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I never got around to sharing these but here’s a special Kobayashi cosplay


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Character, All for the Game © Nora Sakavic


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

Yeah, I think it’s kind of hard to see [Jon and Dany’s romantic relationship] not happening. When we were shooting Season 1 and no one had seen the show yet, we were in Malta. Back then, there was not a lot of secrecy because nobody was paying attention, and George R.R. Martin came to visit and he was being quite open about his plans. He said something: That it really is all about Dany and Jon.
—  Alan Taylor

Yeah, I think it’s kind of hard to see that not happening. When we were shooting Season 1 and no one had seen the show yet, we were in Malta. Back then, there was not a lot of secrecy because nobody was paying attention, and George R.R. Martin came to visit and he was being quite open about his plans. He said something: That it really is all about Dany and Jon. I was surprised because at the time, you know, I thought, well Robb Stark’s going to be king next, probably. And who knows where this story’s going? But it was absolutely clear to him that within this sprawling scale the whole story was coming down to this partnership.

 So yes, we’ve seen them take a big step in my episode. And I love this moment between them where you can sort of see it welling up for Dany, and it was great job by Emilia [the actress Emilia Clarke] of sort of feeling it and almost falling into it and drawing back from it. But yeah, it’s gonna happen.

—  Alan Taylor, asked whether the Jonerys romance is “inevitable at this point” by the New York Times

Keke, a collection of my Yukimura Toru cosplay photos I have so far (plus a bonus team selfie image of me and the rest of Toy Gun Gun xD)

We haven’t had time to do a proper full shoot yet but I really want to, Yuki is one of my favourite cosplays <3.  I feel on point!! <3 Which I don’t get to feel much in cosplay, I’m sure lots of u guys can relate to that feeling xD I wish there was a season 2 TT^TT

You don’t own me part 9

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And you. Well you didn’t move at all for a couple of minutes. Just starring after them while feeling your heartbeat slowly regulating itself again.

Is this love?

Word count: 2105 // I did my bescht 💪🤓

Warnings: Kinda angst kinda fluff but surely a bit of violence

Author’s note: I feel like we are getting closer to the end…maybe two or three more parts ;) Feel free to tell me your opinion

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A lot of black women were raised by single mothers as well.

And for many of us, we watched our mothers raise us with bitterness and contempt while coddling and showering our brothers with nothing but love and affection.

So explain something to me…How is it that black women were raised in the same circumstances yet, we aren’t the ones shooting, raping, and molesting our own people en masse?

Come on now, y'all are running out of excuses for your ain’t shit ways.

Your momma never loved you? Your daddy wasn’t around? Okay. And? We went through that too. Add to the fact that we face sexism and racism at the same damn time. Society in general, doesn’t love black women, but you don’t see us taking it out on our people. Instead, you see us using our trauma and our degredation as fuel to be collectively better.

What’s your excuse?

Love at First Video Part 3

Misha Collins x Reader

1550 Words

Chapter Summary: Finishing up your day at work, you head home to get ready for your “date” with Misha.

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You were actually surprised how well you slept that night. You had figured you would have been awake all night, excited for your meeting with Misha. But your tea must have knocked you out, because the next thing you remembered was waking up to your alarm clock.

Getting dressed quickly, in your normal uniform of jeans and a nice blouse, you took the bus to your boss’ house, located in a nice, upscale neighborhood that you wished someday you could live in. The houses were nice, not too big, but perfect for a family, with large backyards, and parks around the corner. The bus stopped a couple of blocks away, and you stepped out, enjoying the summer breeze as you started walking. It was hard, not having a car, but living in a big city meant you could get almost anywhere riding the bus, or walking a few short blocks. And you didn’t mind the walk, or the fact that you were saving money.

You started up the front walk, laughing as the door opened and Griffin ran out of the house, still dressed in his batman pajamas.

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in new york, you can be a new man :: on the last day and night of killian’s run in kinky boots on broadway, a small celebration of NYC muppetry, trips to DC and LA, and general wonder.

