are those waffles

Don't take my waffles.

I will keep this brief to avoid boring you, and also because whenever this site reloads, which has happened several times now, I have to type this story all over again.

Back in high school, I HAD to leave for school really early in order to avoid being late. I may seem obsessive to you, but believe me, you would be too if you were in my situation. I had physics as the first class of the day, and the professor was REALLY strict. How strict, you might ask? Very strict.

Because of this, I had to make my breakfasts the day before I would eat them so that I could arrive at school on time. One of the things I preferred to make was waffles.

In the first half of the semester, my best friend’s cousin, who we shall call Phil, moved in with me. At first, I thought he was a great guy. We shared a lot of interests, like gaming and sports.

Two months later, everything changed. I woke up one morning, smiling at the thought of waffles with maple syrup, and hummed a tune as I completed my morning routine (the part before breakfast). I twirled downstairs and opened the fridge and gracefully lifted the container of waffles off the refrigerator racks only to find it…empty. My heart sank as I realized I would not have time to make anything else.

I grabbed a few granola bars (which I fortunately had bought the day before) and thought about the disappearance of my waffles. Sure, this may seem tiny and unimportant, but I needed my waffles in the mornings. They were my breakfast, and gave me the energy I needed to start the day. Sure, I had other foods, but granola bars and crackers just weren’t enough.

Just then, Phil walked in. “Do you know what could have happened to my waffles?” I asked him, holding up the empty container.
“Oh, sorry,” he said, “I ate those because I ran out of cereal and had nothing else to eat.”

“Nothing else?” I said, raising my voice, “Nothing else? Did it occur to you that we had, let’s see, granola bars? And that the waffles were MY breakfast that I make EVERY DAY?

“Sorry.” He said. “At least they were delicious.” I finished my granola bars and stomped off, deciding to let it slide because this had never happened before.

Until it happened the next day. And the next. When I confronted Phil about this, as he obviously had bought cereal at the store, he apologized, saying that the waffles were just really delicious and he couldn’t resist them. This happened for weeks, and no matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t stop. He would wake up earlier than I did if I was planning to do the same to him. Even if I hid my waffles, he would find them.

Then one day, I decided I had had enough. When I baked my waffles, I added…vinegar. And hot sauce. Lots of vinegar and hot sauce. I woke up to Phil’s angry shouts. He ran into my room, shouting, “What the did you put in those ing waffles?”

I tried not to smirk as I calmly replied, “Oh, just some stuff that I like.”

“Why the would you put that in there?” He screamed.

I couldn’t hide my smile as I said, “Because last time I checked, I was making these waffles for my breakfast, not yours, and I can put whatever I want in my breakfast. Let this be a lesson to you, Phil (This isn’t his real name, as you already know, so I didn’t call him Phil). My waffles, my rules. Don’t mess with me or my waffles ever. Again. Because you won’t like me when I don’t have my waffles, as you found out today.”

He never stole my waffles again.

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I feel down after the new episode, do you think it is still possible that dean will stop sleeping around with women and get together with cas? idk i feel like it will never end and since 11x23 we've seen dean repeat too much that cas is a brother/best friend and it's starting to make me nervous

Well, Dean is a single man, not in a committed relationship (even if WE can clearly see he’s obviously married to Cas), who is allowed to sleep with whoever he wants. Period. But there are some things in that whole scene in the Pickle Jack Shack. And I mean really… the whole place is a sexual innuendo.

Sorry for my “photo of the tv screen screencapping” but… that phallic pickle protruding from the bull riding sign? Ooookay.

(this is also for my two anons asking about what the significance of “Riding Larry” is, so heads up. All will be revealed!)

Also, isn’t it awesome that Sam picked agents Moon and Entwhistle– the two deceased members of The Who as their aliases. THE WHO? on the nose aliases there.

Dean had been “Springsteen, like the Boss” the night before when he’d been talking with her. After she agrees to tell them everything that happened, here’s what she says, with my commentary in parenthesis:

Elke: He ordered burgers to go. It was gonna be a minute. We were slammed. And you knocked back… four shots of tequila?

(already yet another implication that Dean had been drunk, when four shots of tequila for him is probably a warm up)

Elke: Put some (finger quotes) “sick jams” on the juke, and then you hit the bull.

Sam: he what?

Dean: I what?

Elke: Oh yeah, you had the hots for Larry as soon as you walked in here.

(immediately setting an entirely different tone for this conversation, by presenting Dean’s interest in Larry– the mechanical bull with a huge pickle for a phallus– as sexual. Larry is a man’s name, and Dean had “the hots” for him.)

Sam: (quite befuddled by this) He… Dean… you rode Larry?

Dean: (considers this for a minute) Was I good?

Elke: You were– amazing.

(Dean processes that– the fact that he apparently demonstrated skill at riding Larry, and then hums in acceptance of the fact. He smiles. Elke smiles, Sam rolls his eyes so hard he nearly pulls a muscle).

Elke: Anyway, We got to talking, and… you know…

(remember what she’d said earlier, that they were “slammed,” meaning overwhelmed by a rush of customers. Not exactly the sort of situation in which a waitress can “get to talking” with a customer just waiting around for his dinner order to be ready, you know? I already suspect that Elke realizes that Dean WAS roofied here, and didn’t exactly remember what he’d said or done with her… AND THIS I BELIEVE WAS HER TEST TO PROVE IT. She needed to confirm whether he did or didn’t remember what had happened. I’ll quote her here, and then explain afterward)

Elke: (in response to Dean’s complete straight-faced, emotionless waiting for her answer) We blew off some steam.

(Dean STILL has to stop and work out exactly what she means, and then when it registers, Dean only replies with a surprised little “Ah!” Not seeming to recall anything. Because he didn’t. And this doesn’t seem to bother Elke. Because she’s already been told that he was “roofied.” Because most folks would be upset that someone had no obvious response to the confirmation that they’d apparently had sex… It’s kinda insulting, you know? BUT ELKE WAS NOT INSULTED BY DEAN’S LACK OF ANY SORT OF RESPONSE TO THIS INFORMATION. Like the slap to his face earlier implied she would be.)

