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day 1.5/6 all the cute stuff from when i hung out with @lucycamui

  • makka ice cream crêpe, yuuri parfait, katsudon pirozhki
  • free postcards w the food!! 
  • seung-gil, victor, and yuuri acrylic keychains
  • lucy gave me the phiphi and kenny rubber keychains 😭💞
  • lucy also won that yuuri plush from one of those crane games ohmygod you guys lucy is a legend… a boss… a champion… 

do yall ever just think about frank castle when he was in the marines and cry??

CRUSH(ED) ;: a mix about impossible crushes, wanting people you shouldn’t, and drunkenly crying about it in clubs


Rather Be - Clean Bandit as long as we’re together, there’s no place I’d rather be Real - Years & Years I think I’m into you, how much do you want it too? Two Weeks - FKA Twigs higher than a motherfucker, dreaming of you as my lover Just Impolite - Plushgun I like you, maybe I’m just like you Night Sky - CHVRCHES I want you now and for all time; I’ll be listening until you decide Lose It - Austra (don’t wanna lose you) Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch I put my faith in something unknown (I’m living on such sweet nothing) Sheets - Shannon Saunders am I worthy of my lover? (’cause he doesn’t love me) You, My Everything - Ellie Goulding I know you don’t feel the same, you’re sensible but it doesn’t make sense Lies - Marina & The Diamonds you’re never gonna love me, so what’s the use? This Time Around - Tove Lo thought you’d make me feel it, thought that I’d be different this time around Until We Bleed - Kleerup feat. Lykke Li I’m numb, I’m stupid, I’m staying Drowning - BANKS I can see that you don’t need me (I’m drowning for you) Loud Places - Jamie XX feat. Romy I go to places we used to go, they seem so quiet now Bridges - Broods we’re burning all the bridges now ‘cause it was sink or swim and I went down.               

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hes like barney stinson in that one episode of himym where they could take a pic of him in the ugliest situations and still looked good

*SCREAMS* and remember that one time when barney said “a lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth” why does it sound familiar now………… and everyone wants him (even if not he’s pretty sure they do) ldfkgjkfdls
plot twist - jeonghan is barney but better

if nobody is interested in a small group i still would very much like to 1x1 plz !!!!! come message me so we can make cute angsty ships and i can send u hcs 24/7 and we can stay up all night cryin about our children ,, i mostly play males and the occasional female every once in a blue moon but that just means we can have 90232 ships !


new OC charlie goldhart

he’s an english teacher from london and he’s bisexual and he doesn’t know how to dress himself poor boy

I’m over here excited about the premier but also trying really hard not to pitch a  tent  (tent? wha-? fit) over not being able to watch it.

But looky here lads I forgot to play Expectation vs. Reality with seasons one through three so lowkey if anyone wants to send me some super vague spoilers throughout S4 I’mma put together a patchwork of what I think is happening and then…and then most likely weep abundantly on actually watching and comparing notes XD

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I feel your anxiety, love. I didn't get tickets to the last tour AND any of the Late Late Show appearances. My heart was so sunk. I don't think I could go through that again! Good luck to us and everyone else who wants this! We're good people, damnit! We can do this! 😘

Ugh! Yes! I mean, we run blogs about him for cryin’ out loud! Hopefully the universe will align the stars so we’re all set to go for presale.

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💕 :)

hannah !!! oh my god you are so nice and lovely and kind !!! seeing you on my dash never fails to brighten my day because you’re always so positive and you go out of your way to make other people smile and that’s just so special and it’s something this community needs more of !!! and don’t even get me started on how beautiful you are because your hair ??? ICONIC. and i’m just so lucky to be in a mutual with you and to see you on my dash all the time !!! and we’re both still cryin’ about team north america so !!!

mutuals !!! send me a 💕 and i’ll say nice things about you and tell you how much i love you !!!

Ohohoh~ The time has come again! Actually, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this … (shhh- its not because I’ve been swamped with summer school) But let’s get started, shall we? (°∀°)ゝ”

Hey guys! It’s Kitty here (゚ω゚;), cryin’ about how late she is in celebrating reacher her follower milestone!!!! :^)  I mean seriously tho… 800+ of y’all still decided to follow me? Σ(・口・) Like wow. Even though I am still on this point in tumblr, I still can’t believe people would even like my content. My dash is the messiest ever … it could be about kpop then suddenly, I would be hit with feels and well..the rest are history. I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of y’all from the bottom of my heart (シ_ _)シ. Sorry I haven’t been on much or what not … School has literally taken over my life (´ヘ`;), BUT! I’m in summer break now (⊙ꇴ⊙) So, Yah know … I’m free n’ all now =) 

First, I’d love to thank God for everything He has done for me…. He has given me so much blessings… to name a few~ヽ(ヅ)ノ