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Not to sound ignorant but what's this female stormtrooper thing with Rebels fans?


Back in the previous canon, “female stormtroopers” weren’t a thing. The Empire was anti-female. This was presumably because there were supposedly no female Imperials in the movies (fun fact: a lot of the Stormtroopers were actually women because they could be Extras), but considering the fact that there were less than half a dozen female Rebels in the Original Trilogy, that was a pretty lame excuse (but, you know, Daala…).

NOTE: Rebel Assault 2 was a notable exception in that not only did it feature an actress dressed up as a Stormtrooper (proving that even lady-boobs can fit inside a standard suit of armor), but she talked under the helmet in a lady voice and reported in as a lady pilot–and attracted no suspicion while doing so.

But let’s fast-forward to the time of New Canon Hype–Rebels was on the horizon, rumors were circulating about the impending new movie, and everything was being upended. Our first genuine glimpse of the new universe was the novel A New Dawn, and we found this:

Thus, we saw that being a Stormtrooper was no longer a boys-only club. Rae Sloane was also a member of the Imperial Squad, showing that women could become officers, too–and of course, if one wants to become an officer, she has to spend some time in the trenches, filing up with the other cadets in the academy.

Soon, we also learned about the approach of the notorious Captain Phasma–a shiny Stormtrooper whose IV stats stood a full head higher than any of her male counterparts. Her existence further confirmed that not everyone in the army would be voiced by Steve Blum: gender and sex mattered not to the Empire, so long as you could hold a blaster and…shoot a blaster. 

Yet we are now nearing the climactic conclusion of the show’s third season, and with two movies behind us the only non-male Stormtrooper voice has come from the helmet of Gwendoline Christie. Three seasons of an animated show have passed, and not once have they decided to hand the script to Vanessa Marshall or Mary McGlynn so that they may say “Over here!” or “You Rebel scum!” or “What are your orders?” There hasn’t even been a cry of pain in response to a blaster bolt.

Now, thankfully we have Captain Brunson to establish that there are women standing among the ranks of white men who dominate Imperial warships, but that is far too little to convince people that there are truly female Stormtroopers. And yes, I understand that putting women and people of color in the Armies of Evil Nazis may seem counterintuitive–but to deny them a presence period makes it harder to flesh out convincing stories of betrayal and evolution. If all Stormtroopers are burly white men, then telling a story about one who defects either requires your Stormtrooper to be a burly white man, or to be this anomalous black man or black woman or white woman or any other variation you could imagine. It also makes it harder to create stories where, say, Sabine has to impersonate a Stormtrooper (note: they made female Imperial Pilot models for the episode where she had to pose as one, so there’s that). If there’s an episode in Season Four where they introduce a new Lady for the Ghost Crew who happens to be a Stormtrooper, it’s going to be weird when we hear our First Female Stormtrooper voice, she pulls off her helmet, and we establish her as a main character…and then never see another Female Stormtrooper again. If we had heard them from the start, it would make the appearance of a new Stormie feel more natural.

It’s all about Worldbuilding and setting things up. It’s about planning your moves ten steps in advance and giving a broader perspective, and it helps to protect your future characters from being branded as “Special Snowflakes” or “Mary Sues”. The more “normal” a character appears, the more exceptional they become when they deviate from the norm and evolve. 

TLDR: All they have to do is have Vanessa Marshall read off a few Stormtrooper lines in an Evil Voice and then use one of their already-rendered Stormtrooper models to deliver it. 


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\ First Touch


You nodded, smiling when he threaded your fingers together and led you back towards the house, your bag slung over his shoulder.

You were quite expecting the shocked gazes when you got inside, yet it didn’t mean you welcomed them.

It wasn’t very nice, being stared at by a tall wolf with weird ears and his mate, along with Jongdae and Haerin, who decided to join Chanyeol and Jimin downstairs. Kris noticed their staring and he sighed.

“Take a picture, guys. It lasts longer.” He rolled his eyes and the youngest girl was the only one to react with a blush, hiding her face away, but as she turned her head to the side, she revealed her neck..and the bruise on it.

