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50 Weeks of Art Improvement Challenge

This challenge is made with an emphasis on human anatomy in mind because this is something I really want to improve on. Each week, I will make a post with references I find for the theme to help get everyone started. :D

Here, you can find all the reference lists I’ve made.

Your job, if you wish to join me, is to practice drawing the topic for that week. It can be doodles, sketches, an art piece that focuses on the theme, or whatever else you can think of. 

Please join me in figuring out how to art, and tag your work each week under “50 weeks of arting” so we can find each other’s art and keep each other motivated yaaay :D

  1. Faces - proportions
  2. Faces - features
  3. Faces - shading with light sources
  4. Expressions
  5. Human body - proportions
  6. Torsos
  7. Back
  8. Arms
  9. Legs
  10. Hands
  11. Feet
  12. Hair
  13. Standing/sitting poses
  14. Action/fight poses
  15. Faces ( These are important - so let’s revisit them )
  16. Part of anatomy you struggle on
  17. Poses and figure drawing
  18. Children
  19. Elderly
  20. Fabric folds
  21. Accessories - shoes, hats, bags, capes, anything you can think of!
  22. Clothing - casual
  23. Clothing - formal
  24. Fashion style of your choice
  25. Faces (Awesome! Now let’s revisit faces and anatomy again before we move on to animals!)
  26. Part of anatomy you struggle on
  27. Poses and figure drawing
  28. Dogs
  29. Cats
  30. Birds
  31. Animal of your choice
  32. Fantasy animal of your choice
  33. Plants, trees, and flowers
  34. Weapons
  35. Armor
  36. Faces - Again!
  37. Part of anatomy you struggle on
  38. Poses and figure drawing
  39. Forest landscape
  40. Urban landscape
  41. Underwater scenery
  42. Different perspectives
  43. Draw a scene from your favorite story or fan fic
  44. Monochromatic Color Scheme
  45. Complementary Color Scheme
  46. Analogous Color Scheme
  47. Triadic Color Scheme
  48. Tetradic Color Scheme
  49. Choose a landscape or character, and color it using each of the color schemes.
  50. Redraw an old piece and see how much you’ve improved!
Adulting is Hard

Originally posted by duckbuttt

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word count: 895
Request:  Anonymous. Can you guys do a Tony Stark x reader where she’s having a shitty day and he cheers him up and it’s super fluffy, please? Thank you guys in advance, I love your writing btw! (I still gotta catch up on a lot of it but shh! It’s all amazing!!!)

Walking in the front door, you let it slam behind you. Huffing, you kicked off your heels while you peeled off your coat. Tony walked out of his workroom, eyebrow raised. “Problems, dear?” He asked lightheartedly.

You shot him a glare, but it fell quickly. Sighing, you shuffled over to him and put your arms around him, your head on his chest. “I don’t want to play adult anymore.”

Tony chuckled, holding you close. “Don’t.” He shrugged. “Look at me. When’s the last time you saw me adult?”

Looking up at him, you gave him a ‘really?’ look. “Last night?” You mused. “Yesterday morning? Need I go on?”

He thought for a moment. “Okay, when’s the last time you saw me be a responsible adult?” He smirked at you, chuckling as you rolled your eyes. “Exactly.” He pecked your nose. “So, go take a bubble bath, with the bubbles you think you hide really well and don’t. You know- the candy or baked goods scented ones?” You blushed, not realizing he’d seen those. “Put on your boy band music, dance around our room singing in your hair brush, acting like a teenager again, and I will get something set up in the living room.”

“Should I be worried?” You asked, actually half serious.

“Nah.” Then he moved his head side to side a bit. “Well. Maybe…”

Laughing, you kissed him before pulling from his arms. “Good thing I have health insurance.” You called over your shoulder.

Tony put his hand on his chest, feigning shock. “When have I ever caused you to need to use that?” He smiled. “Aside from last summer on the boat? Last fall at the cabin, last fall in the woods… You know what, forget it.” He waved it off, making you shake your head.

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Prayers needed!

Hey all! The other mod of this blog, Quinn, asked me to send out a prayer request for her – she is coming out to her parents tomorrow (Tuesday April 18, some time after 4pm US Eastern time) and moving out of their house. She needs prayers before, during, and after the event.

She knows from past experience with them that they are not going to accept her being bi and being with someone who’s not a guy (I’m not sure whether we’ve clarified it on this blog, but she and I are in a committed relationship). Thus, she’d appreciate prayers that they at least listen to what she has to say and that they can part on somewhat peaceful terms, with hope of their acceptance in the future. 

