are those handcuffs

Antis are gonna hate Killian Jones no matter what the writers do on the show. The writers aren’t giving them more ammo to hate. They (antis) make their own reasons. The writers are telling the story of Killian Jones they want to tell, regardless of what his haters are gonna say about him. To this point, Killian has proven he is a far better man than any of his detractors claim he is. That won’t change, nor should it just because some people who already DON’T like him are gonna not like him some more.

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Prompt : malec casually shows PDA in the middle of the institute. 5 times they show PDA and nobody says a thing + 1 time that someone (FINALLY) did

Hi anon!
Thank you so much for thinking of me for a prompt and for this prompt specifically because I’m a sucker for loved up, cute Malec! Here you go, I hope you like it!
Also, shout out to @llycea who picked the “fluff” option!

Jace is pissed.

It’s late and there’s a werewolf who’s terrorising half of New York and it’s late and Luke isn’t answering his phone and it’s late and he doesn’t want to deal with the bureaucracy of the whole thing and go handle a feral werewolf on his own. And it’s late. And Clary is asleep in their room, and he’d very much like to go back to that as soon as possible.

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Broken Up

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Request (summarized): Can i request one, where dean and the reader used to date but Dean turned into a demon and Sam asks for the reader’s help? They find out about a strip club that he visits regularly and reader pretends to be a stripper that doesn’t know Dean. He asks for a private show and urges her to admit that she’s the reader who denies it, but tells him a story of how she used to date this one guy, but they broke up and she is dating his brother now to make Dean jealous, ending up in smut?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: This one…oh boy…

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Do you have any fic recs (if you read them) for McHanzo (mostly) or other OW ships? I'm going on a long car journey and am in need of reading material :3

Sure thing!
Here’s some of my fave McHanzo fic - some are oneshot, others are multi chapter. Many are NSFW but totally safe for a long car ride:
-Searching for game…
Au where Genji is one of OW game developers and he REALLY wants Jesse to try the new game. A broody neighbor is involved too. Funny and very sweet:

-King’s Row Calling
Hanzo is in a punk band, McCree is a bartender. Riots in the streets and unexpected UST. Still in progress but totally worth the

-Hana Song’s guide on how to not be weird
Early days of Hanzo in Overwatch. He is kinda weird, Hana provides moral support, McCree not so much

-Star of the show
VERY NAUGHY one shot pwp. I love it to bits. Of the same author go for The sun was soft too, it’s very sweet and hot at the same time

-Those handcuffs
Usually I’m not that into soulmates!AU but this one is special.

-Target panic
Probably my favourite McHanzo ever. Jesse tells Hanzo he loves him. Hanzo doesn’t get it. It’s utterly adorable and heartbreaking with the happiest of endings

-Siren’s gold
MerHanzo and pirate!McCree. It’s my favourite take on the trope (but Samatura is insanely good in general, check the other stories too)

-Of the pickle persuasion
Street food!AU. Again, usually not my cup of tea, but I read it several times bc it cracks me up.

-ok this is not McHanzo, it’s a Reaper76 but it’s so good it had me in tears multiple times.
Soldier’s lullaby, a journey through Jack and Gabe’s relationship until the bitter(sweet) end.

There are so many more! Hope you’ll enjoy your read, and if anyone out there has some fics to suggest I’m all ears!

Imagine being a cop and sent in another mission to arrest Dean again who you are secretly dating.

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“And remember, if I don’t give you a sign you are not going to to bust in like last time.” you told your team, preparing your gun as they all gave you short nods.

“Right. So that you can have more time with him to make out.” someone mumbled and you noticed it was the only woman in your team that you didn’t get along with. You had asked for her to go with someone else, to be on another team seeing as you mostly argues with her than cooperated. She simply refused to comply to your orders, she’d do whatever she wanted and came to her mind and she’d constantly throw remarks at you.

“What was that?” you asked with a raised eyebrow, showing her you wouldn’t have any of it. Whether she liked it or not you were the one on charge, you were her boss and if she kept getting on your nerves you wouldn’t hesitate to fire her as well.

Silence followed and you gave her a hard look before scoffing “Thought so.” you cleared your throat and turned to the rest of your team, at least them you trusted with you life.

“Alright guys, we’ve been through this plenty of times. You all know the drill, but just remember that these guys- they are dangerous. You know where to go look for them and if you find them, I ask this mostly as your friend and not boss: Be careful.” you looked them all over, offering a soft smile and they did the same. There was a mutual respect nobody could replace.

