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I feel down after the new episode, do you think it is still possible that dean will stop sleeping around with women and get together with cas? idk i feel like it will never end and since 11x23 we've seen dean repeat too much that cas is a brother/best friend and it's starting to make me nervous

Well, Dean is a single man, not in a committed relationship (even if WE can clearly see he’s obviously married to Cas), who is allowed to sleep with whoever he wants. Period. But there are some things in that whole scene in the Pickle Jack Shack. And I mean really… the whole place is a sexual innuendo.

Sorry for my “photo of the tv screen screencapping” but… that phallic pickle protruding from the bull riding sign? Ooookay.

(this is also for my two anons asking about what the significance of “Riding Larry” is, so heads up. All will be revealed!)

Also, isn’t it awesome that Sam picked agents Moon and Entwhistle– the two deceased members of The Who as their aliases. THE WHO? on the nose aliases there.

Dean had been “Springsteen, like the Boss” the night before when he’d been talking with her. After she agrees to tell them everything that happened, here’s what she says, with my commentary in parenthesis:

Elke: He ordered burgers to go. It was gonna be a minute. We were slammed. And you knocked back… four shots of tequila?

(already yet another implication that Dean had been drunk, when four shots of tequila for him is probably a warm up)

Elke: Put some (finger quotes) “sick jams” on the juke, and then you hit the bull.

Sam: he what?

Dean: I what?

Elke: Oh yeah, you had the hots for Larry as soon as you walked in here.

(immediately setting an entirely different tone for this conversation, by presenting Dean’s interest in Larry– the mechanical bull with a huge pickle for a phallus– as sexual. Larry is a man’s name, and Dean had “the hots” for him.)

Sam: (quite befuddled by this) He… Dean… you rode Larry?

Dean: (considers this for a minute) Was I good?

Elke: You were– amazing.

(Dean processes that– the fact that he apparently demonstrated skill at riding Larry, and then hums in acceptance of the fact. He smiles. Elke smiles, Sam rolls his eyes so hard he nearly pulls a muscle).

Elke: Anyway, We got to talking, and… you know…

(remember what she’d said earlier, that they were “slammed,” meaning overwhelmed by a rush of customers. Not exactly the sort of situation in which a waitress can “get to talking” with a customer just waiting around for his dinner order to be ready, you know? I already suspect that Elke realizes that Dean WAS roofied here, and didn’t exactly remember what he’d said or done with her… AND THIS I BELIEVE WAS HER TEST TO PROVE IT. She needed to confirm whether he did or didn’t remember what had happened. I’ll quote her here, and then explain afterward)

Elke: (in response to Dean’s complete straight-faced, emotionless waiting for her answer) We blew off some steam.

(Dean STILL has to stop and work out exactly what she means, and then when it registers, Dean only replies with a surprised little “Ah!” Not seeming to recall anything. Because he didn’t. And this doesn’t seem to bother Elke. Because she’s already been told that he was “roofied.” Because most folks would be upset that someone had no obvious response to the confirmation that they’d apparently had sex… It’s kinda insulting, you know? BUT ELKE WAS NOT INSULTED BY DEAN’S LACK OF ANY SORT OF RESPONSE TO THIS INFORMATION. Like the slap to his face earlier implied she would be.)

Sam: Did you see him talking with anyone else?

Elke: My bartender said she saw him run out of here like his pants caught on fire. We were supposed to meet up after close-up. But you never showed… 

(Dean looks lost again)

Elke: Poor thing, you were all roofed up! I didn’t… I am so sorry if I took advantage of you.

Dean: (smiling uncomfortably… because yeah… and patting her on the arm) It’s okay.

(Sam asks if they have security cameras and then the scene shifts to Sam and Dean sitting at a table watching security footage on a laptop)

Dean: First action in I don’t know how long, and it’s like it never even happened. Figures.

Sam: Ha. See now that’s comedy.


Yes, waffles.

