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self care and beauty tips i learned in Poland
  • drinking nettle and horsetail tea is really good for your hair
  • dry skin brushing improves circulation, relaxes and energises you, removes dead skin and cellulite
  • parsley infused water helps to refresh and whiten the tired, unhealthy looking skin + it brightens undereye circles
  • AHA and BHA are really good for gentle exfoliation and they help to stay away from the clogged pores
  • drinking those old lady-ish herbal teas for varicose veins helps generally with fluid retention and puffy face
  • putting chestnuts into a pillowcase is supposedly a good way to keep bad energy away from your bed + it’s extra relaxing to put your legs on it
  • shots of the seabuckthorn juice are really good for the immunity
  • the best hairbrushes are the ones with wild boar bristles
  • if you have a painful headache, there is a good chance you’re actually dehydrated. dissolve some high-quality salt (i’ve heard that salt from kłodawa does wonders) in a 500ml of water and watch the magic happen
  • the flax seed jelly is really good way to moisturize dry hair
  • self-grip hair rollers are wayyyy better to get some curls and volume than all those fancy curling irons 
  • include fermented foods into your diet. healthy gut=healthy and happy everything else
  • if you have thin, straight, unbleached hair, just leave them alone, extensive hair care can only make them look worse
  • syrian aleppo soap or charcoal infused soap are really good for the skin imperfections (i mean the body tho! don’t use soap on your face you can end up crying)
  • eat loads of root vegetables in the winter to keep yourself grounded. those babes are so underrated
  • magnesium salt bath is best for sore muscles and stress
  • coffee grounds + olive oil make really good peeling
  • russians have really good hair care products, germans have good makeup and body washes. know your neighbours
  • drinking apple+ parsley juice increases hair growth
  • eat ginger. it helps with almost everything
  • extend at least part of your skincare to your neck or even breasts and thank yourself in 30 years
  • keeping fancy smelling soap in your drawers makes clothes smell nice
  • castor oil is a holy grail for your eyebrows and eyelashes. but before you put something around your eyes check on a small patch of skin on your hand or sth if you’re not allergic
  • soups are one of the easiest, healthiest and most comforting foods out there. you can literally make any kind of soup to match your preferences and feed your body with all the good fats, minerals, vitamins and water
Imagines Blog Masterpost

Hey friends! So since I, uh, have certain guidelines (i.e., not writing scenarios with the teachers and nsfw not always being guaranteed (sometimes tho)) I figured hey! If this blog won’t do what you’re looking for, (and I’m not planning on changing either of those guidelines, sorry) I can at least help you find a blog that does do certain scenarios you’re looking for! So here’s a (currently small) list under the cut, shoot me an ask if you wanna be added!

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(undertale spoilers)

this post will attempt to dissect what exactly chara’s plan entailed and what they hoped to accomplish with it. all the information stated as fact will be accompanied by screenshot proof. the latter portion of this post will contain speculation based on the facts.

★ for the sake of simplicity, i’ll refer to chara and asriel’s shared body as “chasriel”. chasriel will not be referred to using pronouns. 
★ “they/them” will always refer to chara and “he/him” will always refer to asriel (unless i’m clearly not talking about either of them).

★ direct quotes are in quotation marks. links will be provided for people to verify them.