  1.  7/31/16- I got to meet BTS, the men that has changed my perspective on music and made me smile more than anyone else.
  2. 8/15/16- After a year, I finally passed and got my driving license to drive (YAY! INDEPENDENCE!)
  3. 7/30/16- I got to shake hands with DEAN and boyyyyyyyyy, lemme tell you… He’s the most nicest artist I’ve ever met. Gentleman goals 
  4. 7/31/16- I fell in love with MONSTA X and ASTRO (KCON made this possible~)
  5. 8/21/16- I found out I have straight A’s from taking 4 Summer Classes :-)
  7. 7/30/16- I got to meet my KAKAO loves @basilthecreeper & @monikarp & @parkjongins(<–Blakeeu, we did ‘meet’ in SKYPE and in spirit…. I still count you LOLOL) I love you guys so much ! ;-; i really wish we can meet up again soon ~)

And that’s only some of July & August things~ So with that, I’d like to continue the rest of this post ≖‿≖ 

ಠ_ರೃ For my Kings n’ Queens: ಠ_ರೃOkay, first of all… I’d love to apologize to each and everyone of you. I know I’m really terrible with communication and all but I just really want you guys to always know that I am here for you and I’m all ears and I love y’all so much. Thank you putting up with my dummy self and yeah :-) I don’t know how to really thank y’all for showing support and all. Just know, y’all have a special place in my heart ~ I LOVE YOU. Thank you for even spending a second to talk to me. I appreciate it… alot 

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@debrenner​ - LOVE :d OHMYDAYS. IT’S BEEN FOREVER SINCE WE’VE TALKED BUT LOOK! HEHE I’M STILL WORKING HARD ON MY ART :) I still wanna thank you for supporting my art. Youre awesome! Let’s catch up soon~] [ @sehunsdancesoloinlotto​ & @kurosentoki  - thank you guys so much for your concern in my past note :’) I really appreciate it and it truly means a lot to me…. To what you guys said, I’ll truly put it into consideration and again.. thanks for even spending a second to it >< Even though I dont deserve, I still wanna thank you ~]

An HD Version of my art :-) 

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a/n- I am so sorry for the wait! Thank you for being amazing! This is a companion piece to this story: and all lyrics belong to the Ramones.

Their friends are starting to worry.

Because Rae is avoiding everyone, even Chop, and her phone conversations with Archie are becoming shorter and shorter (last night they only talked for a brief minute but Archie figures maybe he shouldn’t have told her to call Finn). She manages to escape Chloe at every turn and Izzy refuses to help the others in their pursuit (she also won’t talk to Finn).

They think Finn might be worse, though. He’s going through the motions- college, football, pub, parties- but he’s back to being terribly grumpy and while he’s never been much a talker, he’s not much of a listener theses days either.

So, they aren’t surprised to find him holed up in the corner of the pub the tenth night of the breakup, working on his third drink and rolling his fourth cigarette. He’s the same calm and collected Finn but Archie notices the lines of desperation around his eyes. Chloe rubs his back soothingly (until he shrugs her off) and Izzy pulls her into the loo, leaving the two boys to prod their friend.

“You gonna make it, mate?” Chop asks, his voice unsure because the lad in front of him looks a bit like Finn but there’s something very unfamilar about the emotion on his face.


Chop look ate Archie and nudges him under the table as if to say your turn. “You know, maybe this is a good thing.” Finn glares at him through the smoke and Archie is backtracking. “I don’t mean good. I mean…” and he stops talking and take a long drink because he knows exactly what he means, he’s just not sure if he should say it.. You fucked up and you might have to just live with it.

“I think what he’s trying to say is that sometimes space makes ya heart love more or something like that,” Chop’s nose crinkles. “Anyway, I’m sure she’s achin’ ta see ya as much as you’re achin’ ta see her.”

Finn stares at him, takes a drink. “You think?”

“Yeah, course I do.”

Finn nods, a sarcastic smile tugging his lips up. “Yeah,” he downs the rest of his drink and shrugs his jacket back on. “Well, I think that’s a mighty shit theory because I went to the hospital to catch her today and she wanted absolutely fuck all to do with me and her therapist ripped me a new one.”

“Maybe you should have chosen more neutral ground,” Archie offers. “Or maybe you shouldn’t have been an absolute prick to her.”

“Well,” Finn slips out of the booth. “Maybe you should go straight to hell.”

(Finn will call Archie that same night and apologize because Archie was right and Archie will apologize because even though he was right, you don’t kick a mate when they’re down.)

The 11th day of their breakup is a Sunday and there’s no chance that Finn will even catch a glimpse of her. He calls her house once and Linda doesn’t hang up on him right away.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you, Finn. You didn’t sign up for this, remember?”