Sam: Did you see him talking with anyone else?

Elke: My bartender said she saw him run out of here like his pants caught on fire. We were supposed to meet up after close-up. But you never showed… 

(Dean looks lost again)

Elke: Poor thing, you were all roofed up! I didn’t… I am so sorry if I took advantage of you.

Dean: (smiling uncomfortably… because yeah… and patting her on the arm) It’s okay.

(Sam asks if they have security cameras and then the scene shifts to Sam and Dean sitting at a table watching security footage on a laptop)

Dean: First action in I don’t know how long, and it’s like it never even happened. Figures.

Sam: Ha. See now that’s comedy.


Yes, waffles.

Who doesn’t love waffles? May I direct you to the Waffle Masterpost, containing EVERY reference to waffles ever on this show (well, aside from this episode, but I’ll update it in a bit here…)

But what it boils down to is the fact that waffles in this show share some of the same symbolism with El Sol beer. And if it wasn’t clear enough, there was a huge glowing El Sol sign there for good measure.

But as soon as Dean spotted Elke when he and Sam walked into the bar, he identified her as, “the girl from the waffles.” SHE WAS AN ILLUSION, A DECEPTION. She was the girl from the waffles. Waffles being a “more innocent deception” than El Sol.

Because her story of what she and Dean did contradicts itself. Either they were “slammed” to the point that they were so busy that Dean had to wait so long for his food that he not only had multiple shots of tequila but ALSO had time to ride Larry, or she and Dean had time for a leisurely chat and even MORE time to take a break and go somewhere to “blow off some steam.”

Which was it, lady?

She only knew that Dean LEFT, in fact “ran out of here like his pants caught on fire,” because HER BARTENDER told her. Because Elke was “slammed” with customers. THIS IS WHY SHE SLAPPED HIM. Because Dean ran out before her shift ended, when they were supposed to meet up. He ditched her, and then “pretended” not to even recognize her, after having chatted her up and made plans for after her apparently very busy shift, and that’s why I think she was just fucking with him here.

I mean, either she was so busy that Dean had to wait for service, or she had enough time to have some sort of long talk and a quickie in the bathroom or the alley or wherever. WHICH WAS IT, ELKE?!

So in the conversation that revolved around the fact that Dean had been “roofied,” bookended by “the girl from the waffles” and Dean’s assertion that it was “like it never even happened,” well…

I have serious doubts that anything really DID happen.

I mean, I think he was planning on something happening. He was going to go back after her shift to meet up with her… possibly… but did he ever even get his burgers?! 

And without his memories, is it weird that it took THREE TRIES to find the place Dean had gone that night. That place was the third one they checked out, and Sam would’ve followed the same sort of Hunter Logic in trying to find the burger joint Dean went to, probably starting with the one closest to their motel and working his way out. So Dean bypassed two other perfectly good burger places to walk to THIS PLACE SPECIFICALLY. This place that advertised the mechanical bull riding.

This place where Elke confirmed that Dean “had the hots for Larry as soon as he walked in.”

Dean went out of his way to get a burger from THIS PLACE not because he didn’t think the other burger places were any good, but BECAUSE HE WANTED TO RIDE THE MECHANICAL BULL. My guess? He probably saw the sign on their way back to the motel, and he gave the excuse to Sam that he was going out for burgers while Sam did the research SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO SNEAK OUT AND RIDE LARRY.

I mean… ???? This is one of those things that Performing Dean would NEVER do, would NEVER ADMIT TO SAM that he would do. Which is why Sam was so ?????? that Dean actually RODE LARRY.

Because Dean hadn’t been “roofied” yet at that point. That was all Dean.

He wanted to do something silly and fun and homoerotic without being judged for it. This is the same Dean that unapologetically loves Finding Nemo. And waffles…

So he has a few shots of liquid courage and climbs on Larry. We see that scene at the end of the episode. He fully gets that memory back, and what appear to be snippets of Hexed Dean Moments… and yet he gets no memories back of his “blowing off some steam” with Elke.

Because it’s like it never even happened.

I think Elke was slowly realizing throughout her conversation that Sam and Dean weren’t lying about Dean not remembering anything from the night before. So she went from angry over having been stood up and Dean “pretending” he didn’t even remember her, to passive-aggressively answering their questions… to noticing Sam and Dean’s bizarre reactions to hearing that he gleefully rode Larry… and then I think threw in the bit about blowing off steam with him just to see his reaction.

He seemed genuinely incapable of either confirming or denying it, and took her word for it that they did something sexual. He wasn’t gross about it, he didn’t elaborate on her assertion, nor did he immediately deny it either. He just accepted her word and moved on.

Notice immediately after that point she distances herself from Dean with her words… not “he ran out” or “I saw him run out, but “my bartender said she saw him run out.” BECAUSE ELKE HERSELF WAS “SLAMMED.” She was busy DOING HER JOB. She didn’t even SEE him run out without his food.

And really, how the hell long was he there, if he had multiple shots while waiting for the burgers, picked songs on the jukebox, rode Larry, made plans for after work with Elke (that he may or may not have intended to follow up on) while sitting at the bar while SHE WAS BUSY WORKING. Long enough after all that for her to not even notice him suddenly run out? BEFORE HE EVEN GOT HIS BURGERS?!

Like, how the hell long does it take to flip a couple of burgers? 15? 20 minutes tops? Even if they’re slammed?

And he still managed to do ALL THAT ^^ WHILE WAITING?

And then as Dean and Sam ran out the back door, we can see a GIANT glowing El Sol sign just inside the bar.

EVERYTHING that happened in there, aside from Dean riding Larry, was an illusion that started with the girl from the waffles and ended with him escaping out the back door past an El Sol sign.

The ONLY thing we actually SEE that was TRUE was that Dean rode Larry.