Who doesn’t love waffles? May I direct you to the Waffle Masterpost, containing EVERY reference to waffles ever on this show (well, aside from this episode, but I’ll update it in a bit here…)

But what it boils down to is the fact that waffles in this show share some of the same symbolism with El Sol beer. And if it wasn’t clear enough, there was a huge glowing El Sol sign there for good measure.

But as soon as Dean spotted Elke when he and Sam walked into the bar, he identified her as, “the girl from the waffles.” SHE WAS AN ILLUSION, A DECEPTION. She was the girl from the waffles. Waffles being a “more innocent deception” than El Sol.

Because her story of what she and Dean did contradicts itself. Either they were “slammed” to the point that they were so busy that Dean had to wait so long for his food that he not only had multiple shots of tequila but ALSO had time to ride Larry, or she and Dean had time for a leisurely chat and even MORE time to take a break and go somewhere to “blow off some steam.”

Which was it, lady?

She only knew that Dean LEFT, in fact “ran out of here like his pants caught on fire,” because HER BARTENDER told her. Because Elke was “slammed” with customers. THIS IS WHY SHE SLAPPED HIM. Because Dean ran out before her shift ended, when they were supposed to meet up. He ditched her, and then “pretended” not to even recognize her, after having chatted her up and made plans for after her apparently very busy shift, and that’s why I think she was just fucking with him here.

I mean, either she was so busy that Dean had to wait for service, or she had enough time to have some sort of long talk and a quickie in the bathroom or the alley or wherever. WHICH WAS IT, ELKE?!

So in the conversation that revolved around the fact that Dean had been “roofied,” bookended by “the girl from the waffles” and Dean’s assertion that it was “like it never even happened,” well…

I have serious doubts that anything really DID happen.

I mean, I think he was planning on something happening. He was going to go back after her shift to meet up with her… possibly… but did he ever even get his burgers?! 

And without his memories, is it weird that it took THREE TRIES to find the place Dean had gone that night. That place was the third one they checked out, and Sam would’ve followed the same sort of Hunter Logic in trying to find the burger joint Dean went to, probably starting with the one closest to their motel and working his way out. So Dean bypassed two other perfectly good burger places to walk to THIS PLACE SPECIFICALLY. This place that advertised the mechanical bull riding.

This place where Elke confirmed that Dean “had the hots for Larry as soon as he walked in.”

Dean went out of his way to get a burger from THIS PLACE not because he didn’t think the other burger places were any good, but BECAUSE HE WANTED TO RIDE THE MECHANICAL BULL. My guess? He probably saw the sign on their way back to the motel, and he gave the excuse to Sam that he was going out for burgers while Sam did the research SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO SNEAK OUT AND RIDE LARRY.

I mean… ???? This is one of those things that Performing Dean would NEVER do, would NEVER ADMIT TO SAM that he would do. Which is why Sam was so ?????? that Dean actually RODE LARRY.

Because Dean hadn’t been “roofied” yet at that point. That was all Dean.

He wanted to do something silly and fun and homoerotic without being judged for it. This is the same Dean that unapologetically loves Finding Nemo. And waffles…

So he has a few shots of liquid courage and climbs on Larry. We see that scene at the end of the episode. He fully gets that memory back, and what appear to be snippets of Hexed Dean Moments… and yet he gets no memories back of his “blowing off some steam” with Elke.

Because it’s like it never even happened.

I think Elke was slowly realizing throughout her conversation that Sam and Dean weren’t lying about Dean not remembering anything from the night before. So she went from angry over having been stood up and Dean “pretending” he didn’t even remember her, to passive-aggressively answering their questions… to noticing Sam and Dean’s bizarre reactions to hearing that he gleefully rode Larry… and then I think threw in the bit about blowing off steam with him just to see his reaction.

He seemed genuinely incapable of either confirming or denying it, and took her word for it that they did something sexual. He wasn’t gross about it, he didn’t elaborate on her assertion, nor did he immediately deny it either. He just accepted her word and moved on.

Notice immediately after that point she distances herself from Dean with her words… not “he ran out” or “I saw him run out, but “my bartender said she saw him run out.” BECAUSE ELKE HERSELF WAS “SLAMMED.” She was busy DOING HER JOB. She didn’t even SEE him run out without his food.