“Tell her i’m sorry, please.”

It’s so quiet he wonders if he’s missed the dial tone somehow but then she says in a much softer tone, “Some things you can’t apologize for. Bye, Finn.”

The news hits him hard. Surely… surely a stupid outburst could be forgiven. Because they’d both said things in anger, right? Because she couldn’t possibly have meant it when she said that she never wanted to see him again.

The possibility of them really being over makes his stomach burn and he loses his breath and his lunch and he’s still dry heaving when his dad find him kneeling in front of the toliet.

“You alright?”

Finn’s eyes snap shut and he leans back on his heels. “Spectacular.”

His dad closes the lid to the toliet and flushes it and takes a sit on the edge of the bathtub, looking his only child over. The lad has been ghosting around the house, rattling in the kitchen at night, and drinking enough tea to fill a pill. His eyes are purple underneath (and stained with tears that have nothing to do with being physically sick) and he’s worried about his kid but all he can do is stroke his beard and say, “Cryin’ and hurlin’. Must be a girl.”

“Can we not talk about it?” Finn reaches for some tissues and wipes his mouth, head hung low.

“Sure, sure. Want some tea?”

Finn shrugs. “Sure.”

But by the time his dad makes the tea and fixes it just so and makes Finn a sandwich, the boy is already asleep in his bed. Doesn’t matter that it’s only 4 and the sun is streaming in. So his dad does something he hasn’t done in a long time. He puts on Hey Jude and sits beside him on the bed and rubs his back and pretends he doesn’t notice when Finn wakes up and starts to cry because Finn did the same for him when his mother walked out.

“You’ll be alright, boy” is all he says.

On Monday, Finn sees Rae twice.

The first itme is right before college starts and she’s got her hair down and it makes his gut ache because he knows her smells like violets and her skin like roses and he’s fucked up so bad that he might never get to smell either again. He moves to approach her because maybe this is the neutral territory Archie was talking about. But then there’s two girls in front of him talking about how well he did in his game and how they missed him at the party and then the bell rings and she’s gone (the two girls will stare after him when he walks away and then accuse each other of being too annoying).

“I think I should talk to her here,” Finn tells Archie on their next break.“

"I think that’s a bad idea.”

“Why? You said we needed to be on-”

“Don’t make her cry at school, Finn.” Archie pockets his lighter. “She’s having it hard enough at college. ”

“I’m not going to make her cry.”

“It’s inevitable. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Just don’t let it get worse here, ok?”

He sees her again at the end of the day when he’d headed towards the pitch and she’s coming out of the library. She sees him this time, too, and they both pause. There’s an expanse of hallway between them and his legs are aching to cross it but he remembers what happened when he approached her at the hospital and Archie was right, making her cry at college was the worst thing he could do. He turns and walks out of the double doors and it isn’t until the cool air hits his face and his lungs inflate that he realizes he hadn’t been breathing.

He doesn’t see her on the 13th or 14th day of their breakup. He looks for her, goes out of his way to wait by the library (Chloe tells him Rae’s last class is study hall in the library) because even though he’s not going to talk to her here, he stil has to see her. It hurts deep down in his bones but it’s all he’d got left.

“She’s got a fever.” Izzy tells him when he asks. She’s got a packet of assignments to deliver to Rae that afternoon and when Finn offers to take it, she shakes her head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

He’s not proud of himself but he catches Izzy at the next break and offers to carry her bag and asks her how she and Chop are doing. She chatters on and when she’s not looking, he slips the packet out of her bag because he’s got to do something (when she realizes what he did, she won’t talk to him for a week).

“Finn,” Linda shakes her head. “Rae is sick. She does not-”

“I’m just dropping this off,” he hands her the packet. “Just… tell her I hope she gets well and… that… I’m thinking about her.”

“I though Izzy was bringing this by?” She asks suspiciously, cocking her head to the side.

Finn just shrugs and prays she doesn’t open it and find the little pieces of paper between each assignment that read I’m sorry.

He goes home that night and adds a little to the love letter and worries what he’ll do with it if things stay this way forever. It’s the first (and only) time he ever rereads it and even though some of his own words embarrass him, he wonders how he could have ever doubted that what they had was love.

Rae, if you’ll ever tke me back, I promise that even on your worst days, I’ll love you through it. Please, don’t give up on us. Don’t give up on me.

And he puts the letter back in his underwear drawer and goes to bed even though it’s only 6 and he hasn’t eaten because there’s nothing he wants to do and he hasn’t been hungry for days.

