are we really gonna do this rn

so everyone knows the headcanon of remus being super sarcastic with really snappy one liners, but he only says them so the marauders can hear, right? like he says it under his breath and then his friends crack up, and everyone else is like, “???” bc they didn’t hear the joke?

well i think, that post-azkaban, sirius and remus would sit next to each other at grimmauld place, and during Super Important Order Meetings, remus would keep cracking really dry, sarcastic jokes under his breath so that only sirius could hear them, and sirius would not be able to keep from laughing, and everyone would look at him like, “wtf are u doing, we’re literally discussing voldemort rn,” and remus, being a giant piece of shit, would 100% throw sirius under the bus and play innocent. (bc who are u gonna believe, the ex-felon (sort of) or a kindly ex-professor?)

and this would happen every order meeting, and no one would ever catch on, and sirius would be so irritated, it would be great.

sassy swearwolf remus lupin for life

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Confession: I HAVE THIS CRUSH ON A GIRL. And I'm getting so many mixed signals??? sometimes she wants to hold hands and puts her head on my shoulder and shit but sometimes she's like hi friend so yeah that's shitty. On top of that we're both hella gay but hella closeted. So we're going to prom together, as "friends," and I think that may be part of the reason she's giving so many mixed signals, idk, but UGH I want to tell her how I feel but I'm not sure and my entire internal monologue is ugh rn

Oh no bby😢💕💕💕 I can’t give much advice (I’m terrible at it and my personal love life is inexistant) but I’m gonna give u a hug and I’m gonna pray that she really really likes u back.
Do you guys have a mutual friend that u can have them ask if she likes u back?? Mmhngndhshhwh I hope this turns out ok and you guys end up happy🙆

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do you have a ko-fi or a paypal we can donate to?

ahh wow i actually do have a ko-fi, though i haven’t mentioned it in a while haha

if you’re open to receiving something in return though (something i highly encourage!), i also have some sketchbooks available between $3-$7 along with a patreon page. as much as i really do appreciate your intent to donate, id love for you to receive some content for your generosity TT m TT 

(the sketchbooks might be better for anyone with a limited income, as its just a one-time purchase as opposed to a monthly subscription)

again, thank you so much! i hope youre havin a nice night anon

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My daydream boyfriend is making me sad and idk how to change the subject of my daydream ya know. I just wanna have the happy dates we used to and rn my bpd is kicking in and it's like "he doesn't love you. He's gonna leave you. He hates you" and sigh I cry I'm so sad :(

I’m sorry, I don’t have bpd or know anyone with it so I’m not sure how to help, you can always message me if you need someone to talk to? Do any of my followers have advice?

she told our brother to stop using her roblox account even tho he has a lot of progress in the game he plays bc she thinks hell fuck everything up and thats Understandable but still Super Busted and my brother got really upset about it and i was okay well this sucks but we are gonna make him his own account to avoid this happening again and she wont! believe me for some reason! and bruce wanted to hang out with me so like ive. paused their roblox time for today so no ones playing rn and she came in and was like well i should be able to play right now because hes not and im like! no! no one is going to play right now just chill and do Literally Anything Else and she got super mad at me even tho she just got done for playing for like .. 3 straight hours even tho they should only play for an hour at a time. I Am Not A Parent I Should Not Have To Deal With This

season 13 predictions

so i’m guessing it’s gonna have to do w/ the nephilim and because created it i’m guessing it’s gonna be stronger than a nephilim if say some rando angel made it

which i mean

didn’t we have a nephilim way back when was trying to close the gates of heaven and like… it wasn’t even a big deal i mean lmao it’s been a long time since then and i don’t really remember rn

SHRUGS i hope they give us a worthwhile season because so far this one is a dud

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who's your favorite oc and can you talk a bit about them??

Hell yeah I can!!
I’ve gone into a ton of detail abt this and u prob do not care this much lmao
So normally I say Joey bc. I just love him a lot. But I’m gonna tell u abt Joey and Lucy and they’re family because they’re all great.
So Joey started out as just a bf for Lucy n they were just in class together n ye then he transformed into a lacrosse player, then a swimmer, and rn he’s at Russian hockey player which I think is where we’re gonna keep him.
So anyways I just really love Joey and Lucy together. They’re perfect for each other in every way.
Joey is so in love w her the first time he sees her he probably audibly said holy shit bc she is glorious.
When they’re married n shit they have a lil girl and her name is Annika bc Joey says that he wants a Russian name.
When Annika is about 3-ish maybe Lucy is like yike I’m havin 2 more babies and Annika is not happy because she wants to be the only one but u can’t rly put a refund on babies so.
They end up having twins and Joey also insists on naming them something Russian so they welcome Artemy and Anya into their fam

I’m gonna stop here bc I could go on and on abt the kids bc I just love them so much I apologize in advance if u read all of this

@people who get pissy when mcu doesn’t follow comic book canon to the letter, have you considered the following alternatives:

- Petting a dog

- Looking at the clouds

- Eating some toast

- Going back to your comics and being happy about interesting, alternative storylines instead of acting like you’re somehow superior to people who haven’t read them

- Taking a nap

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Confession: I cried every time I tried to write college apps because I'm white, straight, and privileged, and nothing exciting, tragic, or otherwise interesting has ever happened to me.

