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Take A Hint

Lin Manuel Miranda x fem!reader

Warnings: swearing, tiny suicide mention

Authors Note: im really sorry, check my future posts for a sorry explanation as to why I’m such a dick lmfao

You pressed your ear to the door, straining to hear the soft voices from inside. Everyone from the cast had seemingly disappeared all at once, and you found yourself wandering the halls till you saw an unfortunately tall Daveed Diggs slipping away into Lin’s dressing room.
“Can’t seem to figure it out…”
The voice quieted, and then they were all speaking at once, making it insanely difficult for you to keep up.
“Maybe if we…”
“No we’ve tried that…”
“It’s a possibility…”
You could identify the angelic voice of Pippa as she called order to the disorganized meeting, and she hushed everyone suddenly.
You heard footsteps approaching the door, and you quickly jumped back and sprinted around the corner.
Pippa’s head poked out from behind the slightly ajar door, and she looked from side to side, searching for eavesdroppers.
Finding none, she shut the door with a definite click, and the voices resumed talking.
You tiptoed back to your dressing room, and picked up your phone, debating on calling someone and asking where they all were.
Deciding against calling, you clicked on Lin’s contact and began typing.
“Oh my god. Guys Y/N texted me!”
Talk stopped, and immediately everyone was crowding around the phone, screaming to know what she said.
Pippa shouted over the mess of people to quiet for a moment, and looked out the peephole once more to check if Y/N was lurking.
“We’re good. Go on Lin!”
Lin opened the message.
“Hey b! Where’s everyone at? I’m lonely :(”
There was a beat of silence, and then the loudness resumed.
“You’ve got to go to her dressing room.”
“Are you crazy? That’d be suicide!”
“Well, are you just going to let her sit around and find a new guy?”
Lin ran his fingers through his hair, and called for order.
“You guys, I’ve been thinking. As much as I really hope that this isn’t true, what if she isn’t into me? I mean, I gotta respect her decision and not be a dick about it and keep flirting with her.”
Everyone turned their eyes toward Jasmine, who was Y/N’s best friend.
“I mean, it’s not very likely.”
She chewed on a fingernail, nervous as she spoke quickly. She felt immensely guilty for betraying her best friend like this, but it was for the good of Lin and you both.
“She talks about you all the time, and she’ll sometimes be smiling down at her phone and when I ask her what she’s looking at she’ll say nothing, but when she gets up and leaves her phone with me I’ll see she was looking at your Twitter. I think she likes you, but doesn’t think you like her back.”
Everyone groaned, as it seemed they were back to square 1.
“Can she not take a hint? God, of all the things that I did I thought she’d at least have some wisp of knowledge by now!”
Oak gestured towards Lin’s phone, the messages app still open.
“Are you going to leave her on read?”
Lin’s eyes nearly bulged out of his skull.
You set your phone down, exhaling slowly and tapping your foot.
It had been exactly 12 minutes since you’d sent Lin a text, and he saw it 10 minutes ago, but hadn’t replied.
You paced around your dressing room, hands clasped behind your back as you crossed the room back and forth.
You were just turning on your heel when your door opened, causing you to jump back quickly to avoid the tops of your toes to be scratched.
A slightly disheveled Lin stood at the door, about a dozen of your cast mates standing ground behind him.
“Hi, Y/N.”
You smiled, and backed away from the door, inviting everyone in.
To your surprise, everyone but Lin walked out of the doorway, and shut the door behind them, leaving you to smile awkwardly at Lin before speaking.
“To what do I owe the honor, Mr. Miranda?”
You joked as he smiled.
He swallowed and looked more nervous than you had ever seen him.
“Are you okay, Lin? Here sit.”
You scooted over in your chair and gestured for him to sit next to you.
His leg pressed into your thigh, and you felt your face warming up at the sudden closeness of you two.
“I just need to say something right now, and it’ll be ten times easier to say if you don’t make any decisions till I’m done, so here we go.”
He spoke so quickly that you struggled to keep up with his words.
“I’ve liked you for a long time, Y/N. Longer than you probably know. If you even know. But no matter. You were just this sweet, amazingly funny and beautiful girl and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you since Day 1. I’ve tried so many times to express my affections towards you,”
He cringed, and laughed afterwards.
“I sound like I’m quoting a Thomas Jefferson letter. The point is, I need to know if you’ve taken the hint or if I need another gesture to make it known.”
You were at a loss for words, so you did what anyone who had a mouth but no words would do.
You kissed him.
His initial reaction was surprised, but soon he entangled his hands in your hair and pulled you closer.
You pulled away only when you heard cheers from the door, and groaned and hid your face as your fellow actors and actresses clapped and whooped.
Lin smiled down at you, making you blush and wrap your arms around him.
“I’m glad you took a hint.”

