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Hey friends! So since I, uh, have certain guidelines (i.e., not writing scenarios with the teachers and nsfw not always being guaranteed (sometimes tho)) I figured hey! If this blog won’t do what you’re looking for, (and I’m not planning on changing either of those guidelines, sorry) I can at least help you find a blog that does do certain scenarios you’re looking for! So here’s a (currently small) list under the cut, shoot me an ask if you wanna be added!

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(undertale spoilers)

this post will attempt to dissect what exactly chara’s plan entailed and what they hoped to accomplish with it. all the information stated as fact will be accompanied by screenshot proof. the latter portion of this post will contain speculation based on the facts.

★ for the sake of simplicity, i’ll refer to chara and asriel’s shared body as “chasriel”. chasriel will not be referred to using pronouns. 
★ “they/them” will always refer to chara and “he/him” will always refer to asriel (unless i’m clearly not talking about either of them).

★ direct quotes are in quotation marks. links will be provided for people to verify them.


  • when chara climbed mt. ebott, “it wasn’t for a very happy reason”
  • chara didn’t jump into the underground – they fell
  • “chara hated humanity” and “they felt very strongly about that”
  • “chara wasn’t really the greatest person”
  • chara and asriel fed asgore a pie with buttercups inside instead of cups of butter
  • asgore became terribly ill
  • asriel felt bad, chara “laughed it off”
  • chara asked asriel if he remembered this incident and then asked him to turn off the camera
  • asriel says he doesn’t “like this idea”
  • chara convinces him that together they’ll “free everyone” and to “go get the flowers”
  • “the human became very ill”
  • “six, right? we just have to get six…”
  • “the sick human had only one request.” chara asked “to see the flowers from their village.”
  • as the monsters couldn’t pass the barrier, chara’s last wish could not be fulfilled
  • the next day, the human died
  • asriel absorbed chara’s soul and “transformed into a being with incredible power”
  • waterfall writings: “a monster with a human soul… a horrible beast with unfathomable power.”
  • “(it’s an illustration of a strange creature..)”
  • “(there’s something very unsettliing about this drawing.)”
  • after combining souls, control of the body was split between both chara and asriel
  • chara was “the one that picked up their own empty body” and carried it “back to the village of the humans”
  • after arriving in the human village, chasriel carried chara’s body onto “a bed of golden flowers”
  • the villagers saw chasriel holding the body and assumed chasriel had killed the child
  • the humans attacked chasriel
  • chasriel “had the power to destroy them all”
  • chara wanted to use their “full power” against the humans
  • asriel resisted chara’s will and chasriel “did not fight back”
  • chasriel “was struck with blow after blow”
  • chasriel smiled and walked away
  • if chasriel had killed humans, monsters “would have had to wage war against all of humanity”
  • because of asriel’s actions, chasriel was mortally wounded
  • chasriel returned to the underground and collapsed
  • asriel’s dust, which contained asriel’s essence, “spread across the garden”
  • the “plan had failed”

pacifist route: true lab / vhs tapes
neutral route: new home / monster tale
pacifist route: ruins / asriel
neutral route: waterfall / wall writings
genocide route: chara / first encounter


so now we know the facts. what exactly can we infer from them? 

originally, the unhappy reason chara climbed mt. ebott could have been anything. they may have suffered bullying. they may have been abused by humans. their family may have been killed by other humans, leaving chara homeless and alone. whatever the reason, it planted a deep hatred inside chara. it prompted them to go to a place they probably thought they would never see another human again – a place where people were said to disappear from and never return. humans are superstitious and would likely have taken a legend like that seriously and so nobody would look for chara there. chara wasn’t necessarily suicidal, but it can be assumed that they wanted to escape humanity nevertheless. maybe they thought they could survive alone in the wild.  

it is quite possible that chara had genuine feelings for their adoptive family for the most part. after asgore’s buttercup incident, however, it seems that a plan began to formulate in chara’s mind. from that point onward, chara prioritised their goal – murdering humans – above even the safety of those closest to them. chara’s hatred became more important to them than asriel and everyone else. their hatred of humanity was the driving force behind their actions.


[for more details about why chara would have used buttercups, see here]