And really, how the hell long was he there, if he had multiple shots while waiting for the burgers, picked songs on the jukebox, rode Larry, made plans for after work with Elke (that he may or may not have intended to follow up on) while sitting at the bar while SHE WAS BUSY WORKING. Long enough after all that for her to not even notice him suddenly run out? BEFORE HE EVEN GOT HIS BURGERS?!

Like, how the hell long does it take to flip a couple of burgers? 15? 20 minutes tops? Even if they’re slammed?

And he still managed to do ALL THAT ^^ WHILE WAITING?

And then as Dean and Sam ran out the back door, we can see a GIANT glowing El Sol sign just inside the bar.

EVERYTHING that happened in there, aside from Dean riding Larry, was an illusion that started with the girl from the waffles and ended with him escaping out the back door past an El Sol sign.

The ONLY thing we actually SEE that was TRUE was that Dean rode Larry.

(aside to note that Dean confirmed himself that he hasn’t had any “action” in so long he can’t even remember when it happened…)

And for my Larry anons, I have no idea if “Riding Larry” is an idiom, but “riding” is a sexual innuendo. And the implication that Dean rode Larry… well… I mean just watch him and tell me what you think is going on there… Dean… riding a dude called Larry… it’s not complex math here.

(and heck here’s another reference… that time Dean WAS roofied in 9.13… SWEET POTATOES. Salted caramel. Best of both worlds. Salty and sweet. and that reminds me of the other “sweet” references lately in relation to angels… and we’re down the rabbit hole again)

A Sweet Deception (thoughts about 12.11)

*Mr. Burns hand wringing*

Yes, excellent.


Ok, so no one drank milk in this episode but it kind of wasn’t needed, intentions weren’t exactly subtle.

…Also, I knew it! Mwahahaha! Those damned, shot hogging waffles! I know what you’re trying to tell me, waffles. I understand you. What’s that, waffles? @mittensmorgul already shed light on your grand conspiracy? Why, yes. I know, that’s what she does and she does it very well. In fact, I’m sure many others have too. However, I’d still like to break this scene down myself because it’s interesting… well, part of it is. Part of it’s a tired tendency in tv that’s still common and makes me cringe.. *sigh* 

Ok, so after Dean wakes up next to a blatant Alice in Wonderland reference, he gets a guy to lend him his phone and asks Sam to meet him at a waffle house(House of deceptiooon!). There’s your exposition. 

Scene in the waffle house opens with a shot of sugared up waffle stack leaving the kitchen. Just based on this and our knowledge of waffles in the show, we can gather that this scene will involve deception. The waffles are placed as being part of Dean’s order, but he doesn’t touch them. The camera reminds us of the waffles again in the scene by lazily panning down and blurring out the foreground. Dean never touches these waffles. When the waitress from the night before approaches Dean, she slaps him when he doesn’t remember her. He then pays for the food and leaves the waffles on the counter untouched. The most he acknowledges them is offering them to Sam, who declines. Sam even thinks Dean is drunk, even though he’s not. Could count as another deception, but it’s less important here.

Sounds to me like maybe this girl was the waffles, unfortunately. I’m not really a fan of likening her to food but it’s kind of what’s being written… again, not uncommon. And that point is brought into harsher light when they meet her again in the burger place later on. She starts telling them about the night before and how she was busy. Dean had drank a few tequilas and flirted with her, then according to her, they “Let off some steam” Dean doesn’t remember. I agree with Mittens when she said the waitress was testing him. Her story just doesn’t add up on its own. The only part of what she says is true is that he drank some, got on the bull and flirted some, agreeing to meet her later.

Dean ordered a plate of sugary waffles, vaguely acknowledges them, but leaves them on the table without touching them and following through.

Dean agreed to something sweet from the waitress, flirted with her, but left without touching her and following through.


Calisto: Daddy ?

Calisto: I’m sorry for not coming home in time. I have gone to the park with Dominic and i forget about time,it wont happen again i promise! Just please don’t cry :(

Brant: Oh sweetie it doesn’t have anything with you,and i’m really sorry that you have see me like this,i’m fine really i just had strange urge to cry that’s all…

Calisto: You promise that you are okay?

