are we really living

there has been so many incidents the past few days, it’s scary how unsafe the world we are living in is right now…

i hope all of you stay safe. be vigilant of your surroundings at all times. help people who are in need. support each other.

please be safe. my prayers are all with you.


These two boys thought they might try drowning this evening. We took them to Buffalo Creek for a walk and they thought falling into a deep section of it was a good idea, right by an escarpment too steep for them to get themselves out.

So I had to slide down and avoid falling in myself, scraping myself up on the way down, then yank them out one at a time by the scruff, trying not to think about crocodiles. Then when they clambered up the bank I had to pull myself up with reeds. At least my phone didn’t fall out of my pocket into the creek and nobody drowned or got eaten by a crocodile. Thanks boys, we won’t be coming back to this spot in future.

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Hi Lou- after seeing some of the specs written last night about 5.23-especially after "super girl" and "Flash" season finales- why do I feel like Arrow's cliffhanger is going to be brutal and unsettling?

Well, I’m leaning more towards big and emotional, Cindy. Arrow is at a different point to those other shows. This is the closing off of Oliver’s 10 year journey, and yes, we’re going to get a cliffhanger going into hiatus, but at the same time, I think there will be a lot of full circle/closure moments, that shows like Flash and Supergirl can’t offer at their stages of their story journey. 

I think there is going to be a lot of satisfaction, everyone will take a breath and have a moment to take in the journey, and then it’ll all go to pot again, with not knowing who lives or dies. But, we know OTA lives, so I’m good to go, really, because they’re the show for me. I think MM and Samantha are most likely to go and my fingers are crossed that with BS on the show, QL is safe, because there is a lot of story potential between those two, and that dynamic was one of the few successful ones for the character previously. 

But, in the end, who knows? lol 

It’s been a fun ride, and I’ve enjoyed all of it. I’m sure I’ll love the finale and I definitely love knowing we’ve got at least 2 more years of this fun ride. :D

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The song fy faen is so relevant for Sana right now. Lyrics that really stood out to me. Part 1 Because we live to die Until we melt away like snow And they are looking for mistakes But I flip my fingers To make my way. When everybody asks you to stop Forget it and focus and work Because jealousy, it burns Though many bridges gotta burn So not all are friends They are all snakes, so it is totally normal. Nobody here has time for an unsuccessful day .These days everybody is giving me headache

The anon from earlier about the fy faen song. Part 2 Some talk a lot A lot behind my back Talk a lot on the phone Still on it and they squander their life A change has to happen Know it’s a cliché This is not a movie So sit down and listen while I do my thing Many of my boys have started to hustle these days. Snakes come and go like a boomerang Gonna show everyone, because I have a plan The song is totally about Sana and the girl squad and the Pepsi max girls.

Yeah the first episode really drove home the theme of friends not being good friends to each other. (Vilde’s text ‘we are such good friends!’ brought that home too.)

Yes this song really seems thematic.

“Looks don’t really matter” we literally live in a society where people make money off of their looks and studies show that attractive people tend to be more successful but k

Terrible People Making The World Horrible

It was never a good day sleeping and waking up with all those alarming and ghastly news. It was really heartbreaking. I am devastated that this world we are living in turns fiendish. I have never been this scared of death all my life but those kinds of crisis brought panic and worries out of me. I don’t know what will happen on the next days. I am also too scared that one day I’ll be hearing gunshots, bomb explosions, shouts and cries from people. It’s somehow impossible for me to be okay right now while the rest of the world is suffering in pain and fear. Even the sky here is gloomy. He is also sad.

I almost cry everytime I read tweets and Facebook posts about the situation of our folks. The explosion in Manchester, the ISIS invasion in Marawi, the bomb attack in Bangkok, the car bombing in Syria, and all other reported and unreported act of violence are very cruel and indeed unforgivable. The number of fatality and wounded people always pains me more. This time they killed concert goers who are just too happy to see their idol. They attacked people mercilessly. They plotted bombs in different areas. They questioned ones religion. They beheaded teachers who are just educating the minds of the young. They burned children that might have a bright future. They put fire on a jail that can free and hurt prisoners. They let students and townsmen be trapped in hunger and fear. I can’t imagine how brutal these people are. How can someone do that to so many innocent people. They don’t have soul. They shouldn’t claim any religion because they don’t deserve it. They are Satan’s people. I can’t help but to feel mad at these devils.

I am already worried to attend these upcoming concerts and events in PH and to go in crowded places such as in malls and landmarks. I also feel scared for my loved ones and for all people because we don’t know the possibilities, we can’t predict anything. How I wish concerts and events (in case all can’t be cancelled anymore but I honestly want all of it to be postponed first), and public places will be safer and more secured.