  • when chara climbed mt. ebott, “it wasn’t for a very happy reason”
  • chara didn’t jump into the underground – they fell
  • “chara hated humanity” and “they felt very strongly about that”
  • “chara wasn’t really the greatest person”
  • chara and asriel fed asgore a pie with buttercups inside instead of cups of butter
  • asgore became terribly ill
  • asriel felt bad, chara “laughed it off”
  • chara asked asriel if he remembered this incident and then asked him to turn off the camera
  • asriel says he doesn’t “like this idea”
  • chara convinces him that together they’ll “free everyone” and to “go get the flowers”
  • “the human became very ill”
  • “six, right? we just have to get six…”
  • “the sick human had only one request.” chara asked “to see the flowers from their village.”
  • as the monsters couldn’t pass the barrier, chara’s last wish could not be fulfilled
  • the next day, the human died
  • asriel absorbed chara’s soul and “transformed into a being with incredible power”
  • waterfall writings: “a monster with a human soul… a horrible beast with unfathomable power.”
  • “(it’s an illustration of a strange creature..)”
  • “(there’s something very unsettliing about this drawing.)”
  • after combining souls, control of the body was split between both chara and asriel
  • chara was “the one that picked up their own empty body” and carried it “back to the village of the humans”
  • after arriving in the human village, chasriel carried chara’s body onto “a bed of golden flowers”
  • the villagers saw chasriel holding the body and assumed chasriel had killed the child
  • the humans attacked chasriel
  • chasriel “had the power to destroy them all”
  • chara wanted to use their “full power” against the humans
  • asriel resisted chara’s will and chasriel “did not fight back”
  • chasriel “was struck with blow after blow”
  • chasriel smiled and walked away
  • if chasriel had killed humans, monsters “would have had to wage war against all of humanity”
  • because of asriel’s actions, chasriel was mortally wounded
  • chasriel returned to the underground and collapsed
  • asriel’s dust, which contained asriel’s essence, “spread across the garden”
  • the “plan had failed”

pacifist route: true lab / vhs tapes
neutral route: new home / monster tale
pacifist route: ruins / asriel
neutral route: waterfall / wall writings
genocide route: chara / first encounter


so now we know the facts. what exactly can we infer from them? 

originally, the unhappy reason chara climbed mt. ebott could have been anything. they may have suffered bullying. they may have been abused by humans. their family may have been killed by other humans, leaving chara homeless and alone. whatever the reason, it planted a deep hatred inside chara. it prompted them to go to a place they probably thought they would never see another human again – a place where people were said to disappear from and never return. humans are superstitious and would likely have taken a legend like that seriously and so nobody would look for chara there. chara wasn’t necessarily suicidal, but it can be assumed that they wanted to escape humanity nevertheless. maybe they thought they could survive alone in the wild.  

it is quite possible that chara had genuine feelings for their adoptive family for the most part. after asgore’s buttercup incident, however, it seems that a plan began to formulate in chara’s mind. from that point onward, chara prioritised their goal – murdering humans – above even the safety of those closest to them. chara’s hatred became more important to them than asriel and everyone else. their hatred of humanity was the driving force behind their actions.


[for more details about why chara would have used buttercups, see here]

