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Dare to Love
  • Tony: No one can love me
  • Steve: hold my bear.
  • Tony: .....okay
  • Steve: *jumps out of a plane without a parachute with loud speakers* I LOVE ANTHONY EDWARD STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK
  • Tony: *drops bear*

           “Mijo wake up! You are going to miss school like this”, Mrs. Reyes shouted, making Gabriel wake up stopping a drop of drool that was slipping along his lips, he jumped up from the bed as soon as he realized where, when and who he was, grabbing his clothes, putting on his shoes over his socks and taking his bag that was dropped in the floor, when he was about to run downstairs he ran back in to grab a tiny pile of papers from is desk, he went on to grab a pear and give some kisses to his mom: “Bye mom, see you soon”, rushing through the door as he put on a jacket over his wrinkly shirt, and some pants. “Ah Gabriel, why do you always leave such a mess in your room Mrs. Reyes asked herself, seeing her son running through the dirt path.

           Jack’s ears heard some fast thuds in the distance, making him slow down a bit, as the noise came a bit closer he started to run a little faster with a little grin on his face: Jackieeeeee, wait uuuuup!”, Gabe screamed, huffing from the small lack of air, finally reaching Jack calmly walking with his light blue shirt and jeans:

Gabe: “Oh come on take that stupid grin off your face”

Jack: “Hehehehe what grin? I’m just slowly making my way to school”

Gabe: “Haha, I know you heard me, and just started running away!”

Jack: “Hehehe, whatever… how did you sleep?”

Gabe: “Poorly, you?”

Jack: “Me too…”

Gabe’s tail started to move towards Jacks when he said:

Gabe: “Look, about yesterday…I-”

Jack: “Oh no the school bell, c’mon or we’ll be late”

           The rabbit sprinted his way to the entrance leaving the cat alone without getting to complete his thought, arriving at class he set on his spot, holding his fingers strongly entwined apprehensively looking a Jack surrounded by a group of other kids, when they finally traded looks, Morrison coldly changed focus, leaving Reyes with an even stronger feeling of guilt. As the day went on Gabe tried to approach Jackie several times, all of them failing, each time leaving the cat more and more frustrated, by the end of the school day he grabbed the rabbit by the arm, pulling him to a corner of the school, and waited a bit to let most of the people pass by, pressing Jack against the wall holding him by the arms. Both remained silent for a moment as Gabe’s head moved toward morrison’s:

Gabe: “Look… I know you’re mad, but ignoring me won’t help.”

Jack’s expression changed quickly to a more serious and sad one inching his head to himself:

Jack: “Mad? No, I would be mad if you punched me or whatever, but telling me that? It’s just… It’s just cruelty…” -He said as tears started forming in his eyes.

Gabe: “And how do you think I feel? The fact that soon I’ll not be able to see my best friend in the entire world? Maybe forever? I just… it just sucks man…” – As tears also formed in his eyes

           Soon enough both where on the ground, tearing up their tails moved towards one another Gabe’s connecting to Jack’s on the base, holding it a bit harder than it has ever before, the pain from it didn’t bother the bunny, because it was so minimal and he felt comfort on Reyes’s touch, they moved neared each other, first hugging putting their faces over one another’s shoulder, so the other wouldn’t see their crying face:

Gabe: “I don’t wanna leave you, I just want to stay with you forever.”

Jack: “I… I want to stay with you forever too…”

           They just stayed there, both wanting that this moment would last forever, it was like they were meant to be that way, everything seemed perfect, the warmth, the position, even the tiny points of the grass that would cause some itching felt like velvet, they made it feel like velvet for the other, the air was better, the stars where shinier, life was better if they were together they made it better for each other. Taking a moment to appreciate their memories, the cat whispered:

Gabe: “Hey… how about we just live in the forest, we can take care of each other”

           Jack sobbed a bit followed up bit a light snort.