(aside to note that Dean confirmed himself that he hasn’t had any “action” in so long he can’t even remember when it happened…)

And for my Larry anons, I have no idea if “Riding Larry” is an idiom, but “riding” is a sexual innuendo. And the implication that Dean rode Larry… well… I mean just watch him and tell me what you think is going on there… Dean… riding a dude called Larry… it’s not complex math here.

(and heck here’s another reference… that time Dean WAS roofied in 9.13… SWEET POTATOES. Salted caramel. Best of both worlds. Salty and sweet. and that reminds me of the other “sweet” references lately in relation to angels… and we’re down the rabbit hole again)


bringin all the delicious foods i had in Seoul to Aroha Picnic !! missing the sheep cafe waffles and sulbing 😩😩👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

my favorite thing abt astro is their bright energy and light. on stage, they have incredible stage presence and radiate goodness. they have such a bright aura and i really really wish that they never lose that bc it’s v special and unique!! ❤️

Mornings (Steve x reader)

Description: Cap and F/N waking up together PSA: filled with some wonderful fluff. sorta short, but that’s the way it ended up

The sun is beginning to peek through your sheer drapes in the early morning. it’s spring, and from your open window you can smell the cherry blossoms from Central Park. Your bed sheets are cold, just the way you like it. You’re wearing your boyfriend’s white t-shirt that’s huge on you along with your comfiest pair of pajama shorts. You and your boyfriend share the living space that you have in the avengers tower; finally convincing Tony to let you both share a room together after dating for a year and a half. Steve Rogers is your boyfriend. The world’s one and only Captain America and the only one in your heart. Your legs are entangled with his, it was one of those feelings of knowing he’s there that comforted you. Steve wraps his arm around you and pulls you into him, noticing that you’re getting cold by the way your stealing all of the sheets that are currently balled up in your fist.

“Cold, babe?” The way his voice sounded just as he was waking up turned you on, but you weren’t in the mood for any of that right now. He chuckled a little bit before closing his eyes again, holding you as close to his body as he can. You smile a bit as he’s spooning you, eyes still closed. You turn your body to face him, still in his arms and barely open your eyes. You admire the way his kissable lips are curving into a slight smile and the way his eyes flutter a bit as he’s trying to fall back asleep. You listen to his steady heart beat, the only thing that makes you feel grounded these days. You capture his warmth and kiss his collarbone tenderly. He opens one eye at you and smiles, kissing you on the forehead.

“Good morning,” you whisper, just loud enough for him to hear. “Good morning F/N. How’d did you sleep?” He strokes his fingers through your hair, making you smile.

“Good. You know I always sleep better when you’re here with me.” Ever since the whole thing with Ultron and Sokovia, you’ve been having terrible nightmares about everyone you care about, dying on that floating city at the hands of that robot.

"I’ll always be here. Always.” He plants kisses along your temple, trailing them to your lips. His hands are wrapped around your waist while yours are planted on his chest. You feel every movement of his muscles under his soft and warm skin. You release the kiss and look into his blue-green eyes before going back to his tender lips. He’s gentle as he holds you, not wanting anything more from you than this. He gets his hands under your shirt and traces up and down your spine, sending a shiver throughout your body. He kisses you softly at first, like it’s the first time he’s kissed you. As you progress, you can feel the passion and the love he has for you behind each kiss. His tongue swipes across your lips and you part them, giving him entrance into your mouth. You wrap your arms around his neck, brushing them up into his soft hair. After your little make out session, you pull away and you both have kiss swollen lips. You smile at him and he gives you that gorgeous smile that you’ve always loved. He lays on his back and you rest your head on his bare chest, legs entangled in his.

"What do you want for breakfast? I’ll make you anything you want.” He says with his hand rested on your waist, his sentence ending with a kiss on your forehead.

"Hmm, how about waffles?” Those were your favorite. And you loved the way Steve made them. “Don’t forget the strawberries on top. You know I love those.”

He laughs and slowly starts to get up. “How could I forget?” He sits on the edge of the bed, his hand resting on yours. “I love you F/N.”

He leans over and kisses you lovingly, dragging it out because he doesn’t want to leave your side. You cup his face as he kisses you, and when you both pull away, you look up into his eyes and smile. “And I love you.”

Without warning, he picks you up bridal style out of the bed and you yelp out of surprise. He laughs and places a kiss on his cheek. “How could you make me leave the warmth of your cozy bed? And where are you taking me?” You say in the middle of your fit of laughter that you’re having with your loving boyfriend.

“I never said that you didn’t have to accompany me. I wanna see your beautiful face and I don’t want to miss it for a second.” He has this look on his face that’s filled with so much love. When you first got together, every one of the avengers knew you two were meant for each other because Steve never looked at someone like this. Bucky was the first to say it to you. You were touched and gave him a big hug, knowing that your boyfriend’s best friend gave his approval. Still laughing, he carried you out the door and into the kitchen, setting you on the counter. His hips were in between your legs and he placed one last kiss before making a breakfast that was just a start to a wonderful day.

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A Sweet Deception (thoughts about 12.11)

*Mr. Burns hand wringing*

Yes, excellent.


Ok, so no one drank milk in this episode but it kind of wasn’t needed, intentions weren’t exactly subtle.

…Also, I knew it! Mwahahaha! Those damned, shot hogging waffles! I know what you’re trying to tell me, waffles. I understand you. What’s that, waffles? @mittensmorgul already shed light on your grand conspiracy? Why, yes. I know, that’s what she does and she does it very well. In fact, I’m sure many others have too. However, I’d still like to break this scene down myself because it’s interesting… well, part of it is. Part of it’s a tired tendency in tv that’s still common and makes me cringe.. *sigh* 

Ok, so after Dean wakes up next to a blatant Alice in Wonderland reference, he gets a guy to lend him his phone and asks Sam to meet him at a waffle house(House of deceptiooon!). There’s your exposition. 

