are we both on drugs

I wish you can see yourself the way I see you.
I wish you wouldn’t beat up yourself so much every night for every bad decision you’ve made.
I hope you don’t lay awake thinking I’m going to leave because of that. I’m here. I’m always here.
You’re my bad decision , and I’ve tasted what it feels like to do the wrong thing and now I can’t go back.
You stay up questioning your sanity and I’m here to tell you we can be both insanely intolerable together.
You’re the first drug I’ve tasted, you’re the guilty pleasure I’m supposed to quit, but I’m terrible at quitting things.
—  maa-88 

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4 times raphael is jealous and 1 time simon is the jealous one

Raphael isn’t a jealous man. Never has been. But it’s the way the fledgling speaks about the red hair nephilim. He doesn’t hate Clary Fairchild, yet he despises her, the sound of her name all makes Raphael temper flare. And she is all Simon ever talks about.

“And then Clary an-shit” Simon cursed as the blood splattered across his face. Raphael stared at Simon with wide eyes, Raphael wanted to ask if he was okay but Simon is the first to speak “Raphael are you okay?” Simon asked and took Raphael’s hand.

Shreds of glass laid in Raphael’s palm. Then he remembers the glass of blood he was holding.

“I’m fine” Raphael answered through gritted teeth and pushed Simon’s hand away.

Since Camille’s had been sentenced to death in Idris, many clans she’d once cut ties with, came to Raphael to make amends.
The hotel had became increasingly busy and so did Raphael. He didn’t have time for many things, including training Simon.

Simon’s training was now in the hands of one of the clans most talented and skilled fighter, David.

It wasn’t unusual for Raphael to take patrol around the hotel after sunrise and everyone has gone to bed. So it was not at all unusual for him to wonder into the training room.

It was, however, very unusual to find his fledgling pinned to the floor, shirtless and sweaty with this man.

Raphael leaned gracefully against the door frame, his face expressionless, his balled up fist hidden in the pocket of his pants.

It takes them several seconds for them to realize Raphael in there and by then he’s come up with four scenarios of how to kick David out of the clan.

“Hey Rapha-”

“Your assistant is no longer needed, I’ll be overlooking my fledglings training from now on” Raphael eyes dared David to say other wise. The other man simply clenched his teeth and nodded before turning and swiftly leaving the room.

“What the hell was that about?” Simon demanded.

“I’ll meet you here at this time tomorrow, goodnight baby”

Raphael has realized that he likes Simon more than he cares to admit, to himself.

The thing about seeing Simon with Maia at the huntersmoon was that he couldn’t hate her like he did everyone else that took Simon’s attention away from him.

Maia was beautiful, funny and smart. She’s also one of the very few people outside of his clan and Magnus that he could tolerate, he didn’t hate her not one bit, but he was jealous and he couldn’t help it.

He wished that it was him that wiped the blood off of Simon’s lips and made him laugh. He longed to touch Simon’s soft skin.

“Peaches, you’re staring” Magnus hummed as he stirred his martini. “You know, maybe you can-”

“Tell him how I feel?after everything that happened between us? Mags he hates me”

“Aw snowflake you don’t know that”

“I’m leaving” Raphael gets up so fast he knocks back his chair, all eyes are on him, including Simon’s.

Word travels fast in the downworld, Simon Lewis drank the blood of a shadowhunter.

Jace Wayland’s pure angel blood turned Simon into a daylighter.

Raphael is envious of the fact that Simon can feel the sun dancing on his skin, he’d give anything for it.

But the pain in his chest ached at the thought Simon with Jace. Jace’s blood in Simon’s mouth, Simon’s lips on Jace’s skin.

It ached. Everything hurt.


Simon knows Raphael has been seeing Isabelle, and he can’t quite place the feeling but he dislikes the thought of them together.

She used him for drug, she forced her blood down his throat and almost killed him, and yet?

Simon thinks that’s the reason he dislikes them spending time together, but it doesn’t justify the new found hate he has towards Izzy.

He still stayed at the boat house, spent many days at the institute with Clary.

He was with Clary, finally after so many years of yearning after her, but it wasn’t satisfying. He couldn’t be satisfied when all he thought about was Raphael.

Since Valentine’s attack and Alec taking control of the Institute many downworlders were often around, forming alliances and closing the gap among them.

Simon heard the distance hum of a familiar voice. As he rounded the corner he saw Alec, Magnus, Isabelle and Raphael.

Simon gritted his teeth at the sight of Isabelle’s hand hooked on to Raphael’s.

He stayed hidden behind a pillar and watched as Magnus and Alec disappeared through a portal.

“I’m glad to see you’re doing much better, Isabelle” Raphael said and brushed Isabelle’s hair from her face.

Simon left as if he’d throw up if he stood and watched them any longer. So he bolted pass them and through the doors. He heard his name being yelled but he didn’t stop until he reached the Brooklyn bridge.

“So Isabelle huh?” Simon asked when Raphael sat next to him on a vacant bench that over looked the river, the city’s skyline as breathtaking as ever.

“What are you talking about?” Raphael asked with frowned brows “oh, dios no, we were both drugged up and confused, and now we’re simply helping each other over come our addictions” he added when Simon made several vague hand gestures.

“Oh, that’s good then, yeah” Simon sighed in relief.

“Why does it matter to you, do you like her? I thought you and Clarissa were together” Raphael almost chocked on the thought of Simon and Clary together.

“I don’t love her” Simon laughed bitterly “I’m finally with her and I don’t love her” the word felt strange to admit yet for the first time Simon felt honest “and that’s because of you, because I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t stop myself from wanting you”

Detention w/ Jungkook ~

4.54 am and I just finished. Give me shit for this I dare you. I’m running on a week of no sleep and I promise you I’m crankier than usual.

So many warnings guys please just. Drug mention, highschool!au, public sex, oral, cursing. All of that.

“You must’ve misheard-”

A muscular arm blocks your way and a body crowds you against the lockers.

“No,” Jungkook, better known as Kook, persists. “He definitely said your name. Y/n y/l/n. Said you sell what I’m looking for.”