Jack: “Hehe…. The city kitty living on the forest”

Gabe: “He… yeah I guess you’re right but still… I really do want to stay with you… forever…”

Jack: “… I love you Gabe”

Gabe: “I love you too Jackie”

           It felt strange at first, but remembering all the years, it just felt right, after some time, they both got up and headed home, , their hand and tails tightly tied together, they had a sad smile on their faces, trying to the chat it away, but It was impossible, a sweet breeze came to them nearing their destination, as they both went to the river, and going against its course they hit the waterfall that generated the place that was the scenario of so many adventures, and they sat there, for as much as time would allow, hearing the soothing splash of the water, and the current flowing right in front of them, Gabe laid his head in jack’s shoulder making his face tickle with the soft fur from his tiny pointy ears, in a swift natural movement they kissed for the first time, a sweet, delicate and fast kiss, and just like that their sad smile turned into pure happiness. They went home after some time, stopping by the hedge, saying good night to each other and giving a good night kiss, making both sure they would finally sleep well.  

Hey so to give out some insight I used winnie the pooh and franklin the turtle as somewhat of a reference on the ideia of the forest setting, so for me they live inside trees (yeah really specific and non important idea), they have in this part about 16~17, also i’d like to make this not like continuos chapters just make some story from a certain period on their lives and i changed the writting style for two reasons: 1.There’s way more character conversation compared to the last one, and  2.I’m just a idiot who can’t have anything consistant on his life. So Yeah, hope you enjoy the second chapter of this fanfic on the au created by @hinoart

PS: I’m not trying to shit out content, i just love this AU so much ;^;


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1). “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

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Due to unfortunate circumstances, Prowl had taken residence on the Lost Light, much to the displeasure to some (read: all) bots. The two most noticeably bothered were Chromedome and Rodimus. 

“I still don’t see why we cant drop him off on the nearest planet and high-tail it away” Rodimus grumbled, spoiler flapping in a pattern (Y/n) recognized as “annoyed” or “im-going-to-throw-a-tantrum-in-about-5-seconds”, neither of which seemed very pleasing at the moment.

“Roddy, Prowl is a guest, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be here either, the least anyone can do is try to tolerate him” the human sighed, reaching over to gently massage a few of Rodimus’ visible neck cables, drawing a (very) audible purr from said bot as he casts them a thankful look as they shifted around on his shoulder, trying to get closer in order to reach more of the sensitive wires.

“We should totally have a dance-off at Swerves’“ he grumbled out, optics powering down as his engine continuing to rumble in a comforting purr, neither noticing a certain bot lurking around the corner, overhearing their conversation.

Prowl ex-vented harshly as he prepared himself for the quietly judging stares and whispers bound to follow his appearance. Prowl knew that he wasn’t very liked, or respected for that matter, amongst Rodimus’ crew, but he was grateful that the liasion was at least attempting to try and make him feel welcomed, he knew better than to naively assume the rest of the crew hadn’t warned them about his somewhat admittedly harsh tempter and sharp glossa.

As the bot continued to collect himself, he was not prepared for the scene that greeted his optics. There, in the middle of the bar, cleared of anything that might be considered a hindrance to any dancing mechs, were a handful of figures dancing away, the liason being amongst them.

Prowl was well aware that the human was considered a “young adult” by their standards, but in his optics, they were still a sparkling, and it was this thought that caused him to make a sound similar to clearing his vocalizer before marching towards the lisasons’ still dancing figure, bending down to quietly address them, but not before gathering everybot’s attention.

“May I ask why you’re wearing something considered provocative?” he quietly questioned, earning a bemused glance from a fellow human, one he could only assume to be Rodimus’ holoform, if their earlier conversation laid any weight to this situation.

“Erm, Prowl, I always wear this, I’m not sure why its such a big deal now” the liasion quietly replied, trying very hard to avoid embarrassing anyone present, themselves included.

The mech could only stare in confusion as he continued to stare at the liasion, trying desperately to ignore the smirking Rodimus that stood behind them. Prowl could only give a slow blink and hum as he continued to judge the offending garment.