Scene in the waffle house opens with a shot of sugared up waffle stack leaving the kitchen. Just based on this and our knowledge of waffles in the show, we can gather that this scene will involve deception. The waffles are placed as being part of Dean’s order, but he doesn’t touch them. The camera reminds us of the waffles again in the scene by lazily panning down and blurring out the foreground. Dean never touches these waffles. When the waitress from the night before approaches Dean, she slaps him when he doesn’t remember her. He then pays for the food and leaves the waffles on the counter untouched. The most he acknowledges them is offering them to Sam, who declines. Sam even thinks Dean is drunk, even though he’s not. Could count as another deception, but it’s less important here.

Sounds to me like maybe this girl was the waffles, unfortunately. I’m not really a fan of likening her to food but it’s kind of what’s being written… again, not uncommon. And that point is brought into harsher light when they meet her again in the burger place later on. She starts telling them about the night before and how she was busy. Dean had drank a few tequilas and flirted with her, then according to her, they “Let off some steam” Dean doesn’t remember. I agree with Mittens when she said the waitress was testing him. Her story just doesn’t add up on its own. The only part of what she says is true is that he drank some, got on the bull and flirted some, agreeing to meet her later.

Dean ordered a plate of sugary waffles, vaguely acknowledges them, but leaves them on the table without touching them and following through.

Dean agreed to something sweet from the waitress, flirted with her, but left without touching her and following through.

Easy Company Breakfast Headcanons

@gendryw4ters and I were chatting about breakfast and this just sort of happened… (we are very passionate about breakfast okay) **we included all the main guys plus some extra, but this is not a complete list**

  • Gene doesnt have time for breakfast but when he does, it’s usually just whatever they have at home, though there is always coffee (with sugar) 
  • Babe eats lucky charms straight from the box
  • Dick has tea and toast (with strawberry jam)
  • Nixon has black coffee (spiked) and also dick’s toast  
  • Harry likes to dip his cinnamon roll in his coffee 
  • Luz is a waffle man, the kind that come frozen because he’s lazy, and coffee with lots of cream and sugar 
  • Toye tries to be healthy most days with some sort of smoothie, but occasionally he treats himself with huge stacks of pancakes 
  • Lipton is the traditional eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast, along with black coffee and orange juice (with lots of pulp)
  • Speirs doesn’t usually eat breakfast unless Lip makes enough for both of them (and forces him to eat) 
  • Webster prefers fancy cappuccinos and avocado toast
  • Lieb likes plain black coffee and a biscuit shoved hastily into his pocket on the way to work 
  • Bull collects his own eggs, then fries them sunny side up, with bacon and oatmeal as sides 
  • Johnny is an omelet man, but simple, just give him that cheese and bell pepper omelet, and a glass of fresh apple juice
  • Buck does that nasty thing where he cracks raw eggs into a glass and drinks it
  • Guarnere makes himself a heaping plate of biscuits and sausage gravy, and downs it with a glass of cold milk 
  • Malarkey is one of those people that cuts up fruit and puts it in his cereal. he is also a big believer in pop tarts. 
  • Muck likes french toast, sprinkled with powdered sugar and drowning in maple syrup 
  • Penkala smothers a bagel it in either nutella or peanut butter depending on his mood 
  • Hoobler straight up just grabs a red bull and an energy bar on his way out the door
  • Smokey likes those huge Belgian waffles, dripping with butter and maple syrup, along with a couple sausage links on the side for good measure
  • Perconte shoves 3 donuts in his mouth along with 2 cups of espresso (then violently brushes his teeth) 
  • Grant likes his eggs over easy with a side of grits and an english muffin. he drinks his coffee black. 
  • Skinny isn’t a big breakfast person but he will never say no to cinnamon toast and coffee with Baileys Irish Cream 
  • Shifty eats pancakes topped with cinnamon apples, and a glass of chocolate milk 
  • Talbert likes french toast with nutella and fresh strawberries, and nesquik strawberry flavored milk 
  • More likes eggs benedict and black coffee (extra strong)
  • Popeye has a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant, and orange juice 
  • Alley is a scrambled eggs, sausage, and biscuit kind of guy, but occasionally he’ll start the day with a bloody mary 
  • Garcia likes yogurt with fresh fruit like mangos, bananas, or strawberries
  • Blithe does a bagel with cream cheese and blueberries on most mornings, along with hot chocolate 
  • Julian’s go to is a yogurt parfait, but occasionally he’ll go all out and make a chocolate and strawberry crêpe, complete with whipped cream
  • Janovec eats breakfast burritos by the truckload, it’s a problem 
  • Cobb (bitterly) eats his bran flakes (with raisins)
State of Westallen: United (Part One)

Here’s the thing with Westallen: it’s something that has been written in the stars from the beginning and I want my shipping family to bask in the glow of being officially canon in the way we all wanted. Because this entire episode was a love letter to Westallen and I can prove it. 

First of all, let’s talk about Grodd’s invasion. Aside from being part two of an arc that brings the most comic book-y of all comic book fights to the screen, it’s reminiscent of Grodd’s first encounter with the Flash. Don’t forget, Grodd was the first enemy that Barry and Iris faced together. Iris – even when she hadn’t quite forgiven him for lying to her – gave Barry the strength to overcome Grodd. It was the first explicit mention in canon that showed how Iris has been instrumental by inspiring greater power in Barry. 

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There a lot of great Westallen moments in the episode. That breakfast?! I hope Barry was planning on eating most of the pancakes and waffles because there is NO WAY Iris has that figure and eats an equal share of those waffles. Also, I noticed that juice in the background is next to a bowl of fresh oranges – you know that shit was fresh-squeezed. Barry is so extra, I swear to God. Also the moments of Iris supporting Barry to find another way because she is the heart of STAR Labs – she won’t compromise integrity even to save her own life. Also Friends Day = Valentine’s Day in a friends-to-lovers plotline? While telegraphing your Act 5 proposal? These writers think they’re so slick. 

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That’s not what I’m going to focus on. Instead, I want to draw two deliberate comparisons. This episode harkens back to 1x20 (The Trap) A LOT. In case you haven’t done a re-watch in a while, “The Trap” had the following. First, that was when Barry saw the byline “Iris West-Allen” for the first time. Now he gets the chance to make that a reality. It was the biggest piece of foreshadowing yet, and something we sorely needed at the time. 