Brant I promise :) Come on let’s reheat those waffles for you so you can eat them,oh and one more thing if you want to go to the park after school next time give me a call alright ?

Calisto : Alright daddy.Can i eat now i’m starving…

Brant: *Chuckles* Sure….

When Hopper looks at her, he sees his Sarah. Her endless curiosity and vigor to learn. Her gentleness and love for every being. Her shyness and quiet voice. Her eternal courage and resilience in the very face of death and destruction and evil. But this girl with sad eyes and buzzed hair and unfathomable power is not his Sarah. Sarah taught him all the things she learned in school about planets and galaxies and far off stars; Eleven herself must be taught the principles and words and ideas that govern her new world. Sarah smiled and giggled easily; Eleven’s eyes are mostly fearful and stoic. Raising Sarah had been a joint effort between him and his wife; raising Eleven begins the uncharted territory of single parenting. But she doesn’t have to be his Sarah. She’s his El.  His El who lights up his entire world when she graces him with a small smile and insists on those toaster waffles for breakfast every morning and scolds him for cursing. His El who lets her guard down when she needs a comforting embrace after a nightmare and playfully moves things out of his reach with her powers and encourages him to tell Joyce Byers how he really feels. His El who excitedly rides in the passenger seat of the police cruiser and spins around in his office chair and becomes the darling of the police station when he brings her into work. His El who he goes out to a diner with in the middle of the night when the grocery store is out of Eggos and both of them need a midnight snack and who looks up to him with all the love in the world. His El who he loves to the ends of the earth 

So last week I was at a cafe that specialized on food and drinks with chocolate (and different kinds of it white, milk, dark). So I decided to have some waffles, and this is what they looked like:

Whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce. Very unhealthy, you know. The waffles had some bits of apples though. So I imagined that if Sportacus and Robbie went to a cafe like that, Sportacus would look at those waffles with terror in his eyes, and Robbie would point at the apple bits and say: “Look, it has apples! It’s not all that bad!”.

The healthiest thing in that cafe were fruit pieces that you had to dip in different kinds of melted chocollate, ha.

Sticky Chicken and Waffles from Fantasy Fare Food Truck located in Downtown Disney.

  • *Tuffnut sitting in front of a plate of twelve waffles*
  • Hiccup: That's a lot of waffles.
  • Snotlout (looks in freezer): You ate all the waffles?!
  • Tuffnut: Yes. I did.
  • Snotlout: You could have asked us if we wanted any.
  • Tuffnut: Nuh-uh, if I gave you all th waffles then I won't get any!
  • Hiccup: Snotlout, would you like a waffle?
  • Tuffnut: There is no more waffles! I have them all!
  • Hiccup: I know it's an example.
  • Snotlout: Why yes, Hiccup, I think I would like TWO waffles.
  • Tuffnut: You can't have- you want two of them?!?
  • Hiccup: So if Snotlout gets two waffles, and I get two waffles, that still leave eight waffles for you.
  • Tuffnut: I don't want eight waffles I want twelve- I want twelve of them!
  • Hiccup: If you can seriously eat all those waffles I will personally drive you to the store to buy some more.
  • Tuffnut: I just... I just don't know why you guys get all the waffles.
  • Snotlout: You still have more waffles than Hiccup and me combined.
  • Tuffnut: They're mine!! I got them from the freezer and I put 'em on my plate!
  • *silence*
  • Tuffnut: You guys are being selfish.

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How about Tulip?

Tulip: What’s your favorite breakfast food?

“Sometimes Virg makes waffles.” Scott sighs happily at the thought of those waffles. “They’re the best waffles you ever tasted. They’re made with love and you know any day that begins with the smell of hot waffles is gonna be a good day.”

“Waffles with chocolate and sprinkles is a breakfast fit for a king.”