She’s at school on the 15th day of their breakup and he’s late for all of his classes because he follows her to all of hers. It’s a bit stalkerish, he knows this and berates himself for it, but he just wants to see her. It’s not enough but it’s all he has. He skips his last class and edges around book cases, watching her work on her assignment. She looks tired and sickly and he wonders if her mum is taking proper care of her and wishing she’d let him at least get close enough to ask how she’s doing.

He shrinks a little when Archie shows up and slides into the seat across from her. His blood boils a little and it’s not fucking fair that she can forgive Archie and Chloe but she can’t forgive him. He sinks down between the rows of books and clutches his chest because he doesn’t want to cry at college either. He has to do something to distract himself because his heart is on the verge of understanding why she can forgive Archie and Chloe but not him and he knows it’s going to be big and he’s begging his heart not right here, not right now. His hand shakes when he tears a piece of paper out of his notebook, pencil scratching out the only thing he can think of. She talks to birds. She talks to angels. She talks to trees. She talk to bees. She don’t talk to me. Talks to the rainbows and to the seas. She talks to the trees. She don’t talk to me.

Archie’s gone and the bell is about to ring so he walks ast her and drops the note on the table and keeps walking. When he gets to the door, he looks back and she’s got the note unfolded and she’s looking at him and she’s finally not crying. Her mouth quirks up and he takes it as a good sign.

(Later that night when he’s making rea, he’ll realize she’s reluctant to let him back in because he’s the first person she’s ever let in and she loved and trusted him more than she did anyone else and he had let her down. The realization will knock the breath out of him and his dad will find him sitting on the floor with his head between his knees, kettle screaming. He’ll make the tea and set a cup by his son, pet his head and say “You’ll be alright, boy.”)

STORY TIME: My experience with Jensen’s autograph @JIBcon6 “This is one of the best”

I was so nervous you have no idea. The day before I had my photo with him so, I already knew how it looks like irl and that HE’S REAL and I was freakin out so bad. The line for the autograph was soooooo long and at one point I was so nervous that I wanted just to take this autograph and go. Then, finally, I’m inside the autograph room and fuck, he’s even more gorgeous than I used to remember. I started cryin basically when i was in the middle of the line, my friends tried to calm me down and I was just so excited and happy to be there, I finally had my chance to tell him everything and I didn’t want to fuck it up, you know? So, I put back my tears and tried to look CALM (when i was actually shaking like a leaf, literally).

And there we go is my turn, my eyes are full of tears ready to run on my face, my hands are shaking and damn sweaty and I feel like a complete mess. I take a deep breathe and go “Hi Jensen!” “Hey hi! How are you?” He sees my first blade and said “woah this is one of the best!” But I was too busy tryin not to cry in front of him so I just go with “This is my first time here and I know I don’t have enough time to tell you all my story and how you as a person and artist literally changed my life and saved me so, I wrote you a letter.” (in this moment one single tear runs on my cheek and ungh nOPE NOT NOW). He looks up to me with those amazing and big green eyes and all the freckles and said “thank you so much for this, I’ll take a look for sure, thank you” and shaked my hand, so tight I can still feel it.

My turn was over but those 40 seconds were enough for me. I turn away from him and in 2 steps I just let it all out and start cryin with my friends who were there supportin me for this moment. A girl from the staff asked me if I was okay and handed me a handkerchief (thank you again!!) and I was just so happy, after 3 years I finally had the opportunity to see him and speak to him and just letting him know how much important he is for me, I was so happy I wans’t able to stop cryin. Then, I walked out the autograph room and get some fresh air, I probably cried for something like 20 minutes? IDK and I cannot remember tbh, it all sounds and feel so unreal yet and I can’t believe I lived that moment. He was so damn sweet and caring, like a real life hero. My hero.

Literally just call this past week National Brallie Week because it was amazing.

Monday: Beautiful scene talking about Dani and an amazing hug. Promo with them HOLDING HANDS and talking about telling moms. Audio from the duet in the second half of the promo.

Tuesday: Sneak Peek video of their BEAUTIFUL duet scene, Jeff from AfterBuzz jumped aboard the ship after notoriously being against them since Season 1.

Wednesday: TVLine calls 3x19 “an important episode for Brandon and Callie” and Bradley discusses the “different versions” of the star crossed lovers storyline.

Thursday: Script is posted and it’s discovered that ‘Callie Jacob’ is listed instead of Callie Adams Foster (!!!!!!) Freeform posts video interviews with David where he talks about Brallie being in love ~present tense~. 

Friday: Sneak Peek montage video released featuring more of the duet “what’s in a name?) and Callie asking about what would have happened if they had just told the moms. Article snippet says that Brandon and Callie “deal with lingering feelings they may still hold for each other”. Bradley tweets the picture of Callie IN the play, teasing us even more.

In between we’ve had countless articles and podcasts and interviews hint dropping about the Brallie storyline, I’m CRYIN how are we surviving this