are to blame for this


Let’s take a time to talk about this part of the movie?

First of all, let’s appreciate how they laugh together. Adorable.

Let’s remember, Gaston was going through a bad time after being rejected by Belle. He was frustrated, and his (stupid) huge self esteem was shaken.
But then comes Lefou and cheers him up until he’s laughing again. We can see how Lefou affects Gaston’s mood (later, on the nose-booping scene, he even tranquilizes Gaston for a moment - which doesn’t last,but still).

What I mean is: no one has THIS power over Gaston. 
Gaston even says “You’re the best” to him (can we even imagine Gaston saying that to anything besides a mirror?).
And I don’t think this was a “you kiss my ass, so I like you” compliment. I mean, Gaston even asked how Lefou wasn’t dating any girl, so I understand he really saw the boy as a good company even when he was not singing about how great Gaston is.

Then I’m here to say
No one makes Gaston love a person (other than himself) like Lefou.

“Mr Trump blamed the bill’s defeat on Democrats, who proudly accepted responsibility”
In a Call to The Times, Trump Blames Democrats for the Failure of the Health Bill
The president, insisting that the Affordable Care Act will collapse in the next year, also tried to minimize the deep divisions within his own party that prevented passage of the bill.
By Maggie Haberman

  After months of claiming The New York Times and The Washington Post are “fake news,” who did ManChildTrump call to explain his failure to?

i’m thinking about madoka classpects again and i know homura is obviously a time player and all, but she also has a huge obsession with hope. homura kinda acts as this symbol for hope in how she hopes to go back and save madoka, always hoping that this time she’ll be able to find the right sequence of events to save her, but slowly that becomes an obsession, which is when hope turns corrupt, and it’s not common you see a message like “yeah hope is good but if you’re too hopeful it leads to the deepest despair and corruption”, and as madoka is a hope player and the thing homura wants to save i think its an interesting contrast, in a way. madoka is the pure representation of hope while homura is a corrupt one. She steals time and gives it to madoka as a rogue of time, while madoka is a muse of hope who is a master of all things hopeful, and as the time passed their hope got twisted. 

(oh and just for the record i’m going off of @heir-of-puns‘s choices for the girls’ god tiers here, which were rly great)