This is some fluffy cuddly friend stuff for @varenneoraven <3


“I hear you’ve been feelin’ down, Y/n,” Prompto’s voice said through the phone. His tone was concerned.  You could practically hear the frown in his voice.

It had been a while since you had seen any of the guys – they were out on another camping trip and your work schedule made it impossible to hang out with them.  Prompto and Ignis tended to be the ones that kept in touch with you the most. Without your closest friends around, loneliness set in.

Prompto’s voice sounded muffled while he covered the receiver and said something to you could only guess was Ignis,  and after a few seconds of noise that sounded like they were shuffling around, Ignis’ voice filled your ears.

“We’re actually back in the Crown City if you would like for us to drop by and visit, Y/n.”

The thought brought a smile to your lips and you leaned against the door frame to your bedroom. The entire room was in disarray. You had been spending more time cooped up in there than you wanted to admit.

“Do you got emergency provisions?”

He chuckled. “Of course. Prompto will be supplying the games –“ his voice cut out when the blonde shouted, loud enough for you to hear a list of video games he had for the three of you to play before Ignis took over again. “I’ll take care of the food, Y/n. We’ll let you know when we’re at your building.”

“Thanks, Iggs.”

An hour or so later, the doorbell buzzed. Prompto swung the front door open the instant you yelled that they could come in, and he held it for Ignis, who carried armfuls of grocery bags. It had to be every possible comfort junk food in the world, which wasn’t surprising. He may know how to cook a thousand better things, but even Specs liked to indulge. He set the bags on the counter, all but one, which he unloaded and put in the freezer so the ice cream wouldn’t melt.

Prompto beelined for you after shutting the door and dropping his bag of video games on the floor. He swept you up into the warmest hug he could muster, lifting you an inch or two off the ground to give you a little twirl as well. You couldn’t help grinning when he carefully set you back on the floor, and he held you at arm’s length to get a good look at your face. There was that sweet, lopsided grin of his.

Therrre’s that smile I like seein’,” he noted with an affirmative nod. “It’s too bad you couldn’t come along with us! Have you been sleeping well? Work going good?”

“Pretty much all I’ve been doing when I haven’t been working…” you shrugged. “Work’s a slog, as usual.”

The blonde frowned, and when you cast a sidelong glance at Ignis in the kitchen, you noticed a concerned frown tug at his lips as well.

“Company would definitely do you some good, Y/n. Looks like you’re stuck with us tonight.”

Prompto pumped his fist in the air. “Hell yeah, I love sleepovers!” he hurried to the living room after retrieving his bag and immediately started hooking up all of his consoles to your TV.

“I brought some old Mario Parties. The good ones,” he called to you while you headed to the kitchen to join Ignis. “I got some Resident Evil for if you wanna get spooked,  I’ve got PT still, Yakuza 4, a couple of Zeldas… Smash. We’re so playing Smash. Have you seen Iggy’s Samus? It kicks ass.”

