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About the hate towards fem!Watsons

I wish people would stop making us who don’t want another female Watson & male Sherlock seem sexist. We are not complaining because we don’t want more female characters, hell, most of us are females.

We are complaining, because by making Watson a woman, they’re taking out the lgbt aspect of the story (because even when it’s strictly subtext there’s always the element of it with two men living together) and because WHY IS IT ALWAYS WATSON, THE SIDEKICK WHO GETS TO BE FEMALE?

I’d be ecstatic if a version where BOTH of them were female came out because there are way too few fictional female geniuses. And way too few lesbian ships. At least they could make Sherlock the female one, but no, it always needs to be watson - and it’s not even the hot blooded yet clever army doctor we know from the books, no, the female Watson is always kind of a mother figure. She takes care of Sherlock, she helps him to calm down when needed. Her military background is left out, like in elementray.

Also, the Sherlocks with female Watsons seem to be more masculine than the ones with male Watsons. In the acd canon sherlock is a very bubbly & feminine character, and for example Brett’s & Cumberbatch’s Sherlock are like this. I’ve only seen one episode of elementary, but apparently he’s a womanazer when the original Sherlock is not at all intereste in women.

So to conclude, we don’t hate the idea of female Watson - if we also got female Sherlock we’d be joyous. But the way Elementary & sherlock north are doing it is just forcing gender roles and ignoring lgbt rep. Thank you.

note: i didn’t mean to to badmouth elementary I’m sure it’s a good show and all, i was just using it as an example for my points of this phenomenon in general. I don’t hate elementary. I might even watch it one day. I made this post because there are already TWO popular versions with female Watson and none with both of them as females (and please dont link your indie fem sherlock versions to me as proof im sure they’re great but they aren’t POPULAR). Also i never said bbc Sherlock is good with representation?? I was just as furious as the next person when it turned out that it was queerbating but that doesn’t erase the fact that their characters are very well adapted from the acd canon. And when i talked about subtext as lgbt representation I meant the versions from the time when having lgbt characters was actually illegal, obvoiusly nowdays it isn’t good enough. And please notice how I said that i want lesbian johnlock before calling me sexist. Also “fuck you” isn’t a very convincing argument. Thank you.

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Can u do a post about Hinata on team 7 vs Sakura on team 7? I am v tired of ppl saying Hinata would've been a better fit just bc of her backstory or whatever (let me get my violin out)

Uh I don’t really like boosting sakura while shitting on hinta since that’s the desperate shit they like to pull but for you anon I break my morals

1) Aesthetically pleasing team 7 cannot be matched

Like seriously the balance of colour scheme is iconic. Match any of them together and it’s gorgeous. Sakura and Naruto? Lemon and strawberry pastel aesthetic. Sakura and Sasuke? We all have a pavilovian response to red and blue ships anyways and the pink and blue aesthetic is so iconic it almost makes me angry remembering gender roles. Sasuke and Naruto? Blue and orange are literally complimentary colours. Hinata has a muted appearance like imagine–orange, dark and muted, dark and muted. Boring as shit. I am here for the Halloween pumkin, the spring in Japan and muted asian prince aesthetic.

2) Power balance. With 2 assholes like OP my eyes can shoot fire and I have a fucking demon within my stomach who watches me masturbate you need someone who can catch up and fight with them back to back. Only Sakura was capable of doing that because of her tHIRST to prove herself and actually not giving up. 

3) They need a medic. Okay but Naruto and Sasuke are constantly almost getting themselves killed and they need someone to tend to their asses. @ karin thanx 4 doing that in shippuuden boo

4) They need someone loud to set them straight. Remember when the bad boys were throwing up and wasting food and sakura yelled at them to stop? These 2 would not listen had it been told to them all ‘please stop :(’  

Also when Naruto was making fun of Lee and Sakura punched his rude ass, Hinata would not be able to make that bitch know his place.

When she encouraged Sasuke to get fired up by calling him a coward, he needed to face his fears and someone being upfront with him was what he needed.

5) Personality balance. This whole Hinata is so similar to sasuke and her story is so tragic :( garbage is hilarious to me. Sasuke did not grow from a rich privileged clan and the reason his dad was absent was not because sasuke was weak, it was because his dad had the fate of an entire clan resting on his shoulder. 