  1. chara would get asriel on board.
    asriel would be absolutely vital to the plan’s success. as the game makes no mention of whether or not humans go through any particular changes after absorbing a monster soul (besides being able to cross the barrier), chara could only become strong with asriel’s help. chara may have employed manipulation tactics to get asriel to go along with it in the end – he was clearly not a fan of the plan to begin with. chara would insist that together they would “free everyone”, although chara’s version of freedom may have been death.
  2. chara would convince asriel to get the buttercups for them.
    this would cause asriel to feel directly responsible for chara’s death and make him intimately involved in chara’s plan. physical contact with the flowers would also blister chara’s hands and it may have been necessary to avoid that for the sake of making the suicide look like a natural death.
  3. chara would eat the flowers and fall ill.
    it couldn’t look like a suicide. a slow death would increase asriel’s guilt and dedication to the plan. chara’s suffering would be unbearable – it’s doubtful that anyone would assume chara chose this. the symptoms may not have been linked to asgore’s as humans have physical bodies and monsters are mostly made of magic.
  4. chara would tell the dreemurrs their dying wish.
    chara’s impossible wish to see the flowers from their village would give asriel the excuse he needed to absorb chara’s soul and leave the underground without having his motives questioned.  
  5. asriel would absorb chara’s soul.
    the monsters assumed that asriel only absorbed chara’s soul out of grief, but it was part of the plan all along. chara’s last wish just made it look that way, although asriel was probably also genuinely mortified by the events that occurred. while chara laid dying, asriel steeled himself by telling them, “six, right? we just have to get six..”
  6. chara would have their dead body brought to the surface.
    in the event that chara had no control over asriel when they combined their souls together, chara probably arranged for asriel to bring the body to the surface to make the last wish excuse look more believable. as it turned out, the control was split between chara and asriel, and it was chara who forced chasriel to move chara’s dead body to the human village.
  7. chasriel’s presence would provoke a human attack.
    but why bring the body all the way to the human village if they just had to deceive the monsters? there are two reasons: 1) it would provoke a human attack by making them think chasriel had killed an innocent child, 2) even if chara had no control once their soul was absorbed, they probably banked on asriel retaliating in self-defence when the humans saw asriel with the body, and 3) it would allow chasriel to tell the monsters afterwards that there was no choice but to fight back and take the human souls. after all, from the perspective of the monsters, asriel would have just been bringing his best friend’s body to its final resting place. as a result, the human attack would seem malicious and unjustifiable to the monsters. chasriel couldn’t be blamed for self-defence.
  8. together, asriel and chara would take six human souls.
    the plan was always to carry everything out as a team. on chara’s deathbed, asriel reaffirms that the two of them will “do it together”. it seems that chara never truly intended to disappear when they died; chara wanted to be reborn in a body that had power. with this body, chara would easily be able to steal six human souls and become godlike with asriel. according to asriel, it was chara who wanted “to use our full power”.
  9. monsters and humans would declare war on one another.
    monsters would have felt victimised by humanity once again, hearing about how the humans attacked for no discernible reason while asriel did nothing but mourn the loss of his best friend and sibling. humans would have felt their fears about monsters realised and decided that they should be wiped out and not just imprisoned underground. according to asriel: “if i killed those humans… we would have had to wage war against all of humanity.”

multiple routes: instances of the ambiguity of the word “free”


considering how meticulous chara’s plan was, it seems likely that they would have come to the same conclusion about war that asriel did. each step of the plan was wracked with contingency plans that dealt with “what if” scenarios, likely because chara wasn’t sure what would happen once they became a part of asriel. between having godlike powers and an army of monsters behind them, chara was determined to see humans die. after all their effort, it’s very possible that the last thing chara expected was to be betrayed by asriel’s desire not to kill.

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I 100% share your frustration when scrolling through AO3's Percabeth tag. I really hate it when all that comes up is Solangelo and Percico. I really do.

if a side ship appears in the background once or has zero relevance to the plot, just don’t tag it

it’s not that hard, people  

As a fish keeper, it is incredibly important to understand how your equipment works and how to maintain it.

I see so many people that just get rid of and replace their filters when they stop working, which is such a huge waste of money. Filters, in particular, are a piece of equipment that you should literally know inside and out. You should be able to dismantle and reassemble your filter, because if you’re not doing that, you’re not maintaining it properly. Which means you’re not completely cleaning it, causing more wear and tear and build up until it stops working. But it can usually still be fixed at this point if you just dismantle it and clean it properly.

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I’ve written
so many letters
to you,
832 to be exact,
one for each day
that I fail to see your face.

Letters scattered with
series of the same three questions,
written in a variety of different ways,
because I never knew how best
to convey what I needed to say.

In them are words
unuttered and
sentences unspoken,
sealed in unfinished envelopes,
that I half want to send.

but I don’t have your address,
so those letters would only clog up the mail,
get lost for a while,
and finally,
make their way back to me.

And I wouldn’t want them back.

And those feelings I penned,
and words that I wrote,
would continue on being
unuttered, unspoken,
and those 832 letters
would be left unopened.

I don’t think you want to
hear from me anyways.
I don’t think you care.
I wonder if you even remember me.
I think to you I was just a convenient replacement
you happened to meet one night,
someone to talk to, so that
you would no longer be burdened
to carry all those voices of demons
on your own.

but you didn’t know that I was already burdened
and that I carried the voices of people
who came before you.

Yet still I became
a quick drugstore pick me up,
like an over-the-counter medicine
that you thought could fix your broken heart.

but I could not.