Ignis grinned when you accompanied him. He already had nearly every bowl in your kitchen filled to the brim with junk food. Popcorn was popping in the microwave. He opted for carbonated fruit juice instead of pop, which sounded good. You grabbed a bottle and popped the top off, then took a drink. Clemetine-flavored, and sour. He snickered when you scrunched your nose, and like Prompto, he pulled you into a warm hug after you set the bottle down on the counter.

“If I had a means to get you some free time to breathe a bit, I would, Y/n,” he said, smoothing your hair with his gloved hand. “If you want to talk about anything, you have my ear.”

Your eyes met for a moment and he smiled warmly at you, then turned to grab a few of the bowls in his hands and make his way to the coffee table in front of the couch to set them down. Mirroring him with some of the other bowls of snacks, you followed.

Prompto knew where you kept all of the blankets and pillows in your closet, so it wasn’t surprising to find him already piling them up on the couch, then flitting around the room to dim lights and double check that everything was plugged into the right outlets. He handed a controller to Ignis, one to you, and set the other one in his lap once you and Specs had sat down.

The intro for an earlier Smash game played on the screen, and the three of you got to work selecting characters.

After a few rounds, (Prom and you against Ignis and the AI) Prompto and you just stared, dumbfounded at Ignis. How in the world did he get that good?

“I believe that was called a wombo combo,” he said, grinning.

“You’re such a shit, Specs.” Prompto raked a hand through his hair and got up to change games.

“A good one,” he countered, leaning over to grab a handful of popcorn. He tossed a piece at you and you caught it in your mouth, then copied him with a handful of M&Ms.

The night went on with the three of you playing different games, huddled together on the couch with blankets covering you. Prompto and you screamed the most when Ignis booted up RE7 and took the reigns.


Prompto had his head under the blanket at one point, but the dim glow of his cellphone gave away that he was playing King’s Knight in effort to calm his nerves. A tuft of blonde hair peeked out from the blanket, along with the occasional glimpse of his bright blue eyes to see what Ignis was doing.

You considered joining Prompto under the blanket, but watching Ignis play was simultaneously terrifying and fascinating. After the first few scares and deaths he just calmly walked through the game, stopping strategically in places right before triggering a monster spawn or something. It definitely took some of the edge off.

“See, look,” he’d explain, swiveling the camera around a little bit. “Right when I touch that floorboard, Jack’s going to show up again.”

And sure enough, Jack bursts through the wall.

Prompto on the controls for Yakuza was a blast. Ignis egged him on by asking him if he was the Dragon of Dojima yet and the blonde was beyond hyped. The revelations when he played as Akiyama had the three of you laughing to the point of tears.


Eventually it was your turn to control a game – MGSV, and the three of you sang “The Man Who Sold the World” at the top of your lungs, all terribly off-key.

Prompto had never played, but Ignis was familiar with the game and kept his mouth shut about what was going on in the story. He occasionally shot you a knowing look, while playing dumb with every single question Prompto asked.

“Do you think Quiet’s like a plant or something? Like a really smart plant lady…”

“I don’t know, Prom,” he replied with a shrug.

“WHA—SHE JUST – She can just do that? Like - like she’s Reptile, right? She’s basically a sniper Reptile plant lady.”

You giggled. “…I mean…Sure? That’d honestly be pretty rad.”

“That would be the RADDEST.”

As the snacks dwindled and the three of you grew exhausted from staring at the TV screen, you all began to doze off, one by one. Ignis nodded off first, an arm draped around your shoulder. You reached up to carefully remove his glasses and set them in the middle of the coffee table, and about jumped with surprise at the weight of Prompto’s head falling into your lap. He was snoring. You grinned and snuggled into the blankets and your two friends.

Sleep eventually took you, and it was the soundest, most comfortable sleep you had ever had in a while.

. In Tenebris . 13

It was nearly three days later that Lucy woke up the first time.

When her dark eyes flickered open, they met black. It was the middle of the night, and her head was pounding and aching and there was so much agonizing pain and don’t even get her started on the voices!