The most significant part for our purposes is the way Barry’s proposal differs from Eddie’s; especially in the way it was revealed to us the audience. I think we were all a little disappointed that we didn’t get a scene prior to the proposal of Joe giving Barry the ring and his blessing for a proposal. I think we’ll get an emotional speech at the engagement party (fingers crossed for 3x15!), but the fact that we didn’t get one shows something significant about Barry. We saw Eddie ask Joe’s blessing, because he needed to ask it. The audience got to see the proposal first and foremost from Joe’s perspective: that it was wrong for Iris. In fact, all the significant men in Iris’ life know about the proposal before she does – even Barry! We know why Barry wouldn’t want it to happen, but giving us Joe’s perspective first colors even non-shipping people’s view of the proposal with this sense of distaste. 

This is reflecting even more so in the actual proposal scene. Let’s look at how Eddie’s proposal was staged.

Look at how dark that scene is! The light from STAR Labs is cold and artificial, almost entirely shrouding half of their faces. They’re on a bridge (not bad Eddie) but it’s made out of aluminum that doesn’t evoke any kind of hominess and warmth, and they’re completely exposed. This is in part to allow the Reverse Flash to kidnap Eddie, but there’s no feeling of invasion when that happens. There’s no sense of intimacy here. Not to mention that the atmosphere is completely broken by Joe’s call, so that Eddie (not unreasonably) cuts off Iris’ communication with her dad, and she has absolutely no idea he’s going to propose. She a crack journalist at this point - the fact that she had no idea Eddie was going to propose tells me she didn’t want him to propose. 

Compare that with Barry’s proposal scene. 

Obviously you still have a lot of shadows, but look how much softer and warmer all that light is - and we all know how much Berlanti/Kreisberg love their light imagery! This obviously isn’t shown in the image above, but the entire set is covered with warm candles, with rose petals strewn all around. Iris can smell her grandmother’s noodles on the counter. This is her home. Everything in this scene whispers, “this is how well I know you, this is where you feel safe, this is where I want our life together to begin.” It’s also important in the scene how Iris knows exactly what’s happening the moment she walks in the door. She still asks, is still cautious, but the gasp we hear when Barry kneels isn’t of surprise. It’s Iris trying to contain her tears at the intensity of her emotion. 

Link to Part Two

What Do YOU Want? Pt. 7

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 3,500+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 … Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 

(A/N: All right I lied. This one ended up being just as long as the last one, sorry!!! I’m so excited for where this is all going though and hope you guys will stick around to find out what happens! Enjoy!)

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“Jagi, come here, I want to show you something!” Jiyong’s voice called out to you from the bedroom as you sat up from your position on the couch. You set a stack of papers down on the coffee table and followed the sound of his voice with an exhale.

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One Cup of Coffee and an Eggo

A week. It’s been a whole week that Ives girl—er, wait, she likes to be called El—has been living in the grandiose trailer of Jim Hopper. Yet, he admits to himself that the silent presence of a slim frame draped in an old concert t-shirt of his and some baggy flannel pants perched at his kitchen table with the expression of a frightened deer still makes him flinch a little (what? He’s not used to company). He greets her with a short, “Hey, kid,” and shuffles around the kitchen with feigned purpose, as Eleven remains tense as ever and follows him with her eyes. Well, frightened deer doesn’t really cut it for this kid—she’s more like some sort of fox, unnerved and calculating at the same time, tense and ready to bolt at any moment. She’s still just a kid, though….which is exactly causing the problem weighing on Hopper’s sleep-hazy mind as he aimlessly opens door after cupboard door and pretends to rummage through the useless ingredients inside. How the hell is he supposed to feed this kid?! She’s not going to survive on three cups of black coffee, a swig of last night’s beer, and a donut, that’s for damn sure. Their first week entirely consisted of thawing out frozen pancakes that Karen Wheeler whipped up in advance and graciously sent over with her son, who seemed oddly eager to stick around and “make sure El was adjusting alright.” Even Joyce Byers stopped by the station after work to drop off a meatloaf she made, along with some side dishes to help him get back into the swing of things, as she said sweetly. Hopper sighs exasperatedly into the empty fridge. It seems like the entire town was doubting his ability to look after this kid, and yet, they were the ones that saddled him with her! He straightens up and runs a hand through his mussed hair. 

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First Kiss

Prompt: Crankiplier; Ethan’s bday+first kiss
Thanks @tardisandwings for the prompt!

“Wake up sleepy head!”

Ethan groaned in annoyance when he felt someone shake his shoulder.

“Five more minutes.” Ethan grumbled before rolling to his other side.

Ethan heard Mark chuckle.

“Why are you even in my room? Just let my alarm wake me up.” Ethan complained.

“Did you forget what day it is?”

Ethan could practically hear the amusement dripping from Mark’s words.

“Its fuckin Thursday. Let me sleeeeep.”

“Ok, well I guess we’re just gonna have to cancel all the birthday plans…..”

That got Ethan sitting up in a flash. Ethan stared at Mark straight in the eye for a minute, letting his mind catch up.


“Yep sure is.” Mark smiled before leaning in for a kiss.

Ethan quickly rolled off the bed and stood up. A light blush was now dusted across his cheeks.

“Is breakfast done?” Ethan asked, hoping to distract from what just happened.

“Tyler should be finishing it right now.”

“Then what are we waiting for?!” Ethan grabbed Mark’s hand and started pulling him.

Mark laughed as he let Ethan lead him to the kitchen.

“Are those waffles I smell?” Ethan asked excitedly.

“Why don’t you go see?”

Ethan let go of Mark’s hand and darted to the kitchen.

“Damn he sure loves waffles.” Mark chuckled.

“He loves anything that’s made for him.” Amy smiled.

“Especially when it has chocolate.” Kathryn joined in.

“What? Did Tyler get nut-free chocolate?”

“You bet he did.”

Then they heard a small sound of pain from the kitchen.
The three quickly made their way towards the noise.

“What happened? Is everyone ok??” Amy asked, concerned.