“Let’s hope that this time it is going to be our lucky one.” Stefan said with a small sigh and you smiled.

“Yeah let’s hope so.” you mumbled with a sigh, turning around not only so that they wouldn’t look at you but so that you couldn’t look any of them in the eyes. You weren’t the best at lying, which surprised you how you’d gotten this far with this, but also because you always felt like you were betraying them when this topic came up.

“Come on!” you signaled in a hushed tone as you held your gun in front of you.

No matter how many times you went through with this every case seemed like the first one, no matter how many times you actually went after these guys it always felt like it had not happened before just a great amount of times. You were the only one to go alone, just like every time and with every case. You were more willing to lose your own life than risk any of your friends’. You steadied your breathing as you took careful steps in almost the darkness, the only light that came was from the moon from a broken window on the far corner of the room.

“Always the brave one, aren’t you sweetheart?” came a rough voice from the corner of the room and you snapped pointing the gun at the direction it came from.

“You know me.” you said, walking slowly towards the place “I’m all for coming after the pretty one.” you said and heard a chuckle come from the darkness, this time in a different direction and you turned sharply in that way.

“Pretty one huh? Beautiful, I’m flattered!” you could hear the grin in his voice and apart from your own footstep you could hear his. But they were much more calm and steady, making your own heart beat faster “Means a lot coming from a woman like you, (Y/n).”

“You know sweet-talking me won’t get you anywhere, right Winchester?” you said, eyes squinting to take a look around you for any sort of movement. You caught sight of a shadow moving and sharply pointed your gun in that direction.

“Sweet-talking you? Oh baby girl, you know I am only saying the truth.” he laughed softly.

“Sorry if I’m having a hard time believing it when it comes from a criminal.” you scoffed and you could practically see him roll his eyes. Those beautiful, big, bright, captivating green eyes.

For a single moment you got carried away and shook your head, cursing at yourself.

“Criminal? Ouch that hurts sweetheart. We both know that what I do is far… far from that.” his voice sounded closer and you froze for a moment in your place.

“Either way you know, flirting won’t change my mind on anything Winchester.”

“Hmh probably not but- it is always such a freaking pleasure watching you blush, officer.” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes.

“Can you? With no light around makes me wonder.” you said with a small shrug “Maybe if you turned on the lights-” you didn’t finsih your sentence, looking around. Or at least trying to.

He chuckled “Smart, baby. But I thought you’d know it by now: I can do plenty of things with dim lighting too.”

You bit your lip “That I do know.”

“Besides- we both know that what I am, and what you are, has been real fun so far, hasn’t it?” you could hear the smile in his face but didn’t move.

“I’m not here to play, Dean.” your voice sounded more stern but you knew you were slowly caving in.

“No?” his voice was laced with confusion “I thought you enjoyed us playing… like last night.” your heart leapt to your throat at the memory of just the previous night and you shut your eyes when you felt yourself growing hot again.

“Dean” the word left your lips in a completely wrong way… given the circumstances at least and what you’d want.

“And there it is.” he said in a low voice “What is it cop, are we already caving in?” yo could hear the satisfaction crystal clear.

“Good” he whispered and in that moment you felt his breath on your ear, making your instincts kick in. You took a sharp breath and snapped at him, sharply turning to hit him. Not by pulling the trigger, you were never going to do that to him – even if you had done so the first time you met – not unless there was someone present.

You heard him huff and groan but didn’t wait to respond, fighting back but always making sure of one thing: to not hurt you. You groaned when he managed to knock off the gun from your arm but in the end grinned when you managed to swing a leg over him and knock him out cold on the floor. He groaned but in the end laughed, the same kind of laugh that made the butterflies in your stomach get crazy. You breathed out a sigh and looked down at him, only to see that bright smile on his face as you pinned him down.

“Gosh I love it when you go all dom on me.” he breathed out with a boyish grin “Makes me all tingly.” he moved his hips beneath you and you gritted your teeth.

“I hate you so fucking much.” you growled and he chuckled, smiling more softly afterwards.

“No you don’t.” he whispered and you let go of his arms slowly as he brought one hand up to cup your cheek, his thumb rubbing over it.

“You actually love me too fucking much to arrest me, don’t you?” he smiled softly and yu couldn’t help it. You closed your eyes and nuzzled your face in his palm.

“Damn it Dean” you looked down at him through half closed eyes “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Doing what?” he chuckled, giving you an innocent smile and you shook your head.

“You know what. This- it’s not supposed to happen like this. I am the one coming after you, I need to arrest you, yet we-”

“Always end up making love for hours every night afterwards.” he completed your sentence with an adoring grin and you bit hard on your lower lip.