Endless words poured through her mind, endless, endless, endless! She couldn’t bring herself to shut them out and it was a mere second of it before she was screaming, slapping her hands over her ears, pleading in silence for the voices to stop. She screamed louder when someone gently shook her, shouting over her screams.

The words echoed in her mind.

“I’m sorry.”

“We’re so sorry.”

“Forgive us.”

“We don’t want this either!”

Lucy saw nothing more.

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Not interested (Jerome x Reader)

Originally posted by jeromevaleskasface

Part 1

A/N: There will be just one more part of this story.

Summary: Reader is Ed’s younger sister. She met Jerome while working for GCPD.

˝Y/N, Y/N! Wake up! ˝ Your brother Ed yelled coming into your room. After hearing his voice, you covered your ears with your pillow. You hated when somebody would wake you up during the night. The traffic outside was loud and you heard sirens in the distance.

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Magnetic Chapter 21: Drunken Amnesia

Dean Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Chapter Summary: The morning after Dean comes home drunk, you wake up in his bed.

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

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“Y/N, wake up!” Dean’s voice sounded right next to your ear, before his hand playfully slapped your butt, waking you right up.

“Dean!” You exclaimed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes before you glared at him. He was already dressed, a huge smile on his face as if he hadn’t gone on a binge the night before. His duffel bag was on the floor next to him, and a cup of coffee was in his hands. His eyes were a little red, the only indication that he had been completely drunk the night before.

“Not my fault you were such a sleepy head. I tried waking you up earlier but you wouldn’t budge.” He teased, as you sat up in bed. You didn’t miss the way his eyes traveled the bare expanse of your legs as you kicked off the covers, swinging your legs over the side.

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Gif source:  Voight

Imagine having a love-hate relationship with Voight.

——— Request for anon ———

“You drive me crazy, you know that right?” has your ears perking up at the familiar voice t your left. So he had come to find you after your fight, huh? You suppose Molly’s wasn’t the best place to come if you hadn’t wanted him to, but hindsight was 20/20.

You don’t reply, still minorly annoyed despite the drink that had put a damper on your temper over the last hour you’d been here, instead letting him bask in your silence until he finally continued.

“Never forget I love you, though, no matter how insane you are,” Voight adds the last part with a teasing chuckle, making a smile break against your glass as your take another sip of your drink. “Let’s get outta’ here, huh?”

Dear bluemagedany,

Not all bindings are meant for harm.  The proper discouragement, whether physical or spoken, may keep one from making foolish, and at times fatal, mistakes.  The tighter the binding, the lower the temptation to err.

Apollo’s bracelet provides a perfect example, keeping him from believing everything he hears.  All it takes is a bit of concentration on another’s part to make its “voice” a bit stronger in his ears.

-Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

Hard to Handle - Danny x Reader - Chapter 9

Series Name: Hard to Handle

Chapter Name: Need You Tonight

Pairing: Danny x Reader

Word Count: 2,879

Parts:  1 | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 8 | (9) | 10

A/N: One more to go, holy shit. I told Y’all there would still be smut. :)

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Healing was a slow and painful process. It took time to wash the taste of Mark out of your mouth. It took even longer to wash the smell of him off of your skin and out of your sheets. There is no way to get rid of the memory of his touch on your skin or the richness of his voice when he whispered drunken nothings into your ears.

You never showed your sadness. You had something casual with Mark. Something fun. Something that would have destroyed both of you if you had tried to take it a step further. Something that never would have lasted no matter how you played the game.

Still, you quietly mourned its loss. You washed your sheets every Friday night and tossed the pairs of underwear that most reminded you of him, replacing them only at 3am when you needed a distraction from whatever thoughts were plaguing you. You stopped drinking alone, putting all your alcohol in a trunk under your bed.

It took a while, but you healed. You put yourself back together. And then you let Danny back in.

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anonymous asked:

Could I request some hcs for Jotaro and Kakyoin with female s/o who is really shy and anxious, but in private she's a great singer and they once found out about that? Also hello, good luck ^^

Sure, and thank you for the kind words! Hopefully these’ll be to your liking!