“I don’t sell drugs,” you repeat to him, annoyance level boiling over by now.

“Come on,” he pleads.

“I’m late,” you murmur, trying to duck beneath his arm but getting your wrist caught in his grip. “Kook let me go.”

“Not until I get what I want. The bell only rang ten minutes ago, give me what I need and you can go.”

You look up at him in irritation, a heavy sigh leaving your lips as you swing your bag around. Kook excitedly bites his lip and rubs his hands together in anticipation, watching you tug at your backpacks zipper. You pull a bag out.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes!” He reaches for it but you yank it back and raise your eyebrow.

“Give me fifty.”

“Fifty?!” He exclaims. “Why so much?”

“Because you’re fucking annoying,” you grumble and he whines but pulls out his wallet. As he’s thumbing through his cash, you peek around him to look down the hall behind him.

“Wait stop.”


“Can’t you hear that?”

He shakes his head and you shrug, leaning up against the lockers to wait. Jungkook stops and turns around, much like you had and your eyebrows droop when he quickly shoves his wallet down the front of his jeans with a whispered shitshitshit.

“The fucking principal’s coming.”

“Hey! You two!”

He takes the bag from your hand and drops it down the front of your shirt, ignoring the way you gasp as he hooks his finger into your belt loop and yanks you closer, other hand gently cradling your jaw to tilt up so your lips can meet his. Your eyes widen comically and you push him back, forcing him to pull away but not move an inch back.

“What the hell?!” You curse quietly, listening to the footsteps get closer.

“Unless you’ve got a fucking better idea, we will both be expelled if he finds out I’m buying drugs from-”

You curl a fist into his uniform shirt and yank him back down, swallowing the rest of his sentence with your mouth against his. His large hands grip at your sides and bring you closer until your chests are colliding, his wet tongue prying your lips open and making you squeak in surprise.

“Hey! Why aren’t you in cla-” the principal stops himself short with a huff and you call almost picture him staring at you with his hands on his hips. “I swear, couples these days. Can’t keep their hands off of each other. Alright come on you two, down to my office. Stop that!”

Jungkook pulls away and wipes his mouth, sends you a smug smirk before spinning around to follow Mr. Assfuck down the hall. You stare after him with wide eyes, lips still tingling and heart still racing. It takes one more shout from the boss for you to manage enough energy to run after them.

“I can’t believe we got fucking detention.”

“You’re lucky that’s all we fucking got,” Jungkook growls from behind the teachers desk, eyes scanning the classroom you were supposed to be cleaning. You were dropped off and locked in with an idiot by an office assistant, who said you had four hours to make wood and metal shine.

“This is your fault!” You accusingly yell. “If you wouldn’t have begged me for a hookup we wouldn’t be here!”

“Oh so it’s my fault now?”

“That’s what I just said asshole.”

“Watch your mouth,” he warns you, shooting you a scary look.

“Fucking make me,” you snap back.

You didn’t expect him to stomp his way towards you so you stand up to meet him, wanting to look unafraid and confident. Truth was you didn’t know what he would do and you were slightly scared. You knew he could read the fear all over your face when he stepped up to you and smirked. He raised his hand and you flinch.

“You thought I was going to hurt you..” He murmurs, grin still decorating his face. “Awh sweetheart no.”

A short scream tumbles from your lips when he’s suddenly hoisting you up into the air, so easily like you weighed nothing, your ass finding a place on top of a desk. His face buries into your neck and he takes a deep whiff of you.

“I’m just going to fuck the shit out of you.”

“Hell no-”

“Shh,” his finger pushes to your lips and he pulls back to smile at you, leaning forward and making your heart jump when he kisses the back of his digit. He does it a second time and you grab his wrist, gently pulling his hand away. He smiles again and bends down to press his soft lips against your own.

You didn’t know what you were doing but you knew Jungkook was melting your brain and flipping your stomach with the way he smoothly curled his tongue into your mouth to prod at the tip of your own. He’s biting down onto your bottom lip and pulling away all too soon, hands slipping up the sides of your thighs to get underneath your skirt as he distracts you by kissing down your neck.

“No no no,” you stop his hands from going any further and he pulls back to look at you, lips spit-slick and shiny.

“What’s wrong?” He asks. His eyes flick over every feature of your face with worry held in the coffee iris’.

“Just kiss me for a little longer,” you say quietly and he looks confused, but doesn’t protest when you grab onto his tie and bring him closer. He pats your knees apart and steps up between them, mouth capturing yours for the fourth time in a sensual kiss.

Jungkook smiles when your tongue swipes over his own, hands urgently untucking your shirt from your skirt to slip beneath and feel your skin, grip your sides and yank you closer so he can kiss you harder.

“Your blazer covers your chest all day but I know,” he sighs, tilting his head. “You don’t like bras is it? You never have one on..”

Shocked, you attempt to pull away but he doesn’t let you, sinking his teeth into your lip to keep you from separating.

“Uh uh baby, come back here.”

He sweetly pecks your mouth once before pressing hard kisses against your lips, distracting you from his fingers working together to undo the buttons of your blouse. You don’t notice until your skin is wafted with the cold air of the empty classroom, Jungkook’s tongue swirling about in your mouth as he pushes the shirt and blazer from your shoulders in one movement.

“Jungkook,” you whisper.

“Shh,” he kisses your cheek, then your jaw and makes his way down your neck, the icy pad of his finger tracing over your protruding collarbone. “I have you..”

Your fingers comb through his Raven hair after shaking your tops off as he softly caresses your exposed shoulder with his lips, large hands carefully kneading at your breasts.

You breathe out shakily when he moves further down, getting dangerously close to your hardened buds. A sharp inhale has him grasping you tighter to keep you from squirming away from his wet tongue dragging over your nipples. You’re biting into your lip to keep quiet when his lips close around you and he suckles on your peaked nub. He moans against you and you tighten your hold on his hair, subconsciously bringing him closer until his nose is pressing into the space just beneath your clavicle.

Before you can stop him he’s lifting up and kissing you deep, hand curling around the back of your neck to bring you as close as possible so he can hotly lick into your mouth. Your knee accidentally brushes over his tented slacks and guilt washes over you when he groans, your hand reaching down but being halted not even half way there.

