are we going to dissapoint him

JB Homophobia Analysis

Okay so there’s been a lot of bickering within the got7 fandom over what JB said during his celebrity bromance with Youngjae. Firstly, I’m disappointed in JB but I’m more dissapointed in people defending his actions. It wasn’t just one mistranslation, it was literally throughout the entire video. This is gonna be long but I took screenshots and I’m going to break it down for people who still can’t see why what he said was wrong.

But before that I just want to say this does not mean I think we should be sending him hate. In fact, we should be educating him on why what he said isn’t okay and a simple apology isn’t the end of the world. Idols aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and have flaws. JB’s homophobia is one of them. There’s nothing wrong with correcting ignorant behavior, but ignoring it just means it can happen again. Alright, I will now go in depth about the screenshots I took. 

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I’m seeing so much negativity so here’s some positivity…. 

Emma blew out her birthday candle and had nothing to wish for because she was happy. :’) 

Emma Swan looked freaking beautiful okay

Captain Charming 

Killian telling David we all make mistakes but it doesn’t change who we are (I cry about this) 

“Now go kiss your damn wife” 

Sean Maguire 

Emma humming someday my prince will come 

Henry is a cute little knight and Emma still calls him kid

How cute are aged snowing though?? 

Bobby slayed that scene as EF Rumple 

In the premiere Emma and Killian will meet for the first time again. And I can already see the way they’re going to look at each other and I’m already a;ldkfj;alkdjf;adjf about it. 


taeyang really is wilding with appropriating black culture and people. its getting fucking out of order and im losing my patience with him. im so tired and sick of it. when will he realise that he isnt black. and that romanticising black peoples struggles, appropriating our culture and taking our hairstyles (dreads) isnt cute, artistic or fun. but its fucking disrespectful. how many fuckinf times is he going to do this shit. we educate him so much but he still doesnt learn.
im dissapointed. and eventhough i am not afro american. im still half ethiopian thus african and i feel offended.

Is it just me or there is a complete lack of Scorpius and his “ daddy issues ” in the play Cursed Child??
Like he mentions having them but we never see him sort them out like Albus did with Harry at the end of the play
Fuck it I just want more of Draco acting like an actual father to Scorpius.
I want Draco to go on friendly outings with him, to give him gifts and just hug the fluffy ball in general
I am soo dissapointed like Cursed Child could have also shown us that part when Scorp is in tears because he is separated from Albus and daddy Draco consoling him before marching out to meet Harry like

I just want a fanfic focusing on Daddy Draco and how much he loves Scorpius
I need it

Fitz became a man in season three, in his hunt for Simmons, when she disappeared through the Monolith and went to Maveth. That change, that look that we did for him last season, is going to continue along with Elizabeth, Simmons, you’ll see her shift as well. What we saw at the end of season three, she had on her coats, she had on her blouses and her pants and was just a little more adult looking.

But….why the feck did they make Denise a psychiatrist when she wasn’t even able to counsel anybody during her time on the show? Come on writers, there’s opportunity staring you right in the face, starting with Daryl Dixon and his actions in “Consumed” with the abuse book because he wanted to know how to heal. You could EASILY have generated the bond between Daryl and Denise by having him go to her for help, and her counselling through his issues, and given both characters a really complex, sensitive and important arc, something which many viewers at home could relate to and want to know more about. What did we get? Discussions over a fizzy drink and some cake? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING WRITERS?

*sighs in dissapointment*