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It’s always been the two of them against the world. 

Being seven making paper eye patches to wear during their sword fights, sharing chicken pox miserably at nine but it was okay because wearing mittens as lobster claws was cool, the race at eleven for whose voice would crack and who’d get their first armpit hair, turning fifteen and competing for the higher amount of goals in football for a dumb trophy or being seventeen doing Russ together while throwing what they thought were groundbreaking parties. The time at nineteen fates finally deemed goodbye for a while was necessary. 

“Promise me that no matter how far we’re separated this isn’t a permanent goodbye.” Chris muttered quickly because feelings sucked. Change was scary. He was smart enough to know that this would happen one day. He just never wanted it too. “You’re my best friend.”

Always the dramatics. He was going to miss it. 

William expected this to go much easier. Everyone found it so easy to leave him so why was it so hard to just pick himself for once. Chris had never left him. It was that simple. Instead, William felt terrible like he was losing a limb from his body, but he’d never dare show it. “When Noora and I have kids, I need proof that I was cooler.”

“Fuck you, Magnusson.”  Chris cursed sticking both middle fingers in his face. 

“You wish.”

One pill after another to swallow. 

“I think I’m in love with Eva.” That statement didn’t throw William. It’s been four years  leading up to this moment. Two spent where Chris only had eyes for Eva. Anyone involved with either of them could see it. For Christ sake, they’ve been attached at the hip. He’s more surprised that its taken him this long to admit he has feelings.

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Elven immune systems are terrifying. If they get sick that's usually a bad thing since that means if they were human they would of kicked the bucket by now. Their body just, kicks everything's ass on that small of a level.

You can never quite tell with him…

the hair is pink again.

me: hm i wonder if any of my posts were marked as sensitive content
me: *finds one*
me: oh hey thats not right lol wonder what happens if i tap on the label-
“You’ve sent a review and we’ll see what we can do and email as soon as we’re done!”
me: …WAIT NO

Writing is hard. 

You have times when you can write 50 fucking pages in a week, and times when you spend hours looking at your text and not finding the motivation to write. 

There are times when you’re so hyped in your story that you create entire parts of it in your brain, and times when you’re already thinking about writing something else. 

There are times when the words flow easily, and there are times when you can’t write anything at all and you force yourself to finish that damn scene.

There are times when you see yourself writing the ending, and times when you wonder if you’ll ever manage to finish your story.

But hey, that’s okay. That’s writing. You can’t be productive all the time. Motivation comes and goes, and you can’t really control that. Writing is a journey and the road can be rough, so you have the right take breaks.

 Don’t give up on writing, though. It’s worth it.


Now that I have your attention, just letting you know I’m going on vacation starting from Thursday night until Sunday or Monday! I will have no wifi or signal so don’t be concerned that I’m suddenly dropping off the face of the planet for 5 days. All is well, I’m gonna go chop down trees all manly and hot and go canoeing in a lake and get eaten by mosquitoes✌️


She generally likes relaxing instrumental music and ambient music. Most of her friends in Zaun complain that her music taste puts them to sleep.

~Happy Birthday, Finn @finni-blogs!~

I can’t believe you’re entering adulthood now TvT Time passes by so fast! But now, new possibilities and freedom are open to you~!

I wish you lots of luck, best of health, happiness and that your goals may come even closer to you, little potato!

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Unpopular opinions

On fandom: As a distant fan of the video game Undertale, I don’t like Toriel very much. Almost every fan I’ve encountered adores her, but the more I revisit the game, the harder it gets for me to say the same. I wouldn’t say I hate her–I have my reservations about killing too, and if I had to suffer the violent deaths of both my children in one day and then have a terrible falling-out with my husband, I doubt I could still keep it together, either–but I’m not happy with her. Never mind the fact that she’s smothering; she’s also a self-righteous hypocrite and coward. 

The game gives no indication that there was any other way to break the barrier except to acquire seven human souls, nor does it indicate that Toriel ever tried to do what she said Asgore ought to have done–that is, taking one human soul to cross the barrier, gotten the other six souls from the surface, then come back and freed everyone peacefully. (In fact, it could be argued that this might have been the worse way to solve the problem because it would have provoked the humans on the surface to finish off the monsters.) On the other hand, multiple bits of dialogue imply that it wouldn’t have been sustainable for the monsters to stay underground forever. 

It’s hard to say whether Asgore took the right approach to freeing the monsters by killing every human who dropped into the mountain. But it’s clear how he struggled with his choices, and he did stick with his subjects and try to help find an alternative solution to the barrier problem in the meantime. Toriel outright abandoned them. If I was them, I wouldn’t have welcomed her back as Queen so quickly. 

I think what really bugs me about this is that in theory, Toriel is exactly the sort of complex and compelling character I look for. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the story fully acknowledged Toriel’s flaws and mistakes. Maybe Toriel DID try to cross the barrier herself but couldn’t bring herself to kill any human she met because they reminded her too much of Chara and her maternal instincts won out? 

But the story doesn’t acknowledge her mistakes, or at least it doesn’t do it enough. It mentions the repercussions of her decisions (and lack thereof) in passing in a couple of the Neutral Endings. But even in the True Ending, and much more so by the fandom at large, Asgore still gets treated like the bad guy relative to Toriel. Never mind that even if you do take the Pacifist route and befriend everyone, the barrier still could have never been broken without Asgore acquiring those six human souls prior to the story. The game kind of shoots itself in the foot in that regard, too, as it subtly (and not-so-subtly) guilt-trips you for fighting and killing the monsters.