  1. chara would get asriel on board.
    asriel would be absolutely vital to the plan’s success. as the game makes no mention of whether or not humans go through any particular changes after absorbing a monster soul (besides being able to cross the barrier), chara could only become strong with asriel’s help. chara may have employed manipulation tactics to get asriel to go along with it in the end – he was clearly not a fan of the plan to begin with. chara would insist that together they would “free everyone”, although chara’s version of freedom may have been death.
  2. chara would convince asriel to get the buttercups for them.
    this would cause asriel to feel directly responsible for chara’s death and make him intimately involved in chara’s plan. physical contact with the flowers would also blister chara’s hands and it may have been necessary to avoid that for the sake of making the suicide look like a natural death.
  3. chara would eat the flowers and fall ill.
    it couldn’t look like a suicide. a slow death would increase asriel’s guilt and dedication to the plan. chara’s suffering would be unbearable – it’s doubtful that anyone would assume chara chose this. the symptoms may not have been linked to asgore’s as humans have physical bodies and monsters are mostly made of magic.
  4. chara would tell the dreemurrs their dying wish.
    chara’s impossible wish to see the flowers from their village would give asriel the excuse he needed to absorb chara’s soul and leave the underground without having his motives questioned.  
  5. asriel would absorb chara’s soul.
    the monsters assumed that asriel only absorbed chara’s soul out of grief, but it was part of the plan all along. chara’s last wish just made it look that way, although asriel was probably also genuinely mortified by the events that occurred. while chara laid dying, asriel steeled himself by telling them, “six, right? we just have to get six..”
  6. chara would have their dead body brought to the surface.
    in the event that chara had no control over asriel when they combined their souls together, chara probably arranged for asriel to bring the body to the surface to make the last wish excuse look more believable. as it turned out, the control was split between chara and asriel, and it was chara who forced chasriel to move chara’s dead body to the human village.
  7. chasriel’s presence would provoke a human attack.
    but why bring the body all the way to the human village if they just had to deceive the monsters? there are two reasons: 1) it would provoke a human attack by making them think chasriel had killed an innocent child, 2) even if chara had no control once their soul was absorbed, they probably banked on asriel retaliating in self-defence when the humans saw asriel with the body, and 3) it would allow chasriel to tell the monsters afterwards that there was no choice but to fight back and take the human souls. after all, from the perspective of the monsters, asriel would have just been bringing his best friend’s body to its final resting place. as a result, the human attack would seem malicious and unjustifiable to the monsters. chasriel couldn’t be blamed for self-defence.
  8. together, asriel and chara would take six human souls.
    the plan was always to carry everything out as a team. on chara’s deathbed, asriel reaffirms that the two of them will “do it together”. it seems that chara never truly intended to disappear when they died; chara wanted to be reborn in a body that had power. with this body, chara would easily be able to steal six human souls and become godlike with asriel. according to asriel, it was chara who wanted “to use our full power”.
  9. monsters and humans would declare war on one another.
    monsters would have felt victimised by humanity once again, hearing about how the humans attacked for no discernible reason while asriel did nothing but mourn the loss of his best friend and sibling. humans would have felt their fears about monsters realised and decided that they should be wiped out and not just imprisoned underground. according to asriel: “if i killed those humans… we would have had to wage war against all of humanity.”

multiple routes: instances of the ambiguity of the word “free”


considering how meticulous chara’s plan was, it seems likely that they would have come to the same conclusion about war that asriel did. each step of the plan was wracked with contingency plans that dealt with “what if” scenarios, likely because chara wasn’t sure what would happen once they became a part of asriel. between having godlike powers and an army of monsters behind them, chara was determined to see humans die. after all their effort, it’s very possible that the last thing chara expected was to be betrayed by asriel’s desire not to kill.

So. Arc-V ended.

I’m still pretty behind on the subs and such, but I’ve been keeping up with the spoilers every week to keep up.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been very satisfied with the show for a while now, nor was I satisfied with the ending. It left me feeling pretty disappointed, hollow and kinda sad for some of the characters. I think how I’ve been feeling about the show is one of the reasons I’d gotten so behind in the subs, though other reasons is just due to being busy and just feeling not so great over some real life stuff.

Am I gonna finish liveblogging the series? Yes. I am.
Even though I wasn’t happy with how the show went, they did one thing right, and that is they made me love, and get attached to, the major majority of the cast. I love them all. I’m sad that the cast was too bloated so a lot of characters didn’t get the focus they deserved and other focus was all over the place, but you know what? I’m finishing this series for these characters that I love. I want to see this story end, even if I didn’t agree completely with how it did.
I want to liveblog the rest of this experience. Through the good and bad.

And, if anything, I’m glad I have at least experienced this show. I remember how exciting the first season was, and all the crazy theories people would post and all the good times like that. All the fanart and fanfics and other fandom stuff that’s been coming out of this show. It was super nice. I have loved experiencing that so much and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
In that first year it helped to distract me a LOT from real life stuff when I needed it.

I took part in the Arc-V Anniversary 30-Day Challenge both years it ran. I worked hard to complete it both times, and I managed it. Those were the only two art challenges I have ever done and -completed- so far and I am so proud of that.
I loved seeing everyone elses work in that too. It was amazing.
This has inspired me to keep April as an art challenge month, so this year I’ll be doing an art challenge for some original stuff over on my art blog.

The characters, the excitement, the fanart, the theories… all that good stuff. That’s what I want to take away from all this. Maybe the show’s writing left me with a lot of salt in the end, but the experience along the way with everything else was amazing.

And I’m going to encourage everyone to keep these characters stories going where you can. Through your post-canon ideas, your fanart and fanfics. Keep that going.
These characters deserve that at least.

I’ll probably go into more details about how I feel on the actual show’s end when I get there, but for now, I hope to plan to carry on with the series, though probably continuing at a casual pace when I have the time.