“Not yet,” he tells you. “Wanna taste you first.”

You couldn’t deny how his raspy voice made your stomach clench but he kisses you for a few more seconds before he lowers himself to his knees in front of the desk between your legs. He motions you closer and you scoot to the very edge, not questioning him when he pushes one of your legs to prop up next to you and pulls the other to lay over his shoulder. He presses a kiss to the inside of your knee before leaning closer and moaning.

“I can smell you y/n,” he informs you darkly, taking one more sniff. His hands slide the hem of your skirt up, bunching it up around your waist enough so he could see. He smirks and licks his lips, looking up at you and raising an eyebrow. “Sweetheart come on, those can’t be considered panties.”

Instead of having you lift your hips up so he can pull your lack of underwear down, he pinches the string to the side and kisses the hood of your shining clit, his eyes trained on your face to watch it scrunch up in pleasure. You whimper when he takes his first hesitant licks over your sensitive bundle of nerves, short quick strokes causing you to hit the table when your leg slips. You hike it back over his shoulder, hand braiding into his dark locks to keep him in place when he tries pulling away.

You push up slightly and breathe hard, making him smirk that stupid cocky smirk against your lips. He finally stops with the teasing and parts your folds with his tongue, flicks just the tip over your fluttering entrance before flattening the wet muscle. His hands squeeze at your hips, encouraging you to tighten your grip in his hair and shove him closer until you can grind up against his face, whines tripping from your mouth and nails tearing at his scalp.

When he slyly wiggles a finger inside of you and pokes around at your walls, you try pushing him away with the overwhelming pleasure but his arm around your lower back has you stuck rubbing your clit against his firm tongue and circling your hips on his finger.

Finally he stills you so he can lick at his own pace, sneakily prodding a second finger into you and pushing them both deep.

“Jungkook please,” you wail, tugging on his hair to speed up the process and bringing a groan out of him. He sharply nips at your clit in response, your body jolting in shock.

“Patience,” he whispers. “Wanna taste more of you.”

He laps over your wetness in long strokes, collecting most of the sweet juice and swallowing it down with a moan.

“So tasty,” he murmurs, teasingly kitten licking over your clit. He sucks it into his mouth just as his fingers twist inside of you and has your leg curling around the back of his neck at the sensation shot through you.

“J-Jungkook,” you gasp in warning, “stop.”

“Mmm,” he moans, pressing his fingers harder and sucking harsher. “Could eat you all fucking day.”

Your hands desperately push against his head when the white heat starts its build up in your stomach but Jungkook was stronger and greedily continued to suck at your wet core and thrust his long digits inside until you were unraveling. You almost scream when the fire snaps and pleasure is sent to every corner of your body, your thigh trembling over his shoulder and hands bringing him closer to taste all of you as you threw your head back and choked out a desperate plea of his name. He didn’t pull away until you were finished, drank every last drop of your release until you were shaking in oversensitivity.

Jungkook stands up and immediately ravishes your mouth, weak mewl passing your lips at his fingers still pumping and scissoring you open.

“Ready?” He whispers and you nod despite the shocks still bursting through you.

He leans back and slips his hand from between your legs all at once, whimper scratching at your throat at the feeling. You help him loosen his tie and get it off, working on the many buttons of his shirt next. You’re relieved when you can pull it from his broad shoulders and reveal his pale skin, Jungkook quickly undoing his belt and flicking his button and zipper open before impatiently crawling onto the desk with you when you move back to make room. You slide back until you can’t anymore, Jungkook’s lips slamming onto yours as your legs spread to give him space.

“Can’t wait to fuck you,” he gasps, biting his way down your neck with a deep groan at your palming hand. He grinds down for a few seconds before sitting up and shucking his slacks and boxers down to his knees as far as they’d go quickly so he could get back to hovering over you and kissing your swollen lips.

He holds himself up on one forearm while the other reaches down between your bodies to guide his hard cock to your entrance. You both moan at the feeling of the touch, his tip stretching your rim around. An inch buried into you, he moves his arm back up, both bent by your ears with his fingers brushing at your forehead. He ducks down and sucks your bottom lip into his mouth, catching your whine as he slowly begins to sink himself fully inside.

Once he’s completely enveloped in your heat, he moves to your neck and grunts. He starts with shallow hip rolls that drive your eyes to the back of your head but then he’s pulling out and pushing back in with desperate need. Your head was tossed back and his was still hidden but you could hear, feel, him panting louder with his increasing pace. He was breathing out strangled moans until he slipped a hand under your neck and arched you into his mouth, easily sucking a bruise into the skin of your throat before his hot breath is fanning over your ear.

“Fuck,” he chokes. “Keep squeezing around me like that.”

He whines and delivers a particularly hard thrust that forces a squeak from your mouth.

“Just like that,” he whispers. “Almost there sweetie, do it again.”

You didn’t understand what he was talking about, mind too fuzzy and ears too focused on his noises traveling right into the channel of your hearing but you oblige anyway, clenching yourself around him and sinking your nails into his flexed shoulder muscles to encourage him.

“Faster,” you breathe and he listens immediately, waiting until he can have his lips on yours to speed up his hips. The desks were squeaking across the floor as they moved with each of his powerful thrusts into you, spongy walls molding into the shape of him as he slams in and out of you in search of his release. You moan his name and he transfers his whimper to you with his slick tongue.

“Fuck y/n, little more. Only a little bit more just-”

He slows down to a deep grind, your channel tightening when he keeps himself inside the hug of heat long enough to have his head spinning with all the blood. He lasts barely ten seconds before switching back to pounding into you, your thighs making an obscenely loud noise with his fast moves.

Suddenly Jungkook’s ripping away from you and returning to your neck to bite your shoulder, his hips moving impossibly faster until he’s twitching inside of you with a drawled out groan. He breathlessly whimpers and moans into your skin while he rides out the after shocks of his high, your own breath gone as you feel your walls being splashed with his white release. His entire body shudders and you would’ve laughed if you weren’t so tired, his hips lazily circling before stopping and slipping out.