Some of my favorite video memes when I was a kid:

  • The Lazer Collection
  • Sparta remixes
  • “No, this is Patrick”
  • They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard, also PO-TA-TOES BOIL ‘EM MASH EM STICK ‘EM IN A STEW
  • Caramelldansen
  • Paffendorf (and Lucky Star in general tbh)
  • Marisa Stole the Precious Thing
  • Cirno’s Perfect Math Class/Kero Destiny/Kasane Territory/that general family of songs
  • Night of Nights (did that even count as a meme? Who knows)
  • Nyan Cat (I can’t believe how old that is now…)
  • Ievan Polka
  • Po Pi Po
  • Fukkireta (again, can’t believe it’s old now)
  • I’ll take a potato chip… AND EAT IT/MATSUDA, BAKAYAROU!!!!
  • All those old MMD memes, you know, the Portal ones and Tik Tok and whatnot
  • All those like, “Invader Zim funny clips compliation” videos
waffles and comfort (d.o. kyungsoo x reader)


“I bet you can’t handle more than 3 beers, if you do, I’ll strip and dance for Exo to see.”


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)                               

It was after 11 beers that you realized that you should’ve stopped 6 beers back and that Jongdae now owed Exo a strip dance, also, you weren’t over your asshole of a cheating boyfriend. Ahem, ex-boyfriend Jeonghan. Exo was the name of a group of guys who were Jongdae’s best friends. You knew them because they all got added to a texting group which Jongdae came up with when he was drunk off his ass. You got added into it because of plastered Jongdae who cannot use his phone for shit and ended up staying in the group anyway. All this happened last week. There were 12 guys, out of which you only knew Jongdae and four others. Jongin who was in your class, the hot as fuck dancer who did your homework with you, treating you to coffee whenever you both were together and inviting you for his dance practices which were just as sexy as him. Chanyeol, and Baekhyun, two cute and adorable assholes whom you met just today, more like half an hour ago, who started their relationship with a rather spontaneous hookup and ended up falling head over heels for each other, height difference and all. They were like puppies in love. Except that they had probably made out in every nook and cranny of this club by now.

“Okay, you are seriously drunk; I’m kinda regretting betting on you like this, me losing aside,” Jongdae spoke, eyeing you amusingly, feline smile and all.

“Wh-what are you saying? I’m fabulous as fuck and you fucking know it, my lil dino chennie babby.”

“Okay, you are coming home with me, we’re leaving right now.”

“But, the strip danceeee that you promisedddd Exo!!”

“On Monday, you have my word. I’m going to let Chanyeol and Baekhyun know that we’re leaving.”

“Call themmm, they’re probably making out in some corner anywayyy~” you were on the verge of falling off the chair.

“I’d love to, but Chan and Baek don’t bring their phones while they’re out clubbing.”

“Their kissing is so powerful that it can knock their phones out of their pockets?!” you started laughing uncontrollably.

“Your drunk jokes are fucking terrible. Now wait here until I come back, absolutely no moving.”

“Okayyy, my lil dino chennie babby!”

He set off, hands in his soft red hoodie, and you secretly flipped him a finger. You could take yourself home on your own alright. 

As you tottered out of the club, you didn’t really understand what made you, a student who followed every rule in your college rule book (yes, your college unfortunately still made these.) come out for a drink even though this isn’t the first boyfriend you’ve been dumped by. It wasn’t really your fault. The first one was downright nasty, and you weren’t willing to go through the details right now. Jeonghan on the other hand was everything that you wanted and looked for in a guy. Maybe that’s why he decided to take advantage of your good girl exterior and cheat on you with that girl from your class, Victoria. You had to admit that Victoria was really hot, probably even hotter than you, but he could’ve atleast broke it off with you first before sticking his dick into someone else.This was also why you thought he deserved the kick in the balls that the entire college was an audience to. You were surprised that you were able to recall today’s events in such clarity despite being drunk off your ass.

Jongdae always chose the right clubs to get drunk at, just a few blocks down your trusty and comfortable apartment. The block where you stayed at had so many apartments that looked similar in and out, and the day you moved in, you were glad nobody would ever find out where you lived in case they ever planned on hunting you down(read: Victoria,after she finds out that Jeonghan is now infertile.)