If you want to talk underdog because those folk like saying hinata is the underdog who aligns with naruto? Lmao NaruSaku has you. Sakura is the real underdog of the series to be honest. She started with 0, honed her skill in order to grow, never gave up on the people she loved and her ambitions and in the end became a flower more beautiful than the cosmos.

The underdogs always cheering for each other :’)

and reaching their goals together

The whole felt insecure in their own skin and tried to be like someone they greatly admired aligns with SasuSaku way more than s*


Heck, sakura grew up with a family but aside from Ino she has no friends and was a bullied child. In comparison to Sasuke it’s not that grand but who she was then inspired who she is now and that’s what matters. Who she is now fits like a puzzle, 3 lonely kids, hungry for acknowledgement finding home in one another. 

Team 7 is the hype of Naruto, Sasuke’s battle skills and Sakuras intelligence- it’s a perfect combination. She is the mediator. Among 2 very distinct energy types she is the median we find. Hot blooded, yet responsible. Rowdy, but obeys orders. Fun but can be serious. Compassionate but easily annoyed. If Sasuke is 0 and Naruto is 10, Sakura is the 5. They are a balanced power house of chemistry and love, the scale can’t be tipped in another direction…Hinata is like a 3 and that just won’t do.

Thanks for the ask anon.

When you come up with scenarios while shivering in a movie theater for 2 hours..

A asks B out to the movies for a date night. B hasn’t been feeling all that great but doesn’t say anything to A because B really wants to spend time with A.

As the movie progresses, so does the low grade fever B has been running all day. B begins shivering from fever chills and A asks “cold?” B replies “yea, must be the AC.” A wraps their arm around B, frowning at the heat. A then starts to piece stuff together as B sits, leaning against them and shivering. A grabs their stuff and B’s hand and takes them out of the theater.

When they get outside, A immediately places their hand on B’s forehead. A’s eyes narrow at B. “Why didn’t you say anything?” B looks down. “I wanted to spend time with you”

A shoots B a sympathetic look before gently leading B out of the theater.


I’ve been reading humans are space orcs and just… bless this trend. It’s good chocolaty, self indulgent, self analyzing, precious, hilarious, creative, savage, excited and curious. This thing is a celebration of what it means to be human and I love it so much, for so so many reasons.

So here is my (probably first of many) contribution. I know it starts sad but stick with me guys, this is a redemption story.

Captain Xartyyrng is ambitious, brilliant commander who hand picks his crew to be exceptional explorers and when he hears about the sheer ferocity and ingenuity of humans xe knows xe needs one. Xe reads all the pamphlets and diplomatic memos.
Humans are disease resitant.
Humans can deal with severe injury.
Humans can master SEVERAL martial arts, both armed and unarmed.
Humans can survive a wide variety of climates, and actively seek out and bond with dangerous animals and ailiens.
Their predetorial instincts and senses are invaluable.
They are a physically large, powerfull, fearless race of apex predators.

So after much debate and bargaining (begging) and promising to be careful with this unpredictable Terran the Commander acquires a human for his crew. Granted, he is sighned on as a Navigator and Helmsman, but whatever. Surely the humans inborn curiosity and general chutzpah will have him begging to be on the away teams in no time.

But he doesn’t. Ever.

‘Don’T you want to go onto the dangerous planet as the first of your speicies? ’
'I can see it fine from the drone cam see? Zoom!’

'I want you to have the honor of heading this away team.’
'Wha-! I don’t want the honor!’

'Look a big fuzzy predator go befriend it!’
'Are you crazy! Shut up! It might hear us!’
(And later)

'This is a 60,000 foot drop.’
'Huh, a 60,000 foot drop you say? Fantastic I’m not going near it. Ever…. No. Not even with a rope…No! Get that away from me!“

'Would you like to sample these berries? For scientific purposes?’
'H-e-l-l noooooooo.’

'Oh no! An electro storm is aproaching! Human-Steve, go and gather our eauipment.’
'Is this a bad time to confess my fear of thunderstorms?’

Bonus quotes from Human-Steve:
'I’m cold.’
'I’m hot.’
'I feel sick.’
'Can we go yet?’
'I HATE this place.’
'Let’s NOT.’
'I. Am. Not. DOiNg. ThAt!’