“That” you whispered “That’s what you do to me. Gosh, Dean. You know I need to focus on my job.” you breathe out, leaning down to rest your hand on his chest as he hugged you tightly.

“I know but- come one sweetheart, we both know it wasn’t meant to go right from the first moment. You were never meant to really arrest me and I was never meant to want to forget about this town.” he squeezed you and you shut your eyes tightly.

“I should have known it.” your voice came out shaky as he kissed the top of your forehead, his lips lingering there “I should have seen it from the first moment. Those flirty remarks, that wink, that grin- Dear lord, that smile is going to bethe death of me.” you whispered, remembering the first time you’d went after the man.

“You were so fucking beautiful. There, pointing a gun at me with a fire in your eyes like I have never seen before in anyone else. You were so determined to get me. And then-” he chuckled “Then you got so adorably pissed off when I managed to knock you out and take your gun.” he shook his head.

“I was mostly pissed off at myself. I got carried away by those fucking gorgeous eyes of yours and let my guards down without realizing it.” you confessed and felt him grin as he kissed your cheek.

“What do ya say officer-” he started and shifted so that with your legs still wrapped around his waist he was hovering over you “-we make the most of our time and put those handcuffs of yours to good use?”

And you knew you were damned but you were going to and would always give into him. You were supposed to arrest your boyfriend but once again he was going to escape, you couldn’t do anything about it could you?

"Truth or Dare?" "Dare."

The ever cliché drinking-game-turned-threesome scenario.
Pairings: Tyler Joseph x Fem!Reader, Brendon Urie x Fem!Reader, Brendon Urie x Fem!Reader x Tyler Joseph, and heck even small bits of Tyler x Brendon are thrown in here
Warnings: alcohol consumption, choking, daddy kink, wow lots of dirty talk in here, subtle tones of sub!tyler, slight over stim./edging, double penetration
Word Count: 5.2k

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BTS Reaction to: You Being Dorky in Public But A Sex God in Bed

f(x) version: here 

Jin: Pretends to be embarrassed by your dorkiness in public, acting like he doesn’t know you and venturing off to talk to strangers and promote BTS.

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He’s pleasantly surprised by your bedroom persona. However, he gives you a surprise too. “Do you think you’re the only one who’s innocent in public?” He’s the oldest of the boys, living with pervy 94 line, with good looks to boot; do you really think he’s going to let you dominate so easily?

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Suga: “Guys, stop teasing Y/N! S/he looks innocent now but you might be surprised by their secret personality.” And that’s all he’ll say, dropping heavy hints to you being a freak in the sheets but not confirming or denying anything.

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J-Hope: “The boys are gone, baby, come here and show me how bad you can be” that gif tho omg rude

Rap Monster: Watches you interact with the boys, looking so innocent and sweet. He just can’t figure you out, you’re like a puzzle to him. Because he knows that if it weren’t for the boys, you would be taking charge and making him weak.

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Jimin: Enjoys teasing you in public, since he knows you’ll teach him a lesson later on … Except he never learns so you need to keep teaching him how to behave.

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V: “Wait, hold on, what’s going on? You were stuttering earlier and now - Are those handcuffs?”

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Jungkook: Waking up the following morning like “W - where did that come from?”

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take this burden - 44

[ to the top - twin shadow ]



He Tian and Mo Guan Shan left the bar around four, deciding to walk the few blocks home.

There was just enough bite in the air to breathe and enjoy it. They walked in comfortable silence for a few minutes, fingers laced together loosely.

An hour or so later, they made it into the apartment.

Jian Yi and Zhengxi’s keys sat on the counter.

In the bedroom, they shed the majority of their clothes, He Tian slipping on a pair of boxers he’d left in the room, (thank god) but foregoing the pajamas.

He Tian glanced at his air mattress and Mo Guan Shan scoffed.

‘If you even think about lying down on that and I will deflate it while you’re sleeping.’

He Tian held his hands up in mock surrender, stepping over it and joined the other man on the bed.

Mo Guan Shan lowered himself onto the mattress, holding his hand out, and He Tian let himself be pulled onto the mattress.

They lie facing each other, Mo Guan Shan running his fingers down the side of He Tian’s neck, He Tian tracing gentle circles over his sharp hipbone.

Time passed, ten minutes or so.

‘What’s in your head?’ Mo Guan Shan’s asked quietly.

‘You.’ He Tian answered. ‘Every empty space, you.’

