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tagged by @shufflepunk and I’m on mobile so whoops here we go…

1. height? 5'9"
2. hair style and color? brown, curly, short w/ undercut.
3. eye color? hazel what what
4. glasses? since I was a wee babby
5. braces? I used to. but now I don’t and my teeth are moving and I Hate It.
6. fashion sense? lmao, a joke???
7. siblings? yeah, three of them. one of them actually birthed someone last year??? and she’s the light of my life??? I love my niece. wait.. that’s abt my siblings. yeah, three.
8. what kind of student? the worst, but I try.
9. favorite subjects? history and English.
10. favorite TV show? Voltron, transformers prime, uhh… idk. whatever I’m binging on Netflix.
11. favorite books? Harry Potter and anything with lesbians
12. favorite pastime? reading.
13. regrets? so many lmao
14. dream job? author and/or child counselor.
15. get married? eh, idk.
16. kids? nah friend.
17. countries visited? not really other countries… I’ve been to Hawaii, to the key islands, Bahamas. vacation places lmao.

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