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My Boss’ Son

So I uh…wrote fic. This is the first thing I’ve finished in a while. Just a quick thing I wrote while at work. It’s unbeta’d with no reread because I didn’t want to give myself a chance to hate it.


Stiles liked his boss. He knew a lot of people didn’t like theirs, and he knew he was lucky. Talia Hale was beautiful, and could be pretty tough if you didn’t do your job, but Stiles loved what he did too.

Network administration wasn’t for everyone, but Stiles saw doing it for a rapidly growing business as a challenge. The pay was nothing to sneeze at either. At this rate, his student loans would be paid off in half the time, and Talia always listened if Stiles needed something. Especially new equipment.

The only problem with Talia was that she kept trying to set him up with her son.

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He’s Got a Date Tonight

5.30 pm, Scully and Mulder’s office

…we are unfortunately not in any position to determine with certitude the cause of the accident. Agent Mulder claims to have found evidence of a presence in the locker room where the victim was found dead a week ago. After a…

Bang! Dana Scully jumped three feet in the air when her colleague stood up abruptly, sending his chair to the floor. She rolled her eyes at him, trying to find her composure and resumed typing the last of the reports they had forgotten to send their superior. Fox Mulder seemed unaware of the disruption he had caused and stretched his tired back while sighing heavily.

“That’s it Scully, I’m done. I’m going home,” he said.

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(S/U fanfictions recs)

> The Place Between by Psicygni (~ the queen of the s/u fandom °◡°)

“No, Gaila. I am not, absolutely not going to walk into Commander Spock’s office and suggest that we pretend to date for an entire summer. I mean, we… I… he’s not… I couldn’t even spend that much time with him, nor would I want to. He’s so… he’s just really… I have professional mores, Gaila. Standards of conduct that this… just, no. No. No, thank you for the idea, but no.”

> For the Rest of Us by Psicygni

“You go every Sunday night? How did I not know this?” Nyota asks. “It’s just this thing we do,” Gaila tells her. “Like with food. And drinks. And people. We all get together and talk about our homes and our traditions and celebrate our holidays and stuff like that. Look, you can come if you want but it’s all off worlders. It’s not really a human thing, you’d be the only one.”

> Like a Fire in the Sky by Psicygni

“So you slept with a young, impressionable half-Vulcan, who you never thought you’d see again, and is now a decorated graduate, a superior officer, and even though you’re not interested in a relationship with him, he rocked your world in a way that you can’t forget,” Gaila said carefully. “Basically.” “That’s great. You and I are going to be best friends with a story like that.”

> Broken Orbit by Wahoogal06

What happens when an accident on an away mission leaves our favorite couple out of sync? How will they each react and can they find their way back?

[then you NEED TO read: S'chn T'gai Family Drabbles,  The Stars Above Us Govern Our Conditions, Forging Her Own Path, Rising Son and Being Se'tak, the best s/u family series I have ever read! °◡°]

> Pride and Logic by DawnCandace

  A Pride and Prejudice meets Star Trek Story.

> Gradually Falling by BarbaraKaterina

Uhura/Spock origins story. Set during Nyota’s last three years at the Academy, ends with the end of the 2009 film. Nyota has always loved everything about Vulcan. She was enamoured with the culture. So when she finds out one of her teachers this year is a Vulcan, her excitement is understandable…

> Winds against a Star by valyria

An obsession with a brilliant young cadet forces Spock to confront what it is to be both Vulcan and Human. A Spock/Uhura origins story set at the Academy. Mildly AU.

> Break by Yahtzee

During their final semester at Starfleet Academy, two people who have no intention of ever changing transform each other.

> Sufficiently Familiar by PoorQueequeg

He calls it a delicate situation. She doesn’t call it anything at all. Pre-movie angstfest. Complete.

> Getting to Know You by nerdielady

Uhura’s second year at StarFleet Academy. [Sequel - A New Day Coming]

> Subtext by NotesfromaClassroom

Communication ought to come easy to a talented linguist and a logical Vulcan, right? Think again. A series of written messages between Spock and Uhura, starting in their Academy days and going through “Darkness.”