4.48 AM and instead of going to sleep, I’m going to wake my house up by making ramen noodles. Goodmornin and goodnight my loves xx.


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,215

Warnings: CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM 12x02, hurt!sam, implied non-consensual sex (if you’ve seen 12x02, you’ll understand what I mean), unintentional cheating, angst, fluff, mention of stitches, swearing?, 

Prompt: Sam is just waking up from his hallucinogen induced sleep, when Y/N and Dean show up. Toni knows how she can get Sam to talk, and that’s by torturing the two of them, in any means necessary. 

Prompt 2: from @20secspnfam4- I would really love some Sammy x Reader where you have a bit of son!sammy bc I just LOVE how vulnerable Sammy was in the scene where he hugged his mom so that. and some tortured!sammy so like if the reader stiched up his face and chest cuts. if you could, a little fluff, a little angst. just work the typey magic thing and im sure it’ll be awesome. I love your stuff and thanks either way!!!!!

A/N: here’s what I came up with. I hope I did it justice. Half of this also got deleted when Chrome decided to freeze and then close all my tabs, not just the one that was frozen. Needless to say, I’m pissed.


The ride to the old barn was long. Dean and Mary had an interesting conversation, that you only partially listened in on. You were too busy worrying about Sam, hoping he was okay, alive, not on the brink of death at least.

“How long have you and Sam been together?” Mary asked, turning around in her seat. 

The question caught you off guard, but you quickly recovered, clearing your throat, “Almost a year,” you spoke.

“Are you-Do you love him?”

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Hello Detective (Sherlock) Chapter 40

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You, John, and Sherlock loaded back into the car and drove to the Hollow.

You got out of the car and John ran ahead of you two.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You know what happened last time.” Sherlock said, you rolled your eyes.

“I’m fine, let’s go!” You ran after John, Sherlock trailing behind you.

You made it to the Hollow and saw Henry kneeling, with a gun in his mouth. Your breath hitched in your throat.

“No, Henry, no, no!” Sherlock yelled.

“Get back! Get away from me!” Henry yelled, now standing and waving his gun frantically in the air. You were worried he might accidentally fire it.

“Easy, Henry, easy. Just relax.” You tried to calm him down.

“I know what I am, I know what I tried to do.” Henry rambled.

“Just put the gun down, it’s okay.” You tried again.

“No!” Henry yelled again. “I know what I am.”

“Yes, I’m sure you do Henry. It’s all been explained to you hasn’t it. Explained very carefully.” Sherlock said calmly.

“What?” Henry asked confused.

“Someone needed to keep you quiet, needed to keep you as a child, to reassert the dream you both clung on to because you had started to remember. Remember now, Henry, you’ve got to remember what happened here when you were a little boy.” Sherlock instructed.

“I thought it had got my dad. The hound. I thought… Oh, Jesus! I don’t… I don’t know anymore!” Henry yelled, waving the gun again, before placing it in his mouth.

“No Henry! For God sake!” John yelled.

“Henry, remember. “Liberty In.” Two words. Two words a scared little boy saw here 20 years ago. You’d started to piece things together. Remember what really happened here that night.” You said.

“It wasn’t an animal, was it, Henry?” Sherlock asked. “Not a monster, a man.”

Henry looked up as if he were beginning to remember again.

“You couldn’t cope. You were just a child. So you rationalized it into something very different. Then you started to remember so you had to be stopped.” Sherlock said.

“Driven out of your mind so that no-one would believe a word that you said.” Sherlock continued.

“Y/N!” You heard Lestrade yell, as he entered the Hollow.

John slowly grabbed the gun from Henry as he mumbled incoherently.

“We saw it… a hound… last night.” He muttered.

“No, but there was a dog, Henry. Leaving footprints, scaring witnesses, but nothing more than an ordinary dog. We both saw it, saw it as our drugged minds wanted us to see it. Fear and stimulus, that’s how it works. But there never was any monster.” Sherlock smiled as Henry began to calm down.

It had seemed like things had calmed down, but then the sound of growls filled the hollow. John pointed his flashlight up and it landed on a large dog.

“Sherlock?” You said, your hand grabbing his coat out of instinct.

He looked up in disbelief.

“No! No, no, no, no!” Henry began to mumble.

“Henry!” Sherlock reached an arm out to him, but there was no calming him now. It was here, and you began to feel weak again.

“Are you seeing this?” You turned around to Lestrade, whose mouth was hanging open.  

“Right, he is not drugged, Sherlock, so what’s that?” John asked.

“It’s just a dog Henry, it’s nothing more than an ordinary dog.” Sherlock yelled. But it seemed like so much more, it had the same glowing eyes.

The hound jumped down, slowly entering the hollow and baring its teeth. Sherlock turned to see a man walking into the other side of the hollow.

You began to cough and fall to your knees, as the man in the gas mask got closer. Sherlock pulled off the mask but it wasn’t who you had expect to see. It didn’t make sense, there was no way your uncle Ryan could have really been here.

“No! No, no!” Sherlock said, as surprised to see him as you were, unless he was seeing someone entirely different.

“It’s not you, not you!” Sherlock yelled. He pulled the man by his shirt  and you realized it wasn’t your uncle at all… it was Bob Franklin.

“The fog.” Sherlock said, in realization.

“What?” Lestrade asked.

“It’s in the fog! The drug is in the fog. Aerosol dispersant, that’s what is said in the records. Project HOUND, it’s the fog!” Sherlock said, solving it.

But the dog was real, and it kept getting closer. Your legs were too weak to stand, and the dog had its sights on you.

“For God’s sake, kill it!” You croaked through a cough.

Lestrade raised his gun and shot the dog multiple times, missing a few. It fell to the ground, dead.

“Look Henry.” Sherlock said, making Henry look at the dog to show that it was just that.

You bastard.” He turned around and said to Bob Franklin. He repeated himself before lunging at him.

“Twenty years! Twenty years of my life, making no sense!” He yelled, frantically, trying to hit Bob. Lestrade quickly pulled him off.