And one last exchange:

'That Karnakian isn’t so tough. Go fight it!’
'But… you’re a human! Fight him! Protect your friends!’
'First off, I think it’s more female than male? She is female? Xe? Second off. Nu-uh. She literally has poisoned spines for hair. And that is one hairy lady. Let’s go home.’
(After Commander Xartyyrng enraged the Karnakian and it charged them Human-Steve grabbed three of his crew mates and crawled into a very small crack in a very big tree and proceeded to cry in fear until they were rescued.)

Commander Xartyyrng stared at Human Steve scratched up, bug eyed scared and covered in tree sap, the 3 other away team members standing awkwardly around them, glad to he alive.
"You are-”
“A dissapointment. I am so sorry. I just… I just wanted to be a pilot. I know you all hate me. I will resighn. I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’m such a looser I’m so sorry.”
It was the. Commander Xartyyrng finally understood. Humans could a be fearless, but Steve was not. And that was alright. If any others of his crew had displayed this cautious, quick thinking he would commend them…so.
“Steve, it is rude to interupt. I was saying you are very smart human. Go man the helm, I’m taking you off the away team roster.”
“Oh thank God!”

Just…. Commonsense-Steve.

***SPOILERS LOS*** Parts in LOS that made me smile and the ones that broke my heart:

Smile :)

  • Ty and Kit’s growing relationship (hopefully goes romantic! #kitty) I LOVED THE WHOLE SHERLOCK HOLMES
  • Dru getting attention for once
  • Emma and Julian… that’s all I have to say
  • Magnus WALKING IN YET AGAIN on Emma and Julian lmao
  • Livvy being a badass shadowhunter
  • Tavvy playing with Max and Rafael 
  • Emma and Julian making fun of the family mottos
  • Ty blushing when Kit says he’ll miss him

Broke my Heart

  • seeing Emma “date” Mark (i understand but I felt so bad for Jules)
  • Clary said she might die!? (MY POOR BABY JACE DOESNT KNOW WHY SHE SAID NO UGH)
  • Diego is engaged to Zara wtf
  • when Julian said “my baby girl”
  • whenever Emma lied to Jules about her feelings
  • Alec calling for his dad


The Gaang's Kids.


The babies are home!! We’re keeping a close eye on them both. Ricoh is eating and drinking, he’s a little reserved but seems to be recovering well. He loafed around and is currently resting in his litterbox. Holliday is definitely taking it a lot harder.. we syringe fed her some water and a mix of pellets, apple sauce and water. Haven’t seen her eat any hay yet. We have a hot bottle covered with a blanket next to her as she felt a little cold. She’s resting a lot, but we definitely will be monitoring her. Hoping for the best 😞 - Update 2:50AM syringed fed holliday some more water. She ate some hay and pooped a little!!!! Her temperature is better and she’s moving around a little more. Ricoh is doing well rn, hopefully no other complications

You Are Mine || Yoosung (smut)

Warning: smut; jealous, possessive Yoosung; bondage; slightly angsty at the end, I don’t even know what happened there

Believe it or not, this was actually for the most part a dream of mine.. I’M HORRIBLE lol, but anyway I tried to make the dream into a fanfic. Honestly the angst and a great part of the rest weren’t even in the dream lol, but hey, gotta make it a fic. Anyway, here it is. Hope you guys enjoy it! <3