A list of free otome games for iPhone=

Options to purchase in-game currency, other than that they’re free

My Candy Love
The Idol Dormitory
Shall We Date?: Blood in Roses+
Shall We Date?: THE NIFLHEIM+
Shall We Date?: Destiny Ninja+
Shall We Date?: Ninja Assassin+
Shall We Date?: Ninja Love+
Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate+
Shall We Date?: WizardessHeart+
Shall We Date?: Angel or Devil+
Shall We Date?: Lost Island+
Shall We Date?: Mononoke Kiss+
Shall We Date?: Magic Sword+
Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+
Shall We Date?: MySweetPrince+
Royal Midnight Kiss
Office Lover
Sweet Scandal
Sweet Scandal Returns
My Sweet Proposal
Arabian Nights Love Story
My Romantic Three Kingdoms
Love Legend of Sengoku
Contract Marriage
Contract Marriage Plus
Arabian Nights~Desert Heat Love
Seven Hotties, All My Husbands
Bidding for Love
Starstruck Love
Once Upon a Fairy Tale
The Cinderella Contract
Midnight Cinderella
Mistress Contract
It’s our secret - happiness love romance
Animal Boyfriend
2/2 Lover - Angels and Demons
Love Academy
Love! Sushi Rangers
My Forged Wedding: PARTY
Be My Princess: PARTY
Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY
My Forbidden love

and my personal favourite, simply because of its ridiculous name:

Have affairs with 89 different men with karapet (???)

Those are all the free games I could find. There’s probably more…but I left out the visual novel ones that don’t have options and all you do is read the story as it goes on.

If you have any more to add, feel free!

My experience.

I read Roxane Gay’s memoir, Hunger, over the weekend.  It definitely brought up some things with me, and I thought it was an honest and often heart-wrenching book.  It’s not a spoiler to say that the book deals with rape and the lasting impact the author’s experience has had on her life. 

More after the cut because this isn’t an easy subject and you should certainly feel free to skip this post.

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High School AUs (based on real experiences I’ve had) pt. 1

I know no one asked for this, but I kind of wanna share these wild rides with someone, so here goes lol

1. I was waiting to get picked up after staying at school for a Shakespeare lecture, and you were waiting to get picked up after band practice. A dog suddenly ran past us in the parking lot, so we debated whether or not we should tell anyone.

2. I saw you getting really uncomfortable because of Creepy Tom not leaving you alone, so I swooped in and pretended I needed you for an emergency.

3. We tutor freshman in the same time slot every week, so we always go together to pick up the students from their classes and sometimes end up just talking shit with them instead of doing any work.

4. Your best friend and my best friend used to date, and they only broke up really recently, so they still kind of have feelings for each other. We end up joining them when your best friend is trying to win mine back, so we spend like an hour sharing exasperated looks.

5. We’ve known each other for three years and you stop by every day to steal my pretzels, since I never eat them, and one day I forget to pack them and you get super offended. You end up dragging me to the store, so you can buy pretzels for yourself and gummy worms for me.

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Kicked Out (Part 4) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

It had been a few weeks since I had exploded at Joe and things had been going perfectly. Almost too perfect. Joe and I had been getting along and the boys had even treated me as is I was their little sister all except one.

Jack Maynard. Womaniser. Gorgeous. Blue eyes and brown hair. He has treated me differently to the others and I couldn’t figure him out. He would often message me asking if I was okay, or if I wanted to hang out. It was almost as if we were dating.

“Hey Y/N/N?” Joe shouts from his office. I walk my way through the kitchen and into his office.

“Hey big brother,” I say greeting him.

“Were you hanging out with Randy last night?” He questions.

“Yeah, hey little sister, how are you? I’m good thanks for asking.” I laugh.

“Just answer the question, Tiny.”

“Yeah, so what?” I ask.

“Are you two dating?” Joe asks.

My eyebrows furrow together. “No?”

“But you like him?”