But this didn’t stop Jeonghan as he was caught with his dick in another girl in your living room. As you tripped multiple times on your own feet and even ended up hitting a pole halfway through, you, a hero, finally made it to your apartment. You crawled up your stairs on all fours (literally) finally stopping infront of your door, you didn’t need to bring out any keys as you left the door open because you’d left your apartment the second you returned home, your trusty sidekick “dino chen” picking you up for a day out to forget everything.

As you entered your apartment, you collapsed near the doorway, supporting yourself on the walls and plucked your shoes off, closing your eyes and stretching your back for a second. When you opened your eyes, one of your shoes was gone.

“I’m too drunk aren’t I? What have I done to deserve this?”




That’s when you noticed the fluffy white thing near the door which led to the living room. It was a tiny Maltese puppy, with your shoe in its mouth. Drunk or not, you were sure you would remember if you had a dog. You most certainly did not fucking own a dog, moreover a cute one. When did this ball of fluff get into your apartment?

“What is a dog doing in my apartment?” Atleast your speech wasn’t dragging anymore.

“What are you doing in my apartment?” someone spoke.


Someone responded with laughter and you fell in love with whoever it was right away.

“You’re the one from the texting group? (y/n), right?”

Ah, their voice sounded like honey flowing on a wooden surface.

“How do you know?” you held up an invisible knife.

You adjusted your sight and tried to make out who was in front of you. You’d never been so grateful for having sight before.

Before you stood a guy whose parents did a favor to the world. Hair that you would love having your hands in all day, facial features that beat Jongin’s (by a mile because Jongin was secretly an asshole and you would realize this when he asked you to pay back the money he spent on your coffee.)

“I’m a part of Exo…uh, I’m Kyungsoo. You must’ve seen me on the group member list.”

“You’re the one without a profile picture and you don’t text except that one time you gave out your secret recipe for perfect pancakes. This is such a weird coincidence; your dog is really fucking adorable by the way.”

“And you’re the one who has a profile picture of you kissing a baby bear, you also keep sending pictures of goats doing day to day activities. Very interesting, in my opinion,” you nodded enthusiastically, strands of hair moving along. He grinned at you, his pearly whites shining and making you doubt the existence of god.

“Wow, your parents did a good job by not using protection. They have my respect throughout this lifetime. You’re fine as hell,” you muttered, the alcohol talking. This was followed by another laugh, gosh; you could make this man laugh all day.

“You do realize that I need to call the cops don’t you? You just broke into my house.”

His statement was filled with evident amusement as he now stood towering above you, smooth arms crossed, he was donned in sweatpants and a loose black shirt.

“Please, I would go to jail for you, you fineeeee man.”

“I really wouldn’t want to send you to jail, unless you were Baekhyun, I think you’d know Baekhyun by now,” he said, chuckling a bit before disappearing into a room and you could hear the clinking of glasses two rooms away. He didn’t appear until five minutes later, holding a bottle of mineral water out. You wondered what took him so long until you smelled something sweet.

“Are you making waffles?!” you shouted, grabbing the water bottle from him in your excitement and grinning at him in thanks. He smiled at you, holding out a hand for you hold and get up.

“Yeah, now up you come,” you smiled and shook your head, getting up on your own.

“You’re really stubborn and independent, aren’t you?”

“I’m quite bored of hearing that from people.”

“How stubborn are you though?”

“Wrote and rewrote my college application 9 times because they kept rejecting it.”

“Admirable. Follow me,” he chuckled.

“Dude, we both have the same looking house, that’s the main fucking reason why I’m here, you aren’t giving me a tour of Disneyland. Jongdae already did that while he was high on those powdered sugar donuts.”

He laughed, walking off without saying anything more.

“You should’ve seen him; he was fucking gone after eating like 13 of them, even asked Minnie what brand of tampons she uses.” Kyungsoo had to support himself on the wall for a few minutes before he moved to the counter to get his waffles on a plate.