The night that I met you,
I was drowning in my own sort
of lonesome,
from giving away parts of myself
to make others smile,
and they did,
but I became,
only a portion of what I once was.

I was looking in a mirror,
hanging in a corner store at
St. Marks place,
looking for my own type of fix,
to help me forget
how much it hurt to be

I didn’t find a fix,
but I did find your reflection,
standing next to mine,
looking lifeless.

I think something about your emptiness
spoke to mine,
and something about mine
spoke to yours,
so when our eyes met,
there was some sort of understanding
though we were strangers.

I remember talking to you
about nothing at all.
We spoke about shallow things,
because we weren’t ready to talk about
what was really killing us.

because if we did speak of them
they might have really killed us.

I think when we met each other
we made each other sadder,
and we tried to make each other happier,
by gifting each other parts of our souls.

But when we went our separate ways,
we only found that
we lost even
more of ourselves,
and we felt emptier
than ever before.

—  V.I.P.P.

Thoughts on Episode 102 - Love is a Shambling Thing:

  • Time to travel a considerable distance to stick a sticker on my sibling.
  • Does City Council have a home? Do they have a mortgage?
  • “Here’s your Valentine’s Day card, Carlos.” “Why are you wearing a hazmat suit?”
  •  Well, we got a few happy episodes before this one.
  • Luuuuuurv. 
  • Is Cecil bankrupt because of all the fines he has to pay for being unfashionable? Is that why he’s surprised he gets paid for his job? Money goes in, immediately paid out for those sponge clogs with that poncho.
  • I shop at Clearly Not Amazon too.
  • “Everything is going to be alright.” Did you hear the Old Woman Josie story, Weather?
  • Love just needs a friend.
  • Actually, Love is terrifying.
  • Is City Council’s entire slogan in the Night Vale Valentine’s cards? Can it be?
  • “Live every day like it’s your first.” Time to cry when I get hungry.
Q: Should Yuzuru put quad lutz in for next season?

So much overthinking as the person I am, with the lack of news during off-season, thoughts about technical aspects of next season have been wandering around inside my head for quite a while. 

Anh the big question for me as a Yuzuru’s fan is what should he do with his layout for next season? Should he add a new quad in or not? 

In a TV show and a magazine interview after WTT, Yuzuru said that he has no intention to put quad lutz in his program for Pyeongchang (though that quad was so beautiful, no pre-rotation and his toepick for inward, wtf). Also, I recalled from his FaOI talk with Nobunari and Shoma, he wrote for his goals that he want to consolidate what he learned so far into the program for Olympics 2018. All these made me have a very strong feeling that he is actually serious about not putting quad lutz in.

That’s fine, “no quad lutz is fine”, I thought. But what’s he gonna do with next season program and how will it be better from this year’s? Turned out, his layout already maxed out its value for a program with 3 kinds of quads he got (mostly for the LP): 

  • He’s only allowed to repeat 2 kinds of jumps, one of which is undoubtedly 3A given how much he loves it and how comfortable he is with it 
  • He got 2 quad salchow this season, and the biggest change can only be from 4S to 4L or doing a hard combination for 4S-2T. 

As for the situation we’re in and also for context, I find it very helpful to look back at the 13-14 Olympic season. The 2 main skaters that I’m gonna discuss in that season are Patrick and Yuzuru (for obvious reason). After taking the silver at Skate Canada and Trophee Bompard, Yuzuru got gold at GPF 2013 and then at Sochi, overthrowing Patrick’s throne that had been going on for the past 3 years. And the reason Yuzuru was able to do so were:

  • He got a really good SP that he could skate well and skate consistently, which creates a lead for him after SP 
  • By doing more difficult elements and placing them in the second half of the free program, he got an advantage in BV comparing to Patrick, which also allows him to win with a not very clean program (as I saw him struggle to skate clean his LP that season) 

For 13-14 season free program, the difference in BV of Yuzuru and Patrick was around 8 points, the total GOE for Yuzuru was 8-14 and Patrick was 17-18. So with a quite similar TES and a lead in SP, Yuzuru was able to win Patrick who was deemed unbeatable. 