I know God taught us to love and be kind to others but it’s kind of hard to do that to people who don’t even reciprocate us with love and kindness. Though I trust our Omnipotent God. I believe that He will protect those in need of His mercy. I always spare a second to pray for everyone’s safety, especially to our countrymen in Marawi who are still breathing for feeble hope. Prayers will win good from evil. It is our greatest power, shield and weapon. May God deliver us all from evil always. May He bless the Philippines and the minds of the Filipinos. May He bless the world for there’s no better place for us.

And yes if we don’t end war, war will definitely end us. So I do hope that this Martial Law will really help Marawi, Mindanao and the entire Philippines. For now I will trust President Duterte’s decision and will pray for safety and strength of those who continuously fight for peace amidst this chaos. This country needs strong leaders at moments like this. There is no time to pinpoint, to blame, to fight and argue, to make rants and jokes. We must be united. There are so many people that needs to be saved. Help them in simple ways and in all means. Stay wary and vigilant.

Because no matter how I reacted on all the flaws you have, I still adore and love you Philippines. You are my only home. Please keep the blue up. It should always be above red. 🇵🇭

oh man oh man i am so ready to see when jack introduces bitty to the entire providence team and they invite him to skate with them and he skates fucking spinorama CIRCLES around professional hockey players and when they actually get to playing hockey they realize that fuck he’s actually pretty fucking good for an amateur and he’s putting them to shame with his speed and *clap on shoulder* “you did good, zimmermann” and jack KNOWS, he KNOWS oh man i’m so ready


The family that pranks together stays together. Also I’m pretty sure Ezra is just glad that Sabine has stopped pranking him in favor of a new crewmember. Also welcome, Specter 7! Also I SPENT ALL DAY MAKING THIS STUPID COMIC HELP


Comparison of Steven’s and Nora’s Tapes

For Steven:

Isn’t it remarkable, Steven?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, the sounds they hear, the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Steven, we can’t both exist.
I’m going to become half of you.
And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me loving you and loving being you.
Because you’re going to be something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.

Take care of them, Steven.

For Nora:

Isn’t it wonderful, Nora?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, and the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Nora, we can’t both exist but i won’t be gone.
I’m going to become half of you.
And every moment you enjoy yourself, that will be me loving being you.
Because you’re going to become something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.
And that’s my favourite part, a human being.
A human being, a human is an action.
i wonder who— how you’ll be, what you’ll think, what you’ll want…
I’m so happy for everybody who’s going to know you.
I’m rambling.
if they look to you, trust yourself.

Take care of them, Nora.

From what we can see, comparing the two videos, Steven’s was shot first. Not only are Greg and Rose more unsure about what they’re going to say and do, they’re also figuring out what should go into the video in the first place.

The first few scenes, which show Greg’s sleeping, messing around, and meeting the seagull for the first time, as well as Rose’s not knowing what the buttons do and experimenting with them, reveal that whatever practice they did going into the video shoot ultimately didn’t prepare them for it fully.

At the same time, when comparing what’s being said between Steven’s and Nora’s tapes, they have the same substance; the same message is being delivered: Rose hoped her child would get to live life to the fullest and make experiences that were fun and happy. She wanted to assure her child that she cared, even though she wouldn’t be there. Most of all, she wanted to assure them that being human was a great thing. 

The thing is, Steven’s message is much more brief, and a little more formal. Rose clearly practiced what she wanted to say, and in the first tape, she went for it, likely because of nerves.

By the second filming, she seemed more comfortable in front of the camera and that’s also why she could clear up her nerves and keep expounding on her ideas.

So Steven, who read very deeply into the words of his mother, may have picked up on her saying he would be extraordinary and a human being. And he fixated on becoming someone worth calling extraordinary, when in fact, Rose had always meant to say by virtue of living, one could be extraordinary. 

And we can’t really blame him, because he went from being another Beach City kid to being at the centre of an intergalactic conflict. It’s hard to accept that these things would happen to him if he weren’t destined for something.

I’d go as far as to say that hoping he was part of some magical destiny gave him strength at times, despite how bleak the situation could be.

The thing with this line of thinking though, is how much it wears on someone. The responsibility of being accountable for all these people and all these systems that were quite obviously out of his control and consequently responsibility in the first place was heavy on him.

Steven does want to be a hero. He does want to help people. But he felt more comfortable with this being his choice and his decision, not some destiny thrust upon him, not a tradeoff between his life and the many others he’d have to save.

I think Greg’s talk with him helped him process those feelings, which he’d been keeping inside for a while now. Steven thought everyone expected him to be like Rose, and that may have been true at some points in the show, but his father never did. And that’s what made Greg’s words so reassuring, because his sincerity could be felt in all of them.

pledis: have more hidden male trainees to send to produce 101 (edit: pledis will send nu’est members to pd101)   

seventeen:  to appear on one fine day for the second time    

pristin:  will probably debut in march    


This was a sad Eurovision for Spain not because we lost, but because we wanted zero points SO BAD we got frustrated when someone gave us five.

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
—  Gail Sheehy