“Joe, I don’t have time for this.” I groan and cover my face with my hands.

“Y/N,” Joe says sternly.

“And so what if I did? I wouldn’t ever do anything like to you,”

“Do you like him?” He asks again.

“Joe,” I say back.

“Y/FULL/N Do you like Maynard?” His eyes are locked with mine. I bite my lip and nod my head.

“Good, now you can make him happy,” Joe smiles. I smack him upside the head.

“I’m not getting with Maynard you fool!” I say in a hushed tone. I walk out of his office and into his spare room my face tinted red.

“Sure!” He shouts after me


“Hey Tiny, You coming out with the boys tonight?” Oli asks, kicking on the door softly.

I stand from the bed I was sat on and I open the door. Greeted by not only Oli but Oli, Caspar, and Mikey.

“I think I’ll sit this one out boys,” I say leaning on the door frame. I’m dressed in tracksuit pants, that sit on my hips loosely and an oversized off the shoulder crop top. A fair amount of skin showing.

“Damn Tiny, growing up well.” Caspar teases. I laugh, rolling my eyes shoving at him softly.

“Shut up,”

“Hey guys,” The front door closes and Jack’s voice comes in.

“Mate check this out!” Mikey says excitedly. My eyebrows draw together in confusion.

“Whats up?” Jack asks making his way to where all of us are stood.

“Buddy, Tiny got hot.” Mikey laughs, unaware of my face. My mouth wide with shock.

“What the fuck,” Joe shouts coming into the hallway, “Do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m just going to go back to watching Netflix,” I sigh spinning away from the group of boys. I close the door softly behind me and walk over to the bed sitting on it and listening ti the conversation that is happening behind the door.

“Joe?” I hear Caspar ask.

“You come into my house and say shit like that about my sister and you think that’s okay?” I hear Joe’s voice ask. A thud echoes through the room.

“Fuck,” Mikey breathes, “Nice punch mate.”

My eyes widen in realization at what had just happened. I stand up from the bed swing the door open. Only to be greeted with Mikey on the floor and Jack holding Joe by his arms.

“Joe!” I shout all of their attentions falling on me.


The only thing that ever broke me.

Yoongi was the embodiment of elegance and power. The way he walked into a room demanded attention. I couldn’t help but to feel drawn to him when he slid onto the bench and began playing the piano. Everyone was mesmerized as his fingers moved gracefully across the keys. I never once thought he would ever choose me, but he did.

Our relationship was untraditional. Starting out, it was great. We had an instantaneous connection and would spend all our free time together. Life started to get in the way as our careers became more demanding. He would work long hours in the studio while I would sit in my office late into the night.   We would squeeze in dates and alone-time when we could, but it was hard. As long as you know how to balance, being busy is fine, but we weren’t capable of that. Weeks of not properly seeing each other dimmed the spark we had, only creating more problems for us. He hated confrontation. Closing-up was his response to any type of situation that involved emotions. Trying to fix our quickly deteriorating relationship was hard when I was the only one putting in any effort. One day, I stopped attempting to get a response from him. That was when it went to hell.

Moans and hushed whispers were all I heard. I could feel my heart breaking as I slowly ascended the stairs to our shared bedroom. Clothes were thrown in the small hallway leading to the door, which only confirmed my suspicions. When I peeked my head in, it was like my whole world had crashed around me. The only man I had ever loved had betrayed me in the most awful way.

I always thought that nothing could break me, but someone did.