Oh. oh. Jongdae finally decided to taint his little mate?

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Part One: There’s a Grain of Truth in Every Joke. (You Can’t Handle the Truth S06E06)

Episode Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader investigate a series of suicides and discover the victims were being told brutal truths that drove them crazy. They find out someone is invoking the Goddess of Truth, Veritas, forcing people to be cruelly honest against their will and Dean is the next victim. With his new ability, the reader is forced to tell the truth that might change the dynamics between her and the Winchester brothers for good.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader 
Word Count: 5,589.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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What are some of the most common demands you hear coming from the left? Free tampons, free birth control, free abortion, free healthcare, free housing, free benefits, free education, free immigration. What’s the link here? Free shit. Hillary promised free shit to women and illegals, Bernie promised free shit to blacks and students and so did the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn in this year’s election. It won over plenty of people, but most still refused to give into the temptation of adding America to the long list of countries destroyed by anti-capitalists.

John F. Kennedy once told Americans to not ask what their country can do for them but what they can do for their country. Today you will never catch another Democrat muttering such “nationalistic and racist” words as the party’s survival now depends on selling young people the old communist ideas of everyone is owed free stuff and we get that free stuff by taking it from those who work.

Despite the bone chilling history and endless evidence of these disastrously failed systems, their ideas and attraction are once again proving irresistible for many, with about half of millennials stating they would rather socialism over capitalism, as it’s in fact capitalism which is responsible for widespread oppression and misery in the world. Today it’s considered a microaggression if you even dare to think one can achieve success if they work hard enough.

When you promise endless free shit to a particularly lazy and unremarkable bunch of people and dress welfare up as “human rights,” and then tell them the cruel and oppressive opposition are to blame for denying them their “human rights,” well it’s really no surprise these naive idiots are flying into rabid frenzies and have become convinced they’re actually fighting against LITERAL Nazis. 

So how did we get to this point again? It’s been a decades-long process through the introduction of policies that promote dependency and restriction, through the disablement of independent thinking in both K-12 and higher education and through the evolution of technology and social media which promotes trends, emotional appeals and total groupthink. Journalists have also increasingly become propagandists and have joined the social justice cause which is all about selling us alternative realities, everything from reworked versions of history to bizarrely fabricated gender and feminist theories. 

All of a sudden, forcing everyone to play along and toe the party line or else face conviction, social rejection and punishment is embraced as “progressive,” and being on the “right side of history.” Tyranny has never looked so cool. It’s becoming more evident by the day. Ridding a society of agency, due process, free speech, free thought and individuality are worthwhile sacrifices to these wackos in order to create their black trans woman Sharia matriarchy where nobody disagrees, nobody works and everyone gets handed free shit. 

Why won’t this nightmare dream die? Because they actually believe it is within reach and all of these protests and acts of violence are for “the greater good.” This is where we have to revise our arguments, as most counterpoints coming from the right are outdated. Soviet Union-style communism is not what infatuates young liberal Americans, it’s all about “democratic socialism,” in their eyes, it’s totally different to the past and current systems we point to in debates. Their socialism is new and improved, you see. The American left has succeeded in selling a new fantasy: the democratic-socialist utopia.

It’s not that conservatives are wrong about socialism. Every single example has resulted in an horrific outcome. Yet we shoot ourselves in the foot by bringing up the obvious examples every time these morons declare how great and necessary socialism is. It may be time to start pointing out the fine print hidden at the bottom of the socialist handbook. 

Such as the small fact of funding these welfare programs and freebies would cost about $20 trillion when we’re already $20 trillion in debt. And no we can’t just make the rich bastards pay for it because even the demonized “1%’s” accumulated wealth wouldn’t come close to paying for it, so who else gets slapped with the bill? All of us. We would all be forced to pay 50 percent more in tax, and even more taxes would be on our products, cars, transport, food. 

