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For those who say that "Humanz" sound nothing like Gorillaz

So, I decided to check to order the newest Gorillaz album “Humanz”, as I wasn’t able to preorder it. What immediately caught my eye was that the album, that came out just today, has only 3 stars. Wondering what was so bad already about the new album, I checked the reviews. What I saw made me angry beyond everything. Yes, there are 5 star reviews, loving the new songs. But there were also 1 star reviews and they all said basically the same thing - “This album sounds nothing like Gorillaz used to sound. Bring the old Gorillaz back!”

So, let me get this straight - you dislike this album because it sounds nothing like Gorillaz? Can you please describe to me how Gorillaz actually sound like? Because what I have heard of, the definition of Gorillaz is that they have no defined genre of music. Ironic, isn’t it? Please, name me three iconic Gorillaz songs. For me, it would be Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood and Melancholy Hill. And whoopty doo, they all sound like they were written by three different artists! One is soothing, other has a sick beat. The band, that is known for their freedom in genres are writing songs in an unusual to them, more modern sounding genre? WHAT?!?!?! THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS!!!!

Now listen, I’m gonna drop some truth on you - if you consider yourself a fan of ANYONE, and you do not support the changes that the artist chose, stop calling yourself a fan. It’s like taking an iPhone 7 and hating it because “Oh, it doesn’t feel like the good old iPhone 3, I mean, it changed so much, all these additional apps and functions, bring the good old iPhone back !!!!1!!” Change is good, ESPECIALLY AFTER 6 YEARS OF THE BAND’S HIATUS!!!! I would be surprised if the music sounded like “Demon Days” or even their first album “Gorillaz”.That would show, that they have run out of ideas and that they are AFRAID TO CHANGE. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett even did something that many creators, especially in animation rarely do - they age their characters, Noodle grew up from a tiny girl into a grown up woman, and Murdoc went from a nice brown coloured skin to pickle green. And the change in music style makes so much sense, giving the fact that the band was silent for 6 years. It shows, that the band is not stuck to the things that got tons of attention (like Feel Good Inc. or Melancholy Hill), and tries to replicate it, but rather tries out new stuff to make things interesting. For the love of Pazuzu, “White Light” from “Demon Days"album has like, what, 3 words in it? 4, if you count in “do do dodododo” that goes between the actual words. “El Mañana”, other great song, that sounds nothing like the upbeat “19-2000” from a previous album. Oh, “Hallelujah Money” has a weird tempo that sounds strange? What about “5/4”? See, they DO sound like the old Gorillaz!!!

I love the new songs. “Saturn Barz”, “We Got The Power”, “Apprentice” are so far my favourites (I’ve blasted “Apprentice” on repeat for around 6 good hours, when it came out), and I am positive that I will love the rest of the album too. And the name, “Humanz” actually makes sense, seeing how many artists have joined the Gorillaz and put their effort in this album. Some speculate, that the name, “Humanz” means that they are evolving from the “Gorillaz”, gorillas are turning into humans. Changing. Unlike the hipster “fans”, who sit on the band’s first album or “fans” who know the couple of the most famous songs and can’t remember the names of the members. But we, actual fans, who actually love anything Gorillaz related and who know these characters to the detail, these characters, who, although animated and brought to life by imagination, are more “human” than the famous artists you see everyday on the screen, singing songs that 20 writters have put together for them. None two songs of Gorillaz are alike. Not at all. That is why we love these colorful cartoons and the men behind them so much. And if you got the nerve to say that the new album sounds “nothing like Gorillaz”, then you don’t know, what Gorillaz sound like. You don’t know what Gorillaz are and what they stand for - creativity and love for music of any genre.

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So Far Away

Chap 1 | Chap 2 | Chap 3 | Chap 4 | Chap 5

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Series - Fluff, Comedy, will get Angst

Summary: You are a happy-go-lucky rookie director, and you couldn’t know that your new job in a visual and design agency would bring you to directly work with the famous idol group “BTS”. You couldn’t neither imagine that you would grow fond of one of the members, the hot-headed and peculiar rapper Min Yoongi.

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First Song

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Stockholm Syndrome - Part 2

I realllly didn’t expect part one to get any likes or anything but thank you!! I had already started to write part two last night so I thought I’d post it today!

Joker x Reader
Warnings; little bit of violence, mostly fluffy again… kinda

We sped around Gotham City without a care in the world, he pointed out all of the banks he had robbed just for fun and laughed like a maniac.
I’m in awe of him, for all of the wrong reasons. If he’d let me go I don’t know what I’d do anymore, never really did but now, I’d be lost without him. He’s held me captive for what feels like forever, when it’s probably only been a year.