I’ve written a prayer below that you can use to pray for her, if your own words don’t come easy. And if you aren’t the praying type, good vibes are also appreciated. Thank you so much, from both of us!!

God of Love,
How painful it is when those we love most, and who love us deeply, do not accept and love every aspect of who we are.

In the search to be fully known by her parents, be with Quinn. She is in desperate need of strength and courage, the right words and reception, hope and patience. Hold her close to you, under the protection of your wings and in the warmth of your heart, as she comes out and attempts to hold a conversation with her parents. Open their ears, their minds, their hearts to her words, even if the path to acceptance is slow-going. Thank you for their love for Quinn – direct that love towards understanding; use it to kindle a desire for your Truth, which affirms all your children in all our diversity. And be with her brother too, as he grapples with the same struggle to accept his sister and love her as she is. We pray that one day, she and her family will be reconciled and truly whole. 

As Quinn moves out from her parents’ house and into a new apartment, bless that new space. May it ring richly with joy and laughter, and shelter her from all harm. O Spirit of New Beginnings, the future is cloudy and fearful for Quinn right now – walk with her, be her light. Provide for her needs as they arise, and never leave her devoid of supportive friends.

For your constant presence in the midst of our struggles, we praise you, Yeshua, whose Spirit continues to live among us, transforming pain into healing and small deaths into new, full, and eternal Life.

Stay Alive

Originally posted by plumpark

Genre: Angst/Some Fluff There’s barely any but it’s there 

Word Count: 2,083

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

“No stop, don’t you dare close your eyes okay? I’m going to get you out of here alive. Stay with me please.” 

Masterlist ♥︎


A/N: Made this cause the Jungkook feels for me rn are just not okay I’m trying not to admit that he’s most likely my bias now. I still love you yoongi, you just can’t ignore him, it’s impossible. so get ready for some feels I’m not sorry. And warning there’s mention of blood and stuff..

 (on another note I will be posting betrayed part 4 soon ^.^ I’m sorry for the long wait idk why but my writing skills just gave out so it’s gonna take a little bit longer)

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Originally posted by bobbytrash

You know what they say when they tell you to be careful what you wish for because just a month ago you couldn’t stop talking about wanting to get on an episode of running man after watching that one exciting episode and here you were, on a Halloween special. Of all specials. Because really, you didn’t have to come on the show often to know that your weak heart wouldn’t be able to handle half the horror that you were in for this filming session.

“So Bobby! Are you going to go alone or pick a partner?” Jaesuk asked.

The group of you left to challenge the haunted house were odd numbered and with the maximum entry being in pairs, there had to be someone that had to take up the challenge alone.

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{SasuNaruSasu Fanfic} Leaning Towards the Sun

Anonymous asked a question: I wish you would write about big age difference. I just love the idea of handsome older naru…

Omg Anon-chan, this idea really got into my skin and this fic practically wrote itself, even though I swear I’ve got writer’s block for anything I’m meant to be working on!

Note: Naruto is 32 in this fic, and Sasuke is 17. Which is a pretty controversial age, but it IS over the age of consent where I live, and nothing actually happens in this fic anyway, I swear, this is totally safe-for-work.

Leaning Towards the Sun

Sasuke had taken to walking around the neighbourhood after school. Not walking to a specific place, just- walking. It was better than going back home to an empty apartment. At first, he didn’t even look around him while he was walking- he just zoned out, and moved. Somehow, the movement created this blank space in his brain where he could just not think about anything. It was…a relief.

But gradually, he started to notice just how familiar his surroundings were. He and Itachi had moved back to where they’d lived when they were younger. Sasuke didn’t think he’d remembered any of it, but every now and then, he’d see a tree, or a street corner, and he’d realise that he knew this place.

And then one day he looked up, and found himself outside of his old kindergarten, and the sense of recognition, of familiarity, was so strong that he froze, and just stood there stunned at the strength of feeling washing over him. …Naruto-sensei, he thought to himself. Yes, that was his name…of course, there’s no way he’d still work here. That had been more than 10 years ago.

It was strange; Sasuke didn’t have many memories of his first years of school, but he remembered this kindergarten, and Naruto-sensei. The memories stood out in his mind like sparkling-bright stars in a sea of dark sky.

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It’s a bit of a dreary day today so the lighting isn’t as good as I’d like but here we go! Everything’s moved. Or mostly everything. Some of my fossils and bones are piled on the top shelf for now.

I figure I will have three hoard shelves eventually. The top being bones and furs and other natural oddities, the middle being the main mineral hoard, and the third being all my beach stuff.


I love having a glass shelf above this one though cause I can take those near top-down photos!!


Jeller season 2 OTP tags [1/?]