are those handcuffs

Voltron Season 4 positivity post

I know that season 4 wasn’t the best and focused more on developing the plot than the characters, but I’ve decided to stay positive, so here’s a list of all the best parts of season 4 :)

-Keith in the Blade of Marmora outfit 👌
-And Keith’s new perspective on the war, seeing it as a soldier rather than a war hero. We’ll see if that’s a good or bad thing later on, but I just thought I’d note it
-Team Voltron group hug >o<
-Black Paladin Shiro once again (and the writers not touching on the whole clone issue WHATSOEVER)
-Holt sibling flashbacks (Pidge got her nickname from her bro T-T)
-The Holt reunion scene ToT
-Anime, meme boi Matt
-Lance looking like he’s about to murder someone when Matt starts flirting with Allura
-Pidge showing Matt around the castle and Matt being a supportive older brother and being proud of his sister T0T
-Matt, Pidge, and Hunk being the best genius trio in the galaxy, nerds unite 👊

-The cow scene tho
-Lance has a future career in acting, I KNOW IT
-Allura having to play Keith in all the skits, and not being happy about it at all
-Shiro have literally no flippin’ clue how to act, but doing it anyway
-Coran falling victim to a drug dealer scheme (don’t do drugs kids)
-Lance’s dancing 👌
-The ice skating skit
-“Help me, Bi Bo Pi, you’re my only hope!”
-Hunk flippin’ elbow jamming that Galra officer in the face 👌👌👌
-Lotor flippin BREAKING his WRISTS to get out of those handcuffs, cuz I TOTALLY needed to see that
-All the rebel officers helping in the final two episodes 👊
-And while we’re on the topic, the fact that those two rebels who betrayed Voltron earlier got redeemed
-Keith and Matt interactions during the final episode (can they be bros please????)
-Lance encouraging Allura and basically being the reason they survived the fight but giving her all the credit for it
-Keith NOT sacrificing himself in the last episode

  • Wynonna: *Stumbles into police station drunk off her ass*
  • Nicole: "Wynonna, I told you, if you keep coming in here drunk, I'm gonna arrest you for public intoxication."
  • Wynonna: "You can't arrest me" *Hiccup* "Waverly's my sister. You're banging Waverly. Therefore, I'm untoushable"
  • Nicole: *Looks over to Waverly*
  • Waverly: *Shrugs*
  • Nicole: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."
  • Wynonna: "Haught-damn! Did you really have to handcuff me?"
  • Waverly: "They're not so bad. She handcuffed me last night."
  • Nicole: ...
  • Wynonna: "What?"
  • Waverly: "What?"
  • Wynonna: "Okay, Ewww! Get these sex cuffs off me!"

Antis are gonna hate Killian Jones no matter what the writers do on the show. The writers aren’t giving them more ammo to hate. They (antis) make their own reasons. The writers are telling the story of Killian Jones they want to tell, regardless of what his haters are gonna say about him. To this point, Killian has proven he is a far better man than any of his detractors claim he is. That won’t change, nor should it just because some people who already DON’T like him are gonna not like him some more.

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Prompt : malec casually shows PDA in the middle of the institute. 5 times they show PDA and nobody says a thing + 1 time that someone (FINALLY) did

Hi anon!
Thank you so much for thinking of me for a prompt and for this prompt specifically because I’m a sucker for loved up, cute Malec! Here you go, I hope you like it!
Also, shout out to @llycea who picked the “fluff” option!

Jace is pissed.

It’s late and there’s a werewolf who’s terrorising half of New York and it’s late and Luke isn’t answering his phone and it’s late and he doesn’t want to deal with the bureaucracy of the whole thing and go handle a feral werewolf on his own. And it’s late. And Clary is asleep in their room, and he’d very much like to go back to that as soon as possible.

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just wake up jimin kookie! I’m sure nothing will go wrong :3c

Jimin: I’m half-awake and sweeties.. don’t help him

Jimin: Let that kinky lil’ shit suffer

Jungkook: HYUNG! NO! You can’t say anything you’re the one that owns these!

Jimin: Good point but you shouldn’t be going through my drawer anyway and you almost killed us with fire so I aint helping you


Broken Up

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Request (summarized): Can i request one, where dean and the reader used to date but Dean turned into a demon and Sam asks for the reader’s help? They find out about a strip club that he visits regularly and reader pretends to be a stripper that doesn’t know Dean. He asks for a private show and urges her to admit that she’s the reader who denies it, but tells him a story of how she used to date this one guy, but they broke up and she is dating his brother now to make Dean jealous, ending up in smut?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: This one…oh boy…

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"Truth or Dare?" "Dare."

The ever cliché drinking-game-turned-threesome scenario.
Pairings: Tyler Joseph x Fem!Reader, Brendon Urie x Fem!Reader, Brendon Urie x Fem!Reader x Tyler Joseph, and heck even small bits of Tyler x Brendon are thrown in here
Warnings: alcohol consumption, choking, daddy kink, wow lots of dirty talk in here, subtle tones of sub!tyler, slight over stim./edging, double penetration
Word Count: 5.2k

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Do you have any fic recs (if you read them) for McHanzo (mostly) or other OW ships? I'm going on a long car journey and am in need of reading material :3

Sure thing!
Here’s some of my fave McHanzo fic - some are oneshot, others are multi chapter. Many are NSFW but totally safe for a long car ride:
-Searching for game…
Au where Genji is one of OW game developers and he REALLY wants Jesse to try the new game. A broody neighbor is involved too. Funny and very sweet:

-King’s Row Calling
Hanzo is in a punk band, McCree is a bartender. Riots in the streets and unexpected UST. Still in progress but totally worth the

-Hana Song’s guide on how to not be weird
Early days of Hanzo in Overwatch. He is kinda weird, Hana provides moral support, McCree not so much

-Star of the show
VERY NAUGHY one shot pwp. I love it to bits. Of the same author go for The sun was soft too, it’s very sweet and hot at the same time

-Those handcuffs
Usually I’m not that into soulmates!AU but this one is special.

-Target panic
Probably my favourite McHanzo ever. Jesse tells Hanzo he loves him. Hanzo doesn’t get it. It’s utterly adorable and heartbreaking with the happiest of endings

-Siren’s gold
MerHanzo and pirate!McCree. It’s my favourite take on the trope (but Samatura is insanely good in general, check the other stories too)

-Of the pickle persuasion
Street food!AU. Again, usually not my cup of tea, but I read it several times bc it cracks me up.

-ok this is not McHanzo, it’s a Reaper76 but it’s so good it had me in tears multiple times.
Soldier’s lullaby, a journey through Jack and Gabe’s relationship until the bitter(sweet) end.

There are so many more! Hope you’ll enjoy your read, and if anyone out there has some fics to suggest I’m all ears!