With a screech of the breaks we stopped outside of what looked like an overly expensive and extravagant restaurant. By the look of the black and gold décor it looked like Mr J himself owned it.

“Do you like it?” he purred turning to face me, extending his hand to delicately move some hair out of my face “I named it after you…”
I swallowed hard, looking behind him to see that the place was called Kitten. It made absolutely no sense to call a fine dining restaurant Kitten but when does Mr J ever make sense?
Smiling I bit my lip as I felt my face heat up.
“I love it.”
“Good, I chose the black and gold colour scheme after that terrible kitty costume you had on the first time we met.”
As if he remembered, it clearly means something.
The man kept laughing at the thought of me on Halloween as he got out of the car and opened the door for me to get out, bowing again like I was royalty, making me blush even more.
When he stood back up our faces were mere inches away from each other, causing my stomach to flip. I know he knows what he’s doing to me because he simply smiles an all knowing grin and offers his arm for me to link to as we walk into the restaurant together.

Everyone who was casually enjoying their meal turned their head in shock when they saw him, confidently walk in and give them all a death glare.
“You think they’d be used to you by now” I muttered.
It wasn’t funny but it made the Joker laugh, his infamous loud and slow, creepy laugh, witch put people even more on the edge of their seats. Suddenly, he stopped laughing and pulled me along to the private booth for two. We sat across from each other on what looked like big golden thrones and placed in the centre of the table was a single red rose. Cliche but my favourite.
“I’ve already ordered” he stated simply “don’t worry, yours is all vegetarian” he rolled his eyes over dramatically.
“I want to hurt people, not animals” I shrugged.
Mr J grinned and waved his finger with warning.
“Careful, what you wish for.”

Dinner had been different, we spoke about random things like what our favourite movies are and stupid stuff like that. It wasn’t the typical heavy, deep talks from his sick and twisted mind that he sometimes would pop into my cell to get off his chest.
He beamed when he spoke about his favourite films - the Saw series, and of course he’d wished that they were real. It was cute in a sadistic way, I suppose. When I told him mine was the Bride of Chucky he laughed hysterically, saying that it explains a lot about me, whatever that means.
I don’t know why I expected dinner to go normally but I did, all until we about to leave we were outside ready to get in the car to leave. Mr J heard someone mutter something about me looking like  a whore as they stood outside smoking a cigarette. It triggered something inside of him, his eyes turned colder and snarl formed on his lips. He had flipped.
“Get in the car” he demanded, before putting on his holster with two pistols ready and loaded.
I did what he said and sat looking out of the car window.
“Excuse me” J said as he walked around to face the two men, they’re faces dropped when they’d realised what they had done.
“Hey, man we didn’t mean it.”
“No, we meant that-”
“What? You meant what?” he asked smiling, the men gave no reply just a sheepish look “that’s what I thought” he nodded to himself.
*bang, bang*
Two shots rang through the air, J swayed from side to side with his arms out like he was listening to music before jumping into the car and speeding off. I was in shock but also filled with adrenalin, so much so I laughed at the whole situation, it was the only thing I could do.
“You liked that?”
“Yeah, I did” I howled.
What was happening to me, what would Uncle Alfred say? I shook the thought from my head and stared across at the green haired, mad man next to me. Blood splattered his face a little, so I licked my thumb and wiped his cheek causing him to furrow his brow before smiling and kissing my hand.
“Nobody is allowed to hurt you but me.”
“You promise, Mr J?”
“Ohhh, I promise kitten.”

We drove down half of the back streets of Gotham before stopping outside of an abandoned warehouse, I  feel light headed, this doesn’t look like fun.
“Right, honey I’m going to blind fold you and you’re going to do as I say.”
I smiled slightly and nodded in agreement, a hand caressed my cheek before the blackness of a silk handkerchief covered my eyes.
Like any normal person I was expecting a hand to guide me out of the car, however I was picked up bridal style and carried into the building.
From the noises around me I could hear what sounded like a factory and machines, he had carried me into a rickety old elevator. Mr J purred as the door pinged open making me jump slightly in his arms, he put me down and stood me against the wall when we had reached the floor that he wanted.
I could hear him move some chains right before he bent down to attach them to my ankles, so I was shackled.
“I’ve gotta go get something” he growled. Nervously, I nodded not knowing what that meant or why I was trying to trust him still.
“See old man” I heard Mr J cackle coldly “I told you she was okay! You can trust me y'know!”
“Y/N?” I heard a weak voice from across the room. My heart almost burst.
“Uncle Alfred?”