he grabs douglas’ arm, ‘why is there so much?!’
  • ‘so much what?’
  • eventually they get what they came for and a few extras and meet up in the foodcourt, where herc is patiently waiting as the only person in their group with any chill
  • douglas is disheveled, martin is twitchy, carolyn has a rather frightening gleam in her eye, and arthur is clutching a large stuffed polar bear, and herc is wondering when he got dropped into a sitcom (meta joke lol)
  • they all agree, minus arthur, to never do this again

I wanted to share my friend’s Facebook post about what he witnessed today while waiting in line.

Remember, one individual’s actions does not define an entire religion.

I’m still proud of my community for helping everyone who has been hurt by this tragedy.

We are ALL Americans regardless of what our religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity are.



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One time I was on my Tauren druid farming Yeti for skins in Winterspring. I saw a female Dwarf paladin run around near me. Afraid she’d attack (I’m no good at pvp), I avoided her as much as possible. However I noticed she was killing Yeti, and looting all them to boot. I skinned them and she continued to kill Yeti. We went on like this for like an hour until I had all the skins I needed. Thanks random Dwarf friend!

I’m not gonna say Monster High is without it’s flaws or anything but some of the more recent doll designs have made me SO EXCITED for the direction they’ve been able to a take girls’ fashion doll brand in the modern world.

When you look at the first generation or two of monster high, they’re all pretty “safe” designs, like basically just pretty girls with teeth or pointy ears. When Abby came out, her sparkly skin was supposed to be what made her read as “Abominable Snowman”, fast forward a few years and we have a new yeti/bigfoot type character with fur on her arms and legs. You NEVER would have gotten away with pitching a girl’s fashion doll with body hair like like that even five years ago (even if it is fashionable stylized Yeti leg hair). Neighthan Rot has ZOMBIE GORE SCULPTED INTO HIS BODY. It is a PRIVILEGE to live in an age where MAINSTREAM TOY COMPANIES ARE MARKETING SEXY DUDES WITH ZOMBIE ROT ABS TO TWEENS. It’s like a Tina Belcher dream come to life.

Every generation of dolls adds totally new monstery creatures, it isn’t just about being pretty girl dolls anymore, now there are skeletons and centaurs and loch ness monsters with Celtic knots sculpted into their bodies and mothman-skeletons with fuzzy legs and torsos that look like something out of a Predator movie and TWO HEADED SEA SNAKE MERMAIDS??? I’m so excited, it’s so exciting to see mainstream toy brands SPECIFICALLY marketed at little girls get to run amok with horror movie conventions and make these HONESTLY REALLY COOL LOOKING MONSTERS. When I was a little kid there was nothing that even resembled a monster toy in the “girl” aisle at the store, the closest thing I can think of were those Bleeding Edge Goth Dolls that came out when I was a teenager. When one of my friends saw the MH centaur harpy she told me about how when she was a kid she wanted a centaur Barbie so bad she cut the head off a horse toy and Frankensteined her own together in her dad’s workshop. This whole actual-monsters-marketed-as-a-pretty-feminine-girl-brand is such new territory, it’s been so exciting to watch it evolve and try to one-up itself.

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“Mr. Reddy? As in the Mister Reddy? Oh buddy, it is an honor. I was watching the whole thing– the yeti, the coffee machine. Listen, we don’t got a lotta time before all that coffee in your blood sends you back. That ex-hippy yeti’s cousin twice removed is going to send you back here four more times. Use your tie and aim low. That’s all you gotta do, pal.”