Am I looking forward to VRAINS? Hell yes I am!
I like the sound of the premise so far, so I’m looking forward to it a lot.

Am I going to liveblog that? Maaaaybe.
I’m kinda hoping Crunchyroll will simulcast it. If they do, I may liveblog my viewing of the new episode each week. If not, I’ll probably instead wait until Crunchyroll does the official subs, now that official Yu-Gi-Oh subs are a thing, and decide then and there whether I want to do a liveblog or not. Depends on time and where my focus should be, as blogging the episodes takes a good hour or two to do; taking screenshots, saving them, posting them with a little quip or comment ect.
For Arc-V, I ended up jumping around using different fansubbers so I’d like to at least have a consistent sub for VRAINS, plus supporting the official subs is good!!

Ah this got more rambley than I expected!

So I guess in short:
- Arc-V writing, pacing and end: Kinda un-satisfied
- Arc-V Characters: I love them all and they will forever have a place in my heart
- Arc-V Overall Experience: Very memorable!
- VRAINS: Excited!

Thoughts on Episode 102 - Love is a Shambling Thing:

  • Time to travel a considerable distance to stick a sticker on my sibling.
  • Does City Council have a home? Do they have a mortgage?
  • “Here’s your Valentine’s Day card, Carlos.” “Why are you wearing a hazmat suit?”
  •  Well, we got a few happy episodes before this one.
  • Luuuuuurv. 
  • Is Cecil bankrupt because of all the fines he has to pay for being unfashionable? Is that why he’s surprised he gets paid for his job? Money goes in, immediately paid out for those sponge clogs with that poncho.
  • I shop at Clearly Not Amazon too.
  • “Everything is going to be alright.” Did you hear the Old Woman Josie story, Weather?
  • Love just needs a friend.
  • Actually, Love is terrifying.
  • Is City Council’s entire slogan in the Night Vale Valentine’s cards? Can it be?
  • “Live every day like it’s your first.” Time to cry when I get hungry.

I am not in Instagram.

1. Its owned by Facebook.
2. They have those gawd awful stories clogging up the already tiny space at the top.
3. Their new and improved timeline that is completely out of order, timewise, is infuriating. I was replying to peoples posts and out turned out they were days or weeks old.

I had enough and left.

I miss it sometimes, but, in some ways it brought me back here. So I am thankful.

This 'The Simpsons' Fan Theory About Moe Is Heartbreaking

Let’s not beat around the bush here, we all love a good fan theory and there is nothing better than those clever-clog types pointing something out from your favourite TV show to give you a whole new perspective on the stories.

Now a Reddit user by the name of Senor_Schnarf has shocked The Simpsons’ fans with an interesting theory on a running joke from the popular cartoon that sees Bart Simpson prank call bartender Moe.

Senor insists that Moe has always known that it is Bart who is calling him, but plays along in a bid to make the little boy’s day.

He reasons: “Moe is shown to know what Bart’s voice sounds like in some random episode whose exact spot in the series I can’t remember, where Bart goes to Moe’s with Homer, full of fear that Moe will recognize him and make good on his threats and flay him alive.

"Upon entering, Moe says ‘I know that voice… It’s little bitty Bart Simpson!’ and picks him up to give him a hug. While people’s real life/phone voices aren’t EXACTLY the same, they’re generally similar enough that you can easily make out who’s who.”

Clarifying why Moe always falls for the prank, Senor adds: “Because he’s a sad, lonely guy who loves children and always wanted a family of his own. He’s even shown to be particularly drawn towards Homer’s family, as evidenced by his first name basis with all family members, and the special, uncharacteristically kind treatment he gives the children.

"He’s shown to be kind to Lisa, and in one episode developed an extremely strong attachment to Maggie. It is not out to left field to think he may harbour similar sentiment towards Bart as well.

"Allowing Bart to make a fool of him is done in the same way parents will let their children play petty pranks on them, because Moe loves Bart and takes joy in his joy.

"Moe has plenty of ways to easily foil Bart, but never does. He could *69 the number, he could go to the police, or he could just not honour any requests by the caller with Bart’s voice which he gets ALL THE TIME. But he chooses not to out of love for Bart, and possibly a loneliness so crippling he’s just happy to get a phone call of any sort.”

No we’re not crying, you are.

Commenters on the thread seemed to agree with Senor’s theory, with one writing: “He also plays right into the prank name. Eg instead of calling out 'is Mr. Jacques Strap here??’ He’ll say something like 'hey I need a Jacques Strap!! Is there a Jacques Strap in this bar??’

"Instead of 'Is Seymour Butts here?’ He would shout 'I wanna SEE. MORE. BUTTS.’ ETC. [sic]”

Another replied: “Also the fact that the bar only ever has a handful of customers who are regulars and moe would know the names of. Why then if not for the sake of the prank would he call out repeatedly for someone he knows isn’t there? [sic]”

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to watch The Simpsons in a whole new light now.