  • It’s a bit of a relief for Jotaro to have a partner that’s more on the shy side than anything. With Jotaro being a bit of an introvert himself, the bond between you two will be so strong to the point where he can understand what you’re trying to say with a single glance alone.
  • Upon realizing your musical talent, it most likely been on accident, such as hearing you singing in the shower, or walking in on you doing chores while singing. 
    • As he entered the house, his ears perked to the sound of a melodious voice reverberating through the halls. Who was singing? Walking further, his eyes widened for a moment, seeing you joyously carrying out your daily tasks while singing to your heart’s conent. Leaving to the other room as to not make you embarressed, a small grin rose to the teen’s features. He wished to himself that you wouldn’t stop singing anytime soon.
  • Ever since, he’d drop very subtle hints that he knows what they’re capable of, wanting to get the message across that while they wanted to keep their talent a secret, he’s more than accepting of their talents.
    • “There’s a concert being held soon. Does that interest you?”
  • When he’s confronted directly by you, he won’t necessarily apologize for listening in on your singing, but he wouldn’t brush off your feelings completely.
    • “Yare yare, I don’t know why you’re so mad at me. Shouldn’t this stuff bring us closer as a couple? I like your singing, and that’s that. You don’t have to feel so embarressed about it anymore.”


  • Like Jotaro, Kakyoin would perfer to have a quieter partner as well. He’ll end up relating to you the most, and would probably veiw your shy nature as adorable.
  • Although he’ll end up finding out your musical talent by accident too, he’ll be much more bolder than Jotaro, vocally expressing his delight much to your dissmay.
    • Kakyoin let out a soft “Oh?” when he heard singing among the sound of your shower running. Putting his ear against the closed bathroom door, the corners of his mouth lifted in a grin. Who knew there was so such power behind your normally small voice? He’d leave, but would find you again by the time your dressed and dried off. Giving you a small applause, he’d only laugh at your bewilderment.
    • “Your voice is so lovely, darling! You need to sing more for me!”
  • Although he wound’t push the matter if you’re uncomfortable with it, he’ll wonder why you hid something like this from him.
    • “I apologize for teasing you about this, and as much as I wouldn’t want to discomfort you, I’d like you to know that you’re indeed very talented. Ha ha, I just wish I could’ve found out sooner.”
  • Whenever you do feel ready enough to sing in public, or let alone for him, he’ll even summon Hierophant Green to help clap for you.
    • “That’s my wonderful partner, always giving me more reasons to love them!”

I spent way too long trying to finish this. My Chromebook had shut down on me while I was in the middle of writing, so I had to start from scratch on my desktop computer… I’m not too pleased with how Kakyoin’s part ended up, but hopefully this was a good read nonetheless! 

- Admin CJ

dollycrybaby  asked:

If I were dating you, we would have burping competitions, impromptu roadtrips/long drives, midnight snack runs, buying toys and acting like 5 year olds, brushing/stroking your hair, scratching your back, random sing a longs (even though my voice will make your ears bleed, blasting [old] songs and dancing around and all the cuddles in the world.

You had me at stroking my hair 💕

anonymous asked:

Did the hat consider putting Harriet in Slytherin too?

The Hat dropped over Harriet’s eyes, too big for her head. She sat in darkness, the din of the Great Hall strangely soft now, like she was listening to the seashell that the science teacher in Little Whinging kept in her classroom.

“Well, well, what have we here?” said a little voice in her ear. “Harriet Potter, is it?”

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DeanCas Coda to 12.05

So, uh, guess what, Sunshine?”

Castiel smiles at Dean’s enthusiasm, grinning at the tinny voice in his ear. Resettling on the lumpy motel bed, he crosses his socked feet at the ankles and tugs on his tie. “What?”

I killed Hitler.”

Unconsciously, Cas’s head tilts to the side. “You… killed Hitler.”