Love and Manuscripts (14)

This is it guys! I really loved doing this fic and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s stayed to read it all. Thank you for being patient with me <3 Previous chapters are here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


Simon fixed his tie nervously. Penny, for whatever cruel reason, had decided to tell them who was hired for the position together. Baz looked calm as ever except for the jittery tapping of his fingers on his leg. Penny stood before them with her lips pursed and her arms crossed over her chest. She regarded them shrewdly for a moment in silence.
“Something has changed between you two.” She said.
Simon felt his heart rate spike and then level out as he realized she had not been about to reveal who go the job.
“I’m sorry?” Simon asked.
“You two haven’t been fighting as much lately. And…I don’t know there’s just something there.”
“We’re dating,” Baz said, point blank.
Simon swung around and stared at him in disbelief. Baz rolled his eyes at Simon’s distress.
“What? It’s not like it matters. It won’t be considered interoffice dating now will it?”
Simon gulped. Baz was right, no matter what happened next, only one of them would be employed at this office. Simon supposed, given the circumstances, that Penny knowing about their relationship was the least of his worries.
Penny smirked.
“As it turns out, we don’t have a policy against office dating. As long as you keep things professional at work, we don’t mind.”
Simon nodded, barely paying attention.
“I say this because you two will need to keep that in mind going forward.”
Baz raised his eyebrow quizzically.
“We will?”
This time she broke out into a huge smile.
“Yes! Everyone who’s worked with you two has said it’s impossible to choose between the two of you. We want you both on for our editing team. I just couldn’t say anything until I got everything approved.”
Simon rubbed a palm against his face warily.
“Oh thank god,” He whispered.
Baz laughed and rubbed his back gently.
“How are you not more excited?” Baz asked.
“I am excited,” Simon explained, “I’m also just…very, very relieved.”
“You two start on Monday. For now, get some rest and celebrate. I’m very excited to work with you both.”
After shaking hands and dealing with some formalities they walked out of the building. As soon as they were at their cars Simon started laughing.
“What?” Baz asked.
“It’s just,” Simon said, “We put off being together…for so long…because we were competing for this job.”
Baz stared at him for a second and then he was laughing too, the afternoon sun glinting off his tan skin. He pushed his hair back and regarded Simon warmly.
“Simon Snow, what am I going to do with you?”
Simon strode forward and wrapped his arms around Baz.
“Buy me alcohol and food. I deserve to be pampered.”
Baz kissed him lightly and then laughed.
“So do I you prat, you wining and dining me as well?”
Simon pouted jokingly.
“But you have all that rich kid trust fund money lying around and I only just got my first real job…”
Baz rolled his eyes.
“Is this the kind of person I’ll be forced to deal with now?”
This time Simon was the one to kiss Baz, pushing his fingers greedily into Baz’s hair and enjoying the warm huff of his breath in his mouth.
“Yes. Get used to it.”
Baz nudged his nose.
“And why is that?”
“Because I’m going to annoy you for the rest of your life.”
“Hm…I like that idea…”
With that they separated and went to their cars, watching each other the whole time. Simon knew it was going to be a fun night, filled with too expensive champagne and over the top meals. And he loved it. Baz gave him a smirk as he pulled out his parking spot and indicated for Simon to roll his window down.
“Oh by the way,” Baz’s smiled slyly, “I plan to be the best editor at this company and I don’t play nice.”
Simon grinned back.
“Then we have another thing in common.”
With that Simon rolled up his window and followed Baz, knowing that no matter how many times they competed, the only prize they really cared about was each other.  

Suga Update

I haven’t updated you ladies in a hot minute about what’s been going on in the hustle..for a few reasons such as bad juju after I made posts. The past few months have been hectic and I wasn’t hustling as hard BUT as of today I’m officially done with college a semester early yay! In any case, I’m going to tell ya’ll about this new POT and my day today. Lets call him Jet. Disclaimer: I ramble a lot in this post. 

I met him on Tinder. Our first date was incredibly brief, but nice. I was in the city and we figured we would meet quickly over coffee. Today we met at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. A little bit about him he is Indian, just shy of 40, and works as an investment banker on Wall Street. He describes himself as going “all the way” because he hustled to get into the best school in India, finished in the top of his class, and then came to America to get his MBA at an ivy, and then now works in Wall Street. He was so kind and rich with compliments.  At one point he grabs my hand and is like “What am I getting you for your graduation gift?” I laughed. “You’re putting me on the spot.” He tells me that I should think about what I want and the next time we see each other we will go shopping and he will get me my gift, “whatever I want”. He mentioned this over text too that I need to be gifted. (My tabs are open atm to LV I need a new wallet this is not a drill. I’m no longer shy about this shit I’m just going to say I need a new wallet, I’ve been wanting this one from LV it is $500 would that be okay?). He also does admission interviews for his alma matter and since I’m applying to law school he gave me A LOT of helpful tips on what admissions officers look for.