You didn’t wait for him to ask you sit down as you went to wash your hands. There was an unspoken agreement that he would let you stay over for a while before you were atleast sober enough to get back home and you couldn’t have been any more grateful for such an amazing opportunity to personally meet an angel. Kyungsoo was probably an actual angel, he could even make waffles. He even had a cleaner apartment than yours, the handwash soap he used smelled like those lush rose bathbombs that Jongdae once forced you to take a bath in because he wanted you to sample it for him. Jongdae had strong principles when it came to personal hygiene because Junmyeon, another member of exo, had a thing for roses and Jongdae was just one week away from confessing to him. Junmyeon didn’t need a heads up for what was hitting him. Honestly, Jongdae was the only one who thought Junmyeon, also known as Suho (look at as: $uho) didn’t like him back. Suho bought Exo (you didn’t know some of them, but you knew this because, suho, that’s why.) several gifts throughout the years. He even got you what he called, exquisite coconut lip balm which that absolute peanut (read: Jongdae) stole from you.

As you got back from the lavatory, you were just in time to see Kyungsoo bend over to retrieve some plates.

“Did I tell you that you have a great behind?”

“You did now,” he put a hand up to his cute heart shaped lips, which you could now see a bit clearly because you were sobering up more quickly (courtesy of his voice.)

“Fuck me up with your waffles. Not kidding.”

“Jongin told me he would kidnap me and drop me on an isolated island if I told him I would stop making these for him.”

“Wow. Not surprised, Jongin can work out calculus like there’s no tomorrow and threaten to abandon you, an angel with a halo on his soft head, but he cannot ask out his crush.”

“Who is?” Kyungsoo asked, smiling. It was warm albeit a bit creepy.

“Sorry, I may be drunk, but I have promised to uphold the bro code which is: thou shalt not say the name of thy friend’s crush to anyone.”

“You’re too cute for your own good. Eat up,” he grinned, sliding a plate infront of you.

“Nah, if I was, Jeonghan wouldn’t have cheated on me with Victoria,” you couldn’t shut up.

Awkward silence took over the table like a cloud drifting over a mountain but that didn’t deter Kyungsoo as he coughed, smiled, and silently motioned to your plate. You shook your head, pushing the plate towards him, tears pricking your eyes. Kyungsoo observed you for a second and got up, walking out of the room.

You buried your face in your hands, ashamed of yourself for having fallen for someone so shitty and being played with. You let yourself cry loudly; ignoring the fact that you would be losing Kyungsoo’s admiration real soon.

But when Kyungsoo returned with a blanket and draped it over shoulders, you were sure that he was nothing but an angel. A waffle making, soft haired angel.

“Kyungsoo-yaaah!” you wailed, reaching up to hug him. He returned the hug, not revolted by your sudden action, rubbing your back softly.

“Jeonghan is an asshole; he didn’t deserve someone like you. The only thing he deserved was that kick on his nuts.”

You laughed, your throat choking up at his words and continued shaking like a 5 year old. He never stopped rubbing your back, slowly moving to your hair and you melted in his arms, forgetting about Jeonghan and everything worrisome in your life (including asshole Jongdae.)

“Tomorrow, you’re going to come over here and delete all the pictures you have of him, and we’ll make a cutout of him in cardboard and doodle on it, cut it up, and even burn it if you want it. I do that for the people I need to eliminate.”

“Whoa Satan-soo, that’s dark as hell,” you paused to swallow, “I LOVE IT.LET’S DO IT,” he smiled down at you, patting your head one last time and telling you that he’d fix up another plate of waffles, this time with more chocolate than before.

After you’d calmed down enough, and you had finished atleast 5 waffles, you sat back in the chair, his puppy curled up on your lap, you were stroking its soft fur (almost as soft as what Soo’s hair looked like).Finally, you asked Kyungsoo something that had been on your mind since his suggestion.

“Please don’t tell me that you’ve done this carboard cutout thing for Byun Baekhyun.”

“…Oh I have.”

au prompt : “i went to the bar last night because i just got dumped and wanted to drink away my pain but then one thing led to another and somehow i broke  into your house thinking it was mine and now i can’t find my left shoe but are those waffles i smell?”