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Recommendations on good blogs to follow? Riverdale/Bh/Sh wise

This is going to be so hard!! I’ll definitely miss a lot of amazing blogs, so you should basically check the people I follow XD 

Still, I’ll give it a try!

First of all, @raptorlily (a great person to be followed, for sure) made this list with all the BH writers around here! I recommend ALL of them!

@iamdarkandtwisty - Just follow her, honestly…

@jugandbettsdetectiveagency *cough* her fics are my life *coughs* even if she makes me cry *coughs*

I think you’ll be fine for now…. But really, check my following list! There are many blogs around!

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hey hey you want some angsty darkstache ideas?? How about: both Wilford and Dark are touch-starved, for obvious reasons (they've both been isolated for god knows how long). In response Wilford is clingy and overbearing, which only amplifies when he gets manic, but Dark's the total opposite. When you're born of hatred and revenge, thrown into a broken body and driven to manipulate others to kill the man that ruined your live(s), being in any sort of relationship is useless at best. Consider. ;>


but seriously, i’ve thought about this a lot because i’m sure both dark and wilford struggle with their mental illness. wilford’s symptoms tend to be more noticeable – the attention-seeking, the need for physical contact, the abandonment issues, etc. so yes, he can be clingy and overbearing sometimes, which clashes with dark’s issues.

dark tends to isolate himself and withdraw from others, deny himself any kind of pleasure and remind himself that he’s a monster, he’s incapable of love, he shouldn’t be loved, etc. so sometimes when wil gets clingy, he becomes agitated and, eventually, unresponsive. i feel like dark often shuts down and becomes apathetic so that he doesn’t take out his anger on wil.

but doing that often just makes it worse because at least dark still responds to him when he’s angry – wil would rather deal with that than be ignored entirely. so it’s something they definitely have to work through. wil makes an effort to respect dark’s boundaries and need for solitude; dark makes an effort to acknowledge wil’s needs and tries not to ignore him too much (or at least warn him if he’s going to shut down).

it’s far from easy, especially because both of them fall into the self-loathing ‘i’m a villain’ mentality. wilford covers it up with denial and memory repression, but the feelings are still there. and while dark seems to embrace it, even flaunts it, that’s just an excuse to not feel guilty when he hurts wil. dark tries to focus on the hatred and need for revenge because it takes the responsibility and pressure off him. how can you be a good person if you’re a monster? you can’t. and so there’s no point in trying. 

TBH i imagine dark truly doesn’t care or feel guilty for seeking revenge, manipulating others, etc. but – and maybe it’s the sap in me – i like to think he has a soft spot for wil and there’s some empathy there for him. like, even if it’s not affective empathy, dark definitely has cognitive empathy. manipulators have to understand how their actions/words effect others, so he’s definitely aware of what he’s doing. whether he cares or not is a different story.

…….sorry for the tangent anon, this is very personal to me and BELIEVE ME i’ve thought about it a lot

The Great, Big Thanksgiving Captain Swan Prompt-A-Thon

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Hello, hey there, hi internet. If you’ve been following along of the last couple of days you’ve probably heard tell that I have had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad…week. It’s not been great. It has been the opposite of great. 

I am, however, nothing if not stubborn and very determined to do something productive while trying not to cry in public places and in between my games in the next couple of days, I’ve got some time. Which leaves you guys where?


It looks real aggressive all bolded like that. I’m not going to change it. Send me things, internet. Good things. Prompt-type things where I can write Emma and Killian making out. I’ll leave it pretty open-ended, so if there’s a trope you’re interested in or an extension of something I’ve already written or whatever send it my way. Here’s hoping I can control my word count and adjective use. Let’s say, like, 5K’ish per prompt. I reserve the slightly obnoxious right to not write something if I’m really not feeling it, but this is mostly a Thanksgiving project in a cliche kind of way and I want to write stuff you guys really, really want to read. 

My ask box is open, my messages are open, you can send as you or as anon (although anon will make it harder to tag you when the prompt goes up) and I’ll post on Sunday on Ao3 and here on Tumblr. 