Sherlock helped you to your feet, and mentally asked you if you were okay. You nodded in response, not knowing if it was the truth.

“Why didn’t you just kill me!” Henry yelled.

You leaned into Sherlock’s side as he provided an answer. “Because dead men get listened to, he needed to do more than kill you. He had to discredit every word you ever said about your father. And he had the means right at his feet.”

“A chemical minefield. Pressure pads in the ground, dosing you up every time that you came back here.” You said.

“Murder weapon and scene of the crime all at once! Oh, this case, Henry. Thank you!” Sherlock laughed, and you elbowed him in the side.

“What?” He asked, genuinely unaware.

“Timing…” You said.

“Not good?” He asked.

“No, no. It’s okay. Because this means that my dad was right. He’d found something out, hadn’t he?” Henry asked, looking down to Bob Franklin.

“And that’s why you killed him because he was right, and he’d found you right in the middle of an experiment!” Henry yelled again.

Bob Franklin suddenly stood and began to run from the Hollow. Everyone began to run after him, but you weren’t sure what his plan was. Surely he knew he was outnumbered, and by people with guns, younger people who could outrun him.

He continued to run as you yelled after him. Then you saw the direction he was going… He jumped the barbed wire fence and you froze.

“No, stop! Everyone stop!” You yelled, and they obeyed.

“We can catch him, what are you on about Y/N!” Sherlock yelled.

“He just ran into the damn minefield!” You yelled back, everyone turn just as the explosion ripped through the air. The force pushed you all back, nearly forcing you to the ground.

John and Lestrade brought Henry home and made sure to take away his gun. Sherlock brought you back to the room so you could get a few hours of sleep before you all left in the morning.

“The aerosol… that must have been why you passed out. One of the chemicals in the fog must have reacted with the medication John gave you and caused you to lose consciousness.” Sherlock said, as he unlocked the door and lead you in.

“That makes sense.” You nodded.

“You are feeling better though, right?” Sherlock asked.

“I guess. I still feel kind of nauseous. Maybe I just need sleep though.” You said, changing and slipping into bed.

Sherlock kissed you on the head and you soon fell asleep.

The next morning you were sitting outside of the Inn with John eating breakfast.

Sherlock approached the two of you and handed you a cup of coffee.

“Thanks.” You smiled, Sherlock smiled back.

“So they didn’t have it put down then, the dog?” John asked.

“Obviously.” Sherlock said.

“Probably couldn’t bring themselves to do it.” You said.

“I see.” Sherlock lied.

“No you don’t.” John said.

“No, I don’t. Sentiment?” Sherlock asked.

“Bingo.” You smiled.

“Listen, what happened to me in the lab?” John asked. Sherlock was now sitting down next to you. You and Sherlock shared a look, not wanting to tell John about the little experiment.

“Do you want some sauce with that?” Sherlock asked, trying to change the subject and holding up the condiment tray.

“I hadn’t been to the Hollow. How came I heard those things there? Fear and stimulus, you said.” John kept talking.

“You must have been dosed with it elsewhere. When you went to the lab, maybe. You saw those pipes, pretty ancient, leaky as a sieve. And they were carrying the gas, so…” Sherlock lied.

“Hang on. You thought it was in the sugar. You were convinced it was in the sugar.” John pointed it.

“We’d better get going, there’s a train leaving in half an hour, so if you want…” Sherlock began, looking at his watch before being cut off by John.

“Oh, God! It was you. You locked me in the bloody lab.” John rolled his eyes.

“I had to, it was an experiment. But for the record, she helped.” Sherlock said.

“Thanks for throwing me under the bus.” You smiled sarcastically.

“An experiment!” John yelled, and Sherlock shushed him.

“I was terrified Sherlock, I was scared to death!” John said, his voice booming.

“I thought the drug was in the sugar, so I put the sugar in your coffee. Then arranged everything with Major Barrymore. Totally scientific, laboratory conditions, literally.” Sherlock began. “I knew what effect it had on two superior minds, so I needed to try it on an average one… You know what I mean.” Sherlock said, catching himself, you were actually quite proud.

“But it wasn’t in the sugar.” John pointed out again.

“No, well… I wasn’t to know you’d already been exposed to the gas.” Sherlock said, sipping his coffee.

“So you got it wrong.” John said.

“A bit.” Sherlock said, annoyed.

“It won’t happen again.” You smiled.

Sherlock now stood and looked off back towards the Inn.

“Where are you going?” You asked.

“Come with me, Sergeant. John we’ll just be a minute. Got to see a man about a dog.” Sherlock said, and you stood to follow him.

After the two of you informed Gary and Bill that the dog was dead, you took a train back into London.

John returned to Baker Street, but Sherlock accompanied you back to your flat. You were looking forward to a little rest, before returning to work. You would have never guessed that within the coming weeks you would be tested in ways you never have before.

im sorry

(written and submitted by: @mayoffnaise <3)

Chapter 1.

AN: Special fangz (get it, coz Im goffik) 2 my gf (ew not in that way) Lira, ackerchou666 4 helpin me wif da story and spelling. U rok! Justine ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2! MCR ROX!


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Gorillaz My Immortal AU

submitted by @shrekangelo


Chapter 1.

Hi my name is Murdoc Alphonse Faust Niccals and I have short greasy black hair and pale hazel eyes and a lot of people tell me I look like Keith Richards (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Satan but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are crooked and green. I have pale green skin. I’m also in a band, and I live in a place called Kong Studios in England where I worked for a few years (I’m 49 years old). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black shirt with a matching satanic cross around my neck and a black leather belt, jeans, and cuban-heeled boots. I was wearing black lipstick, green foundation, black eyeliner and gray eye shadow. I was walking outside Kong Studios. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. 2D stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.
“Hey Murdoc!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…. Paula Cracker!
“What’s up Paula?” I asked.
“Nothing.” she said shyly.
But then, I heard my friends call me and I had to go away