“Yeah, I just got a lil papercut. That’s all.” Ethan blushed.

“How on earth did you get a papercut?”

“He tried to steal my waffle recipe.” Tyler said.

“Why won’t you just tell me what the secret ingredient is already?!” Ethan pouted.

“Because then it won’t be much of a secret now, would it?”

“But I’m the birthday boyyyy.” Ethan whined.

Mark rolled his eyes.
“How is your finger, Ethan?”

“It kinda stings a little bit. It’ll be fine.” Ethan shrugged.

“You want me to kiss it better?”

Ethan giggled before holding out his hand to Mark.

Mark gently kissed the cut.

“Oh, it looks like you have a cut on your lip too. I gotta make that one better too.” Mark grinned.

“Nope!” Ethan laughed as he dodged Mark’s lips.

Mark just chuckled and ruffled Ethan’s blue hair.

“Not the hair! Not the hair!” Ethan batted Mark’s hand away.

“Why not? It’s already a mess.”

“No its not! Its beautiful!” Ethan said, doing a hairflip, making everyone laugh.

“Alright birthday boy, the waffles are almost done.” Tyler smiled.

Ethan squealed in delight. He ran to set the table, like he normally did for meal, when a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Nuh uh. You go sit at the head of the table. We got this.” Amy smiled.

Ethan giggled before grabbing his chair and dragging it toward the living room.

“Hey uh Ethan… whatcha doing there?” Kathryn asked with a giggle.

Ethan froze.
“Uh… going to the living room?” Ethan’s voice went an octave higher.

“What’s wrong with the table?”

“Nothing! Its just.. me and my dad would always watch a Harry Potter movie when we had a birthday breakfast.”

“I don’t see any problems with doing that.” Kathryn gave him a reassuring smile.
“But why exactly are we bringing in the dining chairs?”

“We have white couches, silly goose!”

The two started setting up the living room while Mark, Amy, and Tyler ran around the kitchen trying to keep everything from burning.

“BREAKFAST IS D- wait where the fuck did they go?” Tyler looked around.

“Quick! Kathryn, hide!” Ethan dove to the floor.


Kathryn had to cover Ethan’s mouth as to not give away their spot.

“On three.” Kathryn mouthed to Ethan.


“Two.” Ethan beamed.

“CHICA NO!“ Ethan fell back as Chica attacked him with kisses.

“Good girl Chica! You found them!” Mark laughed as he walked around the couch.

“Markkkk nooooo I wanted to jumpscare you!”

“Too bad!” Mark leaned down to kiss him but just then, Ethan buried his face in Chica’s fur.

“Are the waffles done?” Ethan asked, his voice muffled.

“Yeah, they are. Come on Eth.” Mark offered him a hand up.
“Breakfast is served!” Tyler beamed as he brought in a stack of waffles.

Ethan instinctively reached up for one before getting his hand smacked away.

“Didn’t I tell you to sit down?” Amy said lightly.

“Ughh fineee!” Ethan plopped down in the closest chair.

“And besides, you need a plate firstm” Kathryn giggled and handed him a plate of bacon.


“Ethan…. you just took the plate.” Mark tried not to laugh.

“Well, it has bacon.”

~time skip~

“Hey, it looks like some chocolate missed your mouth, bud.” Mark chuckled.

“Huh? Where?” Ethan started wiping his mouth.

“Wait!” Amy pulled out her phone.

Ethan gave her a cheesy smile while she took the picture.

“Ok now where’s the chocolate?” Ethan asked.

“On the left.” Tyler said.
“No the other left, your left.”

Ethan blushed a little.

“How do you keep missing it?!” Mark laughed.

“I don’t know! It doesn’t want to leave my face!”

“Here let me get it for you.”

Ethan shoved his napkin in Mark’s hand. Mark sighed as he wiped the chocolate off of Ethan’s mouth.

“Ethan, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, shoot.”

“Why won’t you let me kiss you?”

“I don’t know.” Ethan shrugged.

“You… don’t know?”

“Well all you’ve been doing to get to kiss me are cliche gimmicks.”

“So if I asked you if I could kiss you, you’d let me?”


“Ethan Darling-Nestor, may I kiss you?”

“Hmmmm no.”

“What?! But you just said-”

Ethan burst out laughing.

“Of course you can, Mark.” Ethan smiled.

Mark smiled as he brought a hand up to cup Ethan’s face. Ethan leaned into it slightly and looked at him expectantly.
Mark leaned in and gently kissed his lips.

“Huh.” Ethan sat back.

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked.

“I never expected kissing to be like that.”

“Wait, was that you’re first kiss?!” Mark stared at him with wide eyes.

“Uh yeah…” Ethan blushed.

“Aweee that’s so sweet!” Amy cooed.

“I’m so glad you let me do that.” Mark kissed his head.
“Is everyone done with their plates?”

After a chorus of “yeahs”, Mark gathered up everyone’s plates and headed to the kitchen.

“So how was it?” Tyler asked with an amused smile.

Ethan blushed and pushed Tyler away a little.

“Aw come on. How was you first kissss?”

“Oh leave him alone.” Kathryn hit Tyler’s shoulder playfully.

“It was- it was ok? I don’t really know what I was expecting. Definitely wasn’t worth all that hype.” Ethan responded.

“So does that mean I get to kiss you again?” Mark asked, walking back around the couch.

Ethan smiled before leaning up and pecking Mark’s lips.
The Other Boy

Summary: Jughead is now homeless thanks to his rotten day (this episode made me feel the feels guys) but Betty is here to save the day.

Notes: This is a terrible attempt at Fluff guys sorrySTORY:

It is raining, a big storm. The first storm since Jason Blossom’s death. It puts the whole town on edge, there is a murderer on the loose and sheriff Keller just got robbed.

A loud knock rings out through my empty house. My parents are out at the office. I’m used to it. Slowly closing my laptop I get up and slouch down stairs. The storm outside has gotten worse. I pull the door open slowly and only a little bit to see a tall boy soaked through to the bone, his beanie clinging to the dark hair plastered to his face. He has a large backpack hanging off one shoulder.