“What are you- Yoosung!” I gasped out my boyfriend’s name as he bit harshly into the soft skin of my neck.
“You are mine,” Yoosung growled lowly, causing to form a huge contrast to his normally soothing voice.
“I know, baby. Why-” again I got interrupted, now because of his lips that were roughly placed on mine.
“You are mine, Y/N, and no one else’s. You are mine, and I’m going to prove that to you tonight.” As Yoosung’s words glided through the air, I felt his hands skimming across my body, then moving up again, being repeated multiple times.
For some reason I had already been left in nothing more than my panties, while my boyfriend still had all of his clothes on. Not fair, I thought, nearly pouting. However, that thought was immediately shut down the moment I felt Yoosung’s fingers moving over my still clothed core.
“Y-Yoosung,” it came out as a moan, but the word was spoken with the intention to yet again try and ask why he was acting like this, and he knew that. “Quiet,” he hissed, “I don’t want you to speak right now.”
I wasn’t nearly satisfied with his response though.
“Yoosung, why are you being like this?” I managed to bring out between gasps, as Yoosung had decided to grind his crotch into mine. My question however, or more precisely my nerves to ask him the question, made him stop his movements, as he laid himself more upon me, holding me captive between his body and the bed.
“Do you really wish to be punished?”
Yoosung took both of my hands in one of his, not before slightly leaning over the edge of the bed, as he rummaged a bit through the drawers. Expecting him to be searching for perhaps a condom, even though he hadn’t even undressed himself yet, I was absolutely astonished when he drew out some dark purple silk material, the color matching his lust ridden eyes perfectly. He then winded the ribbon tightly around my wrists, and tied them to the bed.
“Try not to move around too much, baby girl,” Yoosung whispered into my ear, evoking goosebumps to appear on the skin of my neck, causing me to already stir ever so slightly, “I’m gonna make you feel really, really good, but if you continue to struggle this much, it’s gonna make it harder for the both of us.”
Although still confused, I decided I couldn’t resist my boyfriend anymore. I wasn’t going to try and ask him questions anymore, this was not the time. I wanted to see where this was going. All of this was so unlike Yoosung. We never really had sex; we made love. But this was so different. Yet so hot.
“You are so unbelievably wet, Y/N,” Yoosung said, as he now had moved himself towards my core, slowly kissing around it, but never directly touching it.
“Yoosung!” I screamed as he bit into the flesh of my inner thigh. “Yes baby?” he continued kissing, sucking and biting, all painfully slow, way too slow, and definitely nowhere near enough. “Please..” I begged him. “I need more information, Y/N,” Yoosung simply said. “Please, baby.. Give me some release. Please..” “Still not enough, sweetheart. Tell me what you want me to do,” Yoosung mumbled as he was ghosting his lips over the hem of my panties, down to my core as he placed a kiss over the soaked panties that were my only garment left. “Ah! Y-Yes.. Please, please touch me. Yoosung, please,” I was nearly sobbing because of the overwhelming feeling of lust that had come upon me.
As Yoosung slipped my panties between his teeth and down my legs, a shiver ran down my back and I whimpered softly, then yelped as Yoosung’s mouth immediately after found my clit and was sucking harshly. My breathing was already becoming shallow, and he had really just now begun to touch me.
His clit sucking soon turned into lapping at my opening, then pushing his tongue in. As he rapidly tongue-fucked my core, still now and then also touching my sensitive bud, I could already feel an orgasm nearing. But as my moans grew louder and more frequent, Yoosung seemed to realise this too and -
he stopped.
“Yoosung, why did you stop?” I whined, wanting to push his head back between my thighs, however I was still tied up and completely at his mercy.
“Oh, baby girl, I’m nowhere near done with you, don’t worry,” he cooed as three of his fingers plunged back into my slit, making me scream out all sorts of profanities. As he’d come up my body in the process, he leaned closer to my ear, then whispered: “I just wanted to prolong the fun.”
Then Yoosung abruptly got up from my body, pulling out his fingers in the process, and said: “On your knees.”
When I didn’t immediately do what he asked from me, too astounded to take any action, he flipped me over and, slipping one hand under my body, pushed me onto my knees, ass high up and face hidden in the pillows.
A hard smack on my left buttock followed. “You naughty girl, didn’t even obey my order.” Another smack. “I think you need me to teach you a lesson.”
As I felt Yoosung shifting on the bed, I slightly turned over to see what he was planning on, but I immediately got corrected by him pressing himself against my back. “Stay here, in this exact position,” Yoosung hissed. His teeth sank harshly into the sensitive skin of my neck, making me gasp. “Do I make myself clear? Answer me,” he added. “Y-Yes. Yoosung,” I moaned out the last word.
The shifting on the bed could be felt again, and then there was nothing but the sound of clothing being removed.
Impatiently, I tried to relieve some of the tension between my thighs by rubbing them together, but I immediately could hear a click of my boyfriend’s tongue, obviously not approving.
Then, Yoosung was back on our shared bed, and he absolutely didn’t waste any time to push in, nor did he wait before moving.
I screamed out his name as his thrusts were hard and fast from the beginning.
Lips were caressing my neck, hands and fingers were touching anywhere, and I couldn’t do anything except for accepting and relishing in the pleasure Yoosung provided my body with.
In less than a few minutes, I could already feel the familiar feeling of coming undone nearing. “Yoo.. Yoosung, I’m not gonna last long,” I managed to bring out.
“Me neither, baby girl,” Yoosung responded.
Then he turned my face towards his, and kissed me hard, passionate, but still with a feeling of pure love declared in the gesture.
While the kiss lasted, I came, and not too long after, with having shared a few other sloppy kisses, also Yoosung had reached his end, spilling his seed into me.
His lips returned to my neck, this time not with any intention to mark me, but to place some soft kisses on the bruised spots it held.
As I felt him moving slightly forward to undo the knots in the still on my wrists present ribbon, I whimpered, sensitive with the feeling of his cock brushing my walls ever so lightly. “Ah! Yoosung, you.. haven’t pulled out yet.”
“Oh.. Sorry,” Yoosung sheepishly said, and I smiled; whatever was the reason for his behaviour of earlier, my boyfriend had been brought back into his shy and a bit awkward, but nevertheless adorable character again, and he pulled out.
When he’d gotten rid of the ribbon, he immediately pulled me in a tight hug, but he remained quiet. I decided to believe he was just tired, until I felt something wet trickling into my hair. “Yoosung, baby, what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.
“Y/N.. I didn’t hurt you, right? You’re not gonna leave me, right? Do you really love me?” Question after question followed, as Yoosung had begun to talk faster, and while he let more tears fall down on me, the words became more incoherent in the hiccups and slight choking sounds that came with his crying.
“Baby, I’m okay. Of course I’m not gonna leave you, we’ve been together for almost a year now! I love you so much, baby, believe me,” I told him as I gently stroked his messy blonde hair that I, in contrary to people like Jaehee, loved on him. Then realisation hit me, and I stopped caressing his blonde locks. “Wait. Yoosung.. Is that what this was all about? You repeated I was yours over and over again.. Are you really that scared I’d leave you?”
I felt my boyfriend nod, apparently still unable to speak, but the tears seemed to slow down.
“I’m not ever gonna leave you, okay? I love you and there’s no one other than you I would ever want. Please believe me. I love you so much.” As I said the last words, Yoosung had looked up again and had pulled me into the most passionate kiss we’d ever shared, as if wanting to say the words back to me through the gesture. As if he didn’t make his feelings known already, he kept whispering “I love you”’s in between kisses.
“You’re the only one for me,” I told him, while staring into his eyes, trying to transmit my deepest feelings towards him.
“You’re the only one for me,” Yoosung repeated, and as we’d gotten back to cuddling, and I had begun running my fingers through his hair again, I could feel him fall asleep, in which I followed suit.