For this season, this is some averages (just estimation, not exact) I got for the three skaters I think have the most potential for gold in Pyeongchang (this is only for the free, as to me their SP are around the same score): 

  1. Yuzu BV 103, GOE 20-23, PCS 94-97 
  2. Shoma BV 104, GOE 7.5-15, PCS 91-94
  3. Nathan BV 104, GOE 9-12, PCS 84-88
  4. Boyang BV 103, GOE 9-15 , PCS 83-86

My guess are that Nathan’s gonna add another 4Lz (layout like the one for Worlds this season), Shoma’s gonna add 4F, and Boyang’s gonna add another quad too (not sure about him, 4Lz/4L). This will up their BV by 8-10 points alone, assumed they don’t add any other changes and they have the same level of skating. However, things never stay constant. The three younger skaters still have a lot to improve on their PCS and how many GOEs they can take, so those number will definitely increase next season. 

I don’t underestimate Yuzuru’s ability to evolve, it’s just that he’s much closer to the point of “perfection”, according to CoP. In recent years, the maximum GOE he got was around 70-80% of max GOE for the whole free skate. And even if he got 10% more on GOE, which I think is “wow”, that’s an increase of only 3 points. His PCS is already around 97-98 points and I doubt that it can go any much higher.

 So assumed that he does as I said, keeping the quad lutz out of the equation, then Yuzuru might fall into the seat of Patrick in 2013. He’s an awesome skater, and it’s clear that no one can beat him if he can skate clean both programs. But from my short time as a fan, as much a believer I am of him doing the best come back from behind ever, I seriously won’t bet my money on him skating 2 programs clean under such pressure every time. The stress that he put on himself to skate clean SP in WTT 2017 and its result is a good evidence for this, I think. I think he knows much better about his hot-and-cold moments and as someone who used the BV card just a few seasons ago, he shouldn’t put the Olympic gold medal on such a risky bet like that in my opinion.

Of course, all my worries will be for nothing if he got an amazing SP from Jeff and leads the way with a few points in the SP. But those things, you never know until the season starts a while. I’m kinda worried because he seems to struggle a little bit with his first season for an SP, but me in my wishful thinking mode will hope that Jeff and Yuzu will go back to programs that Yuzuru can rock it CLEAN (they wanted LGC to be a challenge and it definitely was XD). I don’t really worry about Shae, so mehh… the choreography should be fine, it’s just about the jumps.

Again, so much uncertainty, and the ability of younger skaters to compensate the gap in quality with the BV of their quads as mentioned above put me into panick mode cause I really think he should put quad lutz in but there is no sign he would do so. Yuzu, I know you’re a smart ass, I just don’t know what’s in your mind right now =.=

Yes, that was all those clogged in my head *relieved*. But whatever happens, I’ll  still be happy I think. Either seeing that beautiful quad lutz in competition or witnessing a smooth and complex skate by Yuzu, so come fast next season!

 * this started out as some thoughts I have after Yuzu mentioned he wouldn’t include 4Lz in his program, then I kinda asked around tumblr a bit, only to realize I couldn’t include all my arguments and confusion in such small spaces. In the end, after 2 long weeks, I’m just like “Whatever, I’ll write this down and let them butcher my opinion.” So come join the discussion and enlighten me, guys! (that is if you’re still here at the end of this long ass post) *

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What is Grey/the gang afraid of?

