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Cat AU

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anyway, the idea is that the sides are actually cats that Thomas adopts one-by-one. Logan was his first cat that he got from a shelter willingly. He chose this one because he was very calm and quiet, a welcomed force in Thomas’s life. Roman came next, but instead of Thomas choosing to take him home from a shelter, Roman was dumped near his house in a cardboard box in the rain (mostly likely dumped because of his annoying meow) and he just couldn’t say no.

Patton was next, and Thomas got him from a friend (probably Joan or Talyn) whose own cat accidentally got pregnant the week before they were going to take her to get spayed. Thomas ended up taking home the sweet one that slow-blinked at him (and immediately realized that, yes, while sweet and cute, Patton was a very energetic kitten at the time with no chill.

Virgil was last, and was completely an accident. One day Patton came running in the house with a teeny, tiny kitten no more than 5 weeks old hanging from his mouth and Patton put this sick little kitten at Thomas’s feet, pretty much begging him to take care of the little black cat. He’d apparently been hit by something (most likely on purpose, since he was a black cat). After helping nurse him back to health, Thomas ended up falling in love with those sweet eyes and that ever-so-quiet purr that Virgil had.

Now for some kitty-personality info…going under a cut…

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When the shy/laid-back/always happy character suddenly turns furious and wrecks everything in their path

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Thank You💗

I wanted to thank you all for being so kind and supportive towards Fatima, she does know what goes on, she sends me things to post or answer, this is the only thing she doesn’t know I am posting😂 weirdly sometimes like really rare she will log in and sends asks and stuff to you guys because she loves you all so much!!! I do too ❤️ and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those sweet asks and reply’s asking for Fatima and asking me how I am, thank you for not being weirded out by me reblogging stuff on here 😂 instead of my blog.

We love you all so freaking much💓