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Straight White Boy Problem #998

me: *leaving the house to see friends*

Dad: where are you going?

Me: just hanging with Zach and Miles what’s up

Dad: oh…its…nothing…*pulls up iphone to look at his stocks*

Me: ….what’s up

Dad: I just thought…ya know we could go play some soccer…

Me: *knowing my soccer days are well behind me* yeah..I’ll try…I gotta go dad…Miles and Zach are waiting on me

*As I exit the garage, I slowly realize that my dad invested a huge amount of his ego into me as a sports dad and even though I haven’t played sports in a while, he still remembers games and talks about them, even if I don’t remember. Was I such a big part of his ego that he couldn’t disassociate himself from my success in sports? Will I become a pushy sports dad and tell my children to relish the feelings of competitive sports? Is this what my future is like?*

being in multiple fandoms is nice like just in case you need a break from one you can move on to the other for a bit haha

I know that robron were amazing tonight, but can we just talk about Hannah sending flowers for Moira? And Moira and Adam mending bridges? And Vic bringing Adam food because he may have betrayed her trust but it’s his sister’s birthday and of course she’s still gonna take care of him.

Maxine just seems to GET the characters, and she gets - probably more than most - the emotion of the show she’s writing for.

You know what gets me about that finale (and the end of the Season in general)?

It makes so many of the little moments that felt like throwaways or baiting or loose-ends that would never be tied up make sense.

Like Clarke’s list - we thought it would be useless, but it came into play in 4x12. And the failed nightblood solution, turns out wasn’t actually such a failure after all. Or Abby’s vision. 

The whole “you keep her centred” line was really preparing us for the radio scene at the end of the finale, where Clarke confirms that “talking” to Bellamy has kept her sane. Even the “you still have hope” scene from 4x03 was setup for Clarke expressing her hope in the finale, because Bellamy gave her that. 

The fact that they brought the penal mining colony into the show was SO GREAT and satisfying. 

We saw that all of Kane’s talks about “you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” and Bellamy learning to let go of his loved ones, all the build-up of Bellamy starting to use his head over his heart was the writers preparing Bellamy for the decision of ultimately leaving Clarke, the girl he undeniably loves, on Earth to die. 

There’s more to be sure, but those are some big ones that I thought of.

Don’t get me wrong, Season 4 was far from a perfect season, but 4x13 did a lot in making me feel waayyyyy better about many of the earlier scenes/episodes, and shedding light on what the writers were planning on doing with the show from the start.

Can we just talk about how, even in Bum’s dreams, he still sees himself as being “the lowest of the low”? Even in his dreams, he’s being teased and picked on and berated and doing grunt work.

Koogi could have shown him at the grocery store, or in an office, or literally anywhere else. This scene was so deliberate and so, so sad.

When I talk about intimacy I don’t mean sex, sex is not always a form of intimacy. I’m talking about being treated well, running your hands thru my hair, holding me and talking about our futures, waking up to your face and knowing that you are here with me, making breakfast together and feeding each other, talking about our mental issues and getting lost in the things we have so much in common. Knowing that some days I may feel so ugly, low, and like I’m not worth living, that you’ll still be there for me because if you could love me with all my flaws, hold my hand in my hard times, then yes this is intimacy

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No but like can we talk about how Dean just collapses. Shuts off. Looks around expecting something... anything to fix this. If he touches him it would make it real. If he touches him he'll know Cas isn't really there any more. Like Cas dies and Dean just shuts down. When anyone else has died Dean has fight in him. But this? His heart was just torn from his chest. *rolls around in the delightful angst*

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I honestly can't help but think the caption for the new video posted by jimin with jungkook has a double meaning... like he said his heart is still racing bc people would assume he's talking about the BBMAs but what if he's also talking about jungkook??? I'm in too deep tbh

The fact that Jimin has posted a video where he praises Jungkook so openly and uses “still” in the tweet … Yes, you’re right. The way he looks at Jeon (yes, his eyes moves) and then compliments him all full of pride/love and then comes that all-enlightened smile. He just wanted to say it again and now we know that too.

Just imagine how much video and photos he should have on his phone (from that day)… and hmm he just did so well. I love Jimin lol

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I don't want to have to read about one dying and the other having to live without either. I'd prefer to not read about either of them dying at all to be honest though I know that will more then likely happen. If we read about them dying I hope they'd die together like couple in The Notebook or not to far apart. Seeing all their loved ones remembering them would help deal with it. Though i'd really like if we could just have them old as heck and still as in love sitting on porch looking at fam.