Ask these kids how they propose to pay for these “human rights,” while avoiding sending the country into overwhelming poverty, and soak in the dumb, blank look on their faces for a brief moment before it turns to rage and you’re branded a Nazi. Socialism can only ever be a reality on tiny tribal coconut islands and in the manipulated heads of those who are unwilling to question anything. So do them a favor and question it for them, and get ready to have a chuckle at whatever follows. 

Jon & Daenerys Grr Martin

“ But years ago during the filming of the show’s first season, director Alan Taylor — responsible for Sunday’s episode and the penultimate episode in season one where Ned Stark was executed — learned directly from George R.R. Martin that Jon and Daenerys’ relationship was perhaps the driving force behind the entire enterprise. 

When we were shooting Season 1 and no one had seen the show yet, we were in Malta. Back then, there was not a lot of secrecy because nobody was paying attention, and George R.R. Martin came to visit and he was being quite open about his plans,” Taylor told the New York Times.

“He said something: That it really is all about Dany and Jon. I was surprised because at the time, you know, I thought, well Robb Stark’s going to be king next, probably,” he continued. “And who knows where this story’s going? But it was absolutely clear to him that within this sprawling scale the whole story was coming down to this partnership.”

Catch me if you can (900 followers celebration)


Part 1: Teach me how to dance with you (800 followers celebration)

Pairing: Steve x reader

Warnings: Fluff!

Word count: 3.309

Summary: Flashback to when you met Steve for the very first time. You and Bucky discuss your pregnancy and Steve is overjoyed because he’s going to be a Dad soon.


A/N without the caps: This is part two to a very random series of mine. It’s based on the song “Catch me if you can” by Walking On Cars.

Disclaimer: I do not own this pic, credit where credit is due.

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Why Do We Let “Genius” Directors Get Away With Abusive Behavior?
For decades, the celebrated male film directors who “provoke” and abuse actors, supposedly in service of their art, have been given the benefit of the doubt over the women who suffer on their film set
By Imran Siddiquee

Darren Aronofsky’s mother!, a psychological horror film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, has split audiences and critics alike this year. Some described it as a “sadistic spectacle,” while others, like Martin Scorsese, defended it as a work of true passion. In a New York Times piece profiling the director and his stars, a subtitle asks: “Is it the most confusing movie of 2017 or merely the most provocative?”

One thing that certainly emerges from Melena Ryzik’s profile is that Aronofsky, who has been called “Hollywood’s most ambitious director” and lists Kubrick’s films among his favorites, asked a great deal of Lawrence as an actress. At one point, she “hyperventilated, tore her diaphragm and had to be taken to the infirmary” while filming; Aronofsky not only kept the footage of Lawrence’s “breakdown” in the movie, but made her shoot the scene again “because we hadn’t quite gotten it yet.” Ryzik notes that the actress and the director are now dating (saying Aronofsky “bristled at the suggestion that the screen dynamic might be perceived as mirroring that of auteur and megastar in real life”) but her piece also describes what Bardem sees as the key to the chemistry between the duo on set: “She can telegraph pain on screen without needing hurt in real life; he can depict psychosis and remain steady himself.”

Though Aronofsky did not veer into clear harassment of his actress, this dichotomy echoes the underlying sentiment behind the incidents of abuse during the filming of Dancer in the Dark and The Shining, and how they were received by the press — the idea that, ultimately, creating these traumatic conditions was within the rights of the director-as-demi-god, and worth it given the art which emerged. “It’s unlike any performance I’ve captured before,” Aronofsky says of the scene that so deeply rattled Lawrence. But it’s hard to imagine the same scene, the same description from Bardem, or the same reaction to mother! overall if Aronofsky were a director of a different gender and race.

How often do women get to explore their “psychosis” on the big screen by inflicting pain on men? How often do men like Martin Scorsese write op-eds defending films in which people of other genders torture straight cis men? Moreover, could a black woman director express anger at her stars, like Kubrick and Von Trier, and still retain her stature? Will a black woman ever have the freedom and studio support to make an allegorical film about her artistic anxiety, let alone release it in theaters nationwide?

 Thorough examination of the abuses actresses have withstood at the hands of “visionary directors.”