After the date we went to whole foods bc he thought I should have food for the train. I felt bad making him wait as I looked through all the cooked food and took my sweet time but he didn’t mind and after I got so much shit, basically went grocery shopping in this bitch he said, “That’s all? Are you sure?” I feel like the key is never to seem overly excited or in awe by their gestures. I just bat my lashes, smile and say “Thank you.” Like I feel like its easy to be in such awe when handed allowance for example but I think it’s best to give an appreciative smile say thanks and move on, almost unphased. Or to act like high class shit is normalcy. I got gifted a ring for Christmas that looks like an engagement ring I mean that’s basically what it is. When he complimented how “beautiful” my finger looked with my tattoo and the ring I looked at the ring, smiled, and said, “Oh this? It was a gift.” and moved on. I specifically wore that today so he knows I don’t play NO games *JoAnne voice*. I love to throw in a couple pieces in a simple outfit that just look classy. My three today were the diamond ring, this really dainty diamond necklace and this scarf from Saudi Arabia with a gold trim on the bottom. I was wearing a sweater dress, tights and thigh high boots. My whole outfit was like 30$ (minus my coat) but the added pieces just make you look like a subtle expensive bitch.

He did everything he could to just touch me or hold my hand towards the end of the date. Fixing my hair in the wind etc. I hate holding hands unless I’m like in love with a person, is that strange? I’m just so weird about being touched. So I had to bite my tongue when he said “Give me your hand” and played with my fingers and kissed my hand. He said “give me your hand” three times. He gave me “transportation cash” which was wellll over the cost of transportation which I was happy about. Shortly after we parted, he texted me compliments and that next time he’s not letting me leave so soon. He keeps texting how much he’s into me. His most recent text included “maybe some cuddles and kisses thrown in between too :)” I jump with glee when guys are bold with these statements because it gives me more incentive to be bold as fuck with opening my mouth and asking for things I want.  “Cuddles and kisses” will surely come..when my bank account is happy. I used to be scared to ask for shit but bet Imma have this Louis wallet in 2 weeks time. Speaking that into existence LOL.

But definitley looking forward to where this goes. I love men who drool over you bc even though it can seem annoying or obsessive those are the ones who will give you what you want, so long as you keep them on their toes.

anonymous asked:

I'm new to otome games. What would you recommend starting with? It's probably a difficult question to answer shortly, but I was thinking mobile since that can be done anywhere. But I heard mobile is annoying because you can only read a little every day and there are checkpoints so you have to open the app every hour to get points to pass these. Also it seems like most of the heroines are stupid, can't do anything who are constantly hit on and disrespected by love interests?


First, thank you for your question. That is indeed a difficult question to answer without making a 100000000000000 words long essay! But thanks for adding details to narrow it down. It is correct that many MCs feel that way, but you have to consider the fact that there are cultural differences. However I don’t think the non-con is acceptable, cultural differences or not, and I believe those are there for the “fantasy.” (for those who are into the more forceful types.)

There are however great otome heroines out there, both on mobile, PC, PSP, PS Vita, Playstation *insert number* , etc. I understand you want to avoid the games where you have checkpoints, but I just want to mention some that have those anyway. 

All Cybird’s games have great heroines and love interests that respect her and her wishes. Not to mention she’s always into it (more intimate things, like kissing or… you know.) The MC also does things, she won’t just sit there and be rescued, she takes action even if it puts her in danger. Also when she’s given the title of Princess (Midnight Cinderella and Ikemen Sengoku), she actually does work, it’s not just a title without any duties or responsibilities. OKKO also got good games and MCs. Some of them might be very insecure or blush at just holding hands, but the MC has a backstory, she has a reason to be like this. It’s not just something out of the blue. Ok, once again, I’m trying to not go into too much detail. Most of the Shall We Date games also have love interests that respect the MC, but those games are targeted at a younger audience. Like they don’t go much further than a kiss and holding hands. The older games however have smut and (detailed) love scenes.