I’ve always said sitting on the porch looking out at their family and Fraser’s Ridge too. That just seems peaceful and true to their characters.

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Hey so I have another desus prompt for you lol. How about one where Jesus comes out to Daryl directly, sort of? Like he's already out to Maggie we don't know if Daryl's aware of it yet. Anyway how about their on a run together and just talking casually and Jesus mentions an ex bf of his and Daryl kinda just nods it off but then asks him how he knew he was gay, and then a subtle tiny hint that Daryl is gay too but still in the closet. If it's not too much to ask. Thanks in advanced! ❤️

instead of an ex-boyfriend i did something slightly diff, hope you like it x

It was a very slow day for them. 

Daryl was already not much of a talker, but normally when they got into situations that involved a lot of thinking or physical activity, Daryl and Paul made a good team. Today though, the sun was hot and uncomfortable, there were no walkers or animals or people around, so it was just them, continuing to walk through the forest, waiting for something to happen. 

“Slim pickings.” Paul muttered.

Daryl looked over at him, raising his eyebrow. “Hm?” he asked. Paul sent him a soft smile–a habitual reaction now, because he found as he got to know Daryl, it was very hard not to smile at him. 

“Today. There’s nothing.”

“Might be too hot,” Daryl pointed out, fixing his crossbow. “Animals might be stayin’ in the shade today.”

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tips for a sad ravenclaw after their best friend stopped talking to them?

man I’ve been there and it sucks, it really really sucks

I guess the first thing to do is take a step back and have a look at your friendship. Look at how they’ve treated you in the past, and definitely have a think about where you both are in your lives. How long have you been friends? Are you still the same people you were back then, and is your friendship still worthwhile? Is it a distance thing? Like has your relationship just transitioned to a ‘while we’re both in town’ kinda deal?

Have a look at the recent dynamics of your friendship and decide whether it’s worth continuing. People change, people leave your life and it’s sucky but sometimes people change so much as they grow that they’re not really compatible any more

If you’re sure this is a person you want to keep in your life, then you need to have a think about why they’ve stopped talking to you. If it’s an argument, just swallow your pride and apologise, it’s not worth losing friends over something stupid (y’know, assuming it’s a mutual issue. if they’re being a dick you should have dropped them in the last stage y’all)

The issue I’ve been dealing with more is moving on. Everybody leaves school promising to stay friends forever and the reality is that doesn’t happen. People drift apart, but they don’t have to!!! Make an effort, and just message them!! Put the ball back in their court! I messaged a ton of friends that I missed back in february because I didn’t just want to give up. Yeah, the results weren’t that great but friendship is a mutual thing, at least now I can say I did my best

When it comes down to it, best friends are hard to find, so try and talk it out with them. If they continue to blank you, well that’s a really shitty way to treat people even if you’re mad at them, and they’re probably not worth your time

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People seem to forget that there are other stuff going on in korea, and that the country is not just about kpop how shocking 😩 I really wish army would stop making bts to be the underdog or the victim of some big3 conspiracy that they are not. Maybe at first they really were. But now, even though bighit may not have a resource as big as the big3, I think they still have enough connection and finance to do whatever they want to do and support bts in everything they want to do

of course they do now, they even recently moved to a new building ;; if they don’t how could bighit fund the mvs for the members’ mixtape or collabs like namjoon and wale lol. kpop fans need to be aware that korea isn’t only about idols, we’re talking about a whole country here, they have their culture, politics, social issues and lives. not everything revolves around idols 👏👏

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For anti-honesty hour, what is your worst school memory

so definitely worst school memory is this one time when i walked out of  a classroom and saw @jesslessthanthree up ahead of me in the hallway so i snuck up behind her and without even turning around to look, on a whim and a prayer, she jabbed her elbow back into my chest and then threw her hand back and punched me in the nose and then turned around and was like “thank God that was you and not someone else i just had a Feeling” 

Writers Needed

Hey guys, so we are going to try and get the blog in order and update it more frequenty now that school is over. But we have lost both Admin Eva and Admin Lexx, so we are in need of writing help once again

We are looking for people who are mostly enthusiastic about writing for the Naruto fandom and have some writing experience. If you don’t have a lot of writing experience and are still interested, that’s okay. We are willing to help you get better if that’s what you want.

PLEASE REBLOG THIS, it would be greatly appreciated. We really need to get the word out there so we can find someone.