Being in the backseat with Bucky would include...

° ‘Can you move your seat up’

° ‘no’

° ‘it’s hot back here’

° ‘Are we there yet’

° ‘No’

° Bucky glaring at Sam the whole ride

° Bucky moving around constantly

°’Sit still’

°Staring at Bucky when there’s nothing else to look at

°’Stop staring at me’

°Becoming bros with Bucky

°Playing car games like I spy

°Bucky cheating


° ‘Shut up back there’

° cooling down on Bucky’s arm


° Jokes

°long talks

°falling asleep

°him humming songs in Russian

°screaming out the lyrics to the songs on the radio

°’I’m Bored’

°’Steve I’m hungry’

° Steve ending up having to buy Mcdonalds for the two of you

                                   “I’m Not Here To Hurt You…” 

Yes, I used the Rey Hot Toys for this picture. We don’t have enough Resistance Rey yet. Anyway, enjoy these two loves meeting on Ach-To. Rey feeling uneasy and Kylo telling her he won’t hurt her. Do not remove text or repost. Reblog only! Thank you! 

I Didn't Sign Up For This? ... I Think?

Original post 

A/N: This fic is partially @cait-writes-stuff‘s fault

“I cannot believe we are finally getting married.” Dick said as he and Barbara waited for the clerk to bring the papers.

“I know, it seems like whenever we get close, something happens and we have to postpone.” Barbara said with a sigh.

“Hey, nothing is going to happen this time. We are going to get married.” Dick said with a smile.