Oh bby💕💕💕 I’m giving u a hug rn so pls do that,, give yourself a hug and pretend it’s from me.
But babe it’s gonna be ok. Not everybody leads eccentric lives, and most of the people who apply and get accepted into college don’t have stories about saving the world, and that’s ok. Most of us are like that, really. We’re gonna be ok, love. I promise 🙆

I’m sorry I don’t have any better advice (I’m p terrible at giving advice imo) but I just want you to smile, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for making it this far (12 years of fucking school, man) bc fuck, it’s an accomplishment we deserve praise and parties for. Ily; were gonna be ok😊

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something im REALLY gonna need ppl on this “side” to stop doing is invalidating sga/mga and/or trans ppl’s identities just bc they’re ace/aro. they’re still lgbt!! but by invalidating their identities youre really just being a shitty person. im tired & my head hurts and i can’t put it into words rn but just fucking stop

(if it’s not too much to ask, could you please reblog this?? even if we’re on different “sides” i won’t be upset. i know it’s poorly worded but i think this is really important and id really like to spread this as much as possible. tysm 💞)

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18, 26, 29, 57, 77, 78, 91, 98 owo

18. favorite tv show?
i dont rly watch many shows fdjfd,, the only ongoing show im watchin rn is steven universe so i guess That One

26. how many pillows do you sleep with?
two! confy..

29. whats the worst thing you have ever done? 
uuHhhH,,,, one time when i was like,, 9? i tried to put a bracelet around our cat’s neck (the cat from the selfie i posted today) like a collar bc she’s v small & didnt have one but she tried to get it off & it got stuck in her mouth & we were really scared she was gonna hurt herself but luckily my dad got it off and wow i just remembered that out of nowhere

57. do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? 

77. do you miss anyone right now? 
my fp but i always miss xem when xe’s not around :^( ive also been missin winry a lot,,,

78. do you sleep with your door open or closed?
back when i had a door to close i slept with it closed

91. have you ever been high?
yeah, a couple times no, officer,,

98. favorite month? 
hhmmm,, october


Can we just look at this expression from Brandish regarding her opinion towards Layla? Can we??

This is so interesting. Brandish doesn’t look happy, that’s for sure. What did Layla do that pissed Brandish off so badly?

Did she confront her and deal some serious damage? We don’t really know how powerful Lucy’s mom was after all. Did Layla confront Zeref back then and was that currently angering Brandish so much she wanted revenge?? Or is there a real threat Lucy’s magic can do to either Zeref or his plans?

I am so excited to finally find out how Layla plays out in this that I think I’m gonna have a heart attack btw natsu where the hell u at your wife needs you

I hate doing this, but things have really gotten desperate.

Here’s the deal:

My mom and I are both disabled. She’s on disability, but I’m in the process of applying for it–for the last year. It’ll be May before I can even get a hearing scheduled.

Right now we have $15 to last us until Aug 24. Fifteen dollars. That might normally be okay, because part of the reason we’re so broke this month is because we spent $300 on groceries.

Except our fridge is being a fucking asshat. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. We’ve lost a gallon of milk, a pound of hamburger, hotdogs, and various other dairy type stuff. All of our food is spoiling, and we have no money to replace it.

Fixing the fridge (if the problem is what I think it is) will be somewhere around $250-350, depending. I thought it could wait until the 24th bc it was working okay, but then today it pooped out again…then came back again…but in the meantime more stuff got fucked up. :/


We need money for food. Like, literally that’s the situation we’re in. $15 to our names and food spoiling in the fuckin fridge. If you can spare ANYthing, I would be eternally grateful. Last time I asked I was able to pay people back, but I’m not sure I’d be able to this time…at least not for a while. 

My paypal is

Even if you can’t donate, if you could reblog this to spread the word I would appreciate it. Thanks so much, my dear followers. You’re wonderful.


okok so my family is really really in need of money. like we are dirt poor rn and i cant get a job to help out so i figured i can at least try to give a little.

im gonna be opening up sketch commissions, ranging from only $4-7 in price. the lines will not be cleaned, but they will not be super messy. 


-headshot, bust shot, w/o color: $4 
-headshot, bust shot, w/ color: $5
-full body, w/o color: $4
-full body, w/ color: $5 
-more than one character headshots/bust shots/full body: $6-$7, depending on how many characters are asked for 

i know it’s bothersome to post this on my rp blog, but you guys know i post my art here a lot too, and i’d really at least try to help out my mom even a little. $4-7 is not a lot to ask for. 

please, if you’d be interested in one of my dumb doodles, please send me a message at my skype starxgrazer and we can work out the details there (or if you’re uncomfortable giving me your skype, tumblr message me.) if you can’t buy one, at least help out by spreading this around? 

an example of a dumb doodle is under the cut. sorry i can’t offer more of an example, but this is an idea of the style you can expect.

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