Chapter 2.
The next day I woke up in my bedroom. It was snowing and raining again. I opened the door of my coffin and drank some rum from a bottle I had. My coffin was black ebony and inside it was hot red velvet with black lace on the ends. I got out of my coffin and took of my giant David Bowie t-shirt which I used for pajamas. Instead, I put on a white turtleneck, a satanic cross necklace, cuban-heeled boots and rolled up jeans on. I put on a military dress cap with skull on top.
My friend, Billy Boy (AN: Billy dis is u!) woke up then and grinned at me. He flipped his short shoulder-length raven black hair and opened his forest-green eyes. He put on his military dress cap with crossbones on the top, a military jacket, and black leather boots. We put on our makeup (black lipstick green foundation and black eyeliner.)
“OMFG, I saw you talking to Paula Cracker yesterday!” he said excitedly.
“Yeah? So?” I said, blushing.
“Do you like Paula?” he asked as we went out of my Winnebago and into the studio halls.
“No I so fucking don’t!” I shouted.
“Yeah right!” he exclaimed. Just then, Paula walked up to me.
“Hi.” she said.
“Hi.” I replied flirtily.
“Guess what.” she said.
“What?” I asked.
“Well, Blondie is having a concert in Hogsmeade.” she told me.
“Oh. My. Fucking. God!” I screamed. I love Blondie. They are my favorite band, besides Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
“Well…. do you want to go with me?” she asked.
I gasped.

Chapter 3.
On the night of the concert I put on my cuban-heeled boots. On top of them were brown jeans. Then I put on a black shirt with a satanic cross necklace. I put on purple cape around my neck. I straightened my hair and made it look all spiky. I felt a little depressed then, so I slit one of my wrists. I read a depressing book while I waited for it to stop bleeding and I listened to some David Bowie. I painted my nails black and put on TONS of black eyeliner. Then I put on some black lipstick. I didn’t put on foundation because I was green anyway. I drank some human blood so I was ready to go to the concert.
I went outside. Paula was waiting there in front of her car. She was wearing a Simple Plan t-shirt (they would play at the show too), red velvet pants, black nail polish and a little eyeliner (AN: A lot fo kewl gurlz wer it ok!).
“Hi Paula!” I said in a depressed voice.
“Hi Murdoc.” she said back. We walked into her black Mercedes-Benz (the license plate said 666) and drove to the place with the concert. On the way we listened excitedly to Blondie and David Bowie. We both smoked cigarettes and drugs. When we got there, we both hopped out of the car. We went to the mosh pit at the front of the stage and jumped up and down as we listened to Blondie.
“Oh, uh-huh make it magnificent
Ah, oh your hair is beautiful
Ah, tonight
Atomic.” sang Debbie (I don’t own da lyrics 2 dat song).“Debbie is so fucking hot.” I said to Paula, pointing to her as she sung, filling the club with her amazing voice.
Suddenly Paula looked sad.
“What’s wrong?” I asked as we moshed to the music. Then I caught on.
“Hey, it’s ok I don’t like her better than YOU!” I said.
“Really?” asked Paula sensitively and she put her arm around me all protective.
“Really.” I said. “Besides I don’t even know Debbie and she’s going out with Chris fucking Stein. I fucking hate that little bitch.” I said disgustedly, thinking of his ugly face.
The night went on really well, and I had a great time. So did Paula. After the concert, we drank some beer and asked Chris and Debbie for their autographs and photos with them. We got Blondie concert tees. Paula and I crawled back into the Mercedes-Benz, but Paula didn’t go back into Kong Studios, instead she drove the car into……………………… Plastic Beach!

Chapter 4.
“Paula!” I shouted. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”
Paula didn’t answer but she stopped the car and she walked out of it. I walked out of it too, curiously.
“What the fucking hell?” I asked angrily.
“Murdoc?” she asked.
“What?” I snapped.
Paula leaned in extra-close and I looked into her gothic red eyes (she was wearing color contacts) which revealed so much depressing sorrow and evilness and then suddenly I didn’t feel mad anymore.
And then…………… suddenly just as I Paula kissed me passionately. Paula climbed on top of me and we started to make out keenly against a plastic tree. She took of my top and I took of her clothes. I even took of my inverted cross. Then I put my thingie into her you-know-what and we did it for the first time.
“Oh! Oh! Oh! ” I screamed. I was beginning to get an orgasm. We started to kiss everywhere and my green body became all warm. And then….
It was……………………………………………………. Russel Hobbs!






Last week I rewatched ASIB and I noticed some interesting things which stubbornly refuse to leave my head. There are a lot of similarities between the two episodes regarding individual scenes as well as part of the time frame. Then this interesting meta by @longsnowsmoon5​ came along and I wrote some of my thoughts down. And that triggered quite a considerable avalanche of ‘strange similarities’.


  • Sherlock is sent by the Brit.Government (=Mycroft) to confiscate a phone with secret/scandalous information.
  • Sherlock doesn’t get the phone. He gets druged instead and ends unconscious on a bed.
  • DI Lestrade takes a video of druged Sherlock.
  • A time jump of several months to Christmas
  • CIA agents (=Mycroft=Brit.Government) try to get to the phone with the secret/scandalous information. Unsuccessfully.
  • Sherlock gets really angry and throws the agent out of the window after beating him up thoroughly.


  • Sherlock is sent by the Brit.Government (=Lady Smallwood) to retrieve letters with secret/scandalous information.
  • Sherlock doesn’t get the letters. He gets shot instead and ends unconscious on a bed. 
  • DI Lestrade wants to take a video of druged Sherlock
  • A time jump of several months to Christmas
  • Sherlock (for Mary=ex-agent=Mycroft?) tries to get the secret/scandalous information in the Appledore vaults. Unsuccessfully.
  • Sherlock gets really angry and shoots a man in the head.

Both episodes include a scene with a body search  (pictures)

  • ASIB - the CIA agent searches Sherlock
  • HLV - Magnussons body guards search Sherlock and John

In both episodes Sherlock goes ‘undercover’ for a case

  • ASIB - as vicar with a bleeding face (engaged with God?)
  • HLV - as Junkie Shezza (engaged with Janine)

Both episodes feature Sherlock in a sheet!  Thank you so much for this addition  @isitandwonder 

  • ASIB - Sherlock in Buckingham Palace
  • HLV - Sherlock lying in the morgue

Both episodes contain a piece of dialog where Mycroft forbids Sherlock to persue the case further.