“Excuse me, but there has been a problem. I am afraid I cannot issue a marriage certificate as you are already married.” The clerk said.

“Wait, but neither of us has ever been married.” Dick said, panicking sneaking into his voice.

“Well, a Dick Grayson with your exact social security number has a marriage certificate registered in Clark County, Nevada. I am afraid until you sort this out, I cannot issue you a certificate.” The couple turned to go, but Barbara turned back. “Do you mind if we ask who he is married to?”

The clerk pulled the information back up and found the answer. “A Mr. Roy Harper?”

Dick and Barbara stood there in shock for several moments, before he pulled her out of the office. They didn’t talk much about what had happened as neither of them could believe it. Dick dropped Barbara off at her apartment before heading back to his. He honestly was looking forward to the peace and quiet so he could try and figure out exactly what was going on.

He unlocked the door and swung it wide.

He was met with the sight of Koriand’r dancing around the room with headphones in and one of his t-shirts on.

Jason was sitting in the recliner with his glasses on, deeply absorbed in whatever he was reading.

And Roy…. was wearing a floral apron and reclining seductively on the table, waiting for him to walk in.

“Hey, honeybuns. Welcome home.” Roy said, fluttering his eyelashes.

“What. The. Actual. Fuck.” Dick said, still standing in the doorway.

“Now is that anyway to greet your happy little homemaker? I have dinner cooking.” Roy said as he hopped down from the table.

“What are you guys even doing here?” Dick asked, looking around the room.

“I decided it was best if I came to live with my hubby.” Roy said as he wrapped his arms around Dick’s neck.

“We aren’t married. We got drunk and signed some papers.” Dick said as he pulled away from Roy’s embrace. “Speaking of which, I need you to sign these.” Dick pulled out the divorce papers and laid them on the table.

“And what exactly are those?” Roy asked, putting his hands on his hips.

“Annulment papers. I need you to sign them so I can marry Babs.” Dick explained, holding out a pen.

“Um, I can’t sign this.” Roy said, moving past Dick to sit in one of the chairs.

“Why? It isn’t like we are actually married. I bet you cannot even remember us actually signing anything.” Dick said, his frustration beginning to show.

“Well, not that I want to sign those papers, hot stuff, but we haven’t even talked alimony yet. How am I supposed to maintain my lifestyle without a steady income? You always were the breadwinner in this relationship.” Roy said as he poured himself a glass of wine.

Dick rubbed his forehead. “Roy, I have never once given you money. You have been living entirely off of what money you and the other outlaws make.”

“We haven’t even mentioned child support or living arrangements.” Roy said, taking a sip of his wine.

“WE DON’T HAVE CHILDREN.” Dick yelled.

“I will have you know I have been the sole caretaker of Jason and Kori-” Roy started.

“They are adults!” Dick exclaimed.

“This is exactly why I have a wine problem.” Roy said as he took a large gulp of wine.

“Just. Sign. The. Papers.” Dick ground out.

“You know all this stress and wine isn’t good for the baby.” Roy said, his hand slipping to his rest over his lower stomach.

“It is physically impossible for you to get pregnant. For numerous reasons.”

“Not like you would know about any of that because you aren’t ever around.” Roy said, throwing back the rest of the wine. “Speaking of which, why are you never around? Is there someone else? I bet there is. My mother told me I wouldn’t be enough, but no I had to fall for the boy with blue eyes, an ass that won’t quit, and a dick that won’t stay in his pants.”

“Babs and I have been dating for years. We have tried to get married several times, twice before the Vegas trip.” Dick explained, reaching the very end of his rope.

“I knew it. You always did have a thing for redheads. I bet you got her a ring didn’t you?” Roy stood up and turned to face the the living room. “You know he never bought me a ring. We have been married five years and I have seen jackshit from you, Richard Grayson, but you go off with another woman and you buy her a fucking rock.”

Dick sighed and sat in a chair, not even bothering to respond at this point.

“I cook, I clean, I suffer through your mood swings, and I raise these two hellions all by myself and for what? For you to go and give my ring to someone else. Where is my ring, huh? When are you going to make me an honest woman out of me?”

Dick made a loud groaning noise and stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door hard behind him.