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Fl o w e r b a b y. My heart flipped okay. I have a really big job tomorrow and I may cry I'm so nervous. I've been 're-watching Mark's cover of Dangerous Woman bc it's calming to me but aaaaaaaaaa -🌷

Author: Aw baby, please try to not worry so much. Take a bath, listen to some calm sounds or music, read, or just do anything to relieve the nerves you’re having. You’re gonna be fine, Flower baby, I just know it. Just keep telling yourself you’re gonna do fine and you’ll start to believe it. Fake it ‘til you make it.

Y’all! I got somethin’ important to say. 

I know I haven’t really been around or actively posting here, but that’s because I’ve been dealing with real life problems and I haven’t had the motivation to keep up, but this still means a lot to me:


Keep in mind this does NOT apply to art that was made for myself or specific people, featuring ocs or other personal characters! It wasn’t made for your use so don’t use it.

I’m not a fan of reposting, but its bearable when people actually mention who the heck made the art to begin with. 

Besides its common courtesy! Easy peasy! Doesn’t take more than a minute!

here are my accounts! All here for your convenience! 

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tag me! Something! anything! that’s SO much better than nothing at all. ‘kay, Thanks, local mechaddict out.

reblog if you miss jackson’s instagram posts with the super-long captions in three different languages and emojis every five words

I met you in the dark, you lit me up
You made me feel as though I was enough
We danced the night away, we drank too much
I held your hair back when
You were throwing up
Then you smiled over your shoulder
For a minute, I was stone-cold sober
I pulled you closer to my chest 

I knew I loved you then

happy phanniversary <3

i flinch at any sudden sound. sometimes even end up fully crouched, panting. 

“The Real World,” she reminds me, words in tiny tin swords through my eyelids, “Is Not Full Of Trigger Warnings.”

i eat my fist trying to avoid crying in class. bite down so hard on my knuckles i’m bruised for a week. have a panic attack on the subway and discover i’ve lost the ability to speak. throw up because i heard a car backfiring. carry on with my day accordingly.

“The Real World,” she says, “Is Cruel To People Like You. You Can’t Ever Be Weak.”

when my friend is crying i somehow shove aside anxiety and help her. i am calm in every true emergency i’ve ever been a part of. i show people the soft of my underbelly and they slowly show me theirs, just as scarred, just as untrusting. together we lock hands when we need to stay glued on a planet spinning fast enough to throw us off. 

“The Real World,” she adds, “Is Not Rainbows And Kitties.”

if it was, maybe i wouldn’t be like this. if it was, i wouldn’t have trauma in the first place. if it was, maybe i wouldn’t need trigger warnings.


                               random shadowhunters gifs ( 4 / ∞ )

Our DM hates us and seduction doesn't always work even when it does...

So this was my first time playing D&D and it was a hilarious tragedy. I’d gotten a few of my friends together for a quick adventure and the whole time we were crying with laughter… especially during this part…

Now, so far in the adventure I, a dark elf rogue, and our human bard had been getting crap for roles… not joking, we could barely role higher than 7, while our Cleric was the definition of beginners luck, rolling nat 20’s at like every turn.

We’d barely made it to this point alive, nearly getting killed by a GODDAMN RIVER, when we came to a cave being guarded by some goblins.

Now our bard was all about the charisma, the smooth talker, the charming lad, but he couldn’t speak goblin. I on the other hand could.

So he, of course, rolls a 3 for this encounter…

The goblins are now angrily charging at us and we’re kinda beat up from the river and not happy with our luck atm so I make a quick decision to try to talk to the goblins again, since I had the second highest charisma skill.

Our DM because he’s an idiot says,
“Lol what d'ya wanna do? Seduce them?”

Me: “…..yes.”

Bard: OOC: “Oh my god…”


DM: “……its a nat 20”


DM: “…You slowly unlace just the top part of your tunic, winking at them, and giving them a flirtatious line.”

Me: “Uh-huh-”

DM: “-It works too well and they rabidly jump on you.”

The bard is laughing his ass off
The Cleric is crying


The Cleric and bard had to pull me out and the goblins met a very brutal death by Cleric bludgeoning and an unnecessarily over stabbing from the bard.
The rest of the night I couldn’t escape goblin “goo” jokes
Hate my DM, but goddammit it was hilarious