“Jughead?” I ask, surprise evident in my tone.

“Who else?” He smirks, shifting his bag on his shoulder. “As much as I’d like to continue this conversation outside in the rain, it’s kinda cold.”

“Oh yeah, of course.” I move aside and let him in.

He enters my house, dumping his bag on the floor and immediately going to my kitchen. I follow him into my kitchen and chuckle to find the boy already beginning to make waffles.

We used to do this all the time as kids, he’d come to keep me company when my parents were at work. He’d make us waffles and we’d watch movies until I fell asleep. But he hasn’t been round in a while hence why I was surprised to see him at my door.

“What are you laughing at?” He asks balancing a crazy amount of ingredients and utensils in his arms.

“Just you Jughead.” I smile but it quickly drops to a frown.

“Hey, what’s up?” The tall boy asks as he places the ingredients down on the counter noticing my frown.

“Nothing.” I try but all I get is a skeptical raised eyebrow. “I mean… It’s just I’ve… We haven’t done this in a while and I missed it- this. You. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” He whispers pulling me into a hug.

“So,” I say after the hug ends. “I heard they closed the Drive In. I’m sorry Juggie I know you were staying there. Hey if you need a place to stay…” I trail off at his sad expression.

“It’s okay. Um, my dad didn’t offer me a place to stay and I’m not on good terms with Archie, I was just gonna camp out in the park…” His voice is quiet and soft and it’s on the verge of sounding broken and vulnerable.

“Hey no. No way Jughead Jones the Third is living in the park. If my mother saw you she’d probably find a way to kick you out of school. You’ll stay here. No ifs buts or maybes.” I grin at him hoping this will cheer him up.

“If you’re sure…” He seems unsure because of my stuck up mother so I grab his hand and pull him out of my kitchen.

I pull him into the hall and grab his bag then pull him up the stairs. Pushing Jughead into my bedroom and onto my bed I catch him muttering:

“Wow, I’ve never been forcefully pushed on a bed before though I imagined it would be under different circumstances.”

I struggle to hide my laugh and try to busy myself by sorting through his bag. I begin to tidy his clothes away while he snuggles into my bed.

“Hey, Jug you’re still soaked buddy.” I laugh as he groans.

“Come on.” I pull him up. “You’ll catch a cold.” I am about to turn to leave when be pulls his shirt off.

I’ve seen the tall boy shirtless before but only when we were younger.

Man this boy’s clothes hide a lot. He is er… Well he’s very attractive. I feel myself turning very red. I quickly turn away.

“I’ll be downstairs if you need me Jug.” I call as I leave the room awkwardly.

He mutters something in reply that I don’t catch as I leave the room.

I hop down the stairs two are a time and head into the kitchen to continue making the waffles. Jughead joins me about five minutes later (once my blush had gone down, luckily) no longer wearing his jeans and denim jacket but instead wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. His signature beanie is still on his head.

“Sup, Jugs?” I grin.

“Sup, Betts?” He grins back as he grabs a plate of waffles.

“Y'know, your hair will dry a lot quicker without the hat.”

“What? If I take my hat off I risk you finding my bald spot.” He fake gasps.

“Ha. Ha.” I reply dryly.

I reach up while he is distracted eating waffles and pull his beanie off his head.

“Hey!” He cries and I run away with his hat.

For one sweet moment it was as if we were children again. I always used to steal his hat when we were little. I run upstairs with his hat and he’s hot on my tail. I dive into my room, but I trip on the way falling on my floor, landing on my butt. Jughead follows me into my room, he also trips but luckily I’m there to break his fall. He gracefully (not) lands on my stomach.

“Oof.” He’s quite heavy what with all the those waffles.

“Ouch.” He chuckles, he’s still on my stomach.

“Oh yeah like you can say ouch, you haven’t got a 6ft boy sat on your stomach Juggie.” I complain.

“Are you calling me fat?!” He asks sarcastically, wriggling around as if to prove his point.

“Jug!” I cry. “Stop! Juggie!” I laugh because he has started tickling my very ticklish stomach.

“I can’t hear you!” He laughs, his beanie lies forgotten beside us. All the awkwardness I was feeling earlier dissolves into the air.

I manage to push him off of me and he rolls onto the floor next to me. We are both lying on our backs very close to eachother laughing our heads off. We laugh for a good few minutes until the raven haired boy’s laughter stops. I stop laughing and turn my head to see him already staring at me.

“Thanks.” He’s says seriously.

“For what?” I ask.

“For distracting me from my shitty day Betts. For letting me stay here even though your mother will kill you if she finds out. For making me laugh.” He mumbles.

“Oh Juggie I’m sorry your day has been shitty.” He laughs when I swear. “And as for my mum she’s always at work right now- she’s barely home.” He looks slightly relieved by this. “And I’m always here to make you laugh Jugs.” I grin at the boy next to me.

He smiles at me and for a second I get caught up in how beautiful he looks-not hot or handsome but beautiful. I can feel myself leaning closer to him and I’m sure he is leaning in too. I quickly pull away before things get awkward and I end up ruining this friendship. He pulls away too and coughs awkwardly.

“Err boy am I tired.” I laugh nervously. “Bed?” I ask as we both stand up.

“Err… Yeah sure. Where should I sleep?” he asks scratching the back of his neck adorably.

“Oh, er, I don’t have a spare bed. And I can’t let you take the sofa incase my parents come back. So would you be alright sharing my bed?” I ask feeling nervous for some reason.

“I can just sleep on the floor. I don’t want to be an inconvenience and I’m used to sleeping on the floor.” He says and the way he says it so nonchalantly breaks my heart.

“Nope.” I reply. “I care about you Jughead and I’m not letting you sleep on the floor you’ll sleep in my bed with me, if I’m not too repulsive.” I add as a joke at the end.

“You’re not repulsive Betts, you’re sweet and kind and apparently too stubborn to let your friend sleep on the floor.” He jokes back.

