are u even real

You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.

Consider: Ray is short, and if there’s nowhere to set up a sniper nest, he has 0 height advantage. So sometimes, when he has to be on the ground team, he’ll get someone to agree to let him ride on their shoulders, so it’s just a guy in a skull mask with a purple-hoodied gremlin perched up there, or the leader of the most terrifying crew in Los Santos carrying around some kid with a pink gun. And it’s even worse because it actually works, like Ray clearly gets more people like this than on his own two feet. He likes to be tall.

it’s so comforting, so hopeful, the fact that andrew is healing and over time the days where his demons grab a hold of him are few and far between the good days. the days where he feels comfortable taking a step further with neil and exploring the boundaries and he doesn’t tense up anymore. the days where andrew comes home to the house they share and meet halfway when they’re able to get away from their separate pro teams, and neil is like the sun when he brightens up when he sees him. the days where neil will be resting on the couch with the cats snuggled close to him and he smiles to andrew across the room and andrew realizes that living for this is worth it and means something. andrew may never fully get better, but it’s okay because he’s actually alive and not just existing like before. and he’s fighting, and he will continue to


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*nct gets asked a question about mark*

donghyuck, on the inside: fuck i cannot lose to Mark Questions, i repeat, cannot l o s e

donghyuck: *shoots hands up at the speed of light* *legitimately screams out his name till his voice cracks*

can you believe Henrik and Tarjei just had like a natural connection right away and they just clicked and they both felt the same can you believe that Henrik was one of last persons who went to the audition and two hours later Julie called him and he got the audition so this means that Tarjei said to Julie “I want him” I’m screaming I’m not very well are you crying because I am

ayyyy!! gosh, I got so many sweet comments & compliments on my Taako last time I posted that I just couldn’t resist giving all u guys More Taako. this time, in color! watercolor, that is!

it’s kinda hard to tell, but his bracelet & shirt charm are actual chunky glitter, which I felt was a very fitting touch for everybody’s favorite fashionable wizard.