MYCROFT: Irene Adler is no longer any concern of yours. From now on you will stay out of this.
SHERLOCK: Oh, will I?
MYCROFT: Yes, Sherlock, you will


MYCROFT: Magnussen is not your business.
SHERLOCK: Oh, you mean he’s yours.
MYCROFT: You may consider him under my protection.
SHERLOCK: I consider you under his thumb.
MYCROFT: If you go against Magnussen, then you will find yourself going against me.




Thanks for tagging me, @ebaeschnbliah, these parallels are indeed amazing. And I could even add some more:

  • in both episodes there is a “staged” MP: the hiker deduction and the 7-minute sequence after the shot
  • in both episodes Sherlock is attacked by a woman
  • in both episodes he is given/takes drugs
  • in both episodes Sherlock’s flat is searched for drugs 
  • in both episodes we get a body in morgue that later comes back from the dead
  • in both episodes a pivotal scene takes place in a/in front of a plane 

Oh … that is brilliant!  Now that you mention it: both women - Irene and Mary have a shady/non existent past, are clever, ruthless, misbehave and live/lived under a false identity at some point in their lifes.

And: both flights get canceled!



And now let’s apply the rule of three, shall we?!

SHERLOCK: Something’s coming.  Maybe it’s Moriarty.  Maybe it’s not.  But something’s coming. (Sherlock Trailer S4)

At the end of both episodes people of whom we were told were dead reappear after the first notes of music…



Sherlock goes off to save Irene in the end…

“Everything I have to say has already crossed your mind.”

“The wheel turns. Nothing is ever new.”

“You’ve been stumbling round the fringes of this one for ages – or were you too bored to notice the pattern?”


Oh… Those are all good catches! Small thing to add… both episodes have a Kate in them…

I think this isn’t just a 'small thing’. You unearthed here a very nice little nugget. Both Kate’s are friends with either Irene or Mary. That is brilliant! 



And if I may add one more: both episodes come with a six-month death sentence. One for Irene in ASiB, and one for Sherlock in HLV.


You mention how both Irene and Mary are violent towards Sherlock.  They’re also both ostensible romantic interests for either John or Sherlock, both tease John and Sherlock about their feelings for each other (though Mary mostly does this earlier in the season), and both attempt to mess with their relationship. Despite all this, in both episodes, Sherlock acts to save their lives anyway.


A long list of 'strange similarities’ got even a bit longer. Thank you all for your input.

And what do we say about coincidence?  It’s on the tip of my tongue …..


@stillgosherlocked @isitandwonder @monikakrasnorada @sherlock-little-weed @beejohnlocked @tjlcisthenewsexy @the-7-percent-solution @mollydobby @constancecream

@callie-ariane thanks for the scripts

Thanks for all the likes, comments and love ♥
davidmont replied to your photoset “I think Melissa has a new friend, a townie too… they do look cute…”

oh I thought they both were like “THE PARTY IS OVER!!! WE KNOW YOU HAVE DRUGS HERE!!! WHERE IS YOUR ID??!!!!!!” haha

It could have looked this way indeed, although I guess just Ravness would have come with a partner for that, Dracklore is military. But that did make me laugh xD

my-simension replied to your photo “When Reena visited Brett she ran into some routing problem too and was…”

It seems like she has a roommate. xD

A ghost? I did not think of it that way, but if the ghost keep playing trick on her it might explain why she keeps being reset by the game :p

my-simension replied to your photoset “Welcome to the family Mocchi!”

I like his shirt. hehe

Aw thank you sweetheart, you can find it here

my-simension replied to your photo “OMG look at this cutie!! I had two reports that Brett was unroutable…”

So cute!

He is adorable! And he makes me laugh :3

my-simension replied to your photoset “I like this lot with the swimming pool, I find it peaceful and…”

Lovely lot. :)

It is, I love St Claire even if it has the routing from hell in houses sometimes and it’s hard to go back to your own home

my-simension replied to your photoset “I am pretty sure it is the first time I actually see a burglar…”

hahaha they are so annoying. :(

Removing them completely is easy enough, to test a mod I modified a file and they were coming every nights xD Just have to do the opposite :D The way I place the alarm outside they always stop before entering and wait there so nothing gets stolen anymore.

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Glad I made you that happy x3 And yes *coughs* you did notice that hahaha

some fun modern aus

  • ”you just fell down like three flights of stairs and i have emergency medical training so i’m making sure you’re ok but it looked fucking hilarious and i can’t stop laughing oh my god i am so sorry” au
  • ”your friend took some weird pill at a party and you came with them to the hospital and it’s 3am and i’m finally getting off of work after about 17 hours do you want me to bring you a coffee and we can chill” au
  • -”we live in two adjacent apartment buildings and yours allows pets and mine doesn’t so i’m always coming over to hang out with your dog” au
  • -”i got really drunk last night and yelled out my window for someone to get me a pizza and you did and you’re super nice about it???” au
  • -”i saw you getting harassed on the street and i tried to step in but i got punched in the face and then you beat the guy up and holy shit that was hot” au
  • “we both showed up to buy drugs from this drug dealer but the police are here and we look kinda seedy so hey let’s pretend to be a couple on a midnight stroll” au
  • “i was riding down a hill on my bike and texting on my phone and i just rammed into the back of your parked car and ripped my knee open i know this was a new car and i know i’m an idiot but could you please call an ambulance i’m bleeding” au
  • “i’m a smoker and you have asthma” au
  • “you’re having a panic attack in the middle of this big event and everyone’s either oblivious or doesn’t know what to do and i don’t know you but let me get you some water and you can cry on me if you want to” au
  • “your car died and i gave you a jump but now my car’s not wanting to start and i think we’re both fucked” au
  • “we were cooling off in this fountain because it’s hot as hell outside and apparently someone called the cops on us oh my god run” au
Sneaking Around- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)

“See you later Dad!” I called as I exited my house. “Woah where do you think you’re going young lady?” he said sternly. “ I told you I’m going to Maggie’s house to go swimming, it’s a scorcher.” I said convincingly. My Dad’s face softened “Okay as long as your safe and there are no boys.” “I promise, see you later.” I said as I walked to my car.