Jason looked up from his book for a moment. “Well, this is going better than I thought it would.” He commented as he turned the page.

“I am having so much fun right now.” Roy squealed as he took the ready made lasagna out of the oven. He may be just doing this to irritate Dick, but he was damn sure going to play the part.

The room was silent for several minutes before the door opened again.

“Come back to apologize, cute thang?” Roy said as he turned around. He was met with a very stern looking Barbara Gordon.

“Roy.” She only uttered one syllable, but she got her point across.

He sat down at the table and grabbed a pen. “Yes, ma’am, where do I sign?”

They quickly worked out the details as Dick looked on dumbstruck from the living room.

“Thank you very much, Roy.” Barbara said as she collected the papers and walked out the door.

Dick moved out into the hallway to follow her.

“Dick, wait!” Roy said in a serious voice. Dick turned to look at him, expecting some kind of apology.

Instead, Roy threw a leg around the doorframe and flashed him a seductive look. “You ever need a little something on the side, you know where to find me.” He said, throwing a wink his shoulder.

Dick stood frozen for several seconds before quickly stuttering “Not in front of the children.” and running to catch up with Barbara.

He could hear the Outlaws howling before he could even turn the corner.

When he caught up with Barbara, he could see her try and hide her smile. He caught her face between his hands. “Let’s go work this thing out.” He breathed in relief before kissing her soundly.

When their wedding day finally came, it went off without a hitch. The outlaws were there, but Roy was a perfect gentleman and said nothing to Dick.

The reception was pretty tame until the video started rolling.

“Hey, honeybuns. Welcome home.” Rang out from the speakers.

“Oh god have mercy.” Dick groaned as he let his head fall into his hands.

“Are you going to try and stop it?” Barbara said, turning from the screen to look at him.

“No. Knowing them, they have the source heavily guarded. By the time I turned it off, it would be mostly over anyway.” Dick said before gulping down a full glass of champagne.

By the time the video ended, the entire hall was in tears with laughter. Even Bruce was smiling.

Dick had given up, his head resting on the table. Barbara leaned over. “Are you okay?”

“Never better.” Came his muffled reply. He lifted his head and looked at her. “In the very least, we just got married so I don’t have that to worry about. I am going to kill Tim for hacking the system and playing that video though.”

“Tim didn’t hack the system.” Babs said simply as she took a sip of champagne.

Dick just sat there for a minute before letting his head slowly move to once again rest on the table. “You played the video. You cruel woman.” Dick mumbled into the table.

“Next time you’ll call me when you are in over your head.” Barbara said pointedly as she got up to go speak to some of the guests.

Roy sidled up to the table. “Congrats, honeybuns. You married the homewrecker. If you need me, you know how to find me.” He gave Dick a sloppy kiss on the cheek before leaving with Jason and Kori.

He didn’t see the outlaw again for a couple months, until he was on a mission and a certain red head appeared beside him while he was on a stakeout.

“Your child support check is late this month, Richard.” Roy said without a greeting.

“Nice to see you, too.” Dick said, not taking his eyes off the building.

“You know I have started seeing my yoga instructor, Ricardo? Very flexible. A much better lover than you ever were.” Roy teased.

“Not like you would know considering we never had sex.” Dick said with a smirk.

“Oohhhh, tell that to the photo on Wally’s phone.” Roy whispered in Dick’s ear before vanishing into the night.

Dick somehow managed to get through the rest of his mission successfully with Roy’s words still ringing in his ear. As soon as he had the time, he texted Wally asking him about the photo.

Ten minutes later he received a picture of him and Roy in their boxers spooning on a luxury hotel bed. He sighed in relief. He had honestly expected something a bit more risque, but this was nowhere near evidence of them having sex.


Why were they in each other’s boxers?

Ten Years (Part 2)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,367

Warnings: language, snark, memories of cheaters

A/N: I usually like to have Nat be the schemer, but I’m liking Wanda as this bleeding heart hopeless romantic here. I hope you do, too!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Uh hi there, I've kind of been having the worst week imaginable and been feeling completely terrible and sad. Could the good doctor possibly provide some words of comfort/reassurance? Signed, A stressed out trans boy (p.s gr8 blog btw <3)

I’m sorry to hear that things have been rough recently, son. Seems like it never rains, huh? 