‘Is that a good thing?’

He Tian nodded.

‘It is.’

Mo Guan Shan studied his face in the soft light.

‘Will you let me touch you?’

He Tian hesitated.

‘You already did.’

‘That didn’t count and you know it.’

‘I don’t know if that’s a good idea…’

Mo Guan Shan sighed, looking at him.

He Tian let himself be pushed onto his back, his breath catching as Mo Guan Shan straddled him, settling down onto his lap.

He stayed perfectly still, waiting for permission to continue, for He Tian’s nod.

Mo Guan Shan’s smile wasn’t smug or triumphant, just relieved as he crawled off He Tian, grabbing something from the nightstand and returning, removing his boxers quickly and prompting He Tian to do the same before resuming his place on his lap.

Only when he saw what Mo Guan Shan had retrieved did he give pause.



Damn it

‘What are you-’

Mo Guan Shan say the small bottle of lube on He Tian’s chest.

‘You know exactly what I’m doing.’

‘Mo Guan Shan, we’ve talked about this.’

‘Yes, but I think I’ve found a loophole.’

He Tian raised his eyebrows.

‘Do tell.’

‘Well, you’re afraid to hurt me, or take it too far?’

‘Yes…’ He Tian squirmed underneath him, uncomfortably unsure of where he was going with this.

‘Well, if you’re not doing anything, you can’t.’

‘Mo Guan Shan, I can’t solve riddles when you’re on top of me. It’s a newly discovered weakness.’

Mo Guan Shan smiled sheepishly.

‘What I’m saying, is if you just lie back and let me do everything, you won’t be doing either one of those things.’

He Tian sighed heavily.

‘Even if that wasn’t ridiculous reasoning, and NOT a loophole, I don’t think I’m physically capable of doing that.’

‘I bet Zhengxi has handcuffs around here.’

He Tian opted to ignore that for now. One agonizing struggle at a time, please.

‘But it’s not…you’re not…’

‘Don’t you want to?’ the redhead asked.

‘You know I do.’

‘So, how about about you let me decide what I’m ready for tonight?’

‘Maybe we should sleep on it and talk about it tomorrow…’

Mo Guan Shan looked down at him, expression carefully blank.

‘Please?’ He whispered.

He Tian thought back to their conversation in his office and and felt like a grade A fucking asshole.

There was a nearly imperceptible shift and everything changed.

This wasn’t about the sex, not entirely.

Mo Guan Shan wanted to feel in control.

He wanted to make his own choices about what he did with his body.

He wanted to see if sex could still be a good thing.

Still feel good.

He trusted He Tian not to hurt him.

All this time, he’d been so worried about making sure he felt safe, that he had everything he needed to recover.

This is one of those things.

He needed this.

He Tian’s chest tightened and for an absurd moment he felt like he might cry.

‘Yes. Of course.’

Mo Guan Shan didn’t give him a chance to back out, cupping his cheek and leaning down for a kiss.

He moved slowly, sighing as He Tian parted his lips for his tongue and pressed their hips together.

Sitting up, Mo Guan Shan picked up the little bottle, popping the cap and drizzling a generous amount over his fingers.

He Tian froze for a second, realizing he’d forgotten a certain specification.

‘Just so we’re on the same page, you're…’

Mo Guan Shan looked confused for a moment before realizing what he meant and rolling his eyes good naturedly.

‘You’re going inside me, He Tian.’

‘Oh, thank god.’

Mo Guan Shan’s laugh eased some of the nervous tension and He Tian smiled.

Placing his hand on the mattress next to He Tian’s shoulder, Mo Guan Shan lowered himself down, dropping his head and reaching behind himself.

He Tian tightened his fingers on Mo Guan Shan’s thighe, momentarily overwhelmed by the mental image of what Mo Guan Shan was doing.

Mo Guan Shan gently ran his fingers over his entrance, shuddering at the sensation and burying his face in He Tian’s neck.

‘Do you want help?’ He Tian asked, very much hoping he’d say yes.

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, pushing a finger in and letting himself adjust to it.

Several minutes passed as Mo Guan Shan prepared himself and He Tian forced himself to breathe.

Mo Guan Shan whimpered and He Tian turned his head to place gentle kisses on the man’s neck.

‘More.’ Mo Guan Shan breathed.

He Tian complied, digging his fingernails into Mo Guan Shan’s thighs, sucking a faint bruise into the soft skin of his neck.

Lord knows how much time passed as Mo Guan Shan prepared himself.