“Why is it so… short?” he murmured, looking more than a little lost as he turned his gaze to the liasion, hoping for an explanation. “It’s supposed to be this short, its the design and style” the liasion patiently replied, more than ready to turn around and deck Rodimus if he so much as coughed at Prowl’s cluelessness.

With a quiet “I .. see”, Prowl returned to his normal height, giving a brisk nod to the liasion before exiting the bar, trying desperately to ignore the laughter that soon followed his departure.

May I ask what was with your sudden departure?” Megatron hummed through the comm-link, more than expecting to be greeted with a harsh reply, mildly surprised to be greeted with a somewhat meek reply, “The liaisons outfit was .. concerning .. in the least” was all Prowl managed before being drowned out in Megatrons quiet laughter.

I can assure you, that is the least concerning thing to happen aboard this vessel where the liason is concerned, just ask Rodimus” he managed to wheeze out, cutting the comm-link and leaving Prowl to process the new information.

“… Rodimus, you are a dead mech walking” Prowl hissed to himself, doorwings flicking in a harsh manner as he could only glare ahead, determined to reach his hab-suite before he strangled the concerning mech and giving a harsh scolding to the liasion.

Primus give me strength

Concept: Fallen London dating sim where you reach your Destiny (A Chilly Future) and become a Master of the Bazaar.

Now you can date other Masters.

There’s also a Mr Eaten route but you unlock it only after you complete all the other routes and get all the endings.

Okay, healthy tumblr I have a favor - my nieces, who are in the prime of teenhood, are practically vegan (they eat very little meat), lactose and gluten free, and are sick 90% of the time.

Sis and I have done some research and we think that it might be because they’re not getting the vitamins and proteins they need (14 & 16 years old, and they’re both competitive dancers), and as they are afraid of processed foods and pills (they dislike taking a paracetamol pill if they have a headache)…

Well, let’s just say I have no idea how we’re supposed to help them get what they actually need to grow up.

I don’t want them to not be vegan/lactose/gluten free anymore, I just want them to be healthy rather than sick all the time.

Do you guys have any tips, whether they be foods they should eat or Wise Things™ me and sis can tell them so they understand that processed foods are not their enemy or something similar? :(

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Spent some time poking around and noticed that for Hirono Ryouta (Sakunami) you still have his age listed as unknown, but his Twitter lists his brithday as April 28, 1998, which means if that's correct we do know now. I know Dateko's old news, but thought I'd let you know. Also the link to his Twitter doesn't work (I'm so sorry, I know there's been a lot of that lately). Also curious if you update the ages for old cast, or just leave it as their age when they played the character?

I really do think that every time I fix a link on a page somewhere, Tumblr’s coding fucks up the update and it messes up a link somewhere else.  All of these links were absolutely working when I made the original cast pages. 

As for updating ages, I admit to not keeping up with that diligently as I don’t update on actors when they stop being a part of Haikyuu.  I keep up with current actors’ birthdays so that I can make those birthday posts, and then I’m reminded to go update their age on the cast pages, but I don’t really mess with it for non-current actors.  I can do a sweep at the end of the year so that everyone is current for the end of 2017, but that’s not something I usually think to keep up with.

And I Will Wait, For You, my Star.

A/N: This will probably be my last Drabble to you, unless I feel like writing again, my friend. I hope you enjoy! This is for the renown AU, but in someone else’s perspective. Keep in mind I don’t know much about the other characters or their situation, this is merely my take!

Kaito Momota leaned against the park bench, his elbows rested on the tops of the bench, with his legs crossed. He looked out at the park, wide open space with trees and a fountain, he heard kids laughing and playing and he smiled at the sound of a mother playing with her children.

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does anyone remember who had that undertale theory that the Underground was sealed in such a way that people could still fall inside because it was meant to be a prison? And like, maybe they had planned on putting more people in there or something like that? 

I don’t know what to do anymore


such a good lead single why did it literally get no traction