Truth was I wasn’t going to Maggie’s house, I had been lying to my Dad the entire summer. I was dating Nate Maloley an aspiring rapper with many tattoos. My Dad would flip if he knew what I was doing, he would probably kill Nate if he had the chance and then kill me right after. I loved Nate though, he had a gentle heart and kind spirit despite his facade. I wanted my Dad to see that, but I know he’d make false assumptions about Nate as soon as he saw him.

I drove about twenty minutes to Nate’s apartment and entered to see Nate sitting shirtless on the couch playing video games. I crept behind him covering his eyes with my hands. “Guess who?” I said in a sing song voice. “Definitely not my lil mama Y/N.” he said laughing.

I removed my hands and walked around sitting next to him on the couch and kissed the lips that I loved so much. “What’d you tell your Dad this time?” he asked stopping his game and giving me his full attention. “Maggie’s house.” I said laying my legs across his lap, Nate began tracing little shapes with his fingers against my bare skin.

“Ah good, he doesn’t get suspicious?” Nate asked. “He’s just worried, he thinks I’m gonna go out and have sex and do drugs.” I replied. Nate laughed “We do both of those things Y/N.” “Its not like we do hardcore drugs, it’s just weed.” I said smacking his chest lightly.

“True, true. So what’s on the agenda for today?” he asked. “Ice cream? It’s so hot out.” I said fanning myself.

“Ice cream it is!” Nate said removing my legs from his lap and standing up. He reached his hand out for me and pulled me up into his arms and kissed me. The kiss deepened and I broke apart. “Ice cream now, sex later.” I said with a wink.

Nate grabbed the keys to his car and we set off. We waited at a traffic light for the light to turn green. Once it turned green, Nate began making a right turn. Halfway through the turn I jolted from my seat and hit my head against the window and everything faded to black.


I opened my eyes and realized I was in an unfamiliar setting. I glanced down at my arm, which had an IV in it. I sat up startled and realized what happened, a car had ran a red light and hit us while we were making the turn. I immediately panicked and needed to know where Nate was and if he was okay. I pressed the red button next to my hand and immediately a nurse came running in. “Oh good, you’re awake! Let me check your vitals.” she said sweetly.

“Where’s Nate?! My boyfriend, the one driving the car I was in?” I practically screamed.
“He’s down the hall, he has a few bruised ribs and some cuts. You’re both so lucky to be alive. Okay your vitals look good, I’ll tell your Dad he can come in.” she said and left.

My heart began to race, oh crap my Dad. Now he was going to know about Nate and everything. To my surprise, he came in with a smile. “How’s my baby doing?” he asked rubbing my hand and taking a seat.

“I’m okay, just shaken up.” I said nervously, he was too calm.

“That’s good. So, you want to explain who the driver is? ” he asked.

I let our a deep breath “Okay, his name’s Nate Maloley, we’ve been together for several months now. I’m so in love with him, he’s great to me and really cares about me.” I said in a single breath.

“I don’t want you seeing this boy. If he caused you to lie to me, your own father then I don’t want him in your life. ” he said with a tone of disgust.

“But Dad, you haven’t even met him yet, just give him a chance.” I pleaded.

“Y/N, I’d kill him before letting him close to you.” he said.


It was a few weeks after the accident and I was on lockdown. My dad had taken any possible communication device away from me. The friends that came over were my messengers, they gave me notes from Nate while I gave them notes. Apparently Nate was determined to have a talk to my dad and try to convince his mind. I highly doubted anything he would say would change his mind. Once my father had his mind set to something he rarely changed it.

I laid in bed debating what show to have a marathon of, considering all I could really do was watch tv in bed. I chose Vampire Diaries as I began the pilot episode. Halfway through the episode I heard my Dads loud voice. I paused the show and listened to what my dad was saying, my guess was that he was on the phone with some product company. “I don’t want you in my house or near my daughter ever again, you hear me?” screamed my dad as the realization set in, he was talking to Nate, which meant Nate was here. I crept to the doorway to hear what Nate had to say. “Sir, I get that I might not be an ideal guy for you daughter. But your assumptions of me are just based on my appearance. I think if you got the chance to know me, you’d see how much I love and care for her. Please, just give me a chance to prove you wrong.” Nate pleaded.

I ran downstairs, my Dad and Nate looked up at me. “Y/N, this doesn’t concern you, go to your room.” my dad scolded.

“No, this does involve me. Listen to what Nate said, give him a chance. Don’t you want me to be happy? Well he makes me happy, happier than anyone. Dad can’t you just do this one thing for me?” I begged as tears began to form in my eyes.

Nate grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. My Dad looked at us and sighed. “I’m still not happy about this, but I want my daughter to be happy and if you’re the reason behind her happiness I’ll try to accept it. Don’t get me wrong, if you hurt her I own a gun and I have no problem using it.” said my dad eyeing Nate.

“That won’t ever be necessary Dad.” I said smiling up at Nate, realizing how happy I was for all this sneaking around and lying to be over with.


Summary: “We both showed up to buy drugs from this drug dealer but the police are here and we look kinda seedy so hey let’s pretend to be a couple.” AU (i found this prompt somewhere in tumblr, if you know who came up with it message me and ill credit them)

Words: 1952

Genre: Fluff kinda; punk!Phil

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: Mentions of drugs and drug use; swearing

A/N: This is not one of my best works but I’m writing a pretty long one shot and the third chapter of amnesia so I need time and this is basically a shitty filler. 

“Mom, I’m going out.” Phil grabbed his leather jacket off the hanger and headed to the door. Mrs. Lester got out of the living room, a book in her hands and raised her eyebrows at him.

“Where?” She asked, folding her arms on her chest. She had every right to be suspicious, Phil thought. He just stormed out the house without telling anybody and came back hours later, walking straight to his room and not coming out of it until the next day. But he had always been like this. It was nothing new but it still worried his mother like hell. “Phil.”

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