Eventually, he placed a hand on He Tian’s chest, lining himself up and pressing the head of He Tian’s cock against his entrance.

‘Are you ready?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.


Inch by agonizing inch, Mo Guan Shan sank down onto him, maintaining eye contact.

The soft, wet, heat enveloped him and he desperately willed himself not to come. Not yet. Not twice in one day, for fuck’s sake.

Mo Guan Shan steadied himself and began to move, letting his eyes flutter closed.

He Tian wrestled momentarily with the carnal urge to flip them over, taste every inch of his skin and show him exactly how fucking good this should feel.

Patience, he told himself. You can have it your way next time.

Placing both hands on He Tian’s chest, Mo Guan Shan sat up, rocking his hips and biting his lower lip to stay quiet.

Desperately, He Tian forced himself to stay still, digging his fingers into Mo Guan Shan’s hips hard enough to leave ten tiny bruises.

He wasn’t in this to put on a show, but that sure as shit didn’t stop He Tian from enjoying every damn micro expression that crossed his face.

He bit his tongue to keep himself from telling Mo Guan Shan how god damned pretty he looked on his dick. It wasn’t the time for that kind of talk but he’d be fucked…more fucked, that is, if it wasn’t true.

Mo Guan Shan’s eyes were shut tightly, brows furrowed in either intense concentration or frustration, possibly both, as he searched for a feeling just out of reach.

Admittedly, He Tian didn’t have much to offer in the way of comfort or emotional support, but this? This he could do.

He Tian bent the rules, just a little bit. He wrapped an arm around Mo Guan Shan gently and pulled him close before whispering ‘you need to stay quiet, alright?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded, confused as He Tian dug his heels into the mattress, and angled his hips.

Brain short circuiting, Mo Guan Shan ran his fingers through He Tian’s hair and gave it a sharp tug, gasping when his hips snapped up involuntarily.

Wrapping his fingers around Mo Guan Shan’s wrist, he pulled his hand away gently, shaking his head.

‘Not tonight.’

The man on top nodded, returning his hand to He Tian’s chest and propping himself up again while He Tian resumed his previous position and considered punching himself in the face. He was his very own fucking cockblock.

Mo Guan Shan eased his feet under He Tian’s thighs to anchor him and found a rhythm, the backs of his fingers pressed to his parted lips.

He Tian wanted to push his fingers between those lips, to spread his legs, hold him still, and fuck him senseless. He wanted to pull his hand away and make him scream.

But he wanted this more.

Mo Guan Shan finally relaxed, muscles unclenching and giving into the feeling as he reached down to touch himself.

He should have asked for those handcuffs.

He moved with Mo Guan Shan, meeting his shallow thrusts, watching intently as he chased release, trembling, body slick with sweat.

‘I’m going t-to…’

Mo Guan Shan trailed off as He Tian picked up the pace, encouraging him as he brought himself to the edge and pulling him over.

When he came, Mo Guan Shan collapsed on top of him and it was all He Tian could do to pull out, finishing into his hand and wiping it off on a discarded item of clothing.

He ran his fingers through Mo Guan Shan’s hair as they both came down, exhausted and sticky.

Mo Guan Shan rolled off him, wincing when he hit the mattress and letting He Tian clean him up as best he could in the soft light.

He Tian tossed the dirty shirt across the room and settled back down.

They lie facing each other.

Mo Guan Shan looked down at their intertwined fingers and He Tian wiped away his tears as they fell.

‘Good or bad?’ He whispered, referring to the tears, to the sex, to the two of them, to anything he would answer.


Guests //part1/2

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Loki being forced to live with you while Thor’s on a mission and someone has to watch him.” by @allthefandomloveandimagines

Word count: 2,640


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Killing people is not a solution. It really isn’t. It helps with the problem for a brief moment, but also creates many much more sizeable problems, such as finding a place to dump the body, hiding evidence, getting a believable alibi, answering to the police… It’s a lot of work. It’s not worth it.

You growled when the doorbell rang again, tearing you away from the pleasant comfort of the long-awaited sleep. You grabbed the gun from under your pillow and rushed to the door. You were an Avenger. You could deal with hiding a body.

“The hell is your probl-…!” you yelled, opening the door.

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Lo my darling this storyline just goes to show that our boys can never be separated again,they absolutely fall apart and made stupid decisions (major side eye at Mr Shifty) when they're not together. I'm suggesting they borrow those pink fluffy handcuffs so they can't be without the other and not make anymore stupid decisions and to quote Robert just think "what fun we'll have" I'm trying to stay on the positive train Lo really really trying