Now, before I say a word, the first thing I want you to do is take out a piece of paper. I’m dead serious. Do it right now. 

Write down three things that make you happy. 

It doesn’t matter what you choose, and you don’t have to tell me. The important thing is that you know them. 

Do it. I want to see that pen movin’, kiddo. 

Now, while you’re working on that, there’s one critically important thing that I want you to remember - 

You owe no apologies or justifications for who you are. 

You owe no apologies or justifications for who you are.

You owe no apologies or justifications for who you are. 

Still got that paper?

Good. Keep it on you, ‘cause you’re gonna need it. The next thing I want you to do is write down three things that make you laugh. 

I don’t mean just chortle, either. I’m talkin’ the uncontrollable, crying, snorting, slinging-snot kind of belly laugh that leaves you gasping for breath and sore in the middle. Jot ‘em down. 

It sucks, you know, but some folks are just a real piece of work. Like your captain always says, “Haters gonna hate.” Whether it’s boredom, immaturity, insecurity, obliviousness, or just a misplaced sense of entitlement, these people have faces in need of a good punch, but unfortunately, as your doctor, I can’t recommend that you go that route.

It would be easy for me to sit in this chair and remind you, “Don’t let the sapsuckers get you down.” Now, that’s a solid bit of advice, but much easier said that done, huh?

That roll-off-the-back attitude takes some time and practice to develop. Believe me, it’s not easy. I know I sure haven’t perfected it. 

It helps, though, to remember this: 

Healthy people have healthy interactions. 

In other words, when someone is being a total jackass, the problem isn’t with you. The problem is with them. 

Remove yourself from them as best as you can, do your best to find forgiveness in your heart, and above all, do not dwell on their thoughtless words; it’s all hot air, anyway. 

Now, we aren’t done with that list yet. This time, I want you to write the names of the three kindest people you know. 

Something that we all need reminding of every now and then is to revel in the small things. Ground yourself in the moment. Watch a sunset, go for a drive, roll the windows down, feel the breeze on your skin, scream along with Bon Jovi. Take joy in the little moments. 

Remember, too, that there’s power in visualization and positive thinking. Take the five deepest breaths you can and picture Hikaru Sulu high out of his mind, chasing an unsuspecting down the corridors with a rapier. Sometimes, after a tough case or a long day, I have to close my eyes and think about where I am at this very moment in time. Am I safe? Are my loved ones safe? Are my physical needs met? Am I in control of my situation at this very moment? 

We’re gonna put something else on the paper, now. Take some time to really think about this one, okay, because this list is the most important list of them all.

I want you to write down the three things about yourself that you are most proud of.

It’s okay if you need a minute to consider this one. Lord knows I do. I really do want you to put some thought into it, though, and I really do want you to write it, and keep it. Carry this list with you, physically, and in your heart. It’s good stuff to remember. 

Now, you listen, and you listen good, okay? 

This is important. 

I’m gonna tell you straight, just like I told Jim -

 There is only one of you. 

“In this galaxy, there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that and perhaps more, only one of each of us.”

Never, ever forget that you are a miracle and a marvel. 

I’m glad you took the time to drop by, kiddo. I hope that things look up sooner, rather than later, and please remember that my door is always open to you. 

You are not alone.

~ L. H. McCoy, MD, PhD

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back up tiger dancers from zootopia

IT’S ABOUT TIME I GET TO WORK ON THESE GUYS! YES! I’m just going to link in this quick video.

Well, I would have to say that many people are with prozd on this one with not being certain of whether or not they are furries. These guys are quintessential furbait of our generation. I thought Nick was meant to be the only hot character in the whole movie, yet here we are with these hot tigers! Hoo boy!

They got such a strong jaw, such swaying hips, so much innocent glee, yet fierce knowledge. Also look at how fluffy they are! Just look at them! Gazelle knew what she was doing when she gave her background dancers those “slashed” short shorts. Thanks Todd for this design. I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

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||17.1.29|| 11/100 days of productivity

It’s been a while since I actually took this picture while studying for APUSH final. Oh well, I am so scared to see what I’ve got!! (not to mention my grade just went down and she hasn’t even put the final grade yet)

p.s. can we just appreciate the aesthetics of hot chocolate with baby marshmallows 😍