Yep,” Dean replies. The angel can practically see his hunter’s chest puff up with pride as he struggles to contain his glee. “I killed motherfucking Adolf Hitler. I punched him, and then I killed him. I killed Hitler.”

A frown. “Dean… not that I doubt your skill or prowess, but—Hitler killed himself years ago. He’s already dead.”

No. No he’s not. Because the thule put him in a fancy-ass nazi pocketwatch and brought him back—and then I ganked him. Cas, your boyfriend—huh?” 

There’s some shuffling on the line, and Cas can hear Sam and Dean speaking and then bickering before the former’s voice filters through the speaker: “Hey, Cas.”

Sam Winchester sounds incredibly unenthused.

“Sam,” the angel replies. “Is everything… alright?”

Oh yeah. I mean, other than the fact that Dean won’t shut up about—fine, yeah! Fucking—jesus, Dean, stop! I’m telling him, alright! Fuck—” A heaving sigh. “Cas, Dean killed Hitler. I saw him do it—Stop it! There. Are you happy now?!?”

The phone changes hands again and Dean is smiling through the receiver. “So,” he grins.

“So.” Cas can’t stop himself from huffing a laugh. “This world owes you a great debt of gratitude, Mr. Winchester. On behalf of all of us, I thank you.”

Well y’know,” the hunter says, overly casual. “Just doin’ my duty.”

“You must have been very brave.”

Dean’s voice pitches low. Cas’s smile widens. “Oh, I was, Sunshine. The bravest. You’ve never seen, um… uh. Yeah.” He clears his throat. “Real brave.”

“Bravery should be rewarded,” Castiel murmurs.


“That was more or less my thinking, yes.”

“…I miss you,” Dean says, suddenly sounding vulnerable. “Is it really dumb that I just wanna kiss you right now?”

“I don’t think so,” Castiel replies. His voice is soft and his heart is warm. “I want to kiss you, too.”

In your text, you said you’ll be done tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Cas confirms. “I’ll probably be back by about eleven.”

I think I can handle that,” Dean hums. “FYI: the first thing I’m expecting when you get out of that POS pickup truck is a congratulatory kiss.”

“Because you killed Hitler,” Castiel teases.

He’s certain Dean nods.

Because I killed friggin’ Hitler.”

When you love someone, they become a part of who you are. They’re in everything you do. They’re in the air you breathe and the water you drink and the blood in your veins. Their touch stays on your skin and their voice stays in your ears and their thoughts stay in your mind. You know their dreams because nightmares pierce your heart and their good dreams are your dreams too. And you don’t think they’re perfect, but you know their flaws, the deep-down truth of them, and the shadows of all their secrets, and they don’t frighten you away, in fact you love them more for it, because you don’t want perfect. You want them.
—  Julian Blackthorn, Lady Midnight
Heavy Petting (M)


Genre: Smut, Cathybrid! AU

Word count: 4k

pairing: Jimin x reader

Warnings: rated M, sexual content, language, cat/human hybrid, (reverse?) thigh riding, sub!Jimin

A/N: part of cathybrid!BTS miniseries!

others:  Yoongi   |   Taehyung

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F I R S T. he touches you and you light on fire. your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin. the burns don’t show, but it’s hard to breathe with ash in your lungs. it’s so hard to breathe. you’re suffocating daily. S E C O N D. it hurts to watch him. he shines. he’s brighter than the sun, he’s too beautiful for your eyes. it’s hard to look at him. it’s even harder to look away from him. you’re going blind. T H I R D. your ears are tuned to his voice. you could pick him out in a sea of thousands. his voice makes pretty singers who sing pretty songs sound dull. his voice makes everything else sound ugly. F O U R T H. the color of his eyes is blue enough to drown in. he is turning you into a clichéd love-wrecked being. you’re drowning, always sinking. down, down, down. F I F T H. you know him. you love him. through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars, you’d find him, you’d never leave him. you love him, till death do you part. 
( S I X T H. he loves you, too. )

five things you know and one thing you don’t. (insp)