“I am all of those things, now come on let’s go to bed.” I smile at him and he smiles back. Luckily I am already in pyjamas which spares us the awkwardness of getting changed.

I climb into bed an wait for Jughead to follow. He looms awkwardly for a second before joining me. We both lie there awkwardly for a few minutes until I start to drift off. I roll over before I fall asleep and I feel the taller boy shift away but I’m too sleepy to properly notice.


We wake up to my alarm. It’s a Saturday but mother checks on me every morning at eight so I like to be awake half an hour earlier. This just happens to work in our favour today because it means I can hide Jughead before my mother finds him.

When we wake up I find myself pressed against Jughead’s chest with his arms wrapped around me. It’s a shame we have to get up because I could happily spend all morning cuddling with Jughead. The alarm doesn’t appear to wake the tall boy. I lean up and try to escape his arms. I shake him awake gently until he groans and brings his arm up to rub at his eyes.

“Betty?” He asks, his voice gorgeously laced with sleep. I pull myself away from his warm body and stretch.

“Sorry to wake you Juggie but my mom will be in to check on me soon before she goes to work.” I explain.

“Okay.” He grumbles slowly sitting up and yawning. He slowly stands up and stretches.

“Where should I hide?” He asks, his voice still deep with sleep.

“Err my closet should be a good hiding place. I’m sorry you have to hide.” “Its okay.” He says. We hear footsteps coming towards my door.

“Quick!” I say pushing him into my closet just as my mom, Alice Cooper enters.

“Oh, you’re awake.” She says dryly.

“Yes I am.” She begins her daily routine of nosing around my room. Once she’s done looking around and she heads back to the door and I think I’m in the clear. She turns around and looks at me. Her eyes drift around my room until she catches something.

“Betty, what is that?” She spits out pointing at none other than Jughead’s jacket on my chair.

“Mom, you know it was raining last night- with the storm. And you know Jughead is my friend. He leant me his jacket so I wouldn’t get wet on the walk home.” I explain.

“Betty, you knows I don’t approve of you being friends with this boy. He’s dark and mysterious and gloomy. He’s going to ruin your entire image.” She complains.

“Mom! Jughead is the sweetest, kindest boy in this whole town and it doesn’t matter what he looks like! I’m sick of you telling me who I’m not allowed to have as my friends. I like Jughead so you’re just going to have to deal with him being my friend.” I snap at her.

“Well don’t come crying to me when he breaks you. And I don’t think you should trust anyone with a name like Jughead.” She mumbles loud enough for me to hear. “Oh and your father and I will be at work all day again.” She snaps and with that she leaves, slamming the door behind her.

I wait a few minutes until I hear the front door slam and her car start. I go to the closet and let Jughead out.

“Sorry you had to hide.” I say with a sheepish smile.

“It’s okay.” He smiles back. “So what’s the plan?” He asks.

“Well I’m still quite tired, wanna go back to bed for a bit?” I ask nervously biting my lip. “

Yeah, I approve of this plan.” He chuckles and we climb back in to bed.

This time instead of the awkwardness of lying awkwardly, we go straight to cuddling eachother. Jughead pulls me in close and wraps his arms around me.

“This isn’t weird is it?” He whispers. “I feel like people might think it’s weird.”

“I don’t think it’s weird so I won’t tell if you don’t.” I whisper back.

“Cool.” He replies. We quickly fall asleep in eachother’s arms.


We don’t wake up cuddling. We wake up a few hours later spooning, he’s the big spoon and he’s holding me protectively. I sit up slowly and accidentally wake up the taller boy up too.

“Morning.” He smiles.

“Morning!” I smile back.

He stretches and gets up before going to have a shower. I sit reading in my bed until he comes back. What I was not expecting was for him to come back in wearing nothing but a towel hanging low on his hips. I flush bright red and try to distract myself by reading but his treasure trail is too distracting.

“The bathroom’s all yours Betts.” He mutters. I stand up to go and use the bathroom but I make the mistake of trying to walk past him while looking down. I trip and just like a cliché I fall straight into his arms. Our faces are so close and without thinking I can feel myself leaning closer. He is leaning closer too.

“Betts.” He whispers staring into my eyes. “I think I’m going to kiss you.”

“Juggie.” I whisper back. “I think I want you to kiss me.”

He smiles and I lean in to kiss the smile off his lips. The kiss is slow and sweet. My hands tangle in Jughead’s black hair and his go to my waist. The kiss doesn’t last too long as we’re both a bit uncertain. We brake apart but remain in eachother’s arms.

“That was…” Jughead starts. “Betty.” He continues in a serious tone. “I thought you were still in love with Archie?”

“Well, to be honest Jugs, I think I just confused my feelings for Archie. You see I thought I was in love with him but another boy made me realise I love Archie but I’m not in love with him.” I explain.

“Oh.” He replies. “Wait, who’s the other boy?” He asks.

“Juggie, I’m stood in my pyjamas in your arms while you are wearing nothing but a towel. And we just kissed in my bedroom which I am letting you live in despite my crazy mother.” I explain to the clueless boy in front of me. “Who do you think the boy is?”

“It depends, is he devilishly handsome and the funniest guy you’ve ever met?” He asks jokingly.

“Yes and yes.” I seriously reply.

“Oh damn then he’s not me.” He chuckles sadly.

“Of course he’s you Juggie! Who else would I possibly fall for?”

“Tall, athletic boys.” He mumbles.

“I only have eyes for tall, dorky, sweet boys whose clothes actually hide a lot.” I chuckle.

“Oh.” He mutters.

“I like you Juggie. I think I’ve liked you for years it just took me a while to work out my feelings.”

“Oh.” He says again but then what I’m saying sinks in. “Oh, so uh, can I kiss you again?” He asks looking adorably nervous.

“Of course you can Jugs.” I smile and lean in to kiss him again.

As we kiss we forget about Jason Blossom’s murder. We forget that Jughead is technically homeless. We forget about Archie and Veronica and everyone else and all our worries and just think about what’s happening in the moment. We are happy together and right now that’s all that matters

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