Grey Hat is afraid of losing control and hurting those he loves

Clug/Clog are afraid of losing each other

Yamencia is scared of being alone

E03 is scared of carnival music

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How tall are your gem babies? What's their personalities?

okay i’m gonna do have to update this b/c I realized I’ve been drawing most of them horribly out-of-scale all this time lmao

for reference Leo’s bio says he’s 5′9″ and the last time I checked my height I was 5′3″-ish (though I might have grown- who knows~). of all the individual gems, Glass is the tallest at 7′3″-ish

Rainbow Obsidian’s just a bit taller than Amethyst Druzy, owing to him being the less stable of the two. Of all the fusions, Drake is the tiniest

and then there’s Bert

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what do you think about jikook?

i think they’re cute and adorable, they’re clearly fond and adore each other like all the members are of one another 

that time in rookie king when jimin shouted 'JEON JEONGGUK’ is a constant mood

but im guessing u sent this ask meaning how i feel about it otp/shipping wise, personally i don’t ship it and it’s not a otp for me

A Rundown Of Jo’s Hurricane Situation

Hey guys! As a lot of you will already be aware, I live in Florida, so there’s a very real chance that we’re gonna get Irma’d in the face pretty hard here in a few days. So I wanted to make this post so that everyone’s got a basic understanding of exactly what my situation is, especially friends with really bad anxiety. 

I won’t sugarcoat anything, but I also don’t want anyone worrying unnecessarily. The news reports during this thing are gonna be terrifying. Phrases like “largest Category 5 storm in history” and “strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded” are not exactly sources of comfort–but I want you all to know that my situation is very different from what you will probably see on the news. 

(The tl;dr here is: Don’t picture me sitting on my roof surrounded by water, picture me playing my three hundredth game of Scrabble against a guinea pig and flushing my toilet with a pail for a little while.)

  • I live in Pinellas County. If you look at a map of Florida, it’s on the Gulf coast–the west side of the state. It’s the little miniature land penis hanging off the side of the main land penis.
  • We expect the storm to hit sometime Sunday afternoon (9/10).
  • Our house is not in a flood zone. We’re on high ground, our house is cement-block and built to code, and we are at this very moment in the process of getting plywood and storm shutters up.
  • If Irma follows the current spaghetti plots, it will hit Miami and move up through the mainland, passing east of me. That is the ideal situation for me, personally, where I am. If it passes east of us, my house is the safest possible place to be.
  • We have a generator. We actually have two, because my dad’s sailboat is in the backyard, and it has an onboard generator. It also has a propane grill and a stove! So we will 100% be able to cook food in the aftermath of the hurricane, for as long as we need to.
  • We have lots of drinking water, charged flashlights with batteries, and nonperishable food, and will be filling up tubs and pails as well. And yes, we got extra food for Bo as well! No need to worry about that. The boat comes in handy here again; my dad is prepping to go cruising, which means he has lots of supplies and a full water tank! Thanks, Tristar.
  • Speaking of the boat, it’s currently tied down in a manner my dad accurately described as “downright Lilliputian”. It ain’t going anywhere.
  • If Irma enters the Gulf of Mexico, we are in trouble. This area cannot take a direct hit from a major hurricane. A down-the-throat strike from the West would obliterate the Tampa bay area. If that happens, we’re probably going to run to Orlando. We have an evacuation plan if it comes to it.
  • If we have time, we’ll haul the boat with us. If we do not, we’re not going to be stupid about it. We’ll make sure we’ve got things ready to throw in the car and go. 
  • If that happens, we’ll leave at like…two in the morning. I know everyone’s seen images of those clogged highways and people stuck in their cars. I promise, we have too. We’ve lived here a long time and we know the traffic patterns and evacuation routes. We don’t play around with hurricanes but, again, for everything except a direct hit off the Gulf, the best thing for us to do is bunker down here.
  • We are going to lose power. That is a guarantee. Cell towers ain’t gonna survive this thing either, so I will be out of contact for an uncertain amount of time. My dad, given the area we’re in and the damage we anticipate, estimates a few days. It might be longer.
  • To friends who are going to be watching the progress of the hurricane and worrying about me: Once it’s gone, I know you’re going to be anxiously waiting for news. I assure you I’ll be texting Julis as soon as I possibly can to let em know I’m okay. 
  • Please, please try to remember: Radio silence following the storm doesn’t mean something bad happened. It just means we don’t have power yet. There are gonna be a lot of people in much worse situations than me; I very much hope that they’ll get priority over getting my lights back on!
  • I’ve been in your position. When Charlie was coming straight for Tampa, our neighbors didn’t evacuate. I remember sitting helplessly in front of a TV from a safe distance, watching it gain strength and seeing news reports of the devastation in its wake. I know what that feels like, and I was just a kid at the time. I know how worried you’re going to be. But I promise, I’m not going to be feeling the brunt of this one. Me, my dad, and Bo are gonna be just fine.
[UPDATE] JUN KI CROC ALERT (Mystery Solved):

Hello…This is junkiscrocs, here to report on…Jun Ki’s crocs.