Ok, now to what you asked for. There actually quite a lot of otome games that don’t require checkpoints, but some of them still need tickets, which you recieve daily. At the top of my head, what comes first to mind is Dearead’s games. Both Prince of the Resort and Princess to Be got some really good MCs! Princess to Be got a very “self aware” MC (she comments things like “It’s like I’m an otome game heroine”). And Prince of the Resort got a MC that refuse to take sexual harrassment and demands to be respected. (like “I’m a concierge, joining you in bed is not in my job description” <– not word for word, but it’s what she’s telling the guys).
Also you can get extra tickets by watching ad videos, so you can read more than the daily X tickets. (which pays for & supports the game)

On a side note I also want to mention Ephemeral by HuneX. While not all love interests are that respectful (I’m looking at you two, who shall not be named), it’s a very sweet, cute and funny read. There’s even a quite healthy sub-dom releationship there! (well, it’s not really sub-dom, but out of context it sounds like it, haha)

I hope you will have fun and come to enjoy otome games~

anonymous asked:

How do you think Lena's apartment will look like?

I’m baaaaccckkkk!

So this turned into a whole thing! hope it isn’t too descriptive for a whole chapter but I thought I’d try it!


She doesn’t know what she expected Lena’s apartment to look like, but it certainly wasn’t this.

It makes sense, in retrospect, considering how soft Lena is around her; but it definitely doesn’t mesh with hardass CEO Lena.

She steps in hesitantly, even though Lena had called for her to come in - it still feels odd, just walking in. She can hear Lena getting ready back in the bedroom, the soft click of cosmetic cases.

“Just make yourself at home! I’l be right out!” Lena calls out and she finally allows herself to glance around as she toes off her shoes to add to the pile in the entryway.

The foyer is wide with a coat rack by the door, and to the right is the kitchen, all stainless steel and granite. It’s large, a chef’s kitchen, she thinks; and she smiles, wondering if Lena cooks. Her stomach grumbles hungrily and she steps forward into the living room.

It’s cozy, that’s her first thought, as she takes in the fluffy throw blanket tossed across the back of the couch and the stack of books on the end table. She steps forward to take a closer look, feeling a bit nosy but not feeling too bad about it - Lena had said to make herself at home after all. There are two engineering books and one on physics; but there’s also a dog-eared copy of ‘The Princess Diarist’ and Catco’s latest edition folded to the page of Kara’s article that makes her smile.

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What really happend to Olivia Mabel

Stay-at-home-mother by the name of Olivia Jane Mabel living on 12.77 acres of property town of Celina,Texas with her husband Travis and Aiden son were the all ideal american family. Up until  when 1990 tragedy fell the Footlights Ranch as young Aiden was found dead in the small seasonal pond on the property. Olivia was heartbroken.  Suffering this unimaginable tragedy threw her into a deep grief, filled with self-blame and a refusal to believe the facts.  She eventually pulled away from her friends, her work and her husband, which eventually lead to a divorce in early 1991.  Ex-husband Travis has happily remarried and moved to New England, losing touch with Ms. Mabel after a matter of months.  With no other family members, Olivia was last seen in September 1991.    

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Shall We Date? (Jimin BTS)

You sit alone in your office. The silence of the room fills you, as you sit in loneliness. You are working late night in the office again instead of drinking with your coworkers. “Alright, just 20 more pages of paper work to go, 3 memos, and 2 reports. Looks like I’ll be done around…4 am! What good luck.” You talk to yourself to fill the silence.  You sigh once more before you take up your pen to begin finishing the paper work. 

“Hello? Y/N?” a voice calls out to you from behind an open door. A pink haired man, and looks at you with warm eyes. 

“Jimin! What are you doing here?” You turn you chair towards him, and stand up. 

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