If you’re interested please message me at @moonflower04

☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️

Some of you had already watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and some still waiting for, but, after all, I just wish you to have fun, enjoy the movie A LOT and enjoy every moment. Johnny made his best (as always); Not only him, but all the cast. And it’s our time to support them, ‘cause, thanks to them, we’ll be able to see our dear Captain Jack Sparrow and a new movie after all these whole SIX YEARS again! 

Please, DO NOT POST SPOILERS! Not everyone will be able to watch it on the first days. And, as always, if you want talk about the movie and Captain Jack Sparrow, I’ll be here.

Let’s have fun!
~ Drink up me hearties yo-ho!!

Xoxo, xr ♥ 
Ps.: There’s post-credit scenes

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If you or another Dean fan gets a chance, could you please ask Jensen what he'd like to see for Dean next season? Season 12 was such a disappointment. A lot of Dean fans I know are struggling to find a reason to keep tuning in next season, esp if Dabb is still in charge. We miss our badass Dean who was part of the storylines, not relegated to the sidelines for episodes on end.

Hello dear anon!

I am sorry for only replying now after JIB. Even though I can’t recall anyone asking a similar question during one of Jensen’s panels, I personally think that Jensen let shine through quite a bit how he felt about S12 as I had the impression he was criticising the writing of the latest season quite a bit, but in very measured, subtle and polite manners.

For example I think with how highly he talked about “Regarding Dean” and how much he enjoyed being given the possibility to really breach out and challenge himself in that episode showed that he wishes to get more opportunities to stretch his legs creatively speaking.

And also, when he talked about reading the script for 12x22 and revealed his own “headcanon” about how he personally made sense of Amara’s “I am going to give you what you need most”  he also pointed out rather directly how much he struggled with large portions of the season as they didn’t make “sense” to him, because he couldn’t really pin point what they did with Mary, etc. and therefore had ~issues with the “portrayal” of the relationship between the brothers and their mom.

SPN has always been a show in which the audience or the actors need to fill in the gaps, but I personally think in arcs as big as this one the creatve writing team should be giving directions to the main characters on what’s to come and what’s the point, because apparently they failed to deliver making clear what the plan is quite drastically. Plus: While Jensen managed to make sense of the season for himself by putting 12x22 in relation to Amara deciding to bring Mary back, Jensen also made it pretty clear that when he shared his headcanon with Robert Berens, Berens didn’t really budge or confirm that any of that truly was his intention in writing. So…

As much as I actually liked 12x22 and Jensen’s acting in it and his headcanon and trying to make sense of the season, I personally think if indeed Jensen’s headcanon matches loosely with the intention of the writers they did a pretty horrible job at executing this storyline, because catharsis for Dean certainly looks different imo and healing as well. What this season achieved was killing the myth of Mary and making her a real life person with very real issues and horrible behaviour - and I have no problems with that, I have a great deal of issues with the fact that everything Dean suffered and did and fought for this season that in the end Mary didn’t even wrap Dean into a hug ffs!!!!!!, cause that’s just phew…. Let’s just say I am really really angry - because well, yeah Dean saves her (while the show in that moment also grossly ignores all of Dean’s own traumas, but only had him focus on Sam - seriously, fuck you Dabb! Dean didn’t suffer in Hell? Or in purgatory? Or the MoC? Only Sam had traumas and a bad life after Mary’s death?) and who gets hugged? Sam. Thank god he at least pulls Dean into a hug. But yeah Mary… Just grrrrrr, writers fail. But gladly I am able to just ignore that all for now when thinking back to my JIB 8 experiences. ;)

Me- ‘Do you want to meet? I want to give you something’
Him- 'No’
We were together for 1 year then another year in which we were on and off. He now studies abroad and comes home for the holidays. We’ve met many times since the breakup, and it always felt like nothing had changed. I miss him so much, he’s always came back to me and this is not the last message I will have had of us because I know him, even if it’s been a while since we last talked. But I still miss him. I wish he’d tell me how he feels about us because my love for him has become tiring.

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what do you hope todays clip will be about?

im kinda sceptical, i dont think we’ll be getting a clip bc i feel like time is running out?? but also i think we’ll be getting one bc we still need a scene similar to ‘dr. skrulle’ in s3 ep6 where sana sort of realizes she needs to talk to someone and the following clip (fridays clip) would be of her talking to someone. idk man, i feel like we ultimately will see sana open up to someone in tmrws clip but it wont be out of nowhere, bc as i see it rn, sana is still isolating herself and she would need a scene with someone to make her realize she needs to open up. 

so story wise i feel like there should and will be a clip today and that it will involve sana learning some sort of lesson about miscommunication, hopefully by one of her parents or elias