Gather round my dear friends. Today we have an incredibly special segment and it gives me immense delight to share it with you all. First of all, if any of you are dedicated followers of Lee Jun Ki, you’d know his latest project, Criminal Minds Korea, has finally come to a close. Yesterday, Namoo Actors unleashed a boatload of pictures from a special project Lee Jun Croc put together for his beloved fans. For the 96 days he shot Criminal Minds, he had his agency take a photo of him holding a whiteboard numbering the day, so that his fans could take part and witness the fun, energetic atmosphere on set (how sweet; a soft kitten). Anyway, as much as that warmed even the frostiest parts of my cardiac organ, my primary response was: 


So, with that in mind, I sorted through each picture (this was before they ended up being released later on in a higher quality) and found 2 pictures, yes 2 out of 96, where the man is donning some crocs.

Now, first let us quickly go over our motto (yes, we have a motto). 






For anyone wondering what in the hell that’s supposed to mean, put simply, it comes out to something like: 

We frequently honor and protect Jun Ki’s periodically extra™ taste in trash fashion.*

* - particularly crocs, but including other favorites not limited to: snapbacks, obnoxious prints, paul bunyan style flannels, jorts, and basketball shorts.

But enough with the technicalities, let’s get to the long awaited moment. Below is the first photo I stumbled upon. Sadly it’s still a tad blurry, but we get the gist of what’s going on here. First of all, he looks like a delicate cotton ball in that fluffy sweater… and to pair it with those distressed jeans that are, of course, a few inches too short, pushes his level of adorable into offensive territory (no joke. I didn’t even pay for anything but I want my money back). Anyway, I’m going to pretend his smile isn’t currently burning a gaping, molten, hole into the very depths of my soul right now to say that if you look closely enough, you’d notice something’s off about those clogs. They are not the plain black crocs I thought he’d been frolicking around on set with in our last few sets of pictures. No my friends. I’ve been wrong all along. After revisiting some older croc pics with this week’s new references I’ve been realizing there was never a pair of plain black crocs after all. There is a vivid sheen of blue reflecting off the top of those clogs, and I must not have been the only curious croc around, as Korean netizens seemed to have dug up the details on this glittering pair.

They are in fact, a pair of black and blue superhero crocs. Yes, you’ve read correctly. That is supposedly some sort of Batman x Superman fusion logo they so graciously placed on the top. I can’t say I’m surprised that he bought matching superhero jibbitz to poke through the top. He was committed to sporting the whole matching superhero set. Now I’m assuming they were black but this photo is showing a hideous sort of brownish gray color. I can’t be sure whether that’s the effects of longterm wear, the sun reflecting off of them, the photo’s poor quality, or whether that was their actual color to begin with. Either way, they look about three sizes too big for his petite tootsies and that makes me weak at the knees. He’s definitely pushing it.

Now, here’s the second photo of the 96 that I so carefully spotted. Just a normal photo right? Wrong. Despite the fact that the crocs are so savagely cut off at the bottom of this photo, we can still identify about three quarters of their existence. They’re definitely filled with jibbitz. We don’t get to see the bright blue so I can’t be 100% sure due to the poor lighting conditions of this picture, but they are probably the same superhero crocs that he’s been sporting all along. Anyway, what I can say with 100% certainty is that his legs look absolutely stunning in this photo (they could stop traffic). 

That’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this post. This has been junkiscrocs reporting for Jun Ki’s Crocs News